Biden Wants “Dr. Fauci Day” National Holiday


Joseph Biden, the so-called president of the United States, is deliberating whether to memorialize Dr. Anthony Fauci by creating a new federal holiday—Dr. Fauci Day, which would pay tribute to the Deep State Doctor on December 13, the day the first Covid-19 vaccination was administered in the United States.

Two administration sources speaking under condition of anonymity told RRN that Biden wanted to venerate Dr. Fauci as early as February, but the idea stalled due to pushback from key Republican lawmakers who said federal holidays are meant to immortalize important dates and persons whose preeminent contributions to society warrant such an honor.

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) argued that Fauci’s oscillating messages on Covid-19 prevention resulted in tens of thousands of preventable deaths.

“Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. He’s a man who made incalculable contributions to mankind. Independence Day celebrates our nation’s liberation from British rule—well worth a national holiday. What has he [Fauci] done? Killed people. He should be in prison, not be celebrated,” Jordan said of Fauci.

But Biden has since mustered considerable Democratic support in favor of Dr. Fauci Day.

Biden, our sources said, personally asked Michigan Rep. Debbie Stebenow (D) to author a bill calling for a federal holiday in Fauci’s namesake. Sixty—and growing—Democratic legislators have already pledged their support, and several Democratic governors, though they have no authority over such actions, have said Fauci’s recognition is long overdue. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer called Fauci “an American hero”; Governor Cuomo said “Fauci’s accomplishments must not be forgotten”; and Oregon Governor Kate Brown said Dr. Fauci’s accomplishments were the most transformative in human history.

The bill, once authored, would have to gain sponsorship, then House and Senate approval before being passed into law. Considering that Democrats have unconstitutionally seized control of the legislature, that outcome seems likely.

It’s unclear how the citizenry will react to the Fauci bill, as a sharp rift divides how Democrats and Republicans view Fauci’s “accomplishments.” Republicans overwhelmingly hate him, whereas Democrats overwhelmingly love him and extol his virtues as godlike.

“The Democrats and the mainstream media adore Dr. Fauci,” our source said. “Once this bill goes on record, hits the House floor, it will probably move fast.”

In the unlikely event the bill does not gain legislative traction, Biden has not ruled out using executive action to guarantee Fauci a spot in the annals of history, our source added.

“Biden might stroke his pen on an executive order if he has to,” our source said.

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Love it and definitely long overdue! Comey is a scumbag. Will be looking out for this article tomorrow for sure! Thanks Michael

Don Reed

Lordy !!!


I have goose bumps now! Thanks, Michael…

Terminally deplorable

Quite an experience after 4 months searing in news hell. Each day now exciting news.

Wayne Whittenburg

Glad to hear this Comey is a real scum bag! Can’t wait to see.

Lydel Bertasz

When I first found RRN, I wanted to believe the content, yet doubted its veracity. I was impressed with the details in the articles, as well as the name of the Vice-Admiral, which I thought lent credibility. Even people who WANT to believe this stuff, ie, that HRC would finally be held accountable, are doubting. Myself, I have crossed that threshold. Now I check for new articles every day and share them when appropriate. Still waiting for Trump to make his move. Keep up the good work.

James Reed

Oh wow! When will this be made unlocked along with the HRC trial?


We live in hope


Fauci is not only a traitor but a criminal along with Mr Gates.


Why not a Fauci Day? We have a holocaust day. We even have a Hitler day. Makes perfect sense.


Fuck Biden and Fauchi and if all democrats and all Republicans vote on party lines than we only need 1 of each and get rid of the rest. Useless turds.

Veronica Cougar

How about Anthony Fauci On A Paper Target Day. About all he’s good for, that corrupt little bastard. I can’t believe him and that total Douche Bezos, plotting to use the fakedemic as a ploy to lock everyone in their homes for a year, destroy their businesses and livelihoods, just so he can get richer. Completely destroy people’s lives, their futures, just so he can have all the money in the world. Seize every penny and give it to the people who could not stay afloat financially for an entire year and lost everything they worked so hard for all their lives. Bezos won’t need it where he’s going.

