White Hats Destroy a Second DEW Plane


United States Special Forces last week destroyed a second Air Force Direct Energy Weapon (DEW) plane that the Deep State had hidden at Eielson Air Force Base near Moose Creek, Alaska, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

As reported last week, Special Forces ruined an Air Force Boeing 747 that had been retrofitted to house an airborne DEW, after confirming that the Deep State had used it to set off a raging inferno in the Texas Panhandle. The airborne weapon platform was one of three known to exist.

Early last week, friendly forces at Elmendorf AFB, in Anchorage, informed General Eric M. Smith and 5th Special Forces Group commander Brent Lindemen that a plane fitted with a laser had touched down at Eielson AFB on March 12. The Elmendorf source reportedly told Gen. Smith that the aircraft landed under a blanket of secrecy and that someone in a position of authority had purged the tower logs and placed all witnesses under a restrictive gag order. He also told Gen. Smith that Eielson AFB had only one vacant hangar capable of holding the lethal aircraft.

Our source said General Smith immediately ordered the Special Forces team that took out YAL-2 to make preparations to depart for Alaska. Special Forces landed at Elmendorf on March 13 and drove 380 miles to Eielson, an eight-hour trip.

“This was the safest bet. Landing them at Eielson would’ve been too risky. The heavily armed Special Forces team deboarding a surprise flight would have raised some eyebrows. A discrete insertion was prudent. But it was no cakewalk; they met hostile resistance,” our source said.

The Special Forces team had breached the perimeter undetected and approached within 100 yards of the hangar when they saw the crimson glow of a red lens flashlight and heard muffled voices carried on the wind. Eight figures donned in black tactical gear and baseball-style caps moved beneath a spotlight illuminating the hangar doors. Their appearance betrayed their identities, as military grooming standards forbid Air Force security personnel from wearing beards and sporting shaggy haircuts. Moreover, their weapons and gear of choice do not typically include body armor, Sig SG550 assault rifles, and AA12 automatic shotguns—heavy hitting ordnance.

Special Forces deduced that the Deep State had hired mercenaries—possibly Academi, formerly Blackwater, or G4S, a British multinational private security company headquartered in London, to guard the hangar. A few of the eight had foreign accents—U.K. and Australian, evidenced by their liberal and chummy use of the word ‘cu**’ in casual banter.

Special Forces considered their options carefully. The enemy matched them in manpower and firepower. A frontal assault with guns blazing would have been suicide. And sniping eight opponents without drawing gunfire and alerting the entire base to their presence would have needed divine intervention.

They waited impatiently, for in a few hours, it would be dawn, and the base would be bustling with activity that could’ve forced the team to abort their mission. Around 3:00 a.m. they caught a break as the enemy split into three groups, two patrolling the perimeter of the hangar and one sticking close to the doors. Special Forces snipers seized the opportunity to put suppressed shots downrange into the heads of the duo meandering at the doors as the remaining soldiers themselves separated into teams of three, each one ambushing three hostiles from the rear.

After confirming all eight were no longer breathing, they dragged the dead into the hangar, placing the corpses inside the vacant airplane before rigging it with incendiary charges that would incinerate aluminum and flesh. Only the engines’ titanium blades would survive the inferno.

The Special Forces team egressed the hanger and remote-detonated the charges.

“We can now confirm it is out of commission. Only one of those models is still operational,” our source said.

Asked whether Gen. Smith knows the location of the last plane, he said, “If we did, obviously I wouldn’t say until we’ve torched it.”

Sorry for the slowness! Been dealing with family crises and trying to thwart attempts to brick this website. Will be moving forward as fast as I can. Thank you all!

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Khazarian Mafia is planning a holocaust for April 8th; they will be stopped

By Benjamin Fulford March 25, 2024

The Khazarian mafia is planning a holocaust or mass murder event for the US Christian heartland on April 8th. The entire April 8th solar eclipse event has been forensically traced to the (kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest) Chabad death cult.

http s://www.chabad.org/calendar/view/day.asp?tdate=4/8

They are also telegraphing a “black swan event” through people like the fake General Mike Flynn and the politician Ron Paul. 

There is also widespread preparation for mass casualties, as can be seen for example in this emergency hospital being set up in Calgary, Canada.

