Military Schedules George W. Bush, Marc Mezvinsky Tribunals


Two high-profile military tribunals, one for former president George W. Bush and the other for Chelsea Clinton’s husband Marc Mezvinsky, will take place before the Christmas holiday, said a Judge Advocate General’s Corps source speaking under condition of anonymity.

Mezvinsky’s trial will begin 25 November and is expected to last two days, our source said. The U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps and the Office of Military Commissions have reportedly subpoenaed 4 witnesses whose testimony will prove beyond doubt that Mezvinsky helped the Clintons locate buyers for children the Clinton cabal had kidnapped in Haiti and other underprivileged, third-world nations. Such evidence would directly refute statements Mezvinsky had given under oath at Chelsea’s tribunal, where he claimed he was guilty of burning and shredding incriminating documents, but nothing more.

Shortly after Chelsea was hanged at Guantanamo Bay, JAG learned that Mezvinsky had been less than forthcoming about his involvement in Clinton crimes, and thus reneged on a plea deal that would have spared him a lifelong prison sentence. Now, JAG will allow a 3-officer panel to consider capitol punishment as a measured response for Mezvinsky’s malfeasance. Still, he could receive a lighter sentence—life at GITMO or even an acquittal.

Since January, JAG has had a 100% conviction rate, but not all Deep State despots received a sentence of execution. Bill Clinton, for example, got life in prison, only to be poisoned in his cell.

Also on JAG’s docket is the much-anticipated tribunal of former President George W. Bush, who on Wednesday, December 8, will square off against Rear Adm. Darse E. Crandall in what will likely be the most extravagant tribunal of the year. The 43rd president has purportedly retained Williams & Connolly, a prestigious D.C. law firm, to represent him at trial.

A cursory glance at the internet shows that Williams & Connolly, though staffed with tenured, eloquent lawyers, specializes in civil law, and its resume lacks a history of victorious battles in matters involving criminal law. So, it’s curious why Bush chose them instead of a firm specializing in defending noteworthy criminal cases, especially when the stakes are so high.

The charges against Bush seem insurmountable. He’s been charged with propelling the nation into war under false pretenses and with the deaths of the thousands of American soldiers who perished in what JAG will call an “illegal war.” The military is also holding him responsible for his participation in the 9/11 tragedy and for all lives lost on that fateful day, to include not only persons who were in the towers but also first responders.

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David Agosta

Michael, do you have any updates on Benedict Mike Pence?

Tim Riley

to all you trolls, if you think it’s fake, then why do you keep coming back? or is it because you don’t have a life?


Only 10 more days for the Bush tribunal to begin. Can’t wait. He will be the 3rd former US President to be disgraced and found guilty, this year alone. Obama, Clinton and now Bush.


I apologize for voting for Bush 41 and Bush 43. I had NO IDEA how evil they were. How could I not see it?

Were they Deep State? Probably. Ex-Nazis? Possibly. Satanic? Almost certainly.

Lucifer awaits their arrival.

Last edited 2 years ago by Schadenfreude
Robert James

I’m surprised GWB’s wife wasn’t apprehended during the raid. His mother was executed, reportedly.

Last edited 2 years ago by Robert James

The bitch wife doesn’t care for the Waco area or the ranch. She will burn in Hell.


Today is the day for Soros Jr.; when will we get a report?

Grace is pulling mahairout

If Mark’s fate fell on today’ Well Fo- Surely , Coulda Cooked a Turkey 🦃 😂


They’re going to start tribunal on Thanksgiving?

dennis ward

If you recall the look on his face in the classroom when told about what happened, does that look like the face of an innocent man? He gave it away right there and knew that prick Dick Cheney had pulled it off! And I think pappy Shrub threw them all under the bus before the funeral. No honor among thieves and psycho killers.


And many thanks to Alex Jones Documentary on that day

Sandy Koufax

Suppose doppelganger technology is so far advanced that the deep state can maneuver the doppelgangers to be the ones who face the tribunals and real persons are still alive.


