Military Arrests James Comey


The U.S. military has arrested disgraced former FBI Director James Comey on charges of treason, sedition, obstruction of justice, and aiding and abetting persons actively involved in criminal behavior, Real Raw News has learned.

Donald J. Trump greenlit the Tuesday morning raid on Comey’s lavish, suburban home after speaking to Marine Corps Col. John Lynch, commanding officer of the Marine Raider regiment at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Col. Lynch committed at least two 4-man squads to the mission, said a confidential source involved in Trump’s quest to depose Joseph Biden and restore America to the people.

On Tuesday at about 3:00 a.m., U.S. Marines operating on Donald Trump’s authority stormed Comey’s seven-bedroom, 10,700-sqaure-foot mansion in McClean, Virginia. Although most operational details are classified, our source said Raiders surprised Comey, who was half-asleep in bed, and apprehended him after he reached for a pistol underneath a pillow. Before he could palm the weapon, a Marine charged forward and struck Comey’s forehead with the butt of his rifle, rendering Comey unconscious.

“Trump’s people had digital surveillance on the Comey residence for quite a long time. They knew Comey’s wife, Patrice, would be out of town on personal business, and none of the kids would be around visiting. Trump’s been anticipating this moment a long time; it’s a day of reckoning,” our source said.

Trump, our source added, had authored a sealed indictment on Comey shortly after firing him on May 9, 2017. He had obtained irrefutable evidence proving that Comey, an Obama holdover, had been on Clinton’s payroll and, on her authority, tried to slander the president by linking the Trump campaign to Russian interference in the 2016 election. Moreover, Trump had obtained a 2015 audio recording in which Comey told Hillary Clinton he would “do whatever it takes, no matter what” to scuttle Trump’s bid for the presidency. Additionally, Trump learned that Comey’s faux investigation into Clinton’s handling of confidential emails was merely for effect, optics to avoid the appearance of impropriety and bias.

“Comey is criminal scum. He doesn’t have a modicum of decency. Trump also has the goods on him for wiretapping Trump Tower. Comey’s been taken to a secure holding pending transportation to GITMO, where he’ll face a military tribunal. One thing that’ll come out is that when Comey got hold of Anthony Weiner’s laptop, he found videos of Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton doing some pretty terrible things to kids. Comey kept that info from the public, probably at Clinton’s request,” our source said.

In closing, we asked our source why, with so many arrests dropping, family and friends of the accused haven’t complained to CNN or MSNBC about their loved ones being abducted in the dead of night.

“The only explanation is the Deep State is keeping them silent,” our source said. “If it became officially known that people like Clinton, Podesta, Abedin, and now Comey have been nabbed by the military, it would weaken the Deep State’s hold on society—because it would show they are losing. And the Deep Staters always want to give the appearance of winning. They won’t be able to for much longer.”

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this is the explaination that proves this is REAL

“The only explanation is the Deep State is keeping them silent,” our source said. “If it became officially known that people like Clinton, Podesta, Abedin, and now Comey have been nabbed by the military, it would weaken the Deep State’s hold on society—because it would show they are losing. And the Deep Staters always want to give the appearance of winning. They won’t be able to for much longer.”


micheal baxter thank your for pinning my comment


That is what I had thought myself. And Zero’s hire thug militia so far within the Lib run states and cities hasn’t as yet grown to the size or the terror level to fight off the Marines, Special Ops et al. So DS hadn’t wanted to rattle things this early and expose their basic weakness.

Thanks Michael. All those indictments and seeming so little time!




When will people start seeing justice ?? So many people are committing suicide and young people are very depressed they just don’t think they have a future . Why are we not seeing the arrest??????

frank j domanico

TRUMP the greatest president USA will ever have!!! Cant wait till you get Fauci !!! This is sooooooooooooo great I cant stand it!!! Been waiting 5 years for this to go down. Sooooooooooooooooo sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lets not forget tedros.. that fauci friend from the WHO

Beth Piercy

Oh yea make tedros is not left out.

frank j domanico

Him too buddy!



Author’s edit: I’m sorry. I don’t like to censor or edit comments, but what you wrote jeopardizes what little I earn through advertising on this website.

