Biden’s Health Chief Praises China’s Covid Death Camps


The U.S. military claims to have intercepted an email authored by HHS honcho Xavier Becerra that applauds Xi Jinping’s “zero Covid” policy and use of internment camps to quarantine and torture Covid-19 positive citizens.

A “White Hat” source at U.S. Army Cyber Command, Fort Gordon, told Real Raw News that “the good guys” have been intercepting Deep State emails since the inception of the plandemic. Most intercepted correspondence, he said, is benign chatter and mindless drivel—discussion of family vacations, favorite sports teams, and other jabber. Occasionally they capture messages encrypted with Pretty Good Privacy (PGP,) a commercially available cypher that was once recommended by Edward Snowden but later found to have vulnerabilities. But since it’s so simple to crack, Cyber Command treats all decoded emails as disinformation or trolling unless JAG independently verifies the contents.

“The Deep State’s adept at playing games; they know we’re watching. A while back we got a few poorly encrypted emails that Pelosi sent to Chuck Schumer. When we decoded them they read ‘Go F*** yourself and Donald Trump.’ We’ve gotten that and similar,” our source said.

But Becerra’s message to CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and Kamala Harris was written in plain text.

“…That we haven’t adopted President Xi’s method of rule is a shame. Quarantine camps are the right idea, but we’re so fearful of scrutiny we won’t use them ourselves. I know we’re in agreement that it’s really about time to teach this country who’s really in charge. President Xi does it—not taking shit. I’ve talked to Antony [Blinken] and he shares my opinion on this matter. We need to step up our game or get a real man like President Xi in charge here,” part of the email read.

Despite the inflammatory context, Cyber Command is not yet taking the message at face value.

“We see a few possibilities. It could be another trolling attempt. It could be legit, and he forgot to encrypt it. Our SOP is to authenticate that he drafted the email, which he did, and then we send it to Navy JAG for further investigation. They’ll do a deep dive on it. And if they feel he was being authentic—well, that’s treason and seditious conspiracy. We’ll also be watching for other emails written by him or the ones he sent it to,” our source said.

Real Raw News has established in previous articles that Becerra, though a low man on the Biden totem pole, played a key role in the Plandemic and attended numerous private meetings at which he, Walensky, Fauci, and other members of Biden’s criminal Covid Task Force conspired to enslave law-abiding American patriots. Some of them are now gone, either awaiting trial or dead, and hopefully Becerra will inevitably stand accused at his own military tribunal.

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Xavier Becerra’s head can’t be put on a pike outside of the White House soon enough…


Also, for all RRN readers who see Xi as working with Trump and White-Hats, what does this say?

Gregg Nickens

Russia, China, and Iran have made an unholy alliance or covenant that God is getting ready to blow the lid off of.

I just heard one of Amanda Grace’s prophecies fulfilled – the recent sinking of a Russian ship 🚢


I would trust Putin any day then I would trust that clown in the so called White House , he is AMERICAS BIGGEST DANGER

Gregg Nickens

I would trust in the LORD before I would trust man, because man is fallible and capable of deceit which is precisely the thing we’re talking about here.

32 septillion in gold bars confiscated from the Cabal tends to make nations and leaders very greedy and capable of much subterfuge.


What is the news on gold bars? I have heard nothing about that.


Thanks Mr Obvious


Who took the gold Biden?


Biden is the only one who could get in to Fort Knox? Ne’s pas?

Rose Mary Abbott

This is too early for that alliance. This was satans attempt to jump the gun on God’s timeline for the Tribulation. That’s why God is putting a stop to it and showing everyone what his plans are. If this were the Tribulation of the Bible there would be the reconstructed Temple of the Lord in Israel. There is not one. The Bible said nothing about Yeshua taking His rightful place in the Mosque of Omar.

Robert James

Who knows? Maybe Xi has become a White Hat? Maybe? Or not?


 “China’s (Xi’s) Covid Death Camps” Can you read? Basically all of Shanghai on starvation lock-down. You likeee?! Becerra does like it, as he sees it as a model way to treat citizens.


