Bill Gates Military Tribunal — Day 3


Day 3 of Gates’ military tribunal began with his lawyer, David Baluarte, imploring the court to hear a statement he had prepared. Begrudgingly, Vice Adm. John G. Hannink of the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps said he’d allow a brief declaration. But Baluarte’s concept of brevity meant beseeching the tribunal in a protracted, animated tirade during which he again reprimanded the military for prosecuting an innocent man and emphasized how tragic America would be, were it not for Gates’ contributions to society.

He touted Gates’ charitable deeds, saying Gates was the greatest philanthropist humankind had ever known, and spent 8-minutes reciting a list of charities that benefitted from Gate’s selfless demeanor. A world without Gates, Baluarte said as he hobbled about the courtroom, would be a dismal, deep, dark pit of despair, bereft of kindness and decency, and rife with more sickness and disease than currently plagues the planet. He boasted the technological achievements Gates had brought to everyday people, saying America would have been thrust back into the dark ages without Gates’ preeminent technologies.

“Bill Gates has been and always will be a visionary,” Baluarte blabbered, “and his expertise, his inventions, and his kindness have saved thousands—millions of lives.”

“Are you finished?” Vice Adm. Hannink asked. “I think this tribunal has indulged your theatrics long enough.”

Vice Adm. Hannink got down to business.

“Sure, Bill Gates donated to charities. I question whether he invented anything at all; he had people smarter than him do that work for him. But his kindness was just a thin coat of veneer, an illusion made to hide who and what Bill Gates really is,” he addressed the 3-officer panel assigned to weigh the merits of the military’s case against Gates.

He presented to the tribunal documents obtained from computers the military had seized during clandestine raids on several of Gates’ properties across the country. They offered a view into Gates’s secretive dealings with several major pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, Merck, and Johnson & Johnson. One email dated August 4, 2001, Gates made a proposal to then-Pfizer CEO Henry McKinnell, and it outlined what any sane and reasonable person would consider a nefarious agenda—discretely tainting vaccinations with an undetectable poison that would slowly dissolve the recipient’s cerebellum over many years while simultaneously erode vital organs. Symptoms, the email said, would not surface for years, and when they did, clueless clinicians would proscribe the illness to other ailments or to a condition called inexplicable organ failure, a prognosis used when physicians cannot accurately identify the cause of a terminal disease.  By the times symptoms presented, it would be too late. Gates wrote his “product” could defeat all treatments and remedies.

What did Pfizer stand to gain from this offer? Gates agreed to “donate” $150,000,000 annually to Pfizer’s research programs on improving safety and efficacy of vaccinations, and $10,000,000 a year into McKinnell’s Cayman Island slush fund.

Vice Adm. Hannink directed the panel’s attention to McKinnell’s response email.

“Dear Mr. Gates,” Vice Adm. Hannink read from the reply, “you know I share your view that our planet is on dangerous road to overpopulation, and that ultimately a culling will be needed to preserve resources for people in a position to actually benefit society. Were it my choice, exclusively, I’d embrace your idea with open arms and move ahead with full steam. However, my colleagues and I feel it’s too soon, and the venture risks incriminating me and the company as a whole. We can continue these talks in the future, as mechanisms are made to prevent I, you, or the company from appearing culpable if the true cause of sickness were made public…”

Gates wrote back that his people had already done clinical trials on 250 persons using an accelerated variation of the drug, which had been introduced into influenza vaccinations. The email did not specify what segment of the population received the poison, but Gates wrote that all 250 people “expired” on the same day, six months after taking the drug.

Baluarte objected, saying the emails could have been fabricated, altered or amended to make an innocent man, Gates, appear guilty.

“Mr. Gates made good effort to encrypt these communications, but our ciphers and independent digital forensic experts linked these to Gates’ digital footprint and there’s no question these emails were written by him or to him,” Vice Adm. Hannink said.

Baluarte begged the tribunal’s indulgence, asking for a recess so he could privately confer with his client.

An exasperated Vice Adm. Hannink, appearing tired himself, agreed and put the court in recess until Thursday morning.