CL GAnon

Yeah, no kidding, get Fraudici!! I’m almost certain that is exactly why our master chess player and President, Trump kept Fauci around.
He’s been involved in SO MUCH CORRUPTION, it wouldn’t be surprising if he actually had the patent for China virus/covid-19vsfluorcommoncold and a vaccine or two.
I’m definitely anxious to see stuff happening (get underway) as well, particularly that info on Killary’s departure the day before my bday.
Can any of this be verified or has this been another one of deep State’s tricks to reel us in, waste a bunch of our time and get us to spread false information? ??
I personally haven’t spread any of this because can’t verify a thing, but it is a possibility.

joe blow

The Deep State knows what’s going on. They don’t want ‘We the People’ to know what’s going on.


Evidently, our side likes to keep us in the dark too, if this is true. I’ve seen no proof of any of this. I have seen proof that the military is following biden’s orders though.

If this was happening, what excuse does our side have for keeping us in this hopeless nightmare COMMIE INVASION? Nothing they say will satisfy the anger that has built to pure rage at BOTH FOOKING SIDES!

Both parties play their fooking games while we suffer. I’m getting to the point where I hate Trump as much as Biden. Who lost our country under his watch 6 MONTHS AGO? Who puts out a bunch of BS that NEVER PANS OUT? Who’s playing fooking games with MY LIFE! TRUMP AND BIDEN ARE!!!!! FOOK THEM BOTH FOR THAT!

Last edited 3 years ago by jen

I don’t blame T at all. Everything he has said has been either silenced, smeared, or twisted with sinister ridicule. It takes patience and wisdom and God’s guidance to fight an evil that has been commanding this earth for more than 1000 years.




This earth was created by demon we are all falling angels lost in a evil place

Kelli Olivarez

That’s a bit dark, I happen to see a lot of beauty & blessings all around that God blessed us all with in our lives. One massive blessing that is unfolding in front of our eyes in current times for the entire world to see. God for sure outclasses & surpasses the demons & He has already won the battle. Look a bit closer, we are here to learn life lessons, live in gratitude & spread love. Have patience, what’s happening isn’t just a US event, this is a world wide historical event. In God I trust.


I feel sorry for you Gigi I’ll pray for you


Same here you have my prayers Gigi

Dorine M

You are nuts, God created Lucifer who became Satan, God created the angels who fell with Satan; Satan didn’t nor can’t create anything.

Karen Cottey

Actually God created a beautiful world and it is the human beings that have become evil with their greed, and power hungry tactics against their fellow humans.




Jen, your anger is totally understandable. So many feel as you do.
Look up X22reportdotcom, and listen to the last few reports. You will then understand why it has taken SO long for progress to occur. There are many factors at work, and you will hear the reasons President Trump has done what he has. Know that justice is coming for the vile and corrupt in
D.C. A little information at a time is trickling out now, soon to be a torrent
that won’t quit.


Chill, compadre. I have felt like this too. This is a deep and real battle, and we’re going through the emotions of war, but in a measured, distance-yet-in-your-gut way.
Ever been sick in bed, feeling like you’re dying..yet there’s something inside that says “what the took”.. it’s natural.

God honest truth: in every presidential election since 1985 my write in candidate of choice has been DJT.

I was riding high, the future of America was bright when he took office. Imagine, after 35 years of waiting, with people looking askance at my choice all that time, how I felt in victory. Imagine how I felt in validation when we began seeing immediately, things getting better.

Now imagine how I felt watching the election get stopped, live, on the fooking What was going on?
And the battle shifted, DS turned on the heat, flagrant, in your face and chiding “speak up and get cancelled”.

Mr. Baxter is showing us that President Donald J Trump is still in charge, fighting..and winning.

I’ve chosen to strengthen my resolve, to walk, talk, think and act so that if ever I am found in the presence of such excellent caliber as President Trump, or any of those who support him, defend him, and serve the cause in truth, I can stand tall and greet them in sincere unity.

Thank you, Mr. Baxter. Your articles are medicinal to me.

God bless Donald J Trump. God bless America.

