Military Arrests Bedridden Gavin Newsom


U.S. Marines arrested disgraced California Governor Gavin Newsom on 1 November, delivering another major blow to the Deep State hegemony’s plans to impose permanent lockdowns and enslave law-abiding American citizens.

The arrest, Real Raw News can now report, took place at Newsom’s lavish $4m estate in Fair Oaks, California, days after he received a Covid-19 booster shot and fell violently ill. His last public appearance on October 27 was a public relations stunt that showed him getting his 3rd vaccination, and on October 31, his Twitter account, which may be controlled by persons other than Newsom, tweeted a photo of his family adorned in Halloween costumes. Even MSM publications such as the Daily Mail have raised concerns over Newsom’s inexplicable silence.

A military source speaking under promise of anonymity told RRN that Newsom became “seriously ill” 36-hours following the shot but opted to try to recuperate at home rather than admitting himself into a hospital.

“When the Office of Military Commissions learned Newsom was weakened and without much protection, it decided to act,” our source said.

During early morning on 1 November, an unknown number of Marines sent by United States Marine Forces Special Command infiltrated the Newsom estate and engaged two California State police officers who had been assigned to guard the Deep State governor. The Marines, our source said, offered state police a chance to surrender, but the officers drew sidearms and forced the Marines to respond with lethal force. Both officers took multiple hits, killing them, and no Marines were wounded in the brief firefight.

Having dispatched Newsom’s security, the Marines navigated the residence and spotted Newsom’s wife, Jennifer, and their four children dashing down a hallway that ended in a false wall leading to a “Safe Room,” a fortified room that is installed in a private residence or business to provide a safe shelter, or hiding place, for the inhabitants in the event of a break in, home invasion, tornado, terror attack, or other threat.

Mrs. Newsom and the children entered the panic room before the Marines were able to catch and interrogate them, our source said.

“The soldiers cleared the rest of the place and they found Gavin Newsom and his private physician in the master bedroom. The doc threw his hands in the air immediately and said he was just there to care for Newsom and didn’t want any trouble,” our source said.

A bedridden Newsom lie on his back with an intubation tube stuck down his throat and a nasal cannula jammed up his nostrils. Beside the bed stood an array of portable patient monitors.

“When the Marines said they were taking Newsom, the doctor warned them that he’d die if disconnected from the life support equipment. A Corpsman in the team radioed for aid, and a military ambulance soon arrived. They took Newsom and the doctor, presumably to question, from the home. They didn’t try to get his wife or kids, though,” our source said.

Newsome was taken to an unknown medical facility for treatment and, when medically fit, will be processed by JAG and sent to Guantanamo Bay to face a military tribunal.

Asked why the Marines didn’t simply “pull the plug” if the military intends to seek capitol punishment, our source said, “That wasn’t their job. Newsom may have answers we need. If he survives, he will face the same charges Cuomo did.”

Meanwhile, the MSM has blamed Newsome’s lengthy silence on “family obligations,” an obvious lie.

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Good Riddance to the corrupt POS Pedophile Filthbag… Let him get the exact same horrifying fate as that Scumbag POS Cuomo!!!

dennis richardson

I am for you guys but Newsom has been seen in public. How are these two stories both true of Newsom resuming his California state Governor duties and being in military possession. I want to believe this.


If this is not true, MB & RRN are toast when Newsom sues. But he won’t sue.

The Freedom Fighter

For Michael Baxter… just some friendly corrections… “Newsom” is spelled without the “e” at the end, and the Marine Corps command you spoke of should be Marine Forces Special OPERATIONS Command. 🙂 Let me know if you ever want me to help proofread your writings on a regular basis. I read them anyway. 😉 Thanks for putting out the info!


A doctor from RFK, Jr.’s Childrens Health org. gave comments that Newsom is quite ill and it’s looking grim then the statement was gone. The Jab was the cover for his arrest…good riddance you POS. Newsom has Guillaume Barre Syndrome…a paralyzing disease all from “the Jab booster.”

