Dr. Fauci Prepping to Flee Country


Donald J. Trump and the U.S. military have expressed unease over Dr. Anthony Fauci’s recent real estate acquisitions in the United Kingdom, Argentina, and Panama, heightening concerns that the Deep State doctor might flee the country ahead of being served an arrest warrant for crimes committed against America and its people.

As reported previously, Fauci, certainly no pauper, has netted at least $9,000,000 from Covid-19 vaccination sales, and a substantial part of that illicitly earned income went toward the purchase of overseas properties. All three were purchased in his wife’s name—Christine Grady—via Sotheby’s International Realty Agency, which brokers transcontinental deals for the rich and powerful. Curiously, all three parcels were bought in the first quarter of 2021, after news of his indictment began circulating among alternative news outlets.

Sources involved in Trump’s efforts to bring the Deep Sate to justice told Real Raw News that the military has delayed arresting Fauci due to his current degree of public exposure, appearing almost hourly on syndicated MSM broadcasts. Like many of his Plandemic co-conspirators, Fauci gives interviews virtually from home, in what appears to be the home office inside his northwest D.C. townhouse. However, Fauci’s official residence “went dark” in early February, according to military sources who had the residence under constant surveillance.

“The Deep State has obviously set the bastard up with dens made to look like his home where he broadcasts from. Only one reason to do this. Because he knows his time is short. When he’s in public, which rarely happens, he’s always encircled by an entourage of Fauci fans. The people who fawn over him like he’s Jesus Christ,” our source said.

Asked whether the military is considering grabbing Fauci sooner than later, our source said the following: “All I can say is the military is making careful considerations now that it knows Fauci has property in other countries.”

The military, he added, perceives the purchases as a harbinger of Fauci’s desire to escape a military tribunal. The charges against the Deep State doctor are certainly damning–mass medical malpractice resulting in the needless deaths of 500,000 Americans. Not to mention treason and aiding and abetting the CCP.

“Fauci thinks he’s untouchable. He’s not. If his family, and that means his daughters, too, are complicit, then they’ll face justice. The military knows Fauci had a hand in financing the lab from which the virus was let loose. His days are numbered, mark my words,” our source said.

Even if Fauci successfully absconds to a foreign country, Donald J. Trump and the military will retrieve him, regardless of valid extradition treaties, our source added.

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It seems Fauci changed his mind again as to where and how the virus started,leaning more toward what our president Trump stated when the shit show started! Hmm wonder why?


Your comment about LMS reminded me of a true story from college……I had a classmate who was in the same language class I had. He had a roommate who was 4′ 7″,wiry and would fight at the drop of a hat anyone who made a joke about his stature. I happened to mention the word “short” and he was ready to take me on…….


he will end up really bad next week- see conservative tree house.com

Hal Brown

Faucci has a serious case of LMS. It is not a small thing, and it can be quite debilitating, and you do not want to make light of it.

Little Man Syndrome.


BTW,the was the 1st thing I noticed about Fauci–his inferiority complex.

It’s safe to say he’s a legend in his own mind……..


Has anyone heard the number of medical doctors and scientists who are calling for the ‘vaccinated’ to be quarantined from society until they can be ‘detoxed’ and the rest of society can return to safety? This is wonderful news. I mean, just look what would happen to just about ALL the politicians!
This really needs to get around, and we need to irritate our public servants with this information until they pay attention. PUT THE PRESSURE ON THEM.


Kay, what is the source where you heard about the detox?


Mr Fauci (who has not treated a single patient for the past 30 years) colluded with Dr Bill Gates 2.0 (who is a college drop-out) and outsourced the gain of function study to Wuhan lab AGAINST the federal law banning all gain of function studies on coronaviruses, and funded that with our tax payers money. The resulting deaths caused worldwide is nothing less than genocide committed by Mr Fauci, Dr Gates, CCP and the Deep State!


One of his daughters, Ali is a software engineer for Twitter…go figure. His wife Christine Grady is the chief of the Bioethics Dept at the Natl Institute of Health, and works for nine other than Obama back in the day.


Fauci needs to pay for his crimes big time! Every week he contradics himself…
so obvious he is lying every time he opens his mouth! Hang ’em high!!!
Also Michael I looked up Melinda (Melvin, birth name) French married to Wm.
H. (Bill) Gates….in Ancestry it lists a story that both were hung in July 2013 in India. It also lists a story that both were executed on 9January 2020 at GITMO.
Is this true???


I listened to Dr. Charlie Ward a couple of days ago say that Fauci has been at GITMO for about a year! Who is correct? If it is a ‘double’ trying to escape, this is known by the military, right? This means, again, he is impersonating a head of NIH and giving out “ORDERS” to American Citizens? The masks and shots are killing and maiming people by the thousands. Because, “Fauci says so–and he ain’t even a medical person!”

