Military Convicts Susan Rice of Treason


On 8 July, the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps convicted former National Security Advisor Susan Rice of high treason and sentenced her to death for her participation in a 2017 scheme to defame then-President Elect Trump by falsely and knowingly linking his campaign to baseless allegations of Russian collusion. And for misusing her authority to spy on law-abiding American patriots.

Vice Adm. John G. Hannink, representing the military, opened the proceedings by drawing the three-officer panel’s attention to a declassified email Rice had sent to James Comey and other intelligence officials. In it, Rice instructed intelligence agencies to withhold classified data from the incoming administration because, she claimed, Gen. Michael Flynn had conspired with Russian assets to sabotage Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Her request was unprecedented and illegal, as no outgoing administration had ever denied an incoming team access to daily intelligence briefings. Her unfounded accusations were later proven false.

“Susan Rice had a history of telling lies for personal gain,” Vice Adm. Hannink told the tribunal. “She fabricated information, which she knew was false, to try to thwart Trump’s installation as President of the United States, and she disseminated those lies among her colleagues.”

To prove his point, Vice Adm. Hannink played an audiotape of a conference call that took place on November 11, 2016, three days after Trump had resoundingly defeated Hillary Clinton. The participants on the call included Rice, James Comey, then-VP Joe Biden, and former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates. Rice said on that call that on July 23, 2016, she had coerced from the Foreign Intelligence Service Court (FISA) a warrant granting the intelligence community permission to wiretap several Trump properties, including Trump Towers, Mar-a-Lago, his campaign headquarters, Trump Park Avenue, and six properties abroad.

“Trump is not fit to be president, and we’ll surely fish out something to keep him out of the Oval Office before his inauguration,” Rice said on the tape. “I’m sure we’ll obtain enough genuine information, so we don’t have to make things up.”

“These wiretaps were placed four days after Trump was officially nominated as the Republican candidate. She admits it was a fishing expedition, not because Trump or his incoming team committed a crime, but because they, well, did not like Trump. This is the ultimate betrayal of office, and, yes, treason,” Vice Adm. Hannink said.

“No one close to Trump escaped these illegal wiretaps. They tapped Melania, Eric, Don Jr., their housekeeping staff—the list is exhausting,” Vice Adm. Hannink went on.

Rice, who appeared without benefit of counsel, said, “I acted in the name of preserving this country. And I’d do it again. Donald Trump should never have become president, and if this tribunal, as you call it, is just, I will be exonerated.”

“Preserving this country. Interesting choice of words,” Vice Adm. Hannink said. “Let’s remove Trump from the picture. Were you preserving this nation when you asked NSA Directors General Keith Alexander and Adm. Michael Rogers to tap the phones and electronic devices of American citizens who were not suspected of any crimes but were merely critical of Barack Obama?” Vice Adm. Hannink asked.

He handed the panel of ream of documents to review, saying each page held the name of innocent persons whom Obama had deemed enemy combatants. Each document bore the signature of either Rice or her subordinate, Deputy NSA Director Antony Blinkin.

“A father and son who ran a website critical of Obama’s immigration policies. Serious stuff there,” Vice Adm. Hannink said, his voice rich with sarcasm.

“They were traitors,” Rice barked. “You’re all traitors.”

“If I cared to spend a week in your presence, I could go back to your days with Clinton, your lies about how Benghazi happened, we could unmask much, much more. But others are waiting to sit in your chair,” Vice Adm. Hannink said.

He reminded the tribunal that capital punishment can be imposed for treason and espionage, and recommended that fate, if the commission found her guilty.

And it did.

The three-officer panel unanimously agreed Rice be put to death for her crimes against America.

The date and method of execution were not immediately set.

Correction: We mistakenly wrote the 2016 Presidential Election took place on 20 November, 2016. It is been corrected in the text to the November 8.

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she’s a satan transgender ! look it up, she was one of f-agboy obama’s lovers back in the day !!!!!!

