Fake Biden Receives Fake Booster on National Television


In a theatrical display of contrived illusion, Joe Biden impersonator Arthur Roberts received what appeared to be a Covid-19 booster shot on national television, and he fielded pre-screened, softball questions moments before he got jabbed. He again touted the vaccination as a means to end the “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” saying that day wouldn’t arrive until 97%-98% of Americans had gotten the jab.

But neither the real Joseph Biden nor his doppelganger has received an actual Covid-19 shot. Per our sources, the genuine Biden suffered a massive stroke in February and has been comatose at Walter Reed Memorial Hospital since that time. When hospital staff wanted to jab his unconscious body, Biden’s wife Jill stepped in with a medical power of attorney saying that her husband morally and ethically opposed “experimental therapy,” including vaccinations, while unconscious.

Meanwhile, the Deep State staged a theatrical production, shepherding Biden’s imposter onto a sound stage made to resemble the White House Briefing Room. Seated in a chair with a female nurse looming above him like a ghostly shadow, the Biden body double appeared to wince beneath his mask as he took an armful of harmless saline solution, not a Covid-19 booster shot. Beside them stood a mockup windowed wall, making it appear as though Biden got vaccinated at the White House.

“Everything was fake. Fake setting. Fake shot. Fake Biden,” an administration whistleblower told Real Raw News. “The degree of fakery and theatrics going on is unlike anything ever seen in American politics. It’s all smoke and mirrors.  Although Roberts is the only one I know by name, at least 3 people have pretended to be Biden.”

Asked why Roberts wasn’t given a real vaccination, our source made the following comment: “He’s the most convincing Biden they have. They don’t want to risk losing him to vaccine side effects.”

The MSM and their barking fact-checkers have taken great pains to discredit RRN’s body double theory and have cited a height discrepancy between the two men as evidence. However, RRN explained in its first expose on Roberts that he had suffered a spinal compression injury that effectively shortened his height by two inches, a fact the MSM refuses to acknowledge.

“Provided two people are the same height and have similar builds and a similar facial structure, modern cosmetics make it very simple to make one nearly indistinguishable from the other,” our sourcesaid.

He added that many high-profile administration personnel have body doubles, none of whom, like the persons they’re impersonating, have received real Covid-19 vaccinations. Even Nancy Pelosi, he said, declined an authentic shot, saying she wanted to wait 2,3, or 5 years to ensure it was actually safe.

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With all these phony sets that are supposed to be at the White House, not one reporter has told the story, not even NewsMas Emerald Robinson. They all are rotten. I won’t watch any of them anymore.

The blessed

They should of take him to walmart pharmacy and give him a real shot..then i believe. Who the hell does he think hes foolin???

larry wylie

when does the madness end ?? meanwhile stupid sheep are rushing to get the vac and they are dying in droves


Michael Baxter, didn’t you report that Marines created a software application that detects the authenticity of a human’s walk, gait?

Bill Gates and others were captured by that software that immediately detects the true criminal. The software came after the attempted arrest of Nancy Pelosi, that Marines learned after the arrest was a fake Pelosi … the mistaken identities are now in the past … the true criminals are now accurately arrested and jetted to GITMO for trials, sentencing, and executions. HUZZAH! HUZZAH! HUZZAH!

Thank you Michael Baxter for your courage … we continue to follow your reporting, and spam your news channel to the world for Truth and Honor to FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT back harder against evil!

Jessie B. DeBerry

The sentence about the nurse peaked my interest. Obviously “she” is in on it but who is she really?


I truly enjoy reading RRN. Please keep up the good work!
(but mind the small errors that could render your posts less effective please)

Thank you for posting!


Correction: “source said”

“Provided two people are the same height and have similar builds and a similar facial structure, modern cosmetics make it very simple to make one nearly indistinguishable from the other,” our [sourcesaid].


WORLD BOMBSHELL: Leaked DARPA document, DRASTIC analysis confirms attack on humanity using aerosolized, skin-penetrating nanoparticle spike proteins
*Natural News dot com


Michael Baxter is correct. Corroboration by Fox News that it all appeared fake. And notice how his arm receiving the jab is turned away from the audience instead of up front to them.


Scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says “Introducing Vaccine Theater” and watch that video with commentary.


I have been trying to find this, and couldn’t !!

Thank you so much!!


