Military Arrests Biden’s Deep State Handler Anita Dunn


On Saturday morning U.S. Marines from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, apprehended a Deep State asset whose name laymen may find unfamiliar but who, from the shadows, has influenced the illegal Biden administration’s domestic policy decisions on a grand scale. That person is Anita Dunn, a political strategist who served as Biden’s chief advisor until her resignation on August 12. Although Dunn declined to comment on her reasons, she abruptly quit her position after FOX News unearthed a quote attributed to her; at a 2009 speech to graduating high schoolers, Dunn said Chinese dictator Mao Zedong was one of her “favorite political philosophers,” Moreover, she refused to file the public financial disclosure required of every other presidential appointee.

But Dunn’s departure was in name only. She felt she would wield greater authority and draw less scrutiny operating outside official channels, sentiment shared by her peers—a consortium of vile villains the military aptly refers to as the Biden administration’s “brain trust.” These fastidious fanatics, Dunn among them, have worked arduously to dismantle the U.S. military, defund domestic law enforcement, strengthen the ANTIFA and BLM movements, drive inflation, bankrupt businesses, push vaccination and mask mandates, and embolden foreign adversaries like China.

A JAG source speaking under promise of anonymity told RRN that Dunn had met privately with Deep State Dr. Fauci 7 times since January. At a May meeting Dunn, who has no medical credentials, whimsically suggested to Dr. Fauci that Americans ought to receive quarterly Covid-19 vaccinations, and Fauci, who is an M.D. but has not treated patients since 1977, replied, “Of course it’s a great idea. The more shots we get in arms, the better.”

“I can’t speak to how we obtained recordings of their conversations, but we have them. They had several meets discussing how best to enforce vaccination mandates, and at each meeting they upped the number of shots they thought people should get every year. Dunn’s family has strong ties to the pharmaceutical lobbying industry, and Dr. Fauci has earned enormous profit from vaccine sales. It’s important to remember that Dunn was groomed by Obama. We have her on tape saying that people that die from the vaccine are just collateral damage,” our source said.

Dunn also advocated lockdowns on behalf of the illegitimate administration. In early 2021, she made multiple trips to California, Michigan, and New York to lobby the states’ respective governors to maintain draconian-style lockdowns and bankrupt as many businesses as possible—so the owners would have no choice but to rely on federal assistance, a tenet of Socialism.

“This woman was a major player in the Deep State’s plandemic conspiracy. And even now, as those plandemic plans come crashing down around them, they’re trying to double down and lockdown this country like Australia and Germany. The evidence against Dunn is massive, and it compelled JAG and the OMC to seek her arrest,” our source said.

On Friday, November 19, Rear Adm. David G. Wilson of JAG reached out to Gen. David Berger, commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, with instructions to “apprehend immediately and discretely Anita Dunn at her Bethesda, Maryland, home.”

It should be noted that Bethesda is a stronghold of Deep State activity, as if the Deep State hierarchy instructs its agents to congregate there for mutual protection. Yet they have been picked off one by one.

Gen. Berger acknowledged the instruction and ordered his subordinates to at once assemble a team to grab Dunn. Early Saturday morning an unknown number of Marines from the 2nd Marine Raider Battalion descended on Dunn’s home. They found Dunn asleep beside her husband Bob Bauer, another Obama stooge, and subdued them with zip ties and duct tape before they could come to their senses and start a fuss.

“The Marines apprehended both out of necessity. They were put in an unmarked vehicle and taken for processing,” our source said, adding that Dunn will most certainly face a military tribunal.

The fate of her husband is not known.

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Thanks, Michael, was worried about you. Figured that happened. You’re over the target, as usual.


that does explain a lot, I’ll be honest I thought it was my browser, but then checked other sites, perfectly fine except rrn. also Mr. Baxter, I just saw an ad by Gen. Berger about encouraging the vax, there is a context to this? (I’m not being cynical a genuine question)


This must be false???? There is no need for him to do this???? It could possibly and easily be cgi and voice copying tech.


He made one before and did it again.


A tweet on December 20th at 11.34 AM. Picture of him getting the vaccine.



Katie Jones

Not on regular news and trust me that would be news.




actually I have a Marine friend and Berger IS forcing the vax



Katie Jones

He was so against the vac who got to him.

Jan D Hunsinger

That would be helpful..l suspected something like that.


Michael, you’re too busy to do research for those lazy people. Just tell them to check back through earlier articles. Let them make the effort!

Daughter of the American Revolution

Please do. The disconnect with what Gen. Berger is saying/doing is really disturbing. On a side note, I remember that Anita Dunn in a clip YEARS back saying that about Mao – she flicks her tongue in and out constantly like a snake!!! Creepy creepy person.

If our military goes down, yes the U.N. will take over and we will be in full-on Revelation for sure – USA dead. I’m ready to go home any moment if that’s the case.
Do not want a life enslaved to lowlife scum, death is preferable because once we go, we come back with the King and it’s all over for the sleaze.


