National Guard Doctors Find Hospitals Empty of Covid Patients


On Monday, the criminal Biden administration and its complicit states’ governors activated a program that deployed 1,000 military medical workers to six U.S. states to help hospitals besieged by an imaginary crisis—a non-existent surge of Omicron patients.

But physicians attached to the New Jersey Army National Guard, Task Force Secaucus, found their assigned location, Hudson Regional Hospital, empty of even a single Covid patient, said Lt. Michael McKenzie, a physician assistant.

Lt. McKenzie and 11 other Guardsmen—doctors, nurses, and physician assistants—were dispatched to the hospital with the impression its ICU was at-capacity and packed with deathly ill Omicron patients. Their duty was to relieve “overwhelmed” hospital staff, so the hospital’s existing medical professionals could focus their attention on non-Omicron patients.

“We were all surprised. I mean—we got told Omicron patients inundated the hospital. That’s not what we saw. Four of the hospital’s 14 ICU beds were occupied, but none with Covid patients,” Lt. McKenzie told Real Raw News.

The Guardsmen, he added, examined each patient’s medical chart. Not one mentioned Covid-19 as a reason for hospital admission. Two were cardiac patients. One had taken a gunshot wound to the abdomen. The other had been admitted for maladies not linked to Covid-19.

Interestingly, Lt. McKenzie said he was present when his CO asked hospital administrators why, if the hospital had no Covid patients, the National Guardsmen were there at all, as their orders expressly stated they were at the hospital to mitigate an Omicron surge.

“CO got told ‘I have nothing to do with your men being here. You’re here, I guess, because President Biden and Governor Phil Murphy want you here. Personally, I view your presence at this hospital a disruption and an inconvenience.’ CO made some phone calls. I guess he told his CO weren’t any Covid cases here, but we were told to stay at the hospital,” Lt. McKenzie said.

Moreover, not only was the hospital devoid of Covid-19 patients, but it was also short on staff. Lt. McKenzie said he saw “hardly any” hospital doctors or nurses patrolling the labyrinth of corridors or peeking their heads in patients’ rooms. Curious, he took it upon himself to discretely question a nurse and an orderly as to why Hudson Regional was short-staffed. He got two disparate answers.

“First, I was told many doctors and nurses had Omicron themselves and had to isolate at home until they tested negative. Then I got told the staffing issue was because the hospital fired 1/3 of its staff for refusing to get vaccinated. One thing’s for sure: someone isn’t telling the truth,” Lt. McKenzie said.

In closing, RRN reached out to both the NJ Army National Guard and Hudson Regional for comments. A Guard spokesperson refused to comment, and a member of the hospital’s administrative staff, Beth Johnson, said, “It’s hospital policy to not give specific information on who is hospitalized here or why. I can tell you 7 of 14 ICU beds are in use.”

Her statement alone contradicts Gov. Murphy’s assertion that Hudson Regional is “at capacity.”

Note: For those curious, Cheney’s tribunal did not begin until this morning, 10:00 a.m. GITMO time. I probably will not receive an update until late tonight and will publish on it tomorrow morning.

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Tim Riley

living on fear

Kelly Brown

This article was “fact-checked” by Facebook. Now we KNOW it’s true!


I wonder what it will look like when the 5 G towers goes on.

dennis ward

Corona virus = common cold, children get them all the time from the germ factory schools due to both parents working and not being able to stay home and take care of them when they get sick. When we were in school and got a cold or the flu we stayed home until we got better! No excuses. Destruction of the multi-generational family unit by design. We are now dealing with an evil many folks can not even comprehend, demons everywhere, schools, government and medical industry! Yeah I got the moronic sniffilous variant right after christmas and recovered again? WTF, my chances of surviving it without any lethal injections is only 99.46%! Go figure? Fauci is a liar and a murdering psychopath and should be executed a trillion times for his crimes, scum sucking POS!

mark david

Please, President Trump, nail everyone’s ass to the floor that took part in giving the poisonous jabs to the public. That includes the Walmart pharmacy shot givers. Perp walk them in front of the cameras as they walk to the hangman’s nooses that are waiting for them at the top of the stairs. That includes doctors, nurses, and anyone that knew what was happening and said nothing.

Last edited 2 years ago by mark david

This is the new plan, I have a feeling. Put NG in every state under the guise of ‘covid control’ and then hopefully at long last an EBS. I am starting to pack my bags just in case.

Susan Banks

Where are you going?


