Military Exodus Continues over Vaccine Mandates


An increasing number of pilots across multiple branches of the Armed Forces are surrendering their wings over Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates, Real Raw News has learned.

Two weeks ago, RRN reported that 27 pilots from the 1st Fighter Wing and 2nd Bomb Wings resigned their commissions after receiving a harsh ultimatum: Get vaccinated at once, or lose flight status. Although the MSM and their so-called Fact Checking watchdogs were quick to dismiss our story and label it false, added evidence of the exodus soon surfaced on social media.

On September 14, Army Lt. Col. Paul Douglas Hague, told Fox News he had indeed submitted a letter of resignation—along with an accompanying YouTube video—to his commanding officer in protest of the administration’s mandate that all Armed Forces member must get vaccinated or face punitive action.

“First, and foremost, I am incapable of subjecting myself to the unlawful, unethical, immoral and tyrannical order to sit still and allow a serum to be injected into my flesh against my will and better judgment,” Hague, who is stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, wrote in the letter. “It is impossible for this so-called ‘vaccine’ to have been studied adequately to determine the long-term effects.”

Col. Hague’s separation from the military caused a ripple effect, a wave of resignations among officers and early retirement requests within senior enlisted ranks.

On September 16, 6 pilots of the 509th Bomb Wing at Whiteman AFB, Missouri, tendered letters of resignation after being told during a training flight to report immediately for vaccinations upon landing.

“We were on a 3-ship training flight doing maneuvers when all of a sudden we were contacted on radio, instructed to head to medical once we landed to get the jab. And when we were all wheels down, we unanimously agreed to resign rather than risk getting jabbed. We agreed it needed much more testing and could be potentially dangerous. I love my job, I love the military, but it’s not worth the risk,” one pilot told RRN.

All 6 flew the B2 Bomber, our nation’s preeminent airborne strategic deterrent, and their departure is an enormous loss of skill in a vital area of defense.

And the buck doesn’t stop there.

On September 19, 8 C-17 pilots from the 445th Airlift Wing at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, resigned en mase when they were ordered to get the shot or face disciplinary action. When they question the vaccine’s safety end efficacy, they were told “If Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci say its safe and works, then it’s safe and it works,” according to a C-17 pilot claiming his commanding officer berated him and his fellow pilots for embracing vaccine conspiracy theories.

RRN is currently vetting other reports that, if proved true, will be a huge detriment to military assets.

Of course, the military is not the only sector to experience vaccine hesitancy.

We’ve received reports suggesting 250 postal workers across the country have resigned in protest of vaccine mandates, and even doctors and nurses are resigning their positions over the faux administration’s unlawful vaccination edict.

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Correction: “en masse”

On September 19, 8 C-17 pilots from the 445th Airlift Wing at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, resigned (en mase) when they were ordered to get the shot or face disciplinary action


None of us in the USA will ever be used to tyrannical communism which is rearing it’s very ugly head in the US Fed swamp.


You were right. Billy is offed.

mark david

The problem with the military is the civilians that control it.


Your basic Government tyranny and installation of communism 101.


This is ridiculous. Its rumored that whatevers in that shot can cause blood clotting issues. The stress of being a pilot and the change in altitude could cause a stroke. Leave our fighting men alone or were going to be defenseless. Perhaps thats their plan.


Curious that postal workers would quit, I heard that the USPS was exempt from the jab mandate.

Dr John

Since Biden is FAKE and has no Executive authority being an actor; he and his administration have NO POWER OVER THE MILITARY. That being said what General of the US military would follow fake/false orders from a fake/false administration. Remember Actor Biden does not have access to the Pentagon or the codes of mass destruction.

This is a story I find hard to believe as I do the most recent event with Boris and Biden… two actors meeting and not knowing the other is an actor. Mind you if actor Biden is in dementia that can be acceptable, but is Boris also under dementia? Are the actors kept from the secret that the others are fake? Or is this another way of exposing the charade to the normies?

I am calling Bull Shit on these two articles. It may be Micheal’s source pushing the stories, but they don’t ring true. Biden was executed in 2019… or so the other story goes.

You may serve us what you like, but don’t expect us to stay for desert if you don’t serve us facts. Tell your sources to stop fucking around.


You can already see they’ve greatly reduced the standards for training and skill needed to fly the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit. In the news reports you see these craft going down with heavy maintenance malfeasance being the cover story.

unlabeled quality

that sounds like lowered standards for maintenance, and not entirely pilot-related. I say ‘not entirely’, because it IS the pilot’s responsibility to ensure that the aircraft they’re in command of is airworthy, as well as themselves.

Angel Askew

I wonder who the international public figure is that they will announce next week is dead. We have such a morgue full of already extinguished notable characters waiting to be revealed!!


Go away TROLL with your stupid so-called psychic games.