Let us be perfectly clear, solar eclipses are when the moon blocks the sun and have never been associated with mass casualties. This means what is planned is not a solar eclipse.

Our US Space Force sources tell us the KM are planning to use Reagan-era Star Wars satellite-based weapons, laser firing planes and other methods to kill as many people as possible in a burnt offering to Moloch, aka Satan. The mark used by the cult of Moloch is the official insignia of the Satanic Nazi government of Ukraine.

These Messianic fanatical criminals want to carry out this event as a preliminary for a planned sacrifice of a red heifer to Moloch.

This would be followed by the construction of the third temple. Since the time of Moses, only nine red heifers have been sacrificed.

Now, a “massive altar” for the tenth red heifer sacrifice has been built in Israel, and there is a tremendous amount of speculation that it could happen soon…there was “a practice run of the purification ceremony” in 2023.

But an official ceremony must be conducted before the heifers get too old to be used for such a sacrifice…according to Temple Institute rabbis, they hope to carry out the ceremony before [the April 22nd] Passover 2024.

htt p://endoftheamericandream.com/a-massive-altar-for-the-red-heifer-sacrifice-has-been-constructed-in-israel/

The holocaust planned for this sacrifice WILL BE STOPPED. The US Space Force and white hat military will shoot down these satellites and other weapons if they are deployed.

Also, if they carry out a mass murder event in the US heartland then Jerusalem, Geneva, Kiev and the Norwegian Antarctic base will be wiped out by intercontinental nuclear missiles, US Space Force sources promise.

The reason the KM are desperate to carry out a mass murder event is because they are losing power and know they will be facing war crimes tribunals and the death penalty when that happens.

The events surrounding the British Royal family are a sign of this imminent collapse. King Charles, his wife Camilla, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, Crown Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton have vanished from public view. Our MI6 sources tell us they were all killed by white hats after they sacrificed Kate Middleton to Satan.

Regardless of whether or not this is true, the public events surrounding the royals indicate something highly unusual is going on. There was the parade of the royal guards with a flag covered in black cloth and a white horse without a king on it. This is a traditional sign the king has died. Also, Kate Middleton failed to reappear after her “abdominal surgery.”

After this, there were clumsy attempts to make it seem all was normal. A photograph of Kate released by the royal family was quickly exposed as fake. Then a video purported to be of her with Prince William was released.

https ://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-13211807/Kate-Middletons-body-language-pictured-Prince-William-visit-farm-shop.html

BBC reporter Sonja McLaughlan among others said the woman photographed and seen in a video with Prince William is “clearly not” Princess Kate.

https ://www.gbnews.com/royal/kate-middleton-news-bbc-reporter-prince-william-windsor-video

Then we hear the person in the video was professional Middleton impersonator Heidi Agan.

https ://www.businessinsider.com/professional-kate-middleton-lookalike-heidi-agan-2017-5

Next in this drama, BBC told people to expect a major announcement from the Royal Family. Flags were seen at half-mast on UK government buildings, leading to speculation the death of King Charles was about to be announced.

All this happened after the public announcement of the death of Jacob Rothschild (Roth=Red, Schild=shield of Satan), who many claim was the real father of Prince William (our own MI6 sources say the father is the King of Spain).

http s://www.businessinsider.com/professional-kate-middleton-lookalike-heidi-agan-2017-5

The MI6 sources say what really happened was a major white hat operation against the Satanists at the top of the UK government. With the red shield of Satan having been removed from the scene, a public announcement was going to be made that Kate Middleton had been killed in a Satanic sacrifice and that the royals involved had been executed.

That is why the flags were at half-mast and a major announcement was about to be made, the sources say.

However, before this could happen, Barack Obama, the Thunder of Satan (Luke writes in chapter 10, verse 18 that Jesus said: “I saw Satan ‘fall like lightning.’ The Hebrew translation is “baraq o bamah.”) shows up at the British Prime Ministers’ residence.

Following this, a new video was released by BBC showing Kate Middleton saying she had cancer.

They also released a photograph showing King Charles was still alive.

