Trump Pledges to “Blow Lid Off” Global Plandemic


Donald J. Trump’s reinauguration is imminent, and his first presidential duty will be to “blow the lid off” the global pandemic and restore order to a fractured society, a source involved in Trump’s Deep State purge told Real Raw News.

On the evening of his inauguration, Trump will address the nation and reveal that the Covid-19 Delta variant is fictitious, dreamt up by maniacal people who feared losing their stranglehold on a compliant citizenry.  As society came to terms with a virus no more lethal than the common flu, and citizens eschewed masking and raised legitimate questions about hazardous vaccinations, the World Health Organization contacted its agents within the CDC and international health agencies and urged them to take part in a program aimed at once again scaring the world into frightened compliance.

It was Biden’s CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, who recommended an illusory solution; fabricating a highly transmissible and potentially more virulent strain to “scare people into wearing masks and getting vaccinations,” our source said.

He told RRN that Trump’s people have obtained irrefutable proof—including verified correspondence and audio communications—that despite mixed messages, the Biden administration is using Covid-19 to both subjugate law-abiding, patriotic Americans and thwart Trump’s bid to resume his rightful place in the Oval Office.

“There is no such thing as the Delta variant. It’s a total fabrication. Trump has letters and taped calls between Walensky and many state and federal officials, including mayors, governors, and county judges, where they all pledged allegiance to support the fake disease.  He’s making headway against these criminals, but many are still at-large. But once he’s back in office, arrests will happen fast and furious. Walensky, Fauci, Newsom, Whitmer, AOC, Pelosi—they’ll be nabbed in a massive sweep preceding Trump’s announcement,” our source said.

Trump will activate the Emergency Broadcast System and seize hostile airwaves—CNN, MSNBC, etc.—to ensure the truth reaches as wide an audience as possible. He will lay bare the facts: a highly communicable but non-life-threatening virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology; that global health organizations in conjunction with the New World Order and the Deep State profited massively through vaccination sales and insurance claims; that the endgame was to bankrupt America, destroy capitalism, and transform America into a single socialist state, like Venezuela.

“Trump’s announcement will rock the earth to its core. He knows he won’t awaken everyone to the truth, because many have become so entrenched in the Deep State’s lies, they can’t break free. But he hopes enough people will believe, so that the Deep State gets a final death blow powerful enough to prevent it from ever rooting itself again. This is what America has been waiting for,” our source said.

Moreover, he said Trump will humble himself and apologize to America for endorsing Operation Warp Speed and the Covid-19 vaccination.

“Trump will explain how he was tricked into supporting the vaccine. He will also explain the steps he has taken to prevent that injustice from ever happening again,” our source said.

Sorry for my absence. For the sake of health and sanity, I needed mountain vacation.


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Covid was a bioweapon according to an Email Fauci received. I wish i could share the screen shot i have of this Email.


Heading to the mountains myself. Need to get out of this blue state and away from the sad followers of bye din and Fauci for a bit.
Any word on perhaps a counter measure to escape the de@dly affect of the jab? A lot of people I know here have taken it.


And nothing a good mountain vacation does not fix. Greetings from Swiss Graubunden. 🙂

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Lets have it so this nonsense ends soon!

Bill L.

Very reassuring! I will be thankful when DJT stops bragging about how he muscled the legal-drug cartel into warp-speed production of dangerous mRNA “vaccines” !


He wasn’t the one who put the poison in them.

Thank you, RRN.




Referencing the comment I made about the Missouri Mayor that appeared on Face the Nation (CBS) yesterday, can be found on YouTube, here’s what I have learned:

The Mayor is in Springfield, Missouri, his name is Ken McClure. Was re-elected early April 2021. Won with 10,000 votes. His opponent received 5,000 votes. The population in Springfield is approximately 170,000.

The Mayor urged Governor Mike Parson to issue a statewide mask mandate July last year. The Governor declined to do so. Springfield has two health systems. Cox Health and Mercy Hospital. Both CEO’S asked the Governor to mandate masks as well. Health department director Clay Goddard of Greene County Missouri insisted on a city mask mandate in July 2020. The Springfield city council and Mayor McClure voted unanimously for a city mandate which ended April 2021 when the “vaccine” became available to everyone.

Cox hospital due to the pandemic and isolated patients held the 2020 Presidential election in the hospital. Both staff and patients voted at the hospital.