Ok. OWD..take walk to deep /dark forestry close to the river/creek do not forget take ..exile/jimmy buffer/debbie S/ted dy and all of you- CRY OUT LOUD AS TODDLERS there……PERMANENTLY…..

Outlandish Outlander

“…it’s curious why Bush chose them instead of a firm specializing in defending noteworthy criminal cases, especially when the stakes are so high.”

Maybe no one else would take his case and represent him and his folly, because they know well enough that with all the evidence against him, he’s as good as hung already. Why would anyone want to waste their time, resources, and energy, let alone be affected by the resulting bad reputation from losing such a case? It does seem to be a prudent decision to just stay as far away from Bush as possible.


Only for money!

Phyllis Bonviso

Why Williams and Connolly? Jdjournal “The Obama administration has recently tapped three Biglaw bigwigs for ambassadorships.
Howard Gutman, a partner at Williams & Connolly, was nominated to be ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium. He helped raise at least $500,000 for Obama’s campaign. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School.
Last month, Williams & Connolly partner Laurie S. Fulton was chosen to be ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark. She raised $200,000 for Obama. Fulton holds a JD magna cum laude from Georgetown University.”


I want to know when Gavin Gruesome’s going to be on the docket…


we know you are hurry too… stick fork to this gruesome turkey…..

Sue Grantham

Excellent. Thanks Michael

Sandy Koufax


No One of Consequence

I’d like to know the real reason behind the war, underneath the false claims of “wmd.”


To depopulate the world for one thing and put lots of money in the corrupt people. Heard the saying, prop up the floundering economy by going to war. Except the corrupt benefits the most by enriching themselves.


SH was selling oil for Euros. Big no no. DS operates on the petro dollar only which is dying now. Only a few countries in the world are not under a central bank; Iraq was one of them. Can’t bring in their central bank digital currency if all countries not on board. I look for something to happen in North Korea soon as that is another country without a central bank.


Hang them both.

BJ Edwards

I hope all this is true , and the American people can tell something IS Happening to right the wrong !


Awesome news & most appropriate timing for these trials!!! Thank you Mr. Baxter for my morning fix of positive news 👍


I pray these articles are true! Yippee…let’s have some more justice! Keep the tribunals coming!!
Thanks -Michael/Real Raw News!


Use your common sense .

Chris Russ

Please elaborate. Let us know the truths you have.


That these stories are not true . Very simple common sense unless you believe in clones, CGI and body doubles . Then you have to accept that they act the same way as the original and nothing really changes . They continue to bash Trump and the republicans, vote in Congress , back the liberals and write books to make money . If the doubles ever get arrested then things will get interesting .


You are welcome! Don’t forget to donate to our fundraiser.


C-19 Important Patent Information- Very Important to Share This!
RUMBLE — Dr. David Martin and Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
They have been working on this for many years. But we already knew that, here is the PROOF!!!


who poisoned bill clinton?


Justice is for sure being served on a platter, in more than one platform these days, which is a pleasure to finally see how this part of the movie ends. I love God and I love justice. Thank you to Michael Baxter, thank you to our military judges, to our military, to the patriots and to our father in heaven, for allowing these events to finally occur. Amen.

Last edited 2 years ago by Sue
Lorenz Manner

Drain the swamp no matter what.


“Yet YOU’re sitting up there still, you cowardly figures,
paid for by the enemy and ridiculed by the people.

But one-day justice will rule again!
Then the people will judge and God can have mercy on YOU.”
Carl Theodor Körner

Last edited 2 years ago by Judge
Robert Dziok

What’s the record of Williams and Connolly in Military Tribunals? Probably SQUAT. Different arena altogether. They will not be able to play their BS legal “games” like in civilian courts. Justice will be fair and swift in the Military Tribunal with no tolerance for nonsense of one form or another like in civilian courts where even the Judge is at times a lackey and corrupt to some entity.