I thought another branch of the military is in charge. Hence, the tribunals.


So did I.

Daughter of the American Revolution

I’m not aware of which one… (Space Force? Is that even a branch now??) Either way, I’ll be ecstatic if that’s the case and these things all come to pass.


Space Force is as much a part of the military as the Marines, Army, Navy, etc. President Trump mentioned that when he introduced the organization to the American people.

Daughter of the American Revolution

I don’t personally believe in “space” as such but rather a “firmament” so anything NASA I don’t give credence to – and when they first mentioned “Space Force” I thought they were just re-labelling NASA. So if that’s not the case at all, great! I didn’t realize it was literally part of the military though. Thank you for mentioning this.

Sandy Jim

Dear Daughter of

Please see my comment above and search from your computer key board on the duckduckgo search engine and you will see that you have been lied to.
Search for….. TR3B craft


Holy Moly. Pay af***ing attention & get a grip. No wonder you’re ready to ‘go home.’

Jacob Dudley

Reptilians, man!


NASA is a bunch of Nazis and the organization itself has been nothing more than a money laundering op. It’ll soon go bye-bye. Space Force is the old Secret Space Force the cabal ran for their own nefarious purposes. Trump and the Air Force took it over. Its vehicles make NASA’s look like tinker toys.

Sandy Jim

The Space Force is of course playing an enormous role from the skyies above earth. Lots of ordinary folks are capturing photos on their cell phones of the TR3B type craft every where across the globe now. Check the internet ! Those are the White Hats !

Daughter of the American Revolution

I looked it up thank you, Sandy Jim. I think it’s fascinating! Can I ask which part you think I may have been lied to about? (We get lied to all the time really don’t we.. lol)..
As far as Space Force, I have no doubt it exists – and even if I believe in a “Firmament” and in the heavens as described in scriptures as opposed to the sci-fi concept of ‘space’, I still don’t think that negates the ability for there to be a Space Force, I’m sure there’s plenty of room “up there” for these craft to be operating from.
The technology we’ve had hidden from us is astounding, I’ve been doing more reading up on past tech, always open to seeing more of that. Our Creator made us creative as well and there are many things about history that always struck me as odd – i.e. a lot of missing links. …Incidentally, I also believe in Angels, very much so (aside from scripture corroborating their existence)… I do believe I’ve had a few brushes with them during my lifetime. My heart tells me they are involved with the “White Hats” — and I don’t mean the fallen ones.

Sandy Jim

The biggest lie !

We have all been lied to with regard to the vast number of existing non terrestrial civilizations and especially about the 100’s of human colonies on other worlds in our galaxy and beyond….

That is the big truth bomb !
That is why we have all been told over and over again ….

“You can’t handle the truth”.

The most gentle ways to answer your questions and introduce you to these truths can be found from Dr. Steven M. Greer The DisclosureProject and
JamesGililand at

For a faster dive into the current reality I heartily recommend the eyewitness testimony of two U.S.Marine Corps veterans who have both served 20 years off world in the U.S. Secret Space Program. Thanks to President DonaldTrump, the U.S. Marine Corps has sanctioned these 2 Marine Corps officers to come forward and tell us some of the details of their experience off world.
They are Captain Randy Cramer
and Commander Johan Fritz.

For the full shock immersion which will require that you read books see Dr. Michael Sala and Exopolitics .org

That is 6 sources each one will lead you to more. Suspend your disbelief and enjoy.

God Bless you !

Tahoe Belle

Pretty sure that’s why Trump prioritized the Space Force. “They’ve got it all”.

Daughter of the American Revolution

I believe as long as they are on the side of good (our Creator), they sure do have it all! And President Trump himself has confessed to be so – I have confidence in him as much as I can ever have confidence in any man besides Yeshua. …In any case, no wonder they didn’t talk about Space Force very much, it must be the most powerful tool (or group) we have.

Sandy Jim

Yes it is powerful ! But more importantly, we have powerful friends from other worlds who have come to our aid to fight with us side by side, in this great worldwide war.

Including the folks in the Galactic Federation (a small local federation of worlds in this small quadrant of the Milkyway galaxy) and the folks from the Andromedan Council which includes civilized worlds in the vicinity of the galaxy that we call Andromeda, a group of much more highly evolved races..

All have agreed that the Alliance of folks from Orion must be removed from “Terra” a.k.a. Earth.

Last edited 2 years ago by Sandy Jim
Leslie Parsons

Space Force was created for many very important reasons. They are very real and we will be thrilled and grateful when we learn of their work. Many kidnapped humans have been held out in the solar system and worked as slaves. Some day soon, Space Force will return these unfortunate people to their rightful home, Mother Earth!


There has been some discussion about that. I hear it was basically decided that those people will be freed and their lives made better, but if they’ve collectively been living on another planet as a people for a certain number of years, that is their home and to move them to a planet they don’t or no longer know would be traumatizing.