In February 2021 the Health Department Director Clay Goddard resigned and took a position at a non profit organization. Two city council members were replaced in the April 2021 election because two members did not seek reelection. One was under investigation for using her position to benefit her business.

Shortly after the April 2021 election Mayor Ken McClure hired a Diversity and Inclusion Director. A person from the middle east.

Current articles about Governor Parson (Springfield News leader) state the Governor submitted a plan for vaccination in the State of Missouri to the CDC that was rejected by the CDC.

The two major health systems in Springfield, Cox and Mercy have requested Cares Act funds because their staff is tired of the body bags and they are so overwhelmed with Delta Variant cases they are sending patients to St. Louis.

The Governor responded with an offer to build a makeshift hospital for the hospitals overflow of patients. No word on if the offer will be accepted.

Here’s the good part. An emergency room employee at Mercy Hospital reached out to me. My source says they are told Covid patients are being reported. Said there have been patients coding in the waiting room at the Emergency Department. Says these are patients that have sat in the waiting room for 10-12 hours. Some have died but cannot confirm they are Covid patients. The only patient my source has transferred to the morgue was a person that the Coroner had to examine.

When asked why the Emergency Department is so overwhelmed my source stated, “we are under staffed, nobody wants to work.” Said one nurse is assigned to 10 patients. The Mayor failed to mention staffing issues during his Face the Nation appearance. My source states that 23 traveling nurses are now being assigned at Mercy hospital to help.

Staff at Mercy Hospital must be “vaccinated” by September 31st to continue working. My source plans to comply.

Conclusion, the Mayor wants more taxpayer money. He blames tourists for the increased cases basically saying “we don’t want your business.” The Missouri State of Emergency ends on August 30th when Cares Act funding ends. I suspect the Delta Variant will disappear when there is no money in it .

Personality, I find the Face the Nation video disturbing. The Mayor is clearly one of the CDC propagandists mentioned in this article. What does the deep state have on this guy? I get a sense that it has something to do with kids but that’s just me.

If I were a patient in Springfield Missouri I would be afraid to use the health services offered.


Welcome back Michael. The kind of work I do I sometimes have to do the same. Disappear for a few days and recoup.




Please Trump step in now and put this BS to an end !!!


People, trump supporters have done what they did bc we believe trump is the real winner. But if he doesn’t step up soon people are going to stop believing.


Only GOD knows the timeline, when HE says it is go time, then it will commence, have Faith, trust in the plan.

Frances Rose

Michael, no need to apologize for taking a break! God only knows we all need it. I have one coming up end of July!!!

live oak

So good to have you back Michael and thanks for posting that beautiful photo of the mountains. I missed you…we all have.
This is the best news ever about DJT. I’m praying all this will go down very very soon because it’s a heartache seeing the destruction of our country. How are we going to find and deport all the illegal aliens who have invaded the country from all over the world? I want every single person responsible for this scourge to pay for what they’ve done. I have faith that President Trump will get it all sorted out, and FAST. I want to see Roberts, Fauci, Pelosi, Soros and his sons, all the governors who murdered the nursing home patients…Wolf, Murphy, Inslee, Cuomo,Newsome and Whitmer. There are 6 governors responsible for the nursing home deaths in their state, not 5. Members of congress, Swallwell, Schumer and that whole crowd including Jerry Nadler…the entire fake Biden administration and every single person connected to it. The list is endless.
I can’t wait for President Donald John Trump to be back in the White House and I want all the time that was taken from him given back. The news won’t be boring. Everyone will be awake…shocked, but awake and we can live our lives in truth.
When that time comes it is essential that each of us keep vigilant and never let our country be brought to ruin ever again. Perhaps a golden age is upon us. Other countries will have the courage to stand up for themselves as well. I want to see Canada,Cuba and Venezuela free…every single country. We’ve had it. No more deep state. It’s over for all of them. For
God help us!

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I hope President Trump watched Face the Nation on CBS tonight. A Missouri Mayor was on there lying about the delta variant in his city. Blaming tourism, shopping and transportation for the fake cases. Lying about having to transfer patients to larger cities because his two corrupt hospitals are sick of the body bags. He’s considering mandatory shots for the kids to return to school. He’s sending out activists to knock on doors. I suspect this Mayor is on the deep state payroll and have no doubt that Trump is following the money.