2) Curveball in California? Election Invalidation: Could the Golden State be the First to Flip for Trump?
Thursday, November 18, 2021 17:36


What’s this about Pelosi?


If you close your eyes and use your imagination, like Zee here, you too can pretend Pelosi has been arrested and thrown into Gitmo! See? You don’t even have to see a fake article from Michael Baxter about it. Just pretend any person you hate is already in Gitmo and being tortured or whatever. That’s the power of imagination! 🦄

Last edited 2 years ago by Jay

Lying shill #1


Still on top!


You forgot the part about the ruby slippers, Jay.

Lucky Star

Maybe she was captured


They’ve had her some time


Does she have a body double or clone ? I’ve seen her on TV a lot recently . Schiff on Seth Meyers last night . He looked real and Meyers is a liberal who would have outed him if fake.


It did in the 2020 presidential elections according to Lin Wood who IMO is a very credible source and a true Patriot. May God Bless you and have a blessed Thanksgiving.


Please, Don’t Engage SHILLS, TROLLS & Don’t Amplify Wrong Information

Don’t Disrespect RRN Administrator Michael Baxter & Member’s Comments


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Lucky Star

Chicken satay pls


No, just be good


What is my adjusted number after all the shuffling at the top?

Chris Russ

You tell people not to waste their time with these folks, but look how much time you spend on them. How much time have you wasted of your life compiling this list. Seems exhausting. You engage them frequently. They aren’t going to change your mind nor you theirs. Just read the articles and let trolls be trolls, you can’t fix stupid, that is a self-correcting problem. Live in peace.


I’ve noticed that too. Thanks for pointing that out.


First time I gave you an uptoot. Say thank you


Merci . I have to pay more attention to those little plus and minus things .


The fact that Michael gives the trolls aka pedophiles a platform is disturbing at best.

This place is no different than Facebook and Twitter. A haven for pedos. Clearly Michael COULD remove them if he IS who he claims to be.

And I agree, Zee bosses everyone to ignore the pedos but she/he engaged them more than anyone.

Anyway, our military could do better at selecting a writer/website manager to leak info to. They should give me the Intel and cash. I wouldn’t allow our enemies, pedos, rapists and racists to comment.


Fine with me .

Proudly Unaffiliated

Nov. 22, 1963. Today is the 58th anniversary of the assassination of JFK.

michael youman

Why hasn’t Dick Cheney not been arrested?


Fulford intimated, unawares, that 9/11 was about, among other things,
EVIDENCE DESTRUCTION (Satanic Rituals in the towers)


I don’t trust Fulford



carolyn smith

get the show on the road. what are they waiting for? move on as they have many more to deal with


Traitor and fake-4ss Barry, his husband Big Mike, Cheeto ( current USA Corp administrator) and Idaho (I-Da-Ho; vice administrator to Cheeto) too. Let’s go all four of these as well.


I do hope they are recording all these Tribunals and at some point, we can see everything for ourselves. I want to see the expression on their guilty faces. “W” sent young men to their deaths. And then he would go visit the ones who were mangled and burned beyond recognition at Walter Reed Hospital.
He is another monster who awaits justice.


No there is nothing to be recorded . Wait and see . Just like Trump is coming back soon .


They will be recorded on Analog ready for the big reveal


Ho hum, when? Soon I am sure.


Spoiler alert, w xcuted already.


November 22nd 2021
Rest in Peace John F. Kennedy !


Yeah right, if JFK is dead then why are all those cool people hanging out in Dealey Plaza awaiting his return? Checkmate.


Those guys appear to be a group of fun loving patriots . I wonder how long they will last down there ? How many people wiping out their life savings?


On Thanksgiving,really?


So Marc can get off – I hope not. He knew what was going on and hid it to the final hour. Coward

Proudly Unaffiliated

Wow, these guys are working on Thanksgiving day (11/25) to start Mezvinsky’s trial. I am impressed and thank you to the entire military team for making this happen.


Thank you, Adm. Crandall!

