Trump Offers Comey Leniency to Testify Against Obama


The U.S. military has offered a recently incarcerated James Comey a plea deal: No death sentence in exchange for future testimony against the Deep State’s preeminent architect, Barack Hussein Obama.

As reported previously, U.S. Marines on April 20 raided Comey’s posh Mansion in McClean, Va., where they arrested the traitor and shipped him to Camp Lejeune, N.C. There, the military has been interrogating him in advance of his eventual trip to Guantanamo Bay to stand before a military tribunal.

A confidential source involved in Trump’s operation to invalidate the 2020 election and arrest the traitors told RRN that Trump agreed to remove capital punishment from the table if, and only if, Comey signs an attestation linking Obama to the tragic deaths of 16 patriots. According to the military, Barack Obama had on July 31, 2013 authorized an airstrike against a Colorado militia group after learning its members had obtained photographic evidence of guillotines being installed at FEMA camps in Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

The militia members, the military claims, had gathered at a secluded safehouse in northwest Colorado to discuss methods of disseminating their evidence without endangering themselves and their families. Unbeknownst to them, an Obama spy had, apparently, infiltrated their ranks and communicated knowledge of the meeting to the Obama hierarchy. As the meeting progressed, an F-16 receiving instructions from Cheyenne Mountain homed in on the safehouse and released a pair of Mark 83 1000-lb bombs. The resulting explosion laid waste the area and killed everyone in attendance, including women and one child.

“Obama tried to destroy evidence of the attack, but seems he missed some. Trump and the military believe Comey knew about it an advance. So did Susan Rice and John Brennan, who’s already at GITMO. Comey’s not getting out of a tribunal, but Trump wants Obama. It’s possible Brennan has already spilled some info on this. Trump’s willing to spare some lives to get to Obama,” our source said.

After an exhaustive search, RRN was unable to find evidence of the aforementioned attack. There are no public records of explosions or forest fires in northwest Colorado that day. Nor have members of the three-percenters, the militia group named on military records, ever spoken publicly on the attack.

“The Deep State are masters of coverups and deception, and their reach is unlimited. They could have threatened people into silence. Look what’s happening now, even the Oath Keepers are flipping and ratting one another. Trump thinks it’s legit. And the military, it seems, has evidence. And they must think Comey can put the nail in Obama’s coffin,” our source said.

The question is, will Comey talk, or is his fear of his Deep State masters greater than his fear of the hangman’s noose.

Author’s note: We asked our source why Obama, a fan of drone strikes, didn’t use a drone, which would have been less conspicuous. He seemed sure it was an airstrike and that the pilot was told he was bombing an Islamic terrorist hideout.

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I don’t think this was about bombing an Islamic terrorist hideout. That must have been a lie because he colluded with the islamic brotherhood. Obama was a moslim. I think this was a cover up to not raise any suspicion.

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Bernadette Cordova

I read that Obama had bought many guillotines! He is a evil man & I pray he will meet his fate!


Maybe the evidence of the “explosion” was eradicated by the multiple forest fires in June, July, August 2013.

Judy Dupree

So glad to read that things are finally coming out to the people. Many want All of this to come out NOW! We can’t take anymore Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Fauci, and all the lying corruption of the Dem deep State! Enuf us enuf!!

Donna Christen

Too bad the fake news is not being interrogated and sent to gitmo. Their lies and misinformation has destroyed our country. It is time the truth comes out. Thank God for those who are arrested and thank God for Trump our president who is and will always be our president.


Survivors of attempted suicide reveal that in their last moment (they’ve kicked the chair away and the rope is yet to break) they have an overwhelming sense of regret that they shouldn’t have done this.
If Comey plays hardcore, give the above a chance to work on him.
A last meal. The noose. The floor giving away, the drop — to a 98% cut away rope’s end, and then take him back to his cell and let him think about “talking”.
Or just saturate him with scopalomine, sodium pentathol, truth serum, and ask him all about the president who did his damnedest to divide and destroy our nation.


Why do they need “a nail in Obama’s coffin”? He has so many other treasonous charges. Don’t believe this article

Sue Grantham

Hillary meets a noose, tonight after taps. ??♥️??


There’s a lot of Michael Baxter’s out there. I haven’t found one on Fessebouc or twitter that seems to be you.

Sue Grantham

I think he should be more concerned with God’s opinion, not the Deep State as they’re imploding. I believe that Comey spending his life in a military prison/GTMO/Honduras, under control of the military would be justice. But, only if he can give them something they don’t already have. He’s a traitor of America and should be treated accordingly.

June T.

This is the best news I have heard in weeks. Go get ’em Trump.

Lan Brunet

Hi Michael.

I believe and trust you willingly.

Seems you are like Juan O Savin (hidden identity for protection sakes).

I would like to see bare fruit and witness with you. Can you?

We’ve been witnessing MSM fake news (bad news) and deep fake too.