Phyllis Bonviso

The only day I want to know about Fauci is when God throws him into the Lake of Fire to be with Hillary and all the rest…


If this real then they shouldn’t they start disappearing from public view and the Internet? Where is that evidence?


(DS) won’t let it. They need the illusion.


they will just hire people and body doubles kamala harris has used a body double for the election in 2020 hillary too is known for having a body double

of course they would have paid actors and body doubles they can never admit they are losing


then again comey stopped tweeting since january 20th


This is about what also happened in the last days of the Roman senate…


Go to hell, Beijing Biden.

Jeremi Woodruff

Holy shit I hope catturd sees this and craps all over the Fauci picture.


“When Haman saw that Mordecai would not kneel down or pay him honor, he was enraged” Esther 3:5 It didn’t end well for Haman.


Fauci will have his day in hell!!! Crimes against humanity!!!


It doesn’t surprise me that a MORON like Biden, would make a National Holiday for a POS MURDERER like Fauci!!!


So, the illegal Crime-Boss POTUS wants to create a National Holiday for Dr. Anthony Flip-Flop-Science Vaccine-Royalty Highest-Paid-Fed-Employee Fauci?

Just another edict Trump will overturn once returned to his legally-elected post.

Everybody Loves President Trump

President Trump did all the real work in defeating the evil, but also very exaggerated, China virus through Operation Warp Speed! He personally led the effort while sleepy creepy Joe was too scared to even leave his basement! Thank you Mr. President!


Fauci will be hung along with biden!
No worries


Fauci is the FLIP-FLOP fish in the commercial for your cat


Alfred E. Newman has more intelligence and respect than CCP Fauci


But he looks more like bush jr lol


How about no, joe.


Of course he wants to beatify saint anthony, the keystone of the house of cards, his bloodthirsty malice a shibboelith for their cupidity, cementing the narrative is imperative.

David Yip

Do u all know how a piece of shit looks like??? Look at Biden face and u will know how a piece of shit looks like.


Well, we have Patriots Day why not have Traitors Day. We could celebrate it with an annual hanging of the latest traitor convicted.


So many candidates, so few days….only 365 1/4 PER year.
At this rate…..

William Barrett Travis III

Fauci is the T.D. Lysenko of the Deep State. Now, go do some serious historical research so you will understand the import of that statement.

GreaterIdaho for Trump

Love your news stories! Hoping and praying that they are all 100% TRUE!



Thank you for articles. If you can share, I have been wondering: Why did your source who you meet with pick you to write these articles? Did your source ever tell you why?

All the best. Looking forward to hearing about who else is locked up in GITMO.

Hal Brown

Fauxy changed his story/recommendations/edicts/narrative more often than most people change their underwear, and they stunk way worse. Not to mention he has a severe case of LMS (Little Man Syndrome).

Last edited 3 years ago by Hal Brown

He is a politician, and we know they should be changed often, like diapers, and for the same reasons.


Xo Bi Deng and Faucist need to face the Firing Squad!


Nope…hang them BOTH side by side. Firing squad is too good for them.


Bill gates first. Wouldn’t want him to get the satisfaction of knowing his actions led to the death of even one more person.




Arf ! arf!


Oh, sure, and Benedict Arnold Day and Judas Day and …

Wayne Whittenburg

No way !!

Terminally deplorable

Fauci needs to be strung up. He kicked off the idea, organized support and the funding of the gain of function research at the Wuhan lab. If Biden adores this mass murderer, he is irredeemably out of his mind.
Robert David Steele – Crimes Against Humanity: Dr. David Martin With The Fauci/COVID Dossier! – Must Video | Health | Before It’s News

Dennis Burton

Let’s celebrate by watching Fauci and Buydumb swinging in the gallows with a rope around their necks…. I’m all for it !

Pal bae

Hell no

Sue Grantham

Buydin wants Fauci Day
We the People want the President that we duly elected, not the idiot in charge who was SELECTED.


That is so disgusting! I hope to never see this happen. Trump has his own ideas about how to “memorialize” Fauci — at GITMO, given the death penalty:

I appreciate the magnitude of what Trump and the military are attempting to carry out in “draining the swamp,” but time is passing and once an act becomes law, it is much more difficult to nullify it.

