Clinton Military Tribunal Set for April 8


Hillary Clinton will have her day in court; more precisely, on April 8 she will face a military tribunal to answer for crimes committed against America and its people.

As reported previously, U.S. Navy SEALs under Trump’s command staged a March 2 raid on Clinton’s Chappaqua, NY, estate, capturing her and seizing laptops that link the former First Lady to countless atrocities. She has been held under military guard at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center Camp Delta since March 5.

In just over a week, the villainous, vile creature will stand before a military tribunal consisting of six U.S. military officers handpicked by Donald J. Trump and his advisory board. A Trump source familiar with the proceedings told RRN that the officers who will serve as both judge and jury cover a broad range of military ranks—from O-3 (captain) to 0-9 (Lt. General)—selected from all branches of U.S. Armed Forces.

“The choice was not done hastily. Trump’s team spent weeks picking the officers. Trump wanted to remove himself from the equation and ensure that the officers picked were not tainted by any bias for Clinton. No matter what, the odds are stacked against her. A tribunal isn’t an ordinary trial, and Clinton is no longer an American citizen,” our source said.

Stripped of her citizenship, Clinton is no longer afforded the protections of the U.S. Constitution and Geneva Convention. She is a detainee, or enemy combatant, which means she has no rights, not even the right to remain silent. In a military tribunal, silence is equated with guilt.

“Clinton was asked if she wanted an advocate to speak on her behalf, but the loon said she would defend herself.  She decried the whole idea of a military tribunal as lunacy and has been babbling out how her people are going to free her. It doesn’t look good for her. She’s being charged with treason, sedition, assassinations, assassination attempts—the list goes on,” our source said.

Moreover, Trump has held Clinton responsible for the deaths of four Americans in the Benghazi Massacre: Ambassador Chris Stephens, Information Officer Sean Smith, and CIA contractors Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, both former U.S. Navy SEALs. Clinton’s inaction led to their deaths; therefore, Trump decreed she must be held to account.

Our source said Clinton faces one of three possible outcomes: acquittal, life at GITMO, or a firing squad.

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And if the military is so patriotic how come the kissy soldiers are like good little tied wimps taking their new death jab,there’s a good girl sorry boy,all talk are pztriots,if I had guns I would be doing my not to end multiculturalism,my last bullet would be for myself,not enough fiesty whites,annoying europeans don’t have guns,you do yet your only talkers,British europeans made sure you had guns,and that was tough to do in first place with dirty Jews about,your wasting your gift of survival,just chat chat chat,end multi cultural already ,construct any new non white or trimp,trust only 100 percent know for sure whi t e right and end this shit,just chat chat chat all the time


I would be wary that this is even true,for xxxxs sake just with your guns take back your country


A titillating read and the thought of this being true makes me incredibly happy but well we know this is bs. And what a ghastly pic of her. What is wrong with her mouth always contorted.

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Josey Wales

Why are you the only one mentioning anything about hrc?


Simon Parkes mentioned her arrest two days after it was announced here and he also touched on it in an interview he did with Doug Billings for one of “The Right Side” broadcasts.

Simon also recently said that anyone who really knows anything about what’s going on is either bound under a non-disclosure agreement or has been asked to keep it to themselves. He said that the “bad guys” are so starved for information, they are combing through posts on social media to try to find out what’s going on so they can counter it. In this case, silence is golden until it is time for it to come out in the open and I am waiting for that time to arrive.

Simon is the only other person whose information stands up over time and is validated by how things actually occur. I don’t trust or follow anyone else except RRN as being worth my time and attention.

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What are your sources saying now?


While waiting to hear what comes of this, I found an article online that summarized the rules for military tribunals in a chart published by the New York Times on March 21, 2021:

According to that chart, the composition of the jury for a military tribunal consists of “Three to seven military officers appointed by the military. Seven members required for death penalty cases.” Since your source said that only six officers were picked for Hillary’s trial, that would suggest that the death penalty will not be sought, which would only leave acquittal or life in prison as the two possible outcomes.

Your thoughts on this?

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So, from that chart, the death penalty is not even being considered. I must say that that’s disappointing, and I hope it doesn’t lead to yet another book contract for her!