The virus is real (enhanced)…but…it has all been about CONTROL!!! Controlling our freedoms. Time to IMPALE these control freaks…like Dr. Fauci 💩💩💩


Voicemail from my Brother in Law today (who doesn’t read this website), security guard at a hospital in WA state: “There’s a bunch of National Guard here. They’re giving out Covid tests.”

mary pascucci



I’m sure they’ll shift their Narrative too – wrong Place, wrong Hospital, wrong Time.

Where were the Crisis Actors? Lets guess, perhaps their afraid, or no money left. Maybe just a communication breakdown. Who know’s, it could’ve been the wrong day or not enough time to prepare when the Guard moved in to fast for them.

Spies are everywhere, now, they must recalculate their math.

Both, Murphy & Brandon caught in conspiracy to create Red Flag. No Theory anymore.

When will people take notice, like narratives, there are no coincidences, the probability of so many for so long, is impossible.

How many – Narratives used since 2017 against “both” Trump & We The People?

Audits work, if demanded. Be Brave people, theres not enough of them to make a difference anymore. Exposure needs to be done ASAP.

Corruption coming to every Big City USA – Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing, they’re smooth talking liars & thieves who want to walk amongst us with promises that never come true leading us to an eventual bottomless pit of despair.

There was a Flu, but there has been Flu’s every 4 years for 40 years. It was weak by the time they came home to roost. Like a Chicken, they molt and loose their old feathers until they’re all gone. The world has always been their stage with many Actors.
The “only” Flu now, is Fake News organizations & Fake Biden Regime – think organized Crime Families – they are the Virus and the only antidote is complete removal of every said parasites.

R.G. Spiritus Arbitus

Time the “PUBLIC MEDIA” were held accountable for treasonous defamation/ deceptive facts ,,, they TALK L O U D ,,, say nothing.

“The Greatest Lie told, is the one most believed.”,,, Adolph Hitler.

It all goes down, down, down.

Sue Grantham

Thank you for all you do Michael ♥️🙏🇺🇸

Kelly Brown

Trust the plan, people!


When are the tel-coms turning on the juice.

Lisa M Moyer

Clown show regime and fake news doing a dynamite job!!!! Let’s go Brandon!!!! Waste of taxpayers money AGAIN.


And that dynamite will explode big time in front of their faces one of these days.


I was told today that a woman was recently admitted to the local hospital to be treated for covid (omnicron) she checked her insurance portal. Her insurance was never billed for her hospital stay…


I thought they charged more for covid?


Just have one of the guardsmen shoot CCP member Murphy in the head. No need to waste Admiral Crandal’s time.


Thank you Michael! Waiting Cheney Tribunal Day 1


Do check out the ZeroHedge site. Go to January 17 interview with Dr. Peter McCulloch “Official COVID Narrative Has Crumbled.” It’s over.

Barbara Vadas

The plandemic is composed of lie after lie. Month after month more and more lies. I believe none of it. I am unvaxed , unmasked and alive. I am often in large crowds of people. At 60 years old I guess this plandemic would see me as very dangerous. Hahahahaha.


You are an American hero!


U can count your blessings fellow Patriot.


The crippled US deep state FED government does not trust that us pathetic peons can handle a virus ourselves. They utilize mandating as an excuse to get in our faces over it. That is the wake up call that the country has gone communist.

Last edited 2 years ago by Joanna

Always a mass panic in RAT run states. Nothing a demoRAT ever does is above board.


True, but its also why they are infiltrating every Conservative States big Cities now.


Went to the community hospital today and saw 6 NG touring the facility. The ER had a few patients in the waiting room but no staff were frantic trying to help them–business as usual. The other parts of the hospital definitely did not look overwhelmed and understaffed.

Maybe the NG are in the area to stop BLM (burn loot and murder) and antifa from rioting when things start to go down.


yes. it must be blm and antifa!!!


This makes senses to me! Also, I hope that patients are being removed and brought to HCTZ and Ivermectin treatment centers.


I know the PO under fraudster Xiden was told to confiscate Ivermectic coming from foreign countries; however, white-hat labs could be making it

Sue K

I think you’re right, Mark; the NG has now been deployed in all 50 states. All 50 states must be involved. January 20. One year after the mashed potato was ‘sworn in.’ Section 11.3.2 of the Law of War Manual states that the military may take over the ‘occupying power’ after one year. Thursday, January 20 is one year.

The NG ‘helping’ with Covid response is pure BS.


We certainly don’t need foreign u.n. health care coming in and taking over.

Susan Banks

That’s right about the Military taking over on 1-21-22! Exactly one year after biden was falsely inaugurated at that fake AI inauguration!!! That was done early in the morning. Not at the time that they say it was.



