Military: Biden’s Surgeon General is CGI


The entity masquerading as the administration’s surgeon general, Vivek Murthy, is not a man but computer-generated imagery (CGI) superimposed on a dynamic algorithm that pushes a fictitious Covid narrative from some hidden crevice in Washington, D.C., said Lt. David Hoffer, a program analyst at U.S. Army Cyber Command Headquarters at Fort Gordon.

In October, the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps launched an investigation into Murthy’s past; the goal was to accumulate evidence proving he had conspired with federal health agencies to promote Covid-19 propaganda. With such evidence in hand, JAG and the OMC could have charged him with treason and compelled him to face a military tribunal.

But the month-long probe yielded perplexing results. JAG found no proof that Vivek Murthy, an uncommon name for someone living in the United States, actually exists, despite his having a rich biographical history on Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia written and maintained by a community of volunteers.

On paper, Murthy is an American physician and a vice admiral (in this case, a ceremonial title) in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps who has served as the 19th and 21st surgeon general of the United States under President Obama and President Biden. Wiki claims he earned an MD from Yale School of Medicine and an MBA from Yale School of Management. It says Murthy is a family man, with a wife and two children, living in a luxurious home, in an affluent D.C. neighborhood.

JAG, to start, could not verify Murthy’s educational background. Investigators obtained Yale’s enrollment records for the years Murthy had purportedly attended school, but his name—nor any similar name—appeared nowhere, not on paper, not in Yale’s administrative database. There was no evidence Murthy had written or filed a thesis, and later research papers bearing Murthy’s name seemed plagiarized. Investigators discretely interviewed professors who taught classes Murthy had allegedly been enrolled in, but none of them recalled a student named Vivek Murthy. In short, his educational accolades and subsequent internships were fabricated of whole cloth.

So too was his personal life, a JAG source told RRN.

Investigators had done surveillance on Murthy’s home, which, although purchased in his name, showed no signs of occupancy. Inside lights ran 24/7. No one was seen entering or leaving the home during the 10-day surveillance period. The household received no mail, despite it being listed as the primary residence. They checked if anyone claiming to be Vivek Murthy had rented a post office box—nothing. Nonetheless, an assessment of district records showed that both utilities and taxes had been paid with debit and credit cards in Murthy’s name.

“We covered so many bases. No school records for his children. No real history for his wife. We questioned neighbors who all said the house is always empty and they’ve never seen anyone living there. We checked out a vacation rental in Cape Cod—still nothing. It was as if someone had gone to great lengths to manufacture his and his family’s identities. One thing we did notice, a Chase Bank credit card was issued in Murthy’s name only 3 days before Obama appointed him. We became suspicious whether this guy was a real living, breathing human being, and that’s when we asked our contacts at Cyber Command to look into his digital footprint,” our JAG source said.

Lt. Hoffer at Cyber Command said he and other experts had meticulously analyzed 50 publicly available videos of Murthy.

“We spotted enormous incongruities the moment we started scrutinizing videos. The most glaring is he, miraculously, hasn’t aged much. Over an eight-year period we’d expect to see signs of age, some sign, however slight, of weight gain or loss, and facial changes even if the subject is caked in cosmetics. Our technology sees beneath cosmetics. Sure, his sideburns are a bit greyer, but that’s easily alterable with a few lines of code. I can’t discuss technology specifics because it would give the opposition knowledge of how we spot body doubles and clones. But in Murthy’s case, it’s CGI, and poor CGI at that,” Lt. Hoffer said.

The computer-generated Vivek Murthy, he added, was likely created in the Obama-era but never upgraded to reflect technological advancements. Even low-budget, made-for-TV movies, he added, use better CGI.

“Watch his eyes. His mouth movements. Muscles we expect to see moving with certain movements are not. Frankly, I’m amazed this wasn’t called out years ago, because I’m 99.8% sure he’s purely a manufactured construct, controlled by an algorithm that dynamically responds to questions he’d be asked,” Lt. Hoffer said.

Asked how Murthy, if a CGI construct, is able to make personal appearances, Lt. Hoffer replied, “Broadcast is CGI. What we’ve seen is he rarely appears in person anywhere, and when he does, you’re seeing a blended mix of holography and algorithm.”

RRN has embedded several videos below, so readers can make their own informed judgement.