Buck fiden

I wonder how many turkeys the Gitmo crew will slaughter on that day.


Or the tribunal had concluded days ago and we are just told it will be thanksgiving week. We’ll never know but God knows.

Lady Hermann

Excellent! May Bush get 10 times what he put out there.


Thank you so much, Michael! Been waiting for this! Please keep us posted!


I read that it was George H.W.Bush (who made a $billion bet he could carry out 911) that was behind it all! He was also behind the JFK assassination too!
Unfortunately, Geo. H.W. Bush & wife Barbara are both honored & buried at Texas
A&M. Why TA&M has become a “graveyard” I’ll never know. Oh, it is guessed that Geo H.W.Bush left TA&M alot of money!


Jeb makes me very suspicious.

Buck fiden

If the niggers in Virginia can take down a statue of Robert E Lee, one of the greatest Americans to have ever lived, we should at least be able to desecrate that Company Chief’s and his pro-gun-cuntrol cunt wife’s graves. At the very least, I hope a German shepherd or a great Dane leaves a massive pile of dog shit on the site.


If any of this were real, the tribunal of Ghislane Maxwell would be at Gitmo, like these stories about all the others. If anyone were guilty of Crimes Against Humanity it’s her. Sadly, I can’t see how these stories that clash with what we know is true can be real. The pilots dying from the vaccine, yes that is happening worldwide.
It’s time to storm the castle folks no Q is coming to save us. It’s up to the citizens of our country to fight or just shut up and accept that this is a communist nation now. Choose to swallow the hopium and wait for ‘the plan’ to start, finish or even just make a showing. OR, fight now. Citizen arrest the governors, mayors and others who are breaking the law.


Yes , military can’t arrest civilians .Maxwell was arrested by FBI and police , the regular way . Good point .


I am calling B.S.
Chelsea and Marc are civilians and they’re picked up by Military for Military Tribunals..
You Lying Troll


No they weren’t . Civilians are arrested by the FBI and local police . No proof of the military arresting any of these people but there is proof of Maxwell getting arrested . Same with Cohen, Weinstein, Stone and Epstein . More subpoenas came out today for Stone, A Jones and others .

Buck fiden

Zhou Biden will abolish Pussy-Cum-n-Eatus laws when it comes to arresting gun owners who refuse the jab.


Lead the charge David, go storm the castle!


I expect such nonsense from A fourth generation of clones like you.
Storming has been replaced by armed drones and androids.
Sacrifices of humankind will be discontinued for senseless wars


Fifth generation actually, my new clone body came in over the weekend! And this thing is totally decked out, in retrospect I’m really glad I sprung for those upgrades 🙂

Johnny Lunchbucket

Did you get a penis on the new model to replace your current vajayjay Jay. Pun intended, dipshit.

Last edited 2 years ago by Johnny Lunchbucket

With a sling shot as told in the Bible.

Bev Kungl

I really want to believe what is being said on this site but it throws me in a loop when I see Tom Hanks at Obama’s birthday party or Gates talking about a smallpox virus pandemic. I agree….we have been wasting too much valuable time for someone to save us…for Trump’s return…for the military. I feel like a sitting duck.


I don’t believe citizens arrests would be valid in these cases. Not possible.

Proudly Unaffiliated

That is a horrible idea. Telling people to go off half-cocked is an evil, malicious thing to do. Who would they go after? Anyone and everyone? That is a recipe for lots of death and strife. Patriots are watching, observing, and are thoughtfully getting involved in real solutions for now and the future while HOLDING THE LINE. Maybe you can advocate something positive and constructive like that, yes?


Just hope no children get hurt tonight or tomorrow while the waiting game goes on . What would you tell the parents ?

J Bill

Like you care about children who get hurt? LOL

That’s why you’re here defending the pedo/rapists/murderers on trial here, because you care about the welfare of the victims? LOL

Virtue signaling isn’t a Khazarian strong point, hypocrite.


