Trump Assassination Foiled, Deep State in Panic Mode!



On Tuesday morning, January 26, at approximately 3:00 am, a sniper’s bullet struck a panoramic casement window on the east wall of Trump’s bedroom at his Mar-a-Lago estate. The round might have slain Trump had he not recently replaced tempered glass with Blast Structures International’s bullet resistant glass, which, according to the company’s website, can stop anything less powerful than a .50 round.

A confidential source within Trump’s inner circle told Real Raw News that Trump was asleep in bed, and, a light sleeper, was awakened by the “sharp crack” of the bullet striking glass. The round did not penetrate the glass, but caused a material-science dissipation fracture, or spiderweb pattern.

The strike, our source said, triggered a silent alarm that instantly notified the Palm Beach Police Dept. and Trump’s Secret Service Detail, which sleeps in a guest house ten yards from the main building. Agents whisked Trump to safety, escorting him to a fortified saferoom, and said they’d coordinate with local authorities.

But Trump demanded they call the Palm Beach Police Dept. and say it was a false alarm.

“Trump was adamant no police get involved,” our source said. “He told his guys he wants to keep it in the family. No law enforcement. No media. He was very stern about keeping the media blind to the event. Trump made a phone call, and inside of thirty minutes, some heavy-hitting dudes who were definitely not Secret Service arrived at the estate,” our source said.

With Trump safe, his private security fanned across the 20-acre estate searching for signs of intrusion, while the Secret Service detail began its own investigation as to how a would-be assassin got within shooting distance of one of the most secure residences in the world.

At 7:00am a forensic ballistic expert from Quantico arrived at Mar-a-Lago and determined the bullet fragments were from a 7mm Remington Magnum round. He found himself amid an intractable dilemma, our source said. The round had been fired at a downward angle and, had it pierced glass, would have sizzled through Trump’s skull, but an attack on the east window meant one of two things. The sniper had taken the shot from either estate grounds, which lacks elevated terrain, or from somewhere above the Atlantic swell, a seemingly impossible feat.

“Trump’s bedroom is 23 feet above ground level. Besides the main building, no structure on the property is higher. The ballistics guy figured the shot could only have been made by someone in a hovering helicopter two hundred yards or more off the coast. If true, that guy must have been the best marksman in the world. From a helicopter and at night. Crazy,” our source said.

The concept of sniping from a helicopter seemed so unrealistic that RRL reached out to Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Hunter Bernius, a scout-sniper and instructor at the Marine Corps. School of Infantry in Geiger, North Carolina. Without mentioning the nature of our inquiry, we asked Staff Sgt. Bernius about the odds of successfully pulling off a 200-400 yard shot from a hovering chopper with little or no natural light.

“Only with proper training specifically for that type of mission. To shoot precisely, the shooter has to account for aircraft vibration and wind speed and direction, all wind whipping up around him from blades spinning at 400rpm. Then there’s a dozen other variables. Takes months and months of training from a qualified instructor, and there’s still no guarantee. Aerial sniping is a skill all its own,” Staff Sgt. Bernius said.

By noon, the Secret Service had discretely interviewed all persons on estate property, but no one reported having seen or heard a helicopter.

According to our source, Trump’s people suspected the attack was carried out by the Deep State, to stop Trump from amassing incriminating evidence that, if released, could sink every Democrat from Joe Biden to the most junior member of the Democratic caucus.

(For those people asking What about Melania? Where was Melania? Anyone who knows anything about the Trumps, knows they sleep in separate bedrooms.)

This is a developing story.

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k jurning

used to hunt wolves and coyotes from a moving piper cub both the target and the team moving with a 30-30 leveraction Com-on-man

Mike Baxter

I’m just reporting what was told to me by the USMC scout-sniper named in the article.


