Military Tribunal Sentences Sonia Sotomayor to Death


Former Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor was sentenced to hang by the neck until dead after a military commission at Guantanamo Bay found the Obama-appointee guilty of treason and betraying her oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

On Monday, March 7, the Deep State Justice had her day in court and found herself answerable to the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps and the Office of Military Commissions. Their offices, with help from the U.S. Marine Corps, helped adjudicate her fate.

At GITMO’s south courtroom, Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall recited the charges against Sotomayor: Treason, aiding and abetting the enemy, crimes against humanity, domestic terrorism, falsifying public records, money laundering, bribery, espionage, and sedition, several of which are punishable via gassing, firing squad, beheading, lethal injection, electrocution, or hanging.  The “White Hat” partition has relied on hanging the condemned, with a few exceptions.

Appearing without counsel, a pugnacious Sotomayor chose to defend herself, saying in an opening statement that she, a Supreme Court Justice with 40 years of legal experience, didn’t need a lawyer to advocate on her behalf. Instead, she told the 3-officer panel that she had absolute and irrevocable immunity from prosecution. Her station as a SCJ, she said, exempted her from being held to account for statements made while on or off the bench, and shielded her against unrighteous and unlawful assaults on her character and work ethic. President Obama, she added boisterously, had promised her protection for life.

Vice Adm. Crandall swiveled his head. “Do you see Obama here? I hope we see him here soon, but he’s not here right now. Maybe you don’t understand where you are. This is a military commission, not your chambers. You have no rights here,” he said.

He put her in her place. Her energetic niggling suddenly turned to quiet murmurs of discontent.

Vice Adm. Crandall showed the panel a dozen emails Sotomayor had written to Dr. Anthony Fauci, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, and members of the illegitimate Biden administration on 6 January, two days before she’d blatantly lied at a congressional hearing on Covid-19. There, Sotomayor claimed over 100,000 children were “hospitalized in intensive care and dying of Covid,” a statement later refuted by even her most loyal Deep State allies.

He went on: “This wasn’t a misspoken mistake, an error. Her emails prove she intended to amplify Covid fear by whimsically manufacturing a number in her head. Do you know how many minors on that date, across the whole country, were actually hospitalized and confirmed as having Covid?”

He held up seven fingers. “That’s right, seven. Seven in all United States. And do you know how many were in critical condition? The answer is none, zero.”

In emails to Deep State friends, Sotomayor wrote: “I’ll do everything in my power to ensure the current mandates stay in place. I have authority to enforce belief. The actual number of sick doesn’t matter. What matters is that we, the caretakers of the U.S., get everyone on board with mandates and make them stop questioning why we’re enforcing vaccinations. I’m a SCJ, and my word has weight. The greater number of people we say are sick, the more we’ll be believed.”

Vice Adm. Crandall paced around the courtroom, reading slowly from the email, giving each word its owed space: “…the more we’ll be believed. Who exactly is we? You? Fauci? Walensky? Biden? Obama? The Covid fraud is over, but you, like your associates, will bear the burden of your crimes.”

“Naive man, what’s over is only over because we want it that way. Covid is coming back with a bang. Just wait until after midterms. Win or lose, there’ll be a Covid resurgence like you can’t even imagine,” Sotomayor hissed.

Vice Adm. Crandall smiled. “This commission appreciates your candor. You just freely and without coercion implicated yourself in criminal conspiracy. I was prepared to spend a few days here, entering into evidence a mountain of financial records showing the bribes you accepted to promote Covid fear. That no longer seems necessary, Mrs. Sotomayor.”

“I’m a supreme court justice; address me by title,” Sotomayor said.

“The only title you have here is that of detainee,” Vice Adm. Crandall replied.

The panel swiftly affirmed the admiral’s declaration, and ruled that Sotomayor be hanged for high treason.

A date of execution is scheduled for 28 March.

Correction: I have fixed instances where we misstated Crandall’s rank. He is now a Vice Admiral.

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Kelly Brown

“Address me by my title…”

“Okay, you stupid Deep State Ugly Idiot Bitch w/ Zero Integrity…”


Only a few hours after reading this article, I get a text from my brother in law linking a “new covid cases have emerged in Europe” article. He’s all scared of covid, and maybe will be getting his millionth vax.

And he’s a republican, so that’s a wild tidbit. So many are duped in different ways by this push and propaganda that only leads the deep state to get $ and kill people. Their whole philosophy/goal for life!