Melissa Lee Wesolowski

No one likes to hear I TOLD YOU SO, but as a MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL and one who holds a medical license, HE WAS LYING FROM DAY ONE and I even reported him to the medical board. He has violated his oath to “DO NO HARM.” It’s sad that so many people BLINDLY jumped on his bandwagon of bullshit without any evidence, including taking a “vaccine” made with mRNA. PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS POS ESCAPE his punishment! Not all medical professionals are DIRTY but there are many agencies that should also be punished with Tony Bologna. The CDC needs to be either restructured, reduced, and definitely their scope should be minimized for the role they played in this BULLSHIT FLU PLANDEMIC. FDA needs a smackdown for their role in the FAUX VACCINE. WHO most definitely needs the same smackdown as the CDC. I’m absolutely sure I forgot some but these are government agencies created to protect the AMERICAN people and people of the world and they shamelessly let humans down by cooperating to LIE and DO HARM! It’s really sad to say this and it bothers me but the deep state dips into governing agencies who hold licenses like the North Carolina Board of Nursing and the Medical board for doctors. How else do you think New York killed all of those elderly nursing home patients and New Yorkers and NO CHARGES FILED….hmmm.


There is a lawyer going after the WHO and davos group.
I had to have surgery, so I had that swab.
I found it odd that they stuck that swab up my nose, behind my left eye and it burned for 30 seconds. Why???
No jab, but who knows what they do when your under anesthesia?


Michael. Does any of the GITMO TRIALS and flights align with Monkey Werks daily updates.
I am noticing a lot of activity in all the offshore prison and Opileka facility.
He doesn’t have passenger details.
Can you confirm any passenger info if available or I imagine classified?

Joe Lemos

And yet again, implying that the “novel virus” is real and many people have died as a result of it “getting out”.
Meanwhile, there has been no spike in respiratory-related deaths from 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 to 2020. They will NEVER come clean as to the legitimacy of the claims that a “novel virus” even exists, BECAUSE it is the “key to control” a massive amount of people on a whim, and as we can see millions of Americans failed the test miserably as they were duped into embracing this tyrannical overreaching of the government and even flocking in droves to receive a “vaccine” that has NO LONG TERM TESTING.

Veronica Cougar

Please, haul Fauci’s rotten little ass in, asap. My employer is trying SO HARD to make the jab mandatory, and is now saying unvaccinated people have to wear a mask at work, but vaccinated people, don’t. SO science-based, NOT!!! I’m scouring the internet, trying to find a non-profit legal organization that will issue them a letter to cease and desist.

My employer is comprised of flaming liberal satanic globalist elites, the usual designer-clad snakes in the grass who pretend to be the champions of the downtrodden and oppressed, who just love implementing yet another free program for the disabled, minorities, the underprivileged, and collecting yet another Other People’s Money tax to launder through said programs and into their own pockets; who are already implementing Agenda 2030 in building and planning departments. They are very large and powerful and are all about doing what they want now and asking for forgiveness later. Most of their departments are covers for laundering huge sums of money intended for programs for the oppressed and vulnerable; those programs do exactly nothing for those people except give them a list of outside agencies that are also globalist elite money laundering fronts. The guy running this organization, frequents The Standard Hotel in downtown L.A. on his downtime. He is a particularly oily, fake DS tool if ever there was one.

It seems like my employer is over-the-top eager to implement the jab. They are now sending people to homes of the homebound, to vaccinate them.

A video recently surfaced of law enforcement personnel forcefully vaccinating the homeless on Skid Row.

They recently received $58 billion in fedl. govt. Covid-19 related assistance but are still requiring employees to take monthly unpaid furlough days, which have DESTROYED my finances. I am hanging on by my fingernails!! As soon as Fauci goes away, so does the Big Covid Lie, my life continues, my job is saved, and the bewildered, abandoned constituents of my corporation, will finally be properly and lawfully represented and served.

When the DS is toppled, my employer will lose a lot of high level management, but will become a straight-arrow benevolent entity, because the lower level employees all work for God and will step up into the vacated positions.

Otherwise, I will lose my job, lose my retirement, and will probably fall through the cracks and be lost, a fate that too many decent Americans have already met because of POS’s like Fauci.

I HATE that weasely little smirk that is everpresent on Fauci’s face. Him and that lady-glasses-and-lavender-sweater-wearing PUTZ, Bill Gates. Can hardly wait until I never have to see those gloating, gleeful smirks again. They are surely demon-obsessed; how else could a human being be positively elated by the suffering being inflicted at their hands on their fellow human beings?


Using “good works and charity” to launder money (taxpayer money!) is how the Rothschilds and Rockefeller’s and many others greedy for money/power got going in our Country, by manipulating American Indian Federal programs. Under the guise of “helping,” the American Indians and Eskimos sunk further into poverty by the scam.
Susan Bradford’s book, The Shadow Dragon, has an excellent chapter on this, The Backdoor of Socialism.

“The betrayal of the American Indians, which would later be blamed on Westerns values and “white man, would eventually be experienced by the American population at large. Led by the powerful, ubiquitous Rothschild banking family and its agents, the elites diligently shored up the nation’s wealth, natural resources, and power within their own hands gradually and imperceptibly through the American Indian tribes.”


They all have to be brought down. Top twenty in every corporation. Move people up.
Americans only.

Threaten employers with crimes under neuremberg


I feel for you.. it is TOTALLY insane and criminal. There are ways to fight this. Nuremburg Code and Cease and Desist letter is out there.. Also. his skin is leathery like the Reptln he is.. gross. I am sorry you are place in this Draconian oppressive position. If i see another person walking down the street alone with a mask on..i wanna scream.. I hope you are gonna do ok and not SUBMIT.. they want us all to Submit or make our lives hell.. we must fight.. they are ALL goin’ down soon.. so they are desperate in their final attempts to take as many people out before the hatchet falls on their evil dictates. God Bless U.. and don’t take the MOB..



