Dick Cheney Flees U.S. for New Zealand


On the day George W. Bush was arrested for treason and murder, his former partner in crime, Richard Bruce Cheney, also the target of a military arrest warrant, was at Wyoming’s Jackson Airport boarding a CIA-sponsored Boeing 757 bound for New Zealand via an unknown refueling stop, said an Office of Military Commissions source speaking under promise of anonymity.

The military, he told Real Raw News, had hoped to enforce simultaneous arrests, Bush at his Crawford ranch and Cheney at his family’s property in Jackson, Wyoming, but the man who has been called “the most powerful vice president in American history” had absconded by the time U.S. Marines arrived at his door with a “no-knock’ warrant.

“We had the place under surveillance, and Cheney was there 12 hours prior. He must’ve been tipped off. We didn’t know he had an escape and evasion plan mapped out,” our source said.

Marines, upon entering the deserted and dark home, found a concealed “floor door” that opened into a 25’-diameter subterranean tunnel stretching several miles north from the property to a cave mouth near the Snake River, a few miles from the airport. The tunnel was wide enough to accommodate vehicles, and the Marines reported seeing two golf carts, and fresh tire tracks leading into the distance. They traipsed through the tunnel and found at its terminus what our source called a “souped up golf cart” and nearby skid marks indicative of a helicopter touch down.

“We suspected then, and now know as fact, that he fled the home and was whisked away by a helicopter. We guessed it flew him to the airport, but there was zero evidence he was ever there. No security footage, no check-in. It was a mystery. And only recently did we learn that his CIA allies arranged his escape,” our source said.

The draft dodger and alcoholic has undeniably strong ties to the Deep State-run Central Intelligence Agency. In 1974 Cheney unsuccessfully tried to have the Freedom of Information Act revoked on behalf of the CIA, and a year later helped undermine investigations of CIA scandals. He slowed the end of the Cold War in 1989, promoted the global hegemon role for the U.S. in 1992, hid his work with oil companies in 2001 to set energy policy, endorsed torture and warrantless surveillance in the 2000s, played a leading role in trashing Iraq and the Middle East from the Iraq invasion in 2003 to the present, mysteriously went whole days at the White House without his Vice President’s office generating any saved e-mail, and presented a danger to civilians whether they were armed or not by shooting his hunting partner in 2006, ostensibly for the CIA. Not to mention his role in orchestrating 9/11.

In short, the military had good reason to seek his arrest. But the CIA apparently owed him favors.

“We found out the reason Cheney wasn’t seen at the airport is that the helicopter deposited him on the runway where a gassed 757 was waiting for him. He boarded, and it took off immediately. We know it had to refuel somewhere, probably in the southern U.S., because a 757 can’t travel from Wyoming to New Zealand on a single tank of gas. But our contact couldn’t, or wouldn’t, tell us where that was. But he was emphatic that Cheney is now in New Zealand,” our source said.

In closing, he said the military has not abandoned its mission to bring Cheney to justice.

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Aimee Beth Curry

He’s such a fucking coward. He ran away from military service too.

Deborah D Noble

Hope you burn in hell Mr Death Merchant but you’ll probably enjoy it.



Lorenz Manner

I cannot wait to get the wonderful piece of news that this disgusting pig is already at GITMO. I’ll shout for joy.


This Clown will live out the rest of his life in fear of capture, just like Saddam Hussein did until “poof”.

Stinky Perfume

The dark house though sounded like he had time to turn the lights out and lock the doors. Crawford Ranch, Jackson, Wyoming with 25 foot diameter miles of tunnel, is going to take a very long time to search through, and all the tunnel houses need some kind of public exposure, assuming the public is worthy.

This planet being ruled by the underground would get into giant underground a lot deeper like over a dozen miles down and someone spoke of hundreds of miles down for the top satanic rulers I’m hearing are semiphysical. All the spaceships and supercomputers are military also the semiphysicals. Can we ever know?