Sandy Jim

See my comments about the two U.S Marine Corps Veterans and their eyewitness accounts.


Special Opps guys, and they could ask the Marines (Gen. Berger) to handle this one. Yet Special Opps is the main control.

Sandy Jim

Dear TimeisNow,

May I suggest that Special Ops folks are doing the serious heavy lifting on the ground but that God and the White Hats are now in control.


Oh my gosh you bring up an interesting thing about the tongue– this is what my mom would also do– her tongue would go in and out like a snake! At the time i wasn’t a Christian or spiriutal or anything- I just know I couldn’t even look at her because when her tongue would go in and out- and you never knew when it would happen it happened so quick- I would lose my peace instantly- it was the craziest thing and now I live long enough to totally understand. I also have PTSD from her. Jesus did say he would come with a sword to divide a mother from a daughter- he said our enemies would be in our own household. By the way my friend- be careful who you respond to at this site- I’ve figured out there are some trolls on here who pretend to be on our side just to make the “right” look wrong by framing us as raging angry hateful unempathetic monsters. Every comment they leave is judgemental raging hate even towards the ones they claim to be teamed up with. Humans don’t talk like this.

Daughter of the American Revolution

If you do a search for “anita dunn mao” you will find that video.. hideous! I am all too familiar with the cluster B’s so I know what you mean, your mother sounds like mine except her revealer was the blackened eyes instead of the tongue – worldly terms, ‘narcissist/psychopath’ etc its all the same… demon-possessed. Pray always for them but let Yeshua divide you away from them and keep you safe. I walked away fully a few years back, life has never been better.

Thank you for the warning…I usually breeze on by trolls without reading anyway but really, there’s nothing to fear there. The Enemy throws tantrums as do minions, God looks down and laughs. God Bless you Sister.


I looked at that video just now. Too bad that bar thing on the podium is right in front of her face, but I could still see that tongue thing going. Never seen anything like that before, ever.

Daughter of the American Revolution

Yep! It was YEARS ago but creeped me out so badly then, her words were that of a snake and she literally speaks like a serpent. I wondered where she slithered off to – I know people (like me) were stunned by what she said and I think they purposely took her out of the public light so she wouldn’t reveal their agenda before they could brainwash enough people.

Sandy Jim

Some of these evil ones really are reptiles.

Daughter of the American Revolution

Notice Dunn’s left eye in the photo is markedly different from the right eye, too… bizarre, isn’t it!


The reptilians have that habit.

Jacob Dudley

Must be Reptilian from Draco, right??? Lolzers!

Jan D Hunsinger

Nope…Another reason l believe MB/RRN is genuine…They are trying so desperately to take it out.


Don’t forget that dude from Gates Foundation who didn’t want the story of Bill Gates (now hanging) incarceration @ GITMO getting out.

Jan D Hunsinger

l also saw an MSM article saying Berger was all for a Marine “diversification program” which disturbed me.


helpful to know from MB that Berger’s posts are being overwritten.

Daughter of the American Revolution

Does he mean the posts *about* Gen Berger are being overwritten, or that General Berger’s own posts on social media elsewhere are being overwritten?


Gen. Berger’s authored posts are being modified by Chinese no doubt since they “occupy” the White House though U.S. Military and POTUS Trump control and govern America.

Daughter of the American Revolution

Now THAT is an interesting explanation, thank you. That makes sense looking at it that way if you think of that Devolution theory… I believe? (I don’t know too much about it, but I’m paying attention as much as I can). Still, it seems to me a clear and present danger – while I want Justice now have to leave it in God’s hands for the moment.

If you’re on Telegram, the “Patel Patriot” channel does a great job breaking down the Devolution Theory.

Here’s a broken link, so it’s not awaiting approval forever:

https : //t . me/s/patelpatriot

Daughter of the American Revolution

Thank you!


No. Those were general Bergers own words and actions.


Yeah, MSM. You really need to quit believing what they say–or, if you want the truth, just believe the opposite of what they say.


All one has to do is to look back on how the MSM “covered” the Rittenhouse situation, and compare that to what was actually proven at trial with videos and testimonies, to know that the MSM lies on purpose, with absolute impunity and disregard for the truth. And then when they are outed, they just move onto the next event. Unreal.


They didn’t move on from calling Kyle a white supremacist, or a “murderous little ____”


Their day of reckoning is approaching very quickly.

J Bill

As soon as I glanced at this one thought: “ah, a puppet master going to Gitmo…” then BOOM, down it went. Just never know where these creeps hide their biggest stooges. Too bad, now hopefully Dunn hangs… after the Tribunal. Excellent!!!

Thanks Michael, JAG and the Troops! God Bless All.


Alert to DS from one of our paid shills?

Last edited 2 years ago by Zee

Everyone sees the man behind the name here, I hope. When a man presents himself as female, especially in a gov’t context, he is being fraudulent. So, that is his character across the board. Mr. Anita is going bye-bye.