Proudly Unaffiliated

Why call this thing the China virus or the Wuhan flu when the accurate name is, THE FAUCI VIRUS.


my question.. anybody know a good attorney.. i got Corona Virus and want to sue the shit out of Fauci and his evil buddies for creating this “plandemic”.. Anybody want to join a class action suit.. i could use the money for my old age.. Any ideas are welcome..Thanks! No fckn vx’s from Medical Mafia and Big Pharma cabal.. F’em all..


I’m down, in PA. I’m calling lawyers to see if i can find a good one.


If this all.plays out like we want no way in he’ll will they want Trump pissed off at them


The extradition treaties in place now were formed in the corporation. Now that it’s bankrupt, no longer valid because America is back to being a Republic, the treaties are void.


brilliant point.. thanks for bringing this to our attention.. hope DJT is in control of the 650 plane loads of GOLD from Vtcan.. anybody hear the latest rambling by Venez. Thug who wears red shoes over there.. kind of weird confessional.. We got the GOLD.. HOORAY!!


Darlene…..cool up your heels babe……


Fauci is despicable, but he is only a “Fair-haired boy” carrying out the plans and propagation of the world’s worst individual—BILL GATES! ABSOLUTELY NO MENTION OF ALL HIS WORK IN THIS ENTIRE ORDEAL. WHEN ARE THEY GOING AFTER GATES AND BEHEAD HIM? GATES IS THE ADOLPH HITLER OF THIS ENTIRE WORLD MOVEMENT.

Suzanne rei

Dr Fauci’s wife…Christine Grady….is Chief of NIH…..

Sue Grantham

Which is who funded Wuhan lab.

MAGA CountryBabe

I hate storms but this one we are in is rather nice.

Detachment 1

This little turd should go down hard. He is no doubt responsible for even more deaths than those murderous Clinton gangsters. I sure hope he resists arrest. A little roughing up by the spec ops guys would suit me just fine.


yes, that is who i want to kiss. the special ops guys.. Thanks to them.. Like the huge RAMBO FLAG at TRUMP rallies.. Special ops heros.. maybe Marines.. led by Ezra.. who knows.. but I hope to GOD they are LARGE AND IN CHARGE.. WE NEED THEM..taking orders from DJT at MARA….GO.. BOOM! and the lucky devils at Gitmo that get the fire the shots or tie the knots or kick the chairs.. KUDOS to you folks too.. GOD LOVES YOU and so do we.




What about all those uninhabited cities China built for all the exiled US citizens that manage to escape from the USA?
They didn’t build those cities for nothing.

The Executioner

Long time coming!

Sandy Koufax

It will be more difficult for the military to confiscate overseas real estate when he is arrested.


But the host country can and probably would welcome the chance to acquire some elite real estate.

Sue Grantham

Military doesn’t acknowledge extradition treaties. If there is an enemy of America anywhere on the planet, they will get them. All assets are frozen when an indictment is unsealed. Doesn’t matter where those assets are- the military will confiscate all assets real or liquidated and they become the property of America and her citizens. ALL ASSETS


Thanks Sue.. you are filled with pearls of wisdom… I like the fact our military can kick ass with no restraints.. that is what it TAKES.. we have to give them FULL autonomy to get these rat bastrds.. they are slimy suckers who desrve no way out… I want to kiss the military savages doing God’s work…Satan’s minions do not deserve ANY mercy.


of course i mean “savages” in a respectful and honorable context.

joe blow

Peter Strzok was angry when questioned during his trial. I noticed Fauci acted the same way.


Cuomo as well, anytime he is question. It is the height of a pride and arrogance. The characteristics of satan, thinking he was God.


Yeah. I was Strzok by your comments. Btw, where is Strzok? I’m sure he hasn’t Strzok a deal with the military. Maybe we should page Lisa and see if they have recently Strzok up a conversation. OK. I’ll shut up now. Pretty sure I Strzok out with my first one-liner.

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Sue Grantham




Sue K

Stories were circulating back in 2020 amongst the public health community that Fauci sent $3M U.S. taxpayer dollars to fund the Wuhan lab. It wasn’t public knowledge at the time. It is now.

Remember, the ‘vaccine’ was not created for COVID; COVID was created for the ‘vaccine.’

J Bill

“Bellerophon and Chimera.” Sounds like a bad movie.

Sue Grantham

Covid was man made ? in the Wuhan lab. It’s a biologic weapon plain and simple.

Hal Brown

I’ll bet he didn’t pay income tax on the 9 Mil.

Sharilyn Henry

Per the article did he not show his tax return to his buddies at the Barking Dog saloon…as I recall?


Yes he did.

Sue Grantham

He was drunk, maskless and the guys he was with said bullshit when he said he made 9M of miscellaneous income. Fauci removed his tax returns from his briefcase and showed them.
Idiot show off that he is ?


These criminals are so arrogant they don’t even worry about witnesses.


Great reports Michael. Hope they grab Fauci soon considering how Pelosi and Pence both tried to slip away. Make an “home” studio for him at GITMO, after giving him AMPLE doses of the vaccine he’s getting royalies off of.