Just Me

Hang this witch for treason and Benghazi. It finally caught up to her, these criminals thought they had gotten away with their crimes against the country and humanity.


I hope they chop this wicked witch’s head off with an OBAMA GUILLOTINE.



Diana Robinson

All these people have made awful choices, but let us not become blood thirsty pricks about it. Justice must be served and that is what it is.




D.J. Trump Jr. & Vice Admiral John G. Hannink for President and Vice President in 2024,after President Trump completes his full second term.


Yes, Hannink has earned his stripes and deserves MEGA support as TRUE PATRIOT and VP spot. I have never heard him speak.. but his ACTIONS speak LOUDER than words against this EVIL we are facing. His Strength and fortitude to administer JUSTICE is what WE NEED RIGHT NOW.. along with DJT.


Rice is such a slimy looking creep! Not one lady-like characteristic! Looks like a ? !


Test … failing connection.




test msg


Is the site getting wonky?


That would be a sight! Rat him out, Susan Rice!


by a lot!

Angela James

She is o ly 56 years old- not at death’s door like Soros, Rumfield, or Bill Clinton. Living 30+ years in a Gitmo cell would be worse than death.

Robert James

Also known as Condolezza Rice, right? Her appearance has changed but her deeds remain in the record.


I think they’re 2 different people.


“we could unmask much, much more. But others are waiting to sit in your chair,”

LOVE IT!!!!!

WHEN will the rest of the public know of these judgements???


Thank you Father God, Jesus; your obedient people love you back! 🙂

john pennington

i guess these dirty dems would rather lose there heads then to give up one another so be it


They better go after Nancy, she’s a total witch..


It’s crazy how they still want to put in a last word before they die!!! I never like her and I heard she was a man.


No more bronzer for you, Mr Rice


Heard anything about Valerie Jarrett? Barry O’? Or did Marines get another try @ Nancy?

Bill L.

Good! This woman is closely behind HRC for the greatest amount of evil perpetrated in the shortest amount of time !

John S.

Hmm, Barr, Schiff & Rice final performance delayed. Methods, dates & time subject to change.

Suspect retrofit of gallows underway to accommodate multiples, alleviating wait time, enhancing production.

Hanging as less of a mess, also making things easier for potential funeral directors [no Comey’s].

Undertakers dispise working with bits-and pieces, and multiple gunshots as cinema example: Sonny in the God Father.


Hell yes!! Another traitor being taken down!!


Now need to cut the head off the snake. Soros, Gates, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer as well. Then little keebler elf Fauci.

Angela James

Also Biden, Hunter, Pelosi, Pence, Dorsey, Zuckerberg, MSM.


Her and the rest of Obama’s loyalists seem to believe that America is THEIR country, not We the People’s. How dare them violate the will of the American people. Even when they face death it is unlikely they will repent.

Patriot Gal

I remember a photo of Obama, college age, sitting on a couch with two other men. One looked exactly like Rice. Is she a trans?

Sue K

That’s been circulating, PG.

IMO, dude looks like a lady.

David Yanity

To my eyes, it looks like the opposite.

Lady looks like a dude.


What does it matter if she’s a transvestite, a dog, cat or a buffalo, she was tried and convicted as a woman. Dead is dead. Focus on relevant stuff, and that’s not relevant.

Robert Dziok

It’s a bit ironic and strange to say the least how some of these characters at their Military Tribunals state they were only “Protecting America” and would “Do it all again” when they knew full well they were out to destroy America and the Constitution. Pathetic creatures acting like a “Duck out of water” when they have to stand on their own.


“protecting” America so they could plunder her assets

Unlabeled quality

The only ‘America’ THEY speak of, is a bankrupt corporation…
We are just chattel to THEM…


Yes indeed !! Bye bye Susan Rice. Another one bites the dust. Thanks for the information Michael. This one has certainly made my day!

Last edited 2 years ago by MADRAVEN61
Sheila Tan

Makes my day when the wicked, Susan Rice, gets what she deserves, the death sentence. Thank you, Military Tribunal.