IN MICHAGAN..OBAMA told the uS MILITARY to bomb a FARM HOUSE IN ALPENA ,there was a meeting of everyone ,including law enforcement,the MILITARY sent a helicopter and dropped a TACTICAL NUKE ON THE FARM,killing 900 men ,women,and children,the expolsion blew down trees for TWO MILES in every direction,shook buildings and broke windows for miles,THE US MILITARY ARRESTED any NEWS PERSON who came to their base asking questions about the stike.ORDERED BY OBAMA…MAYBE trump shout talk to the base commanders about that…


How evil!! I never heard about that but I don’t doubt it at all. Mel K (bitchute) did an interview with a Branch Davidian survivor who told the real story of the WACO massacre…Bill Clinton and Hillary were in on that whole horrible event, the media twisted the truth and lied on what happened.
Bushes, Clinton’s, Obama, decades of corruption by psychopaths and here we are!


HUH?!? I live in Michigan. I never heard of that.


Comey has the eyes of a coward. He will squeal to save anything for himself

Sandy Koufax

Comey is 60 years old. If he testifies he would still spend the rest if his life at Gitmo. I suppose another President could come along and pardon him, but he could easily live another 20 years. I don’t think any of these creatures has the intestinal fortitude to spend the rest of their life in prison.

Sandy Koufax

Comey apparently had no security at his home other than a gun under his pillow.


Remember all the buzz hoping that Trump would be back by March 4th?
I’m starting to think he has been back since then – dual Presidency – taking advantage of Biden’s Fake Administration seeming to still occupy center stage. Behind the scenes, he is using his legally elected civilian authority with the Military and these arrests have been happening. You can bet the DeepState crooks in DC know what is going on and every day I find great satisfaction in imagining the panic that is consuming them!!
I won’t be surprised to read an article here in the near future about the treasonous criminals attempting to flee the Country …and being nabbed just before they board the plane or ship or submarine!


The problem is not the “Deep State crooks” in D.C., but rather those we never hear about in locations unknown.

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“The Deep State are masters of coverups and deception, and their reach is unlimited.”

Then why is the (real) military wasting time on low-level grunts like Comey, Obama, and even Clinton? Why aren’t they preparing their maneuvers for where the real cheesecake lies? The nest will continue to function until the queen is removed.

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$$$$$$…..the goal of those who always served that military industrial complex…..the word “patriot” is foreign to them!


Indeed, it’s all about bucks…the rest is conversation.

Peanut is my cat

The low-level grunts know where the bodies are buried. That’s why you start with them and work your way on up. Obama had eight years to fill his closet. Likewise, Hillary. Someone is always taking their marching orders from someone who knows someone and so on.


I keep hearing that, but what bodies in particular are we talking about?

Peanut is my cat

Are you kidding? The Obama Administration was one of the most corrupt in history with his spying and doxing of innocent Americans. He spied on Trump’s campaign. Hillary had her emails. Benghazi was enabled and covered-up. There’s murder and blackmail. Extortion and corruption at the highest levels of government. Why do you think they call it “The Swamp?”

Everyone is either part of what is known as “The Cabal,” or has been compromised in some way. Why do you think the Supreme Court refused to hear the election fraud cases? Just looked the other way? Why do Senators and incoming freshmen lawmakers arrive with barely a penny in their pockets, but eventually become millionaires? Not on their government salaries. They’re all part of it. Someone is always blackmailing someone else. There’s always money to be made. People become expendable as your star rises.

Think of Hunter Biden and his laptop. Think of the BLM riots. The cries to defund the police. Everything is just another means to an end.


I’m aware of all that. Don’t forget Uranium One, either. I was referring to the bodies. How many, whose, and where?

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Did you say low levels like Obama and Clinton? If they are low level crooks please be sure you tell us who’s the higher level ones!


Surely you know something about the dracos and pharaonic bloodlines and how they’ve been here for thousands of years.

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Peanut is my cat

The only thing I could find in that area of Colorado at the time was the Wikipedia page for the Colorado wildfires of 2013. Perhaps something other than record high temperatures and dry conditions was at fault.

Couldn’t find anything else. I don’t even know if these are related.


Good for you – doing research like that and being open minded! I respect that!


A possibility! It would depend on the location, but wildfires often are intentionally started and serve as a convenient method of destroying evidence when needed. CA has been experiencing that crap now for at least the past 4 years…it would be great if the alliance forces could finally neutralize the DEW capability in the evildoers’ arsenal.

Veronica Cougar

Remember when Michael Obama said, “when they go low, we go high.”

No low is too low for these walking sewer pits.

Guillotines in FEMA camps with the intent to declare martial law and execute Patriots. Doesn’t get much more insane than that. And you can bet that a majority of the useless eaters that put the insane despots in power, wouldn’t have a problem with it. Just more proof that Liberals are out of their freaking minds!!! They can never again be trusted with any kind of power and control. Without fail, they run completely wild with it like toddlers trapped in adult bodies. I remember how they cried in traumatic despair when Trump won. My niece was one of them. She wrote on her FB page that when she heard he won, she and her college roommate, with whom she was having relations, slumped in a corner with their arms around each other, sobbing and terrified that they would lose their civil rights as LGBTQ people. I commented, asking if they’d lost any rights yet (a year after the election), and she said, “no, but we’re only a year in, and I know it’s inevitable.”