Jan D Hunsinger

Good catch! l went back and looked….not exactly a feminine face is itK?!


Maybe born with a severe lack of female hormones.

Sandy Jim

Or perhaps another Obama tranny.


Nope… He is one fugly guy.

carolyn smith

I thought she/he just resembled Hillary. Wow Kamala, Michelle, Anita, who else is a biological male?


Oprah, Jennifer Lawrence, Allan Degenerate, Lady Gaga, Meryl Streep & many more. It’s called inversion & is rewarded & demanded by their leader satan. Lots of vids on YT & elsewhere if you want to research it. Transvestigation is/was a good channel if it’s still up.


That was my first thought when I saw the photo. This is a man.


It looks like an 8th grade lab experiment gone wrong to me – part male, part bulldog, part frog, part snake.


When I first saw the article I said to myself, thats a dunn ugly woman. Hang “her” by her Christmas ballbs.


First thing I saw when I looked at the picture,”that’s a man”.


Right. Looks just like a man in women’s clothes. Another way of putting it: A wolf in sheep’s clothing. None of them are true or seek truth.

Kelly Knauth Brown

That’s what I thought. Please let me know if you need any help..I’m not sure what I can do, but I may know people who can help.


It’s up again


Fantastic work as always Michael!


Thanks for appreciating Michael’s work


…because you’re a stud~ & I mean that in the sincerest, most courageous & non-creepy way. Not sure why my ‘handle name’ keeps showing me as ‘Fred”, since I’m a married, middle-age female. Maybe I was thinking anonymity at one point, yet now realize folks are annoyed by the gender pretending thing in the comments here. I will rectify that. May your every effort continue to be guarded AND blessed Mr. Baxter, in Jesus’ name~ Amen.


We’ll see you as Frederika then ?


Great !


I knew the page was down bcI saw your message on telegram.


No issues here except for the shadow banning. First time in ages I’ve seen an article the same day it’s posted. Still can’t see comments, only the hot comment.

Shouldn’t take my lack of donations personal Michael. I don’t make online donations. I serve in person only.

Sandy Koufax

Just leave a short comment and then refresh the page to see all of the comments.


Thanks, Michael.


Michael, I’ve been posting here for months. Is there a problem approving my posts? Thanks.


Thanks Michael
Really over the target this time with this evil one, whose is concerned about staying in the shadows.

Last edited 2 years ago by Zee
Chris Russ

Saw that on Telegram, great job getting back online. You obviously have some people frightened.


I had trouble getting in, too and through that something was up. Stay strong. Bless you and Happy Thanksgiving. Maybe we’ll all have more to be thankful for next year. <3


I believe we may. If you viewed Pres. Trump this week on Fox and listened carefully, you will hear him hint/refer to something in the future without being specific. “I think the American people will be happy…..” In an earlier rally this year he also said, “Someone came up to me and said, ‘Sir, if you run in 2024 you will win.’ We won’t have a country by 2024!” I would expect to see something before 2024.

Last edited 2 years ago by Guest4579



I still remember watching Trump and his family on Jan 20, 2021 after they arrived in Florida, stating that things would be better and that the best was yet to come. Told us to keep the faith. And, behind them were 17 US flags spaced across the stage they were on.

carolyn smith

When the site was down I knew you were under attack.


What’s interesting Carolyn is that it never went down for me, as I left the sight up on my tablet from last night. So perhaps keeping the page open, in the background, may be a work around of sorts? Could just be a random thing too I suppose.


It was ok last night… was OK with today’s new article for a while until the attack in the middle of the morning –trying to upload a 3rd comment.


I lost one comment myself, everything is O.K. now also………..
In the Pacific Northwest


I thought so as well.


I thought someone tripped over the plug .

I did that once in a nuclear power plant I was an intern at, at the time.

Reported it immediately to my boss. It just knocked some accounting terminals offline temporarily — but had I not reported it, they would have wasted resources trying to figure out what had caused the glitch.

Always be truthful, was a portion of that lesson.

Tripping over plugs is helpful, not sure why others are voting you down although perhaps it’s reputational?


I have always thought that Anita looks like a man as Michelle and Kamala do,is she a he?


That explains the very slow page loads I was getting earlier. No trouble now.


I hope they arrest the Jihad Squad!!

phillip donahoue

Perhaps the DDOS is by the military to provide additional cover for the massive DC area arrests I hear are going on.


Can you tell me what DDOS means? Not familiar. Thanks!

phillip donahoue

I didn’t know either so I looked it up on duck duck go


DDOS attack originating from the DC area
= Anita’s wolves ?


I was not able to connect your server this whole morning. I thought that it was interrupted by google.


Go get em, Michael. Be safe!




Oh I bet! Deep state will do anything but legitimate work for the American people that pay xir salaries.