One can only imagine how Becerra and others like him were raised. Dictatorial and sadistic father?


I tik they were taught to be anal at a ung age


illegal parents

S gamaj

We should lock up Becerra in a dark lit cell.. Don’t feed him for a year
give him a small machete so he can cut off his Dick and balls and survive
maybe he’ll do that …then, chop off his toes and eat em then chop off his feet and eat em…
He should be hung and shot 100 times in the face as he dangles struggling loosen the rope so he strangles to death but is accidentally shot incidentally shot 100 times in the chest with a .50 cal. mounted to a Humvvee

oops…. accidental discharge

Crazy cat lady

That takes too long. It delays the other executions.


You should tell us how you really feel…


That is what Cirsten W said about Xi. She said he was working against the old guard of the CCP. Who knows?


I’m sure he is, but I’ve also seen the results of his torture against non-DS people. Is all of Shanghai DS? Doubtful.


where did you see it, or was it just a report, maybe from controlled opposition? XI has to look good to CCP, while he helps white hats take down CCP


Would there be a better place for the CCPeers to congregate than in China’s richest city?


She turned out to be ccp!


Xi had been playing a gray hat. He had to show the CCP he was in with them or he’d have been killed. Xi is on President Trump’s team. He wants his people to be free of poverty, homelessness & hunger. Once the CCP is taken out, Xi can and will help make sure the DS’s NWO goes to hell with all the evil DS scum! Optics people! It’s all part of the movie!

Last edited 1 month ago by PaTrumpGal
Gregg Nickens

He’s playing both sides against the middle, just wait and see God’s word fulfilled.



Michael R Davis

Misdirection, keep the enemy confused.
The Art of War.

Rose Mary Abbott

It’s certainly keeping people confused.


Us included. Well, it is not called info war for nothing. Am leaving it in God’s hands. Happy Easter!

Gregg Nickens

It’s meant to be. This is where spiritual discernment comes in full force.


PaTrumpGal and Davis,

I have to admit that I don’t know for sure with some evidence suggesting you guys may be right, but also with lots of logical evidence suggesting Xi is a full on Maoist, who has no intent to loosen the CCP’s grip on the population, even after he gets rid of all “corruption.” (Doubtful he ever will do that)
Are Commies better than Globohomos? Anything is better than the Satan Worshiping Fags, yet if Xi is a Maoist, that won’t be good for the Chinese, or the world. I suppose this will be demonstrated one way or the other, so we’ll see.
I do suggest we all keep a critical open mind toward Xi and China, meaning, it’s likely Xi is not on the DS’s side, yet he also likely has his own power agenda.

Last edited 1 month ago by TimeIsNow
Gregg Nickens

If one studies history close enough, they will find that every civilization has always practiced blood sacrifice. Billy Graham made this comment. Governments and leaders have Always been the problem.

The prophets are all in agreement on this one subject, Putin, Xi, and the Ayatollah have made an unholy alliance, and the LORD is soon to lift their skirts for the world to see.

Gregg Nickens

Precisely Michael, you get it. People think you’re either all good guy or all bad guy, and that’s it. If history has taught us anything, it’s that mankind is capable of doing anything. Stalin and Mao Tse Tung fought the Axis Powers but killed millions of their own people.


Right on!


Will never believe Xi is anything but Maoist. And a good enough liar to deceive white hats. It is by what happens in his nation that we know him, not by what words he holds in his mouth or what gold in his fingers.

Gregg Nickens

We are in a time in history where there are No Clear Lines and much much deception. This is where total reliance upon the LORD and the Holy Spirit is critical. Appearances may look good (as in Putin cleaning house with the DS) But much subterfuge is going on behind the scenes that is comparta mentalized that the public doesn’t see.


You can’t believe a word Xi says surprise, surprise.

unlabeled quality

ALL these treasonous bastards need to have their heads on a pike.

Gregg Nickens

An old rock song said this (about Ayatollah Khomeini at the time), “If he really thinks we’re the devil, then let’s send him to hell”

Tom Bombastadillo

It is called Divine Wind by Blue Oyster Cult (1976). Until your comment, which I verified, I thought it was referring to the so-called “Moral Majority” of Jerry Falwell, which was a big deal in those days.