The problem is the Kate Middleton video released was a deep fake. You can tell because the ring on her hand disappears and then reappears. Also if she is on chemo, why does she have a full head of hair?

http s://rumble.com/embed/v4ip0pe/?pub=4

As for the picture of Charles, a Canadian intelligence agency source comments: “They can read the name on a soldier’s uniform from a satellite in space but they can’t take a clear picture from the side of the road. The circus continues.” 

The reality is a public announcement Kate Middleton had been sacrificed to Satan would lead to a complete collapse of KM rule in the West, which is why they are trying so hard to cover it up.

The troubles surrounding the Rothschilds and the British Royals are connected to the murder of NSA Agent Robert David Steele. The head of MI6 tells us Steele was murdered because he discovered…

Susie Q

Jsyk, not all chemotherapy causes hair loss. Also, if Princess Kate had lost her hair, it’s easy to obtain a wig.

Gregg Nickens

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Michael, you might want to send a message to have the white hats check Beale AFB in nor cal for the 3rd one. Way to many fires in nor cal over the last 8 or 9 years. Huge base with massive underground facilities, probably a very dangerous place. Underground tunneling going on for decades along with missing children.


I am making a good salary from home $6580-$7065/week , which is amazing under a year ago I was jobless in a horrible economy. I thank God every day I was blessed with these instructions and now its my duty to pay it forward and share it with Everyone.
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Last edited 3 months ago by kitty
John Grae

Maybe the White Hat could look in Australia to see if the third aircraft is there. There are so many places here that could hide a jet of that size.

Protein 101



Thankyou Michael, I know you care.


that’s not me below


I am making a good salary from home $6580-$7065/week , which is amazing under a year ago I was jobless in a horrible economy. I thank God every day I was blessed with these instructions and now its my duty to pay it forward and share it with Everyone.
Here is I started_________ smartlinks04.pages.dev./

Last edited 3 months ago by Kitty
Protein 101


Carol B.

Be careful now, this is not Kitty saying or doing this……..this is a mixed up system…..don’t even respond please…..



Gregg Nickens

I am making a good salary from home $6580-$7065/week , which is amazing under a year ago I was jobless in a horrible economy. I thank God every day I was blessed with these instructions and now its my duty to pay it forward and share it with Everyone.
Here is I started________  𝐖𝐰𝐰.𝐌𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲𝐏𝐚𝐲𝟏.𝐂𝐨𝐦


Magnificent job executed by heroes. Stand-up ovation.

All these heroes will have to be rewarded somehow. We will be forever indebted to them.

richard sanborn spc4 US Army retired

has to be a 13th floor though?

King Kong

they should use the DEW on deep state bases.


This story, would make a great start for a movie or book. Hopefully that will be a possibility.


MB – Your informative articles are the wind beneath our hearts, minds, and souls. I hate the fact that the military is involved with this tag team catastrophic political mess. Most are doing the duties they are trained to do without knowledge of the missions themselves. Politicians are the American Cancer! You are a “Great American Patriot”! God bless you, your family, and staff.


Boner time, right guys? Murder and destruction, head shots, square-jawed special operators and all your favorite villains. Break out the Viagra if you can’t manage on your own

Last edited 3 months ago by Roger_DeSwans
Gregg Nickens

I am making a good salary from home $6580-$7065/week , which is amazing under a year ago I was jobless in a horrible economy. I thank God every day I was blessed with these instructions and now its my duty to pay it forward and share it with Everyone.
Here is I started_________ 𝐖𝐰𝐰.𝐌𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲𝐏𝐚𝐲𝟏.𝐂𝐨𝐦


This morning, I happened to turn on the tv and am watching a program called “Airplane Repo”, which is often a little bit of a nail-biter. These people hunt down, and sneak into airplane hangars, lie, deceive etc., sometimes in faraway places, to “steal back”, or repossess debtors’ planes, yachts and other valuable toys from debtors who stopped paying, or from the thieves who stole it. It immediately brought to mind THIS and the previous story about the destruction of the DEW planes.

These guys (and sometimes gals) also, like our great Military, can be pretty resourceful and gutsy in pursuit of their targets. They’re no strangers to taking enemy fire, either. Similar gutsy,
“can-do” mindsets. Although, of course, I do realize the stakes and logistics are exponentially higher and more complex with our Military targets. This show just gives us a TINY little micro-glimpse into that heart-pounding adrenoline rush of a successful repo operation – which we are understandably NOT able to see with the Military version. (No “repo there” – just “mega-destructo”, with A BIG BOOM!) Sure would LIKE to see that, though.

