Hanks’ Former Co-Star Peter Scolari Executed by Military


Last week, Hollywood and the MSM lamented the death of actor Peter Scolari, who in the early 1980s starred alongside Tom Hanks in the transgender sitcom Bosom Buddies, in which the two dressed in drag to secure cheap housing at an all-female brownstone residence.

Within hours of Scolari’s death, MSM quickly attributed his demise to a protracted battle with cancer, but those tales are a gross obfuscation of the truth.

Sources inside the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps and the Office of Military Commissions told Real Raw News that Scolari, a lifelong friend and alleged lover of Hanks, was executed on October 20 following a brief inquisition at the U.S. Military’s covert base in Diego Garcia.

RRN’s tardy acquisition of this news stems from the fact that the execution took place at a facility other than Guantanamo Bay, where most of our sources reside.

In July, RRN reported that Scolari and Hanks were aboard the same plane at Malpensa Airport in Milan, Italy, when troops from the 173rd Airborne Combat Brigade stormed the plane and apprehended Hanks. Hanks was taken to face a military tribunal and ultimately the hangman’s noose, but Scolari was released because the military did not deem him a threat and because at the time it had no evidence linking him to Hanks’ incontestable, repugnant crimes against innocent children.

RRN can now report the military amended its opinion of Scolari after JAG and the OMC reviewed disturbing videos and pictures that they obtained in the aftermath of Hanks’ death.

“Scolari wasn’t even on our radar until we linked him to Hanks, and even then, we had no real reason to detain him. But our investigation into Hanks didn’t stop with his death, and a few weeks after it we found more of his computers and devices. The obscene pics and vids on those machines told us we were right to execute the bastard. And they equally incriminated Scolari,” our source said.

One video, our source said, depicted a collaborative criminal venture. Garbed in drag, Hanks in a red evening gown and heels, and Scolari sporting a floral ensemble, the sadistic duo stood above a young child who was strapped face-down to a metal gurney. Pretending to be acupuncturists, they jabbed sharp metal tines into the child’s back as the kid cried out at the top of his lungs for his mother. The holes on the child’s back looked like pours on a sponge. The louder the kid screamed, the deeper they pushed the steel quills into his back. Theystuck the kid for 30 minutes, after which his back looked like a slice of Swiss cheese. Then Scolari smothered the child’s face with a pillow and apparently snuffed the life out of him. But even that act of cruelty did not satisfy the devious duo’s barbarous cravings. For a coup de grace, Hanks held a silenced pistol to the kid’s head, shouting, “Life ain’t like a box of chocolates, it’s like a bag of shit,” as he squeezed the trigger and blew out the kid’s brains. A red-pink mist filled the lens’ field-of-view.

The video, our source added, was timestamped October 31, 2015.

“We saw these sick, sick vids long after Hanks’ execution. As soon as we did, we opened an investigation into Scolari. We figured he was just a tag-a-long, not a real Deep State player, and so we first used an intermediary to get this info to California AG Rob Bonta and Merrick Garland. JAG wasn’t going to waste resources on an iffy player if government authorities wanted him. But nope, Bonta and Garland had zero interest in prosecuting Scolari, so the military leapt into action.”

On October 15, 2021, U.S. Marines apprehended Scolari at his California townhouse, seizing 2 laptops and several cellphones during the raid. The newly found devices, our source said, held over 600,000 images of child pornography.

“JAG believes many of these images are of children who were reported missing, and many are presumed dead,” our source said.

The next day, the Military charged Scolari with murder, child sex crimes, and 600,000 counts of possession of child pornography. Unlike other Deep State assets who had to wait weeks or months for their trials and executions, Scolari had to wait only three days.

He was found guilty after a two-hour long tribunal and hanged the next morning.

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This whole adrenochrome shit really reminds me of the movie Monsters Inc…. the only difference is the Monsters were after the children’s ‘screams’.


Sara Schmidt

This makes me sick to my stomach . How can people like this do these things. I hate the bastards

Robert James

Let’s not give bastards a bad name, now.


I start dissociating when I read this stuff. We’re all going to learn just how strong we are.

Apryl Hendricks

i thought Tom Hanks was executed by lethal injection

Daughter of the American Revolution

Just an opinion, but honestly care more for accuracy than the auditory flow of words. Appreciate your writing talents, but this stuff is grievous, probably best to keep it all in line with fact so as not to confuse readers (or give these Trolls more fodder). God Bless, thank you for what you do…


Imbedded with evilness from the devil.


Dunno how anyone can believe this stuff… Hanks has new movies coming out… are we pretending they used the process from the Film called “The Congress” to make these individuals eternal in CGI for future propaganda use while putting them to death?


I don’t know about any other movies but Finch was filmed in early 2019 for release in late 2020 but was delayed due to the pandemic. That aside, I saw on inside edition that Tom Hanks crashed a beach wedding last week. It keeps things interesting, doesn’t it?