Sharilyn Henry

Yes, absolutely … give him the REAL doses. I have not believed for a SECOND that he has ever been injected with the REAL doses…as he even pointed to the wrong arm….after the televised injection he had a few months ago.


thats meaningless – wrong arm – edittors often reverse mirror video


Very interesting. If he doesn’t choose his exit method after he is convicted, the tribunal might choose exit by injection. Poetic justice?

Last edited 2 years ago by Y2KO

About a thousand of his own vaccines should do the trick. Talk about cytokine storm!

J Bill

First he’ll feel itchy. Then a sneeze. Finally his head explodes. lol


Too quick and easy. Hanging would be better.

Sandy Koufax

Fauci is a disciple of Josef Mengele. He must be hanged from the shortest possible rope.


the length of the rope doesnt matter as long as its shorter than the drop

Terminally deplorable

So, the military obviously des not want attention to their actions. That is why they are holding back on Fauci. Is there a reason for that?


Would you say Fauci is more important than Obummer or Bill Clinton or Pelosi?
All in due time. This is a YUGE operation.



Walter Shoults

It’s time to stress test his neck because if we do not put his vertebrae through a serious test then how will we ever know just how strong of a neck he has


he’s probably the thickest skinned politician in all of washington


He and Gates have killed millions.


The real estate he should have been selling should have been plots! 🙂


My wife noticed he’s been dressing sharper in his recent interviews. Must have a new tailor.


A lot of online interviews regarding Fauci’s recent real estate transactions have been broadcast lately.
I hope that the timing is right to arrest this poor excuse for a human being ASAP.
Americans are fed up with being fed conflicting info. and downright lies. The brainwashed, sleepwalking masses are never going to get it until this guy is taken to task. Mike, please keep us updated.


Someone I follow on fb posted yesterday morning the info from zillow that his house in dc sold on 3/30. No mention of him buying out of the country tho.


That verifies he is out of his house and it’s been dark.

Sara Schmidt

The fact that he is trying to get the children just scares me to death. I have grandkids and terrified they will make these children get the jab before they are allowed back into schools this fall. I pray every day this ends .


I’m terrified, too, for all the same reasons. I also pray every day this vaccine nightmare ends before our children, grandchildren, and children around the world continue to die or become permanently damaged for life. Jesus says: “Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth concerning anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in Heaven.” Matthew 18:19-21 … so, let’s never cease praying, Sara! We are two or more!


Oh stop being “terrified.” Can always leave public schools.


Sadly, that is not an option for grandparents to make, so in that respect it is terrifying.

Sue Grantham

Do NOT subject your children to the vaccine. Under any circumstances. Go to the school board meetings and tell them NO. Also, find out about school vouchers. Threatening the school boards with removing children from public schools will work. They get $$ per child from the state and federal government. You take that voucher and put them in a private school. Public schools depend on that money. The more parents who do threaten them with removing their kids the more power parents have.


Sue, thank you for your advice, it is much appreciated! I agree with you 100% My hands are somewhat tied in this situation as I am the grandmother not the parent. I can only give my advice. One of my daughters will be using the religious exemption for her son who will enter kindergarten this Fall. My other daughter has 4 kids in school (all under the age of 10). All were remote learning for the past year and now they’re back in school. I will pass this info along to them and pray for the best!


Sue, thank you for your advice! I agree with you 100% My hands are somewhat tied as a grandmother, far as schooling goes because, unfortunately, one of my daughter’s in-laws are on the other side of the fence, and she lives with them! All I can do is offer advice and pray for the best! My other daughter will be using the religious exemption this Fall for her son entering kindergarten. Even with that, I don’t trust government run institutions to abide by an exemption! This is a topic I’ve been heavily concerned with since the birth of my 1st grandchild. At birth, all of my grandchildren have left the hospital unvaxxed. It wasn’t until they were entering school that it became an issue.


Sorry for the double post! I didn’t see the first one go through, so I posted again.


Right! Paid by the head.


i knew the first time i laid eyes on that twerp he was bad news.

Hal Brown

Suffers from LMS. Liddle Man Syndrome

Sue Grantham



twerp – haha – if there was one person in the world that embodied that word LOL


Hi everyone, I posted something like this about 6 articles back but since then I’ve added even more compelling evidence that Real Raw News is indeed true. This is post is for those who pray this is true because you’re not 100% sure, and also anyone who wants to help others believe. I was going to make a video outlining these points, but my room mate reminded me it could destroy my channel. I hope this encourages someone. Here we go::

1 Since these articles began rolling months ago, not one person that Mr. Baxter has quoted, represented, or included in anyway in these reports has come out to say its fake. This includes pentagon staff, GITMO staff , special forces, Podesta’s defense lawyer, and even Trump. In fact, Trump who has always been quick to report fake news, would have been obligated to give “clueless unsuspecting sheep” a heads-up especially since some of Baxter’s articles have collected over half a million views by mostly Trump supporters. One person who commented on Baxter’s articles puts it this way:

“My husband and I worked for the DOD and DON for a total of 72 yrs together and retired from federal service. If these stories Michael is reporting are fake news, the Commanding Officer of the Naval Station Guantanamo Bay Cuba, the Judge Advocate General (JAG), the three high-ranking jury will demand a retraction. These military officers are still active duty climbing the ladder of success and they will not take it lightly that their names are being dragged around.” – Soly’s reply to Cricket (extracted from Liz Cheney Indictment article by Baxter)

2. Articles are very detailed and appear to miss out on key opportunities to embellish a story that is suppose to be for mere “entertainment”. For example, while some articles do contain dramatic events such as a seizure Hillary suffered at the end of one of the hearings, all the other days she is reported as remaining completely silent and unfazed. If articles were fabricated from author’s imagination, you would expect some type of reaction from Hillary during the 4 articles that cover her hearing to juice things up a bit, especially since the author writes 4 separate articles on her hearings alone.

