Military Arrests David Axelrod


Real Raw News has just received word that White Hats on Friday arrested former Obama strategist David Axelrod near his condominium in the South Loop suburb of Chicago.

A confidential source in the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps told Real Raw News that U.S. Marines caught Axelrod as he was travelling from Chicago to a friend’s vacation home in Whiting, Indiana.

Although unwilling at this time to provide JAG’s evidence against Axelrod, he did say that both Vice Adm. Crandall and Marine Corps General David H. Berger approved the operation after drafting a military arrest warrant in Axelrod’s name.

“I’ll provide additional details as soon as I’m cleared to,” our source said. “I can say no U.S. Marines were injured, and Axelrod didn’t resist. His arrest, rest assured, is justifiable.”

Curiously, Axelrod’s name—until yesterday—had not appeared on RRN’s radar.

A longtime player in the world of Chicago politics, Axelrod is best known for being the chief strategist for Hussein Obama’s presidential campaigns. After Obama’s election, Axelrod was appointed as Senior Advisor to the criminal Obama.

RRN will supply updates ASAP.

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Planet Warrior

Let’s see the proof Real Raw BS? Let’s see it? All Talk. Actions speak louder until proof you’re pure Raw BS.

Terry Jacks

Another engineer of mayhem bites the dust.


ANYONE associated with Obama is QUILTY


Emmanuel Rahm should also watch his back.


Axelrod has been a piece of SHIT from the 60,s on about time but yes yes yes


Axelrod is a dirty scumbag


He’s an avowed communist. He also provided a lot of input to the outrageous abomba health program. More.


Emmanuel Rahm’s brother was the master of Obama care. These Khazaria Mafia bought the US Congress, the Federal and State Courts, and the executive branches since they massively got into the United States after the WWII. IT seemed to be an organized activities that destroyed our country in last 7 decades.


One less Deep State Axel(rod) on the loose…


To Michael Baxter. Some posts on here speak of Obama as if he’s alive and others as if he and Mike are already dead. Can you please clear this up? Thank you.


Thank you.


After BHO gets apprehended, then we will see the recordings by EBS. I am waiting for this date to come. Loretta Lynch was scheduled to be hanged today, and I expect that she will say the same words as Sotomayor said:” Barack will revenge for me…..” something like that. I guess that BHO is trying now. I can see everything Biden has done was exactly what BHO would do to the American people.


It’s because we messed up saying we got Fauci. We need a new storyline and an introduction to a new villain. When we post stories like this, the comments give us ideas about who we should write about next.


Amazing turn out so far in Philadelphia! We still have T-shirt’s but we are running out fast. Remember, we will be burning Ukrainian flags at 11 AM in response to your feedback. Stay tuned for more updates.

Russ C

And another one down!


I see Axelrods Twitter is still twating away.


Of course it would be! This war against the deep state is clandestine, therefore hardly anything revealed to the public.


I’m sure he left Twatter wide open and after busting him grabbed his phone and made a few comments to make it appear everything was fine. lol
It would’ve been funny if they wrote open confessions and pointed fingers on those who did everything blah bah blah lol It would’ve been a perfect scenario.


Will Gov. Grisham of New Mexico be picked up and arrested by the Military? I sure hope so.


FYI…the “South Loop” is an area in Chicago proper, not a suburb.


I thought Axelrod was black. He appears to be Ashkenazi in this photo. Must have him confused with another of Obama’s we wuz kangs czars.


Bev Kungl

Each step is taking us closer to Obama.

Samuel Adams

The Obama handler I hope to see taken away is Bill Ayers. Remember that domestic terrorist POS? Got away with murder and then went on to pervert our educational system.


The Founder of “Weather Underground & The New Left” – out of Shitcago. Yup, he’s another Terrorist fro the word “go”.
They all tie in together as one Big happy family.
Good catch, I actually forgot about this monkey.

Will Willis

It seems Axelrod , got the whole Axel and the rod…..😬….. Nobody’s fault BUTT your own…..


I’m sure he might get some axel in jail soon enough, especially if he has to share a Cell with another Deep Stater. They seem to all like “Butt” for some reason.


Talking heads will roll.


Good. We’re on a roll.

Stinky Perfume

Have any arrests here made a difference? Fauci and others gone so what’s left to keep a covid narrative going on? Fauci, Birx etc, can’t be running it from GITMO. The orders from computers to hospitals, doctors, and jab clinics, are put up by someone’s so what’s their names and positions in life? People arrested haven’t phased the new lockdowns, and Shanghai lockdowns. Which entities and where is this covid narrative coming from? Why is the agenda raging on? I’m seeing they are not phased by the arrests. How are their finances holding out to create the news and pay all these hospitals and CVS jabbers etc? Someone is taking money to make the agendas so why aren’t they going after the financial creators of this?


The left follows Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to overwhelm the system and they did accomplish that. In addition, I learned from the two sources I listened to on Brighteon, they had major bridges set to blow up for whenever and much more that I won’t go into, all of which were disabled by the white hats.

Sharon Manning

The bridge in MI went down, tho.