A .300/7mm magnum cartridge has a range of almost a mile and bullet drop could account for the angle…

george melit

be proud-


I am remembering an incident in Alaska of an Alaskan State Trooper taking out a perp (armed with a .30-06) with an M16A1, while under fire in a hovering Helo… Ok, found it!


Sniping from 200-400 yards?! Sure. C’mon, man…

Last edited 1 year ago by Chris
Survive The News

Dang is there any other evidence of this that can be sourced?

Greg Of Smeg

Confirmed by Jeffrey Prather

Alexander Birchley

Will we ever know whether this is a real story or a load of made-up BS

Mike Baxter

There always has to be a first person to break a story. That’s something we take pride in. I hope someone else follows up on it so you can gind the validation you crave.

Sherry Wilson

I find no matter how many times the story is repeated or reported if named sources aren’t a piece of the story it is hard to believe. People are tired of wishy washy stories no one wants to put their name too. If Trump wanted it to be reported as a false alarm then let it be a non story. Will he find out who let the story out and fire them? Common sense tells me if Trump didn’t want it known and reported it as a false alarm he wouldn’t want it put out.

Pascal Orphe

Remember AOC nasty comments at Cruz last week ” You had me almost murdered ” .. In reality they were the planning to assassinate TRUMP. The democrats are good at the art of gaslighting


Was trump inside the Capitol building Jan 6th? Nope..


Satan does everything in reverse .. thats why the Democrats
say and do everything backwards


What is the DATE of this incident. I got it today, 02/1/21, but the article is dated 01/30/21… so did this allegedly happen last Tuesday AM? 01/30/21 was Saturday. Just trying to put this in perspective . If you could answer here, please.

Jennifer Onorato

Article said 01/26/2021 – which is a Tuesday.


Ok I was thinking of which day McCarthy visited President Trump ? I believe that was on the 28th?


01-26-2021 @ 0300 hrs

Pascal Orphe

I noticed that if news isn’t coming from mainstream outlets its deemed to be untrue. They are so used to fake news to the point where they can’t trust anything unless the msn comes up with it first

Denise Kill

That’s definitely not a true statement. Please explain where you would find truth in mainstream media??


Mike, that’s the thing, without a resource/cite, and people pass it on, it can become propaganda. Facts are important. I can only hope that this yarn isn’t true. That man has been through enough. Seriously.


This was not the first time, someone tried back in early Jan. Someone took a shot at him and missed the shot hit the car yet it was never mentioned in the news.


The story doesn’t pass the stink test


They want him gone permanently….

Renee R

Look for Trumps address to the U.N.O. from 2½ years ago. They black listed Trump and then decided to “remove him by any means, from the publics life.” Just like J.F.K.

Last edited 1 year ago by Renee R

It makes the 9th Assasination attempt that I’m aware of.


I’m counting 10– in chronological order:
W.H. Harrison poisoned
Z. Taylor poisoned
J. Buchanan poisoned but survived
A. Lincoln shot
J. Garfield shot
W. McKinley shot
W. Harding poisoned
J. Kennedy shot
R. Reagan shot but survived
D. Trump–


Thought Chris was referring to 9th attempt on Trumps life. I could be wrong but I know there have been several reported. True or not..


There was one that someone took a pot shot at Trump but hit the tire of the beast, and yes there have been several attempts to get TRUMP, the satan worshipping DEMONcrats want him gone as TRUMP is a danger to the DEMONcrats and their total iron fisted rule over this country. You can bet if someone tried to take obamba out there would riots for ever.

Greg Of Smeg

This was confirmed by Jeffrey Prather in his Feb 3rd talk.

Tee ball

There have been several assassination attempts in the last four years towards Trump. SS had very good documentary regarding these attempts a couple years ago. I heard about this one a few days ago and was waiting to see a write up. msm will not cover or tell you the truth. They have proved their bias the last four years. The only thing msm is good at is lying to the American people!

Right Coast Mike

But you’ll believe the BS on CNN?? on MSNBC??