Assuming the spaceship that was seen picking up a movie producer Steven Speilberg in one story, off a golf course, counts as what people can know about, I’m wondering about Cheney escaping by a lowly helicopter to a lowly plane that needs refueling and giving Delta forces the slip. It’s like a game designed for certain technology levels. Lot’s of us are sitting around trying to repent and all we have to rely on is invisible angels and correcting our own thoughts.

It seems they know at the underground supercomputer level, who is after him and what their tech is and how much time they have to work with. If this is a popcorn show for the internet savvy at a certain level of knowledge, then maybe Cheney would be used to lead the attention to New Zealand? If it’s karma moves required, then the levels of even karma might be involved in the sort out of the roll out.

Who stands where in this scheme of things? How about a portal rescue? Cheney maybe makes it look like he escaped in a helicopter to a plane that needs more fuel, so that slows down the escape to refuel, but suppose he really pops off to New Zealand through a portal or in a spaceship, and leaves the military thinking he got out through the tunnels to a helicopter.

Do any of these chase scenes do things like that, like prove there’s higher tech involved? I’m assuming they can track every plane and helicopter in the sky and every landing. I can guess they knew exactly where Cheney’s plane would land because all the underground bases are mapped out and the military using these bases would I hear be good one’s and bad ones, cloning one’s, etc.

Permission to chase Cheney for arrest would be actually orders. I’m assuming if games need to generate questions of how he got away. Anything Cheney is thinking can be mapped out according to some scientists.

But really there’s more going on if we just look and interpolate out of sci fi on YouTube.


As Cheney flee’s,…..the Deep State is being called upon to hinder the Anons by trying to back out on attacks with their Covid bullshit.
The Anons are exposing these Clowns, Actors & Shills. They’re HERE watching 24-7 and posting.
We point them out here everyday with our down votes!!!!!
Clowns like
and more!!!
They try to disturb the news causing distraction – they are liars & shills.


Oh come on Man!!!


So Cheney escaped…. But he’s been on the list of
one of many, who executed…


Aztec-Two Step for this SOB!!! Rip his cold black heart out while it’s still beating 🖤🖤🖤

Gregg Nickens

“Conspiracy Theory” – Phraseology thought up and used by the Comunist Intelligence Agency.
Now people are finally learning “the hard way” that their so called, “Conspiracy Theory” is actually “Conspiracy” against America and American citizens.

Donald Trump Jr., “What’s the difference between Conspiracy Theory and Truth?” Answer, “About 6 days”

When DJT’s “Declass” of FBI and CIA docs by Executive Order when he first stepped into office, and also by pre-emptive strikes to those agencies beforehand NOW finally the TRUTH will out. PG


You have to admit, New Zealand sounds like a place he belongs! That so called woman in charge down there is completely nuts, just like him! I am sure he will stick out like a sore thumb! LOL. Wonder if his daughter will be arrested too! I hope so! She’s a basic criminal too! Can’t wait to see him swinging at the end of a rope! The Patriot Act is his doing! Him & Jon Yo! There are so many in DC that need to be indicted, can’t wait until it’s all over!


Some of you have asked why I picked New Zealand as the location for this story. Mike and I were talking about the new Beatles documentary and joked that it should have been set in the Shire with Hobbits running around. After some herbal medicine, we thought it would be funny to throw NZ into the mix as a nod to Peter Jackson. It obviously worked!


There you are “again” Ted, always trying to look all to important, you’re a FRAUD. Idiot
Don’t you work for CNN? OR WAS IT msnbc?


I am the co founder of RRN and site admin. Who are you?

Gregg Nickens

Cheney, “You can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man” . Alliance, “So we’ll huff and we’ll puff and we’ll burn your house down (with you in it)”.

Sandy Koufax

Trump has gone full vaxtard.



I have a solution of two words ……… “predator drone”.