Gitmo military tribunals are governed by The Military Commissions Act of 2006 (not the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and not by the Justice Department). Quoting from it: “CHAPTER V. MILITARY COMMISSION COMPOSITION AND PERSONNEL; CONVENING MILITARY COMMISSION Rule 501. Composition and personnel of military commission (a) Composition of a military commission. (1) A non-capital military commission shall consist of a military judge and at least five members. (2) Subject to the provisions of subsection (3), a capital military commission shall consist of a military judge and at least twelve members. 

As to the voice below, Yes! Simon Parkes also spoke of the HRC arrest. For myself, I WANT both sets of dots (Mr. Baxter’s dots and Mr. Parkes’ dots). Since the news is dead, we cannot become too picky. In fact, the news was probably dead circa year 2000 and was a “media zombie” with good makeup & we never noticed. Keep up the good work, Mr. Baxter and I’ll not quibble over warranties either express nor implied. MAGA

Sandy Koufax

If someone is labeled a non uniformed enemy combatant, then they are a spy and can be executed on the spot without a trial. Trump is at liberty to walk right up to these people a blow their head of. These trials are a gift that would never be reciprocated, if the shoe was on the other foot.



Gertjan Zwiggelaar

A tribunal has three judges. Tri = three.
Six judges and you have a hexunal.


Actually, the Latin root “tribunus” means the platform on which the judges did their work.


Well today is April 8th. I am anxiously awaiting the confirmation that the bitch has been found guilty and is awaiting execution by a firing squad which is the proper death of a traitor.

Sandy Koufax

Does anyone know what time the trial starts today? I assume there will be an updated article later today or tomorrow with the results of the trial.


Still waiting…


Hopefully…all is, or is about to be actually happening !!! Way too late !!!




I take notice of the info and really want it to be true but will believe it when its publicly released.


That thumbnail would be complete with a stick of dynamite in her evil grill?

sue price

They will not be doing anything at Guantanamo Bay because t is closing.

Robert Dianadanna

Great Story!


No one loses their citizenship without a trial and conviction. If hillary is detained and is not a clone then she is still a US citizen. That repeat through various articles throws everything by this author into doubt.

Sandy Koufax

Hilary is no different than Anwar al-Awlaki.

LISA Moyer

According to and Dark Out Post post. The REAL CLINTONS Have already been executed. So what are we seeing her cabal double being arrested and tired now? This thing gets crazier and crazier. Or is this just something for the public to hear about now with the outcome being hanging.that is how killary actually was executed


I definitely believe that we the people should bear witness to these executions. I say hanging, it’s more painful.


Mr. Baxter. Can you ask your sources for news of the first day of the tribunal? These days, all belief can only be metaphysical since belief itself has been overturned. Therefore, new dots, commonplace observations by others that ring true in us, will sustain belief. And, God help us, how we need belief in these days.


It’s her clone


Im hoping that evidence against these people will be publicised, otherwise the normal man in the street wont believe it.

Personally I think Clinton and those like her, should be executed, otherwise in a few years when everything has died down, they will be paying guards at Gitmo to bring little Cuban kids into the jail for their satanical rituals.

By the way, where is Bill? Hes certainly not innocent, especially of rape etc of children.

Im worried about all these unaccompanied children coming in from SA. God help them.


Get some help. You are insane.


Insane? Have you seen what is going on down at the southern border? Children are being dropped off like dirty laundry at the cleaners and then shipped off to who knows where. Insane? Your insane for not accepting the truth of what is happening down there even when you see for yourself.


I’ ll believe it when I see it.So far I’ve seen too many ENQUIRER type stories that never come to fruition.


How would the public react to all this info that is claimed to be false? Shock, awe, fear, anger? All the above. We the people would be storming the streets with pitchforks looking for the devils who harm children. Remember, united we are strong, divided we are weak. The one true thing that would unite all of the world is the saving of the children, a united world can achieve much which is what “they” dont want. All lives matter.


In past times they used to burn at the stake this kind of witches.