RRN is an independent publisher that relies on reader support. We fight for truth and freedom of the press in an oppressed society. We use GiveSendGo, a Christian-based fundraising company, through which to collect donations. Every dollar helps.
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We have temporarily removed the quote stating that Murthy’s earliest video appeared on 2014 pending additional verification. I may have misheard the source. Nonetheless, we stand firmly behind the premise of the video.

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Mike Baxter

I have temporarily removed a quote from this article saying the earliest available videos of Murthy appeared in 2014. As readers pointed out, videos of him appeared earlier, but still all during the Obama administration. It’s possible I misheard the source, and it’s possible file sharing services are changing dates to fit an agenda. Regardless, we stand behind the source and the article’s premise: Vivek Murthy does not exist.

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No, sweat, Mr. Baxter. You have bigger fish to fry. MAGA


Find the source of the fraud, and charge them with the crimes!

Last edited 2 years ago by DaveB

Exactly. Whos writing and cashing his paychecks? Who hired him??


Well it sounds like a CIA op, right, a fake politician that can be used for any person, essentially a right-on-cue, always-on-message (Psaki’s wet dream) avatar, a deep fake for a deeply fake administration???? LOL.

Lucky Star

Buck Biden the CIA needs to confirm if this is CIA black ops.


Please look into the Elizabeth Garcia statement / comment and perhaps pass it on to the researchers.

I agree DOCTOR Vivek Murthy does NOT exist..

But someone named Vivek Murthy of lower class is involved.

And they know what they are involved in. The person that had this name– Vivek Murthy originally seems to be an absolute NO BODY. with NO CLASS. .But seems involved. I had to read it a few times to understand the purpose of the statement.



Lucky Star

Almost reach “your climax” ?????


The cun! Gayle King is absolutely part of msm fakes planted to read off scripts. Oprah and her need to be on list of tribunals also. They knew there was a glitch so they had her bring it up. Trying to save the ridiculous cgi tape gone wrong.


Harpo is in huuuge trouble for what she did in Africa!


Ive seen the ankle monitor on O in many different photos including the live video interview with Harry and Meghan. She’s a dirty trafficker. I can hear her testimony now. “Those girls were better off after I put them into my prison…I mean school’. These evil Satanist believes that they have right to make decisions for world because they have all the money, power.


Good luck with this , it’s great you have such a short attention span and will forget about this in a day or so . Maybe you can work on the EBS , nothing can start until that sounds .

Lucky Star

Maybe you need to work hard to find out where is James Comeycal actual “retirement house”!!!!


Where is Guantanamo Bay Cuba for 200 dollars Alex.


“Shall” still means “may”… 🙂


Incorrect, SHALL is actually a stronger word than WILL, it means “absolutely will”.

  1. (in the first person) expressing the future tense.
  2. “this time next week I shall be in Scotland”
  3. expressing a strong assertion or intention.
  4. “they shall succeed” · [more]
  5. expressing an instruction or command.
  6. “you shall not steal”

No it does not. “Shall” is a legal term.


The more Zee posts, the more I am convinced she is a bot. She has 2 types of posts here. One is calling other people shills with a list and the other type is rambling misinformation.


We are on it fellow Patriots!


The name Vivek sounds really Murthy to me

Andi Kay


David T

Quite robotic in both videos. Some glitchy stuff going on around the edges of his shoulders in the top video. His speech cadence, vocal range, and amplitude is too “managed” and comes off as robotic and non human. I’ve never heard a real person talk like that.


There’s also something funny about the ears.

David T

Yep, noticed that as well.


Not to mention body double Biden’s ears.


Pretty much everything about the first video screamed “Bad CGI.”


half of the sons head disappears too.


Because he doesnt exist also! Well, maybe half of him does.


Only half a head is needed to be zombie in DC.




No problem, Michael. Thank you for doing this terrific work. Carry on, please.


So when a reader catches a falsehood in your reporting, is it customary to ban them and delete all of their posts pointing out the falsehood? 🤔

Lucy Skywalker

evidence please. This is so unlike the Michael Baxter I know that I don’t believe you. Or else there is a very good reason for an unusual action that time will reveal.


Michael Baxter directly quoted ‘Lt. David Hoffer’ saying that the the US Army Cyber Command’s thorough digital footprint analysis turned up zero videos or photos of Vivek Murthy prior to 2014. A reader posted a video of Dr. Murthy that was uploaded to YouTube in 2011. Rather than simply change the article, Michael Baxter deleted the posts pointing this out. The ‘very good reason’ here would appear to be catching Michael Baxter in a lie.