3. In these articles, Baxter describes crimes committed by top polititians beyond what most people can fathom. These are the most serious crimes against humanity – crimes that you can’t even make up or imagine. There is no way that these people would stand down and allow any news outlet to describe such horrific crimes pinned against them if they weren’t true. This has been most graphically detailed in one article that covers Podesta’s military tribunal Day 2.

4. In January Mike Lyndell, founder and CEO of My Pillow, who had just become friends with former top General Michael Flynn, told us in 2 separate interviews that something big was about to happen and that Trump would indeed be our president for the next 4 years. He had both the evidence of voter fraud in his hands which he spent millions to uncover with the assistance of General Flynn, and had the inside scoop and though he couldn’t give details, he knew something big was about to go down. But he did say this: a lot of people were about to go to prison from both parties. One of these interviews is no longer on You Tube, but one is. To view it go to Roy Fields You Tube Channel, click videos, go down to the 6th row- you’ll see it as “part 2” on the far left. You may want to begin it at the 20 minute mark.

5. In January or February, Brigitte Gabriel tweeted that she had just left some meeting with Trump and couldn’t give details but stated that a lot of good things were about to happen and was very hopeful.

6. For years Q ANON told us nothing could stop what was coming, and that patriots were in complete control. He told us repeatedly “trust the plan” and would often show pics of high profile politicians in prison garb. He told us that the military was the only way because the U.S. government had become saturated with self-seeking people who only pursued politics for money which they obtained by making deals with foreign leaders, mostly enemies of the state. Foreign leaders would pay politicians, to create and implement policies that served their agenda rather than U.S. citizens. He explained that only our military had remained relatively free from such corruption because only people who really loved our nation were willing to sign up for a branch of government that required them to place their lives at risk. Consequently the military became saturated with the “self sacrificing”, as opposed to the “self seeking”.  

7. 2 days after Mr. Baxter reports on Giuliani assisting Trump in the hanging of Clinton, Giuliani’s apartment is raided by the FBI, an event that is well documented by mainstream news.

8. On the day Real Raw News reported that James Comey was arrested by military, Comey was scheduled to do a book interview that same day. Many of us were chatting about the scheduled interview and the link to the live event was provided to us. But his interview was canceled and that book interview is nowhere to be seen.

9. Although Mike Baxter does include a disclaimer on his website, he has also stated in the comments under the articles that this is only to protect himself from any possibility of being sued by adversaries of his reports. He has stood by the information as credible, coming from a Trump confidante who is in direct contact with Trump everyday as Trump and the military continue to engage in a global and military operation to take down very bad people who have been controlling the nations on our planet while engaging in the most heinous crimes against children, of which some details will be laid out in the articles selected for this “sample packet”.

10. Perhaps the most obvious question we must ask is this: if Baxter is writing on true events, why isn’t mainstream news covering this? The fact that mainstream is quiet on this topic makes sense if you understand that the corrupt self-seeking people who infiltrated our government also infiltrated our media – not necessarily the journalists, but those at the top who decide which stories will air and which ones won’t. After all, their appetite for power and control is satisfied most through a platform that makes it possible to control how a society thinks and votes by deciding which crimes will be aired and which crimes won’t. What doesn’t make sense is that these people would be willing to air their own crimes. 

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Thanks for approving:)!


Wonderful, complete and truthful analysis and those who doubt it are going to be forced to believe it and VERY SOON.


Hope you’re right- my mom is a hard nut to crack. Poor lady is so deceived and thinks I’m the crazy one.

Terminally deplorable

No retraction, no BS, you write what you hear or believe. That is all we can expect at this time.


Imagine if the Military needs to go after this small-statured criminal on a wild multi-country search. Let’s hope they have a good “ground” game.


Michael.. Thank you.. as Lin Wood said.. we must use “discernment” in these times.. and my own feeling is you are speaking the truth with integrity. Any idea why DJT did not endorse Lin in SC? This is disappointing.. and also his “push” for the deadly V. The birthdays of Melania and DJT.. sweet revenge for them. Final payback for the “HELL”.. they have endured endlessly since they stepped up to face down the DEMONS in DS. best birthday presents for them. Trump is VICIOUS.. just why we love him.. NOBODY gets the best of him without PAYING.. i think he learned from the best… R. Cohn. Only someone as vicious as DJT could have taken these people on.. and beat them at their own game.. he is a poker player … with Satan sitting across the table from him.. don’t expect him to show his full hand until the game is over.

J Bill

Thanx for the precise and detailed synopsis of what we know so far.
Seen altogether and at once it’s even more compelling. I’m saving a copy for my scrap book.