Last edited 2 years ago by psadie
Angel Askew

Anyone else find it interesting the deputy governor (Greek woman Kanounakis?) and Garcetti were already in Europe at Summit? Garcetti announces he has CV19 and isolates in hotel and now this lady is saying “everything is fine Neusome just has young children and won’t make the trip???”

Yet wife briefly tweets that he is ” missing” then, removes it.Two other indepenant news sources stated he is suffering neurological seizures or palsy from this Moderna jab. They named their sources!

Fyi: I believe it’s France that cancelled all .Moderna injections.beginning today and Obummer makes speech at summit???????

I know nesara/gesara is busy paying nations out for their bonds this week.

Interesting times!!


Michael, your site has been wanking out saying that they were unable to estabish a connection, FYI.

Bev Kungl

I call this karma after all he has done to beautiful California and to the people within its borders and lastly for a rigged recall election. Karma is a bitch


My friend in California said that he’s gone, so it must be on the news – and true.


is he death meat already ????


I wonder why the booster shot affected Newsom that way and other ppl just receive it and carry on?

Angel Askew

It’s literally a “roll of the dice” how each person reacts to it.


Did you not read what Newsom told the military? He was supposed to receive a fake shot (placebo), not the killer one they give to us peons, but somebody messed up, and gave him the real one.


Interesting, restored republic redirects to RRN but suggests Newscum attempted to commit suicide.

Nothing in this article suggested suicide, to me,now, I´m more convinced then ever that he was grabbed in october,Military wouldn´t jeopardize the op releasing details like that. I think there´s a high probability that we will hear about his death and it will be used to advance our “poisonous vax” cause unless….someone…..higher up, is confirmed dead in msm press.

That´s my opinion.


Am I the only one who remembers what Michael first wrote about Newsom. He stated Newsom was in the crosshairs of the military, that they were getting ready to arrest him, but they were waiting to see if he lost the recall. If he lost they would grab him immediately, just in case he wanted to flee the country, but if he won, they would wait and arrest him at an appropriate time. I guess this was the appropriate time, when he was too sick and unable to run.



Lorenz Manner

This disgusting and arrogant Newsom mustn’t escape the justice. He managed until now to mock everyone and to enslave people but now he has to answer. If he was involved in child pornography he has to answer.

Proud Patriot

Wow… Jennifer Newsom posted on Twitter that her husband was “missing”… then quickly took down the post?? Fox News is covering this even. Then Newsom’s cabinet (I believe it was them) “clarified the missing” to that he had family obligations that’s why his not been seen in public lately. OMG I love how all this truth is coming out.


DS IN COMMIEFORNIA…must be state of panic..will they “create” his double or all this doubles circus finally come to end….. I do not think they expect he will get non saline vaccine..Larry Elder where are you ???

Last edited 2 years ago by sejmon
Sandy Koufax

The doctor was killing Newsom and must have given him remdesivir to destroy his kidney funtion so he would drown in his own fluids. This is the death protocol used for the average citizen. The doctor must also be arrested.


Why?For using the protocol Newscum voted for on him? The shot would be a great official exit stage strategy,imo,it could solve all problems,great optics as well building the narrative.




Sandy are you in state of panic over -governor- if so elaborate please his doc…treated him since 10/28 he is now in hands of military doc to make sure he survive for trial either NUREMBURG 2/GITMO…..

Daughter of the American Revolution

That thought occurred to me – the deep state lowlifes probably knew We The People have had it up to “here” with that scumbag and the stolen recall, and things are beginning to heat up – they probably wanted to off him before the good guys caught him, gave him what he “thought” was yet another fake jab only this time it was real.
Lost trust in any doctors these days, and why would there be any faith in higher up doctors who haven’t stood up for the truth, they’ve all sold their souls.




We need one of these arrest public so we can have some trust in what wh are doing. Show us something.


Therein lies the major concern and problem……….Proof.

Rob William

Adding to it – it’s the quality of proof which matters: balance of probabilities vs beyond reasonable doubt vs 0.01% probability theory. It’s the people who believe in 0.01% theory – they risk looking complete crackpots or early breakthrough visionaries. Let’s not discount the importance of 0.01% believers.

