Military Puts SCJ Amy Coney Barrett on House Arrest


Acting on a sealed indictment, the U.S. military has placed Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett on house arrest and fitted the mother of 7 with an ankle bracelet to ensure she does not abscond while JAG decides whether to show compassion or schedule a military tribunal.

On May 15, U.S. Navy JAG and Army CID investigators visited Barrett’s D.C. home where she lives with her children and her husband, Jesse, most of whom were present when investigators told Barrett that the Insurrection Act of 1807, which Donald J. Trump invoked before leaving office, empowered them to detain or arrest citizens who stand accused of treason or present a threat to national security.

A source involved in Trump’s Deep State battle told Real Raw News that Barrett, evidently confused, welcomed investigators into her home under the impression that they were seeking her help in an official, Supreme Court Justice capacity. When told that she was the target of the military’s investigation, Barrett turned belligerent and said she did not acknowledge military authority over the citizenry. She accused investigators of misrepresenting themselves to gain access to her home, and demanded they leave unless they had an arrest warrant issued by a D.C. circuit judge.

“The military told Amy’s husband to take the kids to another room while they did business with her. Then she dropped a bombshell, told investigators she was personal friends with Kamala Harris and that she would have their heads on silver platters. The investigators told her Kamala Harris had no authority over them and that Amy was lucky they were showing her a courtesy by only placing her under house arrest and not immediately shipping her ass off to GITMO,” our source said.

As reported previously, the military and Donald J. Trump spent the last week of December debating the merits of imprisoning Barrett, who was viewed in conservative circles as the woman who would bring parity to the Supreme Court and prevent the liberal left from hijacking the 2020 election. But two days after her confirmation hearing, she stabbed Trump in the back by recusing herself from a pivotal vote that could have exposed widespread voter fraud in Pennsylvania.

“Amy Barrett is a source of embarrassment for Trump. He championed her, and she betrayed him,” our source said.  “Trump and [Jeffrey] Rosen wrote the indictment way back on December 19 and handed it off to the military. She is guilty of treason and other high crimes,” our source said.

Those other crimes, he added, include a tangential link to the late Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose organization, the Clinton Foundation, helped Barrett circumvent roadblocks and red tape that had previously hampered her efforts to adopt Haitian children. Barrett has adopted two children, one in 2005, the other in 2010. The military’s focus, our source said, is on the second adoption. It has evidence proving that the Clinton Foundation had kidnapped hundreds of Haitian children in the aftermath of the massive 2010 earthquake that killed 300,000 people. When the quakes subsided and the dust settled, the Clinton Foundation swept in and scooped up children like minnows caught in a fishnet, under the pretense of rehoming orphaned kids. According to Clinton Foundation documents obtained by the U.S.

military, less than 25% of “rescued” children ever set foot on United States soil. The military, our source said, has indisputable evidence that the majority were sold into slavery.

“The Clinton Foundation took these kids saying their parents had been killed in the earthquake. Fact is, it later turned out many of the parents were alive and wanted their kids back, long after they vanished into the ether. There are no official adoption records for the Barrett kid. No paperwork at all. It’s like he just magically appeared, and no one ever questioned it. No doubt it should have been vetted before her Supreme Court nomination. That was clearly a big oversight on Trump’s part. The questions are, was that kid kidnapped, are his parents really alive, and what exactly does Barrett know?” our source said.

“Trump still has a soft spot for Barrett; he’s a compassionate man. He’s weighing justice against taking a mother from her kids. That’s why he asked JAG to place her on house arrest, at least for the time being, rather than deport her treasonous ass to GITMO. Now she has to wear a tracking anklet until a final decision is made,” our source said.

Barrett, he added, verbally thrashed investigators with unbridled hatred, accusing them of violating her Constitutional rights. The JAG and CID agents tried to pacify her by saying insolent behavior would yield a hasty trip to Guantanamo Bay.

“They put the tracking anklet on her, and her family was put under a gag order,” our source said.

The arrest of Amy Coney Barrett comes at a time of inquietude, as the Supreme Court has recently taken a case that could imperil Roe v. Wade.

Correction: The arrest occurred on 15 May, not 15 April. Date has been corrected in article text.

