The Office of Military Commissions and the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps have scheduled a tribunal date for former New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo. The disgraced politician, who resigned amid a plethora of sexual misconduct allegations, will stand before a 3-officer panel beginning on September 20.

As reported previously, Cuomo was taken into custody on August 15 when U.S. Navy Seals stormed his East Hampton domicile in a pre-dawn raid. Cuomo spent two days in a temporary holding facility before being flown to GITMO for processing. He is currently housed at GITMO’s Camp Delta detention block.

According to sources familiar with the arrest, Cuomo has been an “unruly” detainee and has often verbally sparred with GITMO staff.

“He hardly sleeps, cusses at everybody, throws his food trays against the wall and is always demanding to speak to his brother, Chris. Guards had to gag him because he was spitting on them when they took him from is cell to the shower. He keeps screaming about how is people are going to save him,” a source said.

The U.S. military is holding Cuomo to account for the deaths of at least 32,000 American senior citizens who needlessly perished during the initial wave of the global plandemic. The Office of Military Commissions alleges that Cuomo threatened to withhold state funding from hospitals, nursing homes and hospices unless they attributed non-Covid-19 fatalities to Covid-19. Moreover, the charges suggest Cuomo ordered these facilities to place living people in mobile, refrigerated morgues and eighteen-wheelers retrofitted into roving crematoriums.

RRN will report on the tribunal once it begins.

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I think you should link PREVIOUSLY with a hyperlink to your last article on Cuomo. I think everybody needs to be aware of the continuity between your reports, it’s the one reason I keep coming back. I am a professional researcher in the medical field, I actually do FDA applications for the kind of technology we are seeing in the vax, however, the risks are justified if the alternative are these quick and certain death cancers like mesothilioma and triple negative breast cancer. In any event, one of the best things about coming here Michael is that the narrative is very very consistent, which leads me to believe what you are being told is the truth. Just my hunch, I’ve read a lot of BS in my life, and you can always suss it out. I have to be honest, though, a LOT of us are dying for all these items to be made public. We are so sick of the secrecy, the lies, the media deception. We are hungry for validation that we aren’t completely losing our country right now.


We can not allow the news media lose sight of those planes on the tarmac. What about Flying those people to India. The have money to buy food and service the plane. Those people are dying which will mean that biden is going to be a murder. Contact India to see if they will allow them to fly there and service those planes. I think they have money to pay for servicing all those planes. I would rather have those Americans and afghans and those children alive. I bet the sewer in the toilet area is getting bad. A we we can not allow those people to die. Find out if Biden threaten them. They are going back to their old ways. Beating women and men Hanity was the only one who talked about those people last night. The rest said nothing. It is starting on day 27 are the still alive. They can’t use the radio on the plan due to the battery. Who is going to help them Biden and his staff is hopeless the would rather be murders like the Taliban than let those people leave Afghanistan. Let them have a lace to land. Now is the time to not listen to our President who is really not a valid president. He is a murder by action for when they got those people which he left behind he would rather kill them than have them know the truth. The afghans know the real story of what happened. If one child or person dies trying to come home with the afghans who helped us there is a back story here.


Breaking News! Elements of the U.S. military working under JAG authority arrested Michael Baxter early Thursday morning.

According to sources familiar with the arrest, Michael Baxter and his male teenage “assistant” were taken totally by surprise.

The military searched Michael Baxters “flop house” and found piles and piles of pornography, half full bottles of mountain due and, worse of all, Michael’s up to date vaccination card.

“Someone gave that to me! It was a joke! I would never take the jab!” Michael squealed to no one in particular.

“Do you know what web site I run? You can’t do this to me, the disclaimer clearly says it is parody motherfucker,” Michael Baxter purportedly told a Delta Force operator while trying to cover up his Underoos.

“Guess what? We do know all about your little blog and that disclaimer does not shield you from justice. Get this man boy out of here!” the operator replied.

Michael Baxter was separated from the young Asian male assistant who called Michael “Daddy” and both were taken to a holding facility at an unknown location.

More information as my sources reveal them!