Roadmaster 55

From what Mr Baxter reported it sounds like he’s going to be permanently quiet. I personally don’t see him recovering at all, but I hope I’m wrong. He could be very helpful to the white hats.


Thank you, ‘Michael Baxter’, for your reports. I appreciate your ‘real, raw information’. I also care about the use of English. Errors are fixable. Spell-check is valuable. For instance:

“Death penalty” is properly “CAPITAL punishment,” where CAPUT is Latin for HEAD. As in, “off with his head”. (This usually kills people or animals.)

The nation’s ‘seat of government’ (two meanings intended) is referred to as the Capitol (with an ‘o’). A journalist REPORTING on Washington doings might experience ‘Capitol punishment’. A different fate. (Though the two may meet.) Cheers!


Fuck You Newsome 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏


Gavin Newsome is bedridden on his back and intubated. He’ll be in hell sooner or later. Either the Blessed Fauci Clot Shot will claim him…or he’ll face Cuomo Justice in sunny Cuba


Honey..looks like are ready stick fork to this almost done turkey with a huge excitement..Go girl…..


I find it interesting that Governor Newsom has both an intubation tube down his throat and oxygen being delivered via nasal cannula. This is non-congruent. If the cannula then no need for intubation. If intubation then no point in nasal cannula. Hmmm.


Silence is golden!


Was he wearing his mask? Lol.


Now they have Pelosi’s nephew–Good?


pretty close to pe lousy…..


Wow! What a great day! Super for me, our fake little hitler Governor is.. well basically gone- am puzzled why he took the jab- for sure he knows it’s bad- but oh well…


why was he stupid enough to get the jab? he must’ve known the risks.


..hmmm was he assured it is saline ???


All hail the Marines! Thank God for them!!

live oak

I’m very happy that he is in custody. Our country is safer because of that. I hope he’s well enough sooner than later to be flown to gitmo.

I think this may have been around last Fall but I can’t say definitely…maybe some of you are aware of this.
Newsom signed a bill, a law in California…I call it the “pedophilia law.” An adult can rape children and not get into any legal trouble. I am not joking…there was something about the child has to be no more than 15 years younger than the pervert…the pervert can’t be more than 15 years older than the child. It’s all very sick. He is a tyrant and a monster.


I believe it was something about man-boy law! I Will
look it up as a CA resident It is difficult to keep up with all of the negativity! There’s always something dark occurring since this Humanoid Newsom became Governor! For months on end the out of control fires
consume our thoughts & well being!

live oak

Thank you Jay. The man-boy law rings a bell now. I’m interested to hear what you find out in the details. In the mean time stay safe and look out for each other.
Didn’t the rain you got recently help the fires? I hope so.

Julio c vidal

another scumbag bite the dust

Deb S

Good to know marines hate cops too lmaooooooo

Deb S

Maybe it was really this guy:

Or this guy

Or this guy:

Or Roy Moore or Dennis hastert.

Guess the only part worth reporting on is the Dems. No love for libertarians? Lmaooooo


Moot points: Leftists have infiltrated the Republican party. Leftists have infiltrated all institutions, calling themselves moderates or even patriots. That’s how they continue to fool some of the people, all of the time. Conservatives are tracking infiltrates to keep them out of power. Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Reagan and Trump warned us about leftist infiltrates and secret societies.

Peanut is my cat

I figured they nailed him.


w hats ops ????….


Wouldn’t give you a penny, you are a censorship monkey!
Part of the deepstate, No other reason for it!


Can u say Alec Baldwin.

Newsom= Use his own arrogant jab photo op to
Destroy his legacy. See child porn dungeon article as well.

Brilliant. My hat is off…to the White Hats.


glad …you got it….




I read the following article first.

All I can say is Dayum. For now.

live oak


Kelly Brown

I want so badly to be there for our troops. So badly…wish there was something I could do…


You could donate to our fundraiser. Details are in our stories!

