Military Convicts Hunter Biden; Death Penalty!


The U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps on Wednesday convicted and sentenced Hunter Biden to death after 6 women appeared via ZOOM to testify how Biden and his handlers had lured them into no-escape situations where they were drugged, raped, and threatened to remain silent “or else.”

The first, a woman identified only as “Ashley,” recounted a disturbing tale about how her parents had introduced her to Hunter Biden at a 2016 diplomatic function in Washington, D.C. She was 15 at the time of the encounter.

“My parents were political donors and got invites to events. That man…Hunter Biden was at one of them. I was with my parents and their friends when he came over to say hello. He gave off creepy vibes to me right away…I was about to excuse myself to grab a soda when Hunter said he’d get it for me. I started to say ‘no thank you,’ but he was already walking toward the bar…or whatever it was. As he handed me the drink, he brushed a finger over mine and it sent chills down my spine. I shouldn’t have drank the drink. I felt lightheaded and my legs felt rubbery. Everything went blurry. And next thing I know he is holding my hand, leading me up a staircase.”

Rear Adm. Crandall and the 3-officer panel sat in silent contemplation as Ashely relived the horrid event in her mind. Handcuffed and seated across from them, Hunter Biden glanced away from the screen on which Ashley, tears welling in her eyes, continued her story.

“It was like my parents had just vanished. My body literally went numb and my speech was slurred. Next I’m on a bed, and he’s looming over me undressing himself and then…me. Everything was fuzzy but it was him. And then he put a camera on a tripod and got into the bed with me…and raped me, vaginally and anally.”

Rear Adm. Crandall asked her if she saw the villain in the tribunal chamber. She pointed directly at Hunter Biden and said, “Him.”

He then set a laptop on the prosecution table and told the officers they would bare witness to Hunter Biden’s crimes shown on a grotesque video, although everything except Hunter and Ashely’s faces had been blurred. The video showed a naked Hunter Biden flopping around atop a top a young girl whose face was identical to Ashely’s. She seemed spaced out, crying “stop, stop, stop” as Biden repeatedly raped her.

“We obtained this video from one of Biden’s devices. Ashley, is this you in this video. I know it’s difficult to see,” Rear Adm. Crandall said.

“Yes,” she muttered.

Hunter Biden objected: “May I pose a question? Is this tribunal expected to believe I whisked this girl away, drugged her, and did these things—when she was accompanied by her parents? This video is fabricated, false.”

“When I came to and realized what had happened and told my parents, they called me a liar, too,” Ashley said. “They told me it never happened. That it must have been a nightmare. I no longer speak to them.”

Five more young women appeared on Zoom to tell eerily related stories, and the 3-officer panel had to suffer through video snippets of Hunter Biden’s assault on each of them. Biden made vain and ineffective attempts at refuting their testimony and the veracity of the videos, but the tribunal didn’t give any credibility to his rebuttals. The last girl to testify claimed that Hunter and his father raped her together, but the video only showed Hunter, not Joe.

Regardless, the tribunal reached a swift decision, finding Hunter Biden guilty on all charges and recommending he receive the death sentence for his crimes. Rear Adm. Crandall agreed, and he scheduled Hunter’s hanging for October 15.

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Jacob Dudley

Let’s pretend this is real. This is a military tribunal and execution for date rape? At least make up some stuff about China or treason, because that’s simply not believable. Lame article.


I guess I didn’t realize they got the death penalty for rape???


Knowing their family history, I wonder exactly what killed Beau Biden? What kind of shenanigans wasb he up to?

Sandy Koufax

I wonder if Joe Biden sent in an extraction team to Gitmo to retrieve Hunter.

Lorenz Manner

Today is the greatest day for Hunter. Is it right? We cannot await the confirmation.

Sam McGee

I have heard other folks were convicted at this Tribunal. I’m critical of this claim as others who were said to have been convicted and sentenced to death, were soon after seen in public or in the mainstream media news. And that contradicts the stories I have heard. I would like to believe that what has been said, past and present is true! I found out Santa Clause was a fictional story too…. what a let down! I’m afraid this is just one more fictional story.?!