Editor: I hope to get Thursday’s report sometime today.

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Jean Berg

Has there been a day 4 yet? It said on Thursday of last week.


Graphene Oxide…the secret ingredient.

Sue K

Who the hell are Gates and some drug company yahoo to say that the Earth is overpopulated?

Are they God now?

Robert James

Technically, Gates hasn’t made much progress. He bought DOS, his first operating system, from a small computer company in CA. When MIT released X-Windows, he adopted it and named it Microsoft Windows. IBM let him have the original pc because, they said, which I doubt, that they thought it wouldn’t amount to much. Now it takes at least 20 times as long to boot up a computer as the original pcs.


Fry him.


Suggest you look up “proscribe” and “ascribe”. Since you are a scribe, on a very important info mission, might as well be an accurate one!

boris said

Baxster you F ing Liar ! Bill gates is in carlsbad as we speak, his plane is parked at palamar airport on carlsbad ca. as of today sept 6th. should should be hung for spreading your god damn lies !!! all these people your are selling false hope you fucking looser !



boris said

your an idiot , why dont you want to know the truth


Ha, ha elite Bill Gates, you are rotting in a prison cell while We the People celebrate your capture. Don’t cry too much pedophile, you have plenty of others that are crying for you. They can’t wait to join you. Cheers!


I’ve suspected all along that the 2019 flu jab was used to spread the respiratory condition that was Soon to be exaggerated and propagandised into a global pandemic, in the process murdering thousands of old and or weak people. In November 2019 my neighbour collapsed a few days after his flu jab and was put on the now infamous ventilator, then died in two days. His wife caught the flu from him, then I from her. The symptoms were identical to Convid, but before it had supposedly arrived.
There’s a fascinating article on Eugenics on the Offguardian website, featuring the Gates family. Stop allowing Gates to delay the trial.


He did not creat a thing he is good at copying Steve Jobs we’re he Stole the icons that xerox had created but their ceo could not see it and he set the Future labs became their own company. I know for I was working at a company that looked at the star workstation to purchase I did not get it but Steve Jobs did and he bought it and put it on apple. He created nothing.


look this up on rumble or duck duck go
Dr. Bryan Ardis | Hospital Protocols Are Murdering Americans by Prescribing Remdesivir Which Causes Renal Failure

Catrina Dyer

Gates is NOT a visionary!!!
He’s a KILLER !!!
Needs to be HUNG BY THE NECK…
Like Hillary…THEIR

john pennington

gates is just playing games just cut his head off you have enough proof end this trial already

Phyllis Bonviso

So, tell me why Trump, DeSantis and on and on are are saying “get vaccinated”, when, in fact, as stated above, “discretely tainting vaccinations with an undetectable poison that would slowly dissolve the recipient’s cerebellum over many years while simultaneously erode vital organs” and it is “terminal”, “no cure” and “deadly”. Please tell me why our military is allowing people to be vaccinated when they know this to be true? Tell me why the people in India have had a lawsuit against Gates, for years, for killing millions and millions of their people with the vaccination and that is not brought out to the public or in this tribunal? You say, fight for our country – none of this makes any sense to us(a) – the only side we are standing on is “God”, and believing in something that you cannot touch, see, hear, taste, see, smell and only by the power of belief (which apparently is being taken away via vaccinations, by Gates) do we stand by Him. So, apparently, the unseen is more powerful, believable, tangible, credible than the seen right now…


Maybe this is all a movie with actors in order to manipulate us all. Even Donald Trump is an actor, as well as Biden ? Who knows ? I am definitely personally more for Donald Trump but yes I don’t understand why he promoted a vaccine which already killed a lot of people. And who knows ? This is a mass murder. We have (maybe) seen nothing yet regarding the number of the people who will be killed by those vaccines.

Last edited 2 years ago by Vincent

This is where true faith enters and, is defined as such: faith is the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things unseen. Blessings,


Not every message is for us. Some are for the cabal.