Rose Mary Abbott

Charlie Daniels!


He has always been bad.


And an illegal alien.


I’m not surprised. He sounds like a member of one of the cartels without the tatoos and piercings and dressed up in a suit and tie but just as vicious.

Crazy cat lady

He’s a La Raza activist. No allegiance to the USA.

Tom Bombastadillo

I buy top quality cigarettes for $43/carton from an illiterate Mexican guy who came here in 1972 but still speaks no English. He has a small racket that takes advantage of the fact that one can bring one carton of cigarettes per day into USA from Mexico duty free. So he has a crew of border scaliwags where each one brings a carton across every day which he buys from them and then they get sold on up here in USA.

Since he can’t read, he has to go by what people tell him (i.e. TV News) in order to form his political opinions. The DS/MSM have him totally programmed believing all their bullshit. It’s sad.

Am getting some good Spanish practice out of it too.

Just Me

So this illegal moron has been here in the US since 1972 and still does not know any English. This is what China Joe is bringing in millions of these morons leeches to destroy our country.

Tom Bombastadillo

He was born in Sacramento to an ‘American’ father who, based on reading between the wiki lines, was an anchor baby born in USA and raised in Mexico. So, yeah, you are basically right.

Just Me

His father is not an American, anchor babies are not true American and his POS son is not a real American too.


First again. Weird


Cry harder snowflake!



Shouldn’t we prefer on a pike beside an outhouse instead?


I’d settle for chaining him to the back of a pick-up and dragging his leftist ass back to Mexico…


Becerra was quite the sleeze while here in California…

Rose Mary Abbott

California has had more than its fair share of crooked politicians. It’s downright awful!

Johnny Lunchbucket

Have always hated this POS. All these foreigners f*cking our country over. We need loyal Americans in our government and not all these slimy DS foreign f*cks.


Johnny Lunchbucket, These arrogant pos’s need the worst treatment. I think they should personally have to feel all the pain of everyone they have hurt. Children, animals, good men and women. Then chuck them in a woodchipper. Then they go to hell. The arrogance of these creatures is hard to fathom. Are they so blind that they don’t know what is coming for them? These cowards will shit themselves when we finally grab our pitch forks. No quarter.


Where is Vlad the impaler when you need him?


Edward, Prince Charles (you may know this) Is related to Vlad the Impaler. He bought a property in Romania because of it. I’d like to see the arrogant, useless and evil “Royal” families heads on a stick. They are so evil and we are all finding out that “it’s one big club and you ain’t in it.” I’m British born and American bred. A citizen of both countries. I don’t want to see this country suffer any more! The cheers around the world will heard by all good folks when we get these spineless bastards off of or homeland. I can’t find it my heart to ever forgive the Satanists.
No mercy.

Crazy cat lady

Yeah, He didn’t BS, he got right to the point.

Tom Bombastadillo

He’s in Moscow–and the Russians are coming–to save us from DS/Zion/NATO/central skanksters!


I sure hope and pray ….. we
dont get fooled again

Swingin Door

HahA the WHO Dont Get Fooled Agen. Briliant.

G Laney

He sure was a huge thorn in the side to us here in California… one of many.

Tom Bombastadillo

Yep from someone in the same boat.

Swingin Door

Ida Get out of Californy if i was You find out why at testimonyofthetwowitnesses


Becerra is the son of Ham!




Wait a minute, they don’t know if he was serious!? Did he include “lol” or a laughing emoji in with the email!? May the Most High shorten these days of evil and may the Righteous continue to fight the good fight.


““…That we haven’t adopted President Xi’s method of rule is a shame. Quarantine camps are the right idea, but we’re so fearful of scrutiny we won’t use them ourselves. I know we’re in agreement that it’s really about time to teach this country who’s really in charge. President Xi does it—not taking shit. I’ve talked to Antony [Blinken] and he shares my opinion on this matter. We need to step up our game or get a real man like President Xi in charge here,” part of the email read.”