Numerous discussions on here about CGI. A guy did a TED talk and produced four versions of Obama talking and none of them was real.


and now take that ted talk and figure out how it could be reproduced out in public

Mr. Bill

As it is right now this is the only information available. So, if you want to believe, you will!


so rrn is equivalent to religion? jesus or a giant meteor can’t come soon enough

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One more day.


Let truth arise, let righteousness run down like great waters, and let justice cover the earth with the glory of the Lord.




I am so tired of liars and their lying.

dennis ward

Good riddance to a real scumbag! Off with his head!

Barry Dember

Jesus said, “For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor hidden that will not be known and come to Light” Luke 8:17


I wonder if they’ll move up his time like they did Gates.

Lucky star

They don’t have to. If enemy try it again, they will blow their puppets cover inside Gitmo and military has the laptops that can be used to pick the enemy one by one easily. Personally, I prefer the cabals to try to give this slimey bastard love poison so we can caught the traitor inside gitmo.


what kind of laptops?


It doesn’t matter what kind they are, what matters is – who has possession of them.
Evidence can be most revealing as long as its truth.

Robert James

I wish these people would be hung upon sentencing. Just drag them out and hang them. Someone on the staff couldn’t stand Bill Clinton and poisoned him with rat poison.


Who needs the constitution anyway?


Only gets in the way of swift justice .


Oh how I wish this was all true!

Frances Rose

I hope they have video proof of “Lets go, Brandon!”

Arkansas Lady

Spilling the beans of the “new/old world order” beasts is maddening. Yes, I am good and mad and scream “Off WITH THEIR HEADS!” Move to the next vermin extermination. Get their body doubles, impersonators & clones. Finalize their existence!


All these people saying none of this happened….well, slowly but surely each lie is ultimately revealed as to what we’ve been aware from the beginning on MSM….latest is that Biden is on a make shift movie set! Now, that’s proven FINALLY 9 months later on TV! So these Tribunals won’t come out on MSM for another year. Of course their not broadcasting this shit! They have launched their plan and they gotta try to stick to it!


It has not been proven . It was a smaller briefing room in the Eisenhower building across the street . Trump used it too. No tribunals on TV because there are none .


but if it’s across the street, why isn’t he on the atlanta set? hmmmmm


john kusmit

If it is only true. Let it happen the hanging that is.


I believe President Kennedy did leave the earth the early part of this year.


At 104? Please elaborate.


Sue Grantham…..JFK did NOT die in Dallas. That is also part of the illusion. He has been at several of the Trump rallies along with the Kennedy clan; Bobby, Ethyl, JFK JR, Carolyn, Caroline, and all the “dead” actors that are actually alive. Look up Closeau on YouTube and go to the early rally in Buloxi (I think). Jacqueline, Marilyn Monroe and many many more. i am just the messenger… your own research so you will know your truth and not forget.


So he’s a conservative Republican now ? How did that happen ?


Delta…..might want to check out Donald Marshall’s website on cloning and get up to speed in today’s world.

Jeffrey L Bishop

These stories are very interesting, summer inspiring some not but makes you wonder when they say certain people are eliminated by certain ways then you seem on television three days later sometimes you wish they were true and sometimes not but if not would rather had not read them at all

Angela James

The Cabal wanted depopulation! The tribunals are assisting with that plan!😁


They can just have a trained monkey paint the rest of his art for their money-laundering scheme. 75 Mil. THIS MINION IS NO PICASO I wouldn’t use his art to wipe my ass with for fear of getting some VD. Not worth the canvas it is painted on. If this were a Trump child, the DEMONIC-LEFT would ALL over it like stink on SHIT. But when it is the SPAWN OF SATAN doing the painting then it is called Art with a price tag of a Rembrandt or Picasso. BURN IN HELL DEMONIC-LEFT AND THE SPAWNS OF SATAN. YOUR ETERNITY IN HADES WILL SOON BE UPON YOU


This site must be for the Beliebers. Whats claimed as proof is arbitrary… it produces interesting angles… likely to keep they who would go do these things to these monsters from going to do these things to these monsters since they found some site somewhere that outlines actual Justice being done, even if it is only lip service…


I sure hope the military can kill him alot better than all the other people they supposedly have killed, because in other news…

“The Dead WALK! And apparently are giving interviews!”
10/10/2021 Hillary Clinton called for more social media censorship during an appearance on ABC’s “The View” on Monday.
10/10/2021 Hillary Clinton said she’s ‘never going to leave the game of politics’ on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Last edited 2 years ago by Thomas

She has a book out now she co authored with another woman and will be all over the place for a while . On TV and in person book signings . You need to believe in clones , body doubles and CGI trickery , thats all.