Missouri has been under attack by the national fake news and at least one Mayor has exposed himself as compromised. I read that Mike Pompeo was in the State saying he’s going to help Patriots win local elections. I was so happy to hear that. Missouri is riddled with communists. Thankfully the Governor has made some moves to hold them back but Missouri needs help. Missouri needs a full forensic audit. The commies were not elected.

live oak

Everything that happens in this country affects all of us, no matter where we live. I hear about the delta variant on the radio and I know those who spread the lies and others are going to pay for what they’ve done. I pray this will be over very soon.
God bless!


My Gut Tells Me, The Mass Arrests Will Be Worldwide, Finally, A President
Putting It All On The Line And Now The Fruit Of Your Labor Is Coming In,
God Bless Everyone Involved In The Liberation Of The Children And Freeing
Every Person From The Grip Of The Evil Cabal System

Dennis Tate

The people who financed these vaccines tend to believe in Malthusian Catastrophe Theory.

Malthusian Catastrophe….. ” This event, called a Malthusian catastrophe (also known as a Malthusian trap, population trap, Malthusian check, Malthusian crisis, Malthusian spectre, or Malthusian crunch) occurs when population growth outpaces agricultural production, causing famine or war, resulting in poverty and depopulation. ” (Wikipedia)

In other words they believe that eighty percent of us Deplorables are so dumb that they are doing us a favour to give us a vaccine that may leave many of us sterile.

live oak

…or dead in 3 to five years. The J&J vaccine is made with aborted baby fluids.
Pure Evil.

Elwood P. Suggins

I’m looking for the info on John Roberts.


Hi Michael, I love your site but so many people discredit it and say it’s not true or accurate. I do believe it all but I’ve been accused of being naive. It all makes perfect sense to me. Can you confirm that it’s all real and true? Thank you!

live oak

I believe you too Michael. You are a brave man. I don’t care what others think.


Yep ! Welcome Back Michael, Thought You Might Have Been Taken.
To All Of You Ball Earthers, Get A Clue!!!


So glad you’re back. I look forward to finding new updates.
I’m glad the swamp is being drained with tribunals & executions but my favorite part of this article is, “When he’s back in office.” That day can’t come soon enough!

stacy Stilwell

When will it be exposed that JFK jr is still alive? I will be posting Timber by the Kennedy grandkids for all of the people that will be having meltdowns

Vince Sly

Why does anyone want JFK jr to be VP? What do you know about this man dead for over 20 years supposedly living in secret which you know none of his beliefs that make you want him as VP?


Don Jr is the best choice. Loyalty and trust is everything.


I doubt if Don Jr can be in the position, there will be cries of nepotism.

Robert James

A well-earned vacation, indeed!! Thanks for what you’re doing!!

All the traitors deserve a rope!! ASAP.

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I so pray that all you have reported is true – I think if indeed JFK Jr is the VP with Trump return that will nail the fact that yes, indeed all is true.


I think John John should speak on the EBS if he is alive. Would make the case that the deep state is not a democrat or republican problem. It’s an American problem. I know many democrats that would fall in love with President Trump if they learned he was working with John John to save America. After they were done fainting.

GreaterIdaho for Trump

Its Numbers chapter 11 repeating itself. The people were tired on manna(hcz). They demanded meat (vaccine). Then the meat(vacc) causes them to die. While Moses(Trump) suffers in the care of these stubborn people.


Welcome back Michael we missed you! Glad you escaped the madness to recharge your 10 anatomical systems.

This is great good news you report to your supporters; we continually share your news channel each day to the world. I see by the daily visitor count that neither your efforts nor our efforts are in vain … GOOD!




WOW WOW this is great news. I knew from the early onset of the covid that The Left and Obama were behind this virus and were working with CCP.A well known prophet said he had a vision from God and saw Pelosi in a lab in China working out the Covid details. Fauci was funding it and the Great plan was the Insurance policy the LEFT bragged about. They knew if they timed it just right Election they could flood the country with mail in ballots and the Steal was on. The voting machines were rigged just like Venezuela they could not loose. The Covid was no accident but was turned loose on the world to insure the Death shot (VAX) The vaccine is not for the COVID The COVID was for the Vaccine to kill as many people as possible their D-Population agenda. I heard that those that get the jab/shot will start dying in 3 to 5 years They will call it a new strain more deadly? Hint” Bill Gates Soros Obama NEW WORLD ORDER This was planned back in the 90’s It was called agenda 21 but things got messed up and the date 21 was not going to work out. So the Elite and those behind this planned HOLOCAUST on humanity moved it up and renamed it Agenda 2030. The Goal is to kill off 2/3rd’s population for their NWO The RFI chip is also part of the plan a mandatory chip on everybody in the world those that refuse will be reprogramed or killed as they see fit. The mark of the BEAST the chip? 666 the name of a man. COMPUTER using the Number system every 6 number A=6 b=12 c=18 etc etc Computer=666 chip mark of the beast? Rev 13:16-18 No chip no buy or sell. We are seeing the Bible come to life now. These are the plans of these Satanist Biden Pelosi Harris Obama the brain child behind a lot of this. the whole LEFT AGEND is DEMONIC /LUCIFERIAN Satan’s Soldiers. We must Pray and get our House in order get right with God. The end times are here NOW