I responded, “Have you ever noticed that your party of choice is always theorizing about one hundred percent destructive hateful Conservative policy and implementation in future tense across the board and yet none of their fearmongering scenarios ever come to fruition?”

She had no response to that, other than to say that it’s because her party of choice successfully intervenes, by any means necessary, because if just one thing comes to fruition, it would be an extinction level event.

She could not supply specifics, but she fervently believes this. She is addicted to the drama.

I tried to watch liberal news today, and it has become completely unwatchable with all of the blatant editorializing and over-sensationalizing of dreaded, imminent, unavoidable non-existent catastrophes. The election was five months ago, and they are still bashing Trump for everything they claim is all wrong because of him but that they still haven’t even started talking about fixing because it’s all just so mind-bogglingly messed up, they don’t even know where to begin and they are still consoling each other for having to endure the nightmare.

It seems like a liberal’s every waking moment is living embodiment of a mere phrase out of the Saul Alinsky manifesto.

The Kazarian cabal has been nightmarishly effective in weaponizing what they refer to as
their “useful idiots” for anything other than a perpetually fraught and protracted overwrought existence.

Remember Obama’s victory celebration the night of the 2008 election? Remember the little girl singing that nauseating hymn to their liberal messiah, “Obama’s Gonna Change It”?

Remember that Time Magazine cover referring to Obama as godlike in his capabilities with a photo portrayal of him as a multiple-limbed god? Did it give you the creepy shivers like it did to me? And not because I am a “biased”, culturally-ignorant Christian…I simply could not think of anything he had done to that date as significant enough to warrant any praise even within range of deification. The first hint I had of satanic overtones in that administration.

Little did I know! This evil FUCK had plans underway to execute millions of innocent American Patriots with $17-million-dollar-apiece Chinese-built Guillotines in FEMA camps during martial law!!!!!

And they claim Conservatives are the for-real wingnuts who must be regarded with fear, distaste and suspicion, always.

We loved the great things that Trump actually did for all of the American people, and they think we are Jim Jones Kool Aid drinkers. Trump is an angel sent by God in comparison to the insane, treacherous, murderous commie pinko despot Obama. They foamed at the mouth when Trump talked about groping gold digger groupies who threw themselves at him, while this filthy POS is torturing, raping and killing children as a guest on Epstein’s Island and obliterating Americans on American soil when they discover his guillotine execution plot!!!!

The so-called cover-up wasn’t very thorough, because I heard about FEMA’s guillotines!!! Right around the time they were snapping up skabillions of rounds of ammunition!!! I’m sure many of you remember the YT videos of miles-long train caravans of thousands of armored personnel carriers, tanks and military jeeps, and of remote military stockpiles of huge stacks of plastic coffins, designed to hold more than one person!!! Not to mention the weird and secretive Walmart conversions that just happened to coincide with a map of known DUMBs!!! We all saw the sarcastic, mocking liberal media reports that were always titled “Conservatives think that ______ (fill in the blank with so-called wacko right wing conspiracy theory of the moment)”. We were right on the money, weren’t we? How many lives were saved in addition to our own as a result of us sticking to our guns and spreading the word no matter how we were maligned, shunned, ridiculed for it? Good job, Patriots. You’ve been through more than your fair share of total hell on Earth, keeping the devil at bay, and some of you paid with your lives. You are to be commended.

Jesus said, “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

You can bet that vigilant Conservative Patriot citizen journalism is probably the main factor that put a stop to that insane guillotine execution treachery!!! The Hand of God at work through those brave Americans!!!


What a great read that was! Thank a You ❤️??


Of course Trump is at fault…he’s been instrumental in lousing up the slave trade and drug-running cartels, the cabal’s primary source of big money and sustenance!

Last edited 3 years ago by jimbo

Mr. Baxter, I know as a Christian I am suppose to strive to achieve humanitarian ideals, compassion, empathy, forgiveness and other virtues, but these people would murder and torture any of us for pleasure and profit with extreme prejudice. I say don’t make any deals with them, just inject them with truth drugs, hook them up to wires and EXTRACT any and all pertinent evidence before their execution. I mean why are we playing with these monsters? Forgive my transgressions…

Hal Brown

You can pray for your enemies, but don’t attempt to interfere when God deals with them.

Ronald W. Weiss

The problem is deciding who individually are “these people” who are to be executed. How far down the food chain? During the French revolution it wasn’t enough to kill the aristocracy, they ended up killing their barbers, bakers and gardeners. Then the revolutionaries turned on each other. A grim business.


I planned on leaving the country. If this is true there is hope.


Where would you go to escape this international evil? It’s not just here but a worldwide satanic cabal. Go to bitchute and check out the channel FallCabal she has some very good presentations about how far, deep and widespread this evil has become. She’s not afraid of naming names.


I second that recommendation.


