Trump Opens Investigation into Baldwin Shooting


Donald J. Trump has opened and funded an investigation to determine whether Alec Baldwin knowingly and intentionally executed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins after learning that she had begun work on a documentary aimed at exposing a prodigious pedophile ring, said a Mar-a-Lago source under promise of anonymity.

He told RRN that Trump became suspicious of the “accidental shooting” theory shortly after news of the ghastly incident went public, and those suspicions soared to new heights when he personally spoke with two veteran actors who have effusive knowledge of firearm safety protocols on film sets. The two actors were Jim Caviezel and Jon Voight.

Caviezel told Trump that the odds of an actor being handed a weapon loaded with a live round were indescribably remote, adding that he had never handled a “hot weapon” in all his years as a major motion picture star. He emphasized the rigorous safety checks involved in making sure actors are given firearms loaded only with blanks or non-lethal projectiles.

“The odds were one in a billion, sir. Before we grab a firearm on set, that weapon is checked by at least three people—the onset firearms expert, their assistant, and at least one producer or production assistant. They should’ve all checked the damn cylinder. We still don’t know if the other five chambers had blanks or live. And Alec—he’s handled hundreds of guns in his career. A lot doesn’t add up. Gutierrez is young, but that’s no excuse,” Caviezel told Trump.

His statement referred to Hannah Gutierrez, the film’s armorer and the 24-year-old daughter of long-time film industry armorer Thall Reed.

Incidentally, Caviezel is set to star in Sound of Freedom, which focuses on the child sex trade industry. I have seen a test screening and consider it to be among the most accurate representations of this terrible industry. Hollywood has tried to censor the film. This is a film you won’t want to miss, and I’ll have a formal review of this epic closer to the release date.

Jon Voight’s message to Trump echoed Caviezel’s ominous rebuke of an accidental shooting.

“Things like this, Mr. President, they don’t happen for no reason. Alec is bad people—I never liked him. This girl he killed—it’s shameful. Many precautions are taken to prevent events like that from happening. People will say ‘well, it happened to Brandon Lee,’ but I still don’t believe that was an accident. I think, Mr. President, there’s a lot we’re not being told,” Voight said to Trump.

Voight also highlighted a huge hypocrisy in how liberal elitists classify firearms.

“We call them ‘props,’ but they are real guns, firing pins and all. On a set they’re props, but in the hands of the people they suddenly become assault weapons or hi-powered rifles,” Voight added.

Trump’s conversations with the actors reinforced his belief that something sinister was afoot, our source said.

“Trump committed several million dollars of his own money toward learning the truth. He doesn’t trust that New Mexico will actually bring charges against Baldwin, so he hired a private investigative firm to dig deep. It only took a day for them to uncover facts the MSM isn’t reporting,” our source said.

The investigators, he said, interviewed friends, family, and co-workers of Halyna Hutchins, and learned that she had been clandestinely developing a documentary that would have, had she not been killed, centered on exposing a gargantuan pedophile ring in the underbelly of Hollywood, home to the Deep State hegemony.

Halyna’s lifelong friend Shelly Jordan told investigators that Halyna had spent her adult life advocating on behalf of disadvantaged children and kids who had been victimized by sexual predators in the motion picture industry. Jordan said that Hutchins had drafted a list of a dozen high-profile celebrities who had “profited immensely” through the sharing and trading of underage boys and girls.

“She didn’t tell me about the names for my own protection, I guess. She kept it all concealed so no one would find out before it was completed. It was a huge project on which she was moonlighting. She never spoke bad of Alec, but the more I think about what happened, the more I believe she was murdered to stifle her project. I’ve made this info available to CNN and MSNBC, but they won’t touch it,” Jordan told investigators.

The MSM’s refusal to publish her statements has buttressed Trump’s suspicions of foul play.

“Donald Trump is gravely concerned about the children of this country, and he is committed to getting to the bottom of this,” our source said.

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Everyday there are more arrests. The military tribunals are busy convicting the murderers,deep state rats, child molesters and treasonous actors. More and more guilty are executed, in various ways.


This was all planned. Hollywood and their sick compliant POS Cultists… They Are All Above the Law. That’s why he was allowed to leave the State. What a bunch of Crap. Right in All of our Faces. It’s only a matter of Time Alec, You cannot run from Karma.. Hopefully this Murdering POS Scum gets hit by truck or cab/uber driver on Long Island.

Robert James

This confirms my suspicions. The woman had to be a target of the Deep State, even though there’s a lot less of them now.

