Gov. Abbott Hangs Up Phone on “Crisis Actor” CDC Director


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday refused to take part in a conference call hosted by Rochelle Walensky, director of the now corrupt Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  A source in the governor’s office told RRN that Abbott’s secretary alerted him to the call, which twelve other states’ governors had already joined, at approximately 9:00 a.m., but Abbott told his aid to hang up the phone because Walensky was “a melodramatic crisis actor spreading false fear and pushing Covid lies on the American public.”

Abbott’s comment was undoubtedly a response to Walensky’s theatrical breakdown during a televised CDC briefing Monday afternoon. Claiming the U.S. was on the verge of a fourth surge and spreading untruths involving infection rates, Walensky fought back fake tears as she operatically preached “impending doom.”

But Abbott did not subscribe to her imaginary narrative.

“Gov. Abbott sees through their lies,” our source said. “He and what few patriotic governors are out there are trying very hard to protect their citizens from the lies being spread by the Biden administration, the CDC, and the WHO. He predicted they’d manufacture false figures even after people started getting vaccinated.”

Walensky said on Monday that New Jersey, New York, and Michigan, states controlled by Deep State governors, were amid a fresh surge that could at any moment spiral out of control. Interestingly, RRN reported on Marth 26 that Deep State Dr. Anthony Fauci, who secretly controls the current Covid-19 Task Force, had instructed Democratic governors to fabricate Covid-19 cases to instill additional fear in an already frenzied public.

“Walensky wants Gov. Abbott to go along with the plan, but there’s no chance of that. When she said Texas cases are increasing—it’s an outright lie,” our source said.

Tales of a Texas spike are indeed apocryphal. The Lone Star State has had a precipitous drop in cases, hospitalizations, and fatalities, despite having fully reopened more than two weeks ago.

“Gov. Abbott predicted they’d fabricate new cases once the vaccine was out, and they did. He predicted they’d want vaccinated people to still wear masks, and they do. He predicted they’d tell people to wear two masks, and Fauci has said just that. In one Dallas County school, kids are being told to wear masks because masks are cool. Batman wears a mask, Spiderman wears a mask—and they’re cool. You wear a mask and you’ll be cool, too. That’s what these kids are being told by teachers. It’s been an uphill battle for Gov. Abbott to silence these lies,” our source said.

In closing, our source said Gov. Abbott will continue to refute CDC falsehoods and wage a war of truth against the Democratic mayors and county judges who control Texas’s four largest cities—Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

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Terminally deplorable

Abbott takes popular deSantis as an example. It is so easy to make people happy.

rita fleisner

Boycott stores and restaurants for forcing people to wear masks. Not their right to make our health decisions.

SKY is Green

The only thing I have a problem with, is if Gov Abbott said that he was lifting the mandated Mask wearing, why??? did he release that statement and put it onto the businesses, all he did was wash his hands and the blood off of them and put them into the hands of the Businesses, now there still isn’t any mandated “take” off your mask, it has to still be worn no matter what establishment you go into. So really there has NEVER been a lifting of a Mask mandate and open Texas as 100%. That is a lie and Gov Abbott knows it. There is no leadership here, one hand washes the other.


Time to secede.


The commie left and their allies have lost it. The NWO will never take hold in America!


I am just looking forward to seeing this covid mascarade end asap ! Damages on the economy are already too big to make it continue even with lies. Criminal lies, considering the consequences on millions of people, especially the poor ones.

Last edited 3 years ago by Vincent
Buzzy Zipwak

Good for him. We need more governors to stand up for the truth.


He’s a shill. TX was one of the 9 states that signed on to Biden’s SCOTUS gun grab. The Iluminati, NWO cabal has infiltrated everywhere.