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I knew it! I was yelling at the TV at Trump, pick the Cuban woman Judge, but he picked Barrett…he should have listened to me. Now, need to get Trump to tell all his followers not to take the Covid 19 Bio-weapon Jab. It will kill you within 2 years.


Wow a lot of back and forth finger pointing with each other.. here’s my two cents from an old lady not as well educated as you all. What difference does it make if someone says that want more proof from Michael about the truth of these stories, there is no way we can know the truth until President Trump and or the military comes on the EBS and gives us the information as to what is going on with these tribunals. Me personally, I enjoy these stories cause that gives me hope for justice to be served.. as for the people that are being arrested and sentenced, it sickens me to think our own have worked to destroy this amazing nation. I’m on my way out, but we have beautiful children and grandchildren who are excellent citizens as many Americans are, who do not deserve to be taken down by their own people. This is what kills me the most. God ✝️Still Blesses America. ??????


keep the faith mama.


I am going to have to go back and see what Kh asked Amy during confirmation. I remember kavanaugh like yesterday but Barrett do not recall if Harris was even there!


Im shocked! If she hung around with Hillary Clinton and Kamal Harris then its not out of the question that she is a traitor! Very sad as we all had such high hopes for her? Could she be the little girl that was supposed to die in the car accident along with her Mother when Biden organized the deaths as he was now involved with Jill and his first wife found out? He wanted to climb the freemason ladder and needed to perform a death to do it. In fact he organized the death of Hunters wife and baby too! Many believe Hunter left those laptops at the Tech repair shop on purpose!

L. Griffin

2 connections that had me lose all respect for this traitor!! Her connection to HRC, Clinton foundation and Harris!! How in the world did Trump miss that??


How can SCOTUS function if ACB is on house arrest? How can this be true if SCOTUS is still appearing intact, taking and reviewing cases? Not saying it is not true… but how will these challenges be resolved? Is any of this ever going public? Or is ACB still acting as a justice with a hidden ankle bracelet? How can that be justified if she is indeed compromised? I want to believe but it is getting harder. Evergiven was a huge disappointment. I get protecting the kids, but not about the dangerous weaponry they allegedly was confiscated.

J Bill

One commenter here, cited a rumor that SCOTUS has absconded to Canada. Be interesting to see more pieces fit.


Make better choices, Amy, or you might be the one hatching the next plot to kill the CJ, this time Roberts, and you may not be able to say ‘no’. Choose your friends wisely YOUR “HONOR”.

Sandy Koufax

Anybody listen to Trump’s interview with Joe Pags?

Trump pointed out that if the irregularities that have been found so far hold true then he won Arizona by a lot of votes.

Trump was also asked about what happens if fraud is found.
Trump responded by saying if fraud is found “it will be a very interesting time for our country”.

Trump then asked an important question. He asked, “How can you govern if you lost?”.


That’s easy, He didn’t lose!

sherry baker

I think Trump meant Joe. Joe can’t govern.

Sandy Koufax

The Gateway Pundit is reporting that Biden has ordered the release three terrorist prisoners from Guantanamo Bay.

J Bill

Test for limit of jurisdiction. Suspects no authority.

Sandy Koufax

Right. If those terrorist prisoners are released, then Baxter has some explaining to do.

J Bill

Or not. Instead,

  1. they will encounter an unexpected delay and the prisoners will rot there. (Never heard of a “rush order” to remove a hvt pow anyways.)
  2. the prisoners “made a break for it” during freedom transfer, tried to swim the strait, and turned into shark bait.
  3. while “making a break for it” were cut down like a bad rice crop and dropped back into the lagoon. Recovery has been unsuccessful.
  4. Sentry staff are away on coffee break presently and could not be reached for comment.

I could go on and on. Use your own imagination and take it from here.


Brilliant! Put a cuff on the top attorney in the nation, and let the grapevine bubble with chatter through the ‘black robe’ community, and all of sudden, democratic judges and rino judges in GA and elsewhere have all of sudden gotten religion and now they follow the law. Go figure…


I haven’t noticed that

Last edited 2 years ago by Mike

Wow! I have been following RRN for a while and I sure hope these stories are true and behind the scenes shit is hitting the fan and these sickos are really truly going down ????