And they all “expired” the same day..more vicious and creepy than this is difficult to believe but.. there’s a whole bunch of them in power position! I believe God almighty’s patience has expired by now and it’s time for God’s wrath to hit these bastards


Lilly, not so fast. God has infinite mercy and as such he is giving all these corrupt people all the time in the world to repent. These corrupt people will eventually face judgement in front of The Divine Judge and appropriate sentence meted out. Blessings,

Angel Askew


A place of assistance and support for nurses,city workers and anyone being bullied to get the “mark of the beast” for a jabbed free life and community.

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny heads it. Please donate. They are just getting started.

Peter Penname

Culling Bill Gates would be a good start. But first I’d like to see all his assets”fairly redistributed.”


I agree especially all that farmland he has.


Mr. Baxter…when wee get report from 4th day ????


Let’s all send prayers for Vice Adm. John G. Hannink to have strength protection and maintain his tenacity!

I am grateful for all he is doing. It’s a big job that for which it seems there is no one else.

Lord please lift this man who is carrying out judgement on this Earth against those who have sided with evil. Please keep him strong in all ways, mentally, physically, and spiritually. With love and gratitude, Amen


In Jesus’ mighty name, we pray.


I can’t imagine what these military and “prosecutors” see with all these scumbags. I pray for continued courage and strength for them and may God’s angels attend them. It has to be horrific – and then the scum think all they did was ok!


It’s very telling that Gates has not taken the vaccine!

Robert James

As for the timing of “The Event”, I am now getting three or more donation solicitations per day from the Trump organization. So who knows when, but it does begin to seem imminent.


Lol Trump begging you for money does not means anything is imminent. It means Trump wants your money. That’s one thing that never changes.

john pennington

i dont give money to any of them thats what its all about from both sides i lost hope in trump

Todd Pisano

I love how they try to paint Gates a good person ! I’m highly ignorant on this subject and I know of the people hes killed due to his vaccinations hes wiped out from tribes what I’ve heard ! This man needs to be put down now

Robert James

Today’s desktop computers are nearly a thousand times faster than the original IBM PCs. Despite that incredible increase, Windows 10 takes about 200 times longer to load than the original Microsoft operating system. A survey by Dartmouth of Fortune 100 corporations showed that nobody in those corporations ever used over half of Microsoft’s programs.

Which means Windows 10 is around 2000 times more difficult for the computer to use for scant benefit.

So good riddance to Gates, not to say this compares to his hideious crimes against humanity.

unlabeled quality

I believe they took Windows 7, took out the good parts, and added some garbage to it, and rebranded it Windows 10. I still may go back to Win 7. Everything worked better…


How dare gates and others to decided to play god and decide how many people should be on this earth!


That’s how arrogant and insane all these globalist Elites are! ……They really think that way!


Go to Rumble and search for The Hagmann Report. Find the interview with Dr. Tenpenny that was done last night.


Don’t forget to fight for your pets. These same barbaric elites are killing our pets with the rabies jab.

These cancer causing jabs are mandated by your State. Time for action.

To learn more search Dr. John Robb. #ProtectThePets

Sandy Koufax

Enough with the pleasantries already. It’s time for the military to get medieval on Gates’ buttocks.

Last edited 2 years ago by Sandy Koufax
unlabeled quality

did people forget Gates’ role. the proliferation of GMOs and fake phood?
The whole intent was to have people ingest gmo food that ultimately made them infertile. his whole schtick was population reduction, by whatever means necessary.

all based on the repudiated teachings of one John Malthus.


Honestly pretty funny that MB went to the effort to edit out all the places where he previously hinted at Trump’s return for August, yet this article that straight-up promised it for July is untouched.


“…and emphasized how tragic America would be, were it not for Gates’ contributions to society….”

For starters, our computer technology would be at least 20 years ahead of where it is now… I’d have no problem with hanging Gates meely for what he did to Borland.


Bill Gate will likely be found guilty and executed.


He is a wanted criminal for crimes against humanity in countries such as India.


Other countries have arrest warrants for George W. Bush too. For 9-11. But, I think that has been handled.