Who has time to watch the communist news nitwits, they nothing of relevance to either talk about or say, i canceled my direct TV last month (jan). Yeah the communist news nitwits along with missus never been chewed(msnbc) just are not worth the time to watch.

Tony Luzzi

I’d expect that with the amount of evidence, the Dems want him silenced

Mark Sherman

Agreed. Psaki is claiming that Trump’s lawyers are leaving the door open to the election fraud. In a trial setting, he should be able to offer evidence for his defense.


I feel like I’m living inside a movie. This is some incredible news if true.


Thank you God. We need President Trump, more now than ever.

Sheila Roberts

ABSOLUTELY President Trump WON. BEIJING Biden is illegitimate and dangerous.


It’s not Beijing Joe who is the danger here. Look to his ”handlers”. His own life is in danger now that he’s completed his part of the ”steal”. Think about it, and watch who hovers over him at all times.

Texas Girl



Possible by drone attack?


That’s what I was thinking as well.


What about a drone

Norman N Wilson

I’m no expert, but I’ve never heard of a drone that uses a 7MM Magnum.


Have you hard about the frozen darts that cause an instant heart attack?
Wish Breitbart could tell you about it himself.

Linda Hendrix

Or tim russert

see scaper

what about a guy wearing a jetpack?



Ramon Hamm

It seems that a jetpack would be pretty loud.

Dan Bongiorno

Now you’re thinking out of the box! That’s a possibility!
I say push the arrest schedule up to now!

Nancy O

There have been recent sightings of a man flying with a jet pack I believe out in CA. The stories are always the same….seen but no one knows who he is or anything else about him. In this crazy world it is just about believable.


They know who that guy is, discovery Channel even did a story on him last year, he has 4 jet packs. And those things are loud almost as loud as a DC9. Besides you cannot fire a rifle while you are flying one it takes both hands, and one foot.

Last edited 1 year ago by MYSTIC WOLF

OMG Those Deep State Democrats will resort to ANYTHING to win, even MURDER which has happened many times in the past. Just ask the Clinton’s.


Democrats have murdered many times!


Thousands and thousands of children throughout many years.
Mind bending to know what they endured.*shudder*


ASK NANCY, SCHIFF AND HASHER JALLAL TAHEEB. shortly during the First Parks and Rec and Gov shutdown, Puslosi and Schiff with fam members attempted to “get out dodge” knowing Hasher was going to take out both Pence and Trump therefore making Nasty Nancy, upon return, Defaulto Presidente!!!
Trump knew and Grounded their(nasty and pencil necks) use of OUR Jets and acknowledging the PEOPLES Tax abuse in them attemting to do so.


One other thing, the secret service has complete control of any information or events that occur related to any ex-presidents safety and security and Trump would not have ANY say on whom would be brought in or called (that comment many years ago, is from a childhood friend who was an actual secret service agent)

Last edited 1 year ago by David

wrong… The President is in absolute charge at all times….ask Jimmy Carter


That must be changed. Cannot be.
That is so nonsensical. Dem made that one up, am I right?


That would’ve been their 13th attempt to assassinate our POTUS btw…


The number of attempts was over 20 two years ago! Men have lost their lives protecting him. Remember the missile attempts? These are wickedly evil demonic humans.


Last count that I heard about was the one Jan. 9th, this year. It’s way past 23. That is why he has a ”five tier” security around him. Most presidents only had a 2 tier.

Shark Skin

Amazing! Had not heard of the other attempts!


57th attempt


What? BS.


57th attempt I heard. Don’t forget the Hawaiian false alarm that wasn’t (it was a missile aimed at AF1 with Trump aboard returning from Japan) and the attempt at his Scottish golf resort by “Greenpeace Guy” in that stupid airborne craft towing a sign, ostensibly a “protest”, but it’s suspected he had some sort of laser gun he fired at the President but missed and hit a secret service man who died instantly. May God continue to protect the President until the last demon is removed from this Earth. And I think He will as the President is doing God’s work. This is the War of Good vs Evil. Dark to Light.


