Bill Clinton Death Ruled a Homicide, Death by Poison


As reported by Real Raw News earlier this week, Guantanamo Bay security personnel discovered Bill Clinton’s corpse lying on the floor of his cell at Camp Delta’s segregation block at approximately 7:00 a.m., Saturday, September 25. He was face-down in a puddle of vomit and did not respond to attempts to resuscitate him. Clinton was alive and in good health the previous evening; he ate a 6:00 p.m. meal and was seen reading a book on his bunk just prior to lights out at 9:00 p.m. Friday night, according to the testimony of two GITMO guards.

On Monday, September 27, a forensic toxicologist, Lt. Cassidy Lemmon of the Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS) and Captain Dale Ramirez, Commanding Officer, U.S. Naval Hospital Guantanamo Bay, oversaw Clinton’s autopsy.

They found no physical wounds on his body or signs of struggle or ligature marks around his neck and ruled out the possibility that he had hanged himself or perished in an altercation with another inmate, the latter of which would have been impossible because Clinton had been housed in isolation.

Samples of Clinton’s blood were sent to the lab for a toxicology screen, and on Thursday afternoon Captain Ramirez sent the results to the Office of Military Commissions and U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps.

Clinton had ingested copious amounts of a poison called Ricin, a GITMO source told Real Raw News.

Ricin is a highly potent toxin produced by the seeds of the castor oil plant, and an estimated lethal dose is 1 milligram per kilogram of human body weight. It is deadly if inhaled, ingested, injected, and can be toxic even if dust enters the eyes. Symptoms of Ricin poisoning include gastrointestinal distress, pain, hemorrhage in the mucosal membranes, severe nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and difficulty swallowing.

“We believe Clinton received a large dose of Ricin at one time,” our source said. “Typically, symptoms develop over several days, followed by death. Clinton had not reported any symptoms in the days leading up to his death. He was exposed to an exceptionally heavy dose, several hundred milligrams.”

Toxicologic tests on remnants of Clinton’s final meal, chicken patties and mashed potatoes with congealed gravy, corroborated autopsy conclusions; the food had a high concentration of Ricin.

JAG and the NCIS are treating Clinton’s death as a homicide, as Clinton had no way of importing the poison into GITMO.

“Bill Clinton had no visitors at all during his confinement,” our source said. “Efforts are being taken to determine how the food was laced with poison, and by whom.”

RRN will provide additional details as they arise.

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He ordered the ricin chicken patties?


Thank you,so was the chef who served up his last meal ?
Its too bad he didn’t get to stick around for dessert
Ricin Pudding ?

J Bill


buck fiden


J Bill

Never enough for him. Matches his MO.

Sue K

Nah, J Bill; stacylee’s on a roll!

unlabeled quality

guess it was time for him to ricin die….
(I’ll see myself out, now.)

Don Reed

Wonder if the toxicologists found out there was Chinese Ricin the food ???

Susan Sloate

It came from Chinese bats, of course.

Sue K

Don, you win the ‘Interweb’ today; great comment :).


Talking of food, can you offer any insight into the disruption of global supply chains especially food and fuel? Its vital that everyone stocks for at least three months including foods that don’t need refrigerating. Also think how to keep your family warm if the power goes out. I hope your readers have worked out that’s next in the plan but worth saying.


Perhaps the Deep State intervened to either obtain silence or make a point. Maybe both.


That pun is the r’icin on the pattie cake..but, I believe he was executed back in 2018.


Yes,a celebration is in order?
Either way hes rid of this earth?

Brian Tseng

Still, for someone to get inside of Gitmo to get to Bill, what with all the White Hat stuff and the nature of the Tribunals… That’s some hard core spycraft to pull it off.

buck fiden

Chinese guy do it! Rorar Space want money back revenge! Soon chinese kill Ar Gore get $400k at Hasenda Hite Tempol Budda guy back. Srick Wirry no kow tow enuf. Chinese want respect!!!


That’s easy for you to say.

buck fiden




buck fiden

What you rite? Me only see square. Chinese OS no see ritter smire circkers.


Smiley face.


Dude just shut the fuck up.. you aint funny.. you devilish prick

Terminally deplorable

他妈的比尔 · 克林顿和他骑的马

Robert James

Looking at the Chinese writing, if I were Chinese, I would jump at any opportunity to write English.

Andi Kay

My thoughts exactly.

A nobody

I have to agree. Of course the Dems have been talking about all kinds of things to change GITMO. Fear inspired most likely.

Robert James

Hasn’t Obummer been hung alaready? I hope?


I’m sure they won’t have a hard time finding out who was involved in putting it in Bill’s “last supper”, but they need to concentrate on WHO PAID FOR IT. I can tell you for certain that Bill Clinton KNEW too much and was a singing bird. The BIG boy that paid for it is Obama. Mark it down, it will come out exactly like I said.