Yes, that was suspicious. The most deadly one in the U.S. was in Minneapolis in 2007: 13 deaths and 145 injured.

There are many internet sites that list all the bridges around the world that have collapsed for various reasons.


Which or witch bridge in MI?


Our stories are not meant to be looked at closely. We write for donations only so we give you the bondage style arrests, snappy trials and quick executions. Don’t read too much into it and don’t forget to donate!

David T

“Our stories”? Like you have anything to do with creating and maintaining the content on RRN.



Whenever I hear of Indiana, I think of Pence and the major sex trafficking highway that is known in this state.


I think Pence may try to stage a run at POTUS. BUt I’m sure somebody will make an attempt to discredit him eventually for being the piece of shit that he is.


The train is picking up steam

Just Me

I forgot about this shyster, good that he is arrested for treason. He too is dirty and he help to install this POS Obama who has done so much damage to our country.

John .S

Hey Fredo are you monitoring this post? Come-out – – come-out from wherever you are. Peek-a boo, special forces looking for you, LoL.


Time to get the treasonous, muslim dog, Obama. Hang Him and Big Mike.

Jose Ramirez

Yes!!! Let’s go brandon!


FJB & Fauci


Time has not been kind to Axelrod, as with many of his ilk, when they have menaced we-the-people innocents for so long. They look creepy, unkind, and their eyes reveal darkness.

Sandy Koufax

Axe Axelrod!

S gamaj

Was that picture taken before he started cross dressing, chopped off his Dick and his balls or duck-taped them between his fat legs…started dancing around in a dirty pair of shit encrusted underwear, sucking dicks on the movie set of the White House… He makes me think of the Tom Hanks movie ” The Money Pit ”…. Where he is managing a band full of transvestite men ( in dresses ).. Then he stars in a series called Bossom buddies where he and a friend
( are passing themselves off as women…)

john sonn

quite some time ago I watched the video everything is a rich man’s trick. I just watched the sequel- long but the second half is amazing. I highly recommend if you have a few spare hours (!) to watch it:
Worldwide Premier! The Sequel:
Everything’s A Rich Man’s Trick! NESARA GESARA vs The Evil Fed! Reagan’s Clone?! Justice is Coming, Trust the Plan! Panic In DC, EU, UN & NATO! Global Elites, Big Pharma, Big Tech & MSM Going Down & More!
I found it on before it is news but originally on “rose rambles”. Very interesting. Look forward to your books Micheal.

Wayne Hatton

Another khazarian yid in the bag.


Michael Baxter, I’m curious. How many readers do you have on this website per day?


That’s a lot for a niche site. Thanks.


If I may ask, and I’m not trying to start shit, what do you do with the funds you earn from this site?


You should write a book with what you know. I bet you’d sell a few thousand copies.


I will buy one.


what is the name of the one that is coming out soon? and will you tell us where we can purchase a copy.


I will buy one too. This site give people hopes>

Robert Dziok

More like a few hundred thousand copies or million Best Seller when people get word of and aware.

Robert Dziok

Conservative, Christian and Patriot sites have been defunded as much as possible by the Satanic Globalist Controlled MSM, Social Media, etc. So they rely on donations to “Keep the Lights On” as the saying goes. Everyone knows this. Do you ask family and friends what they do with presents also?

Gregg Nickens

John Durham, “When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride till I get to the bottom and I see you again. Yeah yeah yeah. Do you don’t you want me to make you, I’m coming down fast and I’m going to break you. Tell me tell me tell me come on tell me the answer well you may be a pedo but you ain’t no dancer. Look out, Helter Skelter, Helter Skelter, Helter Skelter, yeah.. .”


Blackhat bird singing in the dead of night…take these broken wings and learn to fly… you are only waiting for this moment to be despised….


Get them all — the strategists, the advisors, the PR people — all of them. I am disappointed that the media tycoons, personalities and “journalists” are not being arrested. They continue to deceive the American people and that should be considered treason.


Yes, absolutely; the FCC licenses should be revoked on all the major television and radio networks. IT IS BECAUSE OF THESE NETWORKS’ PROPAGANDA AND LIES THAT THE COVID HOAX GOT TRACTION AMONG THE PUBLIC. They have violated a public trust and deliberately ignored and not reported the COVID STATISTICS IN PERCENT. Had they reported the covid fatalities IN PERCENT, the public would never had agreed to close down their restaurants and merchant businesses – many of which went bankrupt – OVER A WILDLY EXAGGERATED VIRUS THAT HAS A 99.96% SURVIVAL RATE ACROSS ALL AGE GROUPS. Meantime, HUNDREDS of thousands of businesses were closed because of this massive hoax!! It is my wish that the mayors and governors that helped facilitate this hardship on businesses and the mask BS, be dumped out at sea after the waters have been sufficiently chummed. Feeding these sociopaths to the sharks would be a fitting end. I never used to understand the brutality of the gallows, guillotine or feeding the sharks, but after what we’ve learned the past two years, the business closures, the non-pandemic fatality percentages, the poison lethal injections, the mask bullshit and all the lies from the mainstream media – those involved deserve no mercy.