Lol that guy did not have a laser. He was just some Greenpeace f@g


Was wondering which nation trained their marksmen/snipers using a less than superior .284 caliber round for sniping?


Ok Mr. Smarty Pants with your 284 analogy. The USSS use to use custom Remington 700s chambered in 7mm Remington Magnum for their sniper team. I don’t know what they use now. But connect them dots!


Was wondering how Trump could have an assassination attempt since it appears he hasn’t been in the continental US since 8:20:20pm 1/21/2021?


That’s a very good question. We were told four years ago that he would be flown to parts unknown for protection. We will have to wait and see what is told.


Review of flight overwatch site on 1/2/2021 shows that a military C17 RCH 713 T left West Palm Beach airport at 8:20:20pm and the FRA over Mar-a-Lago switched off at that time. The FAA doesnt set FRA (Flight restricted airspace) over ex-presidents residences, the secret service does. The flight landed around 9:16pm 1/21/2021 at Joint Base Charleston. No FRA has been turned on for Trump anywhere in the US since that time


So, does that mean he isn’t in the U.S.?


Does this mean that President Trump was taken to Joint Base Charleston?? I think he should just stay at a very secured location until all the big players have been removed. And maybe even til our military has wiped China off the globe

Kristin Schmidt

How do you explain him seen golfing and having dinner on his anniversary (1-22)


Doppelgangers, Kristen, same as they used for Ginsburg and Hillary. Watch the ears. No 2 people, not even identical twins, have the same size and shaped ears. Good way to check that out? Watch Biden!!


The same way Biden is in White House. I mean Hollywood movie set




Doppelgänger ? To keep the enemy confused.

Roger Peterson

So how did the sniper know which room the President slept in? Did he have inside information?

Matthew Ciuccio

Instead of a tot finder sticker, it said Don is here.


Not buying it….a helicopter is LOUD and would be heard before it got a chance to fire, you would have to be the best sniper on the planet and still shoot from a moving bird without seeing inside where the target is… saying it would have hit his skull is ludicrous and saying he sleeps away from Melania is even more ludicrous! How do you know? I’m a remote viewer btw, can’t fool me!

Mike Baxter

Remote viwer. OK!


Everyone wants to be the first to put out the latest sensational piece, but a little skepticism is healthy….

Sandy Koval

They could use FLIR to see where people are inside.


Thermal cameras can’t see through glass. They see heat. Glass has it’s own thermal signature.

Ramana Maharshi

Well for one, we have stealth helicopters (Bin Laden kill), he doesn’t sleep with his wife. Don’t you read the news?


I don’t think she is actually his wife…that’s why they don’t sleep in the same room. Now bear with me…
If u look for pics of Barron Trump and pics of Princess Diana, they are 2 peas in a pod! Not even joking! Wish i could share the ones i have, here. But can’t post photos. They are side by sides of them, at various ages. Strange coincidence? Maybe…


Could you be more ridiculous?? DI was most photographed woman so just how did we not see her pregnant??
Speculations and stupid opinions are just that: stupid!


I am so sorry that someone tried to take the life of the BEST President we have ever had in my lifetime … but if President Trumps wishes are to keep this quiet than THAT is exactly what I intend to do. I will continue to PRAY for him and his family.


probably came out of 51 I heard they keep them state of the art sniper drone alot smaller than normal drone…. Silent virtually invisible to radar etc probably digital camo fit any terrain can calculate wind etc…

Last edited 1 year ago by Richard
TheHoly Crow

I’ve seen pictures of a flying machine that looks just like a mosquito. Same size and everything. They could be used as spotters.


yeah right sure it happened like all the rest of the supposed under Military Law, Trump being back as Pres. fluff fluff and whatever


Drone ?

Ball fishing

Could the shot have come from a drone ?


