Dr. Deborah Birx Was Executed Last July


In May 2021 Real Raw News reported that Deep State Dr. Deborah Birx, a woman more famous for polychromatic scarves than medical expertise, was arrested on charges of treason and mass medical malpractice at her multigenerational home in Pennsylvania. We then reported that JAG had set aside time in June for her military tribunal. After that, we received no further updates on the devious Dr. Birx and assumed she’d either struck a deal or was shipped to a location other than Guantanamo Bay, for the “White Hat” partition of the US military maintains several tribunal grounds at bases across the globe.

Real Raw News can now report, belatedly, that the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps and the Office of Military Commissions indeed tried and convicted Birx on June 30, 2021. The proceedings took place at Naval Base Guam, which sits approximately 3,300 miles West of Hawaii, and 1,500 miles east of the Philippines and south of Japan. Guam is a territory of the United States, and its residents are US citizens. The island is about 36 miles long, 6-12 miles wide, and in many ways, Guam is an all-American community.

On April 7, 2018, President Donald J. Trump authorized the renovation of vacant barracks into legal offices and a pair of courtrooms from where JAG could hold accountable Deep State Criminals, aka “the swamp,” for their crimes against the United States. But rather than burden U.S. taxpayers, Trump helped finance the project to the tune of several million dollars, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers completed construction in three months, ahead of schedule, according to both military and Mar-a-Lago sources.

“I confirm Trump was involved in and paid for a revamp of the Guam facilities. I have no idea who’s been tried there or when,” a Mar-a-Lago source said.

A JAG source, however, supplied somewhat more perspicuous details.

“The Naval Station Guam penal camp was built as a fallback, in case the Deep State captured GITMO, or if GITMO was overloaded. Neither’s been the case, but JAG has sent Deep State prisoners abroad for trial. I don’t know the reasons; those decisions are made by officers above my pay grade. I know that although the project was finished in September 2019, no tribunals were held there until after President Trump activated the Insurrection Act sometime in January 2021. I’ve heard that six such tribunals took place before Birx was tried, convicted, and executed at the Guam location,” a JAG source said.

When asked why JAG was so tardy in releasing info on Birx’s conviction, he said that Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall and the “White Hat” heads of other branches of the armed forces coordinate the dissemination of classified or declassified data.

“I say nothing until I get a green light, and then only what I’m authorized to say. For OPSEC reasons, there’s also heavy compartmentalization, so I personally might not hear of an incident until a later date. And in the case of Birx, I only learned her fate last week,” our JAG source said.

Birx, he added, fell to a firing squad on July 6, 2021.

“At GITMO the preferred method of execution is hanging; in Guam it’s a five-gun salute, straight to the afterlife,” he said.

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Hi Michael….I hope you see this post. Thanks for bringing us an update on Birx. I hope you will continue to present other’s demise when you can. I’ve noticed for some time that Admiral John Hannick hasn’t been conducting any Tribunals at Gitmo. I’ve wondered if he is at one of these other facilities. maybe conducting the tribunals of the Hollywooders. What do you know, if anything?

Robert James

My choice would a guillotine a few steps from the courtroom exit door.

Mont Schroeder

She sure wears nice “flee collars”……..

John .S

Wonder whom else made the guest list at Guam?

Anyone seen Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres and Rita Wilson lately?

Where’s Huma?

Last edited 2 years ago by John .S

No wonder no body sees her anymore, evil woman.


Deborah Does Guam…


Seriously, the details of the charges presented at her tribunal and any response she made to those charges interest me far more than the decision based on those facts.


I still would have liked that she be hung by her scarves.


I’ve seen pictures of family size coffins in Georgia stacked in a field. Was told the guillotines and coffins were planned for us.Hillary, Obama, and their ilk had way to much time and blood on their hands.

terry jacks

The psychology of using a chainsaw to behead the condemned, while the others in line are forced to watch it coming for them, is certainly an option. The sounds of the saw are unmistakable, and the screams are no doubt heartfelt. ha ha

Last edited 2 years ago by terry jacks
Lucky star

The Mil should implement this method in front of the condemned… line them up one by one for them to watch


Firing squad- Gallows -gas chamber-what ever Just get ‘er done.ALL the traitors

Last edited 2 years ago by Tom
Frederick Carreon

Please update us whether FAUCI have been arrested. Thanks, Michael✌️


Guess who we will see all over media this week!!!

Lucky Star

Oreo. He is planning to visit resident byeden to promote ObamaCare again


The Kenyan


I hope when the truth becomes public that it will be in a good time, and I will be alive to see it.