Rose Mary Abbott

Even more proof of the validity of your reports. Your reports are very addictive and after all this mess is over you should be awarded for your courage in one of the hugest battles ever fought on Earth. I’m so glad to have found this website and I am so thankful that you are alright. Something has to be working. I have successfully posted several articles from here on Facebook lately without it being removed so that’s better than before. God bless.


Yes, RRN over the target (s)! Why else would you get a – vote?!

Mark David

That Anita Dunn wo-man sure has a thick neck, big nose, huge chin, and big ears.

Mark David

Stick a fork in Anita cause she’s Dunn.


I wager preprinted toe-tags accompany each criminal that’s escorted to GITMO.

Anyone care to wager?


Michael Baxter, there is a ‘breed’ among us that is not human. Alias ‘DUNN’ is of that ‘breed.’ One obvious commonality among the ‘breed’ is the ‘philtrum,’ the area above the lip; and from there the ‘pointy’ ‘angular’ features of ears, nose, and chin that allow them to switch clothes from male to female and vice versa with little detection, especially among Hollywood ‘actors.’ The males undergo the one-hour doctor’s office procedure of shaving the Adam’s apple. EXAMPLES: Madcow anchorman, VP Harris, DUNN and billions more.

The freaks are renegade angels who barked at Father God, “Humans are inferior to angels in every way. Why should angels serve humans, when it is humans who should serve angels?” Whatever their protestations, Father God EXECUTED the renegade angels. HE allows their spirits to roam Earth, and HE allows the renegade angels to rape humanity to procreate an army of half-breeds and inbreeds to overwhelm HIS army, the WHITE family, created to ‘eradicate evil on Earth.’ However, since 211 B.C. (Deuteronomy) Father God has allowed the renegade angels to ECONOMICALLY OPPRESS the WHITE family until the WHITE family returns to HIM in obedience to do their job of ‘eradicating evil on Earth.’ Father God says HE created the CAUCASIAN, YELLOW, RED, BROWN, and BLACK families to nurture and protect HIS Earth … both humanity and Earth are HIS gifts to HIMSELF, the CHRIST. However, all six human families have been profoundly brain washed by renegade angels.

Therefore, humanity witnesses renegade angels raping humanity to procreate an army to genocide first, the WHITE family, and second, the Caucasian, Yellow, Red, Brown, and Black families to take dominion of Earth. The ‘breed’ has published for 93 YEARS in newspapers, books, conference papers, and letters to communist leaders that they are a ‘non-human race’ who’ve come to Earth to genocide humanity to take dominion of Earth. The freaks refer to humanity as ‘races,’ and divide us against each other using ‘racism’ tactics. However, Father God refers to HIS humans as ‘families.’ The renegade freaks declare in publications that they shall take dominion of Earth for themselves, and their ‘leader.’ They declare their mission began 6,000 years ago, but they’ve completed 5,800 years with 200 years remaining toward their goal. COVID19 and VARIANTS are genocidal jabs toward their 200-year completion-goal!

In 2011, Father God spiritually visited Mark Taylor who wrote down Father God’s words and authored, “The Trump Prophecies” in 2017 wherein Father God said humanity must FIGHT BACK HARDER against the evil on Earth. YES, WE MUST UNITE TO EXECUTE BILLIONS OF MURDEROUS RENEGADE ANGELS!

LET US DO IT-T-T-T! YES! WE MUST FIGHT BACK HARDER as you, Michael Baxter, and POTUS Trump and U.S. Military.  HUZZAH, HUZZAH, HUZZAH! 

Robert James

She looks unhappy. LOL

Gunny HiWay

Pfff. These articles are so hard to believe considering the actual state of our nation, economy, jobs, and communist heading direction.
Nothing that is ever written on this blog appears in “normal news channels” and the ONLY people even aware of this “information” are the piddly 15,000 views that each article receives.
Hard to take ANY of this seriously.
No Perp walks, no public hearings, no MSM coverage, no public executions.
Just TYPE.
You are TYPING US into submission.
E-7 Ret.


ThanQ, Michael. God bless.


Husband of Dunn is Robert Bauer…..Partner at Perkins Coie……Guilt by association.

Eugene Cruz

OMG!!! Wish that I could hear her heart stop beating during her execution!!! : – )))



Now,CHILDREN WILL BE FORCIBLY INJECTED worldwide because Pfeizer was granted the licence.


Last edited 2 years ago by kikas

Who the hell said we’re not dealing with the cartel???

Victoria Flood

I guess if a person is SO CONFUSED as to WANT to masquerade as their opposite sex and try to push that deception on the world every moment of their life, then it’s conceivable that they are also confused enough that they would take good for evil and evil for good. The deceivers ARE the deceived. This “Anita” thing is exhibit 1. Time to flush all the like out of all positions of power!





Sandy Jim


Victoria Flood

This ugly manwamman is not only a handler of Joe Biden for Obama and the deep state cabal, it’s a satanic pedofile and probably a pedovore too who eats humans and drinks their blood. They all do. That’s what they have to do to get that high up in the power “elite”. They think they are gods, but they are the fallen off ones on their way to damnation.