Odd, she was just on a Podcast with Jennifer Palmieri. I guess the podcast is just a psyop ???. Or, she’s broadcasting from GITMO!!!


or……she is a clone or it is wearing a skin mask, I say skin mask

Leon Cochran

Oh 1 other thing, that makes me think, is the only 1 talking about china is trump. And right now i bet most of u have something from there, with hardware and software in it u cant get to. Iv been finding countless things. Simple crap like a usb memory stick. The damn thing is twins when it plugs in, as if its 2 different sticks, its got close to a gig less space you CANNOT get to, and you cant format it completely. Usb microscope i just got has some of the same super wierd things going on, and zero devices work right after using it. 1 of my laptops has gone nuts, i cant even do a system recovery on it, it straight says no. Russia is a big wolf to watch for sure, but china seems to be the real biden killer bee’s, that isnt fake news, cuz its in my lap

LISA Moyer


Leon Cochran

See though iv been hearing for years and years crazy outlandish, story book horror stories that may have had truths but u couldnt see the big picture. Little things that piece all those crazy stories together push that its based on truth. All stories are embellished, thats human nature, and perception is blinding to those perceiving. But when he says she was acting like an addict, with no drugs in her system, and 3 blood types, which a very simple conclusion medically is adrenaline usage, i think about the crazy stories about her being a witch and killing kids for the power in thier blood. Likely way blown out of proportion, hopefully, but using terrified children for adrenaline is a thing, it does kill, and is extremely addictive, and fits with many many things said past and present, especially being involved with pharmaceutical scum. We all know those “people” care about nothing but profit, every other tv commercial is another lawsuit for deaths and injury due to meds they knew about but didnt care. You cant think they only go so far with that much power. If your willing to do what we know about, the darkness we dont know yet will likely make you cry yourself to sleep, and its all possible because they are good at making us numb, keeping our eyes on a million things of no consequence, and afraid of crap that even if it was real we should be FIGHTING. Covid is a lie. I said it from the start, fear tactics. But thats the thing, thats the point, look at this and all this discussion over crap we arent gunna touch and dont know what to do with, so we’ll continue to think this or that and bitch online or read crap till we get sidetracked with life purposefully made difficult and full of fruitless mundane repetitive crap, and nothing will be different, WHATEVER is going on. What we DO know is the base foundation of either side of lifes coin; destruction, and creation. Just like bad men only win when good men dont stand, destroying only goes so far, creating can be endless. The evils in the world know it, they dont want the good gone, just subservient, obedient cattle who wander aimless. If they won theyd end with us. So what im hoping some will read and understand, what im trying to say, here cuz in life im so very lost to all of you, just fucking live and create. Love. Smile a sad smile in the face of the ass hats, wish they could be the same, let it go and live how we were meant to. Thats how to win, if you want it u just have to know it. I promise you those sad dark souls like hilary know already. Thats why we are made not to. We cant win if we either dont know theres something to win, or that we won before it even started. Idk what else to say but open that eye kids and breathe in life so shit can go back to how it was meant to be, cuz this is just painful to watch. Thats my rant, itd be easier if i could just slap every1s eyes open, but even jesus had to work for it. And no im not religious, but the dude existed and said much the same, tho your only fed drops of the truth of his time. You focused on race especially, theres a time and place, now isnt it, thats another sword the ass hats use. Its useful cuz its painful and serious, your letting it work for them, so stop. Enough of those who would have been the enemy there all those years ago are now allies, enough to deal with it when times are appropriate, not in the middle of a damn comic book where trump is freakin super man. Whoulda thunk. Trump. Cant stand him but id follow the bastard to hell and back after this. Peace


fuckin’ A, bro. I’m witchya. don’t panic, it’s organic.


It will be the best birthday present ? I ever received.


happy birthday!?


According to a Washington Times report, dated March 30, 2021, a Hillary Clinton interview will be released, during which she slammed Republicans on gun control issues. Since this is not a live TV appearance, I cannot take it as evidence that she is actually a free person. In the meantime, allegations of her arrest and subsequent transfer to Gitmo have yet to be confirmed. However, the fact that Mr. Baxter has released quite a few unflattering reports on Deep State players seems to suggest something is going on. For instance, former CIA director John Brennan has been a frequent guest on CNN, but according to Mr. Baxter, Brennan today stays in a Gitmo jail cell. Did anyone see Brennan on CNN or MSNBC lately? Let’s wait and see if he shows up again.