Last edited 2 years ago by J Bill
Johnny Lunchbucket

Great perspective and agreed otherwise I wouldn’t be here. I think Michael is a hero and def needs to be watching his back from the leftist scumbags out there that don’t want this “news” out there.

Sara Schmidt

Yes please stay safe . Keeping the faith here

Adam Coman Jr

I wouldn’t be here either. Hope is the greatest thing.


yes it is and if it weren’t for for these articles I’d have none. I was done- had nothing left after the election.


Your comment needs to be pinned to the top. If Michael makes an FAQ, it should be in there.


There are more points i’m sure that i didn’t think of or I am not aware of. To be honest, this is the greatest event we are witnessing and at times hard to believe. I think initially I compiled this for me – to help me believe! Because once we jump or I jump from 99.9% convinced to 100% I’ll be singing in the rain and dancing in the streets. Can’t wait for all my liberal Trump hating neighbors and my mom who thinks i’m crazy and has nothing to do with me to find out the truth about the politians they worshipped. Like Lyndell says- a spiritual revival is on the way because they will realize they need God in thier hearts.




i know.. my neighbor has a BLM sign in yard.. i feel like putting a SOROS with a strike through it on my fence.. people are so ignorant.. makes me sick.. can’t even speak to them.. Domestic T..


Be careful. Just because your neighbor is stupid (and what commiecrat is not?!) don’t make yourself a target.


Or any pets either. Better to remain silent. That BLM scum will do anything to anyone including the innocent.


What they need is to be educated. If you go to hiddenstone.weebly.com, click on the 3 bars on top left, click on printable tracks, scroll down the pdf files till you see the ones listed as “ministry flag… and “ministry blm…, these 2 handouts together make a good back to back 1 page educational handout – stick it in thier mail box anonymous. All the information there was provided by Q on the subject of blm. If you have trouble let me know.

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Make a video and put it on bitchute – don’t support platforms that censor you. The right thing to do is boycott them. Brighteon is a good one too imo.


thanks for the reminder- yes, need to move 🙂


Tammytam, you knocked that right out of the park! Spot on…


Thanks, I just replied to Y2Ko what i would have said to you if I saw your comment first. By the way, the tamb after my name tammy is the first 4 letters of tambourine which I’ll also be sounding when I celebrate in the streets- got 4 of them !:)


Rumble also doesn’t censor. Great write-up, Tammy & thanks for doing it!


Thank you! Very well said. Years ago my husband & I attended a dinner party where several CNN reporters were also there. The conversation came around to them saying…”we CONTROL all you see & hear…” Turns out, they were right.
Thank you again for your explanation.


Wow– so you really had a front row seat to what is really going on- we are living through an amazing event in history. I remember back around 2008ish — for a couple of years i would wake up with my pot of coffee and first I did was watch NBC news. Out of all those hours I sat in front of the news channel, I can only recall one event that was covered- the Oscar Grant shooting which took place just 12 miles from where I live, and the very seed from which the blm movement sprung up. The coverage on this one event went on and on and on and on until it was all I could think of, but not in the way you’d expect. Not soon after this I realized every time I watched the news I started to feel sick. Since that realization I stopped watching TV completely. Something didn’t feel right. Then around that same time I watched the Steven Dollins ex Satanist testimony on You Tube and that was the beginning of my “mainstream awakening” – when I understood their purpose was only to weaken us through division.

J. Ricks

Tammytamb, thank you for articulating your thoughts and reasons to believe Mr. Baxter’s reporting. I have used almost the same exact logic to evaluate his writings and, as a result, more and more strongly am forced to conclude he has virtually impeccable inside sources for his reports. Actually…a somewhat comforting conclusion, though so very sad at the horrible times our republic has descended into going back 100 years or more when these dark forces began to coalesce around our republic. Thanks again for your “rendition”…keep them coming if/when you have occasion to do so.


Thank you for your encouragement – this can be a lonely ride especially if you live in my neighborhood- a sub-region of the San Francisco Bay Area. Every like minded person we meet reminds us of our own sanity- something we might question if we didn’t have each other!

Sue Grantham

I love intelligent people ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️?


Who is QAnon?
I have heard of the Q and the postings. I have heard on the Anon or anonymous.
Are they the same?

Nothing can stop what is coming=home land security BTW. Not sure why it means that, but on one of the post states that phrase and puts in capital NCSWIC purposefully(HLS as corrupt as FBI or worse ). They use or used that site to track what they call domestic terrorist or those who are awake and a danger to them.

Homeland Security is currently using spy planes and I mean 100s collecting our data by using dirtbox and stingray. They are also using social media to collect data on post deemed harmful to the new administration.

Q Anon is the CIA operation. It’s a strategy used to create false hope and complacency among Trump followers I have heard. And to trace people.

I stopped supporting it long ago. Don’t buy it. It’s phony.

I am not sure about RRN as part of it, but it’s fun to read. If RRN is part of it I am sure everyone on here can expect a knock on the door from HLS or FBI with a pair of handcuffs?‍♂️?.

I guess we will all see soon enough.


If you had actually read and comprehended the posts of Q, QANON, or however you want to name it, you would not have posted this.
Unless you do your homework, you will get lost fast in our classroom discussions here.
Let me know if you still need the link.

Last edited 2 years ago by Tammytamb

The best defense is a good offense!