Susan Sloate

On the other hand, who would try to stop anyone from getting to him?


007 did it…


For sure.

And I think this so called poisoning is both a message and a code.
It concerns me that it puts gizmo personnel at risk of a lawsuit
With surveillance cams all over the place, tho, I’m sure , including the kitchen, exits, etc, I don’t get why someone would risk killing a dead man walking..

buck fiden

Slick got life. He wasn’t on death row.

Terminally deplorable

He finished his sentence.

buck fiden

Like in the debates, somebody finished his sentence for him.

Robert James

Very efficient of him, y’know?


due to is illness his shelf at most would be few months…… i think someone in the kitchen did not like his sentrence….



A nobody

Maybe the poison was in the book.


The name of the rose comes to mind,lol

Sandy Koufax

Guards can be controlled with compromising boudoir photos with underage participants.


Or threats to family.

by Victor

Charles Bronson did it!!!

Georgia Peaches

I found it interesting that it happened about the time Chelsea was showing up.

by Victor

Now don you go being stupid, Its to keep dead man walking from talking! If it were possible i would have put it in his food! The SOB killed my cousin in Arkansa, Name was James Bunch he was #9 on the list of hundreds more,,,


Not really when we are still being lied to by both sides. We know the evil side lies but putting up with the so called good guys now lying to us is just as bad if not worse.
This needs to end we deserve the truth but all we get are lies and were supposed to be ok with it because bad guys are dead!
Not ok with me.


Agree 100%. Congress, Senate, judges, lawyers, all agencies, all bureaucrats, federal, state and local needs to be cleaned out. It’ll never happen and sadly I believe it will go kinetic. To be exposed means their death and neither side will allow it. Pray to God.

Susan Sloate

Weirdly enough, I dreamed about his wife last night. I know it was a dream, because she acted like she genuinely CARED about helping other people.

A nobody

Hi, why do you think that? You might be right. Never heard that one, but he sure didn’t look healthy around that time.

Joyce Rice

you are right there

by Victor

Ut-oh , Joyce Rice did it,,,


So that would be a double? I don’t think clones can be “killed.”

Rose Mary Abbott



I believe it was the smashed potatoes.




Ya hadda go there, ya hadda go there!

Susan Sloate

No surprise. Tyson is a huge corporation in Arkansas. He’s been giving them special favors since he was governor. Guess in the end, they did him a favor.

Mighty Mouse

Yeah! The chef just misunderstood. Simple mistake. Could have happened to anybody!

by Victor

Yep, chef thought it was salt! haaa thats what ya get for doing ye own damn thinking, Everybody knows that thoughts are like farts they’er all stinky wind!!!


They’re trying to keep his dignity by saying he was poisoned. Come on RRN, you know bc was hanged not poisoned.


True, bill clinton died. – poisoning, + hanging.

Last edited 2 years ago by RG1
Raymond Miller

Just a heads up.
Flynn supposedly said at a group of Christians that he prayed to a legion. He sometimes dons’ a pyramid on his lapel. Jesus cast out a legion from the man in Galilee.
Maybe a traitor. Illuminatists pray to demons.


Bill got Arkancided!


This doesn’t make sense. He ate a toxic meal laced with ricin at 6:00 pm and seen reading a book by guards at 9:00 pm? He should have been dead in ten minutes or less. Am I missing something?


Only the fact this is all made up


Two down, one left to go. But that’s just the Clintons. And my compliments to the chef.


I wonder if this is disinformation. If people or their families were threatened this may not have happened but was acted out as if this did really happen. Making the cabal think their insider is loyal to them. The stories we will hear in the next 50 years will be very interesting.

Robert James

Someone just got tired of the rat, evidently.


If true this is great news. I just want to know where he will be buried, I want to go take a massive deuce on his grave.


bill clinton was ready to tell all on obama in exchange for his daughter’s life sentencing as opposed to hanging.

obama HAD to keep bill silenced for good and get rid of his long time friend for the sake of his freedom. Death to his friend (bill) for his (obama’s) freedom.

Arrest this corrupt demon kenyan citizen now, execute him by Guillotine and make it public. KCUF obama, biden, harris pelosi, schumer, durbin etc.

Execute these bastards who want to ruin our great country and the American family.

Last edited 2 years ago by RG1
phillip donahoue

And he came into possession of Ricin how??


Did anyone see Clinton was GITMOcided?


My third attempt to post this. The first two were not posted or were deleted. Why?

bill clinton was ready to tell all on obama (i.e. Fake US birth certificate, Russian dossier was obama’s plan) in exchange for his daughter’s life sentencing as opposed to hanging.

obama had to make sure bill clinton was silenced for good.