Loraine Thompson

what will happen once Trump is in office with all those crazy liberals still around? There will be more conservatives and we will be organized and prepared with great leaders but I anticipated curfews and constant vigilance for domestic terror plots by the thousands. As long as the military is still in control there can be swift retribution but surely our congress cannot return to operating with slowness of turtles and challenges to every good politician. hopefully a new set of operational rules will be prepared and ready to be ratified.

Dean Vermite

Trump is not the current president and there will be no inauguration.

Ed Bob

A satanic prayer-wish that will not countermand the multitude of Godly prayers.

CW Nelson

Thanks Michael!
Yes sir… you take the drab out of boring and brighten up our days. Thanks again.

I have published three predictive Military Political Action thrillers. RogueOps #4 coming out soon. Their accuracy for today is uncanny.

The first enemies we seize are the media.
That’s only the beginning.

You can visit me at
Drop me a line from our website. That invite is open to all your patriot readers.

If I had an address I would send you free copies.

Take care…

CW Nelson


You can post a link for free download, just like other authors of important books did,like Fritz Springmeister and the 13 bloodlines, or Cathy O´Brian´s Tranceformation of America,or The deliberate dumbing down of America,or Confessions of an economic hitman,or…or…

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J. Ricks

So glad to “see” you back in harness, Michael. I was starting to worry that perhaps the deepstate/NWO had “neutralized” you. Stay safe and healthy! We all have come to rely on your briefings.


I was worried, happy you are back.


Hey Michael, welcome back. I hope your Vaca was restful. Looking forward to the next 20-30 days.


Oh I pray this is true!! Patriots are READY MR.PRESIDENT!!!


So who has been executed in the last 2 weeks. I know in Washington we still have enslee.


Isn’t the term “global pandemic” kind of redundant? 😉

In the newer article about DeSantis, it says that Biden and his cronies were at a resort, but wait—I thought he’d been hospitalized on June 1 with a massive stroke and was paralyzed from the waist down?? Or was that just “fake news”?? ?

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The Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan is owned by Glaxosmithkline who, by coincidence owns Pfizer! (the one who produces the vaccine for the virus) that, by coincidence started in the biological laboratory in Wuhan which, by coicidence was funded by Dr.Fauci who is, by coincidence, promoting the vaccine!

Glaxosmithkline by coincidence is managed by Black Rock Finances who, by coincidence manages the finances of the Open Foundation Company (Soros Foundation) which, by coincidence,serves french AXA!

By coincidence, Soros owns the German company Wintherthur which, by coincidence, built the chinese laboratory in Wuhan and was bought by German Allianz which,by coincidence, has Vanguard as a shareholder which, by coincidence, is a shareholder of Black Rock which, by coincidence, controls the central banks and manages about one third of the global investment capital.

Black Rock by coincidence, is also a major shareholder of Microsoft, the property of Bill Gates who,by coincidence, is a shareholder of Pfizer (selling the vaccine)and, by coincidence,is the first sponsor of the WHO.

Today, we have the ursuper in chief calling for social media censorship about the REAL OFFICIAL NUMBERS AND EFFECTS of the depopulation lethal injection.

If US doesn´t take care of these american super-villains,no one will because Us HAS THE ONLY LEGAL SYSTEM ABLE TO CATCH THEM as the rest of the world is based in roman law and already disarmed,under censorship, under active 4th reich ABOUT TO HAVE MANDATORY DEATH SENTENCE due to Makron,Ursula,Merkel, TERRORIST Tedros with Un cartel, Bidet with this speech after meeting Hitler´s daughter, Boris and independent nations -commonwealth- who are still bending the knee to the lizzard queen!