Your story doesn’t say which Tuesday. Date?

Mike Baxter



Prez Trump would’ve heard a helo.

Arnon Har- Lev

Mike’s report suggests that it was some super talented marksman in a helicopter 200 yards off the coast. That is very ’80, pretty unrealistic, no unidentified helicopter can come that close without being detected- and shot downs- from miles away, and no human sniper can make that shot considering the wind and other conditions.
It was most likely a drone, armed with a weapon, operated by AI software which can zero in on a target using some optical system, thus allowing it to calculate all weather and height variables and release a shot. A deep state asset for sure, product of the military industrial complex. Such systems are used by many players worldwide, for example the latest assassination of Iran’s top nuclear scientist recently was carried out by such AI operated system, only in that case it was mounted on a roof of a nearby building and not on a drone. Same same, tho, those systems could be mounted and operated in a variety of ways.

Gary Nace

Oklahoma has laws about hunting dear from aircraft because it is so much easier than hunting from a blind. Thats not a hard shot for an expert rifleman.THANK GOD TRUMP IS SAFE !


This is sad ! But have been Scared of this please stay low and no traveling just think Hillary and Obama are the most likely ones that would or higher up!


Guys, you totally missed the biggest story of all. If you were married to Melania, would be sleeping in separate bedrooms?? I think not!!


Could be at least 2 reasons:

  1. Sleep in separate bedrooms to keep my spouse safe.
  2. A body double would not sleep w/ my spouse!

There’s a new kind of killer drone. Called TIKAD, it isn’t like any lethal drones you’re seen before. Because unlike the effective-yet-cumbersome MQ-9 Reapers, these multicopters can carry a sniper rifle, a grenade launcher, or a machine gun—the inevitable convergence of hobby drones and military weapons.


Big drones like the Reaper and its predecessor, the Predator, are controlled from thousands of miles away, orbit at five or ten thousand feet, and watch everything happening below. They strike with laser-guidedAGM-114 Hellfire missiles, which are precise but hardly surgical, causing collateral damage and loss of life. Urban combat requires something with more finesse, something that can take out a sniper without destroying a building and doesn’t require an entire team to do it.

New Drone, Old Idea
Helicopter, Rotorcraft, Helicopter rotor, Vehicle, Aircraft, Organism, Radio-controlled helicopter,
Duke Robotics’ TIKAD
Although this new drone, purchased by Israel, could be the first of its kind used in the field, the idea of arming small drones has been around for a few years. Back in 2012, the U.S. Navyexperimented with arming quadcopters with shotguns as counter-sniper weapons but eventually halted the project. Meanwhile, the U.S. military fielded theSwitchBlade, a portable, tube-launched kamikaze drone with a small explosive warhead and a range of several miles.

But it’s not just the U.S. military that has been exploring the combat use of consumer drones. ISIS graduated from homemade kamikaze drones in 2015 to swarms ofquadcopter bombers in the battle for Mosul this year. These repurposed consumer drones could hit vehicles several hundred feet below with bombs adapted from 40mm grenades and could only be stopped by sophisticated U.S. jammers.

Bomber drones are relatively straightforward, but sniper drones pose a tougher engineering challenge. Small quadcopters, like most hobby drones, cannot even lift a rifle, but now there are a wide range ofheavy-duty multicopters which can carry forty pounds or more—that’s more than enough for a rifle, but the recoil remains a problem.


Machine, Auto part, Machine tool,
Duke Robotics’ stablizing gimbal mounting. Six arms between the weapon and the drone move to compensate for recoil.
It can be done–as an infamous 2015 YouTube video of ahomemade pistol-packing quadcopter showed—but the resulting recoil is enough to shove a small drone some distance, ruining any chance of a second shot.