Quite possible.


bill clinton was ready to tell all on obama (i.e. US citizenship was fake, election fraud is obama’s idea, and many more) in exchange for his daughter’s life sentencing as opposed to hanging. So obama had to make sure bill was silenced for good. Look no further. Arrest that SOB demonic corrupt kenyan citizen, charge and convict him, then execute him by Guillotine.

Last edited 2 years ago by RG1

My thinking as well. I read about the article that said Clinton’s family was threatened if Bill talked about BHO’s citizenry. That sounds like a deadly subject Soetero wants to keep under wraps.


bill clinton was ready to tell all in exchange for his daughter’s life sentencing as opposed to hanging. So, obama had to make sure bill was silenced for good. comey, susan rice, john brennan, podesta, hillary clinton they all would not turn on their godfather obama and rather chose death.


BHO must HATE getting exposed. His whole conspiracy is a deadly one!

Heather Duncan

there is another account of bill clinton being executed by hanging on 12-31-18. I don’t which is true, at least Bill is dead

Jose Ramirez

Yes! Now he is dead! Yes! Whiskey for everyone! Salud!


What a stirring tale! I sure am looking forward to Bill’s next public appearance. Maybe someone will ask him who killed him?


Wonder if we will hear this story on MSM? This a classical game of “CLUE”. Was it Colonel Mashed potatoes, the baker or the chicken patty maker? ? Maybe Monica snuck in the kitchen. ??

Jessie B. DeBerry

This is scary. Why would someone ON BASE, want Clinton to die before execution? Silence is the only answer I can come up with. Deduction, dirty bird on base.

Sandy Koufax

I suspect Obama gave the order.


Kissinger was Obama’s handler. I think that is more likely. Wasn’t Obummer shot in the head at Gitmo?


O shot in head! Do you remember where you found the article?

Angela James

My guess is that the Deep State got to him so he won’t talk.

Mighty Mouse

Maybe they did with Clinton what some say they did with Epstein – They just said he was dead but really they let him escape.


Whoever killed him either cooked his meal patties in toxic castor oil or he was grabbed in his cell and injected. How else does one get high toxic levels of castor oil in their body? The mess hall and kitchen staff @ Gitmo, holds the answer.

Diana Paris

What’s scary is that someone was able to get to him.

Robert Dziok

“Comrade Clinton” dying face down in a pool of his own vomit seems a symbolic ending of all the filth that came out of his mouth over the decades. Abuse of women and children including rape and human/child trafficking. NAFA which destroyed America’s manufacturing base and cost tens of millions of American jobs. Legislation to allow his Satanic Globalist Masters to consolidate/control thousands of smaller independent news outlets into some six major MSM thereby controlling narrative and suppress free expression. Legislation to allow Big Pharma “Drug Dealers” to spew their propaganda on TV via “commercials”. Leaked Military technology secrets to China. “Clinton Death Count” that only grew over the years of political etc. adversaries. Etc. Etc. Etc.


Maybe he choked on his McDonalds happy meal.


I’m sorta hoping they really drag their feet on investigating this one, I mean the seriousness of it just doesn’t seem to matter when you think about it. This way, nobody has to feed the guy anymore so its a win win situation for all parties involved.
So, now there’s only one left – Chelsea, oh her husband too.


The fast-talking attorney actor gave Bubba-boy Bill the toxin during one of the days at trial.

Bubba-Billy was a coward … the long trail of murdered people now look upon Bill Clinton as he faces his second death in a non-Earthly trial….


Kelly Knauth Brown

I can’t imagine how desperate one would have to be to save face to go out of their way to poison a lifer at GITMO. But you know damn well it happened because right now, these people are self destructing and turning on each other at an exponential rate. It’s too fucking funny. Still laughing about Gates foundation threatening RRN….how stupid are these people???


They are arrogant, elitist, evil, lunatics who have always had their way and feel like they are Untouchable to the common “useless eaters”.


…Still living in that 50´s mentality,obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, thinking they are admired,respected, and our “betters”whatever that means…
In WW2 their prisioners in the death camps never reacted or raised against them despite their numbers, because they were being controlled by radio waves keeping them docile,those were different times and different people, now they wouldn´t be able to pull something like that – too many people have the know – how and the means to stop their plans and we know whom,as it happened in France, who gave up the city to them without firing a single shot. History has a way to repeat itself and they always bragged while implementing their 4th reich,now, it´s time to finish it, once for all.


I’m curious how his death will be reported like they did with Rumsfeld..days after it being on RRN.. what story will be put out. No funeral for a president. How do you do that..


he might’ve asked somebody to lace it. which would tantamount to suicide.