I hope this is 100% correct, when will Obama’s trial be held?

Robert James

Is anyone keeping score? I can’t remember if Obama has been hung or not?


So Sotomayor lives to hear of the destruction of the pathogens she threatened would be released after the mid-terms, which perhaps, she will NOT see.


When POTUS Trump repeatedly stated CHINA created covid19, he was referring to CHYNA (Ukraine) created covid19.


I trust the plan and most importantly I trust God. But, I’m not telling anyone anything any more. I’ve looked like a conspiracy fool for 6 years now. Nobody will even watch the videos I share any more. Patriots have no chance of waking anyone else up until this is all made public. Then Maybe we can help the sleepers.


Be willing to leave everything in the hands of God, then you will see God’s hands in everything including the fulfillment of The Plan. Regardless of what may come, IF your trust is in God, the best truly IS yet to come. May God bless you.


Foolish pride and arrogant allways keeps you from the truth , even when the truth is right in front of you. Jesus said it it the best

Heather Duncan

I’d rather be shot not hung, or even guillotined. I guess for these evil people I’m glad they are being executed with a rope. It has to be the most feared. since so many are being done this way. I have been thinking about the rope a lot. gives me anxiety. Rest in hell deep state

Michele Baillie

Death by Beheading is Just in this instance.


I don’t buy that they have to feed her for another two weeks,..
Obama is not going to SAVE her sorry self.
Make room for another D/S. Detainee
Have a Necktie Party tomorrow

Diana Paris

I don’t buy into they have to wait for people to wake up. These people are the worst of mankind. Doing the right thing is rarely popular. If this is taking longer because of the sheer number that are embedded, that I can understand.


I would like to see the media START to be Balanced
, report facts, let the public decide where the TRUTH

terry jacks

Soto no mo.

S gamaj

Personally it would be more befitting if she was shot with a 12 gauge rifle @ close range, None of this 5 men with rifles and 2 of the 5 have live rounds it’s grounds it should be
one live round then a
second live round then a
3rd live round then a
4th live round then a

5th live round..

Ding-Dong soyoMyers DEAD you better believe she’s dead …she got shot 5 times in the face…


Vice Admiral Crandall is an American Hero.


I thought Obama was killed months ago??why would he say that about him?


Just to needle Sonia, into a reaction that would incriminate herself
Seems that strategy worked…

Air man

BHO has to be next!!!


He was before her…..justice served

ET Phone Home

Sotomayer is a treasonous, venomous snake.


She is going to perform the “drop , snap dance ” for us
Two weeks to practice,, better get it Right….


Good !!, I was starting to experience “Death by Hanging” withdraw.

Truth Teller

Now it’s going to be a little harder to hide her but they did it with RGB for a long time. I noticed she was not at the fake SOTU. Does anyone know who the woman with the glasses was that was, sitting with the justices?


Either was Thomas . Justices are not required to go to the SOTU. I imagine that was a clerk of some degree.


This last SOTU was a complete waste of time.
It was an embarrassing display of


Of timely interest, now, may be Jan. 2022, articles (only weeks before her arrest) featuring SS’s latest children’s book, “Just Help: How to Build a Better World,” heralding her life perspective and how to make it a reality, as taught to her by her mother, early on. Interesting …


I Do ..realize that


For those thathavent opened their eyes yet I believe there will be 3 groups. Some are diehard ultra liberal and will act out violently. Some are old school liberals that will most likely have mental breakdowns when they learn what “their” people are really like. Some will find it hard to believe at 1st but evidence will be too hard to deny and will need counciling but will be ok

John .S

Hmm, Amy Barrett at GITMO?

Obviously Amy’s disparaging facial expressions during State of the Union speech a telltale sign.

Goons working chambers doors, and fence around Capatal perimeter as fuel for thought.

Myself speculate many were cuffed and stuffed upon exiting State of Union.

Hmm, Milley & Barret gone?


What a stupid witch.

Also it’s Vice Admiral, Mrs. Sotomayor.


The detainee has a new title. ,” dead woman walking “. !


Waiting for approval,….. AGAIN


Can you explain how I saw Sotomayor at the SOTU on March 1,2022 if she was detained at Gitmo?

