Fauci Wants Americans to Get 4 Shots Per Year


Deep State Dr. Anthony Fauci, the illegitimate administration’s chief vaccine pusher, is advocating for quarterly booster shots to combat a growing number of Covid-19 mutations that are resistant to single and double doses of the currently available Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson clot shots, an NIH whistleblower told Real Raw News.

The source, whose credentials RRN has verified and considers unassailable, said Fauci, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, and seven members of the Biden-Harris Health Equity Covid-19 task force met clandestinely at a D.C. hotel wednesday morning to discuss ways of perniciously convincing Americans to willingly accept frequent booster vaccinations.

The diabolical Deep Staters discussed specifically what the MSM is calling the South African B.1.1.529 super-strain, which materialized as if by magic over the Thanksgiving holiday. Fauci, our source said, told his accomplices that the new strain would soon reach American shores and wreak havoc on vaccinated and unvaccinated persons, sickening and killing hundreds of thousands.

But, according to our source, this mythical strain was fabricated of whole cloth; a fictious creation designed to frighten already paranoid people into believing that more shots are needed to prevent exposure to the virus.

“This was the plan all along, to make up new strains every 3-6 months. I’m not saying Covid-19 is fake. It’s real, it was a lab leak from Wuhan, but it was never more dangerous than seasonal influenza. The strains, however, were imagined to keep people in fear and locked down, and to generate massive profits for Big Pharma. Fauci figured early on that the public would only buy into a specific variant for so long before becoming suspicious. He told us, point blank, a new strain had to arise every so often so people would keep getting shots. It was the same for the Delta variant; it never existed. And now that people have gotten tired of hearing about it, and don’t care about it, they’ve manifested a new enemy, the South African strain,” our source said.

The proof, he added, is in the pudding: No vaccine manufacturer has altered or amended the chemical ingredients of the original vaccinations. They have stayed static.

“If this virus were truly becoming more transmissible and virulent, the vaccine manufacturers would be pouring tons of money into fighting the virus’ evolution. But this isn’t happening. And there’s not a shred of evidence of recombination among the population. It’s all about fear and money,” our source said.

Dr. Fauci, he claims, has been whimsically and arbitrarily deciding how many shots per year a person needs for protection against the virus, and that figure has, by no mere coincidence, increased proportionally to the increased salaries of Dr. Fauci and Big Pharma CEOs.

“Their personal incomes skyrocketed after the vaccines went public,” our source said. “That’s why Fauci now wants four shots a year. Four times as much cash in his pocket.”

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tie him down, fill him up with the vax. Assure he gets the real thing, not a joke jab.


In the name of Jesus the nation, yea the world wants this fraud exposed publicly and the veil taken off the eyes of all humans, to be able to think for themselves. Amen


I bet he has already been dealt with. It’s a clone or actor. This endless show is to wake up the normies. The level of clueless people in this world is really amazing. I have many friends with advanced degrees that have zero common sense. They are in the Matrix and don’t know it. Unless they wake up, they will be ex-friends of mine.


Jan 2020 Moderna was $19 a share, Now $352…

Angela James

I’m sure the military has the video of Fauci warning against a surprise virus in the Trump Administration way back in January of 2017. I’m sure the military has pictures of Gates and Fauci coming out of the Wuhan lab in 2016 and 2017. And I’m sure they’ve seen the patent for the vaccine in 2017 for a virus that never existed yet. So my question is, why hasn’t Fauci been picked up yet for crimes against humanity and treason?

Angela James

Never mind. I am starting to think that this is a fake Fauci and information about his tribunal is being kept secret. I remember a time during the middle of the pandemic in 2020 when Fauci disappeared for a while and MSM said he had to have throat surgery because his throat was so scratchy and rough sounding. Then he came back with a smoother voice. I’m wondering if that’s when the switch happened.


AJ, fake or real, he and his fellow DS cohorts continue to dispirit the mass and it’s not good. I hope and pray that DJT will fulfill his pledge to blow the lid off the Covid hoax soon.