Michael Baxter, can you shed any light on Trump and his position on vaccine. Many of us are troubled that he has still promoted WarpSpeed and wants all the credit still for these experimental injections. Just a shred of something to bring an explanation of why he is a part of this evil. thanks in advace


I struggle with that one also. He is not a scientist or a doctor and therefore had to rely on the frickin “experts”. Have you heard of the med beds? They can regrow limbs and cure ANYTHING. I’ve heard that a mere couple minutes on a med bed will reverse any damage by the vaccine. There will be long waiting lines. There is so much that has been intentionally kept hidden from us in the realm of heath and healing it will be mind boggling.


I’m not sure if they’re of help to stroke victims.


Michael Jaco said his skull and brain were damaged in an explosion and the med bed completely healed that. If they can regrow a limb, I would think they can regrow damaged blood vessels and neurological connections. It’s infuriating to think this technology has been around for decades and kept hidden! He’s been recently kicked off youtube but you can find his videos on bitchute, uploaded by others. I haven’t been able to find if he is posting on his own ch somewhere else yet. He is a former Seal Team guy.


I hope you’re right.

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This site seems more legit , self funded – all the others are trying to sell herbal supplements and bitcoin!


In November, I was angry and felt betrayed. In January, I was angrier and felt like lashing out irrationally at how little power I felt I had in the face of clear and obvious fraud. I looked deeply for a sign that forces MUCH larger than myself were fighting the raging battle to stop this scourge. And as I watched the train wreck in progress with the inability to turn my head from the ensuing horrors, it became obvious….. this whole thing is so… much… larger… than any one of the majority of America could see. The great awakening is real, for sure. The information and data stream is like Sydney P has said, “coming at me like a fire hose”. And in that reality, so much of it is just too much to process. I lack the shelf to put the book for reference for so much of it. I find myself here reading these articles and asking myself how real any of it is. But that is tempered by the reality that more things than I could fathom HAVE been proven real (validating how nasty and vast the swamp really is) and like so much that is called conspiracy theory, well, almost anything could be true now. The question was asked, why don’t we have obvious proof that the likes of Billary and James Commie(unist) were arrested and met tribunals? Where is the proof that the military isn’t doing Pedo Joe’s bidding and has forsaken ‘we the people’? And I have come to a point that I don’t think that I care about validity anymore really. I am not in any position of power. I don’t know anyone in a position of power. All I am is a blue collar putz with passion for the truth and an internet connection. All I can do at this point is to take the data stream square in the face and hope and pray that the powerful opposition to the evil that is taking over is actually as active and powerful as the data stream is saying. Because the truth of the evil is ASTONISHINGLY, BRUTALLY, HORIFFYINGLY HUGE!!! And I have to believe that God has brought the fraud out in the open to awaken the souls. Our country is supposed to be ruled from the ground up, not the top down. We have been apathetic and asleep for so long that the evil forces have been able to doggedly sneak in to the henhouse. Its time for change and I have hope that we are winning. I believe we are winning. But I pray that I am right.


If you lived in Canada, as I do, and see the reality that was predicted by interception of a Liberal party caucus letter in October that has come to pass, there is not even a glimmer of hope. Michael’s information may allow a spread across the northern border as this country has been sold to the reset and there is no one to change that.

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I find your comment very sad. I hope you are wrong and that there are people in Canada that are fighting that reset. I live just 35 miles from the Canadian border with BC. in my county there are three official border crossings, Blaine, Lynden and Sumas. I would hate to have America and Americans freed, and just 35 miles away, have a nation that has gone the other way.


Hang in there, Canada! Even after Trump is officially back it will take time to completely topple the NWO Evil Cabal…but that IS what this war is about. This is the greatest war ever fought on the planet. Truly a war between Good and Evil. In our lifetimes we will witness the shift across the globe, humanity being truly free. Every country has their DeepState players doing the bidding of the Global “Elite”…it will end!