Schiff has a book too so he will be all over the place , even more than usual . See if the clone plug in the back of his neck is visible .


F A S !!!!!


Too bad his father is already brain dead laying in a bed on life support Joe got off easy. Hunter I hope you will Meet Satan and for all of eternity burn in the fires of hell with where the soul of your father is already. You two will be happy with Satan. Burn 🔥


The True Lucifer is Sophia

I write this ‘cos after many years of thinking the website aim4truthDOTorg was clearly FOR TRUMP.  I am now in shock after recently seeing that they have changed. They, the pair, husband and wife, seem to be DS after all and now AGAINST TRUMP

They are pushing the lie that Trump is the Anti Christ because of the vax issue alone.

Just like the traitors at FOX NEWS calling the election for BIDEN. One of these is a Jesuit. They have now shown their true nasty purpose to attempt to destroy TRUMP.

On doing deeper research on the couple that run the show, I find their Hermetic spiritual beliefs and associations color them questionable.   Their guru is SOPHIA rather than the Creator of ALL THAT IS. The Christ and they sell books and teachings about Sophia and love to quote their guru too much, Rudolph Steiner who had secret connections to DS.

I have to ask myself how Deep State are they to have done this at such an important time? 

One of the six missing books in the Bible is the Book of Sophia

The True Lucifer is Sophia

The figure of Lucifer warps before your eyes, at times morphing into Satan, the Devil, represented by Baphomet, but Baphomet is a satanic distortion of Sophia. In this unique case, the memory of the Eonic Mother that inheres in the human psyche has also been distorted in a way that recalls the implantation of false memories in trauma-based mind ..

A book privately published by the Hermetic Library in Amsterdam, From Poimandres to Jacob Bohme: Gnosis, Hermetism, and the Christian Tradition (Pelikan, 2000) cites an extremely rare source:

the commentary of the Alexandrian theologian Dydymus the Blind (ca. 313 – 398), in De Trinitate III, 42:

Valentinus taught that the last of the thirty Aeons is androgyne and that is Sophia. She wanted to see the highest god and was repelled by his Splendor; (hence) she fell out of the heavens (pleroma).


Last edited 2 years ago by Zee

See their Symbols in their sign here for their Sophia group

It says it all if you know your symbolism
The All seing Eye & Sun Rays. The Reptile/Snake and tail circle. Triangles, & Glyph of Mercury representing Hermes at center.

unlabeled quality

yeah raw news and veterans today got subverted, too.
thanks, Zee.


Wow just who isn’t deep state ? I heard Gen Flynn is too. They are investigating Ted Nugent .

Sandy Jim

You have touched on my favorite topic of study, the Supreme most high Goddess of all creation, the Hindu Kali ma, The Great Dragon Mother Queen of the Annunaki, Hathor Queen mother of all life in Eqypt, supplanted two thousand years later by a Hellanized Isis, who was the Cannanite Ashtoreth, the Greek Athena, a Babylonian Ishtar and the Byzantine Sophia and most recently instituionalized within the Roman church as the Supreme female Goddess of worship for all Roman Christians in 600 A.D. as the Most Holy Mother of God, Mary the Virgin. the Spouse of God Almighty and the Mother of the Christ, she who is the HOLY SPIRIT the third voice in the Trinity.

I suggest if you carefully read all of Mary’s Honorific titles you see her much earlier pagan origins remain substatially intact because Mary (600 AD) like Sophia (1300 BC) both are historically very recent reinventions of a more ancient reptilian genetic alteration within the human genegnome by our Reptilian over lords. I suggest that since the Orion Reptilian Empire has been ruled for more than 1 BILLION years by the Queen mother of the Reptilian hive in Orion they have implanted their genetic memory of her in us. The new age Sophia worship out of California naturally attaches itself to 3rd Wave Feminism where it literally becomes a demonic attachment in many cases. This is a cabal device that you have spotted dead on. Thanks Zee.