How about Hum’a Weiner? Did they ever do her in?

Lucky Star

One of the first at Guam..


Lets go Zombieland and just drop a fuckin piano on the old bitch


I hope that there is someone taking videos of all of these historical events.


Holy wow!


Why her and not the creepy Fauci?


I heard that 6 such Tribunals took place before that (devious)
Birx was executed. !
So things in Guam have been working
Like A Well Oiled Machine, or so it reads like..😀
This is A VERY Happy Day…
Thanks for this Article Michael. Baxter

Last edited 2 years ago by Wildcat

That there wasn’t ROOM for 13 out of 14 people on our PLANET !
That means you /me and everyone and their entire families, sons,daughters, moms /dads….. And so FORTH.
Donald TRUMP and the white hats
I am breaking out a bottle of CHAMPAGNE, right this minute
I AM happy to be ALIVE.


Donald J TRUMP..


What has she done that Fauci hasn’t? Why is he still walking around shooting off his mouth? That prick has got to go!


What about Fauci?????

Rob William

Oh, there so much going on that MB overlooked the need to execute Fauci. Don’t worry about the order of executions, MB will soon write a story about his execution too (or running away)!

Robert James

I’ve never heard of any failures with Guillotines and they’re very economical.

Teacher Student

In addition, we the taxpayers already own 50,000 of them, courtesy of the Obama Regime, purchased from China and designated to be used in FEMA camps against those of us who resisted the “Hope and Change” agenda.

It was fitting that Comey was executed by guillotine, since it was he who personally signed orders to remove the homeless from the streets in this manner, supposedly a trial run for what was planned for “We the People” down the road.


According to Google…. Deborah Birx was last seen in tha Media on March 12th 2021 (two months BEFORE her arrest, right?!) BUT she didn’t resurface until a YEAR LATER !!! (Or should i say, Her “name” was “mentioned” in the media, a year later – evidently she put out a book two months ago! February 2022).

Soo, Deborah Birx was MIA (Missing In Action) for a WHOLE year! Which kinda coincides with what this article is saying. (Of course !!! the Mainstream Media will MENTION her name NOW !?! Now that this article IS out!)

Freddy Benson

Don’t forget testifying before congress!


You should invest in her two books. Since we know
Nine months ago she stopped breathing !
What a miracle ?
Your dead hero back from the grave !😼

Lucky Star

He does not have money otherwise he won’t be here begging for 10 cents

Rob William



You are right, about the 10 cents…
Pathetic. And he is here all day Long…!

Rob William

That was her AI hologram!


What happened at the Melinda Gates tribunal??

Freddy Benson

trump is suing a dead hrc and put into the court record she is PRESENTLY married to bill lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooo

why is trump suing someone he watched die (allegedly)? lmao


The Plaintiff, DONALD J. TRUMP, by and through his undersigned counsel, hereby files
his Motion to Disqualify The Honorable Donald M. Middlebrooks, United States District Judge
for the Southern District of Florida, under 28 U.S.C. § 455, and as grounds for disqualification
states as follows:

1. The Plaintiff files this Motion for Disqualification of the Honorable Donald M.
Middlebrooks under 28. U.S.C. § 455(a).

2. The basis for the disqualification of the presiding Judge is that Donald M.
Middlebrooks was nominated to his current position as a Federal Court Judge, on January 7,
1997, by the then 42nd President of the United States, William J. Clinton.

3. William J. Clinton and the Defendant, HILLARY CLINTON, are presently
husband and wife. HILLARY CLINTON was married to William J. Clinton, during the time her
husband nominated Judge M. Middlebrooks to his current position, as Federal Court Judge, and
Case 2:22-cv-14102-DMM Document 21 Entered on FLSD Docket 04/04/2022 Page 1 of 6



Hillary and Bill are not laughing…
This is VERY Serious Matter
You Will need to keep us ALL , up to date..😏

Rob William

Can they sue AI holograms?


Looking good Michael!

MILITARY EXECUTIONS in 2022: Sonia Sotomayor (hanged), Anita Dunn (hanged), Francis Collins (hanged), Dick Cheney (hanged), Gavin Newsom (hanged), Mike Donilon (hanged).
MILITARY EXECUTIONS IN 2021: Bush Sr. (euthanized), Bush Jr. (hanged), Bill Gates (hanged), Hilary Clinton (hanged), Bill Clinton (suicide), Chelsea Clinton (hanged), Mark Mezvinsky (hanged), John McCain (firing squad), Joe Biden (firing squad), Hunter Biden (hanged), Andrew Cuomo (hanged), Colin Powell (suicide), Donald Rumsfeld (suicide), James Comey (guillotine), John Brennan (hanged), Adam Schiff (hanged), William Barr (hanged), Susan Rice (hanged), Deborah Birx (firing squad), Tom Hanks (hanged), John Podesta (firing squad), Huma Abedin (hanged).
MILITARY ARRESTS AND DETENTION: Loretta Lynch, Patricia Conrad, Melinda Gates, Amy Comey Barrett, George Soros, and others.  