Last edited 3 years ago by Zak
Proud Patriot


Sue Grantham

Zak- such a great post! We’ve all felt like this to an extent. This is what I do: I tell myself that DJT is still the true President and he will continue to watch over us but is allowing this Idiot and his cohorts to show America their anti America stance so that even the ones that voted for him aren’t happy with his actions. People have to SEE the abuse by liberals and the extent they’ll go regardless of Americans rights and freedoms. And they are seeing it. It’s a military operation at this point and it’s gotta go according to their timeline.


I love what you’re saying and agree completely Trump never should have lost and if it was such a legitimate win the Democrats should go to any lengths to prove it but they CANNOT

Di Di

And on the contrary: The DS is doing everything they can to stop Truth from coming out!

Di Di

Zak, you’re awesome you must have a close relationship with God. I hope someday soon you are fortunate enough to meet President Trump and tell him about your write in votes! I hope you can also meet General Flynn and Dan Scavino. God Bless You! I was wondering if this website is legit? I think maybe you eased my concerns.

Dean Vermite

His close relationship is with Satan.

Susan Padilla

Such a final positive experience getting DJT,after so many years.Made my morning!

Sue Grantham

Wow. If you want to, you can just ignore everything, including the idiot box. The American Media is under a blackout- however, foreign news outlets are reporting on America because they aren’t required to adhere to our blackouts. This is a military operation- everything is timed. If things change the military has to adjust. The best thing to do is not fall the Covid crap, don’t wear a mask or get the shot.
You are only as free as you allow yourself to be. I’ve learned to completely ignore the liberals, knowing that their days are numbered. It’s gonna work out for We the People, have unwavering faith- that really pisses off the liberals ?


Yes ma’am I’m not afraid to get Covid19 or even to die Jesus Christ is my savior and knowing that makes me want to be free as He gave us free will I’m not wasting the rest of my life hiding indoors with a bunch of masks on


I haven’t yet done ANY of that staying home or mask wearing or even social distancing from family and friends, I said BS to the whole thing.

Dean Vermite

Thanks for infecting thousands.

Di Di

The only place I wear a mask is airports for travel otherwise I can’t fly. And medical offices. Shopping in FL, IL & MN, no mask and I’m not bothered by anyone about it either!

All Senses Firing

Yeah sure, you call my boss and tell him I don’t have to wear a mask at work, and inform our county commissioners as well, ok!!!
I don’t believe any of this crap….I want to see the videos of every execution first.

Kelli Olivarez

We all walk in FAITH. You may not be able to see just yet, but we will continue to walk & everything will come full circle.


LOL…you will have to show me the proof that the military is following Biden’s orders especially since Biden was actually executed last year along with his son by the tribunal. His part is being played by James Woods, the actor.

CL GAnon

I apologize for not understanding, but WHAT were the facts provided (with verifiable evidence) that got you to say now you know it’s real?
That is all I’ve been trying to find, with no luck!!


Donald Trump can’t “greenlit” anything at this point.


Does anyone know the actual date of arrest.

Proud American

Man I hope this is all true! If killary is really dead that would be a celebration! But we need obumer to complete the set! Then it will be party time!

Cynthia Gage



Sorry, I don’t believe any of this stuff any more. I will believe it when I see proof. This is just psyops to make us think there is a master plan while the bad guys steal the store behind our backs while we are being fooled with crap like this. Give us proof or shut it down. Time has come for complete transparency. No more games.




Everyday I read these things and pray they are true.

JJ Johnson

If this crap wasn’t so ridiculous, it might be true!

Josey Wales

I dont see this as proof but its fun to read…None of the other podcast have repeated these arrests…

J Bill

Let’s just say “… hell’s coming to breakfast”. (CDJ from the movie OJW)

Jason Gu

How do I know this is legit?


Both Brennan and Comey hasn’t posted on Twitter for a while


Q told us April would be Arrests …. He also mentioned Red Carpet Event … Sunday is the Oscars …

Sue Grantham

Well wouldn’t THAT be a freaking hoot if we got some monsters from Pedowood all dressed up and going to GTMO?????????

J Bill

Bad actors. Gift wrapped. On stage. The irony…


Patriots remember how many unsealed indictments are still outstanding & have yet to be served. YT Bush Funeral all those who secret letters indictment. The election fraud occurred Vatican, Germany & England were involved in IT & Satalite conections to voting Machines creating Trump Votes to flip to Biden. Trump is our legal President.