EXPLOSIVE AGAIN! Thank you, Michael and Happy Easter! Please keep up the good work.


Happy Easter! ”Really” God’s Sacrifice ”JESUS” to buy back his CREATION ”IS CALLED PASSOVER”


WHAT the Hell??? YOU are out of your mind, EVIL and Demon Posessed! SO your a SICK and EVIL dictator like XI?? There are 23 million People STARVING to Death with OUT WATER and Food in Shanghi China right now!! You SICK liberal Control FREAK.!!


Probably Berkeley Comifornia


really its berkeley Corniholiout ats a little miss – spell amongst like minded individuals

Last edited 1 month ago by Les

really its berkeley Corniholio but thats a little miss – spell amongst like minded individuals


Think you are confused, Dougray21! Need to REMOVE your post!
Look CLOSELY at Xena’s post – especially the part in QUOTES! She is making a point about how outrageous this man is.
You missed it! She is congratulating Michael for exposing this. She is not the evil one; they are!

Angel Askew

This was great to learn how this admin. REALLY feel. They HATE and FEAR us and 2A.
We must organize our communities more strongly.
If you are able to find authentic Chinese news you will see dozens of people jumping to there death from apartment buildings and they are telling the people it is America’s fault they are locked in and starving.


Monkey Werx is showing lots of activity from the Maxwell bird going in and out of Gitmo so I hope that its for all of these wastes that are still trying to take us down,the Obamicron BS.2 has been unleashed and mandates are coming back


Good luck with the mandates. My second amendment will await their visit. Whole neighborhood feels that way! Beware!! All We The People have to say!


Yes…We The People 🇺🇲🙌🏻


I couldn’t agree more! Wake up people… DO NOT COMPLY!


Maxwell bird?

Rose Mary Abbott

Ghislane Maxwell


How about Opa Locka,Tierra Del Fuego,Guam or XPL Honduras?


They can try, but there are move of us then them. Wanna stop all this nonsense? Easy easy answer…I will not comply! And do not comply!


How thrilling! Make my day.

Erin M Kearney

Well, isn’t he a real peach🖕

Proudly Unaffiliated

Another one likely to hang. That is a solution, not a problem. MAGA! 🙂


Zero policy for Covid positives will mean a large catchment of “fully vaxed” as the unvaxed are healthier and avoid those BS tests anyway….. interesting concept for a supposed “health department”


They’re coming out with another virus hoax, likely based upon this chicken culling they’re doing to the farmers, from what I’ve read. It may be named an avian virus. We’ve been through the Avian Flu and the Swine Flu, but now they prefer the virus moniker since people fall into line with that. BTW, most of the unvaxed will have another fight on their hands to remain that way.

We cannot just sit here and let them do this to us; again!


I WILL NOT COMPLY! Wake up sleepers and follow my advice!


Funny thing about the CPR test and how flawed or how intentionally it is manipulated! You just speed up the cycle or rate of spin when testing the sample and it will spit out antibodies of about everything from a bug to a virus to etc! They choose what they find.. it’s that simple! They want to test as many as possible.. research what is on the test swab! Will amaze you how nefarious! DO YOUR RESEARCH!!

Tom Bombastadillo

Yes the whole thing is far more diabolical and unnatural then even the Twilight Zone. We are living in a science fiction book.


Of course he praised China’s Covid Death Camps. Sees it as a model.


“Becerra” is a Spanish term for a young cow … “becerra.”

Yup, just calf … grunt, grunt, grunt.


“MOOOOOOOOO!! I’m not guilty, I’m not guilty!”
Yes you are, Xavier. Tu es un maldito vaca!

Last edited 1 month ago by Xena
Crazy cat lady

Does this low-life POS have something like this in mind. He was Gov Newsom’s henchman.
In Shanghai 26M resident are forcibly locked in their apartments. They are starving and some of them are jumping out of the windows. Beccera is probably getting excited thinking about it. These evil DS operatives should be locked down instead. We must push back and never let this happen to us up again.