You know most people forget that GW picked Cheney to help him select his VP. Cheney picked himself, that made me raise an eyebrow at what type of person he is and I never trusted him. I believe he was the man behind the curtain throughout GW’s presidency.

mark david

President Trump has revived the Constitutional prohibition on lawyers who try to be politicianc. Strip them of their Citizenship and throw them out of the country.

mark david

If you’re going to classify Cheney as a draft dodger, you’d have to apply that to 90% of politicians in his age bracket. And an alcoholic? Well, probably 50% at least. Anyway, there are many psychopaths in the halls of DC, stealing everything they can get their hands on while shitting on the American People on a daily basis and smiing at the camera while they do it. Exceptions aside, take the rest of them, tie them all together, and drop a Rod of God into their center of mass.


Well that’s just normal to have an underground tunnel system for escaping in your home. Nothing to see here.


What if Cheney deplaned at the fuel stop and escaped either by vehicle or another aicraft to a different destination? He would have to suspect they would be tracking a CIA flight, especially bound for New Zealand.

After dealing with wild animals in the forest never suspect they have only one exit to their den. Humans are even more devious. I believe Liz Cheney made a mysterious trip to New Hampshire this weekend and the msm said it was because she is contemplating a 2024 Presidental run. Yeah, a congressional rep that can’t get reelected in 2022 in her home district is going to run for president in 2024. Sounds like a cover story to me.


The military tribunal should arrest Karl Rove, the Bush’s brain man.


Rove is truly a sorry treasonous bastard. Hang Him!


I don’t really care that Jacindo NZ Prime Minister has a swinging sausage, but he shouldn’t lie and say he had a child. Anyway Cheney tucked his tail and ran without a shred of dignity. Check the Prime Ministers guest bedroom.


His daughter Liz is the nasty apple that did not fall too far from his tree. She should be next, to be at Gitmo, for treason.


Not sure she even fell OFF the tree.

dennis ward

Hey just ask Liz the Lez where daddy went? If she doesn’t talk waterboard her until she does!


Richard Cheney assured former President Bush Jr that he would neither be connected to murdering ~7,000 World Trade employees (primarily citizens of other nations), nor connected to detonating four buildings (NY and DC).

It will be good to know the thoughts of squirrely Bush Jr on the day of his execution — after all, it appears Richard Cheney set-up Bush Sr and Jr as patsies for the World Trade crimes and Middle East fake wars.

So far, JOHN PODESTA is the only criminal reportedly begging with tears of regret to stop the firing squad execution. Whereas the other convicted criminals declared innocence with their last vengeful breaths.

Thank you MB for keeping We the People informed!


Anyone see SNL on Dec 19th, 2021 which featured Paul Rudd and Tom Hanks and they talked about recent events like COVID came early this year and Tom Hanks mentioned that Paul Rudd was recently named, Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine which he was, on November 10, 2021. Plus, there was no audience when this aired because the news recently said cast members had tested positive for COVID a week before it aired.
Go to YouTube search for 5-Timers Cold Open – SNL. After watching it can you truthfully and honestly think it’s still a Mask -Wearing- Body Double- Clone – Jim Hanks- CGI- Tom Hanks

Last edited 2 years ago by Delta
Boss Lady

Did you know Tom Hanks had/has a twin brother? Not saying that was him but it’s worth noting.


Yep, I sure do. You can definitely see the resemblance but they defiantly don’t look alike. Watch the SNL’s opening monologue on YouTube and judge for yourself.


Of course not . You are correct but isn’t it amazing we have to entertain theories like this?

Rose Mary Abbott



EXACTLY! If they put Trump, his family and friends in place of the people in these articles, everyone one of them, would cry Fake News!

Rose Mary Abbott




Last edited 2 years ago by Delta

People of lower intelligence and income often look for reasons why others are successful but they aren’t. It is never the fault of the dolt, but always some far fetched theories that are beyond their control. It has now reached the level of clones and body doubles. If only the special people on here advancing these theories spent half as much time trying to improve themselves, we would have a much better society.




LMFAO You’re being shilled on. Don’t be like Ted.

Angel Askew

There is proof out there that:
.Paul Newman and Geraldine Page are the parents of Tom Hanks.
. Robert Redford and Jane Fonda = Brad Pitt.
. LBJ and Barbara Streisand = Paul Ryan.
Royal families have been doing this for centuries.