Highlight the link, then RIGHT click and pull down to the “Go to ………”
Try that and see if it works.

Peter Lewis

Here is an example of what has been injected into our heroes, thanks to the Deep State. https://bestnewshere.com/breaking-dr-madej-finds-living-tentacle-organism-in-vaccine-vials-creepy-af/


Next thing we know, they will show joe biden “on the moon”!!!


What Is Going On? Biden Takes Booster Shot on the Production Set of His Fake White House ~The Gateway Pundit, September 30, 2021

Sandy Koufax

If Pete Seeger were alive, then he would amend the lyrics to his song “Where Have all the Flowers Gone?” to the following:

Where have all the vaxtards gone, long time passing?
Where have all the vaxtards gone, long time ago?
Where have all the vaxtards gone?
Gone to graveyards, everyone
Oh, when will they ever learn?
Oh, when will they ever learn?


Michael you are such an eloquent writer. I keep your articles, but truth be told, I can’t wait to read it all in your book when it finally comes out. IMAGINE the movie and the books made out of this nightmare we are living through. OH, and RRN readers, everybody excited for RED OCTOBER? Live flight graphics today indicate 18 KC STRATOtankers arrive din Washington state today. You know what that means. Prayers for a swift and decisive defeat! WE MUST DEFEAT THIS EVIL.


See Biden’s Staged Covid Shot views in video–starts at 7:00 mins

Video includes…..
Huge news – 50k Medicare patients dead after vax, Biden stages fake booster photos
Attorney Thomas Renz presented this bombshell information at the Clay Clark ReAwaken America Tour event in Colorado Springs this last Saturday: Nearly 50,000 Medicare patients have died following vaccines.

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Jean Decode called the jab THE GENOCIDE SHOT
I heard him call it this in what I thought was his last recording

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They need to be thrown down to hell all of them, with their imposters. The amount of lying going on right now is so horrifying. LIES and DECEIT UPON LIES AND DECEIT.


Well done Michael! As many are saying now, one just can’t make this stuff up! Thanks for all that you are doing.


but…but…one town VISIT OF -JB- and massive shout…arthur robert..will do so…..and they will lost him…


“Even Nancy Pelosi, he said, declined an authentic shot, saying she wanted to wait 2,3, or 5 years to ensure it was actually safe.”
Nancy Pelosi, are you too chicken to get the poke?


She is almost dead anyway, what an effing hypocrite, sp.


We only need for someone to just pull off the mask that Arthur Roberts is wearing, resembling that of Joe Biden, on camera, in order for the entire world to view how we have all been made a mockery of. Actually, the military needs to do it, on camera, in order to pull back the curtain, once and for all. Then arrest Hussein, who is standing behind the curtain, in order to save our country. Next, put the duly elected president back into power, in order to clean up our country. the end.


Sounds so easy . Let’s do it soon . Volunteers ?

Joseph Bailey

Whether it’s Joe Biden, Charlie McCarthy, or Arthur Roberts it’s still a puppet President!


At this point they may as well just set a Mr.Potatohead out there.


Both him and jr. have been executed.


Politicians, biden, nancy pelosi (no capital first letter on purpose), do as I say and not as I do. Imposters, literally!

Terminally deplorable

total picture of the fake setting available here
pbs . twimg . com/media/FAaV61FXIAIJOlo?format=jpg&name=900×900


Has anyone noticed that his arm hair is quite dark for someone being in his mid to late 70’s??

Terminally deplorable

caveman costume

Terminally deplorable

German article on the healing and prevention potential from Covid of non-prescription black seed oil (nigella sativa), 3x 5 ml/day without side effects of blood clotting, autoimmune disease, ADE, heart inflammation and infarction, paralysation or Guillaume-Barre syndrome, reproductive sterility or spontaneous abortion. Even the pharaos 4000 years ago knew about the healing medical effect, but not the dumba$$ Fauci or the idiot pharao in the white house. Active substance is thymoquinon.

medmix . at/thymoquinon-schwarzkuemmel-gegen-coronaviren-covid-19/?cn-reloaded=1

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Joseph Bailey

There’s no $$$ for big pharma in black seed oil, ivermectin, or HCQ.





Tony G

When is Trump coming back?

Terminally deplorable


unlabeled quality

my answer (feel free to steal it if you want), is ‘at some point’.

GreaterIdaho for Trump

Just watching Dave (1993) happy comedy movie in real life.