What country was she referring to? And why would she think her opinion is more valid than the millions of voters who put Trump in office? Arrogance at it’s finest. She is garbage in the USA.


Purest hubris… pridefulness to the point of cluelessness.

dennis richardson

“This is going to be the unlawful lynching of a black woman, like all lynching of black people it is unjust murder”. JUST KIDDING. It was unconstitutional what Barack Obama’s administration did. Previous presidents have no authority to prevent succeeding presidents from taking office despite the fact that you do not their policies. Globalism or no Globalism. ALMIGHTY GOD is opposed to your Globalism, turds. Ask HIM to explain it to you, when you see him.


HRC and Rice reunited in a Hell dimension you suppose they start right back up with ways to tortue demons in hell to be their bitch’s.


This is a much better clip of President Trump arriving at the UFC fight than that cellphone video that was going around…Hope you enjoy!

Donald Trump Arriving at UFC 264, Cheered by Fans | TMZ Sports
It’s posted on YouTube on the “TMZSports” channel…


Why are my comments being taken off? They appear initially,are as valid as anyone elses and yet I never see them again?


are you “new”? are they marked “waiting for approval” ? that is all I have….


Have you tried to select “NEWEST”to read the most recent ones and scroll down to read all comments?They get to the bottom when someone posts.


that is helpful…forgot that one…and i use it all the time!


Great job let the fish swim in the sewer. She will get what she deserves and the second death WOW she in in for a rude wake up in hell. So sad these LOST SOULS chose to follow Satan.

Joshua Munn

The only way I can see the rapture being after the tribulation which contrary to what Kent teaches is the same as the great tribulation according to Matthew 24 (why does Kent never address Matthew 25 by the way? In that chapter three parables are given to us by Jesus Himself to His Jewish (the time of Jacob’s trouble is for the Jews Kent not Christians. Christians don’t need great tribulation described by Jesus to the Jews who listen especially when He teaches these things to the Jews in Luke 21 in a Jewish temple. The great tribulation is designed to punish all Jews especially Israel and most of all the synagogue of Satan for rejecting Jesus and also putting His innocent blood on their hands when they demanded He be crucified. All the good New Testament Jews became Christians like Peter, the 11 apostles, Jesus’s disciples and Paul least of all and we do not need great tribulation and already are in tribulation not great but with Christians being killed for example we already have tribulation). But the only way that the rapture can be after the great tribulation is if Jesus returns and the rapture happens at the same time Kent. The rapture is pre time of Jacob’s trouble which with Syria attempting to destroy Israel just last night I believe Ezekiel 38-39 and Psalm 83 are coming to past. The Jews are also I saw an article getting ready to build that third temple this year. Not sure how long it will take. But I believe the covid vaccines and this proof of vaccinations and people dying from the vaccines and the microchipping of the vaccinated are the mark of the beast system and no you cannot take it Kent it’s either or when it comes to worshipping the beast Barack Obama and the Democratic party. I pray against this entire thread inside and more than anything ever. The antichrist i believe are Joe Biden and Barack Obama combo. This is for several reasons first of all in Revelation 17 we read about Babylon which is obviously America with our debauchery, we are being destroyed from within like the scripture reads but it also reads that’s the king that will go into his destruction after a king that only continues for a little while (Trump, Trump-Pence like Trumpets, all the prophets back Trump as the Isaiah 45 45th president King Cyrus, Jesus will return at the last trump, etc.) Then you have what the scripture reads about 8 eights 5 are fallen, one was and now is again, one continues for a little while (Bush Sr.-globalist, Clinton-globalist, Bush Jr.-advanced globalism through 9/11, Obama/Biden-one who was and then was not, Trump-continues for a little while, Biden/Obama Obama says Biden is finishing what he started, both were illegitimate terrorists who became president through immense fraud in 2008, 2012, 2020 and Obama wasn’t born here neither was Kamala, the audits are now showing fraud) I believe Obama and Biden as the scripture says are going into their own restrictions as Revelation 17 and 18 say before Christ returns in Revelation 19. Remember John wrote there are many antichrists? Still not convinced? The original language of Luke 10:18 where Christ tells us Satan has already fallen like lightning from heaven? That includes Baraq O’bamah and he is the one Satan will fall as. Remember Barack Obama’s real name is Barry Soetero. Do the math. Satan is falling into his destruction as Barack Obama who probably will be arrested and executed soon since he’s the military’s number one terrorist as a former CIA operative that orchestrated all of this same with Biden and all of Congress and the Supreme Court for treason. I pray against all of this, all the like especially those two comments in the thread just above or below depending when you see it this thread and the last thread same with all threads on this website. I pray against all of this comment most of all inside and out all my prayers subjects and stipulations amen. I pray all your channels, videos, comments, descriptions, all the like, all associated, all else, all the rest, all etc. are all and/or taken care of inside and out all my prayers, subjects and stipulations in all exact manners, all same ways, all vice versas all amens. Websites added in to every last jot and tittle too. Accordingly, respectively and orderly as well.