Only in our imaginations and in the movies….


AND in the vivid descriptions and verbal replays provided by our very own Michael Baxter!!


So you’re saying these stories are just like TV shows. Very perceptive


Not even a tiny bit what I was saying. Think harder.


Love that show!

Rose Mary Abbott

Just stay alive Michael! That’s all I am asking for.

Gregg Nickens

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Well done, General Smith and team! Michael Baxter, your abilities in journalism are top notch!


Praise God! They got another one. 2 down. One to go.


Civil War Category Was Correct. White Hats Defend The People Actual. The Enemy Of The People Must Be Revealed.

Gregg Nickens

I am making a good salary from home $6580-$7065/week , which is amazing under a year ago I was jobless in a horrible economy. I thank God every day I was blessed with these instructions and now its my duty to pay it forward and share it with Everyone.
Here is I started_________  𝐖𝐰𝐰.𝐌𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲𝐏𝐚𝐲𝟏.𝐂𝐨𝐦




Flawless planning and execution! Bravo!!!! Let’s see the last plane being destroyed with such ease and quickly.


I would be very careful as the deep state demons just may decide to use the 3rd plane against the white hats in a very devastating manner. They have use them to burn thousands of homes to ashes! Sheilds up and go to red alert until they disable the 3rd one. I lived through many of the firestorms created in California. I think they used them recently in Chile too, so it could be anywhere? It may have to be shot down to prevent more damage. If USAF personel would use a weapon like that against their own people, they do not deserve any mercy and must be dealt with accordingly.


They are always on red alert.


………..one to go!!!!!


Hot Damn how I love this website. Thanks MB for reporting this and the extremely brave men who carry out these dangerous missions. Hopefully those who aided and abetted this secret deployment of a destructive DEW weapon will be found and executed in the same way as the mercenaries. It would be fitting!


Hopefully, Gen Smith’s team can detect who the conspirators in the cover up of the plane at Eielson SFB were!




We believe in you Mike! If you delay we know that there is a good reason. Bless you and keep you and yours safe.


Hang in there Michael~ We all understand because we are all in the fight with you!

Michael i saw that if we need to report doctors and such for Nuremberg trials to contact the military. Do you know who i can contact?


Thank you Judy for asking that question. I know that some Medicare healthcare companies are offering cash awards to seniors to get vaccines.




Now that you bring that up, this morning I saw (on X) a huge ad from Arizona Department of Heath pushing the Covid vaccine. They advise talking to family members about getting the vaccine. Below the image of a grandfather with his grandson, written in red: “Vaccines save lives”. I am an AZ resident and I am furious.

Nukken Futz

Big pharma is also spiking dental novacaine local anestesia with mrna spike proteins, along with tetenus, flu and other dreamed up diseases….


My husband works from home since 2020 yet he is forced to take a flu shot every year to keep his job. He works on computer programming for a childrens hospital. This week i heard that they refuse to give a yearly raise to anyone who cannot prove they have a vaccine for the flu and they fire anyone who has not had a covid vax! I have been sick every year from his shedding and spike Support makes me sick to my stomach but i still have to keep taking it because of shedding. A few months back i coughed so hard for so long that i popped a rib and when i called my dr of 35 years for cough medicine i was told i had to come to the office and i had to have e negative covid test to do so. I told them that the tests are toxic but they refused to see me. I refused to go. I would like to be the one to personally turn them both in for Nuremberg code violations!

Please advise who to contact in the military to turn these demons in. I figure you can ask General Smith for us.


Michael, please take care of yourself & family first!

Ellen T

God bless you and your family, Michael, and this website!!


2 down 1 to go. Let the bodies hit the floor.



Gregg Nickens

I am making a good salary from home $6580-$7065/week , which is amazing under a year ago I was jobless in a horrible economy. I thank God every day I was blessed with these instructions and now its my duty to pay it forward and share it with Everyone.
Here is I started___________ 𝐖𝐰𝐰.𝐌𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲𝐏𝐚𝐲𝟏.𝐂𝐨𝐦

The Maven

Not the time or the place for this.