Peter Lewis

Trump and his associates can no longer call themselves the good guys. The Geneva Convention and the Nuremburg Treaty call for common sense treatment even for prisoners. To allow someone as evil as Clinton to be poisoned in a maximum security area says that Trump has learned just how far the Deep State reach is. Trump has another strike against his posture as a white hat. His call for people to get vaccinated was horrible. That destroyed faith in his agenda to free America from the evil cabal. What is Trump doing? Where is he? He promised to expose the COVID scam. He promised a quick return when the election audit results were known. Where is he? Why did he allow a prisoner to get poisoned on his watch?

John S.

Screw-up Ricin should have been in ‘suppository form’ not as ingestible to suppress adversity.

Controversy door now open, finger-pointing in effect, witch hunt in play.

Powers at large should have squashed matter, heart attack card should have been played; who would say different?

Who will claim Bill’s caucus [next of kin/funeral pre-arrangements]?

Suspect nobody will claim, believe Bill planted in GITMO grave, or taken to Cuban crematorium [Federal Contractor].

Last edited 2 years ago by John S.
William Turner

Today’s story is like an episode of “Dexter”. More please.


They should put a rope with a noose in ever cell. It may save time and money. Who really cares if these people get a trial. Don’t start talking about freedom, and right to a fare trial. Look what the government’s are doing to the people who don’t wear masks or get vaxed. Kill them. Kill them all.


this is definitely in line with the constitution and what the founding fathers would have wanted.


Give somebody a medal

Jerry Chandler

Maybe he laced his own food with poison delivered to him by his attorney.


No chance of that — the place is too strictly run.


As hildabeast said “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Huma gunna get some rinin beans next???


I hope they never find the culprit but if they do, they deserve a medal. Bill should’ve been executed in the first place, no matter how much he sang. Now the tax payers don’t have to pay for his evil carcass and justice has been served.


does no one see a problem with the fact he was killed in Gitmo? yes he’s a rotten person but that begs the question what did he know that is worth killing him over? something he knew he didn’t tell the court before his sentence should be a question we should all be wondering. think critically about why he was killed not that he deserved it.


He know something about BHO and Michelle that is especially devastating. Has to be that, and possibly a deadly secret that involved GHWB and even was connected to Jeb and W. Perhaps regarding JFK Jr’s plane explosion.


and perhaps even the my pillow guy!


I ordered from him and was very disappointed with the products and the customer service was not good either.


It just means GITMO is a DS front run by clones feeding fake hope to the masses. Information leaked is constructed to identify the Patriots for later capture. The GFM campaign was an easy way to track true believers and identify their assets.

Vash the Stampede

Not surprising at Bill’s demise I guess,(if they can kill Jeffery Epstein in his max security NY jail cell, they can get rid of Bill in GITMO!) but I have two theories as to who killed him:

  1. GITMO officer with a long-seated grudge or outright hatred (understandably) of Bill Clinton and his seedy, corrupt past.
  2. Comp’d GITMO officer (DS asset, obviously in the mess hall) who ensured Bill’s demise by order of his [DS] contact(s).

Regardless, Bill has now joined his “wife” in eternal judgement, so be it, I’m certainly not shedding a tear over it.


Vote for 2


Wow! I thought he should have been sentenced to execution, that life in prison was too light a sentence. Hope they do NOT find the person who slipped the ricin in his food!




There is a HUGE problem, if it wasn´t a honeytrap to attract DS bad players to GTMO, this means that anytime a JUDGE,JAG, Personnel,anyone can be reached and killed.

Keith White

What’s the saying ? The dead tell no secrets and no lies.


give the cook the trophy…much deserved!


it is not their place to decide who lives or dies. it is up to the tribunal, vigilanteism always causes problems for a reason. Clinton could have spilled critical information he wouldn’t have done while under a tribunal that could have been essential to capturing more deep state agents or information on the real leaders of the deep state.

American Living in Canada

Oh well.

Sissy Lou

Wonderful work Michael keeping us in the loop.
Thank you always look forward to new stories. Knowing the truth.

Phyllis Bonviso

I was wondering why JAG did not execute him, he must has told them things they needed to know and that is the only why he got “life” at GITMO. The other side wanted him to keep his mouth shut, so they killed him and was in inside job – they are everywhere! We don’t have a chance – God said, these things must happen in order to do His work.


Bill Clinton Death Ruled a Homicide, Death by Poison.

Really? He’s a pedophile! How many minors did he rape or violate?

Could it have been the spirit of one of the minors he raped who put the ricin in his food?


After hearing about all of the site owners financial issues, it’s difficult to find joy posting anymore. I just feel so bad for how Mr T has to beg for money to write fiction for the poor people who masterbate to these stories.


so dont bother coming to this site you freak. What the hell is wrong with you?


It’s comments like these that keep me coming back! I can only feel sorry for you people for so long.


hang in there, ted


Sad! bigly