Yep, My Tax’s pays for your “free” jabs & boosters. And big Pharma gets rich as well as all their Stock & Share Holders, like Politicians, Radicalized Nurse’s & Doctor’s their Hospitals and the Rich & so-called Elite.

All 888# calls incoming for you unvaxed come from Health Care Health Center,….which does “NOT” exist in any legal realm!

Frances Rose

I would love to see him in court, under oath, not that it would mean we would hear anything different coming out of his yap. Even faced with evidence, witnesses he would lie his bum off.

Frances Rose

NO MORE FAUCI OUCHY! He can kiss my A#S


Fauci should be taken to gtmo and give him all the shots that he created in that lab and see what’s happen to him peace

Bob F

He’s the one who needs a shot!


He needs to take a whole lotta shots.

Katie Jones



this makes no since to me why theses ppl arnt in jail yet. he’s allowed to push this crap

Robert James

The man in the photo doesn’t look like Fauci. So if doubles are being used, Fauci has probably already gone.


He was just on TV live from the White House . That was him for certain . Perfect ear lobe match .


Silence your mouth Shill!

Robert James

Fauci is a hanging waiting too long.

Keith White

I thought realrawnews.com had reported that Fauci was arrested and sent to GITMO. Fauci should be tried and convicted for crimes against humanity. Michael Baxter can you address this issue?


He has too many TV interviews to do.


He needs to be skinned alive and boiled in oil and than hung in time square for crimes against humanity.


I would like Fauxi to get 4 bullets per firing squad.


At least 10 per yr.


These CRT pushing hypocritical RACISTS are making up a fake dis-ease coming from Africa, as a way to “punish” that continent for “neglecting” to follow the covid tyranny. For so long they were saying : “wow hardly anyone is getting vaxed in Africa, and yet hardly anyone is getting sick. Scieeeeentists don’t understand it!!!” Well duh, Africa had enough of bill gates and his cronies racist eugenics. Point blank. They are smart enough to be seeing through it, and the racist (crt pushing) eugenists are planning a retaliation for it. F them!!! STAY STRONG AFRICA!!!


Even more ridiculous is that Africa never had an issue with “covid” from the get-go.


I’m surprised you’re are not focused anymore. This is about Election fraud remember?
Even though these Tribunals are happening, we should NOT lose focus!
Distractions are their focus, like a another False Flag Agenda being played out for all Christians, courtesy of the Evil ones with their newest poison – a Small Pox Variant that they more than likely released in South Africa.
Get back to focusing on the main subject!


I’ve not heard anything about Maricopa Co for a long while let alone the other states . Are they even being audited ? If so why no news like we got about Maricopa Co before the final count ? Also are the cyber ninjas in trouble?


Perfect opportunity for you to do a little research…..
Then check back with us.
It shouldn’t take you more than a week!
Have a good vacation…. And cyber Monday
Stock market might crash….


I did find out the cyber ninjas are in trouble , Maricopa Co will not be over turned and the stock market is good so far . Stay tuned .


So they say. We’ll see in the end.


We are just seeing fauci doppelgangers.
He was picked up by the white hats already.
Don’t worry… Every thing is going according
To Plan …..

AZ Sue

Yes. That picture doesn’t look like Fauci.


He was on Meet The Press plus other shows today. That’s him, if not his double says the same thing about the need and safeness of the vaccine, no difference in the message.


As if on cue, there’s exile the contrarian.

Ruth Maloney

Hang his Ass!


I thought everyone was saying the delta variant was being spread by “vaccinated” people unknowingly shedding spike protiens to un “vaccinated” people, and this is an actual, concerning infection; (the cause of so many unfortunately in the hospital currently). Am I incorrect?


This site is funny. I ask a genuine question out of concern and curiosity (second time, maybe third), and rather that ANYONE offering any knowledge on the topic, people prefer to take the time to vote me down instead? – not that it matters, beyond me …not getting an answer to my question.

I’m not trolling anyone here, and I never have.