I have been sharing your articles everytime I see someone saying, Why no arrest? I send them a link to your article. I have noticed, what I call agents (some call trolls) start attacking me for posting it. Funny thing, if you confront them as knowing that they are agents they go away. Which confirms they are, right. Anyway I am good at discernment and I believe your Articles. I have researched much of what you have said through Military people who I know and trust. They agree that it is probably a white hat leak made on purpose for inspiration, keeping up the moral of the patient patriots. We are seeking the truth, nothing will be able to stop us from finding it. Jeremiah 33:3.


I’m looking forward to seeing this all
Put in plain sight absolutely ?


I have researched every name in all of these articles, and so far they are spot on. I do have one doubt about Podesta being arrested. Because he Tweeted after his “arrest”.
I wish this were all true.

Sandy Koufax

Podesta revealed his email password in a spear-phishing attack. a few years ago. He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Sue Grantham

But just as dangerous as a dull bladed sickle to children. He is a sadistic child monster

Richard Eberle

Good news,hunter hiden next ! ? !



Linda Kennedy

I don’t believe this? I am sure just more Fake news, I wish it was true!


This is pretty much a believers club. You will soon find out. Hang in there!


Don’t give up, Linda! Pick up a couple of threads and do your own research. When you find answers you can trust, then you know what writers you can trust! I pick threads out of Michael’s articles to research myself. Sometimes he makes mistakes (hard to be human!) but so far, most of his information has panned out for me. I try to check in here at least once a day!


linda……go back to HUFF & PUFF….or CNN……

J Bill

CNN? Oh, that’s all kinds of nasty! lol


We have been conditioned for so long to believe what is false as true and vise versa. We are currently living in Alice Through the Looking Glass. Hang in there Linda it’s all coming to the surface. If you need proof, compare msm to alternate news. Example: recently at Albion College racist slur graffiti spray painted throughout the campus. Local Detroit reports student arrested, no mention of who the student is. Gateway and non news in US reports it was a black student who did it to stir up trouble. The media lies, twists etc… But us that are awake see right through it! this blm bs right now is a diversion from what is happening at the border and with Ever Given / Evergreen. Hang tight Linda!


Wondering if there will be any more details about the Comey arrest….like if he was as combative as Hillary or if he offered the opinion, like Hillary did, that he didn’t consider any of these controls over him legitimate….ha!


Can we Americans please watch the results of the charges? We really need to see the killing of all those who tried to kill us.


Real hangings are not like the old westerns portrayed them. It is gruesome to watch, not that I have but I’ve read articles on them, and if they have a bag over their head who can tell who is getting executed.

Ronald W. Weiss

The executioner puts the bag on the subjects head as part of the “ceremony.”

Sue Grantham

They put the bag on last- so People can see who is being hung.


Maybe at or around the time of taps on the 26th, we should be praying that any of the demons that call her home be sent straight to hell with her.

Karen Smith

Awesome site but is this journalist who wrote all this info credible?


Always a good question, Karen. Pick up some threads and start following them yourself. If you do your own research you’ll find answers you can trust. I always try to find 2 or 3 points that I can confirm. Little by little!

J Bill

Follow the crumbs. Find what you can deduce or confirm. You can’t make this stuff up.


Kinda strange that the Former POTUS can issue orders after he was removed from office by a stolen election. If true, there are a whole slew of questions and problems that this poses.


trump never gave up

biden is not the president his orders are null and void biden only control DC democrat counties and few other areas scattered accros the country

J Bill

Man, was he PISSED about GA!!! His worst yet by far on the ‘Tube.