Joseph A Still

One thing a lot of “People” are doing, is failing to believe in the Celestial aspects/Facts of Life. Life, regardless of its manifested Form, has a Truth to its beginning. Now please, some one in this paradigm, please “show” me “proof”, that the “big-bang theory” is fact. Is “science” “settled”??? F No, it is not. Why? What Fact or factor is missing?? Look in “history”, look at several of the “evil” ones. Are “their” Truths, or legacy correctly taught to the public? The masses? The “flock”???? How can 6.8 million “German Jews” be “killed”, when less than 3 million Jews lived in All of Europe at the time? Look at current events. Think. Truth-any one who opposed “science” over their Soul, over Truth, was killed to silence them. Every “religion” or as taught in ancient times, philosophy, stick to the Truth, defended it with their Lives, We fought tooth and claw to protect the Truth. A self-aware atom, created life, and emits Infinite Energy. This atom, has a name, and it is NOT Adam, nor was this atoms first Son, named Adam, it was Enoch. Who, was murdered by his brother, ie…. Cain vs Able. How many times will this treachery continue??? People ask, “why did “GOD” send his only Son, to die for Our sins”? Answer, He Didn’t!!!!! All life evolves, if it’s Grown On Discipline-GOD, not Grown on dogma-God, it’s not an individual, it’s a philosophy and an acronym. Learned On Respect & Discipline-LORD, or Learned on retarded dogma-Lord, again, philosophy, not an individual. Also, YAWH-acronym, not an individual, You Are With Him. All Are Him-ALLAH-Him being Elohim, only 1 Seraphim, unique amongst All other atoms, ie, Infinite Energy, but held to the same Law-Do Unto Others, As You’d Have Done To Yourself. All Life is, every aspect, wether you “see” it or not. 26 Universes, Infinite Realms, each with Infinite Energy, Infinite Manifestation of Matter/Space.
Feel free to email me, if you truly desire knowing. I Am Who I Am, and I’m pissed that my identity is denied to me, due to liars in academia, medicine, entertainment, politics, business, clergy, etcetera. Erroneous, vile, ignorant, life (lying, learning, listening fit the l)evil.
Christ is a Warrior, always has been. The hypocrisy in this modern world is unreal. Homosexuals telling heterosexuals how to be parents, and kids that there are more than 2 genders, etcetera. Cloning, black magic, etcetera, all extremely illegal in any court, especially Celestial Court. Negative polarity/evil, ends People, nothing can stop it, because nothing can stop Ragnarok. The BioGeological Natural Growth of Terra, Our Planet. And the “burden of proof”, is not on me. I don’t need a book to preach from, I teach from my heart. I’m the first Pope, the first Christ, I know my words are True. I am free from “sin”, and I have caste that stone. Black/self-service magic is useless, and pathetically weak. Your evil goddess, satan, and her minions are toast. The “God Killer is awake, and ready to incinerate these evil Souls that will never learn. You can not “sell”, that which you do not own!!! It’s yours to evolve with, forever, literally, 1 Law, 3 rules to a civilized society, 1-do not intentionally lie 2-do not cheat 3-do not steal. The 1 law should be all that’s needed, but the 3 help. Life is Common Sense, which isn’t too common right now. The abilities that are in your genetics, are akin to the abilities found in D&D, no joke. Paladins are Real, We are Archangels/Warriors of Renown. We do not fight evil, with flowers and kisses, We smash a WarHammer against their heads, 40,000 times.
Respect All

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GreaterIdaho for Trump

Does anyone know more specifically what part of Colorado?

Leon Cochran

So i wanna know who’s asked people they know in other countries about all this? Any kind of media can be faked, literally everything, this included, and be controlled and manipulated, but not what people in places without such control over the people they are supposed to guard and preserve. We all play the manipulative app games with people all over the world, ask them. All of them. Ask them to help prove what they say, its definitely important enough, for every1 not just amercians. Then if u can come to these threads and show that proof. Cuz really, though i think this is the reality, we need to know if its not real as much as we do otherwise. Salvation doesnt just happen. ‘Evil wins when good doesnt rise’, so if your gunna complain, say its fake, show us. Dont ask how idfk. But i know that everything has been slimy and full of deceit since i was a kid, and that something isnt right. I plan on taking my own advice right now, cuz if this is happening, iv been wasting time and doing exactly what the enemy wants, to do nothing, and keep my eyes down on this little box, forgetting what bad is out there and not standing against it. I dont even like trump, but if he takes that slimey feel of life go away, finally, ill follow that bastard to the gates of hell and back, and im sure most of u would too. Good luck, either way, remember the best ways to defeat an enemy is to convince him theres no fight, or that the enemy doesnt exist in it.

joe blow

Hang man hold a little while, I think my dear friend’s coming riding a many mile.


On, another patriot, Mr. Lindell let loose, maybe by mistake, or not that President Trump will be back by August. And as I read of these traitors being snatched up, and awaiting their day with the executioner, the “Great Awakening, and Storm” as Q have said will happen, is here! America will be great again, AGAIN!


By August we will be forced to get jab or not go anywhere.


Unfortunately, “nothing can stop what is coming” so far appears to point to the vaxx agenda.


Mike Lindell knows a lot but I can guarantee you the military will not let him in on their mission cycle. They live and die by the old WW2 phrase “Loose lips sink ships”. If everything we are reading is true then they are keeping their opns reserved to small unit actions. The smaller the assault unit the easier it is to conceal and strike without warning. Special Ops have aircraft, vehicles and breaching equipment that law enforcement just dreams about. For example during Operation Condor in Afghanistan they had to drive specially silenced 4 wheelers through an afghan village at night that had dogs everywhere, they got through without alerting anyone.


Mr. Lindell is a patriot that matches President Trump’s patriotism. And as for his return, other patriotic outlet says the same.

Hal Brown

Bring in Susan Rice, and offer her leniency to rat on zero; give her a month to get right with her maker before being hung rather than just two weeks. That oughta do it.

Last edited 3 years ago by Hal Brown


Thaelin Rizzori

Considering this news is of a topic that not one main stream would touch, it is hard to take serious as there is no way to vet any of it. Not one other source is available and I usually want 3.


Then shop elsewhere. Takes God and faith.


And yet MSM lies everyday with no named sources.
Like Rachel Madcow mocking AZ audit, as her shifty eyes darting back and forth. Now their’s a liar that knows she’s alyin.


If MSM is breathin’, they’re lyin’!