Duke Robotics Inc., creators of the TIKAD, say it has “a unique suppression firing and stabilization solution.” The weapon is mounted on a robotic gimbal which turns in real time, keeping it pointed in the right direction. The recoil is distributed through flexible plates to minimize the overall effect—minimizing, but not eliminating, recoil. There is no escaping equal and opposite reaction, and the TIKAD’s effectiveness as a gunnery platform remains unproven.

Richard Cranium

Palm Beach Sheriffs office was flying up to Mara Largo and over to PBI at that same time. Bell 429 helicopter. Hmm interesting.


That would make sense why he didn’t want police involved, but the sheriffs are the ones that take an oath to defend constitution (since they’re elected). Police can be the renegades at times. I’d get to know my local sheriff if given the choice.

Sandra Amerson

Thank God he had that glass replaced. Ain’t nobody as smart as My Trump.




I’ll go with it. Drone Sniper. Laser beamed to target.


Thank you for reporting truths, that everyone else is afraid to report.
May God continue to protect and guide you!!!






Trump is always a victim. LOL

Amanda Ayde Hutchinson

No, Mr Trump is putting up the resistance for you and me. He is the stone in the biden administration (China) shoe. You cannot imagine what life is like under a communist government. Just pray to the Creator of the Universe for mercy, otherwise, you and I will be the victims in the future.


If this story was true, I would have to say it was a drone / weapon platform. But the story doesn’t ring true for me.


Bullet and sighting technology has progressed far beyond what a typical Marine sniper was capable of just a few years ago.


Gone thru all 5 of Michael Salla’s secret space program books. Lots of FOIA and newly declassified docs for reference. I’d start w/ “The US Navy’s Secret Space Program”. Snipers in helicopters are SO last century.


That is a no fly zone. How fid a helicopter get there. Trump would have heard it. Was it another glider attack?


MonkeyWerks (who reports on military flights and no fly zones)has been reporting the no fly zone was lifted after Trump landed there when another plane happened to leave. He has wondered if they flew Trump out of there. The latest update today still showed there is not a no fly zone. However, there is one over the Tampa area where the Super Bowl will be and there is another one over Cape Canaveral.


The SS use to use custom made Remington model 700s chambered in 7mm Remington Magnum for their sniper team. According to a conversation that I had with USSS Commander Kevin Wolfer (now deceased) the maximum effective range for this combination was 700 yards.


Probably a Drone

Pray Hard

Sounds like bs, but who knows?




For those who are skeptical, there have been dozens, if not more, assassination attempts on President Trump. One we witnessed live, as a car came flying through a line of shrubs, from a parking lot, into the car line on one of his State visits, missed his car by a few lengths. They have been trying to kill him for years now!


Yes, I saw that on video, and also the bus load of dems getting ready to fly out of town with their families, until Trump scotched their plans. Some had already left D.C. on vacation. Twice saw Trump escorted off the podium by SS agents.


Really? It’s not news anywhere.

Gonna Gitcha

well this is real raw news so it’s not like there will be all named sources for the alleged event. the end result is what does this story mean? not much since they’ve been trying this for years. you don’t take on the big boys without realizing that this is going to happen, which is why when it’s trump’s turn via military tribunals to execute the death penalties on all those involved and i mean ALL then he should have no problem with that at all. from tribunal guilty verdict straight to the firing squad.

July Hunter

No, not straight. Televised Tar & Feathering first. Make an example out of those pusillanimous finks !!!


God that is Jesus Christ knows the whereabouts of all people all the time
Jesus knows you whoever you are and your time is limited so repent

Ramana Maharshi



Oh yeah ? What do you know about anything, Swami ? Ask your Tibetan Buddhist neighbors. They have known about the Christos, who comes to guide sentient beings, down through the countless Kalpas of existence, since the beginning of time itself. Jesus Christ is just His most recent incarnation.

Harris aris

God protect our president Trump, his family.
Best president ever who really cares about the American people


What about a drone??


That could’ve been an inside job, or a rich neighbor paid a hitman.