You can learn a lot about this listening to Juan O Savin interviews. Basically, on Jan 20 the Military would have begun their own internal assessment of the election. They, without doubt, would have discovered both foreign and domestic interference with our election. First they would be tasked with protecting the safety of the country. There have been naval carrier groups off both coasts (2 off the east coast, 3off the west) and then they would recognize Trump as the legal civilian authority…the military operates on orders. During Lincoln’s day, there was a dual Presidency. I believe we have the same now…much can be accomplished by leaving the optics in place that Biden is President. For now…although I don’t see how it can go on too much longer! I personally love the idea of celebrating July 4th at Mt Rushmore with Trump as POTUS this summer

Sue Grantham

Trump dissolved the corporation of America before he left. Buydin is the President of a defunct corporation; barred entry to the pentagon and possibly other areas like the Oval Office. I used to be an air traffic controller in the Air Force. The President call sign (regardless of the plane) is ALWAYS AF1. Its interesting to note that anytime Buydin has flown to date, the call sign has reflected N/A. That just doesn’t happen. Ever.
That’s all the proof I needed.

Last edited 3 years ago by Sue Grantham
J Bill

Thanks for sharing that info. A couple more pieces just fit my puzzle…

The people

I think the Obama’s and Fauci should be next!!


From your lips to God’s ears!


i believe it will be ..FASCI……CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY……


Michael, when I read your first article about HRC, I was half ecstatic and half doubtful. When I did a search and saw the DeepState “fact checkers” weighing in on it being false, I intuitively felt the truth meter go up on your source. Then I read a USAtoday article addressing the “Q Anon” conspiracy angle in reference to your first HRC article and the truth meter climbed higher. An interesting point about the USAtoday article was that their ONLY justification for it being false was that “ Trump has no control over or role in the U.S. military as a former president.”. Ah Ha!! I believe the Military has recognized Trump as the lawful civilian authority and it makes perfect sense that the arrests are quietly beginning. I suspect your source is being allowed to leak info as a White Hat strategy to begin the truth infiltrating out there. Imagine the panic in DC!! One thing is certain, the corrupt DS knows about these arrests and like you said, “Their time is running out”

Sue Grantham

I think you’re exactly right. They’re (democrats)throwing everything they wanted to destroy America at a rapid rate to take advantage of their limited time. It’s all a show and every show has to end. ♥️??

J Bill

Moving their departure schedule ahead as the walls come closing in. Booby trapping everything as they leave. A trail of crumbs to video clips on MSM meant to scare everyone. Fear sells, lots of bad acting.

Rick Markey

Yes every time something substantial is going on and word leaks out it becomes instant “Conspiracy Theory” when it involves the government you can rest assured it si most likely True and they are trying hard to discredit the Facts!

Reginald Joules

The only explanation is the Deep State is keeping them silent,” our source said. “If it became officially known that people like Clinton, Podesta, Abedin, and now Comey have been nabbed by the military, it would weaken the Deep State’s hold on society—because it would show they are losing.

If all these arrests, Hillary’s death sentence, and other culprits’ upcoming trials are true, why is the military keeping everything quiet? Anyone who comes to this site would know all this. So, what is the disadvantage if the military does all this openly, so the whole world knows? How can one take this news to their friends and make it believable? Even the many diehard Trump supporters I know won’t believe any of this, starting with my wife, kids and their husbands.

I hope somebody can help me with this as none of it makes sense. For example, are they going to execute Hillary next Monday (April 26, 2021) and there will never be any sighting of live Hillary after that? I heard James Grundwig on American Media Periscope talk about That’s how I got to this site.



I think we are still in the phase of: Optics are very important – Q
Also, do you remember when Q warned us with mentioning The Sum of All Fears?
Who knows what these psychopaths in DC and the NWO are capable of.
When the time is right, all will be revealed. Michael Jaco and Gene Decode did a great interview about a month ago (you can find it on bitchute) quite a bit of info and updates on the DUMBs. I think they have finished dealing with the tunnels under DC, but this is a war for the soul of humanity (not just us fighting our own DeepState). I don’t think they have finished dealing with Antarctica (for one) (Remember John Kerry went there on the day of Trump’s Inauguration in 2017)


Some deep staters are spending their time arranging for protection and security. Predicting there will be a zoom appearance of the “Hillary” actress on Apr 27th to fight against truth. The methods being used seem geared to ramp fear in deep staters, and produce confession results when captured.

J Bill

Easy to trick. Easy to track.


Well they use actors, clones etc. for these people. Technology can do most anything today. Let people believe what they want. I will say this much…you never ever let the enemy know what you have done or what your next move will be. Old saying a still tongue makes for a wise head.