Hang her on Thanksgiving Day!!! 🦃🦃🦃

Katie Jones

The deep state is getting what they worked so hard for. It was not about helping this country. It was about the “party” not people. How many did they ruin from a business standpoint. All for money!


It’s much more than money. The entire planet was in danger from the families controlling these little whores. By working for the 13 reptilians, I suppose they figured they wouldn’t eventually be eaten. Most of them have NO IDEA they’re totally expendable. Theresa May woke up when she found out they were planning to assassinate her because they wanted Johnson in there instead.President Trump broke the news to her. That’s why she couldn’t stop crying when she stepped down.

Last edited 2 years ago by Thegless
Sandy Jim

Yes, I remember Ben Fulford reporting on that, and then, actually watching her tear filled little farewell speech in front of 10 Downing St….

That is when I first realized, that this “Epic Movie Show” was going to require a lot more popcorn and a lot more beer than I had originally prepped for.

Katie Jones

Good they got Dunn!!!


I checked this treasonous bitch out on a google search. Michael, that picture you used of the hag needs to be updated. She hasn’t looked that good in years. What a hideous looking witch-bitch.

Last edited 2 years ago by lp2565

I hope soon I will read about the arrest of Governor Grisham of New Mexico. Freaking troll witch has ruined my State and hurt my people.


Here I can help you with that:

“Governor Grisham of New Mexico was arrested early Wednesday morning. Special Forces arrested her in her home and then they shipped her off to Gitmo. Probably to face trial for treason or something.”

And you have read it! Pretty cool how that works, huh? 🙂




They are getting closer and closer to the apprehension and arrest of the real Biden, who is laid up in Walter Reed Medical Center last we heard. This should be interesting for the deep state to accomplish. He is being portrayed on the world stage by the very good actor, Arthur Roberts, almost hourly now.


I think Roberts is who filled in for Biden at the Biden – Trump debates. That’s why they had to disappear for 5 days prior, getting Roberts up to speed on things he knows nothing about.

Sandy Koufax

The goal here is to force Obama to take on day to day operations since there aren’t as many people fill in at this level of the hierarchy.


Yeah, that person is a man. 🤢


Treason, bribery, high crimes and misdemeanors. A direct attact to take down America’s infrastructure, war against US citizens and enable the enemies of the USA.

Mr Reynard

BTW I do like the quote from Chinese dictator Mao Zedong …
“Political Power come from the barrel of a gun ” !
Ohh .. BTW Anita Dunn does look to me as a Dung Beetle bloodline

carolyn smith

so the 3 Govenors were mentioned from NY, CA and MI. If this site is not just satire, then NY and CA are facing trial. What about MI?


It is satire, have you not seen the disclaimer?

David Yanity

Your existence is a form of satire, albeit rather poorly executed.


I’m more of a farce guy, imo.


Thank you Michael Baxter, I needed this great good report to lift me up! I’ll wager Anita Dunn is a male … a pedo freak male … same as his bedmate … two pedo freak males zip-tied and duck-taped before squirming like wormy snakes. YEA-A-A MARINES!

Judging by Anita’s physical characteristics, the pedo freak neither is Irish, English nor Scot … but did you notice the pedo freak chose the English spelling of Dunn? Has anyone paid attention to the fact that criminals have been choosing aliases from the repositories of English surnames to commit heinous crimes against humanity? It is not a coincidence but it’s obvious that the human families of Caucasian, Yellow, Red, Brown, and Black are not WHITE IRISH, ENGLISH, and SCOTTISH, but those human families are definitely committing crimes by WHITE English surnames!

It’s too bad the American Founding Fathers didn’t include “impaling” as a Constitutional method of execution … how delicious it would be to hear them primal scream into death for pedophilia, pedovorism, Treason, and Act of War … better still, the 15th Century Romanian execution methods of Vlad Dracula, III [Vlad the Impaler] whose execution methods were so very popular and effective against criminal behaviors.

The science of punishment: If the PUNISHER doesn’t stop unwanted behaviors, then a new punisher is requisite until unwanted behaviors cease. I vote for Vlad Dracula’s “treatment plan.” I think the treatment would end pedophilia and pedovorism entirely on Earth.

If you don’t like that methodology, perhaps you’d vote for allowing carnivores from the largest to the microscopic to eat and poop criminals until they are the size of particulates that the winds distribute over planet Earth. An added benefit to this punisher is, humanity can vomit, spit, piss, schitt, and walk-on the criminals by day and night … after all, they schitt on humanity’s life, so, too, shall humanity schitt on criminals lives, unceasingly!


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Sandy Jim

The CIA sheep dips most of their vetted puppets with a new name and a new academic record from Harvard or Yale before they enter “public service” in the Federal Government on behalf of the CIA and their 4th Reich Khazarian masters. This infiltration has been going on for 20 years that I know of.


Looks like “Firefox web browser” is self-censoring this web site, I could not load this site with Firefox, however Safari is doing fine.