Last edited 2 years ago by Sandy Jim
Sandy Jim

I find it difficult to imagine that God the Divine Creator would concieve himself as human man or as human women will all of the human related plumbing problems.


Uh oh …..

unlabeled quality

I always envisioned our Creator as being both genders and energies…and that Yeshua (Jesus) was sent to remind us of the redeeming power of the Christ within.
but that’s just my own belief.


I’m sorry, but NO.
Mary is not of pagan origin. You have to be very careful when comparing religions (or something else …) I’m a historian, I’ll give you an example: when you study the different variations of a manuscript for publication, you try to date the manuscript by different means, external and internal. When you have a variant in several manuscripts of different dates, there are several possibilities: the most recent comes from the oldest, or both come from different traditions, or both come from a single tradition one of which has been distorted.

the problem is the same for the Flood’s story. Because there is such a story in the Mesopotamian cuneiform tablets, the Bible is said to tell a false story, inspired by these tablets.

It is not a surprise to find similarities in the different beliefs of mankind, since we are all born of Adam and Eve, then of Noah. Bible says that Adam knew all the secrets of creation except one.

With original sin, in each generation the image of God disappeared a little more and was distorted. This is why God chose a people and became incarnate. He wanted to show how He really is.

You obviously do not know the Catholic religion. Mary is NOT the holy spirit. God is Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Mary as the Christ’s mother is the daughter of the Father (normal, She is a creature), mother of the Son and wife of the Holy Spirit, as the most perfect servant of God. She is not a goddess. But the atheists wanted to explain the devotion to Mary by comparing her to ancient goddesses.
You have to be careful because there is a lot of spiritual confusion : gnosis, esoterism completely distort Mary.

The pagans deified creation (Mother-earth, etc.) because they lost the Creator. Mary has nothing to do with this invented deification.

Catholic church is not satanic.
there is a lot of propaganda on the Catholic Church, as on the old French monarchy. Freemasonry, Rationalism, and Marxism have spread many lies to destroy them.Freemasonry hates the catholic monarchies and catholic church.Priests who are freemasons are traitors, because several Popes have written that it is incompatible to be a Freemason and a Catholic.

if you really want to know what a Catholic believes, read the Catechism of the Catholic Church edited by the pope John Paul II.

There is also testimony from a former KGB saying that communism infiltrated spies in seminaries to be priests. An explanation for the scandal of pedophile priests?

We must not forget that Satan reverses everything. Satan wants human sacrifices.
a former victim of Satanism believes that the Catholic Church is satanic because of the Mass. It is exactly the opposite. Christ sacrificed himself to save us. He wants to give us his life. Satan wanted to kill him and Jesus let him. Satanists steal consecrated hosts, because Satan knows that in the host consecrated at Mass, Jesus is truly present. He still wants to kill God and take his place and be worshiped.

Jesus on the Cross or in the consecrated host is stronger than Satan, that is why Satan hates God. A little child is like God because of his innocence and his pure soul. God identified with a little child. This is why unfortunately little children are destroyed by Satan (abortion, satanic worship, destruction of innocence with gender, etc.). But destroying a child is very, very serious.
We start again the massacre of the innocents and the crucifixion.

please excuse my poor english


Au contraire , your English is very good.


thank you Exile !


Hi Michael,
Have a quick question for you. Why have the black hats…or those arrested family members not notified the press -alarming the people of false claims that Trump radicals are trying to take over our country? It seems they would be fighting in every way either not to be next… or- to get their family members back.?? This has been nagging at me for months. Thanks!

Last edited 2 years ago by wwJd

The standard answer is that the military threatens to arrest them too if they speak out in any way, but it’s ridiculous to think every single family member of dozens/hundreds of arrestees would just completely comply with those threats and not make a peep to anyone, media or not. It also would be a direct violation of the 1st amendment if the military was arresting people just for saying their relative was arrested and hauled away.