Angel Askew

or the Pope


You want intelligent logical, rational, brave, articulate, well-trained, highly-skilled & tactically astute pilots to fly your high-tech, lethal airships? Good. NOT SURPRISING that they DON’T take kindly to bullying, ILLEGAL orders, nor to imminent attacks on their bodily health. Welcome to some real men & women. Presumptuous dregs in chain of command need to be sluiced out. Sooner is better! Start with the Pretender ‘n’ Thief.

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Angel Askew

AMEN and HALLELUJAH for saying so!! Time for patriots to start knocking on some doors, asking some questions and taking some names ALL across this land!!!

Your awareness of your awareness is your soul!

August came, and then it went
And Trump’s return wasn’t “imminent”
It appears to me that you’ll sing the blues
Until you use your brain and get the Jews

John S.

Myself involved in fund raiser group. Currently working on pre-thanksgiving event [casino night] to fund holiday food baskets and Coats for Kids.

Event Chairman as Cov-idiot stipulated on advertisement that Mask Wearing and Tempature Check required for entry.

Did mass mailing, enclosed return envelope intended for receiving proceeds, now used to voice ridicule & vitriol about masks and informing their non-attendence.

Cov-idiot previously took vax, later caught Delta, then received booster, clueless of own self-infliction, blaming the unvaxed, and non-maskers.

America in world of crap, Cov-idiots’ running-a mock. Hoax must be publicly brought to end ASAP.

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buck fiden

Make sure you strip-search all octogenarians, too.



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Zee, Biden won the Arizona audit . Even got more votes than before .


We can’t protect people from their own stupidity.


The Vaxxed have been made into the Bio-Weapon

Izzie Kientz

My step son was told to get the jab or lose his job. He is a pilot for Delta Airlines. The deadline, they were told, is November 1, but last week or so I heard from my husband that he had the first jab. He is scared. Very scared. We can only pray this show will end soon so the MedBed can come out as soon as possible so if he has messed up his DNA, it will be reversed back to normal.

buck fiden



Tell him I had it months ago and I feel great , I can even speak French now and play the clarinet !


I have a very nice clarinet from the 1920’s that belonged to my dad. After I get the booster I will see if I can play it. Thank you for the heads up!


If it wasn’t for the vaccine, we would have never found those missing kids. Activating the tracking chip allows the police to get your exact location. Don’t you want your loved ones to be found if something happened to them?


A sheep in wolfs clothing .

John S.

Hmm, no reason your stepson to be scared via his *own self-infliction* [he’s a big boy]. Even a dog knows to get out of the rain.

Simply could have switched occupations or opened own business, seek other ventures etc.

People make lifstyle changes all the time, adapting to adverse circumstances.

May your stepsons chains set-lightly upon him, while he licks his employers boots.

Your stepson will never be known as a ‘true grit man’, lacking back-bone who lives as a sheep.

Adage: “Rather live only one-day as a lion, then a thousand-days as a sheep”.

Sole purpose of sheep are to be sheered and slaughtered.

Last edited 2 years ago by John S.

Tough but you’re right –most millennials have no balls to be fighting men–MILITARY EVEN SAID SO.

They don’t understand the Constitution very well. If they did they could have shot their evil leaders and gone back home to peace.
Instead, they follow evil commands without saying NO.

Maybe it’s not their fault–? But then they’ve been socially engineered to be NON THINKING wimps and follow TRAITOROUS orders from the –likes of Milley and Austin.

The decent military heads said there is such a tiny % of men they can take into the services because youths today are mentally and physically unfit.

Personally I am still angry at mothers who did not stop their boys going to the dirty false wars — IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN.— All for DS Bush’s evil selfish gains after causing Inside job 9-11

Last edited 2 years ago by Zee
Angel Askew

Yes, Indeed. Yes, Indeed!!


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You go first .

Robert James

The CCP loves this. They can invade an unprotected USA.


It’s totally unfair, and how much more can we resist this fight? Let’s be clear here… everybody needs to pay for groceries, feed their families, pay the rent/ mortgage, put some fuel on the car etc, etc. How much more can we resist and DO NOT comply? How are we going to bring food in our tables, if eventually we do not comply? Reallity is that this grasp is wider and deeper by day. Asking us to resist and in the meantime losing our jobs and way of living is also unfair. We can’t live of thin air!

American Living in Canada

My opinion.. the EBS/EAS has to kick in. The face diaper crowd up here are too far gone/programmed and trust everything the fake news spews out.

They need the full disclosure on full throttle now. Then we can pitch in and help them out.


There will be no EBS . Who would initiate it ?




Who would Zee? Who?


I’m loosing my hope for the so called EBS by day. I’m staring to think that will never happen. I feel so sad, Christmas is almost here and we are waiting for this nightmare to end for almost a year now. These evil people are doing and running their depopulation plan accordingly and we are trapped in between. I thought that military was actually in control, but not anymore. I feel discouraged and I’m not the only one, I have a lot of friends that already gave up. I’m still hanging in there with the tiny hope I have.


