Trump Blames Erik Prince for Stolen Sealed Indictments


For context, please read Sealed Indictments Vanish From Tump Safehouse

As Real Raw News reported last month, nearly 5,000 sealed indictments, which Trump plans to open on returning to power, mysteriously vanished from a secret command post guarded by Academi—formerly Blackwater—mercenaries whom Trump had hired to guard the facility against Deep State incursion. Now, Trump is holding Academi responsible for the theft, according to reliable information obtained by RRN.

On 2 February, five days after the documents disappeared, Trump sent a scathing letter to Erik Prince, a former Navy Seal who founded the company’s progenitor in 1997. Articles of incorporation on file with the South Carolina attorney general’s office named Prince only as a member of Academi’s board of directors, but journalists covering the seedy underworld of mercenaries and assassins believe that Prince still pulls all the strings and handpicks operatives for sensitive assignments.

In Trump’s mind, guarding his sealed indictments was a sensitive assignment of utmost importance. His letter blasted Prince, according to a source in Trump’s orbit claiming to have previewed a draft.

“Trump really chewed him out good. He said no one else but Academi’s agents could’ve nabbed those indictments, and he held Prince personally responsible. Trump had no concrete evidence, so to speak, but had gotten enough circumstantial proof in his mind to seal the deal. Trump hired a personal investigator to look into the backgrounds of each person Prince had picked to guard the place, and what Trump found was disturbing.”

One Academi operative, our source said, had a sordid history of theft-related charges and had served three years in federal prison. A former MARSOC Marine, the individual in question joined Academi in 2017 after allegedly passing an extensive background check. Apparently, Blackwater’s standards have slipped a bit since reforming as Academi in 2011.

Another operative tasked with guarding Trump’s safehouse was former NYPD officer Grady Reynolds, who, it turned out, was a compulsive gambler with a long history of outstanding debt. An investigative report showed that Reynolds was quite fond of horse races and the casinos, and he had once lost $36,000 of borrowed cash on a weekend binger in Vegas.

“Trump found out that Reynolds was up to his ears in debt from money he’d borrowed from sharks,” our source said. “He has a double mortgage on his house. His wife is a trophy wife, and you know how much they cost. Dude was paying off a boat, a brand new BMW—Academi don’t pay that much, you know. Trump fit the pieces together easily.”

A third Academi agent at Trump’s safehouse that night was a man named Jerry Donaldson, an electronics whiz who, before joining Academi in 2016, spent six years working at Koetter Advanced Security Solutions, a technical firm renowned for its expertise in installing and bypassing sophisticated alarm systems and surveillance apparatus.

“Trump discovered that this guy is skilled enough to have disabled the security system for the duration it took for those indictments to have disappeared. He also found out that Donaldson voted for Obama, twice,” our source said. “Trump has fuckin’ backups on paper on digital, so it’s not like the theft magically un-indcits these people. Trump’s concern is the people actually finding out that they’re named on sealed indictments. That means they could try to flee the country or seek asylum in a non-extradition nation before Trump returns to power and sends them to a military tribunal,” our source said.

Trump believes, he added, that Academi agents working on behalf of Joe Biden were paid to infiltrate his safehouse to steal the documents, and wrote, “I don’t know how much you were paid, but I’ll make sure your guys have a really, really tough time finding work. And I regret ever letting your sister work me,” referring to Prince’s older sister, Betsy DeVoss, who was Trump’s secretary of Education.

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Eric Prince is such a slimeball all on his own.
There are two things that should be illegal in this country without much argument: Pay day loans and Mercenaries.
July 2, 2019 by IWB      by raqqa-is
There are two things that should be illegal in the United States with almost no disagreement:
Pay Day loans with insane interest rates (they go as high as 700%.)
Mercenary companies, murder for hire. Groups such as Blackwater, now Academi, Defion, Aegis, Defion Internacional.
It’s no coincidence Betsi Devos and her family is involved in promulgating and profiting from both of these incredibly unethical, evil, businesses.
Betsy’s brother, Erik Prince, founded Blackwater and did dozens of other evil things. Betsy has pretty much openly said that corruption is how she expects the government to work:
“I know a little something about soft money, as my family is the largest single contributor of soft money to the national Republican Party. … I have decided to stop taking offense at the suggestion that we are buying influence. Now I simply concede the point. They are right. We do expect some things in return.” – Betsy Devos
She and her ilk are the rot that is destroying America. They are conspiring to destroy the foundations of democracy, while enriching themselves at the cost of the poor worldwide.


Sounds plausible. Also, not surprising, unfortunately. Add a few more to the long list of DJT’s supposed friends who are really enemies.