They would absolutely be creating a stir if this junk was actually happening. It’s not actually happening. If you think Michael Baxter is a credible source of “news” you should check out all the UFO and lizard-people articles on his previous “news” site:

Last edited 2 years ago by Jay

Lying shill


You can imagine the hell the lawyers would be raising too . Telling them to be quiet is only inciting them to speak out even more . Press conferences galore and lawsuits . The lawyers would not shut up , they never do .


still shitting to diapers….Jay ?????


I heard that the black hats do NOT want such information out there…it would weaken their image and diminish their power….as to why the white hats allow them to keep quiet, I wrestle with that….so many people are in the dark still…


First sentence makes sense but your last makes no sense–you have not researched enough–should be obvious.

Terminally deplorable

You got to use discretion. I found a baby coral snake on the sideway 100 yards from home. It does not get more poisonous than that. I watched it from afar.

Penny Tywater

Outstanding reporting


Cuomo’s next! Crimes against humanity!

Sandy Jim

Thank you Micheal, for this Good News!

Now that October has arrived everywhere we look on Patriot news sites we are finally being vindicated across the Planet and beyond. WWG1WGA


What is being vindicated, Jim? Trump is not back in office and not even slightly closer to overturning the election or anything like that.

Sandy Koufax

It’s quite obvious that the trolls admire Hunter Biden and are mourning his death.


Give us a chance , it’s Monday morning .

Sandy Koufax



Our sources have confirmed that once again, 13 of the January 6th Freedom March prisoners were marched outside of their GITMO cells and executed for crimes against America. Only this time, it got very personal. “I have been reading Real Raw News and I am furious about the inaccuracy in their latest reporting,” Crandall said as he waved his Beretta M9 standard issue side arm around furiously. “They have continued to call me Rear Admiral Crandall when in fact it is Vice Admiral Crandall!”. He began to shoot the Patriot martyrs in the head and as each of the convicted fell with a sickening thump, Vice Admiral Crandall shouted his rank over and over again. “Vice Admiral Crandall! Boom! Vice Admiral Crandall! Boom! Vice Admiral Crandall! Boom! I am a pay grade O-9 and not an O-8! Boom!”.
As the medics came to collect the bodies to send to the incinerators for final disposition, VICE ADMIRAL Crandall had more to say. “No, leave them for the vultures! This mess is the fault of Mr. Baxter and his followers! Their misinformation caused this problem and their blood is on his hands!”.

MAGA CountryBabe

Do you get paid more for the length of your comment?


It’s a complicated pay structure but I will say that I am well compensated.


This is very troubling . The AP and UPI should get a chance to see it . Ted can you forward it to them ?


I already have. Plus I have filed a Right To Know request citing these articles as PROOF! All will be revealed soon! Storm is coming! We will be vindicated! Every time a family member or loved one or doctor of mental health provider told us that we were wrong, it just made us fight harder!


The first and most important thing here is your admission of guilt, and that of being mentally unstable.


Can anyone explain why the people who sold nuclear secrets are going to be tried in Federal Court while Hunter was sent to GITMO?

MAGA CountryBabe

I don’t know if Rape and Sodomy are Federal crimes? Are they?


I am pretty sure they are not tried by the military though. Seems like it should be Federal. Bill Cosby didn’t go to GITMO and his body count is higher.


Bill Cosby went to jail after saying black men should support their kids and get jobs.


He was sent to GITMO for the treason charges regarding China, Kazakhstan, Iran, Ukraine. Human trafficking and paedophilia weren’t going to be ignored since that was part of the case regarding the Chinese entrapping him and his dad. This is how they CCP gets people like Swalwell using Miss Fang Fang. This is how Joe Biden betrayed those 36 loyal Chinese-Americans on Wall Street, ratted them out to Xi Jinpeng, who then had them executed (FB censored me for that one). This is how they get their Chinese-American blackmail victims and send the copies to Pelosi and father-son Bidens. They set them up with temp[tations, opportunities, food, drugs, alcohol, trafficked women, trafficked children, CSAM, regular porn, anything to make them happy and then they photograph and videotape them in the thick of the action, then they bring the hammer down, threatening them and their families if they refuse to do what they are told. This is why that CCP agent is always at Joe Biden’s side not letting him put one foot wrong since he usurped the Oval Office. Check out G-news dot org, they broke the Biden laptop and Biden treason stories when FB and Twatter refused to do it.


