Military to Discharge Soldiers who Refuse Covid-19 Vaccination


If joe Biden gets his wish, the military will soon discharge soldiers who refuse a Covid-19 vaccination, Real Raw News has learned.

Currently, vaccines are scarce and vaccinations are voluntary, except in certain circumstances. Soldiers wanting the vaccine get it at once, if available, or are placed on a waiting list; those opting out, however, are put on a different type of list, a directory of undesirables the DoD will investigate for ties to “anti-vaxxer” movements, a pejorative phrase often used to describe persons who question vaccine safety and efficacy.

An administration source speaking under promise of anonymity told RRN that Biden aims to weed out non-conformists, and Biden believes that anyone refusing a vaccine must be a Trump supporter.

“Biden sees a direct link between Donald Trump and people who won’t get a jab,” our source said. “He sees Trump as the preeminent figurehead of the anti-vaxx community, and Biden has said there’s no room for anti-vaxxers in his military.”

According to the Department of Defense, 30% of enlisted soldiers between 18-25 years old have opted out. That percentage drops precipitously with age, and only 10% over the age of 35 have chosen to not get vaccinated.

Nonetheless, both figures have caused considerable alarm within the administration, our source said.

“The DoD expected some resistance, but nothing like the figures we’re seeing. They’d anticipated like 3-5% among all ages, so these 10 and 30 percent figures have alarm bells sounding throughout the Pentagon,” our source said.

Biden, he added, pitched the idea to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, all of whom reportedly agreed that vaccine denialists posed a health menace to the entire military. But other Joint Chiefs were less receptive to Biden’s agenda, with Marine Corps commandant Gen. David H. Berger arguing that discharging 10-30% of soldiers across all branches of the military would irreparably damage the nation’s defense posture. He also noted the troops Biden wanted to cut—young, healthy persons with no comorbidities–were among the least likely to suffer serious side effects of the virus.

“Gen. Berger asked Biden why he simply didn’t make the vaccine compulsory, so people didn’t get a choice, and Biden absurdly responded he’d have know way of knowing which soldiers were anti-vaxxers or loyal to Trump if he did that,” our source said.

Biden then employed an illogical analogy, likening vaccine deniers to soldiers refused to wear “steel helmets” on the battlefield because they thought they wouldn’t get shot in the head.

“Kevlar,” Gen. Berger corrected him. “It’s called Kevlar. We no longer use steel pots. And I’m not sure that’s ever happened.”

“You make suggestions, I make decisions. I’m the president,” Biden purportedly told him.

In closing, our source said the administration is still figuring out logistics on Biden’s plan, such as whether to have a mass purge, or slowly discharge soldiers to avoid a media frenzy. Also, Biden said he would decide whether discharged soldiers be denied access to VA services, labeling them potential super spreaders.

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Poco Gozo

I am not at all surprised by this directive. It’s DOD secretary, the affirmative action promoted general “Uncle Tom” Lloyd Austin is the point of the spear purging young American service members out of the military who are still patriotic to this country’s Constitution. These Biden political appointees are gangsters of the worst kind.


sheeple is what most governments want, people unable to think for themselves


Please, don’t do this to these guys, don’t! This vaccine is criminal.


So what happened to “my body, my choice”? With all the stories about reactions, they can keep that crap away from me.

Cliff Anderson

that is dictatorship

Elizabeth A Wallace

I say, good, then they can stay home in America and help all of us fight this domestic abuse of the dems/communists. My son was Airforce with the Antrax vac–the lawyers for them couldn’t keep up with the demands to stop enforcing it…they tricked his entire base keeping them working all day to late at night, by 2 am waking them and forcing them into lines out of their beds to get the Anthrax and other shots they were not told what they were getting and half asleep. My son had neurological problems, panic, he got a tumor on the outside of his stomach and who knows what else. He said, there was no time to do or say anything. Dirty dirty.

Jackie Ortiz

No to the experimental vaccine. I’ll take my chances took care of people with covid like the flue or cold


Are you kidding me our President select wants to get rid of 30% of our military just because they might have supported the previous President. Can you say Communist Dictator !!!


These soldiers should NOT be forced to get a flu shot that has formaldehyde, fetal parts . Aluminum and many things that should Never go into ones body .. Plz Trump come back ! Bidan , Gates , Fouchi and the Chinese are out to kill us .. I’m begging you , our world is going fast ?

J Knight

Federal law prohibits employers and others from requiring vaccination with a Covid-19 vaccine

This is not a FDA Approved Vax it emergency use only can’t be force If you read the report fully Nearly 2/3 of enlisted are refusing it and it’s even higher rejected by officers.

Last edited 3 years ago by J Knight
Rick cole

If soldiers are made to take this vaccine it will be their death sentence. I have read warnings from various well known specialists who have went over the
ingredients in this vaccine and have determined that system failure and lung failure will begin to appear after 3 to6 months. Covid will not kill most people but this vaccine will. BEWARE!!!!!?! Our soldiers deserve to be protected, not thrown to the dogs like trash.!!!!


This no way Biden saying and That Austin is a traitor and I do feel he is a moslem he started on our army guys first thing talking about defunding them and then getting rid of the army all together that China’s army could handle what our army does. CAN’T STAND HIM.