Just A Girl

strange how there had been 3 live shots fired prior to this one. there shouldn’t be live ammo on set! someone bought and produced the ammo to the young armour. Also, Alec a producer of the film was reported to NOT take the firearm “class” prior to shooting film. He alone was repsonsible for pointing a weapon at someone.
this wasn’t done in a filming time, and quite a few people had already left the movie set because of the security issues of the prior shootings. He is criminally responsible! there’s NO question about it. The chamber should have been checked by 4 people, the 3 before mentioned and Alec…gun safety 101, you NEVER rely on someone telling you its a cold gun! You NEVER point it at anyone! There’s so much coincedence,,,Red Oct….her birthplace, her father’s military background, the PEDO connection….Hope the truth comes out…


WOW……thank you President Trump for being the man you are and getting a dirty job done. Mr. Baxter….good job too, thank you.

Dr. G

Alec knew exactly what he was doing. It will all be uncovered. Then…who is the bone-headed woman that married him and had all these kids? Guess he was starting his own tribe to abuse.


I wish I could watch this traitor and pedo’s being hung.

Last edited 2 years ago by ernie

I am sure that you have lots of company. Perhaps we will see video recordings of the necktie parties that our favorite evil participates attended… the next weeks or months.
I personally want Obama and Michelle to be hung… Then. Bidens double.

Your awareness of your awareness is your soul!

This is why Trump still hasn’t won. There is just no need to waste time on this. No intelligent person needed this bimbo to tell them that the Jews are sickos, and her death isn’t that important. This headline makes me think it might be another year before the oaf gets back in.

Linda Chambers

Badwin had to do 2 things to fire that pistol: 1. He had to pull the hammer back and, 2. He then had to pull the trigger. TWO actions were required to discharge that pistol. Deliberate?

Fed Up

I got banned from 4ch/pol/ for posting his article lol “banned content” but they wouldn’t elaborate, you might be on to something Mr Baxter


3 days have passed since Chelsea’s Tribunal.
Cuomo’s (Guido, Fredo’s bro) impending Death sentence has yet to be announced.
Not that I’m in any hurry to see them die, but because millions of others are concerned whether or not they’re at large on the streets and in our Cities.


cool down your heels……and P R A Y !!!!!…justice will be done HIS way on HIS time…..


I heard awhile back that he was executed same day as hunter…I believe he is 6 ft under already. But it would be good to get that info.

Last edited 2 years ago by AmericanFaith

Even if I was an actor in a cowboy scene, the only way I’d point a gun at anybody would be if I’d ascerned that it was empty. Somebody behind me could yell “Bang” or they could add gunfire noises to the scene later.


ted dy….you can not be actor…..sound like you dreamed to be actor in …Gunfight at O.K. Corral…..


NEVER NEVER NEVER point any kind of a fireearm at anything that you do not mean to maim or kill. ALWAYS assume that a firearm is loaded unless you have personally ascertained that it is not. ALWAYS assume that any cartridges you see are real and not blanks…..

Never even point an empty firearm at another person other than for self-defense…..

Anybody stupid enough to ignore any of these dictums deserrves whatever happens to him.


Perhaps you can give us a demonstration plz Set an example how not to shoot yourself.


I did read on one site: Halyna Hutchins grew up in Murmansk on a Soviet base in the Arctic Circle surrounded by nuclear submarines. She was a Ukrainian spy whose husband is a lawyer defending the Clintons. I have no idea of its truth. Didn’t Baldwin star in Red October?



Donald Thornton

There are getting to be a lot more trolls on here. That indicates to me that Michael Baxter, and Real Raw News are right over the target.
Keep up the good reporting!!!!!


Clearly there’s more to this story. Any account of this shooting event has more holes than Swiss cheese, if one has the bad habit thinking. Glad Trump is on it.


Its Never a bad habit to think for yourelf, then again some people need others to do it for them because they’re stupid, we call them Bah, bah, bah Sheep.


PDJT …will take it very personally…include watch him take last steps on this Earth…count on that..

American Living in Canada

When these pos’ mock and attack President Trump, they are mocking and attacking the good people of America..

I take it personally also.


What can “effusive knowledge” of any subject possibly include? And why might that be required here, before commenting? What a unique expression! Dictionary?


One of the synonyms is “expansive.”


Another fake news story.


why you are here ..??