Still waiting for the arrests of Soros and Obama


Real Raw news does write stuff that people wants to hear. But I don’t buy it now, maybe I will when a know news reporter reports the same thing. Or if Hillary is reported dead from some strange sickness after the 26th of April 2021 by MSM.


the deepstate media will never report on this


because it weakens their hold on power

If it became officially known that people like Clinton, Podesta, Abedin, and now Comey have been nabbed by the military, it would weaken the Deep State’s hold on society—because it would show they are losing. And the Deep Staters always want to give the appearance of winning. They won’t be able to for much longer.

Nancy Guillen

You are not required to believe this. Just leave this site. Your option.

Steve POPE

Steve Bannon news outlet has reported the arrest. That’s how I found this site, fyi

Rick B

Charlie Ward is also reporting as well!

Dorine M

What new outlet? I can’t find it.


Won’t find any news outlet reporting this on Google. Use another search engine such as


You will never hear a known news reporter report on this. They are told what they are going to report on. Further more any part of Main Stream Media are known for their lies and twisting the truth. Guess you really do not get it do you? This is why so many people have had their accounts suspended on so many different social media platforms. It is called Censorship. This means they do not want the people to know any form of the truth! Its your choice not to believe the story. You are one of the people causing this to drag out longer than necessary because you can’t see the truth that has been happening for a long time. Most people even if shown still will be in denial do to the horrific evil that most have done.

Last edited 3 years ago by Kim

Michael, I find it hard to believe that the top conservative radio hosts like the late Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity are or were not aware of whats going on. But there was no hint that I could hear that they did or do.


The other thing is this—- Mike Baxter has named names and provided details about which branch of military is carrying out operations. You would think that someone from these departments would make a video saying Real Raw News is fake if this were not true. Or how about the staff at GITMO? At least one staff member would come out against this news media I would think. Maybe the plan is to leak this slowly at first- after all its hard to take in all at once.

Last edited 3 years ago by tammytamb
Steve POPE

I look the branch members up thst he lists that trump reaches out to, plus looked up the judges in GITMO


Being retired military let me give a perspective. As to the GITMO personnel “leaking” information that would put them at risk for a general court martial. Their duty position would require a non-disclosure agreement. I was read on to a TS program and when I retired my NDA stated I could not speak about any classified information about my job for 25 years upon penalty of action under the UCMJ.

As to the military acknowleding or discrediting any news source the military only has one official news informant, the Public Affairs Office, anything else is speculative and not authorized. If an operation is classified we will not draw attention to it either way. To deny it will draw attention to the operation and as stated before regular troops can not divulge any information without approval.

During desert storm after entering Kuwait and into our pre-attack positions I was listening to a BBC shortwave broadcast of the daily press briefing. They asked if we had started offensive operations at that time, the PA briefer told them no we had not. At that time we had already moved into our positions, had engines running and fire support loaded and aimed at targets. 40 minutes later all hell broke loose on the iraqi front lines over the entire front. So just because the military isn’t responding to published reports doesn’t mean they are not operating.

Sandy Koufax

Limbaugh is deceased.

Mark Talbott

Ahhh! But he’s still on! Play on Rush!


I dont consider those guys to be msm myself because of their conservative values. The msm are leftists, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN and MSNBC. They are either uninformed which is hard to believe or the other disturbing possibility is that they are complicit and as corrupt as the rest. If they do know, they are hiding it well. Like you said, maybe they are restricted by the FCC so they cant say whatever they want.

Rick B

Disney purchased FOX back in December 2020, enough said!

Joenabel Peterson

The Day of Reckoning. WWG1WGA


Yeah..Get rid of this swamp. I fear a coup has taken control. We need Trump back as Commander and Chief.


trump is the greatest president we ever have


and most of all to prevent WW3…THEY WANT PROVOKE RUSSIA to invade glorious UKRAINE…….

frank j domanico

Cant wait till Mondays execution.


Perhaps April 26th will become a National “Good riddance to bad rubbish” Day.


Another traitor apprehended; thank you God!!

John A

Hi Michael. Just thinking to up this whole site, having 2 independent sources instead of 1 to confirm. A video of proceeding your invited to watch, or 2 officials, or an official document plus a source, etc. You’re a good man, but we need you to be safe, not liable.