I sincerely hope that with Hillary’s execution scheduled for Monday, what is going on will emerge publicly, but given the scope being attempted, it might be too soon for that and this existing but fraudulent Congress and Administration might just get to do this before they are stopped.

While so much of the election fraud talk has centered on the Presidential race (understandably), the down-ballot votes were also manipulated, so whoever was elected to Congress in 2020 and in the Georgia runoffs in 2021 is questionable, too. I honestly wonder how this will be carried out in such a way that the outcome reaches all the way down to the roots.

Last edited 3 years ago by Watcher
Sue Grantham

Laws can be easily repealed. Executive orders can be null and void by another president


And with lyin biden being an illegitimate & unofficial “president”, I wonder just how legitimate those blank EOs he signed really are. And I’m betting our President Trump can take care of them quickly too.

Sue Grantham

In the mid 1800s, America incorporated to receive funding from England. We the People were used as collateral/property. Right before Trump left he dissolved the corporation of America. That means Buydin is the President of a defunct corporation that has no assets. He has authority over DC, which isn’t considered a state

J Bill

Loss of jurisdiction by fraud, not by omission or excess. Returning to power would be like a “hostile takeover”?


Such a boon for the doctor, being introduced to his maker on a personal level, with prejudice.

Sue Grantham

Buydin will stroke anything that doesn’t run away..screaming of pure terror. Impeach,indict and hang this traitor, next to Flip Flop Fauci (crimes against humanity)

Kevin Miller


Roger Smith

Just what the “SHEOPLE” need to do – Celebrate: Bow Down and Worship, Dr. Anthony Fauci – Doctor Fauci Day, The Man Who Saved The World. HA HA HA HA HA HA – Lets see how that turns out !

Sue Grantham

Yeah right ?
Are we all supposed to dress in flip flops!??
Maybe use the masks as a bathing suit??
Celebrating a traitor and crimes against humanity??
Is he gonna hand out that 9 million he was paid to lie to Americans??
Only a fellow traitor would suggest it, Buydin fits perfectly in the traitor category

Last edited 3 years ago by Sue Grantham

And the SOB lyin biden will get his day too. I just pray his dementia will NOT matter to a military tribunal bc he’s been a traitor long before developing dementia. He needs to be hung too. And I pray it happens soon. I am way past sick of him & obammer too. They can both be hung right next to each other…they deserve it.


How could one justify spending one thin dime protecting them from America?

James Reed

It’s hanged not hung.


Seems pretty obvious. They’re all flailing. Death throes…

Mostly Harmless

Already HAVE one. Just passed it the first of the month.

Pal bae

First of the month? April fools or ur period


Is that you Ford?


Why not a “Ted Bundy Day?”

Joyce A Rice


Susan Sloate

How about a simple ‘Stupid Americans’ Day? That one could honor Fauci, Maxine Waters, AOC, Hank Johnson… think of the possibilities!


I’m not going to respond.


Complete and absolute madness! “Fauci the Faker” needs to be in GITMO awaiting his tribunal for Treason is the better answer.

frank j domanico

I think Delta Force is gonna get Fauci next

James Reed

July 4th? Isn’t he already in power?


Mike, JacquelineX here. Miss ya brother. July 4th is my birthday, and you know what? It’s the most wonderful news, and the BEST day as a birthday. God bless you, Mike. I miss you (and your cat Nasty) btw. Hope you are doing well and taking care of yourself.



El Bat

?? I read he wearing his ankle bracelet already ??

El Bat

Madness is correct ! Please include Gates. How about same as CHINESE new Year ? Year of the BATS !


His time is coming, info trickling out lately to tarnish his “sterling” reputation…

B Brown

God no!

Helen Stewart

I agree! Maybe he should have his day at Gitmo!

Sue Grantham

Excellent response!

frank j domanico

We should have Adolf Hitler day to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J Bill


J Bill

Too funny! lol


I bet if the military arrested him he’ll end up at GITMO…YaY!!


What do you mean…”God no”…???? Are you against his arrest?


No, against the satanic would-be holiday bidet is proposing.

Veronica Cougar

“Bidet,” LOL, how apropos.