Just want to make sure I am following this. If you are arrested and sent to GITMO to be tried for treason, they can also introduce other crimes such as pornography that has nothing to do with treason?

Terminally deplorable

You can bring forward up unrelated crimes but not convict twice. That would be double jeopardy. Practically, you would advance what it is most easy to prove like tax avoidance (see AlCapone)


One needs to ask oneself if the other charges are connected to crimes against humanity involving minors, evidence which is found on the Biden laptop.

buck fiden

Rape is fun. Sodomy is sick.


Military didn’t arrest them .


The FBI arrested them , this is how it’s done in the real world .


Don’t use that word here. You will upset the snowflakes.


I wish he had been convicted of ALL his many crimes so the full truth had come out about the Biden Crime Family.

PS: That date, Oct 15, is coming up everywhere at the moment. Oddly.

buck fiden

OK. Another date we must take our Hopium® for


I’m sure the full Mil Trib was not all given to RRNs

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Lorenz Manner

Now we’ve gotten rid of this human trash too. Not bad. We hope that all will soon end up swaying on the noose.


That would be “bear witness” not “bare witness,” thanks.

Robert James

Why not just hang him upon sentencing? Immediately? Methmouth is one disgusting waste of protoplasm.

MAGA CountryBabe

There is such a long waiting line.


He might change his mind and cough up some info.


Seems there are several official “deadlines” planned for October 15.



buck fiden







Justice!…. Next!

Sheila Tan

The days get better and better for every cabal rat and criminal executed. Thank you, Military Tribunal, and God bless America.

buck fiden

Aha. China girer come back make comment haha God bress America!

Kelly Brown

(((HUGS))) to Ashley and fuck her narcissistic parents. Archangel Michael of the military has got your back, girl!!! This hits extremely close to home as Hunter was kidnapping and drugging girls in the Finger Lakes region of NYS right at and outside Del Lago Casino. The same weekends my daughter and I were meeting family to car pool to Syracuse. He was a frequent of Del Lago and Lucifer Falls outside of Ithaca.

Thank you, JAG and Admiral Crandall!!!!


You mean it wasn’t just Hunter being trafficked by paedophiles up there in the Fingerlakes and Joe was doing the trafficking whole he was at law school up there at Syracuse all those years ago? Hunter started trafficking girls up there, too? Joe did Hunter worse than I thought. Sick man.

Last edited 2 years ago by Xena
buck fiden

Buy the bar a round.

Sandy Koufax

The technology and the resources exist for the the Deep State to simply substitute a stunt double for anyone who is apprehended and executed. The treasonous activity continues unabated.

buck fiden

I took my car to the mechanic. He found a diamondback skin on the engine! I had been having rodent problems. Not this time!

Terminally deplorable

That was close.

Russ C.

This needs to be made public! I understand the broblem with the Mockingbird media, and I direct as many people as I can to your website, but so many people just can’t comprehend how much evil exists in our world.


I have good news for everyone! I have requested these records under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). I have submitted all of the correct paperwork along with copies of all of these stories! Now we will see in very short order that MB is 100% right and has not just been writing porn and stringing us all along. MB would never ask us for money if he was writing fiction! We will have our answers SOON!
Storm is coming! MB will be Man of the Year once the FOIA papers come back!
You can all thank me later at the party!

buck fiden

Where’s the party going to be held?


Probably at the White House!


That’s progress ! I’m sure since MB is a true Patriot he will conform and all will get to know and through legal channels . Zee what a great idea !!!


And it defends his GFM requests. It’s not like he is making this stuff up and asking people to give him money so he can take vacations, the money we donate keeps the wheels of truth turning. It must be greased with the blood of patriots once in a while but our Freedom Marchers knew what they were getting into when they broke into the Capitol Building. They knew they would end up dead on an island for us.

buck fiden

Jesús died for less.


All the Patriots will be thankful to you for this service . Can’t wait for the results .