Sandy Koufax

Unless you attended the State Of The Union event in person and had previous in person encounters with Sotomayor then your statement is false. It’s quite obvious that you fantasize about being a feminine hygiene product living inside of Sotomayor’s underwear.

unlabeled quality

….wow, and I thought J.Bill was harsh with the insults…

J Bill

“… why comment, when you can just scroll past them?”

~ unlabeled quality (arbiter of truth and virtue)


She was not there , either was Thomas. They are not required to go to the SOTU , look at past attendances .

Lorenz Manner

It’s good. Get rid of her, get rid of disgusting Obama, get rid of all these imbeciles. They don’t deserve to be around anymore. Good riddance to an everlasting manure called Sotomayor. She pays for the consequences.



Mark A Murray

Die parasite !!!


All the hangings are Awesome, the crime fits all these bozos, but I yet have to see proof. Show me the Proof, Americans want to see these hangings.


Good idea but there is no proof .


Give it a week, and who knows, even
You might be a believer and then never doubt what is shared here

Bev Kungl

It’s frightening they are going to release a virus even worse. These monsters have to go…NOW.

Bev Kungl

All I have to say is good riddance.




What crime has ‘beheading’ as a punishment?

Bev Kungl

Maybe it’s reserved for Obama.


Yes. I believe James Comet’s punishment fit if you read up on the article.





Bill Thompson

donate more for better articles!

Rene Labre

The EBS has it all,you will see for yourself.

Bill Thompson

i heard it yesterday thanks to Stimpy


Always the EBS. Never .



GreaterIdaho for Trump

I sure hope the ruskies are bombing the sh*t out of that post midterms resergence. God help us all.

Bev Kungl

Someone told me there are bio labs in the US as well


They lied…again

Deneze C Lujanen

all the federal American Government[Biden/Kamalfoot],DavosGroup needs to be in front of the firing squad too…

Deneze C Lujanen

Hang the bitch.. i want to also see Rothchilds,Klaus Schwab,Rockefeller,Kissinger,all UN,Nato,Zelinksy,Obama[I thought he already got the firing squad,Soros and his sons,Dr Bonnie Henry,John Horgan,Dr Teresa Tam, Canadian PM Trudeau,Canadian Deputy PM/Minister of Finance,Board member of WEF Chrystia Freeland,the Liberal Cabinet in Canada i would love to see them in front of the firing squad.


Sure right away . Who will arrest them ?


You don’t have the nerve ?
Why not.?

Bev Kungl

You’re not alone especially knowing they are planning to release another virus at mid terms


This List is a good Start.


These are crimes against humanity
They are planning mass genocide.
Perhaps for decades


Do not let these demons unleash any more fake pandemics.
The media has to be dealt with asap!
They are the main problem


Hang the treasonous bitch, NOW!


That traitor is such a cobra. She gives women a bad name. Shame on her.

Don Reed

So long Soto !!!


This cretin had no business on the court to begin with.
Illegitimate “presidents” do not get to appoint supreme court justices. Or military leadership.
Most of our putrid congress certified an ineligible usurper, and it’s easy to see the upshot of this folly. Corruption snowballing into what we have now.


Well said..


When will we see Obama and Fauci?

Buck fiden

The fucking nasty spic will soon be shark tacos!

John .S

Break out the Electric Chair for Sotomayor.

Sing-Sing Prison has one in storage that can be shipped to GITMO. Would have been poetic for Andy-boy Cuomo.

Don’t let Army Corp of Engineers build the chair, they’re Turnster’s, meaning: everything they touch Turns-ter shit.


“Naive man, what’s over is only over because we want it that way. Covid is coming back with a bang. Just wait until after midterms. Win or lose, there’ll be a Covid resurgence like you can’t even imagine,” Sotomayor hissed.”
Sonia Cobramayor. Shame on her.

Hal Brown

No need for a leego beego. It was a slam dunk for the prosecution.


That was fun. I wish we could have video of the blimp falling through the trap door. I hope it’s wide enough.

Hal Brown

I wonder if they measure them up before hand? Maybe they give the hangman a bat to help them through.


It would be funny if she got stuck in the trap door. they would have to shoot her then, or use bear grease and crowbar her out of there.


LAMO Big old fat butt jammed in there like a cork in a bottle.

Tim Riley

is this the first Justice being hung? And will there be more?


Yes,….. And there may be several more.
Very soon I Hope. !
Corruption runs very deep in the government,
All three branches
Shocking. Huh ?