On President Trump’s fnal day in office, January 19, the very day he granted 64 presidential pardons, he also added 40 new sealed indictments to a pile containing the names of between 50,000-300,000 Deep State conspirators, depending on the source, and while Real Raw News will not speculate on the exact figure, we have obtained credible evidence proving Trump and acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen spent their last hours deliberating over persons deserving a spot on the infamous list.

“The list,” as it is called, reportedly includes the names of bigwig Democrats such as the Clintons and the Obamas, and a substantial number of Hollywood A-listers, as well as obscure names the average person has never heard.  Some people speculate that once the list is opened and acted on, it will eviscerate the Democratic party and gut Hollywood.

A legal clerk who formerly worked at Rosen’s office claimed to have been present the evening Trump and Rosen added fresh names to the list. He has asked us to protect his anonymity. He told Real Raw News he got a glance at a dozen of the 40 indictments, three of which we detail below, with more to follow in future installments.

The aftermath of Biden’s Jan 6 Electoral College certification sparked a rage in Trump like no one had seen before, our source said. During Trump’s morning speech at the Ellipse that day, he tacitly urged VP Pence, with whom he had not spoken privately in days, to reject electors who ignored overwhelming evidence of voter fraud. Pence had previously argued his role was ceremonial, that he had no Constitutional authority to decide which votes should be counted and which should not. The rest is history.

“They waited until the 19th before indicting Pence,” our source said. “Trump was waiting for an apology, which never came. The general feeling in the room was that Pence was a Deep State agent provocateur while pretending to be Trump’s good right-hand man. And Pence played the part well—worthy of an Oscar.”

He claims the indictment charges Pence with high treason and other crimes against America and its people.

Also added to the list was Mitch McConnell, whose support for Trump seemed to evaporate on Dec 6 when he gleefully denounced allegations of voter fraud and recognized Biden as president-elect. In response, Trump publicly accused McConnell of “jumping ship” and privately criticized his and Biden’s “chummy” friendship, once admonishing the veteran senator for his frequent, clandestine trips to Biden’s Delaware home. Worse, Trump obtained financial records showing that they, Mitch and Elaine, had in 2017 contributed $5,000 to each of three Democratic Political Action Committees. They obscured the contributions by funding them through Vulcan Materials, one of the largest suppliers of road-paving materials in the United States. At the time, Chao was a member of the company’s board of directors.

“I don’t know If Trump was more angry or sad. Mitch and Elaine claim to be staunch Republicans, and Elaine served in his administration. He was already furious over Pence’s betrayal, and learning of the donation infuriated him more. Maybe Elaine is on the indictment list, too. I don’t know. But Trump and Rosen agreed McConnell was well-deserving a spot on the list,” our source said.

The dishonorable Dr. Deborah Birx came next. More famous for kaleidoscopic scarves than medical expertise, she rose to prominence after Trump tired of “Deep State” Dr. Fauci’s quackery, and often stood beside Trump at Covid-19 briefings. For months she feigned loyalty, but her charade collapsed when Trump learned she had conspired with other health officials to discredit his pandemic response efforts. It was she who planted in Trump’s head the idea of using disinfectant intravenously to cure Covid-19, then seemed appalled when he summarized it at a Covid-19 briefing.

Trump was one of ten recipients of an email chain that Birx authored on April 22, 2020. In it, Birx twisted the words of the undersecretary for science and technology at the Dept. of Homeland Security, who presented a study that found ultraviolet exposure, such as sunbathing, and cleaning agents like bleach can kill the virus. In the email, she wrote, “Two methods for destroying the virus include ultraviolet bombardment, topical or subcutaneous, may be a valid method to eradicate Covid-19. Also, study show that the controlled and monitored injection of germicidal agents is effective against the virus. President Trump and the Corona Virus Task Force may wish to conduct further studies.”

At the April 23 press briefing, Trump, without a copy of the email in hand and admittedly not the world’s greatest wordsmith, paraphrased Dr. Birx, and the media maligned his words.

Although Birx has since faded into obscurity, Trump neither forgives nor forgets the actions of persons who disparage him and do not apologize.

“I’m guessing Trump was initially hesitant about adding her because Trump is fair and just. He gives a person to recognize and apologize for their mistakes, and if they don’t, well, that’s on them, not him. He told Rosen Birx set him up. So, again, he and Rosen slotted her for a military tribunal,” our source said.

“The whole task force was out to get me,” Trump purportedly told Rosen.

Incidentally, “Deep State” Dr. Fauci’s indictment dropped in December, charging him with mass medical malpractice and treason.

In closing, our source said Trump admitted acting on the indictments would require one of two conditions: either invaliding the election through legislation or mustering the complete power of the military to unceremoniously eject Biden from the White House.

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jeff graham

Really enjoying your coverage of these topics.


I don’t think this information should be redirected or shared with a platform or for any platform to matter like Facebook. This information should stay on obscure websites such as this. For obvious reasons. If this is a revolution…it should NOT be televised!

Mike Baxter

I certainly understand your concern. However, this is my job. While I do it primarily to share knoweldge, naturally people expect to be paid for their work. My earning primarily come from advertising revenue, and without content proliferating through shaaring, I’d earn pennies and have much less time to do what I love — inestigative reporting.

Leslie Benjamini

So nothing will happen with indictments.




I was just saying how much I miss seeing him as our POTUS! He is still my POTUS that degenerate loser scumbag will never be recognized by me as our president‼️


I sure hope its not another excursion under the bus, I’m getting tired of looking at the undercarriage.

rocky venti

This man Trump is our guy! He will save the world!


Talk is cheap.. like the cheap white vice president… Dumb and dumber run the show now so anything Trump is invalid… He should still be president but the election fraud was allowed to prevail..


Wow. I miss my President