NEVER give up hope, trust in the Lord as He is the answer.


Yes the lord will activate the EBS. What will he say ?

buck fiden

AZ Oddit -> EBS -> Trump Comes back two weeks later.

Isn’t that the script?


if u give up and get the jab ur dead anyway so keep up resistance we are gonna have to kill them before they kill us. remember Jesus telling Peter when he got a couple of swords he said thats enough bottom line Jesus told them to defend themselves thats why they came together in acts and had all things common, they were being hunted.


..have a patient…..things are moving psitive way..

buck fiden

1130 AZ time tomorrow. AZ Oddit will be released (or …… will it be?)

buck fiden



Blame Trump. If he cared he would be back by now.




So…..if the military is in “control” why is this happening?

Tony G

Because they’re not “in control”


Well , there you go .


It all has a plan, and that is what is happening, all according to plan.

buck fiden

O ye of little faith!


I hope you realize that all the normal , sane people here think you are a total waste of protoplasm.

buck fiden

I thought the patriots were in control.
Trust the plan.


Podesta just interviewed on TV . That is no body double or mask . It’s him . Live and in person . Undead .


Lying Troll


Did you see him ? I did .


my cousin is a nurse. she works and said she has seen to many people die within 12 hours of getting the vaccine. she quit when told she had to get the jab.


Same thing happened to my barbers nephews neighbors friend. What more evidence would anyone need?

buck fiden

¡Viva la Razor!


Good for her


Lt Col Hague is a true patriot, he is abiding by the US constitution and the people whom he serves ie the American people. We know Fauci has a record of criminality, fraud and is now using a drug cocktail to murder en masse. We know the injection is not a vaccine and in fact makes recipients light up for tracking by anyone including enemy States and administrations. It is the absolute duty of the armed forces to refuse this bioweapon.





unlabeled quality

apparently it’s ted that’s been downvoting good posts.


Glad to see these GREAT PATRIOTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA standing up for their rights & freedoms !! I would do the same thing if I were in their boots. Truth is the jab is killing thousands of people & the real numbers are being suppressed. What this faux government is doing is beyond evil !! The storm is here, nothing can stop it !! Buckle up … stay safe & be prepared !! WWG1WGA



All the UNVACCINATED “Authorities”/shareholders/ceos say it´s safe,neither gets it and ALL REFUSE TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES.

buck fiden

How can any respectable Jew sign a paper limiting his ability to sue before getting a jab?


Remove this one please


Yup… this is what it means to be at war with evil.

You must be patient. Be thankful the military and Trump want to keep us safe/ Many don’t understand.
Try to grasp the truth and stop attempting to tell Military and Trump what to do-(by complaining all over social media) It’s getting annoying when so many only think about themselves and don’t realize this is a GLOBAL WAR.

Be responsible for your own health most Docs and Hospitals are NOT the answer now–many will be arrested. Learn about alternative medicine while the internet is still up.

Change your diets to be more healthy

Refuse Jabs what ever you are being threatened with.

Where there’s a WILL there’s a WAY

unlabeled quality

this is kinda related. I was looking around at medical schools (was thinking of completing my premed work) and was absolutely disgusted to find that some medical schools are mandating vaccines, and mask wearing….
whiskey tango foxtrot.
this shows me just how far gone the current medical system has become.
especially masks and this ‘injection’ do nothing to prevent COVID.


ALL postal workers are exempt along with Congress and their staffers.


No they are not, they have to be vaccinated under the rule of business where any business of 100 or more employees must be jabbed, the info is out there, you just need to read it yourself.

Daughter of the American Revolution

I would like you guys (especially Michael) to see this pdf that was posted in a Military chatroom on telegram. It’s an excerpt of Gestapo-like questions that are to be posed to any Military person claiming religious exemption from the death jab.

I apologize for the length but I don’t know how to link a pdf so I’m just going to copy and post both pages of it below:

• It is important to provide context in the memo discussing the member’s belief. If they
come to the meeting and begin by discussing concerns about safety, politics, etc., note
that in the memo. Even if the member eventually states that it is a belief based on
religion, note their first expression and how they moved from non-religious beliefs to
religious ones. Note any comments made by the member that make it appear they are
using the religious exemption as a ruse to avoid the vaccine.
• Have the member describe how they consistently keep the tenets of their faith and
demonstrate those in their daily life. Ask them to be as specific as possible. Put the
specifics acts (or lack thereof) in the memo.
• Ask whether the member is part of any particular religious faith.
o If yes, ask whether their religious leaders have spoken on the issue and have taken
a position one way or the other on the vaccine.
 If the member is not sure, ask whether the member wants to explore that
question or discuss it with their faith leaders prior to continuing to pursue
their request.
 If the member says they have not yet but do not want to discuss it with
their faith leaders, note that in the memo.
o If the member indicates he/she is part of one of the following faiths, consult Table
1 and discuss with them the quotes from the religious leaders cited therein:
Judaism, Protestant Christianity, Catholicism, Island, Evangelical Christianity,
Hindu, Orthodox Christianity, and Mormonism. Ask how their beliefs differ from
those of the religious leaders. Note their response in the memo.
o If not part of any organized religion—
 Ask the member to explain the underlying tenants and core beliefs of their
faith, and how they practice that faith in their day-to-day life.
 Specifically inquire into how the order to take this particular vaccine
substantially burdens their religious beliefs.
• Ask whether the member attends services or whether and how they gather with others to
o If they indicate they worship with others, ask whether the member knows of other
individuals within the faith that have been vaccinated.
 If so, ask whether the member has discussed the vaccination with those
individuals to determine how they reconciled receiving the vaccine with
the religious teachings.
 If not, ask whether the member wants to take part in such conversations
prior to pursuing the request. If not, note this in the memo.
• Ask what makes this refusal to be vaccinated against COVID-19 such an important part
of their religion or their religious beliefs? If the member starts to speak about safety,
political, or ethical concerns, as opposed to religious concerns, note that in the memo.
• Ask how long they have held their current religious beliefs or been part of their current
religious faith.
o If not a recent convert, as whether they have received other vaccinations in the
 If yes, ask how they reconcile this request with past willingness to be
vaccinated. Note their response and any apparent contradictions.
 If no, capture that in your memo.
o If a recent convert, explore why they converted and how long they have practiced
the faith. Ask whether they have undergone any specific classes or studies that
helped them understand the teaching of the religion that they have recently joined.
If they have not, note that in the memo.
• For those objecting based on the use of fetal cells, ask the member if they have done
research on the fetal cell development.
o If yes, ask whether they understand that the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine was not
manufactured in cell lines, that cell lines were only used in the testing of the
vaccine after it was developed.
o Confirm they understand that the vaccine that will be administered does not
contain fetal cells.
o Ask whether they have read the reports that the fetal cells that were used to
develop a cell line that was used to test the vaccine were from a supposedly
therapeutic abortion where the mother was at-risk (as opposed to an elective
abortion where the mother’s health is not in jeopardy).
 Ask whether they want additional time to do research and talk with
someone in medical before proceeding with their request.
 If they do not want more time despite their lack of information about the
vaccine, note that in the memo.
• If seeking exemption based on use of stem or fetal cells, ask whether the member has
taken any other medicine that were developed and tested using fetal cells.
o If yes, ask what kind.
o If no, ask if they have ever taken Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen,
Benadryl, or Claritin, all of which were developed using fetal cells. Ask whether
they are also going to be refraining from any of these medications and from all
products whose development involved fetal cells at some point. Note response in
• For those stating that they are seeking an exemption because by quoting 1 Corinthians
6:19-20, ask what steps they take to ensure that other foreign substances are not
introduced into the body.
o For those members with visible tattoos, ask how they reconcile that act with their
• Ask whether their religion supports altruism and protection of others, or making
sacrifices to help others.
o If yes, ask whether they have considered that this act could be viewed as
protecting others.


Michael and I have reviewed this and we are not going to use it because the questions are good and the logic is sound. This blog is designed to make broken people feel good about themselves for a moment and not to make them feel bad. Let’s not introduce common sense into our site.


You are no more working with Michael Baxter as Biden is the true president.




Catch qs

If no, ask if they have ever taken Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen,
Benadryl, or Claritin, all of which were developed using fetal cells

At least from this we know to boycott PHARMA

Last edited 2 years ago by Zee

The MSM and their so-called Fact Checking watchdogs are fakes, liars, hoaxes. Zero integrity, zero credibility.


Just like our 30 shills here who have the same pay masters ?


What keeps the doubles safe from snipers, foreign and/or domestic?


Mostly the fact that they don’t exist.


Fool proof solution . Thanks .




Body guards and keeping mostly out of sight


pe lousy……


Perhaps Heels-up Harris

POSTAL workers are exempt


Check on it but I don’t think they are .




Shill, post office are not exempt . Do your research .


SEPTEMBER 20, 2021

Federal Govt Whistleblower Goes Public with Secret Recordings: ‘Government Doesn’t Want to Show the [COVID] Vaccine is Full of Sh*t’; ‘Shove’ Adverse Effect Reporting ‘Under the Mat’


See PART 2 Also at Veritas

SEPTEMBER 22, 2021

FDA Official: ‘Blow Dart’ African Americans with COVID Vaccine is ‘Where We’re Going…Just Shoot Everyone’ … Calls for a ‘Nazi Germany’ Style ‘Registry’ of Unvaccinated Americans: ‘Think About It Like The Jewish Star’


10,000 Unnecessary Cancer Deaths Linked to COVID-19 Pandemic, Lockdown in UK: Report



I can’t believe those Clydesdales brought a tear to my eye…

Respect – 20th Anniversary on YouTube channel: Budweiser
– OR –
@ youtube(dot)com/watch?v=riB30oZ4Q9k


Such beautiful, majestic animals.