This reaffirms m gut instinct about this site: you’re ALL full of $hit, and I am never coming here again.

I’m also going to share my experience with everone that ever brings RRN up to me.

I never received an email notifications from this site, MB (nor anyone else working here) has ever responded to my emails.

I’m calling BS on ALL of it, and hope others with similar circumstances as mine see any familiarity and realize what’s true …or just made up.

You choose.


Sandy Koufax

Civilians who work for government contractors will have to get their first shot on December 7 for moderna and December 14 for phizer. I would think most would wait until January 4 and take the single dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine. As they die off, they will be replaced with Chinese communists.


Resist, …
Refuse the Jab..the death Jab !
What a choice, job. Or keeping your LIFE
FJB….communist dictator….

Sandy Koufax

They will be fired from their job if they are not fully vaccinated by January 18. Most will comply.

Last edited 2 years ago by Sandy Koufax

He is the Deep states top Vax pusher to kill off the population. The Left will walk through Hell to protect this Monster they need millions more Death Jabs to Ring in their Luciferian Satanic take over of the world. You are seeing Satan in this mad man.


It is about way more than money. It’s about incubation of a parasite in the human body. Stephan King wrote a novel called The Tommyknockers about it years ago though, he added some scant deflection.

Gunny HiWay

Fuck Fauci
#GardasilKilledJessica ~ 12/16/1993-12/24/2013


The three letter agencies.. Need to be dissolved soon.
FBI, CIA, CDC, FDA, DOJ AND OTHERS. ARE DEEP STATE TOOLS OF THE DEMOCRATS . weaponizing these and using them to attack the other parties. Is unethical


Of course, just like that. Who would ever be able to do it and how? Please explain.


You’d never understand, even if I made a crayon drawing for you.


Isn’t the real jackass in Gitmo yet?




Follow the Connections of the Ancient Pagan Gods of Roman Bloodlines to Today’s Deep State Satanism.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, but Romans seemed base & had some blood lust.

FYI, Atheists Of The Ancient World –Christians were considered atheists
Inhabitants of the Roman Empire had a variety of gods and goddesses, but there were people back then who would be considered early Christians. Ironically, these people were considered atheists by the ancient Romans because they didn’t pay tribute to any of the pagan gods. But their refusal to acknowledge traditional pagan gods wasn’t the only reason early Christians were considered atheists. These Christians didn’t really practice an organized religion, had no temples or shrines, and no priests. As a result, these people were ostracized from society as salacious rumors regarding their lives would often float around.

Also, Fathers Could Sell Their Kids-Ancient Roman dads definitely put their kids to work and that included selling them into slavery. The arrangement, however, was kind of like a lease since the buyer had to return the kid at a certain point. Fathers did this all the time apparently, but there were limits. You could only lease off your kid as a slave up to three times. If you tried to do it any more than that, you’d be considered an unfit father and therefore, your kid would earn emancipation from you. This is why it was helpful to have more than one kid, so you could lease off each one at least twice.

GLADIATOR BLOOD WAS SPECIAL-Ancient Romans were known for doing some pretty questionable things in the name of health. Whether it was brushing their teeth with urine or sharing wiping sponges in public bathrooms, nothing was out of the question. However, during the first and sixth centuries, it was believed that the consumption of gladiator’s blood or liver was successful in curing epilepsy.
The superstition was that the blood of a fallen gladiator could cleanse the soul and that’s what people with epilepsy needed to cure their disease. It was not uncommon to see gladiator blood for sale while it was still warm not long after their death in the arena.

SAME SEX MARRIAGE – It may appear that folks of the Roman Empire hardly batted an eye towards same-sex marriage. Emperor Nero who reigned for 13 years during the Roman Empire, married two men during his reign. During the Saturnalia, Nero married Pythagoras, a freedman under his rule. Nero acted as the wife in the ceremony during this marriage. Of course, Nero did marry some women, but after horribly murdering one of them, he took a young boy named Sporus as his new wife. He even had Sporus castrated to make him more womanlike.