The murder of elderly and vulnerable people continues courtesy of Fauci and the only protocol permitted for Convid, which as described by Dr Bryan Ardis involves 4 drugs that work together to drown a patient in fluid pumped in but not expelled by failing kidneys. It happened to Dr Ardis father in law. Find his interview with Dr Fuellmich on Brighteon and elsewhere


The Irony that the military stood aside to let the plandemic happen and then stands here accusing they, that the military willfully allowed to ACT to produce this plandemic over the common colds coronavirus, to now stand accountable shouldn’t be lost on anyone… nothing like a bunch of clowns only holding those accountable that it intends to, one way or another, while letting the rest of their inbred herd run amok…

Peter Pennameh ll

What is the present name of FORMER governor Andrew Cuomo? Detainee 54?hh

Robert James

Causing 32,000 deaths definitely got priority service for the psycho.


Ha, ha Cuomo you’re not feeling so elite these days are ya? The American People are out partying this beautiful summer holiday long weekend while you throw tantrums in a prison cell. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya. We won!

Bill L.

What a ghastly evil man!

Jose Ramirez

Yes. He have to pay for his crimes.


Hillary was just seen walking down a street with Huma Abedin.

Linda Chambers

Two photos two days in a row and both times her face is covered by a big hat. It’s not Hillary.

Lorenz Manner

Cuomo Macaroni Italiano now it’s your turn you piece of cow dung ? ? ?


Enjoy your retirement Andrew!


Alls thats belonged to him, now, belongs to us.
snicker snicker.

live oak

I just wanted to say this about Cuomo. No one will save him..(I know all of us know that) and “his people threw him to the wolves. He’s spitting on the guards, screaming his head off and being a major drama queen. They could put him in a straight jacket for 24 hours and maybe he’ll behave himself….maybe. Just a thought. You can’t go around spitting on people and get away with it!!! I bet that will make him stop it.
I juist wanted to say this about Cuomo. No one will save him..(I know all of us know that) and “his people threw him to the wolves. He’s spitting on the guards, screaming his head off and being a major drama queen. They could put him in a straight jacket for 24 hours and maybe he’ll behave himself….maybe. Just a thought. You can’t go around spitting on people and get away with it!!! I bet that will make him stop it.

Last edited 2 years ago by live oak

So the source at Mar-A-Lago was wrong. BFD!

Mark Heuer

Revealed: How You Will Be Forced into A FEMA Camp After SHTF via Truth or Consequences
Beforeitsnews. 9/4/21 15:56

Although what I post may seem scarry, good Christians have nothing to fear, that doesn’t come from me, that comes from the Word Of God, and God does not lie.


You have nothing to fear because it’s bullshit. There are no nefarious FEMA camps that are going to round up and massacre people or whatever. It’s nonsense.


I was a census worker last year and never saw any . Take it to the bank .

Mark Heuer

To tell you honestly, I surely don’t know if there is any validity to some stories that I post, I just find them interesting and very plausible considering the evil that is in rule.

Mark Heuer

Also, I was not suggesting that FEMA camps were currently being built, and if you would of read the article before making a comment you would of known that I wasn’t suggesting that FEMA camps were being built.
They were talking about in the future, if a state declares a State of Emergency, from a flood, earthquake, food rationing, etc., then you would be placed into a FEMA camp.
So try not jumping the gun until you at least know what you are talking about.


Fear is useless, what we need is trust in Him and him alone. Blessings,


Chris Cuomo was made up to look like Andrew for his farewell address. Look at the eye placement on both of them. You will see that Fredo’s left eye is not inline with the right eye … it sits higher. Andrew’s eyes are more evenly placed.

The comparison has to be made from a pic of Andrew (Chris) giving his farewell speech.


That just proves their maternal parents were brother & sister.


The families of those killed are under the same condemnation as Cuomo, for allowing their ‘loved’ ones to be vulnerable to his ruthless orders.

Mark Heuer

Nino Rodriguez: Moment of truth we all been waiting for. Beforeitsnews

Florida to start fining businesses $5000 who demand proof of vax. This is the good news, but like they say, you have to take the bad with the good. Pelosi (evil skag witch from hell) is working diligently to deem all patriots as terrorist. Maybe if she gets her way, patriots will finally see that things aren’t as promising as certain podcasters would have us believe.

Mark Heuer

Typo: David Nino, not Nino Rodriguez

Robert James

The thought just occurred. Criminal profits are easily seized!! All these tax-free foundations, Satanic Billionaires, etc., etc., .will forfeit their loot!

