Military Arrests Melinda French Gates


U.S. Marines on Monday served a military arrest warrant on Melinda French Gates, wife to the late Bill Gates, at her earth-sheltered mansion in Medina, Washington, a JAG source told Real Raw News.

In September, Melinda Gates testified against her ex-husband at his military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay. Although he was found guilty and subsequently hanged, she had purportedly been granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for her testimony.

“Her deal was provisional. It stipulated that she admit to her full involvement in Bill’s crimes. Well, we’ve found more evidence that she was less than forthcoming and was deeply involved in and complicit in Bill’s child trafficking and his promotion of deadly vaccines. I can’t discuss evidence now. It’ll be made known later,” our source said.

Asked whether Melinda French Gates will face a military tribunal, he said, “When civilian authorities ignore these heinous crimes, when they refuse to prosecute criminals in their good graces, when they accept bribes and compensation to let these villains walk free, JAG has the responsibility to ensure justice.”

The Insurrection Act of 1807, which President Donald J. Trump activated ahead of the stolen election, supersedes the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which limits the powers of military personnel to enforce domestic policies within the United States.

“We have authority to make these arrests without bias or prejudice. We’re not out arresting everyday citizens. We’re taking the worst of the worst into custody, people who’ve committed treason and crimes that impact society. Melinda is one of those people, and, yes, she will answer to a military tribunal,” our source said.

This is the second time JAG has revoked an immunity deal. The first was Marc Mezvinsky’s.

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Bill can welcome her into the gates of hell🤣


can’t help but looks like a dude.


That’s Kevin Kline. 😆


Did JAG revoke Podesta’s immunity, as well?

Eugene Cruz

Uh, NOT far from where I live. From Medina, Washington to SeaTac, WA.
Wish that I could listen to her heart stop beating during hanging!!! LOL : – ))


Search Mercola, Dirty 16, Genocide, Nuremburg 2.0

Heather Duncan

oh you mean they arrested actor kevin kline

Mark David

She? Looks more like a He.


Another rewritten ped-o-boy legacy To Be Announced at a later date.

Just Me

With all the money this woman had she could have done something about those ugly eyebrows, or at least return them back to Nancy Pelosi.


IMPALE The murderous witch!!! Melinda new what was really going on & chose not to do anything about it…


This is praiseworthy news, Michael, Baxter, thank you!

I am happy of yet another ped-o-boy jettisoned to GITMO with his preprinted toe-tag to face justice. Yes, a setting that’s appropriate for on-stage and on-camera performances of unchoreographed “air dances” at the end of the hangman’s rope!


R.G. Spiritus Arbitus

Complicity was consent, Justice of The Universe Reality is Fact.

All evil and wickedness ends.


Obama must be arrested and locked up for life.
Obama Care
established ONLY established for one reason: for child trafficking.
“What if
I told you that one of the companies in Washington that started this law firm
is a medical coding research company? What if I told you that Obama Care was
created for one reason and one reason only, and that’s to do child trafficking.
That’s the only reason Obama Care was founded. What if I told you that they
invested so much money to build three supercomputers in the University in
Austin Texas that a mother who goes to her gynecologist to find out that she is
pregnant. And at the same moment that he enters the code, the child traffickers
are tracking that mother’s pregnancy. They know if she has an abortion, if she
has a live birth. They track the child through the first few years. They know
if it has blond hair, blue eyes or red hair, green eyes or whatever. They have
all the medical data: Blood type, DNA.
The Obama
Care coding system eliminated medical confidentiality from the U.S. and around
the world. Don’t think it’s just happening here. It happened all over the
world, in every country in the United Nations. We started it. It a five-digit
coding system with over 80,000 codes. We call it medical abduction in this
country. Parents, for example, who went to Phoenix Children’s Hospital and
talked to a doctor there: their doctor took his notes and gave them to the
medical coding expert in his office. She feeds those notes into the computer.
CPS (Child Protective Services) and the Superior Court of Arizona rent space in
the basement of the hospital. Once a red flag goes up on the CPS worker’s
computer, he has the complete medical record, home address, parents’ names.
Everything. They can copy and paste it all into some document so they can then
run next door to the judge, have him sign it, get on the elevator, and thus
within 5 minutes take the child. That’s how they do it. In every
Biden is not
the only major child trafficker in America. Obama made the child trafficking
system a lot more sophisticated even without up to 10,000,000 illegal migrants
flooding the border sine 2021. It’s all about feeding Baal and his demons
through blood sacrifices by using the kids coming in.
www DOT bitchute DOT com forward slash video forward slash kHhuyBr1RnvV/
www DOT bitchute DOT com forward slash video forward slash 7bQKaaqCLAIC/
This is why
John Roberts was blackmailed by Obama, who threatened to expose his illegal
adoption from Ireland of his kids through private means via a family member because
he and his wife Jane were infertile. If he didn’t give Obama the YES vote on
Obamacare, he would lose everything, lose his family, and the kids would be
deported back to Ireland, or rendered stateless.
As we know,
he was photographed, or appeared to be photographed on Epstein Island with
other paedos.
He was
overheard on speakerphone that he would ensure Trump’s defeat, saying I’ll make
sure that motherfucker never gets reelected.”
His kids were
also sexually abused by others. Roberts had to make sacrifices to get into a
really exclusive, elite club that required ritual abuse of kids.
He also was
working with other leftist SCOTUS justices to reject any cases of electoral
fraud over the objections of Alito and Thomas so the election corruption would
not be heard, exposed and the Trump campaign vindicated.,
As a result
of his behaviour, Roberts was arrested on 07.07.21 for
visits to
Epstein Island,
billions in bribes,
$9.1 trillion in payments to Clinton’s CIA;
Nesara Gesara
involved in
picking a replacement for Scalia,
GCR/RU release,
notifications and payments to PP recipients.
Even Barron
Trump, 11 at the time, knew something was wrong with Roberts when he stared at
the corrupt justice during his dad’s swearing in on inauguration day 2017.
Kids are not