Thaelin, I asked the same questions! Then I began to pull little threads from the info the sources gave – info like dates, flights (to where and when). There is a site (on YouTube, actually!) that traces flights of certain planes (the CIA’s gray birds, other government agency planes), and shows you when and where those flights land. I was able to see when and where the “Clinton” flight went. Of course, Monkey didn’t make that distinction – that’s up to us. I’ve also been able to determine the JAG legitimacy of military chief prosecutor, etc. It’s up to us to look where other people aren’t looking and find snippets of information others will not share. Good luck in your search!


3 sources would certainly be nice but that luxury doesn’t exist. That said, there are other sources entirely consistent with what Michael is sharing. For example, checkout the 43 minute video by Charlie Freak explaining the things President Trump did in 2017/2018. In that video former congressman/governor Kasich indicates John McCain was killed, not “passed away” as indicated by mainstream media. Look at the flag draped coffin, no doubt McCain was executed for his horrible crimes. The envelopes handed out at the senior Bush funeral. And the anger the political elite have for President Trump can only be explained because of those type of events. Look at the amount of money and personal pouring into Gitmo the last 3 years. The elite all know President Trump is still president and still wielding the financial and military power necessary to beat them. This is an entirely different kind of war taking place. It would be nice to have everything neatly wrapped up and presented to us by an honest media, just not possible.

Thank you Michael Baxter, stay safe.


Michael – Is HRC still on schedule to meet her Maker at dusk on April 26th after taps is played at GITMO ? . . . Everyone I know is hoping we will eventually see photos and/or a video of the long-anticipated event. . . Thoughts? / Speculation?


I have to think that HRC will attempt a last-minute deal. I don’t see her going to the gallows without a final attempt to deal. She’s got to have info on BHO and others. I can see Trump being seriously tempted to make a deal that accepts her information in return for life at Gitmo.


Maybe the military could post a link to the scene in the Wizard of Oz of the wicked witch dieing as an unofficial confirnmation.


If given a choice, Hillary will not live the rest of her life in an orange jumpsuit.

frank j domanico

Comey might not talk. He may think it`s better to die then spend the rest of his life in getmo


IMO he’s not the fall on your sword type. He’ll rat her out just because she got him in the fix he’s in now. Revenge is a powerful tonic. He’ll bet on an appeal later from a democrat president.

Hal Brown

How about the wife and kids? I would imagine he is kept incommunicado, no news or coms from them or threats about them.


You must be getting rich from this.

Diana Barahona

You mean to say you haven’t gotten a $2 million advance from Simon & Schuster?


Incredible, in the true definition of the word.


Guillotines??? What you miss when you’re out of the loop!

Yes, there were reports that Obama was “fond” of drone strikes and liked to watch them over and over again in his room in the WH.


I read that Trump destroyed the guillotines …and that Biden has already contracted to have them built again!


If thats the case then the pilot shoukd be brought into questioning as well as his chain of command, flight plans, armament load out authorizations, and mission report. Obviously the “deep state” can infiltrate and misdirect paperwork but testimonials form the pilot that carried put the attack can have some answers. But that’s just my opinion.




A domestic USAF bombing would be above top secret classification. You’ll never get close to the information. Here’s a game I was told the intel guys do to hide stuff.

Say that bombing mission was called “flash fire”, once they get a new crew in that handles that data the file gets renamed “thors hammer”, after a few crew rotations and numerous mission name changes and classification level changes we come along with a FOIA request for any files refering to “flash fire”. The FOIA request response will be that there are no files referencing a mission called flash fire nor any knowledge of personnel familiar with it.

Add in that all top secret and above is compartmentalized, meaning you have to have a reason to be “read on” to the program before you can gain access to it. They can change the compartmentalization designation on any program depending upon who controls it. Meaning if you have a TS-SCI-ABC access you do not have a TS-SCI-BCE access because you have to be involved in that version of the program. I once worked in a Military Intelligence Battalion and each of our 3 companies had different access authorizations. We could party and drink with each other but none of us could discuss our missions with the other companies despite that all 3 companies operated in the same theater and we all held top secret clearances. The Headquarters ensured that we did not interfere with each other’s missions.

Definition of compartmetalization is here:

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Reminded me of a famous Q post:
We Have Everything


Thank you once again Mr. Baxter!

I do have a few questions if you can answer:

1.) Has there been any updates on John Brennan at GITMO? Like when is his Military Tribunal or has he already have it?

2.) So Hillary Clinton (apparently) had a Zoom Interview at Queen’s University Belfast on April 15.

This link is here:
To your knowledge (besides recording this long in advance) in what ways could they fake this Zoom Call/ Interview with technology?

Thank you for your articles! All the Best!


What is CGI?


Thanks Michael


That definitely ain’t the real Hillary.


Hey, Jon.
I saw the same video that you mentioned back in early March. They just repackaged it with a new date.


Really? What date??


The link to the video of Hillary says it Premiered Apr 15, 2021

I saw the exact video early March days before or just a little after she was arrested per Michaels article. Wished I had taken a screen shot of it.


He is so ugly.