You should have heard the parents love a child tried to stop it but there were to many stealing these children. It was a horrible time over there. Clinton has been told buy the people of Haiti never to set foot on Haiti soil or they will do something horrible to him. I can’t blame them at all for he stole the money that was to be used to help Haiti rebuild. Another Clinton mess what is new with them. I believe it was Bush that appointed him to that job.


Help the people of Haiti but he didn’t. Clinton can never go to Haiti again!! To many people remember him as a problem like me!


I prayed for her and supported her. Very disappointed. I knew she was a snake after the 2020 election. They all complain when they feel their rights are being trampled on but don’t care when they trample on everyone elses rights.

J Bill

Her bravado in the article is shocking.


Lady justice is supposed to be blind. Soft spot or not. She’s a treasonist. Openly threatening the same men protecting our constitution. If she was involved in the Adrenochrome process then no mercy. Remember..I do not agree with consideration for Amy. No one who’s turned on their country and put the lives of American people at risk.


When people become afraid of their government there’s TYRANNY but when the government becomes afraid of the people there’s liberty ???


This is a risky, but perhaps brilliant, move by Trump. Barrett was the lynch-pin (no pun intended!) in Supreme Court’s decision to round up the peaceful protestors at the Capitol on Jan. 6 and imprison them, probably with intention to murder them in a FEMA Gulag somewhere, merely for exercising their Constitutional right to peacefully assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances. Trump has clearly demonstrated that he WILL stand for the common man, the Constitution and decency. Barrett, on the other hand, is clearly a coward at best, or perhaps something far worse.

It’s just beyond despicable that the highest court in the land has become complicit in the most diabolical plot of all time, to turn this country into a Bolshevik hell. It’s taken Russia nearly 100 years to free itself from the shackles of Bolshevism, but it CAN be done, with a little, but seemingly forgotten thing called COURAGE.

God Bless You Mr. Trump, our military and the brave souls who are demonstrating REAL courage in the face of pure evil, Bolshevik tyranny and the systematic destruction of this country and the principles it was founded on.
My prayers are with you all, continually.

Sue Grantham



This article is dense with information, and the few here who doubt it don’t realize that when the reported reaction of Barrett and President Trump’s thought process is unpacked, it reveals a lot that lends great credence to its veracity. Barret clearly knew this was coming & had the “warrant from a DC district court” memorized knowing that court was a joke. You also can imagine that for months she prepared in her mind the “I’m personal friends with Harris …head on a silver platter” line for when she got caught. It was great how this article allowed us to see what’s really behind that good Catholic girl mask.

President Trump, who’s running this traitor round up, clearly saw Barrett was just one of the many One Party DS operators he had to deal with to function in DC. Lindsey Graham is still a piece of shit but a useful one if he can be controlled. I’m ignoring the fake Biden show & trusting President Trump & The Plan.

Ex - New Yorker

Thanks for the reminder that Lindsey Graham is still a piece of shit !
(You just can´t say it enough … and btw. – not just Lindsey!)

Sue Grantham

What’s the evidence against Lindsey?


He was tied at the hip to Traitor McCain for years and one of Trump’s most vocal & strongest critics until his “friend’s” execution for treason when presumably he was read the riot act. He was also the biggest advocate for Bushie Kavanaugh. Think Turtle McConnell. ‘Nuff said.

Sue Grantham

What’s the evidence against Lindsey?


LOL!!! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share this clip: “Lindsey Graham Working it!!!”…You will find it on ‘Rumble‘.


Impossible to unsee. Hysterical, and maybe John Waters should put Lindsey in his next film billed as Divine’s and Edith Massey’s love child.

Sandy Koufax

The Vice President has no authority over the military and Barrett would know that.


How come this article has almost no views?? Are you based in Europe Michael? and the audience tend to be from the States I guess so it will be picked up later….
Anyway… incredible how all this is a maze of misinformation! I remember when she was appointed we were all talking about how strategic that move was! we were certain she was gonna be the one to push for the unveil of the fake election….
Cant wait to see the end of all this! for our health’s sake!
(from Spain here) 🙂


This has to do with your “cache”. If you don’t have the right “cookies” you will show up as an alien visitor and comments will be invisible.

Try visiting later or regularly or if you can, manually clear your cache and start over. I have the same problem and it works for me.

Good Luck!


It’s usually in the earlier morning……it will record only the new views and w/ only their comments. And some mornings it will say “1 view/1comment”. Then everything gets adjusted lated.