Giant green Frogs are coming out from lakes & rivers eating people, but if you’re Vaxed then they wont eat you.
Of course this may change due to the color of the Frogs skin, there will be “other” variants so you may have to get around 666 boosters until they retreat into hibernation.


are the frogs gay?


Idk, sorry, can’t help you.


Perhaps LGBTQ+, there that should cover it.


Crowders sidekick said people in other countries are out marching and saying no to this bullshit but American’s just keep taking it up the ass. Why are we tolerating that little weasle Fauci and our corrupt Medical system?


And all of a sudden ‘POOF”, there go’s that PANIC stricken Liberal Narrative – “again” – as per usual.
Why am I NOT surprised any.
Freaking lying scum bag Democrats/Communists/Satanists/Transgenders/Homosexuals/Transexuals/Pedo’s and ALL the sick bastards in Bidens Regime.
Its time they TAKE A HIKE !!!!!

J Bill

The 3 Ring Circus continues. Hope they hold the same resolve and humor at Gitmo, especially if required to face the firing squad. After failing to mount their latest defense in the Tribunal: “We were just joking…”

After realizing “you can’t do this to me…” wasn’t working.

Thanks Michael!


don’t forget MB’s fav: “don’t you know who i am?”

you can’t do this to me and don’t you know who i am is in every gitmo article


They should get different lawyers then.


At what point does this get any more ridiculous?!!! It’s TIME… NOW! Hell, give each patriot a list of 5 people to dismiss and problem solved at the lower levels! These doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, etc that are carrying on this deadly ruse are just as guilty! Being in need of a paycheck is NO EXCUSE! You will be held accountable, even if it is a group of irate people who lost loved ones because they carried on like “it’s just my job!” Ignorance is not bliss! Hang em high!


get started bro


You are first on the list!


But don’t break any laws.


for what, exactly?


This seems like a bad thing to say on a site that is known to turn over information to the FBI and CIA.


Don’t forget the CVS jabbers who get paid $600 or more (forgot exactly how much) per person to poison people, ill or well, with the jab. They do it because they need to pay bills, too. One person actually said so, words to the effect of “Don’t judge me, I have to pay bills and feed my family.” Last time I checked, murder is not a part of the job description when working in a pharmacy.


Plenty of Judas’ out there getting paid blood money, imho.


So you’re suggesting that everyone should go out and murder 5 healthcare workers? Christ I hope you’re on watchlist, this is some genuine dangerous pysycho shit.


Preferably just arrest them all until a time is seen fit to put them on Trial. Its why everybody must vette their County Sheriffs because they are simply the key to it all. They MUST be a Constitutional Sheriff, if not remove them by impeachment.
Crimes Against Humanity – its why the rule was written.
To keep that rule/executive rule in law, Trump needed to sign the Insurrection Act of 1807,..otherwise Biden could erase it from law. This is why we see these people being busted and sent to Gitmo. And as a distraction, the Plandemic was enacted with help from fake Pharma & poised by Fake News Media.


I am convinced that Obamacare:  

  • infiltrated the top positions in the health care industry (and major manufacturing/business corporations) with leftists in preparation for the plandemic and clot shots; 
  • implemented vaccine-only protocols 
  • subsequently, implemented steep fines (or worse) for those that resisted.  

All = medical tyranny


you think everything is fake


Coming from somebody with an IQ level around 25. If I were you, I’d hide in moms basement.


You’re 100% correct.
Remember when Trump wanted to dump it, and the UN said he can’t?
That was their first exposure telling us they too are involved in Genocide.
Wink wink!




something will happen #soon!!!!


To late, Brandon has no real authority or power, its all a struggle for him and his handlers to keep up.


You know, the Deep State elites have created a FAKE military, government, media, and society “within” America’s society.

It is imperative that Americans LEARN TO DISCERN between the authentic America and the FAKE America.

The Guard has FAKE in its ranks.


everything is fake!

Mike Baxter

You’re essentially correct. Right now, we’re living in a nation with two militaries, with diametrically opposite goals. There’s the military loyal to the constitution, or “White Hats,” and traitors who have sworn fealty to the Biden administration.


Any guess as to numbers or percentages? Any guess as to whether this extends into the ranks of junior officers (or only flag officers)?

Last edited 2 years ago by WrongWayCorrigan

Thats a need to know basis. A few here a few there. Plausible denial keeps the balance in favor of white hats.
So, lets just say; We Know.