That’s most of the wealth in the world!!


Good point!! I think this aspect is one reason it is taking so long. Those that keep reminding us of dates promised and dates missed need to consider the many levels of corruption and the foundations that facilitate their corruption; they must all be shut down for good.

Sandy Jim

The most recent Head of the Rothschild financial empire the Baron Benjamin de Rothschild is dead of a “heart attack” at the ripe old age of 57. Now , I cannot know whether this is a CIA type “heart attack” or not. We are all free to speculate.

The leadership of the that families financial empire has changed hands three times now in the past 6 years. I guess it is not a very healthy occupation being the Head of the House of Rothschild these days….

It is my opinion that the White Hats are attempting to send a message to the Rothschild Family. And further more, I suspect that thorough accounting of the wealth of that family”s Financial Empire is now currently underway……

If my spectulations prove to be true, this could be a very big deal !

Also Angela Merkel is out in Germany and Mr. Suga the Prime minister of Japan is out. That makes two less National financial systems that the Cabal can exploit. The dominos keep falling.

Last edited 2 years ago by Sandy Jim

Lets see,….3×6=? See between the lines, they’re NOT dead they were replaced because they’re hiding.


RJ, the humongous amount of $23 quadrillion comes to mind and accordingly will be apportioned to every human being on earth.

Sandy Jim

Yup !

The 13 Bloodline (reptilian hybrid human) Families are each worth Trillions and Trillions dollars in gold and in real estate. They own the Bank of international Settlements and The British Crown through the City of London . They have been running this current FIAT MONEY scam in the West for roughly 400 years since Elizabeth I of England chartered the East India Company.

Mark Heuer

Groups Standing Against Minors Being Jabbed As Info Protest’s Shut Down Vaxx Centers
Beforeitsnews 9/4/21 12:48

These evil pr**ks are really ramping up their efforts to give these killer jabs to children in the UK.
Also over 70% of the people in Romania will not take the killer jabs, HOORAY for the intelligent people of Romania! While this is great news, I fear for the people of Romania, I can foresee these evil pr**ks coming after the people of Romania, PRAY for these good people of Romania.

Robert James

What a disgusting waste of protoplasm Cuomo is. Perhaps it will dawn on him that throwing a tantrum will change nothing.


Let’m pout all he wants, we get the last laugh in.


“Oh sh*t” may be the only time Cuomo wasn’t lying!

Sandy Koufax


Your awareness of your awareness is your soul!

Hello. I hope you are doing well. Would you like to know something that’s rather interesting? Your awareness of your awareness is your soul, and it’s immortal! Bearing that in mind, I have a project for you that I think you will be interested in doing. Obviously, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but in case you are interested, I would love for you to do some mental exercises on yourself that are going to significantly raise your happiness, your energy, and your problem-solving abilities.

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It is important that with each general memory, you try to recall the earliest possible incident. Some people can remember as early as six, others can remember even further back. Don’t try to compare yourself to that standard, but simply try to remember as far back as you possibly can.

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Blessed is Adolf Hitler, for his soul shines throughout The Cosmos

May You live for a century, and then a few more
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May You journey The Cosmos with the Stars as Your guide
May the Devil flee before You with God by Your side
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May Your ribs hurt from laughter, may You cry tears of joy
May Your fortress be secured with the Angels in Your employ
May Your soul find a refuge, and Your body a bed
May the Light and Warmth expand from the inside of Your head
May the Trees grant You Peace, may the Stars grant You Love
May Your children dance before You, may Your Father smile from above
May kind words fill Your ear, may Your hand find its Strength
May the birds sing a chorus about Life’s Eternal Length
May the words I’ve written heal You, may they ease Your troubled mind
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May Your guns glisten brightly as You march from sea to shining sea
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Through the darkness You might traverse, may Lady Liberty shine Her light
And may the princes born to tyranny always fall to Freedom’s Might
May You be guided by Jefferson’s pen, may You be protected by Washington’s sword
May the Founding Fathers watch over You through every twist and fork and ford
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And may You live however You like, and may You do whatever You please