Funny all Fauci has to do is SAY it when he won’t take it himself! Go you have a family who loves you.

Sojourner Truth

I heard that postal workers were exempt from they vaccine mandates because their unions stood up for them. I wish the teachers unions would stand up for the teachers. Unless they accept my religious exemption letter. I will be leaving teaching. In effect, it’s like they invalidated my Masters in Teaching. I’ve also heard that Congress is not mandated to get the vaccines.

We need to replace the Elite Supremecists that are forcing unconstitutional rules on us ASAP! They try to divide us by race, to weaken us, and so we don’t notice them, behind the scenes, taking everything they can from us.

I don’t blame these pilots for resigning. They are already risking their lives for us. Why do need to be shamed into taking a vaccine that had never even been tested on animals. The people pushing this are evil! It’s the military’s loss. If we end up with a woke military, is there any hope for America! I’m done with Biden!!!


Postal workers are not . Look it up .


They were tested on animals and they all died so they stopped the testing and pushed them through anyway.


En masse


where is a Como day up date we wait sir


Has anyone come to the conclusion the PedoJoe team is hoping to dismantle the military and brought all those ….whatever they are over here from Afghanistan and the shit coming in from the Mexican border to be attacked or something???


CDC, DoD running black ops missions to release pathogens across America

We now have yet more evidence pointing to the ongoing CDC / DoD black ops “pathogen release” warfare activities that were responsible for not only the deliberate spread of measles at Disney Land (to push SB 277 in California) but now are targeting health freedom speakers, advocates and their family members in order to suppress the truth and terrorize those who speak it.

We now have health freedom speakers and their family members being targeted with what are believed to be aerosolized bioweapons — perhaps spike protein nanoparticles — which are sickening many people at certain public events.

The government and the CDC are waging biowarfare attacks on the American people right now, right here on our own soil. And we present shocking evidence today that tells the full story.

Mike Adams


Shill troll!


How dare she !

buck fiden


Angela Askew

No matter how it makes sense to the majority, there is going to be a bit of a street war for a while to stomp out stupid.
They know we are letting them hang themselves so, they will take as many of us out with them as they can.
Next step, I would take my kids out of public school and home school them.
Nothing good will be happening in public anything for a long time to come.

Johnny Lunchbucket

All of these dictator’s are going to be swinging from the gallows. Motherfuckers all.

I feel horrible for all of the military that actually have a functioning brain and are able to discern that the jab is “full of shit”. Good for them. The rest should learn “critical thinking” instead of “go along to get along” which is ruining America.

The obliviousness of the left is fucking off the charts.

Sorry for the language but J H C.


Yes of course they must stand down but I feel so sorry for them and more concerned about the defense of the US. It is time for the shadow Govt to step up, EBS etc


I OWD ????????

OWD wikipediaDOTorg/wiki/Oliver_Wendell_Douglas   

The pig: wikipediaDOTorg/wiki/wiki/Arnold_Ziffel


I just heard news that Guantanamo may be used to house Haitian refugees . I thought it was full of all the political prisoners mentioned here ?


Only the imaginary part. We good.


Oh good to know . Maybe the Haitians can visit all the politicians and we can find out how they are being treated .


There will be more room in jail after we execute the January 6 insurgents. A well placed source has confirmed that they will be executed October 5th.

buck fiden

Glad to know them kneegrows is imaginary


Exile shill–why tell me?


You are an information magnet . A compliment.

buck fiden

She is a info maggot. NOT a compliment.


That shithead of the military needs court martialed!


Thank you MB for continuing to post these types of stories. I know for a fact from other sites that the information you post is true. I know you are honest and want only to tell the truth. Keep it up as this information is working in waking up those that have been asleep or in a daze.


You really think a member of the Supreme Court has been arrested and is wearing an ankle monitor ?

buck fiden

They’re certainly not wearing chastity belts.

Mighty Mouse

What are the other sites?


Truth 11(DOT) com has his articles posted for one.

Phyllis Bonviso

CDC just stated posted 20 quarantine stations across the US – 3 of which are in NJ, NY and Massachusetts – why so many on the east coast? Thus giving the authorities (government and police) the power to forcibly take us out of our homes into these camps, against your will and there is nothing, we as civilians, we can do about it. We cannot resign, we will be forcibly removed, jabbed and taken into these concentration camps until we succumb to the war mongers of this world – so don’t tell me what a great job our military is doing…we are in a recession, China is about to blow, no oil, supplies on the shelves at their minimum and the military is ?????