Analyst: Yes, absolutely; the FCC licenses should be revoked on all the major television and radio networks. 

That probably has to be done before the EBS goes out so the needed info can be ‘simulcasted’ on that AND the seized MSM infrastructure at the same time.


This could be interesting. Can’t wait for his tribunal. I imagine he knows “where all the bodies are buried” (maybe literally) if they can get him to talk. The dominos are falling. A lot of people who once thought they were untouchable are running scared.




This troubles me for a different reason.I’d thought Axelrod would be arrested and it’s totally appropriate with all the damage the Marxist Obama did making war against our people and nation both internally and externally.Beside Axelrod it causes me to think of other “masterminds” that engineered the installation of their own presidents such as Karl Rove and Dick Morris.Might these men also be sought for arrest and Tribunal? This would trouble me somewhat concerning Morris who seems to realize and not like at all what the Clintons were and became.I suppose there will be plenty of surprise villains revealed.


Morris who literally and figuratively spilled state secrets to a prostitute…that guy should be repenting in dust and ashes and obscurity for the rest of his life, not being a public pundit for profit…he has nothing of value to say to me or anyone else

David Smith

I hope that the military can get him to sing like canary and incriminate the Kenyan


I just looked him up, and the name Axelrod comes from a derivative of the Ashkenazy Jews. Aren’t these the ones who are involved in the Kazarian mafia stuff?

Tom Bombastadillo

Yep, and his father was born in Ukraine ….


wow it is going to be a great Easter, so many coming down and NESARA will happen at the end of the month, and lots of public arrest coming up. Thank you Michael, keep posting I never get tired of good news


you must be speaking from experience…

Hal Brown

For one thing, he had to have known that Zero was not born in Hawaii.


Two good sources on Brighteon said that all Cabal threats to humanity must be neutralized before “the Alliance” can go overt; and yes, that Deep State or Cabal operatives are being arrested.


Yes…we are tired of these fraudster overlords telling us, We the Sheeple, that they can kill us, torture us, steal our children, drink their blood, sacrifice them and traffic them; jab us starve us, enslave us, maim us, send our sons and daughters to war for them and more…we need to RISE UP AGAINST THEM AS ONE AND THROW OFF THEIR YOKE OF TYRRANY AND PUT THEM IN PRISON FOR LIFE…who’s our leader? Who do we rally around to accomplish this?


Only Thru Jesus Christ We’ll Find Our Lord And Almighty God Is Our One & Only True Leader,
We The People, we’ll just arrange their meeting.

Proudly Unaffiliated

Getting closer to the arrest, military tribunal, conviction, and execution of Hussein. MAGA! 🙂


After Obama’s election, Axelrod was appointed as Senior Advisor to the President. He left the position in early 2011 and became the Senior Strategist for Obama’s successful re-election campaign in 2012. Axelrod wrote for the Chicago Tribune, and joined CNN as Senior Political Commentator in 2015.


I wonder what the friend had for him. Please keep us posted, Michael, thanks.

John .S

No doubt Dave was on his way to Passover Dinner, trying to arive before sundown. Money says Rahm Emanuel house.


I’ve been an avid follower, it’s articles like this that are out of the blue that keep me coming back. Also I’ve never found a credible reason not to believe everything reported, even with media reappearances, like Tom Hanks throwing out the first pitch at the Nationals home opener.

That changed recently when it started circulating around the conservative social media sites that Bill Barr is actually a white hat who successfully infiltrated the deep state political circle. Other than his appointment of John Durham, he seemingly failed at every duty as AG. But now, not only has he reemerged (after a RRN reported hanging) but is suddenly everywhere and looks to be fully backing the Durham investigation. George Papadopoulos recently said Bill Barr is a white hat and there is indication that the Trump/Barr feud was nothing but a stunt with intent to sell Barr to the deep state Biden administration.

So what gives?

Michael R Davis

The feud with Judge Sessions was all misdirection, smoke & mirrors, and a few others too. Sessions very carefully set up the stings taking down the child trafficking and rescuing the children, which Trump initiated on day one, 1-20-2017.
Art of War, keeping the enemy confused.



Lucy Skywalker

I’ve been wondering too. Have White Hats been playing several key baddies who RRN reported dead but msm report still operating. Has Barr been played by a significant White Hat?
When Pence was given a special thanks for his help in setting up NSA, I wondered seriously if it was JFK Jr, who is a master of disguise, and would be up to making that kind of significant contributions – if u know u know.

John .S

Friend’s vacation home; Rahm Emanuel?

Last edited 2 years ago by John .S

Yes, Chicago’s former mayor. They’re all Dems…criminals.


that dude needs to be at the spa for a full treatment one last time.


This is a group of Kharian Mafia. Rahm Emanuel’s mother was the head of teacher union in Chicago and they have been teaching our children to hate American for many years.


Axelrod went to school with my sister at the University of Chicago. I always thought he might be a Deep State player within the past ten years. I’m sure they’ve apprehended him to get info on Obama unless he’s up to his eyeballs in corruption himself.