What an awful person he must be to get excited about the suffering of others! No one should ever suggest that people are forced to do something against their will or something against their rights!
We should have JAG capture them tonight while they sleep, hog tie and gag them, throw them on a plane and get them to GITMO now!
execute with no trial! We are at war!

Crazy cat lady

Yes, I’m from Cal and he was made the AG after that useless POS, Kamala Harris became a US Senator. He’s belongs to to a radical organization called La Raza the is trying to reclaim the Southwestern States for Mexico.

Andi Kay

Woah. You don’t know racism until you mess with La Raza.
Muy malo hombres.

Last edited 1 month ago by Andi Kay
Andi Ahmad

He should go back to Mexico then, and use his ‘expertise’ there. No need to add to America’s problems as it is.

Last edited 1 month ago by Andi Ahmad
Crazy cat lady

Yes, he should, they’ll hack him up real good over there.


Why can’t we send in forces to Mexico to bomb the hell out of the cartel? are they not enemies of the USA? I know Mexico is a sovereign nation but they are destroying our young people and the Mexican government is not doing anything to stop it. So, lets go into their country and stop the criminality against our nation.


Why am I not surprised? From the temper of the email and the arrogance and hubris by which it is composed, he speaks like one who has a whole army of his own armed illegal radicals guarding his sorry ass. He must think he’s El Chapo and even sounded like it in an earlier article where he said being appointed has its privileges meaning he could do whatever the fuck he wanted. I hope the special services when they authenticate fully that email come down on him harder than a load of bricks.

Ruth Ann Maloney

WOW! Go get him! What an evil person, bad as the Chinese! Traitor, clearly Deep State Cabal Satan Worshipper!!!

Ian Mmkay

If he’s being authentic? He effing wrote it! That’s enough for me!

Susan Sloate

And if we accidentally get someone who’s innocent?

Do as the Deep State does… “Whoops!”


Time to end this treasonous shit once and for all. Go get Barack and Big Mike and hang them both. YESTERDAY.


Barack and Big Mike have already been dealt with. Barack got shot in the back of the head and Big Mike took a needle. They’ve been gone probably 2 years.


These terrible, bad, anti American, anti God people should all be hanged in a public square while their treasonous crimes are read over a loudspeaker so we Godfearing Patriots and all the rest of the world can see and witness the cleansing of 🇺🇸 America! Problem is, it doesn’t fit with Biblical prophecy! The Antichrist can’t make his appearance known until US is as powerful as a 3rd world country.


Yes Patriots, let’s teach these traitorous weasels who’s really in command of these United States! Hint: It’s NOT the pedo dirt bags on foreign soil in the District of Columbia.


F Becerra. That they is all I have to say.

Jan D Hunsinger

Good interception RRN! Thank you . And Happy Resurrection Day!

Andi Kay

Happy Resurrection Day to you, Jan, and to all.




On they have an article on the election steal. Go read it for yourself for the media will not pick it up unless Aon does install Aon on your phones. I have Aon before they had to move it to live. Is any one using it from
the tv. Who do you use? My phone is getting full.


It was stolen and they did by the data I think they said 4.8 million. Now they can go to the sympreme court if we have the proof and they do. Go read the article and spread the word. I don’t know how to copy and paste on the phone.


You don’t just “go to the supreme court” lmao. Is this going to be the 63rd L ?

David T

It can end up there if lower courts keep looking the other way.


Yes you can, in certain cases they have initial jurisdiction and you skip the other courts. Rare but it does happen.


“We’re all gonna hang.”
Don’t forget this fact, Helen


If they think the US citizens will comply… remember we have the right to bear arms. They obviously think we are stupid.


Perhaps he’d like to “praise” gitmo after a staycation???…….let us all know how he got on???…..


These people give Dracula and Frankenstein and the other monsters a bad name.

Andi Kay

That’s a fact!


I am glad for the fill in stories it tells me we need a bigger gitmo, how can so many people be so evil to mankind, have they forgotten they are part of mankind. what goes around comes around.


They are not human. Psychopaths.




How can Americans be so stupid on what is really going on in this country.