Use Edge or Brave, fewer issues.


I just pulled RRN up on Firefox with no issues.

If you had difficulties earlier, it was probably the remnants of the DDOS attack.


Firefox is a tool of the Deep State. Just look at the name: “fire” as in burn everything down, and “fox” as in being clever/outfoxing everyone. The Deep State thinks they are so clever they can get away with burning the world to the ground.

Bev Kungl

Oh wow…she’s a monster. I had never heard of this bitch before but now I will remember her because as I said “she’s a monster” Please hang her.


And “Anita” isn’t a woman – “It’s a man, baby.” These ppl are SICK.


What about axelrod and Valerie Jarrett
Those two deep state puppeteers should be arrested asap.
This woman here is a sickening example of why we are on brink of losing our country. I hope she’s exiled to China like Dianne Feinstein was.
Trolls, please don’t bother with faux clever antisemitic jokes. Jewish or not, these traitors are all horrible, stomach churning examples of a hopelessly corrupt and evil political system.. Many are not jewish, as not everyone in authority is jewish, although dunns husband apparently is , plus bauer is a cabal/obfuscanti name. Plus she looks like a guy and their children are a murky issue as well no pun intended.

john pennington


Last edited 2 years ago by john pennington

John, buddy, let me tell you about this thing called “satire”

Last edited 2 years ago by Jay

Where will you start ?


I have current and former military friends and relatives who have said that exact same thing. The “satire” disclaimer is carefully worded so that the criminal subjects of all the tribunals cannot sue and even get into a court room to be heard.

So Jay, Ted, Exile, and others just have to deal with it. And perhaps they could explain why they spend so much time on here trying to refute the information, to no avail. So, any one of you (assuming you’re not all the same person) can sure step up and enlighten us.

Lucy Skywalker

well said.


Sure, I post here because it is genuinely funny and entertaining to interact with some of the absolute most gullible people on the internet. I don’t post here to convince you guys that the site is fake. I know that’s a lost cause and you’re going to believe this nonsense no matter what I say. I post because the replies I get are completely nuts, and that is very funny to me. Hope this helps clear things up 🙂



Sandy Jim



Do we care? It’s fun trolling them but they’re really not worth more than a few laughs.


Exactly. Those who research truth see it. The disclaimer protects it. The cabal can’t touch it. The trolls don’t get it. It’s a perfect setup. 👍🏼

Last edited 2 years ago by Thegless

Just like a carnival shooting gallery.

GreaterIdaho for Trump

Thank you Jesus and all Patriots involved. Keep rounding up the string pullers. It so hurts that so few hobbits around us understand whats going on, but your website certainly brings us Joy. Proverbs 21:15!


Ughhhhh.. What’s Up with her Face…….!

Your awareness of your awareness is your soul!

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May the Devil flee before You with God by Your side
May Your cup runneth over, may You have too much to eat
May the Stars boldly advance, may the Darkness retreat
May Your ribs hurt from laughter, may You cry tears of joy
May Your fortress be secured with the Angels in Your employ
May Your soul find a refuge, and Your body a bed
May the Light and Warmth expand from the inside of Your head
May the Trees grant You Peace, may the Stars grant You Love
May Your children dance before You, may Your Father smile from above
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May Your guns glisten brightly as You march from sea to shining sea
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Through the darkness You might traverse, may Lady Liberty shine Her light
And may the princes born to tyranny always fall to Freedom’s Might
May You be guided by Jefferson’s pen, may You be protected by Washington’s sword
May the Founding Fathers watch over You through every twist and fork and ford
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May Peace be upon You, may it be as calming as a Pacific breeze
And may You live however You like, and may You do whatever You please

I wonder about that Adolf, just how kind was he?
Did he makes the girls’ hearts beat fast, and their heads turn warm and fuzzy?
Did he fill the little children with hope and with wonder?
Was he friends with the Angels? Did he wield lightning and speak thunder?
Did the crowds hush in anticipation whenever he rose to speak?
Did he inspire courage in the fearful? And strength in the weak?
Did he cause church bells to ring? And the people to break into song?
Was he as wise as he was fierce? Was he as gentle as he was strong?
I wonder about that Adolf, I wonder if he was as bright as the sun
But the one thing I don’t wonder…is that Adolf’s work is not done

When a human cuts down a tree, the tree does not harm the human in order to stop the human from harming it. It simply continues to supply the human with oxygen. So too do I try to do everything that I can to continue to supply those who harm me with love and happiness.

Sandy Jim

Thank you Michael,
When you first showed Obama’s Adrenachrome Birthday party in an article several months ago many of us suggested that white hats would be doing an inventory of attendees.

Today we see that high level members of Obamas team are now being collected and sent to Military Tribunals.

The heads of the 13 Bloodline families have all been removed. The Bush team has largely been dealt with.The Clinton Team is unraveling now as I write this. And now the task of unraveling the Obama team has clearly begun.