This guy is falling into dementia worse than the real Biden had.


Yeah that’s what I don’t get, why impersonation of dementia poopypant pedo? Why not make him at least look a BIT better through the impersonation ????

Patriot Gal

Interesting….all along I figured that those with photo ops of jabs were ALL getting saline solutions. They’re too smart, even tho they show ignorance and incompetence to the people, to get that poisonous jab. How long is the real one going to stay at Walter Reed lifeless?

MAGA CountryBabe

When all the doubles are arrested. Then they will fake some stroke or heart attack and then the real one will be buried. Which will be soon I hope. Then the fake Kamala will come forward to take his place and PRESIDENT TRUMP will then make his entrance and Kamala will be arrested. My prediction.

buck fiden

My prediction: Kιkes will push like hell to ban firearms: Schmucky Jewmer, the CDC, SPLC (Northern Affluence Jew Centre), the ACLU, NOW, B’nai Brith, United Sinagogues of America, and Soros, et al. Some kind of legislation will pass. RINOs will join with the Democrats in the Senate.

They must get our guns before the concentration camp step can commence again. And shame on all you leftist Jews – You of all people should know what happens when you don’t have firearms. When they did have firearms, they did made life tough for the Nazis for a little while during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising because some of them disobeyed the law and packed heat.


Please be right about that. I would HATE to see Heels Up Harris take over as der Fuehrer. She has it in for Christians and Trumps supporters to go to the FEMA camps and forced jabs. America would REALLY be worse off then!!


Saw a video today of a facility “camp” being built in nisqually, wa state. ?

So, just a heads up…

unlabeled quality

I heard about that. Par for the course in this state (Washington). election fraud and criminal cowards taking money from the CCP and DS. No sane perso. should ever live here, especially the I-5 corridor.


Who will arrest Kamala and what for ?


Too bad we cannot get him to Gitmo and wake him up and let him know he is being executed per military justice, then after that Yahweh will have final judgement.


Even Nancy Pelosi, he said, declined an authentic shot, saying she wanted to wait 2,3, or 5 years to ensure it was actually safe.

Yeah. I can promise you that the “shot” I’d give Nanzi Psychosi wouldn’t be safe…


Like sodium pentothal to extract a confession out of her? Not a bad idea considering how evil she is.

Kelly Knauth Brown

Who is actually falling for these theatrics???

Terminally deplorable

The press. Did you notice the cameras at the set, and nobody is saying a word about the fvkcing clown show and why? Is there now a lack of amenities for Biden to fake the vax?


It is alleged that the Spending Spree Bill in Congress has secret provisions to give “needed monetary assistance” to the MSM. If that is not hush money, I don’t know is. Lord help us. ???

MAGA CountryBabe

Hopefully when PRESIDENT TRUMP comes back everything these demons have done for the last 11 mos. will be void, discarded or overturned.


…and sent to G I T M O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes! I heard that too!!

I thought it was Bailout $$

But either way, they don’t deserve it, Period.


That cnn guy, Marc Lamont Hill. See ZH.

MAGA CountryBabe

Believe it or not many people still are.

buck fiden

Saw this beauty online:

If the masks work, why the six feet?

If the six feet works, why the masks?

If they both work, why the lockdowns?

If all three work, why the rushed vaccines?

If vaccines are safe, why the “No Liability” clause?

If more people die from the vaccines than the virus, why use the vaccines?

If we took two vaccines to keep others safe, why are we now “Super Spreaders”?

Why do the vaccinated have to wear masks again?

If fully vaccinated people can get and transmit the Chink Virus, why give them the vaccine passports and privileges?

Last edited 2 years ago by buck fiden
unlabeled quality

I saw this list on 8kun in meme form.
so true.

buck fiden

I got it off 4chan. Evil minds think alike.

unlabeled quality

strange times indeed.

Terminally deplorable

If vaccines are safe, why the “No Liability” clause?

That is an unexplained bright neon red flag right there.


So so true!!!


If the vaccinated can get and transmit the virus, the same as unvaccinated, then why are the vaccinated not losing their jobs the same as the unvaccinated???