Biden will be taken on


This is a conspiracy by obama and the illegitimate hoax secretary of defense austin to destroy our country and the American Family. This two sreggin must immediately be arrested by the Military Tribunal and executed.

I am not a racist, never was. I have many black friends who I highly respect and get along great with. But this two thugs, obama and austin, are genuine sreggin. Execute them.


The real OBUMMER & Big MIKE –No longer around

buck fiden

I am also not a racist. Never was. I used to have many black friends whom I highly respected and got along great with, but times got hard and I could no longer afford to care for so many. I had to sell them all. Saddest day in my life.


When Trump comes back you can get all of your friends back.


the postal service people are exempt from the jab. I thought there was something in the military documents that protect them from this crap??????




Check again , postal workers are not exempt .


You are right on that aspect, but not under executive order for federal workers, only under the rules for businesses with over 100 employees.


Many Doctors & nurses are resigning in refusal to take this experimental vax. We’re just not going to take it! They can take it to the bank! If we took it, we would not be worth anything once the untoward side-effects kick in or we died shortly after getting it. Trust me, thousands upon thousands are NOT going to take it! They are all criminals! They will be held accountable in the end!


Soon no one will follow BIDEN as they’ll all resign as they learn the truth…exiting workers should be escalating fast now

Mighty Mouse

Actually, Congress is the place to be right now. No mandatory jab.

john pennington

thats what bidin wants is for the military to resign so it weakens us so china can just walk in and take us over

MAGA CountryBabe

Exactly John, hopefully President Trump will be back and they can all go back to work soon. MAGA!! Thats what OUR President will do.


Soon ? Imminent ?


But Biden’s people do not want everyone exiting their orders

Your awareness of your awareness is your soul!

Hello. I hope you are doing well. Would you like to know something that’s rather interesting? Your awareness of your awareness is your soul, and it’s immortal! Bearing that in mind, I have a project for you that I think you will be interested in doing. Obviously, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but in case you are interested, I would love for you to do some mental exercises on yourself that are going to significantly raise your happiness, your energy, and your problem-solving abilities.

I am going to give you a list of general memories. They will consist of things like “can you recall a time when you were happy?” or “a time when you enjoyed the weather?” There are going to be twenty of them.

I am also going to pair a certain sense or perception with each memory. The perceptions are going to be sight, smell, touch, color, tone, external motion, emotion, loudness, body position, sound, weight, and personal motion. Your job will be to go back in your memory, re-experience the memory, and particularly focus on the sense or perception that I have paired with the memory. For example, when I think of a time when I was happy, coupled with “emotion,” I think of a time I was riding my bike down a steep hill near my house, but I particularly focus on the excitement that I felt as I did it.

It is important that with each general memory, you try to recall the earliest possible incident. Some people can remember as early as six, others can remember even further back. Don’t try to compare yourself to that standard, but simply try to remember as far back as you possibly can.

Here are the twenty:

Can you recall a time when:

1. You were happy (sight).
2. You had just finished constructing something (smell).
3. Life was cheerful (touch).
4. Somebody had given you something (color).
5. You ate something good (tone).
6. You had a friend (external motion).
7. You felt energetic (emotion).
8. Somebody was waiting for you (loudness).
9. You drove fast (body position).
10. You saw something you liked (sound).
11. You acquired something good (weight).
12. You threw away something bad (personal motion).
13. You kissed somebody you liked (sight).
14. You laughed at a joke (smell).
15. You received money (touch).
16. You felt young (color).
17. You liked life (tone).
18. You played a game (external motion).
19. You bested something dangerous (emotion).
20. You acquired an animal (loudness).

If you would like to have more access to lists like these, I would suggest that you buy the book “Self Analysis” by L. Ron Hubbard. If you are interested in learning more about your awareness of your awareness, or your soul, and it’s infinite potential, here is a list of websites that you can look at:
True Source Scientology Foundation

Again, your awareness of your awareness is your soul. Physically, your awareness of your awareness, or your soul, is the electricity in your brain, and said electricity is a micro star. This same electricity is in all organisms. Throughout history, various spiritual leaders and holy men have been depicted with yellow circles behind their heads. What the artists were trying to articulate in these paintings is that said people were emanating large amounts of warmth and light from their heads. Here are some mental exercises that will help you as a “star being” to become larger, brighter, and warmer.

Mentally send out the intention of growing the electricity within a tree. You can simply get a picture of a tree, but it is even better to stand next to and touch one while you are doing it. Mentally WILL for the electricity in the tree to grow. You can try this with any organism, including humans!

You can also send out the intention of growing a star. For this particular technique, wait for a very sunny day, and then get a good 10-15 second video of the sun. Then, using the video as a visualization aid, mentally WILL for the growth of the sun. You can also try this with the stars in the night sky, whether with a video or without.