Not too long ago probably within the last 3-4 months, this site posted an article that estimated 80% of the military/Pentagon have pledged to support Q+ aka DJT.

Jan D Hunsinger

That’s my thought…false flag and the NG will already be on site.


“everything is a false flag!” is the RRN rally cry when it should be everything here is made up to solicit donations from boomers


Ditto in DC.

Cappy McCappy

Waste of Time and Money… BUILD DEM GALLOWS…


Or more jars and bars for the lifers.


Very strange that Omicron symptoms are the same as the common cold… runny nose, cough, etc. I’m guessing but a cold probably gives a false positive for Covid when tested.

We do have midterm elections coming up, how convenient for making voter/election fraud easy, maybe new/additional methods will be used to help the Dems more so than in 2020 Election.


Even before Omicron the fraudulent PCR tests picked up remnants of any colds or flus or whatever a person has had when the tests are cycled out above 25-30. Labs have been instructed (like Quest) to cycle at 40. So that’s the reason for around 95% false positives which the cabal had planned all along in order to keep announcing to the public each day the more and more “cases”. Thus a “pandemic” of “cases” of false positives.


I don’t know of any test out there be it PCR or other generic test have been proven trustworthy. In other words, the results have no duplicity.

Phyllis Bonviso

I was caretaker to my Dad for 2 1/2 years, in and out of hospitals, rehab, ER, Dr. appts — I have horror stories of how these medical facilities “take care of” patients. When you become a fly on the wall or you are there so often they forget you are not one of them and you see what they really do, you would not believe me…never ever leave your family alone in those places, EVER! and buck their system, question them – they will manipulate you, threaten you and your family with bogus medical terminology, call security…elderly do not have a chance in there…if people only knew…this article is a cake walk to what they really do in those hospitals!

Buck fiden

buck their system”!?

Please don’t take my name in vain!

Crazy cat lady

Or a paid troll.

They surely existed in Samuel Langhorne Clemens’ days but were few and far between as this was something like 120 years before the REAL ‘internet’ started (1993).


The hospitals were empty, what was Murphy to do?
Quick, send in the army to feign much ado!
What a waste of the army
By a guv’nor clearly barmy,
Such a storm in a tea-cup, a real ballyhoo!

Crazy cat lady

I’ve worked in several hospitals before I retired. The units are either busy or crazy. Last year in the height the Covid crises when hospitals were “full of Covid patients, I was taken to the ER after being injured in a car accident. It was very quiet, there were only about 3 patients in the ER. They were there for other reasons. It was like the time that I had to visit a closed wing of a hospital that wasn’t housing any patients. No action, only bull.


why is every rrn reader like 75 years old?


Don’t forget the 5-year olds who run around making like inane comments like “First!” and “Second!”

J Bill

Agree. Was placing their age around the 11 or 12 yr. old mark.

But the odd one < than 5 yr. old.


i’m sure you liked the odd one


Why is every RRN troll like… 10 years old?


because boomers are fun to laugh at


Justice fantasies and having learned to turn off all MSM decades ago. Because of indoctrination, so many of the young haven’t figured this out yet.

Crazy cat lady

Because I haven’t died yet and I know sh*t when I see it.

Susan Banks

Because we are the ones who don’t believe their lies.





Murphy going down! I can’t wait


Not fast enough.

Proudly Unaffiliated

Gosh, we are being lied to and deceived in every other possible way to boot. Who knew? The next thing we’ll hear is that gambling is going on in Casablanca and other casinos around the world. Shocking! /s 🙂


when your done with Chany she’ll right back in congress passing bills to make your lives hell and stipping your lives. Dead man walking

Peter Lewis

It seems that nothing and nobody is stopping the Deep State from pushing forward their agenda, not even slowing them down. Biden’s cronies are all the brainwashed governors running blue states. Polis is one of them. Colorado never voted to be a blue state. Ballot harvesting and voter fraud turned Colorado into a blue state.


yeah why isn’t anything being stopped? all these bad things are happening, allegedly, but nothing ever gets stopped or picked up by other outlets to pressure the DS to stop


Yes when will we see some real changes?

Last edited 2 years ago by Cole

EBS will sound soon and everything will be revealed and explained.I guess the doubles will be arrested and tried just like the originals were. JFK Jr will be enticed to become a republican and become president even without an election. Soon, almost imminent, just like Trump was supposed to be back on the 4th of July. How long can you wait?


I think at least a little like you. I’m concerned that these arrested people are really hiding in the DUMB’s, If that’s the case, we all need to rise up together. The nail that sticks up gets hit. Even if we rise up in mass, it will be very ugly.


you first bro


Go find a DUMB and look . All these stories are false .