I wonder about that Adolf, just how kind was he?
Did he makes the girls’ hearts beat fast, and their heads turn warm and fuzzy?
Did he fill the little children with hope and with wonder?
Was he friends with the Angels? Did he wield lightning and speak thunder?
Did the crowds hush in anticipation whenever he rose to speak?
Did he inspire courage in the fearful? And strength in the weak?
Did he cause church bells to ring? And the people to break into song?
Was he as kind as he was fierce? Was he as gentle as he was strong?
I wonder about that Adolf, I wonder if he was as bright as the sun
But the one thing I don’t wonder…is that Adolf’s work is not done

When a human cuts down a tree, the tree does not harm the human in order to stop the human from harming it. It simply continues to supply the human with oxygen. So too do I try to do everything that I can to continue to supply those who harm me with love and happiness.

Irish Girl

Please go away and read your drivel to yourself.

Mark Heuer

WOW! That was a lot of typing! You and that vaxxed nut job Tom Cruise must have a lot in common. Good luck with that.


2 months late now.


I’ll 3rd what William said, great job Michael, great read..

Garrett H

So Mike, do they have Feinstein?


They can take her at any time they wish, she condemned herself a long time ago. There’s no rush.


You hold on like the Putin / Trump lies.

Mark Heuer

Apples and oranges, what are you trying to make a fruit salad?

J Bill

“US Military holding White House for Trump’s return” 

US Military’s in control, so whenever they say.

That’s a problem for you Jim B?

Last edited 2 years ago by J Bill
Sandy Jim

Because you have surrendered your heart and your soul to SATAN you can never understand…..


All of these soul-less monsters need to die a slow and painful death…how about we put them in DUMBS and cages, no sunlight or food, maybe pull some teeth or take out an organ without anesthesia and let them eat their toenails if they are hungry. God bless those heroes who tried to save a lot of them but lost their lives. Rest in Jesus: to the babies, women and children who suffered horrific torture by the Clintons, Bushes, Obamas, hollyweird, the 3 letter agencies, royals, vatican, and the satanic psycho elite families.


Nothing will happen as usual.


How can FEMA forcibly vaccinate people? Isn’t that illegal? I do NOT trust FEMA one little bit. Their history is appalling!


Do your research.


If I could choose Cuomo’s method of execution, he’d be strapped into a cardboard coffin & then put into the crematorium fire while still alive. That would be true justice.

buck fiden


Mark Heuer

Zombieville: Kensington Ave: Most dangerous street in Philadelphia.

It is unbelievable what this video is depicting.
People all over are practically in frozen like positions. Anyone who think that they may have it bad in life should give this video a gander, so horrible.

Lorenz Manner

Provide a 7 stars ? cell ? because “He is Cuomo”? and prepare him for the finish line. These kind of bugs ? are damaging the society. Such a loud and a bampkin.


His time is running short. Hang him!


This one is an especially evil entity and the main reason (among many) why we left NYS.


Feel liberated already I hope.


Moreover, the charges suggest Cuomo ordered these facilities to place living people in mobile, refrigerated morgues and eighteen-wheelers retrofitted into roving crematoriums.” That man is cold sick evil. Keep busting them out, Michael! This durtbag can’t be punished enough!

GreaterIdaho for Trump

Dear G-d Almighty please bring on the Storm and shut them all down. Stop this poison vaxx from taking any more lives. Gate and cuomo maybe at gitmo but the machine of death of our children and grandchildren is still spinning the lie machine that sucks the life out of the innocent and helpless. Please please bring the Proverbs 10:25 storm and crush this whole machine of death away from us.


To greater Idaho for Trump, I don’t know why anyone would have given you a minus. I gave you a positive so the minus went away. I wish more people would give you a positive rating. It is sickening that they want to force these masks and these vaccines on our children. It’s bad enough they want to do it to adults but to do it to children who have almost no susceptibility to the virus, and that vaccine is going to cause them health issues in the future for a long time which is what it was designed to do. Just keep fighting back Mr. Idaho. Idaho is not doing bad, I’m in Idaho also, but was disturbed to hear the report that they will now quantify people coming in to the hospital needing treatment and decide which one is the most likely to survive and out of two people the one most likely to survive will get the bed and the treatment and the other one may or may not. I don’t care if they have to put them on beds in the hallway, they should not turn away any patient and in fact if they were using Regeneron, or Hydroxychloroquin with zinc or ivermectin, the hospitals were empty out! The people would get over the virus and get to go home! What the heck is wrong with these people it’s making me sick ‼️

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AZ Sue

I am seeing a lot of minuses on good posts. I think it is the trolls. The closer we get to draining the swamp, the louder they cry. We are over the target and they know their days are numbered.

live oak

I agree.