Mike Baxter

Let’s be clear, the person in question was removed because rather than keep his comments civil, he wanted to convert a printed error into nastyness. He received a lot of latitude here. I acknowledged a mistake was made (that’s what we’re all responding to here, right? The acknowledgement) but he continued to spam nasty comments not only on me (fine) but also on others.


Replacing kicked off J-AY


I believe that was Zee that pointed that out and her comment was not deleted.


Yes, but I learned of this good UT link from a Shill


Replacing kicked off J-AY


We can spread the word and see if anyone has ever seen this person before.

Who to contact if there’s info (say a whistleblower) ? Project Veritas ?

Last edited 2 years ago by YLK

Mr. Baxter that in rare instances he has made a in-person showing? You say he was appointed by Obama. Was this person needing to be approved by Congress, to this appointed position?
Wouldn’t he have appear in person for questioning? Just asking Sir.

Just curious? Thank you again on the “WAYS of The Deep States and Their Art of DECEPTION!

Thank you Sir !!!

Last edited 2 years ago by JES
Kelly Knauth Brown

I believe you, Mike. It looks like CGI and an actual creation of Obama.


LOL, Why would anyone believe this nonsense?


Thank you for this update, sir.




Geez, ugliest avatar, like, ever.




Just had to make sure he wasn’t white because, as you know, white is evil.


I have heard a tale that the gov. is planning a hologram attack of space aliens in the sky; space ships above our heads attacking earth. It is going to scare people into protection camps to stay safe from them. Even if they use holograms there would have to be at least a couple real ones to make it believable right? Do you know of this planned fake attack; coming, using hologram aliens from outer space? Is it true? It sure would scare people; into wanting the gov to protect us by putting us in a “safe place”. Plus I hear a lot of theory’s that there are reptilians living under ground. I saw a video of a girl saying that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip are shape shifting reptilians. She claimed she saw them with her own eyes and was physically abused by them. She was holding a protest about it with people listening and she was using a megaphone to talk to the people standing at the protest. She sure seemed believable to me, I am just saying…


We live in an age of great deception!

Sandy Koufax

The military should order contactless delivery from every nearby restaurant to Murthy’s house. Then wait while a giant steaming pile forms at the front door and arrest whomever shows up to clean up the mess.


I’m wondering about the “official record”, if any, of Murthy’s naturalization as an American citizen, as he is purported to have been born in England, and whose purported parents were likely Indian citizens at the time of Tivek’s birth. This would mean all would need to be naturalized but a few hours of research this morning turned up no mention of it. I did find a photo which is supposed to be of Tivek, his sister and his parents when Tivek was a child in Miami, however, I’m sure that could have been faked as well. There is a book “Together” published Nov 10/21 with his name as author. Of course, that could be faked as well. “Wife” Alice is likewise sketchy. No exact place of birth, no mention of parents or any other family, nor of how they met, living on opposite coasts.


The CIA and the FBI are our two largest and most threatening, deep state terror organizations in the USA today, imo. The Jan. 6 Capitol riot prisoners are the proof of that.

Last edited 2 years ago by Joanna

DAMN!!! How the Hell are we going to IMPALE this CGI Obama implant??? No doubt this SCAMDEMIC was planned by Obama & Dr. Fraudci…


Something told me there was something “off” about this guy when he first appeared.
A great reminder to trust our intuition. It is given to us for our protection.

Thanks Michael!

Stinky Perfume

Obviously Biden is often CGI and he’s depicted as a robot when he needs to walk and be seen. That’s on STRANGER THAN FICTION NEWS on messenger, They say be careful not to download this browser from google or apple use Biden is several things it seems, a robot and an actor and CGI.

The worst one I saw lately is Celine Dion, 1:35 am Jan 16th post on Stranger….News.

That neck appears seriously alien like I never saw anything like it. Not covering it up with a turtle neck shirt seems they want something to come out obvious. Dion was said a few months ago to be suffering jab side effects so probably died.

So they made a scheduled singers appearance that got canceled. Humans with alien dna, which I guess is a ton of genetically created super athletes also. I heard good military needs them dead and gone off the planet. So they let the jab exist.

But can they keep hiding this stuff, of genetic engineering, death and fakery? Fake president, fake news, fake singers, fake surgeon general. Evil Big Pharma. Secret underground cities because they are all vampires ruling earth. The movie They Live shows the soulless characters living among us all. They all are needing to usurp energy, from real humans and need adrenochrome to keep working.