Robert James

Or Inside Edition could be as corrupted as practically all publications.


With so many leftist operatives missing, they (the leftist cabal) have to do something to appear unstoppable.

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Another demon bites the dust. Well done.


I am pleased to see that there has been Swift Justice.
Evidence clearly convinced the military tribunal that an execution was in order.


The military cannot arrest civilians .

Joe Townsend



me personally, I don’t care if the mil takes out all the bad actors…..but I want SOME…..like 100 evil bastards tried publically and hung publically……the citizens deserve to know that justice is real….

on that subject some citizens, maybe not me, maybe not many, but some MUST have access to the evidence of the crimes…..horrific as they are, we must know…. we need proof of the evilness of these people.


well when I read that Scolari had “died” I wondered about his connection to Hanks…..

I would love to have one of our congresscritters question Garland about this lack of investigation in front of the media……

dennis ward

Swift Justice, if this is true?


These two always rubbed me the wrong way.
That show seemed decadent, in spite of
the witty scripts.
My instincts were right on.


Note: Subscribed, again, but still no notification – ever – received in my email inbox.


Every time I think it can’t get any worse 😣 Bless those poor children and please keep safe the ones from the border 🙏


I’m going to need to start seeing some corroboration.
Just like the CDC attributes every death to covid, this place attributes every death to Guantanamo.

Sandy Koufax


Dave Smith

Good how about thanks wife


I was hearing on Linda Paris site McAllistertv. https://rumble.com/voah6j-updates-alec-baldwin-la-blackout-320000-indictments-new-republic-bank.html She posts on bitchute, ugetube rumble……There was a claim that people in Hollywood can’t get their adrenochrome and looking super haggard. No pics, but they think little helicopters and picking them up a lot. Now with this many indictments…It just means they can take them to court but still, seems like the list is huge. The claim from someone that knew Hanks told me that he’s not human and to understand what he is watch Resident Alien. Will we ever get comprehensive information on everything from soulless humans to part alien humans and explain out possessed humans? All these beings are deceptive to people that think there should be only one soul per body and hardly anybody knows if they have demons inside of them or sticking to them by a tether (I saw that once) following them everywhere they go. It all seems to tie into the castle elite party where they did masquerade balls. Elite wanted to protect themselves but maybe ignorantly or on purpose complicit with the reptilians hiding tails under ball gowns invented for that to begin with. It was bloodlines trying to stay protected due to their wealth creating enemies, but the deceptions probably causing more trouble than they ever knew.

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Can’t you buy adtenochrome over the counter ?


Oddly, there shown zero comments but when the hottest thread icon is clicked it shows a ton but doesn’t present the options to see older/newer comments ..this has been the case for a while but generally they will all appear at some point so it appears there’s interference to prevent communication in the comment section as there are generally some pretty good links shared.


Posting fixed the glitch.


office space is always good for a laugh. 🙂


Why the rush to execute Scolari…but not Cuomo???


my guess is cuomo is more connected with more info -more use


Sick bastard, I used to like the 80’s sitcom Newhart. He was in that too.


I watched it, too. I like Newhart. It’s not the TV shows or the movies that are bad because of the actors, I don’t hate their body of works or their talent; it’s the hearts of the men working in them when they’re offscreen doing these ignominious acts…. that’s what drives people crazy.

unlabeled quality

once again, no disclaimer warning people about disturbing and graphic content (especially regarding children).


as if anyone visiting this site isn’t aware- this world today is nothing but disturbing content

BJ Edwards

I already posted to this morning ,and for some reason ,it now gone ! — All I said was ” Good “


Hi Michael, Can you tell us what came of Huma Abedein?


But she was apprehended.. how did she get free, especially after Frazzledrip?


We appreciate your hard work Michael, thank you!!!!


Well if you don’t know that she’s free or that she wrote a book then why even mention it? Just end it with “Her name was slotted for a tribunal, then I heard nothing after that.” Wouldn’t that suffice? Like the others, I too check your site!

Last edited 2 years ago by Guest4579

Thank you so much,Michael Baxter, for doing your best reporting the info given to you, we are very grateful for every crumb,no matter how small it may seem, and your journalistic integrity is very much appreciated around here! So much so,that we get a bit impatient,sometimes,but I think everyone remembers you saying you report when you get the information vetted and the OK to report the info as you receive it – I believe everyone is very grateful and also eager for your well written reports because RRN is one of the few sources giving us hope,informing us that justice is finally being served to those who deserve it that,until now, were untouchable.
Thank you so much.


Thank you, Michael, please keep us posted when you hear something. I, too, have my morning coffee checking your articles. I cannot wait for the next ones! You’ve been making my day!

Proudly Unaffiliated

Thankfully, someone (the U.S. Military) was willing to take out the garbage. #realrawnews #militarytribunals #childmurder #childtorture #DiegoGarcia #Execution #HungUntilDead #GoodRiddance

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these fucking scum bastards there are many involved in this sick cult of torture and murder of children thank you to our brave military for taking these fucking shitbags out.these scum deserve so much more than a firing squad or the gallows but knowing they cannot do this to another child is what really matters.