Logical thinking got me to the same conclusion, although a bit different route, influenced, in part, by listening to Juan O Savin.
Trump was asked to run for President. The White Hats in our Military were prepared to stage a coup if Hillary had won – a coup of that magnitude would have been even more difficult and dangerous than what we’re going through now, and there was the hope that Trump (beholden to no one in the swamp) would spare the Country the devastation of a Military coup. Think ‘The Sum of All Fears.’

Q is highest level Military Intelligence. What a brilliant strategy!! Once we grasped the “future proves past!” Early on Q dropped Hillary’s arrest…followed by Huma’s and Podesta’s – this has just played out 3 1/2 yrs later.

Q, “Nothing can stop what is coming” and “Trust the Plan.”
Logic and common sense enables us to fully realize this plan has to start playing out…as we get to the precipice! The timing of Hillary’s arrest is what got me on board 100% with Michael’s reporting. It lined up with Juan O Savin’s explanation of the Military following their procedures of evaluating the election fraud and concluding what we all know, the election was stolen. At that point, they would recognize Trump as the lawful civilian authority and take their orders from Trump (because, Thank God, this isn’t a Military coup)
By the end of Feb / very beginning of March, their internal investigation was done…and that’s when Michael has been reporting these arrests and the Military Tribunals! The timing adds up perfectly!

Anyway, Tambourine Patriot, loved your logic! ❤️??


Another potpourri of sweet perfume to add to the list of why we believe and continue to hold on to hope. Yes– you just reminded me of some really good points and just how miraculous this all is. God is really in control and President Trump is his special creation for this time and in the end a spiritual awakening to all who chose the wrong path. :)!

Ex - New Yorker

Great analysis !
Looks like YOUTUBE took the Roy Fields/Lyndell video you referred to down? well, at least I could not find it anymore ?

but it´s still up on Bitchute :
www . bitchute . com/video/G5aPoL5cHlor/


It’s still there but its 10 rows down now- remember too you have to click on “videos” before you scroll down, As of today it has a half million views. But glad you found it anyways!


Thank you so much tammytamb for expounding what i have partially in mind. I’ve been sharing michael’s news articles with friends and relatives who are hard core democrats but to no avail. I sound like an empty bucket much worse a lunatic. I was trying to figure out an effective explanation defending my stand but i’m not skilled enough to come up with a good one until i read yours. Kudos to you and michael. You are but precious diamonds in the dust.?

Last edited 2 years ago by Myrna

Very well written. Here’s another thought. With what Lin Wood has said about Justice John Roberts and Mike Pence, if it weren’t true those two would have filed big defamation lawsuits against him. They haven’t ?


Fauci is bought and paid for by the deep state. Obama Pelosi Biden Harris Soros the whole rotten CCP loving America Hating bunch. Can’t wait for their day of judgment to come. I think Obama and Pelosi is the main head in all of this mess.

Terminally deplorable

Fauci is in urgent need of a pacemaker.

J Bill

And those coming for him – a “peacemaker.” But a 1911 will do fine.
Either or, a win-win situation.

nunya biness

Adios mad Dr. Fraudchi.

Andy R

It would be so nice if they arrest this guy and make him talk – to the public, that the whole “pandemic” is false. That would uncover this whole scam worldwide and put an end to the killer vaccines and stupid lockdowns.


Water board with a touch of irony… Use the useless masks rather than the traditional old towel.

Johnny Lunchbucket

Oh, thaaaaat’s good. Lmao


Michael, you are being robbed. I just read your entire post regarding Hillarys demise, word for word, on another site. The author was listed simply as Andrew. I will try to find and forward a link. It was your story…..word for word with no credit to you. Keep digging brother!!!


vaccinate him to death, I say!


Michael.. something tells me you are a military special ops guy.. just a hunch.. so yeah.. bring on the Medieval sht for these fckers.. their arrogance is desrving of full on retribution. No Geneva Convention for these vermin.

Melissa Lee Wesolowski

Same but my theory, I believe, is true and in this case I cannot and will not TELL but you are close with your comment…It really wasn’t hard to figure out, common sense really. Michael, I back you and your stories 100%! Keep up the GREAT work!! Revenge is ours for the taking!

Joe Lemos

I say inject Fauci with the entire remaining stock of all vaccines.


Or maybe tie him to a bed and hook him up with a few IVs?


Hello everybody. Yes you are absolutely right. In public that the whole scam ends. I want to say thank you to all the good people here. Mr. Trump is a wonderful president and human being. Here in Germany he has lots of fans despite what the corrupt mainstream media is telling about him. Thank you to All the Patriots who fight against this crime against human rights and freedom.

Terminally deplorable

Countries without extradition treaties:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Andorra, Angola, Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bosnia and
Herzegovina, Brunei, Burkina Faso, Burma, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cape Verde, the Central
African Republic, Chad, Mainland China, Comoros, Congo (Kinshasa), Congo (Brazzaville), Djibouti, Equatorial
Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan,
Kosovo, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Libya, Macedonia, Madagascar, Maldives, Mali, Marshall Islands,
Mauritania, Micronesia, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Nepal
Niger, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Rwanda, Samoa, São Tomé & Príncipe, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia,
Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu,
Vatican, Vietnam and Yemen.

Where would I go?