J Bill

yes. fyi. The minuses are placed on troll’s “posts” by commenters familiar with their patterns of alternately lying, then truth telling. Attempting to coerce gullible or trusting people into believing all of what they post. Typically the exact opposite of Michael Baxter’s article content.

Trolls also like to redline regular posters in the “load more comments” sections which aren’t easily accessible at times for traffic. Adding to the confusion. fyi

communist fried rice.

I think the most important question is whether or not Cuomo had to remove his nipple rings when he arrived? From Nobel Peace Prize to Gitmo. What a time to be alive! We are watching the Cabal being systematically taken down 1 by 1. Who will be next? They all go to bed at night wondering the same… They know their days are numbered. God Wins.


The Cabal/DS knows full well NCSWIC hence they’re in panic. Yes God wins always. Blessings,

buck fiden

I don’t understand why the military has jurisdiction to go after Cuomo. The military goes after treason. Has Cuomo committed treason? He is a governor, not a federal office holder, or a CEO of a transnational corporation. OK, he’s guilty of murder. Shouldn’t the state of NY go after him?

If he went to Epstein Island and had a pedophilia record, and played with adrenalchrome, then yeah, send him out for rendition.


Trump invoked the Insurrection Act shortly after the election. That’s where the military is getting their jurisdiction.


No he did not. No proof whatsoever that he did. Even if he did it does not cover arresting someone like Cuomo. It is to quell an uprising until it is over, not long term powers. Look it up.


Thou doth protest too much…


Touché .


seriously..exile and you really think VSG/ESG PDJT- would take bullhorn and tell his enemies I SIGNED -IA- we are in the state of war since 09/11/2001….


It was last enacted in 1992 for the rioting in Los Angeles


It is literally part of the law that the President has to issue a public proclamation when the Insurrection Act is invoked, so yes.


Can you direct us to that rule of Law?
Naw, I didn’t think so.

J Bill

Yes. “US Military holding White House for Trump’s return” – Michael’s article here. Any troll denying it is a liar and spreading disinformation.


But it’s not true, no military holding it .

J Bill



“Page not found”

Good link Bill, very convincing ?

J Bill

it helps zit if u could read. plug in the translator.

Sandy Jim

Two out of three you mention are entirely likely maybe it will come out soon!


Crimes against humanity qualify for military jurisduction. Genocide senicide…yup go ahead and make juvey fun of that word, i couldn’t care less… but it is a real crime, killing the elderly.


Jurisdiction, sorry beensy keybds = lotsa typos, lol.

Sandy Jim

Yup !


This one should be interesting. Lots of drama. I wonder what stunt he will try to pull off in the courtroom. Maybe he will fake a heart attack or stick a pen in his eye.


He thinks his goombas are gonna rescue him?


They ALL do, thats why they’re so arrogant up until their being taken to the gallows.


twice this comment has been deleted by the so-called free speech MB:

“Donald J. Trump will make a celebrated return to the White House on July 4, Independence Day, as the last vestiges of Deep State corruption are rounded up in a massive sting and sent to GITMO to face military tribunals, said a Mar-a-Lago source involved in Trump’s operation to invalidate the illegal 2020 election.”


What could have possibly gone wrong ?

buck fiden

I just saw it! You should stop writing in invisible ink.


Wait, that didn’t happen?


I hope Janice Dean is allowed to be a witness to all of this. She lost both her Mother and Father who were in nursing homes to that SOB and couldn’t even attend their funerals!

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She was presented with clones of her parents and she rejected them.


In the interest of accuracy, mother in law and father in law.


Everyone who has a IQ over can see Cuomo is a criminal even looks like a mafia hit man. As corrupt as the day is long. Reminds me of Jihadi joe and his corrupt crackhead Son Hunter. These are the lowest criminals in the history of America WHY cause they are White Collar criminals that have disowned the public that put them in their position. Like have the Head CEO of a Bank you trust run with all your money.