Terminally deplorable

She could still be a hologram.


If anyone watched the more recent so called interview with the person claiming to be Hillary w/ her appatent volunteered presence one could easily see the repetitious kind of mimicking of Hilly style….similar to the earlier one with that poseur wearing the longer hair flip. But the one allegedly posed at the Chappaqua home is easily seen to be fake w/ green field behind the character. You can see the obvious outline around the figure and the pillow she is sitting in front of while moving back and forth herself never moves even a tiny bit. It’s really not that hard to examine. The left is now blatantly obvious.

BTW, Simon Parkes and “Before It’s News” both have info reports and links on the cargo ship of the Suez lock down being examined w/ findings of children in the cargo containers: Simon:

With great regret I must announce that children were being transported in cargo containers.
The operation in the Suez Canal was a success and warrants me to do a video update…


mr. baxter speaks my language.


Washington Examiner just posted an article with her quoting republicans/gun owners. So…. did she talk to them from gitmo?

Sweet P

I did a search as to whether she’s been seen since then and she has a public Zoom with Pelosi the next day to celebrate Women’s Day. Being curious, I pulled up the pictures of her on the call that day versus what she looked like at previous appearances. Personally, I might not care for her, but I just don’t think she would wear her hair like that. It’s terribly unflattering and she historically is always well put together. Also, massive cheek bones are relatively new….did she have work done? If so, please fire that plastic surgeon. It’s a hard pill to swallow but would definitely be a step in the right direction toward sunlight.

Sandy Koufax

It was reported that Hillary and Kamala had plastic surgery around the same time last year.


about time…




Terminally deplorable

It is indeed hard to understand how the military can look at all the crap the Biden admin is leaving at every corner and just stay subdued. They live in the same country as we all do and need to bear the consequences..


US Marines report directly to the POTUS and the POTUS is Donald John Trump as we speak and comment here.


Yes and amen, couldn’t have said it better myself.
God bless America

Laura Bordas

what are your sources


Mr. Baxter. Thanks for this! I choose to believe your account. When Descartes tried to separate the real from the unreal in his “Six Meditations on First Philosophy” (1640 A.D.), he did not have to grapple with “Photoshop” nor with “CGI.” Today, the connection of dots leading toward intuitive decision making means that each person becomes their own editor.


Where’s Bill to rescue his damsel in distress??

M. Alford

He was too busy at the Empowering Women Conference with Kamila…….That is the only thing that makes me think it might be true they have her in Gitmo. We all know Hillary would have been there and not sent Bill.


Will this be televised on pay-per-view?

Sue M

I heard everyone that was executed was filmed making their confession and their execution.


90% went with lethal injection the others were hung or fed a bullet.


Thought she was hung 3.16.21? Why waste tax $$ on a contrived trial that all involved are compromised ~ Have some faith in Trump, but, have read dirt on him also. The deep state will have ringers in her trial. She’ll be like Gina Haspel, living the good life while other heroes suffered @ her whim. Need to have DNA verification, then prime time public execution! All Satanists, pedophiles, adrenochrome users~ waste of time with the trial. Use the new electronic guillotines to give the public some variety.

Cathryn Potvin

Some of this stuff is made up – so I just have to assume everything I read is possibly not true. I say “possibly” because I just wish some of it were true. It’s hard to comprehend that Pence was hiding out in a remote cabin and escaped capture, is on the run. Who’s gullible enough to believe that Princess Diana and JFK Jr. are still alive. At that point is when I said, “yeah right, I don’t trust this info.
anymore.” Who’s so stupid to believe that? lol

Terminally deplorable

The question remains, though, do you have anything more uplifting to tell?


Cathryn, I needed to laugh out loud this morning. I stand with you. Let’s not believe any of this crap any longer. They’re all making money off of our reviews on whatever site they’re posting this madness to.