Meanwhile, F joe Biden is trafficking children fro. The border in the dark of night with taxpayer money.


alec is already in jail charged with 1st degree murder and child pornography…


Looks like the Sheriff just done plum put the jerk in Jail.
The Question is why;
Is he a cold blooded killer?
Was it a hit?
Was she marked because of her Documentary?
I think because Baldwin lost to much money on his movie set, that he needed to borrow money and the only way he could was to off her in public as a warning to “all” who try to put together any Documentary about the Masons.
The Child Porn is just what they all love, so we shouldn’t be surprised any.


He’s in Vermont . No charges have been filed.


charged and jailed….


Not at all. Who charged him ?


The sheriff, are you not paying attention. ?
Everyone else knows this, except for the trolls


Yes, charged and jailed

Rose Mary Abbott

This movie is gettin’ good! Pass the popcorn! Hollywood has to be messing in its pants now. Don’t mess with God’s little children! Alec is a cooked goose!


SOOO.. are you ready stick…FORK ????

Last edited 2 years ago by sejmon

No actually we let them do it to themselves, its so much easier that way.




I’m starting to Love this story line.
May this jerk rot in jail.




According to Hutchins’ website, she was from Ukraine, grew up in the Arctic Circle on a Soviet military base, and had a graduate degree in journalism from Kiev National University.
Before getting into film, Hutchins worked as an investigative journalist in Europe, the site says.
“Rust” began filming in New Mexico earlier this month.

Somebody with six kids and a wife is seriously scared. She was working on a documentary exposing Hollywood’s paedos.


For those wondering what the significance of Q’s post about Red October, here is my take. Baldwin is the lead actor of the movie in the making Rust, and was also in the movie The Hunt for Red October with Sean Connery. What color is rust? Red. What.color is blood from the shooting victim, red. Coincidence? I say not.

Patriot Gal

Halyna’s husband is an attorney with Latham & Watkins Law Firm which is representing Michael Sussmann who was indicted by Durham. Sussmann was involved in the Russia Hoax/Clinton Foundation. Coincidence???? A “prop” gun cannot fire a live round…..ever!!!! There is a big difference between a blank and real bullet! This was a REAL gun. I think a total hit job!


So thrilled to hear that Trump is opening an investigation into this ‘ shooting’. What a wonderful psyop and what a brilliant man. The truth will come out.


Alec Butterball…may the rope fit snuggly around your neck!!!




Can you say “revenge of the white hats” — & with a vengeance, lol! But seriously. Alec Baldwin was executed years ago. Now, white hats are executing his ‘legacy’. & just ferociously so. Can’t say he didn’t deserve it. Baldwin was a mocker, & mocked Trump especially – on SNL, Twitter, Facebook, you name it, he used it for mocking. 30 Rock, etc. Baldwin’s father must have been particularly abusive, Baldwin was such an abusive person himself. Sad in a way. But the vengeance here runs deep…deep rabbit hole on the person who “died”, the person who got injured, etc. John Erik Hexum was working on a ‘time traveler’ show when he had his ‘accident’. Brandon Lee’s father Bruce Lee was killed when hit from behind in a restaurant. Ci(a)kipedia has an elaaaaaborate cover story.. Then Brandon dies on set in a gun accident as well. So, it’s an established method. Difference here is, Baldwin is already long gone.. Wow. I just would not want to cross the white hats right now (or ever). Baldwin had it coming for a long, long, long time.


Now, this one is really hard to believe. Really hard.

Mr. G

The victim was the wife of one of the Latham and Watkins lawyers. That firm represented the Clinton campaign, and the husband was indicted by a special council investigating the Russia probe…

Russ C.

Thank you for bringing these stories to life Michael B. It’s tragic information, but it must become known to people somehow, and we can’t trust the alphabet media.


Alert OAN and Newsmax . They would love to scoop everyone . They can arrange a press conference.

dennis richardson

Shoot the sherbet to him Herbert

Lucy Skywalker



And lets not forget about Ukraine, Ukrainian embassy and visas,scandals envolving ukrainian orphanages,the possibility of Baldwin being a dealer like Hanx and Bette Middler taking in consideration that her upbringing in military bases among submarines in the Artic – she could know about underwater trafficking, military bases and tunnels being used by that crowd…


Bette was arrested, tried, sentenced to life, she cooperated somewhat with info you list here.


She can surely use all the winds beneath her wings to get out of her mess. As her song goes.


None of this is about religion…. it is about murder. No proper stage set (be it live theatre or movie) has live ammo, unless someone put it there. And no one aims a gun at another person, unless they intend to kill them. Guns are not toys no matter how they are portrayed!