I hope they’ll scoop up the Stolen Valor traitor, John Kerry also? He is another I would pay premium $$ to watch his neck being snapped with a noose. Thanks for the update, Michael!

Kevin Miller

Is anyone going to watch this Comey thing? Can you give us all an update whether he’s on or not??

Ada Casasus

Why do this, If it’s not true?
Love to believe it, but people with their power get away with everything. Communism has destroyed my country. 62 years of dictatorship and the people are starving. ?

joe blow

‘The People’ need assurance that this is happening ! Trump needs to leak something out to maintain the faith for Justice.

Ronald W. Weiss

Maybe this IS the leak.


it is


When I first read that Hillary’s execution was going to be carried out “after Taps,” all I knew at that point in time was that Taps was sounded at the end of a day. When I was in summer camp, they played it over the loudspeakers to tell us it was time to go to bed. I initially thought, “That’s an odd time to conduct an execution! After dark?”

However, when someone else posted that it’s played at 9 pm and I had already determined that GITMO is in the EDT time zone, I realized that 9 pm on the East coast is 6 pm on the West coast, which is also known as “prime time” for TV broadcasts intended to reach all of the continental USA.

Do I dare to hope that the 120-satellite communications system that Simon Parkes said went live on April 7 will be used to broadcast this event during “prime time” and pre-empt all other commercial programming at that time?

There is another possible piece of “code” in the reference to Taps in the sentencing order. Here are the official Marine Corps lyrics for it (my emphasis):

Day is done
Gone the sun
From the lakes
From the hills
From the sky
All is well,
safely rest.
God is nigh.

Fading light
Dims the sight
And a star
Gems the sky,
Gleaning bright
From afar,
Drawing nigh,
Falls the night.

Thanks and praise,
For our days,
Neath the sun,
Neath the stars,
Neath the sky,
As we go,
This we know,
God is nigh.

(Here’s hoping I got this one right! If so, this is yet another message from Trump for us to trust the Plan — that God is in charge of this and our faith will be rewarded by the outcome.)

Ronald W. Weiss

Thank you. I didn’t know there were words. They are beautiful!

Steve POPE

I found out about what he’s reporting through Steve Bannons news


LOL! “Hat tip” to the marine that bonked Comey with his rifle butt…

Ronald W. Weiss

I’m not sure the Marine would use the word “bonk.” Maybe “bash.”


Bonk, bonk, on the head. From the memberers of “Mad Max.”

Ronald W. Weiss

And Marines are Mad Max fans??? I am getting too old (I was in the Army in the early 70s).


neat. but how does the source know the details unless he were there?


My Opera browser won’t load today’s page OR this story…It keeps reloading the April 20 homepage version, which is void of the Comey story. I wonder what that means? I’m pretty sure Opera is a Chinese operation. Are they trying to “control” the message?
Makes me wonder what Comey might have to say about our Chinese friends and their involvement in the coup(s)…


I’ve been getting the same set up at first. I just refresh the page and then I get the latest headline.

Ronald W. Weiss

I use Opera. It’s fine. Must be a “bug” in your set up (or you’re higher profile than me).


Being retired military, I am still skeptic on what to believe. I need to see it in action.
I PRAY all this is true. We need all of this scum to be arrested and charged. They need to pay for their crimes. HRC sentenced to hang, Podesta and Abedin awaiting their turn… It’s all sounding Great!!! PRAYING for truth!!!

Steve POPE

Look up the admirals, and the military leaders name that trump contacts, and the judges in Gi6. They’re all what Michael says they are!


“a Marine charged forward and struck Comey’s forehead with the butt of his rifle, rendering Comey unconscious.”
love it!

J Bill

I’d grab a couple beers and put that one on “loop”.

allen ols

I hope this is true.

samuel silguero jr

i will sleep when all this shit is under the covers

Sandy Koufax

Comey hasn’t tweeted since January 20th.

Sandy Koufax

I would think that anyone close enough to someone facing a military tribunal to miss them, is up to their necks in the same atrocities and would keep their mouths shut.

Sandy Koufax

Why does Comey have a gun under his pillow? He should have called 911 instead.

Sue Grantham

????? now that is funnnnny.??????