Yup, it was in the famous letter given to GWB among others during his dad’s funeral. Remember that scene shown on live TV beamed here and abroad.


hmmm,,, so this started prior to the great awakening? This proves Bill was not speed-dating Lucifer.


Talk about crimes against humanity! This guy represents the whole reason for Nuremburg 2.0….on steroids.

buck fiden

It’s time for the Military Tribunals to “cull” bad humans. 500,000 of them!


Let the would-be cullers, be culled.

buck fiden

Instead of thinking about “culling” humans, Gates with his money should have reached for the stars to find places we humans could live. Set up moon and martian colonies, for example. He had the wherewithal but decided to exterminate us instead. Time to exterminate HIM!



Last edited 2 years ago by buck fiden
buck fiden

Caught the Pfizer scorpion, too. Spray them all with RAID!


Bill to the gates of hell.

Sojourner Truth

He has hurt so many lives, the lockdowns, the deaths, dividing families. I believe they got one of the key masterminds. It’s great that money can’t shield him–at least I hope he doesn’t squirm out of it.

I can’t even see my first grandchild, unless I get the shot. He is truly led by Satan in Ihis quest for depopulation.,


Is there a word for a psycho, sociopathic narcissist, mad, deluded rich guy with nothing better to do with his time than to plan the demise of the lion’s portion of humanity? The hubris of him, through his representation, is nauseating, at the very least. Cringe worthy. Mad dogs get what mad dogs deserve.


This truly is a war of the Elites vs The People. The People will win.


All I can say I pray in the Name of Jesus that all these people we have been reading about the last couple months are true and Justice is being dealt to those monsters that have ruined and caused so much Grief in thousand if not millions of people world wide. So be it.

William Turner

TO ALL VACCINATED…Gates wrote he would “…discretely taint vaccinations with an undetectable poison that would slowly dissolve the recipient’s cerebellum over many years while simultaneously eroding vital organs.”

Anyone in favor of vaccines is an accomplice to murder.

Last edited 2 years ago by William Turner

Right . Just who will arrest all these accomplices ?


Bill Gates Grandfather, Dr. Frederick L. Gates was involved with Rockerfeller Experiment BACTERIAL MENINGITIIS JAB that killed 100 Million in 1918 – 1920. It wasn’t Spanish Flu—it was a Bacterial Meningitis EXPERIENTAL SHOT.   ebhdotclub/


Cry more pedophile.


cry more trumplost lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Sojourner Truth

This is the real white privilege, not the average American. I feel sorry for these people who feel they are in the role to play God, deciding who lives and who dies. In the end, what you give out comes back to you.


One of those people is in the US Senate and one of the many senators who betrayed Trump over the electoral fraud objection on 01/06/21/.

live oak

The depth of Gates’ evil and depravity are stunning. I expected something just like this. He has thought long and hard about killing us all and the best way to do it without getting caught. By God’s grace he did get caught and he will pay the price. He will no doubt get the death penalty. There is no doubt in my mind.
I still want to know his involvement re: graphene oxide.

Last edited 2 years ago by live oak



“ultimately a culling will be needed to preserve resources for people in a position to actually benefit society”

People who think they are superior, entitled to rule as once they called themselves gods, will always look to us as slaves,useless eaters,”commons”.
This pos like Nygaard,without any medical knowlege,was allowed to publish technical recommendations that became laws thanks to bribery. This is the guy who wanted to process shit for us to eat. The “philantropist” never offered any reverse osmosis machine to bring water where it is needed,for example. We know his background, and his plans for the final solution.
The world will be a better plave without most of the Davos,Cfr,Un international cartel, and while at it, cern also has to go. Then we will finally heal.


ANY person who agrees with the concept of “culling” which is 100% cold blooded murder, is a child of the devil himself, whom Jesus told us came “to steal, to KILL, and to destroy.” (John 10:10) …. are you born again? John 3:3, 7

Patty Parker

bill is getting too much time, we all know he is guilty of unspeakable acts against humanity.