TED You and all of you other nazi friends are the ones devoting hours here ~ maybe, improve yourself? Oh, yea…you wouldn’t know how ~ because nobody will tell you..


I’m a bit confused – another big site listed the scumbag as “arrested and executed” last year in an “updated arrest list 6 Sept 2020”? I guess it doesn’t really matter – as long as he’s dead or about to be.


Well , he’s not even quite dead yet .

Rose Mary Abbott


Lucky Star

I would like to know how much these 3 person got out of 2.3 T missing money from DoD. Did they get equally? Of dubya got 35%, dick 30% and rumpshit 30% the rest for the cleaner crews

Rose Mary Abbott



There is nowhere on the planet that this vessel of devilish control can hide.
He will be captured, he will face justice, and he will hang by his neck until dead.


Dead aor alive, he will be brought to GITMO and dance with the reaper as all of his other rascals have done and will be doing very soon.


Hey guys has everyone here gotten their vaccine booster shot yet? Because your hero Donald J Trump sure has 🙂





Now now Wildcat, I’m not a fan of Trump either but let’s keep the discussion civilized and refrain from calling him mean names 🙏

J Bill

Two faced liar.


That has got to be a clone Trump .

Rose Mary Abbott


Rose Mary Abbott


Kathleen Ann

Cheney was named as a very deranged, psychopathic, violent rapis in Cathy O’Briens’ book, ‘Trance-Formation of America.’ She wrote when she and her little daughter Kelly were owned by the CIA as MK ultra mind controlled sex slaves, Cheney’s favorite pastime was to come to a ranch out in Wyoming where Cathy and her daughter were flown out there for his amusement…they were stripped naked and had a short time to run through the woods…Cheney would hunt them and brutally rape both of them. The terror and helplessness she felt for her little daughter is so overwhelming. I never sobbed so much as when I read that book in 1999…I was red pilled reading this book…about these deviant bastard monsters in human form running our country.


Hang his wife too.


I hope the New Zealanders get him cornered. Surely someone will know who he is.
These two (he and George) guys are such pukes.

Last edited 2 years ago by Candace

Maori Haka time

Linda Chambers

New Zealand is welcoming our traitors.

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Through the darkness You might traverse, may Lady Liberty shine Her light
And may the princes born to tyranny always fall to Freedom’s Might
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I wonder about that Adolf, just how kind was he?
Did he makes the girls’ hearts beat fast, and their heads turn warm and fuzzy?
Did he fill the little children with hope and with wonder?
Was he friends with the Angels? Did he wield lightning and speak thunder?
Did the crowds hush in anticipation whenever he rose to speak?
Did he inspire courage in the fearful? And strength in the weak?
Did he cause church bells to ring? And the people to break into song?
Was he as wise as he was fierce? Was he as gentle as he was strong?
I wonder about that Adolf, I wonder if he was as bright as the sun
But the one thing I don’t wonder…is that Adolf’s work is not done

When a human cuts down a tree, the tree does not harm the human in order to stop the human from harming it. It simply continues to supply the human with oxygen. So too do I try to do everything that I can to continue to supply those who harm me with love and happiness.


Go home,you’re drunk again 🥴

Can’t you like limit yourself a few less words plz? It would go a long way for people to be interested in reading what you write.

It would go an even longer way…. if you just GTFOOH.


Rose Mary Abbott



I’d bet dollars to donuts Cheney personally ordered the stand-down of the Pentagon’s defenses on 9/11 so the MISSILE could hit it. Research his response to “Does the Order still stand, Sir?” during the missile’s last few moments of approach.

Last edited 2 years ago by James
Angel Askew

Mr. Baxter,
Why are you dissolving my flamethrowers??
She had it coming.

unlabeled quality



Reminds me of the Nazi “rat lines”. Same tactics!


It´s because it´s the same “people”, and their descendants.


Thats a fact kikas.


I expect we’ll be hearing soon that Cheney has been captured. Won’t be long.