Thanks to  the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps and the Office of Military Commissions for timely and decisive judicial action!

Yeah me

Great start! I bet whorelywood wont have many left if they start there!
I wonder if they will ship the bodies back to CA in time for dinner?
I don’t get why it was a tribunal though?

Last edited 2 years ago by Yeah me

Speechless. God, Please, You MUST stop these evil predators once & for all. Keep these innocent, precious children safe with you, Lord, & let justice hunt these demons down.


They both should have been dipped in a barrel of molten lava, slowly, however, God will pass judgement on them.


LORD GOD IN HEAVEN, thank You that this monster has been stopped. Oh, LORD reveal where all these who are in these pics/vid are. For this one child’s horrors, O God thank You that he is safe now. So many children, so many LORD. Oh my heart. Bring this to an end, O God, LORD Jesus.


Get all of those evil minded child sex traffickers and murders! Massive crime against humanity!

Don’t forget the Devil Worshipers and those that conspired and/or took action to steal the election!!

Every single one of them!

Son of Ethan Allen.

Noo wnder God call America MYSTEY BABYLON THE GREAT. Revelation 17 & 18
Never underestimate the enemy
Pharmakia of Revelation 18:23

Frances Rose

I wonder when all of this will be streamed to the “Dedicated Normies” Please let it be soon. I want them all to feel as sick to my stomach as I do right now. Not for the POS’s that are executed but for the poor children. I know God has them somewhere loving and safe.


yes….the normies have got to get a taste of what’s been going on……I will bet that there will be some that say its fake….but Dear God, they need their comeuppance.


I can’t understand how and why they would be loyal to others of their ilk. Do they feel any shame or remorse when confronted with their actions? If not, it’s obvious they’ve simply ceded their humanity and are nothing but sick animals. I think I would feel more compassion for a rabid dog.


Hollywood…indoctrinating children to the “Trans Culture” through T.V.!!! I’d estimate 90% of The Hollywood Pedos need to face the gallows down in GITMO!!! I pray 🙏 that this all ends soon…


I thought Hanks was executed via lethal injection. This article mentions hanging. It doesn’t matter to me which, as long as he’s gone. I was just curious.

Sam Haines

In and out. Job done.


Hang all these sick SOB’s God help the littles !🙏

Lady Herman

Make the child and all the children these horrible corrupt people tortured find peace. So I say it Mote it be Amen.


This is horrifying I am in tears I could barely finish reading this. I am pregnant with my 4th child my oldest is 8. As a mom this is unimaginable any human could do this to a child.
God bless our President Trump and military God himself is fighting for our kids. They are His children and not one of them will be forgotten

American Living in Canada

I know.. I had to stop reading and take a walk.


Dang! Four kids under 8? Take a rest and stop overbreeding. It’s not a clown car lady!


your mamma shoulda, ya kunt.


Shut your damn trap, Guest4579! She can have as many kids as she wants. It’s her body, her choice, her family, NOT YOURS. I really don’t like what you said!


Congratulations on your 4th child, Chelsea, Please disregard the bloody idiot who just insulted you. Your body and your family is your happy choice.


Another one who enjoyed his “vitamines” as Chapo called the children he raped,”his vitamines,who made him feel alive”.

Still so many demons to go…. Next,please.


Law and crime,25 Oct.


Bee Bennett

Thank you for continuing to shed the light in so much Evil darkness. Praying for the military to go after Pelosi and Fauci and Obama and Soros…
So many it’s just crazy how they have used their wealth to contaminate the Planet.🙏

Rose Mary Abbott

I am constantly surprised by these reports about how sick these what I used to think of as people were. It makes me wonder if Robin Williams was maybe executed too. That happened quite a while ago. You just don’t know who was involved in these hideous acts against children. Who else is there? I have heard there are thousands of people in Gitmo alone right now. How many other tribunals are taking place and where? If they have thousands of people to try then they better get busy. It will take years to get through with all of those trials. I wonder how many actors will die of “cancer” this year. I thought it was a little weird when I first heard that he had died. I no longer believe in coincidences. Now since you say this is the first comment let’s see if my comment remains here or falls off into oblivion after I post it. They usually do.



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asking Rob Bonta and Merrick Garland for demonic assistance is like the chicken (with rolled out red carpet) escorting the hen into the henhouse.


Perhaps they investigated the charge and found it to not be true . They would have access to more evidence than MB’s source .


I wondered when I saw his death how he was connected since he has been close friends with Hanks for years.


Most of them have a side business, snuff movies….


Not to mention they sometimes share their victims with each other – in more ways than you can imagine. Sort of like a Thanksgiving turkey if you know what I mean.

Lorenz Manner

Very good. Job done. These disgusting psychopaths and criminals have to be take out.


Just a swingin’.you sicko.