Is the military gonna explain how long people have to wait? Take over MSM? Why not wake those people up? Life isn’t about football, which is all fake and violent.

What effect does it do for us to know from the military without more views than this?

Along comes the Pacific undersea volcano. I heard high level spaceship beings controlled the LaPalma volcano but the events are damaging. There must be a coastal, or beach town plan to end up lot’s of life with flooding and volcanos.

They say volcanos go off from human anger. It’s negative energy so goes down into earth and is stored as lava until it blows. Same with hurricanes and tornadoes, it’s anger from soul energy, areas need a cleanse, but I don’t know about the massive fires, except I know Trump blamed them on not clearing brush in Paradise, CA. Trump can jolly well say that was wrong also.

DEW has to set fires or created lightening in many of them, and nano bots that blow and burn a long time come out of electrical boxes. It’s as if the fires are steered just to houses and cars. While military is rather silent, there’s researchers that know about the vast underground and Mr. Nobody isn’t doing the fires. I’m sure the military has more to tell. Especially how come they can’t get a military news station that releases this looking official as MSM looks?

All I heard is there’s so many hybrid humans on earth they are needing to clear them so we get the massive death. People weren’t what we thought they were. Hybrids are said to be hybrid human psychopaths created to torment other’s to have all the money and told what to do with it by something from underground. In other words they messed up this world really bad and for a long time.

I saw an image in the volcano clouds of some man holding up a giant hydra like the issue is their program rolling out this jab is to experiment on humans for immortality research or just to kill, and maybe they don’t intend to give it up, maybe they have to. Someone must know.

People want their power and energy back to live with or may as well just say goodbye to earth as uninhabitable due to the parasitic presences ruling earth. Elite surface dwellers taking everything and living in secret as vampires and sexual predators, answering to space aliens living underground, making people scooch up to work for shit companies or wealthy psychopaths. Work for the queen or McDonald’s, etc, it’s gross. They could have created organic gardening that paid a living wage.

As it stands the military knows to suspect and end nasal swabs and has their own safe vaccine rarely used Baxter writes, but can they stop this from going on for the general population? What’s the plan?

Right now in the state mental hospital of Norwalk, CA I’m hearing they are stuck with nasal swabs and can’t get a fresh orange, a vegetable, or a piece of meat, they are feeding them junk, starving them on junk really killing them on food that causes parasites to grow in them, on false charges and junk food. None of them did anything that they should be murdered.


Okay, now I’m going to have to re-watch “Sim-One” with Al Pacino.


Yeppers, total CGI. If this was an actual person his face is so full of botox he wouldn’t be able to speak. A real guy with that much gray hair would have some wrinkles in his face, this bot looks like a mannequin. Plus, adding the kid was a huge mistake, especially when half his head disappeared! LOL



Jan D Hunsinger

One reason l love and trust you is that you do read and respond to comments…even snarky ones.


This is so obvious, when comparing the movements of the interviewer on the first video the CGI looks like a video game character.




Fake Vivek keeps swaying back and forth when he’s not speaking. It looks as fake as he is. Not to mention everything else pointed out by your observant readers.


I don’t think Vivek Murthy is an uncommon name for someone living in the US. A lot of immigrants/offspring of immigrants have unusual names. A minor point, of course.


In the first video, the interaction between his son is odd, to say the least.

Phyllis Bonviso

check out Kendall Quall of Minnesota – CGI or human – thinking it is all CGI at this point – between the look-a-likes, dobblegangers and CGI, what is left?


They should hang him cgi style.


Would his numerous medals help in indentifying that Murthy ?

Petr Jezek

This CGI creatures are not seen by conscious people. Holograms are only pictures, not a reality. We see only natural people. Thank you, Mike, for your report.

Last edited 2 years ago by Petr Jezek
Your awareness of your awareness is your soul!

How about that false flag down at that Texas synagogue??? Will the U.S. Military continue to allow the U.S. citizenry to be extorted beyond belief???

We don’t mention certain groups here.

Your awareness of your awareness is your soul!

Yeah, I can tell!


