Putin Vows to “Crush” Child Traffickers in Ukraine


Russian President Vladimir Putin has given himself a new mission in addition to ridding the Ukraine of Western-funded biolabs, said a Mar-a-Lago source privy to a 5th telephone call in as many days between the Russian leader and President Donald J. Trump.

Considering revelations that foreign child traffickers had kidnapped Russian children and transported them to the Ukraine to sell into child slavery, Putin on Sunday told Trump that he intends to isolate and destroy child slavery covens on Ukrainian soil.

According to Putin, the Russian Children’s Welfare Society interviewed 6 Russian children, ages 12-16, who were among the 100 multinational kids freed by Spetznas in central Ukraine Friday afternoon. They shared similar, harrowing stories. Three were abducted from their homes, at night, near the border city of Belgorod, which sits 10 miles inside the Ukrainian border. Their abductors captured them as parents worked or slept; rural southwest Russia is rife with destitution, and parents, unable to afford babysitters, often entrust God to care for their children whilst they hammer out a meager living. The remaining 3 said they’d been abducted at shopping centers, when momentarily separated from parents or guardians.

Real Raw News has not received information on circumstances surrounding other abductions.

Four of the six had endured captivity for one or two weeks, but two children had difficulty estimating their time in bondage; prolonged confinement in a dark, windowless cell had skewed their perception of time and space. One guessed “six-to-eight weeks.” And of the six, three said their jailors had shuttled them to their point of rescue from other internment camps that held “many, many, many more children.”

“Putin told Trump that, at least to the kids’ account, the traffickers all spoke fluent Ukrainian but only sparse or broken Russian, and some Armenian. They wore ski masks, so the kids never saw the faces. The total number of children there was 100, 76 Russian, 9 French, 1 Swiss, 5 American, 6 Ukrainian, not sure of others. Apparently, the Ukrainian children translated for the rest,” our source said.

Putin, our source added, said 46 are being medically treated for a broad spectrum of maladies: Malnourishment, lacerations, puncture wounds, dysentery, dehydration, respiratory infections, STDs, and sexual abuse. A 13-year-old girl had been violently sodomized.

“I will find who did this and crush them, all of them,” Putin reportedly told Trump.

“Putin claims he wants to repatriate all the kids, but since European countries have closed airspace to Russian flights, and no one will talk to him, he’s stuck in a barrel. Trump will bring our children home,” our source said.

In other news, Putin also said the Russian military had destroyed four 18-wheelers that “Western terrorists” had converted into roving bioweapon laboratories.  Moreover, he said fantastical stories about him appearing in Western media were a product of CIA invention, citing specifically a NY Post article claiming paranoia and pandemic-induced isolation had driven him mad.

As always, RRN is merely reporting what Putin told Trump; we do not know whether his words are true, partly true, or propaganda.

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Bobbie Bozek

Bless Putin’s war on human traffickers.


Today is Ash Wednesday. I wish to worship my Lord Jesus Christ but will not enter the satanic church. If it was not for the numerous reports of miscreant priests preying on children I would have a hard time believing current reports.

The pope (intentionally not capitalized) is NOT holy nor ambassador of God. He is the tool of Lucifer.

I have lost faith in the Catholic church but not in Jesus.


I feel it is true….the evil kazarians have brainwashed us in the west to believe Russia as bad but Russia has been awake to them for hundreds of years and the people have suffered….they divided and conquered and we were asleep….mesmerised by propaganda the TV….all lies….Tartarian Civilisation Ruled and Reigned with Jesus Christ for 1000yrs….look at the Beautiful Architecture….A lot of it was desroyed by the body of evil men doing the work of evil!…They destroyed and wiped out such a lot but Now We Are Awaking and We Will Win…In and Through Jesus Christ!….


Putin is a massive liar and a lizard. KGB trained to lie since youth. Poor children my ass. He humiliated Naryshkin on TV when the poor guy revealed the real plan of annexation.


It would stand to reason that if the NYTimes is against Putin then there must be some validity to what he is saying.


Yes, the failing New York Times . Circulation: better than ever .


destroy a country for to save some children?


Doesn´t make sense at all. First the poor russians from Donbass, then the children, then the labs… If Ukraine was such a hellhole why are the common people offering so much resistance to the invasion. Or everything was just a lie?