[Darkest days of the year = Saturnalia Holiday, Dec 17 for 7 days– a week of debauchery] Today this is Satanism’s most important ritual –to Mary & Jesus being the Ritual killing of a women and her child on the winter solstice  22nd Dec.] Saturn. Satan.

WEALTH – Research shows that Ancient Rome’s top one percent of earners only controlled 16% of society’s wealth. These days in the U.S., the top one percent control 40% of the country’s wealth.
While studies have shown that this inequality is what helped the expanse of the empire, it is also part of what ultimately led to the fall of the Roman Republic. As the rich got richer and the poor got poorer, eventually Julius Caesar came along and put an end to all of it.

This stems from the fact that they “drank” Christ’s blood and ate of his body during their communion services. The early Christians invited Roman authorities to come and observe their communion practices to prove that they weren’t literally eating human beings or drinking blood*.

*But the symbolism is connected back to an earlier evil ritual practice that we are just finding in our day goes back to Roman Elites and their Satanic Vatican.

Last edited 2 years ago by Zee

So much about nothing .


Has he even had one yet? I don’t think so…


I listened first hand to my Aunts daughter-in-law, a 57 year old teacher tell me her 3-jab story yesterday. 1st Pfizer jab, weeks bedridden, sore, barely functional. 2nd jab, quarter sized blood welts developed across her chest and neck. Booster and she wound up in emergency with her right nipple expressing blood continuously. Not a wound, like milk but blood. Doctors said it couldn’t be the jab, ran some tests, couldn’t find anything, and told her to go home and check back in 2-3 months and meanwhile wear a pad in her bra. I am sure she must have some cancer or awful disease now no one has heard of and she won’t live much longer because of the vax. She looks 70 now. She is hoping to go to Europe to see a grand baby and willing to booster again if needed to travel internationally when it’s born in six months. No way she lives through another booster.


She wants ANOTHER booster to go to Europe to see her family members? Is she insane?! She should be researching on the quick to get an antidote for this before that!!


Unfortunately she allowed ” common sense” to be vaccinated OUT of her. !
The Biological weapon of Mass genocide created in the Wuhan Lab in CHINA…… Has killed and maimed people ALL over the world.
THE main stream media has not told , reported the truth about the EXPERIMENTAL VAX ADVERSE REACTIONS.

Dixie Gardner

Faucci is standing there like a prisoner. His eyes tell me he is already defeated. He is a captive being made to deliver a speech. He is no longer full of arrogance. Study his expression.


He knows that is a matter of time, and his # Is. UP !
Hr is like a deer in the headlights.
He might feel light — headed after the necktie party…

J Bill



People in Hell want ice water, but that doesn’t mean they are going to get it.
I look forward to his military tribunal. Don’t you know the admiral is going to have fun with him!

Last edited 2 years ago by Ann

Mike and I already wrote it. Just waiting for some more donations.


Wow, a comic. Don’t give up your day job. Oh, wait . . never mind.


Just talked to a woman who had COVID in January. Later she got the vaxx twice. She said that she had never had high-blood pressure until now, and blames it on COVID; said COVID causes a lot of residual conditions. She doesn’t know what she doesn’t know (that it is actually the vaxx that is causing lots of residual conditions).

Sandy Koufax

Sorry to say she is a dead woman walking. There are no second chances after taking the COVID shot. It’s like letting Fauci use her like an ashtray to extinguish a cigarette butt.


Sad to read about these people. It is the vaccinations that are killing people…. It destroyed their own bodies abilities to create antibody to fight off infections…
Resist the Jab !


100% the shot and nothing else. Not stress or life choices.


True ignorance –ignoring what must be so plainly in their sites now with so many deaths and serious side effects. I think these people need some tough love and be told straight out what their probem is.

Sandy Koufax

May they rest in peace.


Fauci the little dictator, makes demands.
May the Lord GOD in Heaven smite him.


