Trump Fires DEEP STATE Legal Team


Donald J. Trump on Saturday fired five attorneys from his impeachment legal team after learning they had ties to the Deep State, Real Raw News has learned. The shocking move comes only a week before Democrats hope to impeach him in Congress, a move that could stop Trump from seeking public office in the future.

Trump’s suspicions of foul play first arose after he overheard a fishy telephone conversation between lead attorney Butch Bowers and an unknown party. On it, Bowers reportedly uttered the words “tic tac doesn’t have a clue what we’re doing,” leading Trump to believe that “tic tac” was an unflattering reference to him. The call, while hardly concrete evidence of deception, prompted Trump to launch an investigation into the lawyers he had hired based on Rudy Giuliani’s recommendation.

When Trump asked the former New York City mayor if he had properly vetted the lawyers, Giuliani told Trump he had conducted a cursory background check but found nothing to suggest that the lawyers would betray their client. However, Giuliani admitted his research was limited to google searches and inquiries to state Bar authorities. Trump wasn’t satisfied.

“Trump’s been betrayed so many times, he trusts no one.  He didn’t outright accuse Rudy, his longtime and loyal friend, of wrongdoing, but told him he was going to have someone else dig deep into the lawyers’ backgrounds, just in case he [Rudy] missed something,” said a Mar-a-Lago source familiar with the incident.

On Thursday, January 28, Trump tasked Dan Scavino, a principal loyalist and former White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications, with finding a link between the lawyers and the Deep State. What Giuliani failed to find in a week, Scavino found in a day, a wealth of data linking two of the five lawyers to primary parties seeking to impeach Trump in Congress.

Bowers’s business, Bowers Law Office, for example, had in 2019 contributed $2600 to Utah Senator Mitt Romney’s election campaign. Romney was an outspoken opponent of Trump and often advocated for his premature removal from office. Also linked to the Deep State was Deborah Barbier who, like Bowers, donated cash to Romney’s campaign. Worse, Barbier has working ties to CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, media agencies that have attacked Trump relentlessly ever since he first announced his candidacy.

“Scavino stopped there. The assumption was since the lead attorneys were culpable, then the others probably were too. I understand that Trump met privately with each of them, but I’m not privy to what was said. All I know—all the world knows—is that they parted ways with Trump shortly after,” our source said.

In closing, RRN recognizes that our version of events deviates from a mainstream narrative claiming that the attorneys and Trump parted amicably over differences in defense strategies. We also acknowledge that it is atypical of Trump, a boisterous, flamboyant, and unfiltered man, to refrain from publicly bashing persons he considers traitorous. But sources we deem credible claim that Trump is now holding his cards close to his chest, as they say, and will soon play his ace in the hole.

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Thank you RRN for your stories they’re worth to read. Reader from Canada.


Giuliani is anti-gun. NEVER trust an anti-gun politician.


Just found you today. I am making you part of my everyday reading. Thx


I just came across RRN for the first time today, and this is what real journalism is supposed to be: unbiased while stating the facts concisely, cohesively, and coherently. Thank you for keeping the masses updated and aware of the truth of things.


Thank you RRN!!! I love how your story is more in depth than any other outlets out there. Thank you for bringing us RRN! ?❤️

Mike Baxter

Thank you for reading.