Sandy Koufax

Leave a comment and that will fix it.


According to the occult, the number “19” means DEATH. Hmm, it would appear Amy Barrett’s execution is fixed. hahaha-a-a-a-a.


The Catholics will primal scream Amy Barrett is innocent. Though Barrett has birthed 6 children and stolen another child, Barrett must be executed either by hanging or firing squad. A TRAITOR IN OUR MIDST MUST BE ERADICATED FROM PLANET EARTH!

My belief is, a TRAITOR’s six (6) living generations must also be eradicated from planet Earth to prevent them from rising up and continuing the “imitation of 7 evil behaviors of Satan” (Proverbs 6:16-19).


That’s a pretty sick comment in general.

Catholics have already registered their surprise and disappointment re: ACB’s decisions so far. They were hoping, as many here have also mentioned, that she was going to be a help to the pro life side. And btw, she has five of her own; Adopted one black child, apparently legally, and as the article notes, and then adopted a second black child, boy…..both apparently from Haiti. ACB spoke about being called about adopting the second child, boy, as a kind of emergency situation and he was literally sitting somewhere w/ that need. She said they planned on no more than 6 children but then made the decision to take this second adoptee due to this emergency type situation. But still, that didn’t make sense unless it was through some side channel and not going through the normal wait, examination of home/family, etc., legally, via all of the normal paperwork, etc. And, she, being a “noted” atty/judge didn’t let that apparent problem bother her decision? I’m thinking now that the Trump team didn’t discover the lack of paper work until later and assumed at time of nomination that everything was done legally. You know, you can defend yourself at the time from someone w/ a visual weapon, but it’s hard to defend against a liar! Prayers for all involved.

Sandy Koufax

No comments until I post a comment.

nunya biness

I think we are going to find out the Haitian kids she is parenting have been kidnapped by the Clinton Foundation.

  1.  “investigators told Barrett that the Insurrection Act of 1807, which Donald J. Trump invoked before leaving office,empowered them to detain or arrest citizens who stand accused of treason or present a threat to national security. “
  2. “she dropped a bombshell, told investigators she was personal friends with Kamala Harris and that she would have their heads on silver platters.”
  3. “link to the late Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose organization, the Clinton Foundation, helped Barrett circumvent roadblocks and red tape that had previously hampered her efforts to adopt Haitian children. Barrett has adopted two children, one in 2005, the other in 2010. The military’s focus, our source said, is on the second adoption”
  4. “But two days after her confirmation hearing, she stabbed Trump in the back by recusing herself from a pivotal vote that could have exposed widespread voter fraud in Pennsylvania.”
  5. “According to Clinton Foundation documents obtained by the U.S. military, less than 25% of “rescued” children ever set foot on United States soil. The military, our source said, has indisputable evidence that the majority were sold into slavery.”

This article delivers!
No signature necessary to invoke the Insurrection Act, so no lie on the part of Flynn when he said DJT didn’t sign the act. Good to finally see it reported.

The questions about ACB’s ‘adoptions’ of children of color that came up after Lin Wood released the whistleblower tapes that incriminated Roberts via Epstein – glad to see she isn’t getting a pass, looking forward to Roberts and Sullivan.

Personal friends with Harris explains why ACB wasn’t grilled harder by her and other “dems” and why Feinstein was complimentary toward Barrett’s confirmation. It becomes more apparent every day that DJT was surrounded by shills, plants and enemies even in his inner advisory circle, likely due to near 100% swamp saturation or compromise among DC politico denizens making it nearly impossible to trust recommendations on candidates he was given.

The Clinton Foundation’s criminal enterprise in Haiti kidnapping children amid the disaster for sale into slavery and worse brings added dimension to the crimes HRC was tried on that weren’t spelled out fully in the tribunal report. Maybe the journalist Monica Peterson who was murdered covering these horrific crimes of the CF cabal in Haiti didn’t die in vain.

Thank you Michael.

J Bill

Good info!

Ex - New Yorker

Wow! Justice is coming: soon she will be together again with her wet nurse RBG !


Here we thought that SCJ Amy was a real godly woman who knows everything legal. Ooop ass. She should be on her face before God more now.