I’m not defending pedophiles , just saying get them now and no more waiting .

J Bill

Oh, I’m sorry…. that’s the short list:



Blood drinkers? That jumps the shark.


No, There are too many other connections here…She can’t be dealt with quickly–
Discovery is super important here ad is not complete with her — She’ll be singing to save her llfe. I don’t think she’ll face execution. Epstein won’t die either. Both are very important to nail the rest of ’em all around the world.

Aimee Beth Curry

2 Esdra 11 says our Christian nation will rebound with no Jews left in it

Russ C.

Thanks for the news Mike B. I’ve been going through information withdrawal for the last couple days. As for the subjects of this article, I hope this serves as an example for those in the future who would deceive our country while supposedly serving us. It is a really great time to live and see justice served, but it’s a shame it has to happen under such dire political circumstances as those we are dealing with now. God bless our patriots!

Bev Kungl

Me too, Russ. I kept checking the site

Rose Mary Abbott


Bev Kungl

I read that Bush knew what was going to happen but he didn’t know when. It doesn’t matter when it was going to happen…what is more important is that Bush knew it was going to happen.

Smell the Coffee

Bush knew exactly when the buildings were going to be demolished because he stole all the gold under building 7

Buck fiden

I hope his capital punishment is to be strung up upside-down naked, and hot, molten gold is poured into his asshole. Then flip him upside up and melt a silver spoon into his mouth.

Last edited 2 years ago by Buck fiden

Sort of like Ghengis Khan did to Inalchuq…


After watching GW at his father’s funeral, I think he knew then what was coming.


I saw it too, after the extreme anguish he experienced at having to eulogize a depraved, evil, racist, sadisitic, heartless, soulless, xenophobic, paedophilic, Luciferian incest aggressor who molested both W and Jeb. It killed him to do that. His pain was so much deeper than just losing two parents in a year.

Sandy thomas

Why is there this 100% assumption that both W and Jeb were molested by H? Yes I know about all the other things H did. But how do we know This particular? ?

Aimee Beth Curry

Because Daddy Scherff was raised by Dr. Mengele he was part of the Lebensborn Programme. He was all kinds of fucked up

Bev Kungl

Absolutely….his brother really showed it on his face especially when he saw what was in those envelopes…their own father saying…”They know everything”

Hal Brown

With 23 guards around the place, on that count alone it would appear he was expecting something.


Bush was in on it with Dick Cheney


“So, it’s curious why Bush chose them instead of a firm specializing in defending noteworthy criminal cases, especially when the stakes are so high.”

just a hunch but it appears that Bush is confident he’ll get away with this scot-free no matter who he picks to represent him.


it amazes me the people who downvote me don’t actually read what i wrote lol. i wasn’t saying it in the context of “yay he’ll be free”. sarcastic tone, maybe i should add a sarcastic () in my text.

Buck fiden

Patriot in Phoenix:

We at RRN strive for downvotes. Roll with the punches.


The only people downvoting you are incel leftist trolls…

Speaking of trolls, it sure is pleasant in here without D e b S./R u s s e l l/B o f a around. What an obnoxious little faggot…

Buck fiden

lmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao !!


Yes. Exactly!

J Bill

No. It’s “lmaooooooooo….”


this week..exile/ted dy/jimmy buff…..?????


You need to toughen up. Don’t be afraid, You don’t need our approval
A down vote means nothing.
Be your self.
Be Genuine
Take chances.
Take risks

Kelly Knauth Brown

Buildings don’t fall into their own footprint. And it doesn’t take my 20+ years in the construction industry to know this. Inside NWO job. GW at least hired representation…


I wonder if Obama knows that the tribunals and executions are happening because it will be a great day for Americans when he is dead,I hope he knows and fears for his life everyday… it would be nice to see him and Michelle get synchronized hangings and proof that Michelle had a dong👵🏿👴🏿

J Bill

Word is they “bought it.” (the big one)

Frederick Carreon

The Obamas are already dead and gone executed!