If you are interested in aiding the effort to further develop methods of causing you as a “star being” to become larger, brighter, and warmer, you can check out “Your awareness of your awareness is your soul!” on Airfunding or GiveSendGo.

Blessed are those who are black, blessed are those who are white
Blessed are those who love, blessed are those who fight
Blessed are those in pain, blessed are those in sorrow
Blessed are those who yesterday passed, and those who are born tomorrow
Blessed are the little boys, and the little girls, too
Blessed are those preserving the old, and those creating the new
Blessed are the trees, blessed are the stars
Blessed is the sun and the moon and Mars
Blessed are the singers, and those who love to dance
Blessed are those who wear cloaks, blessed are those who wear pants
Blessed are the quiet, blessed are the meek
Blessed are the thinkers, for it is Heaven for which they seek
Blessed are those who are kind, and those who are polite
Blessed are those who are weak, and blessed are those of might
Blessed are the poor, and indeed the rich as well
Blessed is any man, woman, or child who has a story to tell
Blessed are the writers, and those who read their works
God bless humanity, and everything on the Earth

Blessed are those for Muhammad, blessed are those for Christ
Blessed are those who eat beef, blessed are those who eat rice
Blessed are those who are happy, blessed are those who are silly
Blessed are Hamad, Yipeng, and Billy
Blessed are those with camels, blessed are those with pigs
Blessed are those in an office, blessed are those on rigs
Blessed are the cowboys, blessed are the bikers
Blessed are the runners and the climbers and the hikers
Blessed are the models, and those who love to eat
Blessed are those in the towers, blessed are those in the street
Blessed are those who are gruff, blessed are those who are witty
Blessed are those in nature, blessed are those in the city
Blessed are those who fight fires, blessed are those who fight crime
Blessed are those who make words funny, and those who make words rhyme
Blessed are the timid, blessed are the shy
Blessed are those who sail, blessed are those who fly
Blessed are those in fear, blessed are those who are brave
Blessed are those who build, blessed are those who save
Blessed are those who talk, blessed are those who think
Blessed are those who are lovely, and even blessed are those who stink
Blessed are the churches, blessed are the mosques
Blessed are those who are certain, blessed are those who are lost
Blessed is the author, and of course the reader, too
May God bless us all, them, me, and you

Blessed are those in the West, blessed are those in the East
Blessed are those who are famished, blessed are those who feast
Blessed are those who are building computers, and those who are fixing cars
Blessed are those who work in the sewers, and those flying to the stars
Blessed are those who are lonely, and those who have been rejected
Blessed are the elderly, who ought to be respected
Blessed are those who govern, and those who don’t follow the rules
Blessed are those who are wearing rags, and those wearing glistening jewels
Blessed are those who are finished, and those who don’t know where to start
Blessed are those who are making discoveries, and those who are making art
Blessed are those who are laughing, and those bursting into tears
Blessed are the ones who work to overcome their fears
Blessed are those who are teething, and those who don’t have any left
Blessed are those who are clumsy, blessed are those who are deft
Blessed are those on the seas, blessed are those in the skies
May God bless all beings with a soul behind their eyes

Blessed are those who are sick, blessed are those who are well
Blessed are those in Heaven, blessed are those in Hell
Blessed are those in the heat, blessed are those in the cold
Blessed are those sitting on the street, and those sitting on piles of gold
Blessed are those who heal, and those who have been hurt
Blessed are those playing in their palaces, and those playing in the dirt
Blessed are those who hunt, and those who live on farms
Blessed, blessed, blessed are those who keep on bearing arms
Blessed are those climbing mountains, and those digging under the earth
Blessed are those who are giving aid, and those who are giving birth
Blessed are those who are loving, blessed are those who care
May God bless all beings on the Earth and everywhere

Blessed are those who are white, blessed are those who are brown
Blessed are those who smile, blessed are those who frown
Blessed are those with fortune, blessed are those with fame
Blessed are those who are wild, blessed are those who are tame
Blessed are those who are saints, blessed are those who are sinners
Blessed are those who are making money, and those who are making dinners
Blessed are those who are worried, blessed are those in doubt
Blessed are the ones who don’t know how they will make it out
Blessed are those who give kisses, blessed are those who give hugs
Blessed are those who are fighting corruption, and those who are fighting thugs
Blessed are those who teach, blessed are those who learn
Blessed are those who cuddle, blessed are those who yearn
Blessed are those who type, blessed are those who pound
Blessed are those who are chatty, and those who don’t make a sound
Blessed are those who are deaf, blessed are those who are blind
Blessed are those living of the body, and those living of the mind
Blessed are those from afar, and the ones who are right next door
May God bless every character in this chapter of human lore