Angelina Barrientos

I pray these articles are true. It would be a tremendous disappointment to find out someone is pulling our chain.


They’re not, it’s all qanon fan-fiction.

The real question is, how long will you go on believing it, with no evidence or results, before you accept that it’s fake? Another month, six months, a year, three years, more? Cause Michael Baxter will keep the fan-fiction coming for along as people are sending him their money for it 🤷‍♂️

Angelina Barrientos

We can have faith but we need evidence. Real hard evidence. With nothing happening and not one shred of evidence , theses articles start becoming story telling BS. If “Michael Baxter“ is making this up , he should be held responsible as conservatives are wailing on holding democrats responsible for their lies. It’s goes both ways.

David T

You need evidence and you don’t speak for me as far as what is needed. I know first-hand from local news sources that 135 SD ANG personnel shipped out to Texas late last summer for a couple months’ of training prior to be deployed to GITMO in early 2022. This unit was comprised of MP personnel. Why would an additional 135 MP’s be needed in GITMO? I’ve seen comments posted by viewers over the last several months that identified dramatic upticks in the number of military flights going in and out of GITMO, and they’ve provided information on how to confirm these things for ourselves, which I have done. Those upticks have always accompanied a breaking story within days later. Regarding the stories listed, not one single military person listed by name in these articles has made one single objection to their name being shared in these articles along with the role that they are executing. How much “evidence” did you see of the Russia Collusion hoax? How much of that evidence ended up actually being truth? NONE OF IT.

Boss Lady

But what happened to the REAL Melinda Gates? HE is not she.

Janell Coker

There is No Way that is a woman..those who know….know

Sandy Koufax

I would think prisoners at Gitmo are segregated based on sex and not LGBTQP Cult status. Is Melinda allowed to shower with the men? I don’t think it was ever mentioned how Hillary or Chelsea were segregated at Gitmo.

Last edited 2 years ago by Sandy Koufax

Bill was the girl.


You guessed right “She is a He!” I looked up Bill Gates & Melinda “Marvin” French
on Ancestry. It was not easy to find. And it did state that Melinda was born Marvin
in Dallas, Tx. So you might ask how did they have 3 kids??? Mystery! Maybe they adopted.


Didn’t they revoke the plea deal for John Podesta, too?

Sandy Thomas

What year was the title photo of Melinda gates taken Michael? Do you have the source for that pic?

Angelina Barrientos

I agree, we need proof of these pictures Baxter shows. Not trying to be a pessimist but we need to proof already.

Sandy Thomas

Not doubting the reports but trying to establish a logical sequence/timeline.


what an ugly manthing, she-he, is !!!!!!!!

Jose Ramirez

Dropping like flies… awesome..


by a lot!

Trump won in a landslide X 2

The Belligerent Occupiers know it.

Everybody knows it.

The World knows it.


Good times



Lol just one more day, the military is definitely gonna taken them all out tomorrow, right?