Michael–Thank you for this. It’s interesting news.

BTW, it’s not ‘effusive’ knowledge, it’s ‘extensive’ knowledge; yes, I’m the ultimate grammar policeman!

If you ever feel you need help with the copy-editing side of the site, please get in touch. It’s something I’m glad to discuss, given that this news is important and the need to get stuff posted quickly often leads to errors that could lead to a misunderstanding of the article.


I’m sure he will be calling you soon .


MB did use the word correctly; one of the synonyms is “expansive.”


It is very very likely she was murdered because she was about to drop names Like Alex and many other celebs who are up to their Eyeballs in child pornography and child trafficking including sales and use of ADRENOCHROME . Children are abused and murdered to extract the High Profile drug That Hollywood and Sports figures Many in the Music industry and Politicians pay big money for a single dose.. We are TRULY seeing Satan at his best here .And know that Main Stream Media and Social Media moguls will not say a single word about it. Because they want their Adrenochrome fix and do not care how it is taken from young children. What a SICK BUNCH of DEMONS we have running the Country. Hell will be full of these monsters. And as a finale note I would bet Alex did it himself or was payed to kill her. He is a staunch Trump Hater like Di Nero and Radical Left. They wanted her shut down period!

Boss Lady

Baldwin reminds me of Rob Reiner. Not an innocent bone (or good) bone in their bodies, rotten to the core, and both guilty of massive crimes against humanity.

I have no doubt this was a premeditated, cold blooded murder.

Proudly Unaffiliated

Our MAGA POTUS will prove it.
#realrawnews #AlecBaldwinMurderer #OurMAGAPOTUS #PrivateInvestigation #FundedByTrump


Oh, he’s a cop now?


And then some lest you forget.


Has anyone else heard that Baldwin had child porn on his device? I saw one site but that’s it.

Does anyone know if this is sharable? I can’t figure out how to send articles to friends. Thanks in advance!

Peter Lewis

So, where is Trump?

Peter Lewis

That site makes this one look like the New York Times.

Johnny Lunchbucket

What a POS. I hope he gets caught for murdering this gal. May he rot in hell. Thanks for today’s double shot Michael.

Peter Lewis

“Donald Trump is gravely concerned about the children of this country, and he is committed to getting to the bottom of this,” our source said. If Donald Trump is very concerned about the children, why isn’t he emerging as our real president and stopping the slaughter of the 5 to 11 year old kids that are being set up to take the jab? What is he waiting for? Kids will start dropping like flies. It has already started.


Since this is leftist worldwide medical tyranny and a commie coup, he must operate covertly and systematically to ensure that more and more of the jabs are saline; this is a difficult task when all entities have been infiltrated with sadistic leftist murderers.

Last edited 2 years ago by Jullou

Please pray without ceasing and from your heart.


as Father St.Pio..said many times….


I found a few articles on duckduckgo from Canada, that are saying Baldwin has already been arrested, can anyone confirm this?

American Living in Canada

Conservative Beaver…

Last edited 2 years ago by American Living in Canada

…heard it on darkoutpost…


Let’s wait for RRN to confirm it. The wheels of justice the way we like it, are turning.


It could be true but, as of now, I’d still call it a rumor/wishful thinking…




Right after this shooting took place, on another site comments, I posted that either someone set-up Baldwin to take a fall (disgruntled employee) or Ms Hutchins knew enough to be labeled as a risk (Biden Ukraine stash or Pedo dirt)…
It feels good to be at least able to see “the curve”, if not be ahead of it.


Ms Hutchins had posted on 10/18/21 that she had info that would send Killary to jail (Teresa Barnwell or whomever) and less than a week later this happens to her.


I lived in NM. It’s a cesspool. Think Bill Richardson. They are ALL like that there. I worked at a tribe near ABQ and one night while partying with cops, ome of the tribal chiefs told me that when HE was a tribal cop, they found a body floating downstream from the neighboring tribes reservation. It was a Friday night and they were almost off duty> They let Laguna handle it. I don’t believe in new age JUJU but NM was the weirdest state I ever lived in. All I met there were criminals. The energy is dark. Expect Santa Fe County sherrif (SantaFe is now home to NY Democrats mostly) to obfuscate the truth.


The state is obviously a sanctuary for something not good. Although, there is one exception, the spiral staircase without a post and is believed to be built by St. Joseph.


Plus roswell and white sands and Epstein ranch.