It does not look like the real Putin to me, whatsoever. A wrinkle free face for a 70 yr old man? I guess Russia has discovered CGI. God save these kids please.

Last edited 2 years ago by Joanna
Michael Norman

I think it’s long past due for physical castration. Obviously their penis rules their skewed brains.


paranoia and pandemic-induced isolation had driven him mad” Putin sits literally 15 meters from his guest. I do not belive anything.


Considering that he has forced Ukrainian children to flee or hide in the subway and has cheated his own 19-year-old conscripts. I do not belive anything.

Afshin Nejat

There are three major religions which I know are incompatible with a genuine conscience, and the all spring from a “man” who heard voices and then mutilated his own genitals and tried to murder his own son. All the hell of the Western world stems from a failure to root these spiritual poisons out of their lives.


That is a lie. Putin is a war criminal and mad bustard. As well as his counterpart.

dennis ward

Not a good idea to poke the Russian Bear? Looks like Vladimir may become the new “Vlad the Impaler”? Like agent Smith said, Find them and destroy them!


The more Putin reports to president Trump, the more he is telling the deep state his progress, which may be his intentions. The whole damn government was listening to President Trump’s phone calls when he was in the Whitehouse. You think they quit when he left?


No where in the constitution does it say that the government can record the phone calls of the president. This is against the law and whoever made the recordings should go to GITMO, just as our framers demanded!


I love Putin! He is for sure a good man! I know he’s helping our fight against child trafficking! The media is so blatantly biased and stupid… Really fuckin stupid! I frequent a site… 9gag…and I thought they were smarter than all this propaganda… They are not! They jumped from loving Putin to hating him and Russia with no factual information. Not cool. Ukraine is a cespool of corruption and anyone that cares to check facts will find that these fuckers are the problem! Government Ukrainian… Not the ppl… This is hunter bidens hunting ground… Much money from them to us politians. 🤑🤮


What about all the journalists that have died mysteriously while he has been president ? They disagreed with him . Has he murdered any of them ?


Haven’t you been paying attention? They all died of covid, just like the guy in Miami who was hit by a bus, died of covid, or the guy in the motorcycle crash, yep covid, or the woman hit by a train in the northeast–died of covid.


Funny how that stuff slipped my mind . Thanks for the reminder.


Mr. Baxter.. another Great Picture!!

In that one shot, describes how we all feel about anyone that would ever harm a child.

Phyllis Bonviso

doesn’t look like Putin – not buying into what he is saying..



Jean Guillaumat

Macron in France will be arrested shortly for a false flag attack of his on french soil,
says twitter.com/amandineroy


Was he arrested ? No.


what a logic to go to kill more children and their family for save children ?


You mean the cov-id vaxx.


I hope that Putin does indeed crush those perps!!


God is coming …. and boy, is he/she/it/they them pissed!


I think he is telling the truth! Ukranian gov is in it up to their eyeballs!


Just to break this down a little. Putin was all over the news for weeks speaking with leaders from around the world and never once said he was actually interested in destroying labs or liberating kidnapped children. The only person he is speaking with about what he is doing is former President Trump. Why not call Jimmy Carter since they hold the same position?
Russian people will now suffer because Putin can’t express what he is actually doing? He can’t show any evidence to the other 28 countries involved in NATO, excluding Russia and USA and say “I am saving children and destroying labs”?
Are you trying to say that everyone is in on this huge secret but only people who read this site have somehow seen through the BS?
I will post more of the Steven Seagal and Putin romantic comedy tonight since you all seem to believe everything you read.


Very Moot Point: You don’t mention that there has been a white hat (Patriot Guard) covert operation of saving thousands of children since the first day that President Trump was in office. Hundreds or thousands of perpetrators have already been caught and punished. And that operation has tons, and tons of evidence.

The big leftist mistake today was to allow Soros to draw the line in the sand showing the Xiden, Soros, Zelensky collusion. Now we see why Hellary kept pushing that fake Trump-Russian collusion.

All is being revealed for those who have their eyes open.


Do you really think Putin would broadcast his plan to other world leaders thereby also notifying the deep state of his plans? Come on…wakey wakey!!


It’s on this site for all to see.