Very cool to see Jordan sather go on x22 and call places like this disinfo. Imagine being called disinfo in a world of q anon shit 🤣

David T

Would be the utmost in cool if you’d pack up your crap and leave.

Johnny Lunchbucket

Sather is a complete douchebag, just like you, Hell On

Last edited 1 month ago by Johnny Lunchbucket

never heard of him


But Sather didn’t mention RRN on the X22 Report! Listen to the interview yourself (“Jordan Sather – Be Careful Who You Follow, Narrative Shift Coming”, published 16 April 2022). RRN wasn’t mentioned once.


Here’s the scoop on Becerra
He HATES American citizens
He HATES sovereignty
He HATES the U.S. Constitution
He cares only for illegal aliens
He is an illegal alien

Crazy cat lady

I was born and raised in California. That’s Becerra to a T. He’s with La Raza never a true American.


La Raza ie “The Race” has been very active in California for at least 7 decades! They are subversive. Quality Hispanics do not want to be connected with them! The fake news was extolling them way back in the early 70’s! After the fake news glorified a la Raza parade, My Hispanic neighbor, with great expression, told me “La Raza is terrible and works against this country. We don’t want to have anything to do with them!” If only people would have listened and acted back then, California wouldn’t be the hellhole it is! My entire family exited California starting 22 years ago! Thank God, we live in a great patriotic state!

Crazy cat lady

My grandparents immigrated to this country legally from Latin America way back in the 1920s. They learned English and became citizens. Many of these immigrants never assimilate and just colonize. Most of my family have left Cal. I’m also living in a great patriotic state. It feels like I’m really living in America now.


Wnd is and this information is coming out with Charlie Kirk and the movie is called “2000 mules”watch for it. The regular news will not bring it out and they call themselves “ news channels. This is news worthy and the would’nt bring it out so they it sounds like Charlie Kirk maybe can bring it out with theatres or another was look for 2000 mules. They will get it out.


moviesqq,dot,com, and download for free and watch at your leisure.

Dr John

The Deep State propaganda machine is just being silly. It is not the LARDership of the fake president that prevents things like quarantine camps from being activated in the UNITED STATES. It is the American fighting men & women who will intervene in every attempt at such action. No discussions needed!

They are truly playing a very dangerous game, one they cannot survive. Unlike every other country we can and will fight back and many of us have combat training and experience. We also have the equipment to do just that. We are not afraid of you or a little gun fire. So propaganda away, the bullshit is just so much rhetoric.


I think you meant LARPERership, lol

Air man

We can only hope and there is a need to pick up the pace.


Becerra brought in the Awan Brothers when he was a congressman. I hope white hats never forget that. Treason and sedition. He needs to go.


So why is he still walking around shooting his mouth off? If the White Hats grabbed Fauci who was under extreme guard, this idiot would be simple to get. make a statement already!


Body double or clone? Maybe even some fancy new ankle bracelet? Do your research.


Swing baby swing”

Diana Barahona

The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time (1992)
by Preston B. Nichols with Peter Moon

Look up the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk. CHANNEL3X on You Tube has videos about it. During WWII, the Navy collaborated with the Illuminati and the Nazis, because they worked with malevolent ETs with technology that was hundreds of years ahead of their time. (Operation Highjump frightened the U.S. government)

Diana Barahona

Stewart Swerdlow was talking about FEMA concentration camps back in 2002, on his book tour Blue Blood, True Blood.

In the 1940s, the military acquired time-travel and space-travel technology that was hundreds or even thousands of years ahead of what they had. In exchange for this technology, the government allowed the Illuminati and the ETs to abduct as many people as they wanted to be used as chattel. The Montauk project was the beginning of MK Ultra, headed by an Illuminati named Cameron Ewen. That project alone abducted and programmed 250,000 children, many of whom didn’t survive. There were also reptilian blood rituals performed at Montauk, which included William F Buckley and Sir Laurence Gardner. Both Bush presidents were shapeshifters as well.