No one who looks at the evidence can dispute the reality that Patriots are indeed making dramatic headway in the war against this Deep State Satanict CABAL.

Praise be to God.

Last edited 2 years ago by Sandy Jim

Isn’t it odd how these freaks always needed to show off? Its caused their downfall. All the worlds a stage.

Lucky Star

The attack served as a prove that the news over here are true and factual event. Otherwise DS won’t try to sabotage.


There’s even “more”. The Deep State has a lot of tentacles that has reached out far into every aspect of our Countries Entertainment, Communications, Education, Economy & Industry, and one by one they’ll fall. Soon enough We The People will all begin to see it more clearly, and we’ll adjust to their attacks and corner them where they are until they back off, but were Not stopping there, this is full speed ahead until they’re ALL gone, have no more ability to strike back, rebuild and make another stand against We The People – forever.

Sandy Jim



Now that I have a list of the Trolls and shills ,
about 56 of them

I find that my time is better served on this site.
Thanks for exposing them. Zee…
They are pissed… It is easy to Tell.


I am not pissed but continue to be amused by people waiting for JFK Jr to return and the supposed reinstatement of Trump . Fun for me , I have nothing to lose .


You’ve already lost. You’re too dumb to notice.


Anita Dunn looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

Mr. Ed’s got nothing on her…

Last edited 2 years ago by QBall59

Just one look at those ears tell’s me watch out, she looks like Dr. Fauci’s sister.


How dare you insult Mr. Ed! He’s beautiful.


Mr. Ed is a supermodel horse.

Don Reed

Strap “Her” in the electric chair and cook till WELL DUNN !!!!


Agreed, now that is a new way
to rid Gitmo of the villains


Well cooked pig food.


Even the pigs will turn their snouts up at her.

Gunny HiWay

Sure they did. That’s why Biden is allowed to destroy this nation on a daily basis.
There are no “white hats” in the US military. NONE. NADA.
I served 25 years and IF there were White Hats, I would have been recruited.
You are dismissed.
E-7 Ret.


Lying Shill

A DECENT ret. Military person DOES NOT ACT LIKE THIS

Seems you’ve insulted Veterens and White Hats quite seriously else where and attempted a stupid back-handed apology


From reader Gunny:
Hi Mr. Fusion,
I just wanted to make it clear.
My comments were never meant as an insult to veterans.
IF there were a “White Hat Military”, that was fighting globalists, and off world entities, and catching PEDOS, that I could identify and join…
I would have volunteered MANY YEARS AGO.
Best Regards to All RMRR readers,
E-7 Ret.


This Gunny Hiway is proving to be a paid shill rather than an annoying troll–

Seems bent on destroying RRN
Or, this person is very sick trying to influence the readers here.

Last edited 2 years ago by Zee

Thanks for sharing this information.
Proves that he belongs on the LIST of trolls and shills.


I think we can all agree…. THAT ALL TROLLS AND SHILLS AND DEMONRATS Should be rounded up and sent to Gitmo
STARTING WITH THE 56 on the official LIST L


How are we getting there ? Car pool ?


These monkeys try to influence the naive and people who are now questioning us for truth. We just need to stay on top of the Shills, thats all.


I honestly don’t see anyone paying any serious mind to them. They’re ridiculous. Sheeple are generally too lazy to pay attention. When they do wake up enough to care, these silly cretins won’t convince them with their drivel.

Sandy Jim

Dear Zee,
I know that you understand that TROLLS feed on our anger and on our attention.

I am, at last teaching myself, to refrain from feeding them as often as I once did.


You’re obviously not intelligent enough to be recruited.
YOU are dismissed.

Sandy Jim

Gunny H are you a clone TrollBot of the the latest Joesph G clone TrollBot ?
Or are you both coming out of the same Area 51 Cloning Lab at Groom Lake?

Please state your make and model number.


Wow!!! She is flat out gorgeous! For a “horse face”! Looks like Anita will soon be done!


Straight to the glue factory….


Don’t insult horses.


Cue Ace of Base, “Living in Danger”.


Be careful Michael. God bless you and keep you safe. Happy Thanksgiving!


Hang for treason and the misery and suffering they’ve enjoyed watching!


We don’t need a corrupt government.
Agreed hang dunn for treason and for keeping children in sex slavery


We are connected again in the Pacific Northwest.
No worries.
Thank you Michael

Helen L Stewart
  • What a story! Thanks so much Michael. She needs to be executed! I never heard of her and I wonder how many more like her exists in our government! I hope the end is coming soon. I pray daily that Trump will return soon!

He will not . Wait and see.


Put her into the komodo dragon cage and see how well she dances with it. After she dances with the grizzly bear next door.

Sandy Jim

If Anita Dunn is the reptile that I think she is…. she may just eat that Komodo Dragon.


It’s about 70% of our government, top-heavy but at all levels. Just about same with media, and possibly even higher in Pedowood.

Air man

NP hopefully next