Susan Banks

Th dumb we’re flooded! Nobody there!


And even when JAG ‘executes’ someone a double just takes their place! The military is apparently cool with clone Gavin Newsom running CA 🤷‍♂️


Being a Troll,
Day after day after Day.
Remember that No amount of evidence can convince an idiot like you…
People want JUSTICE, and we




you guys will be doing this same shit in ten years


As we read above, even when the doctors and hospital administrators are not the hired assassins of the Deep State, they are still snot-nosed and hostile. Your tribunal awaits, Detainee Mengele.


thanks for letting them know. i’m sure they read this blog during their breaks


Troll,… When did you sell your soul.?


#soon wildcat! something definitely probably maybe will happen #soon


Surely u can tell from his infantile responses he is just a kid here to annoy you! Just ignore and do as you do to snotty kids… silent treatment!

Mike royse

Can you identify the Trolls on here for me so I can just skip by the BS.


Me , I’m no 7 or so.


weird because you just threatened me. i’d wonder why but this site loves fascism and violence against people they disagree with




The “…criminal Biden administration and its complicit states’ governors…”

Hi Michael, might the governors be the same criminals in blue states that refuse election auditors to examine the 2020 data?

If so … heh-heh-heh.


that AZ audit went really well lol

Last edited 2 years ago by JimmyT
Jan D Hunsinger

They got TONS of good information! RINO governor and AG won’t follow up. Your cynical mocking isn’t helping much.


it went so well the cyber ninjas had to fold!


The audit world will never be the same.


He is just a worthless TROLL


are you going to cry?

Brian N Gimby

Funny! The nurses have been posting videos of them dancing and having a great time.


Shades of refrigerated trailers [2yrs ago] lined up to handle all the bodies??? It’s a got-dam natch-rawl deeeesaster we hav here…


This is fabulous news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So will all these 30 plus states now with NG become 50 right before the EBS, and then stay to mass arrest and enforce a temporary martial law? Works for me. Hurry up, our country is almost destroyed. I had heard that these NG workers are part of the white hats and were largely deploying to hospitals to make sure nobody else gets hurt, swap out lethal batches, and investigate criminal activity during COVID, which was rampant beyond belief. If you ever want to know just how stacked our government is with criminals, AT ALL LEVELS, just look at how government and businesses behaved during COVID, hospitals purposely miscategorizing car accidents as COVID so that the “fear porn” factor would be higher (according to COLLINS himself)…it has been devastating to see the endless lies and deception that is now being pumped into kids because this guarantees FDA pays liability protection. Each and every administrator and desk jockey who pushed this sh1t needs to hang. This is America. We don’t force vaccinate with experimental drugs unless we want to be hung publicly because it violates every single human rights law we have. And basic decency too, which the elite have LONG since abandoned. If these people all drop dead tomorrow, the world will breathe a sigh of relief, but sadly it is not THEY (they all took HCQ and Ivermectin, unbelievably, and then made it impossible for other people to get) who are dropping dead. And now it’s young adults and kids. All so the world’s billionaires can get a little richer at our expense, and at the expense of our freedoms.


No Heath, none of this will happen.

Last edited 2 years ago by Wedge

Good work, Heath. Stay in the fight. MAGA

Sue K

Heath, all 50 states are now onboard.


Pray with me, St Joseph, terror of demons pray for us who have recourse to thee Amen.


If you can provide the link to the white hats in the NG’s ranks, please do! I’m tired of this slowpoke stuff. I know it’s a secret military operation and things have to be so precisely timed so as not to let any loophole give the enemy an inch even, but I wish it was faster. Lile everyone else I was VERY GRIEVED that the mass arrest of Biden, Harris, Roberts and others did not take place on usurpation day. Maybe if we had called Xi’s bluff and fought back and arrested them all, America would not be in the condition it is today. Maybe the Chinese were lying and just acted like bullies with nothing to back them up. Either way, I hate that America is like a vassal state and Biden is under China’s control. Such a shame.


C. O. V. I. D., 19 always was:



Vaccination 💉



9= I

The children corn whereby the mother’s have been vaxxed look like 👽!!!!!!


So covid is an AI? Fascinating.


Nano particles.. absolutely! In our food as well. Generally accepted as Safe is how it gets into our food. Use the same avenue as imported spices, etc! Research and you will be blown away!


this is mad libs for fascists

J Bill

with literally no help from it’s pedo trolls

J Bill

error: disregard this comment, misplaced