So the green screen is revealed, and that background is used in many interviews, so that’s one bit of fakery. Also Mrs. Surgeon General kept her last name (Chan) just like Zuckabuck’s wife. There is little information on Dr. Alice Chan, for sure, her personal background is not easy to find and it seems Dr. Alice Chan is a SUPER popular name as there are LOADS of Dr. Alice Chans out there.. However Mrs. Surgeon General is not only thrown into the spotlight many times, but she is the person behind “Doctor’s for America” organization, which has two very interesting donors: Laura and John Arnold. These billionaires are interested in our “data”, and sink money into this Doctors for America in order to push for our medical and other data. How convenient the V is tied to this. The agenda is us vs them. We know their time is coming.



Last edited 2 years ago by Zee

Good Info THX

Sandy Koufax

If there was a real Vivek Murthy and he was taken to Gitmo by the military, then we would still have this CGI Vivek Murthy. Only thing different is that we don’t have a tribunal to follow.


What about a look-a-like NOBODY who was going nowhere in life– sold his ID . The rest we can guess …….was double detroyed when learning about DS plan–then only CGI remains ?


“These Corrupt Power Hungry Lunatics need to hear us loud and clear that We Are Done with your Control by Politicians and Washington Bureaucrats.”

Yeaaa !!!



“Ya Know…You could Save America,”

…Trump points to the Fake News…


Great Rally, Great Ending, Great Speech!!!



Great Rally,Great Ending and Great Speech yes,but we are still screwed as we have a senile old man that has dementia who shits his pants that is making decisions for our country and a homewrecker that sucked her way into being VP


I just knew it !!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Snowflakes

Andrew Stevano

I must admit that this is a tough one to buy. There are a lot of YouTubes to search with Vivek. I found an interview on “The Real” from December 2021 which includes 3 other persons, all appearing seemingly live. All very authentic. Vivek coming across very authentic and physically present in front of the others. Are they all CGI? Or is the Vivek an impersonator? This is one I’ll have to put on a shelf and watch for (non) corroborating info to see where I go with it.

Last edited 2 years ago by Andrew Stevano

This must be bigger than we thought.


Date seems to be 9th Dec Interview on THE REAL…… Mk’Ud ? He never messy up in his fast fact filled speech –not natural.

Last edited 2 years ago by Zee
Truth Liberty Freedom

arrest him take him to GITMO then we’ll know for sure…

Buck fiden

Hi. I’m Buck Fiden’s CGI.




Maybe they should investigate how Joes ears changed in the last couple of years? How long are they going to let this charade go on???


Why is there a kids head in lower right corner when he talks to Gail in first video, seems quite odd.


I’m trying to see if this sight is real. So, I looked up Lt. David Hoffer. NOTHING! The only thing that showed up on my search was this article on the web. Has anyone taken the time to verify if this site is Truth?


If you donate to the fundraiser, you get access to the site with links to evidence.


Lt. David Hoffer coud be new? Dealing with CGI is not typical research when GITMO deals with live criminals. I looked myself. No Lt David Hoffer but all the Videos and stories by Vivak I now find suspect.


One thing’s for sure…the guys in the graphics department don’t do a very good job with anatomic consistency.

lewton cole

sorry, not buying the CGI tripe. total BS. the first video from CBS this morning clearly shows he’s in front of a green screen, the chromo-key error outline around his image is unmistakeable. but is he completely CGI… absolutely not. nor is it possible to have a CGI image projected holographically into a live in-person setting with current technology, without being easily detectable.

i have no doubt an investigation into his background might prove his persona is a totally fictitious construct, but there is likewise no doubt that he’s simply an actor playing the part and reading a teleprompter. your sources are suspect in this, michael, and i urge you to be wary of a possible trap to discredit you.


Good points, i agree, an actor but not the real person he’s made up to be. I think we have to wait on this….put it on the shelf.
I am concerned about a cleverness in all this. I suspect prog’d info AI / Mk’d.

GreaterIdaho for Trump is a fun site to see how many in US have filed with IRS as an adult or child with the same name as you or your family members. My Brother has a common name and about 11,000 of him. Mine is more rare but about 100 of me. (I ment one in person once with my same name). How many Vivik Murthys? Spoller alert: 1 or LESS! Yes we should have noticed this is an anime long ago.

GreaterIdaho for Trump

About a 100 Mike or Micheal Baxters too. Love you all.


Walensky is a cgi


Go to the first video, pause it and click on the minute marker to advance the time to the last half, and you see the top part of the kid’s head is cut off. Keep clicking on the minute marker to manually advance the video to see the kid changing positions having half a head


Bad Early CGI yet I’ve seen similar happening to Biden on bad CGI last year in what was supposed to be the Rose Garden?