It just keeps getting better & better. They go lower & lower. I hate that we were so blind but I love that my heart was pure enough that I didn’t see how bad it was for a while. Thank God for President Trump. If it hadn’t been for him opening so many peoples eyes we really would be fighting a never ending battle!!

Happy Easter Michael & God Bless You & your family ✝️🙏🏻✝️🙏🏻✝️🙏🏻✝️


they will soon find out how many guns we have.


This is all great, Im just upset not one thing has been made public yet. Its worrisome.

Susan Sloate

Hey, Xavier–

We HAD a ‘real man’ in charge in this country, and you impeached him twice, banned him from all social media accounts and tried to kill him.

That ‘real man’ will NEVER let you do what you’re planning!


Deport ALL CCP back to Cnina. Revoke citizenship and get them the hell outta here.
They have no reason to be living here. We can no longer allow them to infiltrate.




The hatred and deep-seated desire they have to destroy us is incredible but the way they see fit to go about it is as if we deserve it is pure evil and demonic.

G Man

Hey Xavier…You’re a Real PIECE of DOG S_ _ T! Come to my house and try to take me…you rotten scumbag…PLEASE 🙂


G man,
He would piss his pants and cry like a baby! I’d pay good money to see you deal with that pos.


I am here- I will work for fishing rights and great coffee. Add 1000.00 per day (tax free) and I will pull that lever 10 times per day to help rid the world of this vermin. I do not want some young man to have to live with this burden. Ready? I am… 10 min from CT airport.


Sounds like Becerra should approve when he learns how the genuine President of the USA quarantines those who genuinely endanger the health of the nation in Gitmo.


Becerra has always been a piece of human trash, well established during his tenures in the Kalifornia Politboro.

Last edited 1 month ago by Dave

Does anyone out there appreciate the irony of Biden’s “health czar” praising China’s death camps? I know George Orwell would love this.


Arrest anyone associated with Fauci in the last few years for starters!


My latest post is “awaiting for approval”. I don’t know if will pass muster or not, but I have to comment on this hideous example of bad grammar. It’s either “awaiting approval” or it’s “waiting for approval”, but it ain’t “awaiting for approval. Sorry to be a nitpicker, but this is an atrocity (my mother was an English major — I can’t help it).


Yeah, don’t we all.


Grow Up U ”Dipstick”


Go play your “Daddy Role” at a Gay bar.


I was thinking… What else do the evil creatures have on their agenda? SLEEP DEPRIVATION! All the chaos , fear, anxiety working long hours to make ends meet. Hyperinflatoin, fear of death, fear of suffering,death water, poisoned food. Do you sleep at night like you used to? I know that I do not .


Along with the lack of sleep our immune system is compromised. Then look to BIG FARM to rescue us with sleeping pills.


I hope they aren’t tainting supplements, like Melatonin.


I depends where you purchase your supplements. Big Pharma controls that industry also. What ever pharmaceutical you take… mostly antihypertensives i.e lisinopril is made from synthetic snake venom as well as hypoglycemics such as metformin. I would be hesitant to inject any insulin. I would be hesitant to take ANY pharmaceuticals! There is graphene in Tylenol cough and cold also.

Jane D

Magnesium glycinate…works like a charm. It’s a natural muscle relaxer. Take a couple of those, along with one GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric acid) capsule and it’s even more effective.


Magnesium, Zinc, Melatonin. NACN- Acetylcholine cysteine, Quercetin, glutathione will aide the body to eradicate the C reactive protein spikes. All allopathic pharmaceuticals will only lead to pain and suffering. All pharmaceuticals will lead to dis…ease.


This IS why we smoke pot! Its so much more safer, thats why its been illegal.


Well I just hope all this is true because can’t anyone get in this app and read like him??


It never ceases to amaze me how vicious, sadistic and utterly racist some members of minority groups are while they obsess about racism in others and the possible violation of human rights when it comes to themselves. Sotomayor was the same way. Let Becerra meet the same fate.

Sandy Koufax

It’s time to bring the Becerra era to an end.

David Fisher

There is probably enough evidence to hang Becerra when he was the California AG. Anyone working for the fake Biden would know to be more careful.