David R

You know yall are fucking retarded right ? You know Baxter boy is is a psy op being run on yall by China ??


Okay, let’s just say you are right on the “psy op” being run on us by China (CCP). Then what exactly does that get them, where does that get them? What value do they get? I am still who I am, playing dot to dot, and enjoying it, keeping those dots that fit and throwing out the ones that don’t. And always ready to take up arms when needed. I am still the same, ready, ready and willing for what is ahead for this country and me. What does that get CCP and where does it take them?

Sue Grantham

Sure it’s not Russia ???
Run along and let the adults talk

J Bill



David R
Be careful what you say. How do you KNOW these articles are false? Come on man, you were quick to make accusations. I KNOW your answer and it is YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT.

David R

So many jackasses so little brains

Sue Grantham

Jackass = Democrats
Democrats actually use the logo and we all know why.
They ARE jackasses ?


Please don’t insult the donkeys. They were created by God, the Demorats CHOOSE to be jackasses.


Just saw a replay of that classic “Judgment at Nuremberg” tonight. Talk about judges treason against country and crimes against humanity – and in so short a time, just 76 years later. Hopefully Pres. Trump and the patriots have caught the Deep State before it overtakes the whole country in a chokehold with all rights gone.

Sandy Koufax

The only constitutional duty the Vice President has is to preside over the Senate. The military would not take orders from the Vice President unless something happened to the President, regardless of the insurrection act. Barrett is a constitutional scholar and would know this fact. Seems like the civilian government considers Harris the President.

Sue Grantham

The military will not take orders from ANYONE they know are traitors or seditious.
The military is loyal ONLY to the Constitution and American citizens

J Bill

Ah. So according to you then Joe Bydone is… gone?

Sue Grantham

The Buydin you’re seeing is not the real Joe Biden.

J Bill

Yes. Just wanted to hear it straight “from the horse’s mouth.”


This might or might not be off topic. A few days ago Monkerkywerx US on youtube noted that the google “internet” ballons, which have a government contract, have went dark on the aircraft tracking website. Either they are moving to a new location, which I doubt, or are surveiling someone or something and do not want their locations public. This occurred around the same time as the ACB arrest.

Last edited 2 years ago by Rodnryl

i always thought she looked possessed.


Hold on a sec—I just remembered something.

Kamala Harris voted AGAINST the confirmation of Barrett to the Supreme Court. So, how on earth could Barrett consider her a friend?? ?

Does anyone else find this strange?? ?

Last edited 2 years ago by Sam
J Bill

Plausible deniability. Might have had a plan, but wanted to sink any suspicion.


Could be, J Bill.

Sandy Koufax

Every Democrat voted against Barrett. Harris may have voted for Barrett had a few Republicans voted against her.

miffed citizen

John Kerry voted for her before he voted against her.




I’m glad to see this. She stabbed President Trump in the back…karma will visit her. Has me wondering about her child from Haiti…no adoption papers…connected to the clintons & Harris…sounds fishy to me.


karma will visit her.”

Was that meant to be a pun on Harris’s name? 😉

Johnny Lunchbucket

I like it karmala the evil soulless whore bag. Never met a Dick she didn’t like and gobble down. .

miffed citizen

lf you will see Kamala ever shake hands with Putin or Xi in an offcial capacity, you will see those statesmen wash their hands in a hurry.

miffed citizen

lts ok, as long as they were vaccinated, she could import them.


Hope this is true. This sad excuse for a Supreme Court “Justice” deserves it. 😛

If anyone remembers, during the confirmation hearings, she said something like, “I would NEVER use a term that would be hurtful to the LGBTQ community.” That was a huge red flag right there, folks!! ??

As the saying goes, a good man—or woman—is hard to find!! Too many “conservatives” end up being wolves in sheep’s clothing. ?

Last edited 2 years ago by Sam

What I see is 0 comments hours after this was posted. No matter what browser I use. I find that hard to believe so what’s really going on?

Last edited 2 years ago by Jayne

Have you tried Brave browser?


Finally, the comments are showing, yay! Yes, I used Brave, Firefox Focus and DuckDuckGo. None of them showed comments until today.

Last edited 2 years ago by Jayne
Kevin Miller

Michael says that he can only handle so many hits an hour and he’s going to move to another server, can I suggest that you “follow” Michael and that should get you up to date and the comment thread current

J Bill

It’s brutal. Try refreshing your browser when u post. And every 10 minutes or so after.