Treason and crimes against humanity has its REWARDS !

Rob William

The AI holograms which replaced them don’t have any real human emotions so they acting worse than the original versions. No point of executions!


The details would be nice but normally details cannot be released if they’re tied to another investigation. Let’s hope that’s Fauci and co.


So where is the quack called Deborah Birx,
In whose murderous heart such evil lurks?
She’s gone to her Maker,
Who will surely forsake her,
For all Covid fraudsters will get their deserts!

Freddy Benson

this truth social review is the best i’ve seen:



Umm, that’s the BBC you’ve linked to, one of the biggest cesspools of lies ever invented by man. Such a predictable hatchet job. They’ll be eating their words one day.

Freddy Benson

Awwww did the two most important truth social leaders leave or nah? Lmaooooooo


More like Eating crow like Freddy Benson…😶

Anthony Gregory



Ahhhh my heart is full of love and gratitude upon hearing this. Nobody misses her. How evil. These people are so evil.


how christian of you to have your heart full of love to read about an execution lmao


This action was done nine months ago…
Has nothing to do with Christians being fed to the Lions by the Romans 2000 years ago. !
You are a mixed up Troll !

JillyBean Tukee

Firing squad is great… but wouldn’t it have been poetic if her last “scarf” was a noose?? LMAO

Andrew Stevano

Thank you Michael. I know I have bugged you about Birx’s disposition a few times.


Let Justice be done.
Justice delayed, is Justice denied.


Hopefully they won’t send too many Deep Staters to Guam; otherwise, it might capsize…


Cassarah Sirah what will be will be.


Que Sera Sera whatever will be will be…….
This was an execution nine months ago…
And trolls say ” nothing ever happens “,
This shows deep state loses players
Here , there ,and everywhere …ALL over the world


Should have let me handle the execution!!! IMPALE them all!!! 😆😆😆

Trenton Rizza

I hope these stories are true. Until Trump resides in the white house, we can only wonder and pray to God for miracles and justice..


We just have to keep singing that ol’ Queen classic …”and another one down and another one gone and another one bites the dust”.


Punishments are not for revenge; they’re for justice. Execution is preferred to life imprisoned so that no future President can pardon them and put the guilty back into society. True, we don’t take pleasure in execution but it’s required, necessary and reasonable to purge evil from the land. It’s kinda final, without possible recovery! 😉 Closure is encouraging; justice is finally being served and it’s entertaining in some strange way, or should I call it heart-lifting. We need this closure. Traitors can run but they can’t hide well enough for our military. Thank God for our Armed Forces loyal to our People, constitution, and laws. Thank God for Michael Baxter sharing what he gets from the Trump & military team. Thank God for Trump. He knows he’s got a target on him 24/7 and he’s still walking tall. That’s courage. Thank you President Trump. We pray for you.


Please keep him and his family in prayer…. the deep state devils will never forgive him for what he is doing even as we speak.


Well said,. Thank you


Can Fauci be far behind, then, or are we already hearing from and seeing a clone/double?

Lucky Star

Better late than Never. Troops can practice their skill to become a top sniper…. carry on to the next one.


More dead trash. Good. Guam, the island the damn fool Hank Johnson foretold of capsizing if the naval base was expanded. Please dispose of the leftist traitors quicker.

Barry Williamz

Which ever way the demise is ok with me.


“But rather than burden U.S. taxpayers, Trump helped finance the project to the tune of several million dollars, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers completed construction in three months, ahead of schedule,”

This man has done so much and continues to do so much for us <3


this 9 month delay has not been via happenstance. One thought is they waited until Fauci was captured as his knowledge of her ‘scarf attack’ would have him borrow deeper into the earth.

Crazy cat lady

That’s great, now it’s Fauci’s turn.

William Turner

Mr. Baxter, please ask your sources at GITMO and Guam to EXPEDITE these tribunals. The longer these criminals stay in power the more damage they do that cannot be undone.

Sandy thomas

Ask Mr. Baxter to ask his sources to ask the generals to expedite these tribunals, okay.

Rob William

If most are executed pretty fast, MB will have nothing more to say. You should wait for weekly episodes during this execution season.