This site is just one chink of shining light for all who visit it, to see.


Mental masterbation.

J Bill



When there is a huge drug bust it is all over the news. Imagine Putin surrounded by 100 rescued children while he breaks down how the raid went down. The world would be on his side. Take it further and imagine if Putin followed it up saying that he coordinated with Trump? But since it is not true, his people will suffer because of this war.


Yes adulation of parents , politicians, law enforcement and clergy . It could be a grand slam for him and his efforts . One problem , it didn’t happen .

J Bill

covert operations – wikipedia

to t-ed: we’ll make every effort to get US Spec Ops / RU Spetznas itinerary out to you for your tacit approval. sorry for you being left “out of the loop” on this one. won’t happen again. or it might.
site-admin (feels like saying this)


Right. He should give them 2 weeks notice of his plans to rescue the children. That way, the abused kids will all have new clothes, shoes and a few meals in their bellies, if they chance find them at another secret location. All the labs can be taken down and moved to new locations too. Good plan!


Sounds like Vlad is speaking the truth. When Soros is involved saying we need to send in more help…you know it’s not good. Zelinsky is a Soros puppet. Impale them all & let God sort them out 😆😆😆


Liz Crokin, Daniel Lee (Dnajlion7), call your offices.


What has Liz been up to ?


How very telling:

George Soros Speaks Out: US Must Do “Whatever Possible” to Back Ukraine”~The Gateway Pundit, February 28, 2022 at 4:01pm


The line in the sand is clearly drawn now: good vs. evil

J Bill

He assumes everyone in the world is backing him, like they do his NWO agenda. Wait till Ukraine wakes up to find what he’s been doing to their country and children.


May Yah reveal the truth!

Son of Ethan Allen

Go get em President.


Believe…Go forth Mr President Putin…show no mercy to these demonic criminals… These criminals are monsters…Crush them all…Don’t stop until all of them are dead where-ever in the World they may be…No place should be safe for them including their underground cities…

Gregg Nickens

When what was once a communist nation is incensed beyond imagination by the horrific atrocities performed by Satanists, the tide is indeed turning.


Get em Vlad. At this point we’ll be dead and buried before any EBS/military action, I mean Vlad is the ONLY one who appears concerned about this evil. Good on him. Tear it up, Vlad. I thought Trump would lay it all bare but it looks like Putin might beat him to it. OK, works for me.


Of course the MSM and leftists are going all out to vilify Putin and Trump because they are the child rescuers. And the sex traffickers and users are not getting their fixes as before.

Sadly, I am hearing other conservative news sources getting it wrong this morning.


If this is true, I hope Putin kills every last one of these scumbags. I had heard from another source that this was one of the reasons he invaded Ukraine.


In light of all the inherent evil that we’re witnessing and know about from the deep state, I’m going to land on his reports to DJT are true. This is a leader who is just as strong willed and minded as Trump is. Of course he wants reparations for his country as Trump wants for the US; looking forward to leading a country without all the air sucking vermin that’s ruining this world. I err on the side of caution but I believe he’s telling the truth. #imo

David T

I posted this earlier, and am going to post it again:

Just going to toss an idea/thought out there. I remember the main stream media in this country doing their level best to convince everyone, including conservative, patriot-minded people like myself, to hate DJT, to believe he was colluding with Russia, and that he was committing treasonous acts with at least one faction of the leadership in the Ukraine. This very same media is now trying their level best to convince everyone, including conservative, patriot-minded people like myself, to hate Putin and Russia. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sure I trust Putin either, but I am CERTAIN I DO NOT TRUST THE US MEDIA. Isn’t it possible that there is an entirely different reality going on in the Ukraine, than the one the corrupt US MSM wants us to believe? Just sayin’ . . . .

And it should be noted that the initial releases of information from the John Durham investigation is confirming that regarding the so-called Trump-Russia collusion and Mueller investigation, that the Hillary Clinton campaign worked in cahoots with the DNC, plotted, fabricated, paid for and tried to cover their tracks that they left behind in staging this phony collusion nonsense. The media in this country was well aware of this from the onset, but instead chose to actively lie to the world about this and throw cover for the criminals who were actually behind this. What do you suppose are the chances now, that this same corrupt media is doing this again and covering for the same band of criminals who haven’t been to GITMO? Think about it . . .