Yes, I saw that too. Would be good if someone could post the link.

lewton cole

not CGI at all, he’s simply in front of a green screen so he can appear to be in front of whatever background they want. but HE is NOT computer generated. get a clue.


“Get a clue” like the hyper-realistic mask Xiden was wearing during the 9/11 ceremony, where the square tab to his mask was showing right next to his ear?

Last edited 2 years ago by Jullou

Apparently you have never used a Zoom filter before. They all do this if the person is too close/too far from the Webcam. In this case his son is closer to the Webcam than he is, and also not centered in front of the cam.

Last edited 2 years ago by wedge

No, that hasn’t happened to me, nor have I ever seen it on any Zoom/video calls on TV or computer where conservatives are talking.


Son of a Biscuit. It pisses me to no end that the Bo, Biden and the Democrats would go to such lengths to decieve us.


The whole damn administration is CGI. Why is anyone surprised that the SG is CGI



Last edited 2 years ago by Jason

He looks like Osama obama


Osama’s lips


Some people thought osama bin ladin was obama with a beard.


What’s happening at about 1:00 to 1:30 in the lower left on the screen?


Proof it’s fraud and is CGI

Buck fiden

The CGI President will send a CGI Secret Service Agent to make a CGI arrest of this CGI Sand Nigger. The CGI AG will send a CGI lawyer to prosecute the CGI Sand Nigger in a CGI Courtroom presided by a CGI Judge, who will remand him to a CGI holding cell until he is flown on a CGI airplane to a CGI torture chamber in Gitmo until he is executed by a CGI firing squad. The CGI MB will write a CGI story about this CGI event on and post it to the realRawNews.CGI website.

Angel Askew

I bet Putin won’t be CGI with those hypersonic missiles if Buydone doesn’t cut back on the bs.


is al gore president yet?


I just asked her because I missed him being sworn in and I would like to watch it


Angel,there you are,the other night you posted that you found out from reliable sources that Biden and Harris were removed from office and that we were all going to find out that Al Gore was president in the morning and then you disappeared, member?…then when asked who the reliable sources were you said I had to find them myself,member?well I couldn’t find them so if you could post the reliable sources then I would know because I didn’tsee AL being sworn in and I would like to watch it…

Buck fiden

The commie Chinks also see Zhou Biden as a Paper Tiger.


I Don’t believe anything that runs from your mouth after posting false information telling EVERYONE that Biden and Harris were removed from office and that Gore would be sworn in the next morning and then conveniently dropping out of site,so I bet you are wrong about Putin

Rob William

It’s a CGI world!

Buck fiden

It’s a Dog Eat Dog World,
and I’m wearing Milk-Bone® underwear.


Michael Baxter

RE: Biden /Obama’s CGI & False Identity Surgeon General, Doctor Vivek Murthy

Jay led us to a 2011 Doctor Vivek Murthy 2011 link ….. youtuDOTbe/31fFkpu7SJo

But Jay never translated a comment that White Hats may be interested in. It appears we are possibly dealing with a compromized hidden person whose real name is Vivek Murthy and his possible sold identity double showing on the Internet in CGI as Surgeon General, Doctor Vivek Murthy?

I translated to English an important Comments Message from the original Spanish from an Elisabeth Garcia — 6 years ago, being 4 years after 2011. See and please check my Spanish translation below the English Translation — youtuDOTbe/31fFkpu7SJo

Elisabeth Garcia is giving the reasons ‘He’ on the UT video is not the Vivek Murthy she once knew and called out the orignal…and what happened..

Good morning, Doctor Vivek Murthy, how are you?
I know you don’t know me, but I know you through social networks and videos, and because at some point someone I thought I was able to talk to you some day and I thought it was you.