Sue Grantham

Do these asshat impersonators actually believe that we don’t KNOW?
They are completely ignorant to the reality of being caught red handed in EVERY stunt they try to pull.
They will ALL hang for treason and the citizens will fall on their knees to thank God Almighty.
Those who still believe that these idiots are the real people, are the ones who have not questioned anything about what these asshats are spewing. Those idiots who refuse truth, will die from their ignorance.




wouldn’t it be ironic if this was the Shot Thats heard around the World!….One way to take him out and wake up the rest of us to their Depopulation Agenda!

J Bill

good point! a “Shot” that kills two birds with one stone… perfect!!!!!

and if his nurse is Taliban I’ll die laughing.

Last edited 2 years ago by J Bill
john pennington

i saw a video of him getting the shot and the camera man sliped up and showed the fake white house it was a sound stage


Gladly provided by Castlerock Studio.


Saw that, too. Shame on Bideyfake.

buck fiden

I wish I could upload that pic. Don’t have the URL.


You can be 100% sure they the LEFT celebs Actors Media people Sports stars when they Get the jab for the public to see and brag it’s safe are NOT GETTING the same Jab the Public gets. That a easy to put together even a first grader can figure that out. called SMOKE&MIRRORS

William Turner

Mr. Baxter, isn’t it time your sources dispatch the military to stop this charade?

MAGA CountryBabe

I don’t think his sources go that high. Besides, its almost over. We have waited five years, whats five more months. But it would make a nice Christmas present wouldn’t it.


78% of Victoria Aussies hospitalized with COV are fully vaccinated, another 17% took one dose
*From the Independent Sentinel

How about that Biden Puppeteers? What Say You…

Last edited 2 years ago by Melissa
Terminally deplorable

How does that add up to 100%?

buck fiden

According to Zhou Biden, we must have a 98% jab compliance rate before he’ll take his jackboot off our necks.


Don’t forget that people aren’t considered vaxxed by the clownshow until after 2 weeks after getting jabbed…therefore many more may have had the same effects while being counted as “unvaxxed”. ?


That blows my mind, I forgot about that fun fact.


Fake Biden Receives Fake Booster in Fake Office on National Television
fixed it for ya

J Bill

Can’t get any faker than that!


Hi Michael! I don’t know if you answered my comments a few articles ago so I will ask again. When the fake Biden met Boris Johnson–it was also a fake WH right? In the article where Fake Biden travels to meet Putin you mention the real Biden was in Walter Reed since June, In these recent articles you are saying Feb. Was June a typo or has your info been updated since then? Thanks, Gina

unlabeled quality

a fake booster for a fake president to combat a fake pandemic.
yeah. this is some movie.
I think this whole vax garbage is a fake out , and has been the case since the AZ audit. more is likely to follow…

buck fiden

What won’t be fake is the 1 to 3.5 TRILLION DOLLARS of new money being created and added to the national debt when one or two RINOs caves.

Terminally deplorable

Did not hurt the dollar, obviously.


Wrong, Commiecrats monetize the debt which means our money is devalued all the more. I know a woman who lived through the Weimar Republic in Germany. One had to use a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread. True.


Ha ha ha . Pelosi wants to wait 2-5 yrs for her shot! Wishful thinking. Gitmo doesnt inject stuff to keep you healthy!

buck fiden

NanXi Perosi loves silicone injections.

Terminally deplorable

They are no longer needed at GITMO, unless she wants to die in beauty.

buck fiden

“Beauty” and “Pelousy” should not be mentioned in the same sentence. You can’t drown her because her tits function as flotation devices.


No, a couple of empty wind socks.




She’s not going to last anywhere near that deadline. God will catch up with her soon.

Terminally deplorable

Death becomes her. Nasty will disintegrate in the final scene.

Last edited 2 years ago by Terminally deplorable
buck fiden

She certainly is the Wicked Witch of the West.
Glad Dorothy’s house landed on Hillary, the Wicked Witch of the East.

Last edited 2 years ago by buck fiden

Would like to see her cry for mercy when she is sentenced to life in prison and they lead her away to Leavenworth, haha!


And when she learns she has lost all rights and all her possessions/money have been confiscated. Hope they arrest her husband who is also rotten. And her kids are out on the street with zero money too. No more ice cream let alone ice cream freezer.

Last edited 2 years ago by Guest4579

I think some of those botox injections she takes may have gone to her brain!!


“They don’t want to risk losing him to vaccine side effects”. So they know that those vaccines may have serious side effects or can kill. They know it. They shamelessly lie when they say there is no danger. Everyone looking for some true information knows that those vaccines are very dangerous to the human body.


