Trump: Civil War Imminent


Following a botched assassination attempt on his life, Donald Trump withdrew to a secret location where he and trustworthy advisors continue to compile evidence of Biden’s treachery and ties to Communist China.

Trump has gathered the support of high-ranking, active-duty officers from all military branches. While some, such as Gen. David H. Berger, commandant of the United States Marine Corps., have backed him publicly, the majority operate from the shadows so as not to expose themselves and compromise their ability to obtain and funnel classified information to Trump. While we will not endanger Trump’s efforts by naming names, RRN has confirmed that Trump’s backers include several US Army generals, four of the Navy’s eight admirals, six of the Air Force’s fourteen generals, and most of the United States Marine Corps., and the soldiers under their command.

On the other hand, General Daniel R. Hokanson, the 29th Chief of the National Guard and member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, pledged allegiance to Biden shortly after an alleged pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol on January 6. On January 21, he called on US military leaders to denounce Donald Trump and to vow unwavering support for Biden, saying that the Capitol riots were an act of “Trump-inspired terrorism that threatened freedom and democracy.”

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley echoed Hokanson’s words, and in a letter penned to all military officers of rank O-7 or higher, wrote that any support for Donald Trump after January 20 would be a clear and blatant violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. It further read: “Joe Biden is POTUS. Any officer supporting Trump, publicly or privately, will face a general court martial and be charged with treason.” He also said “his” military stood ready to quash any insurrection or threat to Biden’s presidency.

A source in Trump’s orbit speaking under promise of anonymity told Real Raw News that Trump caught wind of the general’s brief and was so outraged he immediately telephoned him.

“Trump was furious. He reminded Milley that the military doesn’t belong to one man. Trump tore him a new one, saying that although the Posse Comitatus Act forbids the US government from using federal military personnel to enforce domestic polices, he would bring his full resources to bear if Biden tried forcibly prevent him from proving the election was fraudulent.”

Trump, he added, made clear that he had the support of 70,000,000 law-abiding firearms owners and a sizable part of the Armed Forces.

“Continue to support an illegitimate president and civil war may be imminent,” Trump purportedly told him.

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I took an oath to uphold the Constitution, not an oath to uphold a president. These anti constitutional generals are the one’s guilty of treason.

DC Car

We need to be preemptive and anticipate a play against our President Trump. A task force needs to be in place to head off any attempts to arrest him on fake charges.

Dumbo’s Mom

I just found this website and my head is exploding. Epstein is the Kracken. He was the surprise to be revealed on Jan 6 and the reason Trump invited people to DC. Lin Wood tipped off the Dems. They planned a false flag and messed up Trump’s big Kracken reveal. The Dems likely now have custody of Epstein or maybe not? They are rushing through the impeachment so as to disqualify Trump from future office. Without his Kracken, Trump did not have the ammunition to follow through with preventing Biden’s inauguration and occupation of the Whitehouse. This is all a fascinating theory which explains a lot. But…is it a fanciful theory or is it true? Chills…..?


Interesting. Any validity?


Time is fleeting. With every day the memory of Trump fades….. We have blown through over a dozen markers / checkpoints / event dates with zero action. Tomorrow Stupor Bowl something on the bottom of an airplane is supposed to show. Next week it’s the big impeachment show. Then “something will happen” on Feb 13th. Finally, the “true republic’s inauguration date” is March 4th.

I predict NOTHING will happen. Unfortunately, the Biden Regime will still be in power then with no reported scandal.


angela hodges

Military intelligence I’d running the usa at the moment


I agree. Too many supposed big day, big event, passed by. Getting more nervous and disolusioned with each passing day. Impeachment hoax 2 over with now. Another not guilty of anything. Let’s get on with it!

Last edited 3 years ago by Lyle

How can TRUMP keep silent!!!!!


Last i knew this was scrubbed from internet searches. But look for UN Combat Arms survey. Given to our military from time to time. mostly about following a UN chain of command. Until you get to question #45, 46. “If given the order to fire upon American citizens (ie : collection of privately owned firearms). Would you carry out that order?. I took this survey as a Marine in 1986 or 1987 MCAS beaufort SC. its real as God is my witness.


Isn’t it the case the US Military have been place under command of the UN many years ago? They have been named “Peace Keeper Force” for wherever needed across the globe? Normaly the US Military their command is US INC., Washington DC.

IMO. There might be problem here. United States Corporation does not exists anymore.
My question: is the “US” Military now a private military and might be hired out to whomever to carry out military services wherever?


In 1871, the Federal Government and our constitution ceased to exist.
Because that was the year we became incorporated.
We have been under military law every since (notice the Gold Fringe on official US Flags? Those are MILITARY flags.

angela hodges

The gold fringe is a corporation. When removed we are the gesara, nesara.


OK, I’ll bite. What are these acronyms?


I know one person who said they would not. But they did say they would defend their base and other personnel.
Keyword DEFEND.

american warrior

fuck biden and the general who sux his arse! He will suffer the fate of grass after being mowed….

Trumpbetter Hurryup

I like it – but I need to see some action now because all I’m seeing is a bunch of yapping and no action. Trump better ramp up some action or he is going to lose the support as they will be vaccinated to death and such.

Dan Adams

Let’s roll,just say the word President Trump.

Craig Marschall

Cancel culture in the highest level of military. I am proud to have served my country but am glad I got out because I definitely would have been court martialed under the U.C.M.J. Freedom of SPEACH to support who I feel IS the best President of the American Nation, ??President DONALD JOHN TRUMP.??




Please watch this Absolute Proof.


We are ready


“He reminded Berger that the military doesn’t belong to one man”. It should have been “He reminded Milley” instead.

Mike Baxter

Ah! Glaring error. Thank you!


correct it please.

Mike Baxter

It has been.