Probably Montenegro, South of Jugoslavia at the Adriatic Sea. Its pretty there, NOT EU and and bit of money goes a long way.

Johnny Lunchbucket

I would hope at this point that the military tells the country where Fauci absconds too , FUCK OFF, we are coming in to get the little weasel rat bastard.

Terminally deplorable

Fauci bought property in Argentina, GB and Panama. They would extradite Fauci in heartbeat.

Sue Grantham

The military will just go get him regardless of any extradition treaties. They acknowledge and adhere to the Constitution ONLY. They are not loyal to the administration of anyone- it’s the Constitution above all else.

J Bill

He’s got Nazi written all over him. The “little weasel rat bastard” PRIC.


The putid smell of Nazism just seep out of all his corrupt pores.


I am quite sure this is unnecessary. Trump and the military have enough leverage to roll any country into either actively helping or staying out of the way while the job gets done.


If the Navy SEALs could land several aircraft within blocks of a Pakistani military base then execute and extract the purported Bin Laden without engaging the host country. It’s a pretty solid bet that the little F man would not be safe in Montenegro or anywhere else, especially if Putin is onboard with taking down the deep state.


Yes, these horrible people still think their money will save them. They are so arrogant to believe they will reign forever.


yes, my hunch is.. based on how much the DS media HATES Putin.. that HE MUST be on DJT’s TEAM and a GOOD GUY.. that is the BEST barometer i use these days.. whoever they HATE the most.. is the Best guy for we the people.. Like Bible says.. Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;


remember this, many of those countries like Trump. If all of this is true and plays out like we all want, if this snake runs to one of these countries I don’t see them NOT handing him over to Trump. Most of them get aid from the U.S. and Trump would cut them off in a heart beat.


Fauci has been lying for a very long time. All these devils up in age still commiting atrocities, smh! He blocked therapeutics that would have prevented many people especially those black people in that Queens, NY hospital (can’t think of the name) from dying because they vented them and blew out their lungs. See whistleblower nurses. It’s disgusting, it’s demonic and it didn’t have to be this way. Please search him out to the ends of th earth if need be, Military.


That particular action was especially egregious since he knew, because he’d written a paper on it, that hydroxychloroquine not only prevents the virus from causing the disease, he literally said it acts like a vaccine; but if one had already contracted the disease it also acted as a therapeutic, preventing the disease from becoming dangerous or deadly, keeping one OUT of the hospital.

Last edited 2 years ago by Windy

I remember hearing about the successes with it on fox news before anything came from the white house. Multiple doctors had successes and their findings were reported to the white house. One man was on his death bed and had said goodbye to his family. The doctors put him on the drug saying nothing to lose at that point and within hours he was recovering. Trump spoke on the reports when they were hitting the news. As soon as word got loose, dems blocked the drug and accused Trump of having a stake in it. And sadly it still seems like the drug is not being used. So many needless deaths in the name of politics. I hope many face tribunals over this pandemic.

Melissa Lee Wesolowski

You are absolutely correct and the Board of Nursing in NC is GUILTY of changing “rules” of prescribing those meds like HCQ by Nurse Practitioners. I have the proof.


Show us


Hang on to it. We may need it!


Everyone has proof but wont use it or show it.
Trump had proof of fauci doing this way back in 2020 but allowed him to stay on when he could have fired him and saved lives. I know people wont like me saying this but it’s true. I know, T was playing a roll in a movie he was getting more of the ds to Expose themselves but lets face it people lost their lives over it.


Absolutely correct. Also, remember right after this when Fauci/Birx started preaching vaccine the second largest manufacturer of Hydroxycholoroquine in Taiwan exploded! MSM barely mentioned it! Coincidence? There are NO coincidences!


he also wrote a paper on the Spanish Flu and how people died from bacterial pneumonia from WEARING MASKS

Melissa Lee Wesolowski

My Great Grandfather died in 12/1918 of bacterial Pneumonia….shove your masks!


Despite DECADES of crimes against humanity and infecting unsuspecting innocents with their biological creations, the genocidal maniac probably was pardoned by Ovomit, so it´s possible this is the only chance to get him and held him accountable, as the covid genocide happened after any pardon, and hopefully its not included´. He is a threat to mankind. We could be extinct because of him and his ilk.

Melissa Lee Wesolowski

100%. At the beginning, I watched these nurses tell their stories and I wholeheartedly believed them because I see it everyday. Tony took advantage of a broken medical system to KILL HUMANS!

Coons Laura

There was a video clip of Fauci speaking at some event. This was shortly after the 2016 election. The guy made a statement saying. “This administration/President will se a pandemic. Seeing that and knowing he’s in the pockets of many DS and he is also making millions from this “vaccine” tells me this was a preplanned pandemic that would’ve happened no matter who was in office. This virus was always in the works of the DS as part of their communist one world order plan. Tuu hi is is my opinion anyway. ?‍♀️


Yes! Saw that video clip just yesterday! “This administration will see a surprise pandemic”!


I also saw a video of a guy in Vietnam saying they never had such a thing as autism in Vietnam until early 2000’s when the “vaccines” (Gates) started there. These demons have slaughtered millions of people. Gates had also been thrown out of parts of not all of Africa after vaccines killed and/or injured thousands of children.

GA Peaches

Again, WOW! Hoping and praying!