I hope they don’t give Comey too long to think about it. I’d give him 24 hrs. to cough up the information and get on with his trial and penalty. As far as that MONSTER BRENNEN, JUST GET ON WITH IT. As soon as they get enough on OBAMMER, SNATCH HIM UP ASAP!! And when they get OBAMMER, HE NEEDS TO COUGH UP THE INFO ON JARRET, SHES THE DIRECTOR OF THE SLIMEBALL OBAMMER! I know I’m inpatient but its so painful watching the COMMUNIST CRIMINAL PAEDOPHILE DEMOCRATS burning our country to the ground and we are helpless. So much damage us being done by the time whomever gets the country back in control it will be in complete ruins for our enemies to pick us off.

Diana Barahona

It’s incredible to read more and more info that is coming to light through all this. At least Obama *tried* to hide this stuff. Biden isn’t even trying. The Dems are all sitting comfortable (at least in public) and are proud to shove through bills to dismantle America. And unfortunately there are plenty of people who would rather be blued pilled for the rest of their lives. It’s very frustrating being red pilled because we see and know the truth – but for the time being we just have to watch it all happen. ??

Diana Barahona

Jessica, we have been told over and over by the patriots that we need to turn to God in times of distress and stop looking to worldly events for comfort.


Yep Diana GOD is the only one that can save us. We have to humble ourselves and pray and seek HIS face and HE says he will save our nation. So, I hope we ALL do that!! In Jesus Name. But, Lord, I’m having a hard time letting go of it and giving it all to the Lord!! Lord help us all!!!


God only helps those who help themselves. I can assure you of that from personal experience.

J Bill

Hubris isn’t afraid of being called out and believes the whole world is stupid. Chaos becomes it’s energy. Expect any perceived threat to be met with the classic response “How dare you!” It is what it is. Devoid of conscience.


Yep, and it is EXTREMELY tough!!!!


I think it’s sad that there are quite a few Americans that want to stay in the dark & don’t want to know the truth about what is really happening behind the scenes. I’ve tried to share what I have read here & what Ex-CIA agent Robert David Steele, Scott McKay, Mike Lindell, Lawyer Lin Wood & Lawyer Sydney Powell, Charlie Ward, Simon Parks, Sheriff Richard Mack and so many others they are fighting to save our country and to WAKE up the American Citizens. Many chose to stick their heads in the sand & not believe that we have been brain washed for decades & believe the MSM bullshit & run to take their suicide injection & eventually die & their are so many Doctors telling us that these injections are genocide. Dr Judy Mikovitz doctor & scientist worked in labs with that criminal Fauci, Dr Sherri TenPenny, Dr Simone Gold a doctor & a lawyer & head of the foundation America’s Frontline Doctors, Lawyer Leigh Dundas fighting from California to get back Civil Liberties, there is a tour starting Memorial Day weekend called Resurrection Tour going to take 4 months and hit small communities across America and talk to as many Sheriffs & Pastors & local officials to get them to understand that we are in a fight for our country it’s a fight between good & evil. Check out any of these people look up the Tulsa, OK conference on April 16 & 17 it was videoed

Roger Holmes

It is in my opinion that you have chosen to start leaking this stuff it takes courage and grit to do what you are doing i just wish the military would hurry up and take out biden and the rest so that that 10 mile square called Washington District of Columbia can be bull dozed. God bless you




Lots of water in DC now. Looks like maybe it is being flooded. I would like to see them take them out now, but I think it is best to be cautious take their time and do it the best they can. Look what came out on the Evergiven, if we would have got rid of the black hats sooner that may never have happened. The Evergiven incident set the cabal back, took the kids, the weapons, the nukes, and they will not get reimbursed by the insurance companies.


Gene Decode (premier expert on the DUMBS and underground tunnels) has said that when the white hats military finished clearing the tunnels under DC they flooded them.

Ronald W. Weiss

Biden is supposed to talk to a joint session of Congress 4/28/21. The numbers in that date add up to 17 (not that that means anything). Given that Trump always gives people a chance to do the right thing, maybe Joe will use the opportunity to admit the election was stolen. Then the wider round up could commence.

Roger Smith

James Comey is a super trooper, looking forward to meeting his IDOL the “Prince of Darkness”, hence I believe he remains silent. Tongue in Cheek

Diana Barahona

Reporters (Dave of X22 Report) need to identify the “cabal” or “invisible enemy.” This is not a small group of people who infiltrated all of the institutions of the U.S. and Europe, including corporations. Rather, the corporations ARE the enemy. They comprise a social class, the global capitalist class, aka the transnational capitalist class. That is why they are ubiquitous. The global capitalist class is composed of the top executives of the transnational corporations, which are supranational corporations that have headquarters in three or more countries. They also control the CCP. I believe this is going to change, however. I think the CCP is beginning to assert more control over the capitalists in its ranks, so that capital will once more be subordinate to the Communist Party. In the U.S., on the other hand, the state has been under the control of the capitalst class for most of our country’s history; this is why presidents such as Andrew Jackson and FDR were compelled to rein them in.

miffed citizen

ls there not a better story to pin down Obama than this obscure militia story? Certainly, it would be a domestic attack by the military om Americans for nefarious reasons. But if t cannot be corroborated, it did not happen.