J Bill

100% David T.

Some things need to be repeated over, and over, and over again to be understood.
It’s a shame some never will.



L isa

Bless and keep safe our true fearless leaders and their teams.

Every human on this planet needs to be fed this information no matter how unnerving it is to hear.

John .S

Children will be flown upon a US Aircraft Carrier, then medically evaluated and debriefed. Other countries await their arrival, delivery via USA.


Do you have a source?

John .S

LoL, what’s actually hilarious is those that take your shits & giggles comments seriously.


But it will be a secret and nothing else will be heard about it .

John .S

Maybe not.

Child Trafficking is the common denominator.

Hopefully in our lifetime matters of trafficking via Ukraine & elsewhere goes public.

It’s only a matter of time it gets blurted out, most likely inadvertently via a politico going off on a rant.


Time time time , it won’t happen . Wait and see .

Andi Ahmad

I’d trust Putin over Biden (along with any of his woke cabinet) anyday of the week.


I say, “Western Media, along with the Democratic party and liberals are all mad.” Their losing. Why wouldn’t they be? 🙂

Chris G

If/when Trump helps Putin get the children home, what next? At some point, the truth of the depth of global child trafficking/abuse has to come out. But how? How do you overcome a world filled with complicit movers and shakers trying desperately to cover-up the truth? I suspect the global band-aid will be ripped off, for all to see.


I can only hope and pray! The Lord has to step in soon.


No you have to wait until the public can handle it. Presumably after the EBS and return of JFK Jr. Only a decade or two.


Now would be a good time. Sanctions will bankrupt and starve innocent Russian citizens including the children.


I bet all those sanctions are real .

J Bill

Russia already signed into the Gesara/Nesara Agreement. He’s completing operations in country and completely within his providence. Is it a bad thing Putin is rescuing kidnapped children?

It would not be favorable to find, that imposing sanctions against a country conducting those humanitarian efforts might be regarded as a hostile act.


Doesn’t that makes Biden a murderer?


Tear the scab off. Tear it all off. Let the world see what they’ve done to the children, to their families, and to us all.


It’s not time yet . Wait until the public can handle it . JFK Jr will return and help to do this . Oh, but he’s a democrat .

Susan Sloate

Right now, I trust what Putin says to Trump FAR more than I trust anything the MSM is reporting… about boots on the ground, casualties or anything else! Pretty sure even the Ukranians inside the borders of Ukraine don’t know what’s going on!


odyseeDOTcom/@Housatonic:0/hv00oa:c USA Pentagon DTRA biodefense labs in Ukraine / Georgia near Russia (Dilyana Gaytandzhieva)


God bless the White Christian RACE, whose God reigns Supreme!


Only white Christian?


Your stupidity is only rivaled by your ignorance.

J Bill

You hate Christians t-ed? It’s becoming obvious most trolls here do.

Anthony Gregory

May the universe bless Trump & Putin.

Mike Hawk

Why do you think that the Bidens are so tied up with the Youcranians? If the Rooskies returned the American children to Biden, they probably wouldn’t regain their freedom, kinda like the Jan 6 prisoners. I’m sure they plan on making a ton of money from a prolonged armed conflict.

Frances Rose

Its about time SOMEONE made a move, and it was Putin! He does not have the best past, but it appears he is for the good and saving the children of Russia and Ukraine probably. Who will stand up for the Children of the rest of the world?

Maria Louisa

Thank you, Michael, for your very important work. Could you kindly clarify this sentence? :

Three were abducted from their homes, at night, near the border city of Belgorod, which sits 10 miles inside the Ukrainian border.

I had to look it up because it reads like it is inside Ukraine – but it is indeed a city inside Russia – and sits 10 miles inside Russia near the border of Ukraine.

Anyway – there is another region in Ukraine called “Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi”. – so it can be confusing.

Thanks again for all you do.

Sincerely, in the spirit of helpfulness,

Maria Louisa


Fantastic work, Michael. Please continue to keep us posted.


“Vengeance is Mine,” says the Lord. “I shall repay.” Praying that you bring justice, God, & fast! Rescue all of these innocent children asap!!! God bless them & bless those who rescue them from this horrific evil!!!🙏❤