Terminally deplorable

 Reply to  Diana

 1 day ago >>330153943
I pray your reply is all my prayers, subjects and stipulations most of all. I. Pray that all of this thread is all taken care of inside and out all my prayers, subjects and stipulations most of all and >>330138571
I pray against all of this, all the like, all associated, all the rest, all else, all etc. in all exact manners and vice versas as this: >>330139100


First, what has this posting have to do with Sussn Rice?
Second, the anti-christ can not be biden or obama. He is loved by everyone in the world for his knowledge and ability to get people to join as one. Both of the BO club are dumb as a box of rocks and more devisive than Hitler.


We need an execution update on Barr, or was it delayed?


Aug 2nd

Sue K

They’re looking for some very strong rope to hang that lard azz…


we love you michael baxter !!!!!!!!!


wow, she – he is hard to look at, i’ve heard she-he is a transgender that was one of obamas lovers when he was young, not lying, look it up, she-he is married to the producer of……CNN !!!!! small world , huh?


Abc I believe.


“I’d do it again.” Probably not the wisest thing to say in front of her accusers. These people are so arrogant, they don’t even understand that they are caught and that they are going down. At least Bill Clinton realized what was happening to him enough to start crying and beg for mercy. She deserves everything she gets, but I do wish they would have raked her over the coals for the Benghazi cover-up. What a sorry excuse for a human being!

Ed Bob

Slick Willie


Glad to hear it. She committed treason and she lied about Benghazi and everyone knows it..

Sandy Koufax

The current Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, was Deputy National Security Advisor under Susan Rice. He must be guilty too. Rice must have been furious when Blinken became Secretary of State, instead of her.

Last edited 2 years ago by Sandy Koufax
Robert James

This may go on for years. Even half the truck drivers approached to delay food shipment and accepted the offer to let food spoil may be indicted for that.


You know that pic looks a lot like Capt Janeway.

jk jk


I hear she’s the most merciless tribunal judge of them all.

Diana Robinson

Comment below was about Rumsfeld, not rice. OOOOOps

Diana Robinson

This is interesting. It makes me think he didn’t want what he was charged with in any record. Must have been some real bad stuff.


Biden will win again in 2024

Ed Bob

You mean steal again?


Can a theif steal from the grave?

Angela James

He will be in a nursing home in diapers drooling in front of piece of paper and a pack of crayons.

Keith White

Obama needs a crying towel.

live oak

Thank you Michael for this news and also for the 3 new articles up.
It’s a comfort to know there are loyal America loving friends in our midst; the rescue mission of all of us and Canada and our other allies is being carried out quietly and very very fast. We are truly seeing justice in real time. I never thought I’d see the day.
I don’t believe Barry and Michelle have been dealt with. I hope they will be brought to gitmo soon as well as Fauci, Wallensky Soros…the hollywood freaks, and many more. We all have our wish lists.
Michael, you are very brave. Please be very careful and know we stand with you. WWG1WGA. I love that. We are patriots. I love my country with all my heart. We will always be “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”