Just saw on Gateway Pundit , that race baiter Lamont Hill formerly of CNN, and fully vaccinated suffered a massive heart attack caused by blood clots in his body. He is only 42 years old.

Terminally deplorable

As customary for a young healthy high performance athlete.




He cannot tell the truth that the shot caused his DVT because he belongs to the DS. Even though he no longer works for CNN (which should have allowed him to speak out on the danger of the c19 vaxx) and now works for Al-jazeerah, he still can’t tell the truth about the graphene oxide causing the blood clots in his lungs, which had to be surgically removed. He still says the shot is not responsible for his heart attack and clots (even though everybody and his mother-in-law knows it is), because he represents the DS wherever he goes, no matter who he works for. Sad state of affairs when one sells out to the bad guys. .

Doc John

at least 3 people have pretended to be Biden” 4 if you count the real one! 🙂

Terminally deplorable

They took him out because of the undue risk for the operation. His gaffe prone blabber mouth would have blown up the charade prematurely.


I can’t fathom how you would vaccinate let alone do anything experimental to someone in a deep coma. You know it’s not induced one cause I’ve never heard them go beyond two weeks at a time for that.

Terminally deplorable

Every two weeks, they wake him up and send him into the next coma with an upper cut.

Irish Girl

I’m so ready for this clown show to be over. It’s a jack-ass extravaganza.
– Generals
– Poser President
– Gnomes
It’s a bad dream that doesn’t stop.


Nothing will happen . Not even soon or imminent .

Irish Girl

You’re a ray of sunshine. Did I say it was soon?


he wait first for Gitmo show on EBS…

buck fiden

The fun’s just beginning!

Inflation. Shortages. Riots.

More inflation. More shortages. More riots.

Hyperinflation. Hyper-shortages. Hyper-riots.

Martial law. Ration cards. Biden’s Nιggadier General’s Woke Military handing out food rations. Riots against the military.

(Attempted) gun confiscation. Riots with guns!

In Zhou Biden’s or Kuntmala Hairyass’s Amerika, everything will be in short supply except for tyranny and stupidity.

Irish Girl

Excuse me, Buck. I need to go find a bridge. J/K



buck fiden

That would be the Chinks’ 3 Gorges Dam about to buckle and drown 3 million surplus chinks downriver.

Last edited 2 years ago by buck fiden
buck fiden

You’re Irish. That means you FIGHT!!!! Find a sniper position and lie & wait for these communist bastards.

Last edited 2 years ago by buck fiden

More like a nightmare that you don’t wake up from, is how I feel!


Mr. Baxter tell your source we are sooooooooooo tired… get over with this clown show….11 months way too long


Anyone see the movie Dave? Life imitating art imitating life?

unlabeled quality

must see list for present times:
f/x (1986)
Dave (1992)
Face/Off (1997)
all the Mission Impossible movies.

also, if you can stomach it, Captain America: the Winter Soldier.
all relevant.

buck fiden

Time to reread Shirer’s “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.”

buck fiden

C’mon, man. Take the real jab today! Take two. Or three! It’s science!


?… you forgot to say “and best of all, it’s FREE!!!!” like all the radio stations have been saying. ?

Would be a lot more funny if they weren’t killing people… ?

but it’s crazy how so many fall for such snake oil sales. ?

Story as old as time, Eve duped by the fruit. ?

Your awareness of your awareness is your soul!

It was a place of Joy and Wonder, and a time of Peace and Love, and King Michael (May Peace be upon Him) was busy inspecting his favorite space palace. “Oh good heavens!” said King Michael (May He live into His thousands), “I just realized I forgot to pick up my harem from their unicorn race! Hoist the main sails, Albert!” “You can’t take your space palace,” said Albert, (May He grow large and bright and warm), his trusted assistant, “they haven’t finished fixing your sexy paintball arena. You do remember what you did to that thing, right?” “Oh, gosh that’s right,” said King Michael (Godspeed to His space palace), “I guess I’ll just have to take one of my residential jets.”

Not a bad start to a story, right?

Angel Askew

The entire world is askew with unicorn races and space palace planning at present. Point taken. Absurdity and fear is in charge.

David Yanity

L. Ron Hubbard wrote better material while on a 4-day-old tequila hangover…
and he was the king of the hack writers. People on crack make more sense.