Military Vows to Support Trump


On the eve of returning to the limelight, Donald J. Trump was pleased to hear that members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who had pledged allegiance to Joe Biden have reconsidered loyalties after learning that the self-proclaimed president wants to deploy more American troops on foreign soil, Real Raw News has learned.

A source in Trump’s inner circle told RRN that Trump heard of the plan and the growing rift from Marine Corps. commandant David H. Berger, a Trump loyalist and critic of Biden’s foreign policy agenda. According to our source, Gen. Berger told Trump that Biden’s motives for wanting to surge US troops to the Middle East had nothing to do with peacekeeping and everything to do with securing the Rumaila oil field, a mammoth reserve holding an estimated 17 billion barrels of crude in southern Iraq.

“Sleepy Joe showed the Joint Chiefs a Feb 10 CIA study showing that, in the wake of Trump’s absence, ISIS made a comeback in southern Iraq. The study said ISIS might seize the oil field in the near future, and apparently that caused Biden worry,” our source said.

If the report is correct, indeed ISIS’s ranks have swelled by 30% since Trump left office. His departure from the Oval Office, the report deduced, emboldened ISIS’s fractured leadership to hold massive recruitment drives across the Middle East.

Until Trump took office, the Rumaila field had been a US strategic asset. Trump’s predecessor, the criminal Barack Hussein Obama, guarded the field with US Special Forces, 63 of whom were killed protecting foreign oil.

In 2017, Trump, as part of his plan to make the US energy self-sufficient, withdrew US forces, saying Iraq had taken advantage of America’s generosity and that the US would cease financing “bad investments.”

“Trump made the right moves. The question is, why does Biden want with the oil? He wants to abolish the petroleum industry and use green energy, that Green New Deal crap. Well, that’s what the Joint Chiefs wanted to know, and Gen. Berger told Trump just that,” our source said.

When Chief of Staff of the Army General James C. McConville asked Biden why he looked to unnecessarily endanger American lives, and why he cared about the oil, Biden purportedly told him to “follow orders, and mind your own business.”

Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Michael Gilday, who opposed Biden’s Feb 26 unprovoked air strike on Syria, asked how many soldiers Biden needed to guard the oil reserve. In response, Biden reportedly shrugged his shoulders and tossed out a random number—50,000.

The figure shocked not only many of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but also Donald Trump when Gen. Berger relayed the meeting details to him, our source said.

“They couldn’t understand why Biden needed 50,000 soldiers to hold off a few thousand, at best, poorly trained and armed insurgents. Nothing about Biden’s plan sat right with them. While five of eight Joint Chiefs denounced Biden’s idea as stupid and foolhardy, three, including Chairman Mark Milley, applauded sending more troops overseas.”

Though once friends, Trump and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley became vehement enemies in the aftermath of the Jan 6 Capitol riots, primarily because Milley authored a letter to Congress claiming that Trump’s violent rhetoric had prompted his supporters into assailing, vandalizing, and looting government property.

Gen. Milley, our source said, lambasted the Joint Chiefs who questioned Biden’s “brilliancy,” calling them “traitors to the uniform.”

“Gen. Berger told Trump an argument broke out, with McConville telling Biden “Trump was right about you. I support Trump” and refusing to whimsically risk the lives of his men. Berger, McConville, and Gilday said they stand with Trump and said they would submit resignation letters before sending their men back overseas without a valid reason.”

Biden considered firing those who supported Trump, but changed his mind for fear of political fallout, as firing one, two, or three, meant firing all, and he instead reprimanded them with warning: “Ultimately, you’re all replaceable, just not at this moment.”

In closing, our source said Trump personally telephoned Berger, McConville, and Gilday to thank them for their support, saying he needed military support to overturn the fraudulent election and arrest the Deep State operatives who helped Biden perpetrate the greatest crime ever committed against the nation and its citizenry.

Asked if Trump had any guesses on Biden’s sudden interest foreign oil, our source said the following: “Trump thinks Biden wants to sell it inexpensively, or outright give it, to China as a goodwill gesture.”

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Invading sovereign nations for the bankers is not good news. Jesus, please return and totally destroy all evil!


The BIDEN administration is going to be the most disasturous in history! He needs to have the 25th Amendment served on him immediately! He is going to cause WWIII!!! Take Kamala with him!!! I commend the General who stood up to Biden!
And I remember Biden telling his staff if they were “rude” to anyone….he would fire them on the spot! So rude Biden should be fired on the spot!!!


Bidan isn’t even having anyone protect our boarder . We have thousands Of immigrates pouring in .the cartel is wrist banding them so they remember if it’s drugs or sex they are trafficking .we knew he would do this .

Dean Vermite

You can’t even spell his name.


Dean, get out of the basement and seek help immediately.


Makes sense

Allison Tappan

We need The Military and Trump. To be able to get this Country straightened out once and for all. Get these corrupt players in Prison where they all belong. Theres plenty of true Patriots that can take their place. That won’t rob our own Country from the American people.


Man I too hope this is some real shit cause it is really looking bad

Brian Moody

We need to get this out to the masses, especially to New York and such like


To tell the truth,If this is true if shouldn’t be reported at all. It gets to the wrong people and it only makes what he’s trying to do harder. And puts his life in danger. People in news should realize something’s should at least wait to be reported on. This is one of them.
Yes,it’s good news and people are glad to hear something is being done. But, at what cost? It really should have waited until it was completed before being reported on.
I just hope if this is true it don’t cause problems for President Trump and people helping him. Common since please please.


Hi, understand there will be misinformation and awakenings. Both are necessary.
Misinformation or misdirection can feel like manipulation, but in times of war it is necessary. I commend those who have been tasked with this responsibility. Some may be aware, and some may truly believe what they’re reporting. Both are necessary.
Giving people hope is important. Unfortunately some people must be shaken through fear, to awaken them.
God is in control, it won’t happen a minute before time, or a second too late; but it will happen. Pray for wisdom and clarity to see what you must.


Dean Vermite

You’re illiterate. Learn how to write and spell before posting.


Who are you, the grammar police?.


If this is true, praise the Lord!

jeff graham

Wish it were all true. So ready to be in America again.

eld jr

“Ultimately, you’re all replaceable, just not at this moment.”

Uh-huh… So are you, Cho Bai-Den.