Angel Askew

Today is national popcorn day and 5g switch flip day. Tomorrow marks one year Xiden is “in office” and now meets our military requirements to be tossed and exterminated.
I’m headed to Trader Joe’s for kettle corn and buttered popcorn and plain popcorn and popycock popcorn and libations for the king of reality TV to lay it on us!! 📣📺📽️🎬🔦🇺🇸.
PS: Putin has my utmost respect!!


wonder what happened to the original bill and melinda gates
this is definitely not a woman
i have seen pictures of melinda way back and this is not the same person
also bill gates and he did not look like the same bill gates that we have seen recently

also general flynn’s wife looks like a tranny

that goes for a lot of these satanist
thinking of mark zuckerberg,nancy pelosi,hillary and bill etc.

wonder what happened to all the originals


Barbara Vadas

Justice must prevail even though very few know that it is happening. I am glad that I know and in turn am grateful to the military and JAG.


I am workshopping the next 5 chapters this week. My readers here are an odd demographic and a hard to find control group. Males are typically age 50 to 75 with little education after high school. Most were tradesmen but most are now on some form of assistance. Females are typically 55 to 72 with some college level education but mostly were stay at home mothers. They are also usually on some form of assistance. Each group scores similarly in the Myers Briggs tests and average IQ is between 77 and 105, below average for most Americans.

Buck fiden

If you add “overweight to morbidly obese,” you’ve just described the average bar patron in Tucson.


The few times I was in Arizona, it seemed nice. It wasn’t ungodly hot but I heard it gets bad.


Look at her neck, it looks swollen.


There couldn’t be a more deserving person. That Gold digger!!! LOL
Thanx Micheal.
Some woman seem to always walk away free, now we see what it takes to make sure they won’t.
I imagine there was a lot of past Video evidence out there to convict her beforehand, but still its a good thing when new evidence found out she was actively involved making her guilty of the same crimes as BG.

Kelly Brown

She’s so fucking ugly.

Angel Askew

S/he has always dressed like a homely grandma that’s scared of the sun.
Wardrobe as appetizing as rice cakes.
For that alone I’d hang her.

Last edited 2 years ago by Angel Askew

You should wear your Miss America sash on your profile picture.

Buck fiden


john h

thought Melinda was a transgender. She’s a he.


If you can’t come clean, then you need JAG.

Dave P.

and Dick Tracy Cheney???? When will you talk about that SOB

Lucky Star

Tomorrow bro…be patient!



Lucky Star


William Turner

Does anyone here work at the Gates Foundation and can vouch that they have SEEN Melinda or Bill in person the last 2 months?

Last edited 2 years ago by William Turner

Weren’t they killed in India in 2013? Or a couple months ago ?

Lucky Star

Which one that you believe?🙃😉


maybe military decided all doubles got to go…do not cry ….


What if someone did? You would say that they were lying.


ted dy..maybe military decided -all doubles got to go…but do not cry …please…things get faaar worse till end of the strong ted dy…


Your words are comforting during these dark times.

This is the second time JAG has revoked an immunity deal. The first was Marc Mezvinsky’s.

I though the first was James Comey?

Wouldn’t that make this the third?

Thank you Mr. Baxter for all you do! God bless.

Bev Kungl

The first was John Podesta…then Marc and finally Melinda Gates. This is what people have said in this forum.

Rondelle Cagwin

“She” looks like a “He”

Bev Kungl

I said the same thing. Take away the hair and you find a man.


It looks like Kevin kline in drag


Ohhhh it is a he….and what is up with that neck??? The plastic sagging?? Lol It will look good in a noose!!! NO PITTY!!!!!

J Bill



That’s a Man, Baby. Gay. Imagine the Smell.

Lucky Star

From which parts?

Proudly Unaffiliated

The best part of this is that this gives all involved in these crimes against humanity a stark and simple choice: come clean totally and perhaps you can cut a deal with JAG to lessen your deserved punishment or play games and have it all fall apart. This produces more fear for the deep states globalist criminals. MAGA! 🙂

Lisa M Moyer

I am waiting for Pelosi and Schumer and Zuckerturd. Gates may have been not forth coming but her partner in crime is gone. Let her sit in gitmo for the rest of her life. All of their assets and land returned to the rightful farmers. Their trillions returned to all the victims from vaccines.


If that were true can you imagine how long that would take when the courts get involved ? They will , they always do.

Lucky Star

Hi Dumshit, where is the book from Cuomo? When he will finish writing his memoir? Any news from James comeycal today???


Please tell me why you call him comeycal and I will tell you all that is going on . Cuomo is in Bermuda learning how to play cricket .

Lucky Star

Deflect questions.. did publisher agree to publish his book??? In Bermuda and playing cricket…brahahhaahaa that was you best respond??? You should ask more money from your cabal bosses since you can’t and dare not to answer the faith of James comeycal and cuomo….


Have you ever been to Bermuda? Yes Doubleday is publishing the book. Do all your friends and family believe Comey was executed? I bet not. The only proof you have is MBs article. No one knows him, has talked to him or wrtten to him. Why would you believe that without any solid proof? Anyone can do that.