Candace Dalton

They can sue, too to get their jobs back, too because there is no laws stating that all workers will lose their jobs if their employees don’t take that fuckin vaccine whatever the hell it is or whatever is in it. Y’all just want to kill us all or make us not fight you on getting the “MARK OF THE BEAST”! This so called vaccine alters our brain and our body.???


Time for a military intervention

Suzanne Dale Rosenorn

The vaccine is poison.


I told a coworker that this vaccine was going to be the first vaccine to be worse than the disease. He looked at me like I was a loony toon. The next week he came to me at work and said I think you were right. I asked about what, he said his mother had gotten the vaccine last week and died last night. I am sure that nobody will ever admit it was the vaccine. It may not have been but if it was nobody will ever tell us and nobody cares enough to find out.


I DON’T THINK ANY IN GOVERNMENT HAS TAKEN THE VACCINE. most likely got a shot of water. nothing more.

Beverly Tymchuk


Mary A Nicholson

a fact sheet is not informed consent. give me the package insert. the package insert is not available for the covid vaccine.

Flippy Nipples

Good. They all should be kicked out. We dont need morons in the military.

Gina farrell

In my opinion, no one should be taking this vaccine or any vaccine for that matter. Years after receiving two flu shots I was diagnosed with four auto-immune diseases one being SLE Lupus. I do not drink, smoke, do drugs & not overweight. I was healthy before receiving these shots. I know people who have died months after their Flu shot & several children who were fine until they received an MMR shot then were diagnosed with Autism. Even my lung Dr warned me- saying “Don’t take any vaccinations they have Thermasol in it”. They are dangerous & if they don’t kill you in a day or month they can in a year due to having time-release compounds in them. Once you get the vaccine you cannot get that stuff out of your system.


Well said! We were all created with amazing immune systems which, if not compromised, are perfectly capable of dealing with every pathogen that comes their way! Trust in our Creator, not in dangerous chemicals!

J randal

Thermasol is Mercury. It’s in all vaccines…


It’s Thimersal. You can ask for free Thimersal in children’s vaccines & adult vaccines. Not a proponent of this, but wanted to correct the statement.


yes, all vaccines are actually not necessary. My girlfriend took the flu shot and got thyroid cancer within a year and had to get her thyroid removed. She was only 26 at the time. It messed up her hormones and has completely changed her personality.


The ‘morons’ are those who accept the experimental, killer vaccine! Who in their right mind would willingly and ignorantly, for NO apparent reason, wish to be injected with a cocktail of toxins when they are perfectly healthy?!


Why would you want to take an Experminal Biological Agent..take off your mask and breathe fresh air and STOP being a Moron/ Sheep


?? you clearly are the moron. Good luck with your vaccine. Do some research and stop letting the main stream media control you!!! ?

Rick cole

Was going to respond, but I realize some have a limited scope of reality. Our soldiers deserve better. Have a nice day.


Morons take an mRNA vaccine when none have ever made it past an animal trial, smart people do not. I bet you took it or really want to, and you’re calling others morons? STFU


it would be unconstitutional to make them take the vaccine. Because while the COVID-19 vaccines have been authorized for emergency use, they remain experimental vaccines. As experimental vaccines, they cannot be required by an employer or the government. Indeed, any person who offers a vaccine under an EUA must obtain informed consent from the recipient before administering the experimental vaccine. To require someone to take part in any medical experiment is a violation of the Nuremberg Code.The gravamen of the Nuremberg Code has been adopted as the law in the United States under 45 C.F.R. § 46.111, et seq. and 21 C.F.R. § 50.20, et seq. Section 50.20 states in pertinent part:Except as provided in §§ 50.23 and 50.24, no investigator may involve a human being as a subject in research covered by these regulations unless the investigator has obtained the legally effective informed consent of the subject.

Tee Tee

Whether you take the vaccine or not, you should check with your life insurance policies. Death that could be linked to the vaccine may be considered “experimental” and may result in no payout of the policy. No argument for or against, just advice to do your research.


The vacine being experimental, will not stop the deep state discharging them. They will have to fight out side of the Military and hope.

Dars Dragons

I saw on Dr. Mercola’s site, that the Covid vaccines were released before they got full approval, so are deemed *experimental* and cannot be mandated by employers. All who get discharged should sue Biden and his cronnies and use Robert F Kennedy Jr as their attorney.


They are experimental & were only approved for EUA, experimental use authorization.

Mike Hunt

His Fraudulency is a power hungry senile dictator WHO knows the truth about his own ILLEGITIMATE stature.

Nil Carborundum Illegitimus!


You give him too much credit. He’s nothing but a puppet for Obozo to het a third term behind the scenes. Joe couldn’t even run a hot bath without help.

Jacob L Acton

Trump could have fired fauci at any point. He was the president. He also brags about getting this experimental gene therapy in record time.

Trump also didn’t have to follow the globalist plan of shutting businesses down over a pussy flu. Yet he did.

He gaslights his base and y’all fall for every fucking time.


Last edited 3 years ago by Jacob L Acton