Preach. For sure. Like the jag guy said, these are some of the worst society had to offer…and they were our leaders. Sickening. We may have voted them in granted but they betrayed our trust.


DJT appropriately calls the worst in society and political elitists swamp dwellers. As a Texan and who voted for the Bushes, I felt betrayed.


And the old saying still holds its merits. You should’ve known better than to place trust in these swamp creatures, “yes”, they did in fact betray you, yet most cannot accept responsibility for their own betrayal because you only fooled yourself and, President D.J.Trump only told you the truth and being just that, the truth will set you free, but only once you believe the truth exists. Until then, quit attacking the messenger.

Daughter of the American Revolution

They died from the PROTOCOL not the fake-demic. Praying for true Justice on every single case of this corruption, not just a handful. We need to hold people accountable on ALL levels.


agreed.. they want to vent to blow out lungs and kill or use deadly fax scene to off as many folks as possible.. while cdc recommends ivermectin to all on English speaking immigrants/refugees… Zelenko protocol is a good remedy. It’s all a scam.. horrified at what is goin’ on in OZ.. facial recognition tracking by Gestapo Martial law police state.. unbelievable…somethings gotta give..


i mean NON English speaking..


Do you have a source that says it is approved? Not a Facebook source but one connected to the CDC?


The CDC is a fraudulent enterprise. You should know better than to ask such a stupid question. The CDC has absolutely no authority, same as the Fed to overrule the citizens of the country by rule of Law. Ever wonder why there’s been a new Flu Virus going around every 4 years for the last 70 yrs?
Its because you were asleep and never woke the fuck up to their bullshit.
Its big Pharma & Dirty Doc Fauci (the little runt) paying fake media to advertize their fake flu shots, big Pharma owes nobody nothing, other than their shareholders, and the Dividends are great! Apparently.

live oak

I am so thankful that Cuomo is in detention. I feel great compassion for the guards. Perhaps Hannink would ask Janice Dean if she’d like to attend the hearings and verdict.
Cuomo’s crimes are truly shocking. I bet more that 32,000 elderly people were murdered. My thanks to our heroic military at Gitmo.
The world is becoming a safer place.

buck fiden

Not when Zhou Biden is giving 80+ billions in munitions to the Sandniggers. They’re gonna use it on YOU-KNOW-WHO !!


Thankyou for so many updates of late Michael Baxter / Steve Pieczenik !!
I notice Infowars hasn’t bitten into real raw news yet even tho they can’t not know about coz Pieczenik keeps retweeting it. God Speed!!


I Hope They pick up Newsom and the rest of the west coast governers soon and their minions PACK EM ALL INTO A CRAB CAGE AND SINK EM OR DUMP EM ALL INTO SHARK INFESTED WATERS OFF THE COAST

buck fiden

Alex Jones must view Michael Baxter as a competitor.


Sites like Infowars, The Gateway Pundit, National File, The Daily Caller, etc. exist to keep conservatives engaged and enraged. This is extremely important in order to keep people from becoming apathetic, which is how the U.S. has sunk so low in the first place.

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If Steve Pieczenik is retweeting RRN, then you know it’s all true… 🙂


Grifters retweeting grifters ?

Mr Reynard

Give him a “Fair Trial” ? & then hang him high .. But give the “Fair Trial” first …


Nothing,..and I’ll repeat; Nothing was fair when he forced Vax & forced all those elderly into containers and had them driven around inside until they died of exposure in refrigerated truck trailers.
All those involved are responsible for what they did, nobody walks away from it!!!!! That verbage; claiming “I was just doing my job”,& “I had no choice” – is a farce! They were told to “Walk Away”, they ignored that head.
They will stand Trial now, one way or another!
Now, this IS how you reduce the population, you remove them, the swamp.


Jacob Chansley plead guilty today to avoid the death penalty. He received 6 years but not in Gitmo.




Q Anon horn wearing guy who invaded the capital.


and pleaded guilty and hoped to get a pardon from trump lmao

buck fiden

Didn’t he kill ten congressbitches?


And a vegan. He should get the death sentence for that alone.


i heard he is friends with Pelo Ci.. family.. so not a real Patriot.. he appears to be a “plant”