Great work men!
Please take out the Chem-Trail planes next!
Please, please, pleeeeeeease!

Ellen T

We’ve had 2 chem-free skies in the past 2 weeks here in SC. It’s wonderful to see a beautiful and clear sky again, once in awhile. The spraying has been unbelievable over the past years. Hope to see more clear skies going forward. I know it’s a different topic, but still very much relevant. It’s all pure evil! Please keep our JAG team in your prayers, as well as all Patriots who are fighting in this battle of good vs evil. So glad we know how all of this ends!


So tonight March 20th in the Charleston SC area the chem trails are seen crisscrossing as in an “X” display- so say in anticipation of the solar eclipse since the first a few years earlier went from Washington state across to Florida and next month our sun crossing from Texas to Maine. Rockefeller & Co trying to keep the fear factor alive and well in the country.

More like their last hurrah- people- get involved in humanitarian projects-now! It’s time…


You should go out after dark and shine a flash light up and look over the beam and see what’s dropping down!!


OOH RAA!!! All traitors need to face thier maker, and the sooner the better, for the survivng Patriots. Who among us will be shocked when we trace all of this global invasion and destruction to…israel??? NOT so called jews, but the khazarian mafia.

Who broght us nazis, socialism, communisim, DEI, LGBT…blah, blah, affirmative action (as if!!!)… abortion on demand, the federal reserve, the central banking cartel…and so on??? All roads lead to Rome, where the jesuits and other israeli children of lucifer manipulate the children of The LORD. Not to mention the Kalergi plan to exterminate the white race. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but first, follow the money. It will lead straight to the pharisees, money changers and secret societies.

Yet somehow they always find a boogie man to take the blame. The world has become too small for them to fold up thier tents and escape to another distant shore. Time to open up hunting season against ALL brain washed morons who don’t even realize that they (useful idiots,) will be the first casualties, if this modern Bolshivik revolution is not squashed.

May GOD Bless all of those who Love the Creation and paradise we are heir to.

The Maven

Those mentioned are NOT “children of Israel” and never were. The Khazars are a Turkish tribe from Northern Turkey and other areas around and North of the Black Sea. They were forced to migrate further into Asia because of their bloody sacrificial habits. There, they were forced to choose Judaism or Christianity or face more exile and/or genocide. As we know, they chose Judaism and have been giving real Jews a bad name ever since, as those Khazarians continue to practice their blood ritual sacrifices, brought to them by the ancient mystery religions, which were in turn brought here by the Anunnaki. We see them in some form or another all over the world. In modern religions, they are represented still in Christianity and Islam. Ironically, Judaism does not maintain anything from them. Also, blood is not kosher.


Just what the heck are “real jews” ?

What is with your Khazaria bullshit?

This is what you look like to me.


The Talmud and Torah is the problem.

Jesus condemned these guys as sons of Satan hundreds
of years before Khazaria was event thought of.
They are the same damned people.

Babylonian Talmud.


Its nice to know i’m not the only one that thinks in these terms! I read in the Talmud that its ok for a rabbi to go out of his area/city and have sex w/a child/baby and return home and is forgiven and my bull-shit meter pegged out!!! these real-joo’s are blood thirsty bas-turds heel bound,,,


Thanks Maven. Too few know of the history of the Khazarians, this cannot be repeated often enough.


There are still Anunnaki in Gaza.

Nukken Futz

Just another rich man’s trick…..


Let’s get the pilots of those planes too, “only doing their job” won’t cut it in my opinion.

Leslie Parsons

We understand, Michael Baxter. Every article you write is a plus for us. Everybody is struggling in one way or another. God bless your efforts. WWG1WGA

Linda Hutchison

Those of us who believe in Almighty God and his Savior Son Jesus are NOT struggling. God has told the prophets that He will take care of this, and He WILL! I would recommend that you shut off your MSM news (LIARS!) and turn on instead Christian music, which will help you stay focused. Walk by faith, NOT by sight! Keep the faith and continue praying. Do agree, though, that RRN reports are helpful as encouragement!