Deb S

Those details are only available to supporters right?


Such an obsession about RRN finances! You seem a very jealous broken record. Get help,urgent!


Ted dy why you sooo desperately want be MB secretary and ” fundraiser” your loooong history of troooooling will not “save” you here….

Last edited 2 years ago by sejmon

Honey…it is time to dust off your camouflage !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly Brown

I’m so proud of the marines….God please watch over them!!!

live oak

Me too. Those guys are so good!

Robert James

I am surprised Newsom was so ignorant as to take any of the toxic injections. He must have believed the Deep State’s lies! Wow.

Roadmaster 55

It’s certainly very suspicious.

Jim Johannsson

What sort of an idiot would engage the marines in a fire fight, much less to protect a reviled and crooked governor?

Last edited 2 years ago by Jim Johannsson
J Bill

Ones with a death wish.


flaming /airheaded commies will do…

carolyn smith

get his wife but save his children what about nancy arent they related


cousin by marriage


I assume he may have thought he was taking another saline injection due to him making it a media event, a photo op as the leftist would scream about Trump. What he also may have not have realized is how many defectors he may have gained from his evil deeds affecting millions. I want to see him answer for his Paradise fire SOE money scam he tried to pull. This article becomes even more believable if they have a news story of Mrs. Newsome wanting a divorce or something similar relating to her.


My hopes are high that this war ends well. I hope all of this becomes public info soon and we can heal afterwards. These Marines are heroes. Many thanks.


I am reading this for the first time.


That sounds great! please keep us updated!

Buck fiden

Has Zhou Biden’s gestapo been let loose on the public?


What is this really about? Thoughts?



i was thinking same thing.. very “political” is more like it..

Dave Strickland

I wonder if Gretchen Whitmer and a certain two other State Governors, Wolf and Murphy, are now sweating?

Last edited 2 years ago by Dave Strickland

I WANT OREGON AND WASHINGTON STATE GOVERNOR’S TAKEN into custody for unlawful /unconstitutional behavior as well…

Tim J Riley

fake Biden is next

Buck fiden

¡En tus sueños! (and in mine, too)

Charz Ann

Who’s running the state if he’s been arrested and medically incapacitated?


Lieutenant Gov. thats what they are for in the event a governor can no longer perform their duty or unable to carry out the job due to medical reasons.


Since the Election was stolen. Larry Elder should take over..

Buck fiden

Elder’s great. He might even bring the niggers along for once.



J Bill


Buck fiden

>> Newsom became “seriously ill” 36-hours following the shot

There IS a god !!!

Rob William

Newsom seems to be very unlucky. Most people around me have full Covid vaccination and none of them had any drastic medical problems since then. In fact the only people dead in my circle (at least 8 people) in last 1 year are unvaccinated who died from Covid-19. Covid delta surge did create a Mayhem.

Buck fiden

I know nobody who died of the chink virus, vaccinated or not. My great uncle and his cunt wife in Scottsdale both took as many jabs as their great fearless Deep State Leader Zhou Biden told them to take, and these assholes both came down with a really bad case of the shingles.


You must be from another planet, sars2covid19 is not infectious to humans, drtomcowan,com blog page #4 look for the unicorn

Rob William

Actually, it’s highly likely that you are incorrect. I have reviewed a few Covid papers (when they were being published at a faster rate than the infection itself) about lung scans and pneumonia and they do show severe pneumonia. It will take an extreme effort to create DB of millions of pneumonia scans, reports and electron microscope results to fake it. Technically not impossible but extremely unlikely.
The people around me who have died were close enough that I am pretty sure they were not faking it. The debate is not that whether Covid is real but it’s whether the vaccines are effective and their long term effects.



Buck fiden

Correct, Wilbur. It’s just a saying.

Rose Mary Abbott



Whoa! Finally! They got him!

Don Reed

Newsom has always been a Nuisance — perhaps a Noose around the neck will cure that !!!!

Hal Brown

Newsom to become Nooseum.

Last edited 2 years ago by Hal Brown