At first I thought I was talking with you but I realized with the attitude of that person that I wanted to be you I realized that it was not the same person because you relate to so many people you already know how to relate to so many people and I said such an educated person. Like you, you wouldn’t rudely go out with a woman like me, and even less so without knowing her, because the character they show in you is a humble, respectful, kind, honest human being, and above all, a great person, and the person I was to believe you were has not half of what they show on your social networks that person does not have the same knowledge of how to treat someone as you do with respect and tolerance — instead the one that I am led to believe that it was you was metered to stop communicating with me as soon as I told him that I had discovered that he was not the real Vivek Murthy– got angry with me and told me that he was not a public figure when I showed the Vivek Murthy that they show on social networks to his wife and another person — that this is the date — that he did not know how to communicate with me or what he wanted to do, how embarrassed he was that he had been discovered in his lie,,–
Elisabeth Garcia

Buenos días Doctor Vivek murthy como esta yose que usted no me conoce pero yo si por medio de las rredes sociales y por vídeos y por que en algún momento alguien mi iso creer que able con usted algundia y medesia que era usted yo alprincipio creí aber ablando con usted pero me di cuenta con la actitud de esa persona que desia que era usted me di cuenta que no se trataba de la misma persona porque usted se rrelasiona con tantas personas que ya sabe como rrelacionarce con tanta gente y yo dije una persona ta educada como usted no saldría con grosería a una mujer como yo y menos sin conoserla porque el personaje que muestran en usted es de un cer humano umilde respetuoso amable onesto y sobre todo una gran persona y la persona que me iso creer que era usted no tiene ni la mitad de lo que muestran por las rredes sociales de uted esa persona no tiene el mismo conosimiento de como tratar a alguien como lo hase usted co respeto y tolerancia en cambio el que me iso creer que era uted metrato dejo de comunicarse con migo apena le dige que abia descubierto de que el no era el verdadero Vivek murthy se enojo con migo y me dijo que el no era una figura publica cuando le mostré al vivek murthy que muestran en las rredes sociales con su esposa y demás persona que esta es la fecha que no se abuelto comunicar con migo el que desia cer usted como la dio vergüenza que lo abia descubierto en su mentira

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Mike Baxter

Will double check notes on the date given. May have been a typo on my part. Either way, the guy ain’t real.


Agreed — That is what Elisabeth Garcia seems to be saying….


Trump’s rally in Arizona is live streaming now on conservative forums.


I can’t believe that people don’t believe this stuff! Lol it is so obvious that “something is up”.
Go watch some old “Max Headstrong” and see the similarities. Watch some videos written by artificial algorithms. Go watch those hilarious “AI talks to AI” videos.
You can see so many similarities.

And they have so much reason to do this for their “big evil plans”.

1. They want a ONE world order, where the ONE controls the bots, this would be a bot. *along with all the other NPCs*
2. They want to test to see if we would even catch on, and what we’d do.
3. They want to test the tech. Gearing up for anything they want to show inthe future.
4. They can siphon the salaries of whoever is fake.
5. They can use this to push the narrative for the jab, which they make basically infinite money from, and kills people, and leads to motb.
6. If “person” is fake, then he/she can say anything, and never be killed or even sued for it.


Headroom. Thats all.


Mega dittos! Yes, this is very dangerous.

Daughter of the American Revolution

The same people “oo and ahhh” when they go to movies and watch all the fancy CGI – with the incredible amount of detail involved in simulating real-looking beings. They SEE that level of modern technology that can fool the human senses – yet they can’t wrap their heads around the notion that our “leaders” would use that tech to create CG people do this to us.
Their “faith” is in these wicked “leaders.” Saddest part is just how many are totally sold out/don’t care, just want their comfortable modern lives and entertainment – don’t give a rats about doing the right thing. I really thought, before the BS ‘rona’ hit… surely, if something like this ever happened, people would wake up and stand up to it, for the most part. In that, I was wrong.

Angel Askew

You and me both. It’s been a long CCP plan.
We’re going to have to go back to basics to save the whole thing or else comply or hide.
Non vaxxed are the new WWll Jews.


yeah ok. where’s al gore?

question everything

nobody cares


Good question


But we go after the Creators / Orgs / Companies involved in this Satanic game

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CHALLENGE to Vivek Murthy: you have been called out as non-existent. You need to file a lawsuit for the ultimate defamation (non-existence) and present yourself to the US military so they may verify that you exist and are who you say you are. If you cannot do this, this means that realrawnews(dot)com is proved to be a factual website. It must be one way or the other.



Buck fiden

That doesn’t necessarily follow. The Sand Nigger Max Headroom might not want to file a lawsuit against RRN because he doesn’t want to give RRN any publicity, credibility, attention, and bandwidth.


How will you get this challenge to him ? Certified mail?

Rob William

If RRN was fake Eiffel Tower wouldn’t exist. But it exists thus RRN is true.

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Makes perfect sense to me .


oh please