I’ll witness that. Blessings, 🙏🙏🙏


Well THIS is sure great news!
These things are SO murderous and destructive,
and I’m glad that the white hats have made them a priority.
You gentlemen can stand tall today and we thank you!


Thank you Michael. I have to admit that I have been impatiently waiting. This is good progress for the White Hats.


Looking forward to their destruction/Disabling of the GEO-ENGINEERING planes

Linda Hutchison

Hint: It will go a LOT faster if you humble yourself before God, repent of your sins, turn from your evil ways and seek the Lord. God hears and RESPONDS to the prayers of righteous men and women. Keep the faith and continue praying.

M Ash

Praying always for the safety of you and your family. Thank you for what you do, providing hope for me and countless others. To know that white hats are truly out there fighting.

Dje Wynne

Do it how you do it Mike. It’s all Good! Bless

William R Nicholson

The completion of the mission , without severe injuries or death on our team is a welcome relief to guys like me whom full well know the danger of any mission ! Thank you very much , both operators & support staff. The death & destruction caused by these airborne weapons has devastated many lives , lives that should have had no danger within the borders of The Republic ! I pray we keep striving towards the goal of an advanced civilzation where harmony is simply the only way , since Creators Blessings Fall Upon His Obedient Children ……. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

Karen B

Amen Nick.🤗💪🙌💞

Ellen T

God bless our brave Warriors. Please keep them all in your prayers. Thank God that no Patriots were harmed in this mission!

Gregg Nickens

I am making a good salary from home $6580-$7065/week , which is amazing under a year ago I was jobless in a horrible economy. I thank God every day I was blessed with these instructions and now its my duty to pay it forward and share it with Everyone.
Here is I started________ 𝐖𝐰𝐰.𝐌𝐨𝐧𝐞𝐲𝐏𝐚𝐲𝟏.𝐂𝐨𝐦




Why anyone would downvote this makes you
wonder if they are in the twilight zone.

Proudly Unaffiliated

This is why we pay Special Forces the big bucks. Well done– like the plane and the eight enemy combatants.

William R Nicholson

Please ! Don’t mention ” The Big Bucks ” I already gave ’em two cups a jo & a thousand attaboys ! If you keep it up ,Next They’ll Be Asking For Cream & Sugar ……….. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


Great News, I Hate that these planes were being used against us to Create Monster Fires.


When Australia suffered from those terrible fires, were they ever proven to arson, or could a DEW been responsible. It certainly wasn’t climate change.

Linda Hutchison

You don’t have ANY idea of the HALF of it that we have been paying for! God has promised a 100% reveal, and after we are done cleaning up the mess, our country, along with the rest of the world will be truly FREE! Keep the faith and continue praying.


Allow me to expand on your exhortation i.e. keep the faith and continue praying; St Pio tells us to pray without ceasing and don’t worry. Blessings, 🙏🙏🙏


The bravery and commitment of our White Hats and, even when maligned, the thorough reporting by you, Michael, literally brings tears — praying daily, sometimes hourly, for your safety and God’s presence in all that you all do, be safe, God Bless.

Gregg Nickens

I’m making $90 an hour working from home. I never imagined that it was honest to goodness yet my closest companion is earning 16,000 US dollars a month by working on the connection that was truly astounding for me. she prescribed for me to attempt it simply. Everybody must try this job now by just using
this website… 𝐖­𝐰­𝐰.𝐌­𝐨­𝐧­𝐞­𝐲­𝐏­𝐚­𝐲­𝟏.𝐜­𝐨­𝐦




EXCELLENT! Too bad there weren’t any pilots destroyed with it.


That is a point. Time will tell what they will do to those pilots.

Linda Hutchison

If they are GUILTY, they are TRAITORS and mass murderers! We all know what happens to THESE people when they are adjudged to be guilty at the tribunals! One way ticket to their NEXT destination where they will stand before the supreme judge of the universe after that.

Linda Hutchison

Don’t think for a minute that they won’t be looking at the threads to find the rest of the perps!

David T

It would make sense that the mercs’ had ID’s, phones and electronics on them that were captured before torching the place. Wonder if MSM will report a sudden storm or fire at that AFB?

richard sanborn spc4 US Army retired

id truely look at bangor air guard theyre called mainiacs for a reason someones flying chem trail missions im sure they arent coming from to far away?