Last edited 2 years ago by J Bill

Did that multiple times. No change.

Johnny Lunchbucket

Hundreds of comments thus far. Are you signed in to the site?


Well looks like another swamp fish. Justice is sweet these people don’t get it power and money corrupts and the higher up the ladder you can get away with anything when you own the Judges FBI CIA DOJ Police Departments. BUT sweet justice will in time find them either hear or The BIG JUDGE GOD ALMIGHTY later. Reminds me of the line Russell Crow said as Maximus in the Gladiator WHAT WE DO IN LIFE ECHO’S in ETERNITY!!! Great movie BTW seen it 12 to 15 times.

J Bill

Excellent movie. Of “strength and honor.”


Amy, like Pence, severely damaged our Republic. Both stabbed President Trump in the back, while pretending to be MAGA Patriots. Good riddence.


About time


Problem #2 with this narrative — if Barrett is being allowed to stay outside of Gitmo, all she has to do is call CNN and say “put me on TV and I will tell you that there is an attempted military coup going on right now.” You can’t claim there are secret military tribunals happening at Gitmo while also saying some people get to live under house arrest with an ankle monitor. In a real military takeover, these people would be taken away immediately so they can’t speak with the press and alert others.

J Bill

Read the above article again. Whole family’s on a “gag order.” One squeak and off to GITMO.

Military is in control. No one is making any crazy claims. Michael’s sources are solid. Do some research for yourself.


And how would this “gag order” be enforced? She calls CNN and then gets shipped to Gitmo as punishment? Guess what, CNN now knows and runs the story. This doesn’t make any sense, despite your desire for it to be true.

J Bill

Running the story creates a huge problem for them. It means all Michael’s articles are factual accounts, for a Military purpose. If they print the truth, they expose themselves as DS.

Tell the truth. Take a fall. Then… their lights go out.

Do you actually believe she wants to go to GITMO, or take the risk?

Do some research. If you can’t figure this out, u should be watching CNN.

Last edited 2 years ago by J Bill

At this stage, ms. Barrett may hold out some hope for leniency if she cooperates.
Thus she would recognize the wisdom of holding her council close.

Johnny Lunchbucket

Actually that would be awesome as it would start waking up the dipshit libtards and the sleeping RINO lovers along with the just straight up brain dead sheep. Military is nit going to taken down by the wimpy MSM or the crackpot lefty politician’s. Us Patriots would love for the gen pop of liberals to start a fight, because then we could clean their clocks without repercussions, as they started it. The military has plans for the Antifa and BLM pussies when they get totally out of hand at the reveal or earlier. They will shut those fucker’s down hard like what should have been done by the wimpy state governors who don’t give a rat’s ass about their State’s or it’s resident’s. Fucking soulless puke’s, all of them. Better head to another site for awhile as blood is nearing boiling point, but I will certainly be back as I love this page.

Last edited 2 years ago by Johnny Lunchbucket

She can call Kamala and have her send some one over to cut off the ankle monitor. JUST DOESN”T ADD UP. Why didn’t they take her to a safe house???? At least until they decided what to do with her. This is not the way the military does things! Not convinced!

Last edited 2 years ago by Wayne

If Hillary Clinton was arrested and executed, if Mike Pence was shot and arrested, how could Barrett not know what has been happening? The problem with this narrative is that it at the same time claims the military is totally in control while also saying that people in power don’t anything about it. It doesn’t make any sense.


Since the military is in control, what can they do even if they know? They can definitely try to continue to be sneaky. John Brennan supposedly ordered a C.I.A. drone sniper strike to take out Pres. Trump at Mar-a-Lago, but that failed because Trump had bulletproof glass installed at his home. There were supposed to be a biological warfare device and a radiological dirty bomb set to go off on Wilshire Blvd. in LA, that were removed by special forces during an “exercise” in 2018. There was supposedly a strategic nuclear weapon being transported on Ever Given when it got stuck in the Suez Canal, and it was removed by Seal Team 6 and/or Spetznaz.

But they can’t declare an all-out war against us, because we have the big guns. And the Navy is protecting our coasts as we speak from any foreign invaders.