Mike has asked me to remind everyone that RRN in no way should be relied on for medical advice. We ask that you discuss any medical questions with a licensed and practicing physician. Do not post links to FB, Twitter or YT sources here that can be forwarded as information from RRN.
If you have any questions, please see our FAQ page.


Ted ia a problem & a lying SHILL

Last edited 2 years ago by Zee

Ted and exile . . . .


I’ve read that his mother is Mother Teresa. Not hard to believe. She was absolutely evil wicked.


Maria, was the article you’ve read written by a highly credible source? IMO, the suggestion that Mother Teresa was evil and wicked is downright blasphemous. I know it is easy to smear her because of what is going on in the Vatican, but who is perfect? As Christians we are to spread the gospel/the word of God, not rumors. May God bless you.


Read the room and do your research.


There is Killery contact and images also — child movement?.
Facts about how she treated the children very negative.
If people donated beds etc for the children– she disposed of them while saying to the Children– Suffer as Christ had to suffer.—emphasis she made too often being, Suffer like Christ Suffered.

Children slept on the floors when no one was visiting–but unpaid helpers offering their service to help— knew the real conditions. That’s why people kept donating money, beds etc. thinking her children’s home / hospital had no money.

There were whistle-blowers who felt they had to reveal the horrid un-loving conditions. People who really wanted to help and cared — but knew the real codiitons.

Prep. to child trafficking? Learning to live with nothing?

Last edited 2 years ago by Zee

Think about that. Now come up for air.


The good news is, when a new variant is announced the old variant will cease to exist.


All variants are a hoax– it’s all the ame jab. But now they want to jab babies… Evil Bastards


Mr.Baxter thanks for removing most of annoying trools …..we still have few of them..exile … ted…shut them down, please.


I am the site admin but thank you for your input. We will take your suggestion to censor and infringe on the rights of our readers very seriously.


Once again can you remove SHILL TED who claims he is site admin
Thanks in Advance


It’s actually kind of funny to read the twisted gyrations of some of the greater and lesser trolls on this site. Satan’s minions at work.


Come on, I’m harmless, sometimes even funny.


Do we get our bonus first week of December or the last week? I asked that mine is paid in gold.


First week so we can stimulate the economy with our Christmas shopping . Wait do Satanists celebrate Christmas?


The pope did, until he went to HELL.


They canceled your bonus because the Fiat currency is worthless as the stock market crashes for cyber Monday.
To BAD for you and your fellow shills and trolls.


But it is even MORE funny to censor you. !
Now and again


sejmon and a few others — remaining trolls shills are down checking you and afew others–I keep up checking you guys from red


I check no one . They are on their own .


Selfish TROLL. !


He’s the devil,


Hey Fauci you’re going to the spa soon…🤗


Last I read here on RRN — they are at Terra del Fuego Military Trials Camp near Argentina –that’s Birx as well …basically they only hold trial hearings there as it’s court rooms mostly. So they stay at another camp before their trial dates come up.

Last edited 2 years ago by Zee

Fauci like Pelosi and Biden have many, many doppelgangers. I believe the military already has the real Fauci in custody.


Nothing will happen as always.





Here is another SHILL / TROLL to be removed as he / she is so negative

Last edited 2 years ago by Zee

Just the truth . Sorry if you don’t like it.


Your opinion, with no apparent connection to reality, is not truth.


I haven’t listened to this clown since the first month of this scam passed. Please send him to Hell soon!


This guy needs to be very publicly grabbed and hauled off to Gitmo along with his wife…


Send this dude to GITMO Guillotine, now!

Tim Riley

Americans want Fauci arrested


Fauci is the modern day Dr. Frankenstein.

live oak

Agree… or Joseph Mengele


SOMETHING UNRELATED…PDJT called gen. Milley to charge him for treason-if he made phone call to China to attack chinnese -PDJT never did insist to that… article from- SPUTNIK INTERNATIONAL…..


Is that how it works? He calls people to charge them with a crime?

Smell the Coffee

The elites getting the vax is actually saline solution. The paupers are receiving either the DNA altering vax or the vax that causes soft tissue cancer