Maria…can you image-cheney in the chains ….on MSM…..


Well, at his age and for his weight I sorta doubt the fat bastard can run very fast. lol However if he does, I’d love to see it on video.

Elisa Orozco

…….”We didn’t know he had an escape and evasion plan mapped out,” our source said. Am I the only one who doubts the veracity of that statement???!!! How many months have we been told that the DS has had underground bunkers in New Zealand where they intended to hide out when the heat came down on them!!??
Why was Cheney ALLOWED to escape??!!! Any thoughts????


Gee, a wild guess but maybe this isn’t true. There are no verified sources for this information, is there?


“Ok” whatever you say.

Rose Mary Abbott


J Bill

There is now. T-ed rolled on all you guys here. You know… all the Goodfellas.


No doubt to track him there. Who knows but maybe “somebody” shoved a tracking chip up his ass awhile ago. lol


His handlers would be remiss not to. SOP


Fucking New Zealand and Australia are cesspools of the new world order. Do what is necessary, and kidnap his treasonous ass and bring him to GITMO. He needs to be put before a firing squad, with NO BLINDFOLD OFFERED.

unlabeled quality

both places that used false flags to enforce gun control and gun seizures.
not a coincidence.
and proximity to Antarctica.

podesta, soros, and gates…to say the least.


I never did like those pricks that speak out the side of their face. It always seemed creepy as f to me.


This RAT POS & his daughter needs to be impaled!!!


Run rabbit run. You have a hell hound on your trail.


Oooops … Argentina … corrected before the spelling police caught me.


There is no doubt in my mind that he will be caught … even in New Zealand … the new Argentia. .


Does the US have extradition with New Zealand. Doubt if he actually is there. Australia probably. it is crawling with US CIA. Facilities all over. He is probably in vicinity of Alice Springs area. Early in his career, was one of JFK shooters with Rumsfeld, and involved with Bay of Pigs disaster with Bush Daddy. I remember.

Proudly Unaffiliated

US special forces do need extradition permission to extract or bring justice to a target.

J Bill

Within the Nesara/Gesara Agreement there is no sanctuary for war criminals in any country within it’s agreement including 209 countries.

War criminals that fall within Trump’s EO’s and indictments came to a bottleneck and were prosecutable, as soon as Trump was officially “reinaugurated” by US Military late November 2021. There are thousands upon thousands of indictments.

The fact that suddenly CEO’s were dropping out, officials resigning, certain people went on the lam etc.., solidifies President DJ Trump’s legal and business standing (re: New Republic of the US) in retrospect, adding much credibility to the Plan and it’s furtherance.

Timing was everything.

Dave Strickland

Maybe MonkeyWerx can identify the movements of the 757. Now he’s in New Zealand maybe Jacinda Ardern the Premier can team up with him in some more nefarious activities.


Lol remember weeks ago when MB wrote that Chris Cuomo escaped on a plane, and several here were like “Maybe MonkeyWerx will track and report on that plane and that will prove RRN is real!”

But then none of that happened and nobody actually cared that there was zero evidence of that flight existing, because y’all want to just go on believing RRN is real no matter what? I remember.


As do I. Where is Chris?

Rose Mary Abbott


Rose Mary Abbott


Proudly Unaffiliated

Maybe RRN will publish an article that will prove MonkeyWerx is real.

Proudly Unaffiliated

Gone Kiwi on us, now have you, Dick? We know your type– you will not be taken alive and we are fine with that.


Gone walkabout.


Before 9/11, USA aerospace security was changed around so that Cheney called the shots during 9/11 when it happened.

After 9/11, aerospace security was changed back to the way it originally was before 9/11.

This change was a one-off done in order to ‘manage’ 9/11 when it happened that day. No change like this was ever made before or since in the history of the U.S. military.

After 9/11, key people in the military involved in aerospace security were promoted for their involvement in this heinous op. They were likely compartmentalized, didn’t know the whole plan, and knew not to say anything or ask questions to avoid blame or death to ‘shut them up’ to avoid exposing the op along with its details.