It’s good to see that the wealthy can open their own investigation and work around the legal system. We should have a whole separate court system to convict, execute and afterwards hold a trial. Donald J Trump should actually oversee the proceedings and read the guilty verdict.

J Bill

All President Trump has done is seek Justice.

But when the justice system didn’t, you stand quiet.


President Trump operates covertly as President of the U.S. Constitutional Republic not the President of the defunct USA, Inc. Still covert because all entities have been infiltrated by leftist/globalist murderers, inc. Before flinging out leftist mantras you should do a little truth seeking. I admit, it is not easy when the Cabal media blocks anything not supportive of their commie takeover. Perhaps you can watch YouTube videos of Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Reagan and Trump when they all warned us about secret societies and commie infiltration.


BTW, white hats are opening up investigations and lawsuits all over the place, and they aren’t all rich . . . they are willing to give it all up to save the country.

Last edited 2 years ago by Jullou
J Bill

On point Jullou. The old set of “rules” is gone along with the defunct USA Inc. Corp. Nesara law is a whole new thing.

That some of these people don’t get it yet is scary.


Thank you and I agree!


Can you imagine trying to explain this stuff and Nesara to your parents?

Joseph G.

Baldwin may have been a target also, given his social media video that was made by him the weekend before the shooting, whereby he blasted the elites of H-wood, telling his crew that they have his blessing to strike and that these people “don’t give a fuck about you”.

What perhaps backs this up is the fact that not Trump, but the police of that state are perhaps going to press criminal charges. If they press charges, something else is going on and Alec is a target.

These days, it is all about someone ‘dying’- and then Baxter claims that they were killed.

Where are these arrests? No arrests in Red October?
I stopped trusting Baxter when he claimed all Summer that Trump will be back at the end of August, and then denied ever having said that. Fired. That’s not what a real truth teller does.

J Bill

If I were a fuck head troll, I’d expect a fully notarized and legal declaration of when he’s coming to shake my hand (personally) and give me his guarantee of genuine “occupancy” of the Presidency” and all legal papers in support. Then decide if I’d let him buy me a beer or not…

But if I were President Trump, I’d wait until all the ** trolls were gone, and it were deemed safe to return to a more Public view. Considering the ongoing threats the President, Family and supporters (Military) have received. Right?

Until then, a hologram image is all I’d muster for the next little while. Seeing as that what the present clown show does anyways. Right?

Why not just assume he’s “in a safe place” then?

Instead of running down the only viable news source left on the internet.

American Living in Canada

Loosened lug nuts for me up here…

Joseph G.

“Instead of running down the only viable news source left on the internet”.

Give your head a shake; I spent months defending this site.

But the tides have changed now because of Baxter’s actions, not mine.

He lost me when he denied ever having said that Trump would be back in August. We all know he said it. “According to my source, Trump will be back in August”.

All he had to do was take ownership of that; and state that the situation is fluid because it is an ongoing military covert op.

But he didn’t; he just denied ever having said that.

For me, an astute critical thinker- that was a red flag.

Don’t trust anyone 100% that you have never met, or that has tripped up themselves in a lie.

I only trust Q & Trump.

Last edited 2 years ago by Joseph G.
American Living in Canada

I’m with you on trusting only Q and Trump.


Joseph, it is good to know you’re back in the swing of things. All I can say is this, faith must precede seeing. Blessings,

Joseph G.


I have faith in Q and Trump; it is strong.


Lucy Skywalker

“I stopped trusting Baxter…” Can you give me exact refs? It’s too difficult to trace otherwise. All I’ve found him doing attests to truth and integrity. I’ve seen so often how people can take words and phrases ever so slightly askew or out of context, to make them sound the opposite of what was intended.

That said, I’d love to see Michael Baxter write a whole piece on things he’s said that have been commonly misinterpreted, misunderstood, misquoted – nothing like getting it from “the horse’s mouth”.

Last edited 2 years ago by Lucy Skywalker
Joseph G.

“I stopped trusting Baxter…” Can you give me exact refs?”

I was very clear why I don’t trust him anymore; MB tripped himself up in a lie. Fired. I don’t give people a 2nd chance.


“Hunters become the hunted” – Q
“Red October” – Q

David Agosta

More of Mark Taylor’s “Trump Prophecies”, coming to pass.

Lucy Skywalker

Who gave you a negative? Mark Taylor was bloody brilliant on the 2016 election though I don’t know what prophecies you refer to here. Please enlighten.