Lucky Star

So proof he is still alived. No problem right????


Exactly . Let’s wait and see if we have martial law this Thursday .

Lucky Star

I don’t ask that. I asked you where are James comeycal and cuomo.? Running away again from the questions?????


McLean Virginia and Bangor Maine . Now answer about martial law .

Lucky Star

Those are their homes… no proof they are still alived. Anyone can just wrote just like you. Alive or dead? That’s the question. If comeycal is still Alive, it needs a solid proof

Last edited 2 years ago by Lucky Star

This guy writes like he had a stroke.

Buck fiden

So proof he is still alived.”

Better than being “deaded” or “outed.” Or “having suffered fatal injuries.”

Me detects Chinglish. 你是中國人嗎?

Lucky Star

Have you called the college and ask to speak with comeycal? Still on unpaid long vacation??🙃🙃🙃😁😁😁? Retired??🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣… with the head attached to the body??? Come on… call the college…easy right??😘😘😘😘🤭🤭🤭

Buck fiden

I got it! You’re a GOOK!
đi saigon chưa?

Buck fiden

Tiny little place 500+ miles off the coast of North Carolina with lots of niggers. They drive on the left (how dare they!).



Hal Brown

Her left eyeball is a full half eyeball lower than her right eyeball. Does that make her a lefty because she is always in a left bank?.

Last edited 2 years ago by Hal Brown
J Bill

Then scroll down a few inches to her neck: what are those? Gills?

Nothing would surprise me at this point.


‘bruce jenner 1976 olympics photo’

virtually all pics of ‘before’ Bruce at the Olympics

‘caitlyn jenner 1976 olympics photo’

virtually all pics of ‘before’ Bruce at the Olympics

I’ll bet if you leave ‘Olympics’ out of either search text above you will get LOTS AND LOTS of ‘after’ Bruce pics! =P

On a related note, I think The Wachowski’s ‘flipped’ as punishment/humiliation/domination for revealing too much truth in their THE MATRIX saga (1999, 2003, 2021).

Last edited 2 years ago by IsThisFairUse2

Help people understand this horrific subject that many tend to turn away from. Evil has to be known to be very real and can no longer be tolerated,,,

This is about WW3 GOOD VERSES EVIL
VIDEO Kristy Allen ~ MK Ultra, SRA Survivor (ITNJ Seating)youtubeDOTcom/watch?app=desktop&v=ixHC8lm82Qg

Last edited 2 years ago by Zee
Buck fiden

I know a lot of good verses. My favourite is from the Book of Kings 2, 18:27


Is that the part with the guys sitting on the wall?

Terminally deplorable

The trend points to having a second book.


No EBS today Zee, what happened ?

Lucky Star

No news from James comeycal today?


If you tell me why you call him comeycal I will give you an update . Thanks

Lucky Star

You know 100% he was dead without the head attached… try to deflect the question..typical libtard.


But you’re deflecting from the legitimate question of why you call him Comeycal

Rob William

Which timeline are you living in? It surely happened in Zee’s timeline.


Hers is hard to pin down .


Good if she is guilty the justice
Must be done.


Eww, that woman…..or is it a he…I’m not sure…if is the real Melinda, she did not age very well….stone cold fugly

Buck fiden

Billions makes her look like Ivanka.

Angel Askew

Talk about aging well, look at some pics of her mom today. Phewph!

Sandy Thomas

? Where

Terminally deplorable

If you only could see her with my eyes.

Buck fiden

HTC Vive Virtual Reality 3D porn is awesome!

Hunter Hunter

I think the proper pronoun is “he”, that is obviously a man and obviously NOT the real Melinda Gates. Just look at side by side pictures, older vs newer, it is obviously NOT the same person, glaringly obvious.

Sandy Koufax

Gates has virtually unlimited wealth, she knew she withheld information from JAG and she knew the consequences, if JAG found out. Seems like a no-brainer to leave the US for place with no extradition treaty.

J Bill

If that’s what she did, she set herself up.

Sandy Koufax

Seems like she would have enough awareness to know she better leave before they find out the truth.

Rob William

JAG is GOD in your timeline!

Sandy Koufax

It’s quite obvious that you fantasize about being a feminine hygiene product living inside of Melinda Gates’ undergarments.


I read something awhile back that said that the real bill and melinda gates were executed by the Indian gov’t in ‘013 for bad vaccines given to and killing children over there.

Rob William

That’s on another timeline in the multiverse. Keep track of them otherwise it’s easy to get confused.


OK On this one I have doubt. I found her and Bill on 2 years ago. It said they are dead. Died in 2013 in India after they killed numerous children with a vaccine and the parents hung them from a tree. So perhaps they arrested her clone?