Have you tried looking at the seismographs on the USGS site, Michael? But, with that being a government site, I doubt they are still there…

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Research the youtube channel Dutchsinse. If you can find his videos from that week he covers all unusual or large earthquakes in the us to incude showing their locations on google earth.

Diane Gray

Dutchsinse is an accurate proven source. Yes.


This is how it happens? This is the way people simply reject the evidence of their eyes and ears? I don’t quite understand the reasoning behind saying things which are easily debunked and claiming that’s everything which is inconvenient to the wishes of the reader is explained away by CGI, robots, masks, holograms, and body doubles. I thought the idea of a mash-up of every conspiracy idea in history was amusing. Then they starting to bring the Nam me if Jesus Christ into it. And now we have people who claim to follow Him getting giddy over the idea of public executions. I always wondered about the reason that liberals like me were labeled “baby killers”…. when Trump was elected, all of his political opposition were labeled “pedophile”. I’m not the smartest person in the world, so it took me a minute. President Trump stands in diametric opposition to all Christ’s teachings… but if I had to choose the greater morality between President Trump and a pedophile, the President is a moral overachiever. Same for matchup between the President and a child murderer. Go Mr. President. But that is just completely reductive to people who take their faith seriously. President Trump ONLY wins a decency fight against a pedophile and actual baby killers. The rest of Trump’s character is antithetical to the Savior. It’s a fascinating way to destroy those boundaries, but are you really okay with quoting your sources with no names for their own protections and disclaiming “satire and parody” to excuse the mistruths that anyone who believes their own senses of sight and hearing might reply upon… and doing it all to sucker the fractional masses into believing misinformation that is so easily debunked, it’s laughable? I’m asking about your personal conscience, not that of your readers (who don’t have any trouble making it clear as day). Obviously feel feee not to answer, but this is the most entertaining reading I’ve done in quite a little while. Your creative genius is unparalleled. I am asking about your personal feelings on it and whether you ever feel a conviction of sorts.

Any way you slice it, you’ve successfully hooked me – I will be a daily reader! Nicely done! 🙂

Kevin Miller

Alright Michael Baxter, “This” is the ultimate right here, if this is true and we get that friggin snake Obama, I’ll buy you a steak dinner


I’ll buy the rope.


I will supply all beer and wine. Your choice

miffed citizen

l donate some extra strong handloads


I have the feathers my friends have the tar! ???


I’ll pitch in too!

J Bill

Got the ammo.

Diane Gray

I’ll contribute aromatherapy essential oils to relax all of us during…..

Roger Holmes

you should get a book deal stay safe Mike


Then there is the late Michael Hastings who’s car blew up (reported as speeding and hitting a tree but the engine exited the car (explosion?)). He was reported to have been looking into Brennan.


Read that Michael Hastings was doing an article on Brennen I believe was for Rolling Stone. (not sure now, too many years). But I do remember an article stating Michael was very concerned for his safety. He mentioned that to his wife and friends. He also was concerned his computer may have been accessed (oh, where have I heard that….yes, Sharyl Attkisson). Michael’s car was caught on video security tape just prior to the “accident”. What I read stated that a review of the tape suggested he was going 35mph and not speeding. The car’s engine exited the vehicle and ended up about 100 feet or so (again not sure) from the car. The article mentioned that this type of “kill” was used by the CIA.


Why do you say Obama and his wife have been arrested and executed then now say Comey to give evidence against Obama. Is Obama dead or not?


While doing some looking around I found this article written by someone other than you but identical to your article word for word, but embellished with imagery, and that author giving no credit to you and claiming it as her own. Thought you should know about it if you don’t already.


At the bottom of the article at, it states:


Ahhh, I missed that, thanks. I was focused on the author beneath the headline.


Ive read the same thing else where, that Obama and his wife who was not a woman -big mike- were both tried and executed.


Michael, I truly appreciate your stand – and the courage of your sources! Those are the kind of people I respect!
B.O.’s name never passes my lips. He is (I believe) the embodiment of evil. His eyes make me shudder with disgust. Every word out of his mouth is a lie, and when he smiles, it only means trouble. I hope Comey takes the deal. B.O. is filth on 2 legs. Rant over.


I’ve read that too – a different website gives a long list of people, both in hollywood and politics, that show most being arrested and executed. I keep digging to see docs of indicments avaliable to the public. Found one on Bush Sr. That raised my eye brows more than once. Its like a 38 page indicment with names listed that connect so many dots to how connected everyone truly is in all this mess.


Interesting how Hillary Clinton is listed as arrested & executed yet we have seen a date of April 26 for her hanging. Which is true? Is she already dead & the recent info given us is actually referring to what’s already happened??? Who is telling the truth? And after looking at that long list, it’s hard for me to believe that all those folks listed as arrested & executed actually have been & there are that many doubles running around for all those listed as executed. It is truly mind boggling to say the least!!


Could be a year or 2 years ago on the date. I noticed when dates are given there is a month and a day but no year. Her hanging date could have been April 26th, 2020 or 2019. That would make the story totally accurate.

No_govt is one source that claims many have been dealt with already. Politicians and celebrities…