J Bill

Kikas, I nominate your post as THE most important for the Fauci/Covid-gain-of-function vaccine hoax/debacle-of-the-century.

An amazing compilation of the most important info. If it doesn’t show collusion, and what a corrupt bureaucracy is all about, then there’s no such thing.

Vince Sly

Basically none of this is true do your research people! Smh. Don’t believe the lies.

Jose Ramirez

Love our president Donald J Trump… Trump won! Trump 2021!!!

Vince Sly

He lost and there is no election in 2021 for him to run in so”trump 2021” is a moronic thing to say.

Ben M

Welcome back Michael. May God bless you and keep you safe. Your vital stories are like fresh air in the alternative universe we find ourselves in lately.


A well deserved vacation indeed!
Welcome back!

Dave Strickland

Why has my comment of an hour ago disappeared, but Y2KO’s remains showing, please?


About time he spoke up (do it now!) not another child will be injected with graphene, spike proteins and sterilisation. Tenpenny and other courageous doctors expect 30% of those injected to die from enhanced immunity ie their immune system will turn on itself this winter, tricked or not Trump has contributed to this crime against humanity by the Cabal, by not speaking out vehemently against this hoax pandemic and enslavement genocide sterilisation project.


I have heard this bullshit before MAKE IT HAPPEN OR ITS JUST MORE TRASH TALK

Izzie Kientz

I was check every day to see if you have something new to tell us. When you were not reporting for a while, I thought you were waiting for the EBS to happen and you will be back, any excuse just to tell ourselves (my family) that you are OK. Thank the Lord you are…so here’s to you — May God blesses you and yours. ‘Glad you had that rest you had wanted.



Frank j Martinez

To hear that President Trump will be back in office is long in coming, I just can’t wait to hear him in his rightful place. sound almost like when Michael became head boss in the movie “God father” as the ceremony was being playing out hits were being made on his enemies, in this case it the enemies of the ‘we the people”


Love the analogy!

Vince Sly

Trump will never be in five again. Do your research and find the truth.

Frank j Martinez

Adam had to go, a traitor without remorse, if he had any loyalty he would not have done it.. now the rest of the traitors need to be rounded up without delay

Dave Strickland

Thank you Michael: we’re glad you’ve had a good long rest. On the subject matter, I’m sure Donald Trump was not tricked re. the “vaccine”. Appearing to be tricked is pure optics on the white hats’ part. Trump knew the stakes: he had to act quickly (Warp Speed) to prevent the DS from succeeding in getting the US into permanent lockdown slavery if he had not interrupted them by producing a “vaccine”. Remember, the DS suppressed Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, which he publicly said in May 2020 was a cheap cure (and there are many other cures). Trump was forced to act, but he always gave people the choice over whether to get jabbed. He knows as well as many of us that the Covid is no worse than flu and “vaccines” are totally unnecessary. If some folks have died taking the “vaccine”, blame the DS, not Trump.


This is along the lines of X22 Report’s Dave, who seems a great analyst. It would have been nice to be able to force NIH, CDC, and FDA to get HCQ and Ivermectin out there before the cabal was able to socially and Federally shut them down for a year. But they did that to enable the ‘Emergency Use Authorization’ of the vaccines, even though experimental. Another big problem was given Big Pharma total immunity from law suits. Yet, I do believe Trump when he says he was tricked. The cabal seemed to be able to position many of its deep agents near Trump.


Everyone is entitled to a respite for their own security of mind, body, and soul.

We all missed you, but wish you the best, and welcome you back.


I’ve been dreaming of, and praying to read an article like this! Thank you, Jesus!  ?? I feel like my life’s been on hold since the start of this scamdemic, and I’m sure a lot of us feel that way. I can’t wait for President Trump to fill the airwaves with his announcement through the EBS, it’s going to EPIC!!! ?? ⭐️ ❤ ?? ⭐️ ❤ ?? ⭐️

“Moreover, he said Trump will humble himself and apologize to America for endorsing Operation Warp Speed and the Covid-19 vaccination.
“Trump will explain how he was tricked into supporting the vaccine. He will also explain the steps he has taken to prevent that injustice from ever happening again,” our source said.”

Now, that’s what I’ve been waiting to hear!!! ?? ?

Vince Sly

Wow you are in for major disappointment. Trump never humbles himself. The pandemic is real not a scam and trump will never be president again