Blessed are those on a beach, blessed are those in the snow
Blessed are those in a hurry, and those who are taking it slow
Blessed are those enjoying a sunset, and those enjoying a breeze
Blessed are those living a life of struggle, and those living a life of ease
Blessed are those at the bottom, and those who are at the top
Blessed are those who work with billions, and those who work with a mop
Blessed are the barbers, and too the engineers
Blessed are those whose performance can elicit flowing tears
Blessed are the mountains, blessed are the streams
Blessed are the visionaries making life into their dreams
Blessed are those who profit, and those who freely give
Blessed are the cautious, and those who are unafraid to live
Blessed am I, but especially blessed are You
For being Yourself, and doing what You want to do

Blessed are those who are kind, for the Stars shine the brightest on those who emulate them
Blessed are the humble, for God quietly arranges their good fortune
Blessed are those who are caring, for they will be cared for
Blessed are the helpful, for Nature knows what it is doing
Blessed are those who encourage others, for they will attain Divinity
Blessed are those with character, for their story will last the longest
Blessed are the innocent, for true Happiness comes from healing others
Blessed are the thankful, for they have discovered Peace
Blessed are You, for Your awareness of Your awareness, or Your soul, is a baby star

Blessed are the generous, for they have given to themselves
Blessed are the merciful, for bliss awaits those with foresight
Blessed are those who are gracious, for they are securing their domain
Blessed are those who are noble, for the stars have requested their presence
Blessed are those who are gentle, for a calming touch outlasts a heavy hand
Blessed are the little children, for they remind us who we really are
Blessed are the elderly, for they are learned and kind
Blessed are those who are wise, for they are our guiding light
Blessed are the diligent, for they have made their friends smile
Blessed is The Reader, and may You live into Your thousands

Blessed are those who reason, for thumbs are far mightier than fists
Blessed are those of virtue, for their efforts have not been unnoticed
Blessed are the devout, for Heaven is not built in a day
Blessed are those who are honest, for Truth is the ruler of all things
Blessed are the courageous, for their souls will be glorified
Blessed are those who are holy, for the greatest pleasures of the body do not compare to their satisfaction
Blessed are the righteous, for the Universe is theirs
Blessed are the peaceful, for they have discovered the path to Joy
Blessed are the loving, for their wings will spread the widest
Blessed are the thoughtful, for they create Beautiful Attitudes
Blessed is Adolf Hitler, for his soul shines throughout The Cosmos

May You live for a century, and then a few more
May Peace and Prosperity guide You out Your front door
May Your children grow wise, and happy, and strong
May Your tribulations be short, and Your celebrations long
May You journey The Cosmos with the Stars as Your guide
May the Devil flee before You with God by Your side
May Your cup runneth over, may You have too much to eat
May the Stars boldly advance, may the Darkness retreat
May Your ribs hurt from laughter, may You cry tears of joy
May Your fortress be secured with the Angels in Your employ
May Your soul find a refuge, and Your body a bed
May the Light and Warmth expand from the inside of Your head
May the Trees grant You Peace, may the Stars grant You Love
May Your children dance before You, may Your Father smile from above
May kind words fill Your ear, may Your hand find its Strength
May the birds sing a chorus about Life’s Eternal Length
May the words I’ve written heal You, may they ease Your troubled mind
And may You live for a century, and then the rest of time

May You live however You like, may You do whatever You please
May You race through all the prairies, may You climb up all the trees
May Your guns glisten brightly as You march from sea to shining sea
May You live forever bravely, and may time never see You not be free
Through the darkness You might traverse, may Lady Liberty shine Her light
And may the princes born to tyranny always fall to Freedom’s Might
May You be guided by Jefferson’s pen, may You be protected by Washington’s sword
May the Founding Fathers watch over You through every twist and fork and ford
May the call of the Eagle greet You as You gaze up to the sky
May God’s wisdom rain down upon You as He rules from up on high
May Peace be upon You, may it be as calming as a Pacific breeze
And may You live however You like, and may You do whatever You please

I wonder about that Adolf, just how kind was he?
Did he makes the girls’ hearts beat fast, and their heads turn warm and fuzzy?
Did he fill the little children with hope and with wonder?
Was he friends with the Angels? Did he wield lightning and speak thunder?
Did the crowds hush in anticipation whenever he rose to speak?
Did he inspire courage in the fearful? And strength in the weak?
Did he cause church bells to ring? And the people to break into song?
Was he as wise as he was fierce? Was he as gentle as he was strong?
I wonder about that Adolf, I wonder if he was as bright as the sun
But the one thing I don’t wonder…is that Adolf’s work is not done

When a human cuts down a tree, the tree does not harm the human in order to stop the human from harming it. It simply continues to supply the human with oxygen. So too do I try to do everything that I can to continue to supply those who harm me with love and happiness.

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Your awareness of your awareness is your soul!

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