LISA Moyer

you never know. They did have many people wanting to kill them. I wonder about George Floyd being dead. So who knows. I guess we will have it reveled one way or another when the time is right. Epstein isn’t dead either FYI. he was supposed to testify and escaped so their is a 10million bounty on his head. Dead or alive this time. When he is ca8I am sure he will be executed anyway


A pre-snowflake English punishment for treason was to be Hanged, Drawn and Quartered. The hanging part was not fatal, with the criminal being cut down after strangling for a bit (the hanging was not done with a ‘drop’ causing the neck to break in this case). For someone undergoing adrenochrome withdrawal such non-lethal hanging could cause serious injury, and thus require recovery time before the drawing and quartering could be conducted with maximum awareness on the part of the criminal.

LISA Moyer

fake news will NEVER report any of this. Although it would be nice to see her head roll. But I think it would be her double that is filling in for her. Which has to be just as evil if that person is will to be a double for that piece of crap.


This despicable traitor will swing at the gallows and will make a BIG difference to Patriots!!



I thought she had died and then was revived and executed. So many conflicting stories, make it hard to know what is the truth and what is wishful thinking. If this is indeed her, then she should be put before a firing squad, since it is an open and shut case of treason, sedition, crimes against humanity, murder, etc.

Cathryn Potvin

I was thinking the same thing – what can you believe? Right now I’m not believing these stories anymore.


Everything you have believed in your life was based on faith until it was proven. I would much rather have faith in Trump and his allies in the military than anyone other than God.


Now, 3.31.21 she’s on Newsmax taking on gun owners and the NRA. Doesn’t look too sick or tired. The question is; CGI, Body double, Clone, real McCoy??


How do you KNOW that it was a LIVE broadcast and not a recording? I can answer that question unequivocally. You DON’T! Like I said in a previous post, EVERYTHING we believe is based on faith and I would rather have faith in Trump and our military, whom the VAST majority are loyal to President Trump.

Lori Lashley

Body double. She has like 5 of them.


AND the article also said it was her double who was arrested in Chappaqa! There are lots of pictures of her lookalikes!The best proof is a video with her different accents.If there is something that can´t be hid, is the accent. No matter how much one trains to contain it,when people face certain situations,they loose control and the training doesn´t kick in quite he opposite, real nature appears.


No offense intended, but where’s the documentation to back up this claim?? We’re constantly asked to take someone’s word that something like this is happening, but no proof is ever given. When people ask, the response is “do your own research”. How does one go about researching claims such as this, exactly?? Just more sensationalism in my book… we’re all tired of it.

Brad nelson

your right


Indeed, his right to TROLL.

Dean Vermite



Exactly. No proof. Even Gateway Pundit and various Youtubers promised us Trump would be re-elected and we know who is now Commander and Thief.


Only because the Democrats cheated to get him in office & destroy our country & everything Trump did to make it great ?

Jacked Donkey

How does Trump becoming Putin’s bitch make America great?


Do you?


no offense intended but it’s true. trump said “we got them all” just the other day.

Betty Meyers

Operation Trust was a Bolshevik counterintelligence operation run from 1921 to 1926 by the State Political Directorate of the Soviet Union. The op was aimed at neutralizing opposition by creating the false impression that a powerful group of military leaders had organized to stop the communists’ takeover. Is a similar psy op being perpetrated on Americans so that we will stand by, waiting for “Trump to return to office” and not take action against the Biden Administration as they destroy our country? People raising false hopes, who claim to have secret contacts in the know, have been all over the internet since the election.


I totally agree w/ your point and it scares the Hell out of me.. My question would be, and I seriously don’t know.. I’ve read that American’s are armed with something like 300 Million Gun’s.. Did the Soviet Citizens have fire arms to protect themselves with and be able fight back with..

K Brown

Have you done any research on the Evergreen commercial transportation company out of Canada? Trudeau hid a lot for her. She as well as her husband alone with Rice need to answer for Benghazi!

M. Alford

Susan Rice needs removed from the political appointment she is now serving.
Treasonous Bitch needs executed for lying about Bengazi.


Do you really think CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, N.Y. TIMES, Washington Post, etc., will ever investigate any of this ??? Where has Obama, Hillary. Bill, etc. Been over the last few months…hiding in the basement ??? Expose them all, and let’s see where this goes !!! I’d love to see them all locked-up and in orange !!!