Or the more likely scenario — none of this is true, and you are living in a world of wishful thinking and delusion.


VICTOR……go back to HUFF & PUFF….

J Bill

Excellent info. It’s all coming together nicely.

Suzanne rei

Wow….I’m finding that a majority of the people I like/liked, have trusted these people…..I’m ashamed to say who these people I liked and trusted….my judgment sucks….


Don’t worry. Trump’s judgment obviously sucks too.


ACB had me fooled, too. In fact, the entire Supreme Court fooled me, except for the obvious leftists and John Roberts, who gave up his cover when he let the Obamacare mandate pass. But with ACB, it was weighted in favor of conservatism, and then the Court refused to consider all the evidence of election fraud. That one hit me below the belt.

There is good reason that the Deep State has been able to maintain power for centuries.


Glad to hear this. She stabbed President Trump in the back. I had high hopes for her & was tremendously disappointed with her action or lack of for President Trump. I’m curious now about her child from Haiti…no adoption papers, clinton connection & harris connection…something sounds very fishy here.


She sure had me fooled, back in her confirmation hearings! She betrayed her Country. Trying to use the swamp creature, Kamala Harris, as her get out of trouble card?!! Wow. She obviously didn’t think about her children as she snuck her way into the SC, she isn’t deserving of Trump’s or the Military’s compassion based on her being a mother. Look forward to updates on this story for sure. Thanks, Michael!


It sounds like the Military just may have caught a canary willing to sing like a songbird. That’s probably her only hope of a ‘get out of jail’ card which she appears to desperately need now! This surprises me, for I really had hope that she was above this kind of behavior. Power corrupts,….and absolute power, (SCOTUS), corrupts absolutely, it appears.

Ex - New Yorker

“The Untouchables” the Supreme Court thinks of themselves … voted in for life! Not good, this must be corrected!

Justice For America

Why are U.S. Navy JAG and Army CID investigators going after Amy Coney Barrett
and not John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice of the United States?


View Michael Baxter’s response to that question above.


If she goes to Coney Island, that should be an interesting tribunal. I wonder if she would represent herself. JAG v. SCJ. Fight!

It would be former SCJ if that came true.


Well, this info shows that Trump actually did sign the Insurrection Act. And with the dissolution of the “corporation” of Wash. D.C. the court system is now in name only while the “background music” continues to play.

J Bill

And it be Franz Liszt’s “Funeral March”.


on…01/14/2021 ??????


I knew she was a snake in the grass before her nomination, I was hoping that Barbara Lagoa would have been the nominee instead of ACB. Lagoa didn’t get to her place in life on liberal privilege like ACB. Lagoa also would have fought vehemently for DJT regarding the great steal.


I believe Lagoa may also have been more anti-communist, as is common among Cuban/Americans.


Wow! It would seem that there should be a lot more real evidence re: the last adoption in question as well as any real collusion w/ Clinton. Barrett’s story was that she had not planned on more children than she had at the time of the last adoption and had to really think about it when she was asked to do it on a kind of emergency basis. So was she set up by the Clintons, compromised in case of a SCOTUS appt., so to get rid of a possible Trump Court nominee? And if the motivation to “get her” also involved the disappointment in her actions after appointed, well that would be the case of several other expected to be conservative types like Souter and now esp. one w/ actual goods on him….Roberts….and Kavanaugh also hasn’t exactly ruled as conservatively as expected either. Also after this experience Barrett could or should feel it necessary to recuse herself since transparency about this action would make her appear compromised one way or the other. And of course if it forces her off SCOTUS the crazy left would rejoice to be able to place another wacko on that court. Other than that what a home wrecking this would result in…..a mother suddenly gone, perhaps forever, from her 7 children?

So, perhaps this action could be bait for Roberts?…..see if he takes any action or tries to get out of Dodge quickly, thinking such a visit could be in the making for his own home. Or to get more info re: the Clinton Foundation? But as a judge/atty she certainly would have known about all of the expected paper work for the legality of such an adoption….not be forced due to an emergency while there are other at least temporary solutions offered via child protection/foster homes…..they aren’t all bad. Did/does she consider herself to be so special as to be able to bypass laws no matter the situation? There must be more hidden facts to get this to such a high level of treason.

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Terminally deplorable

Blasey-Ford might have been right after all.