GITMO Double-Header Execution: Anthony Fauci & Loretta Lynch

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For reasons not given but easily imagined, the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps abruptly amended Anthony S. Fauci’s scheduled date of execution from April 26 to April 25 and on Monday morning fulfilled its obligation to execute not only him, but also GITMO’s other celebrity of the day, former Clinton advisor Loretta Lynch who was sentenced on 7 April.

The back-to-back hangings began at 8:00 a.m. sharp, two hours after GITMO security woke Fauci and asked whether he wanted a final meal. A bedraggled Fauci seemed dumbfounded, purportedly telling his jailors, “Its’ only Monday, you morons. Obama might still call.”

According to a JAG memorandum reviewed by RRN, Fauci genuinely believed that Obama had authority to phone GITMO and grant a stay of execution or supersede the Office of Military Commissions’ judgement against him. When told Obama wouldn’t be calling, Fauci, desperate and belligerent, began proclaiming his innocence, hollering into the air, his crackled voice echoing off the walls of his Camp Delta detention cell. “You can’t do this to me; I’m Dr. Fauci,” he screamed.

Meanwhile, GITMO security on the opposite side of Camp Delta informed Loretta Lynch her time had come. Unlike Fauci, she not once invoked Obama’s name. Rather, she resigned herself to her fate with, as a GITMO staff member described her demeanor, surprising alacrity and unexpected dignity. In one hand she clutched a King James Bible; in the other, a crucifix. A JAG representative told RRN that Lynch claimed to have found religion during her brief stint at Guantanamo Bay.

Her execution came first.

At 8:00 a.m. the Humvee carrying Lynch and an armed security detail entered the clearing where a military ensemble and the gallows had been awaiting her arrival. She exited the vehicle and moved toward the lethal apparatus, saying, “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

As was customary, a U.S. Navy Chaplain stood beside the hangman atop the gallows. The chaplain present was Drew d’Auguste, the very man whose blood ran cold at Gavin Newsom’s execution earlier this year.  Standing stoically beside him, Lynch asked, “Will you pray for me?” as the hangman fitted the noose around her neck.

“Of course, I will,” Chaplain d’Auguste said. “O God from whom all holy desires, all right counsels and all just, accept this child into thou welcoming arms…”

Below them, Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall spoke: “If you’ve truly accepted Christ into your heart, I commend you. If only you’d done it sooner in life. You’ve been found guilty of treason and sentenced to hang.”

“Admiral Crandall, you must do what you have to do. I don’t fear death for I am saved. A better world awaits me, a world of jeweled sidewalks and golden roads, a world free of suffering. I forgive you,” Lynch said.

Vice Adm. Crandall stood in silence a moment, then signaled the hangman.

A second later Lynch was dead.

“Get it ready again,” Vice Adm. Crandall said, gesturing at the gallows. “one hour.”

By the time Fauci arrived at 9:15, Lynch’s corpse had been removed from the scene, and the gallows restrung. He had no way of knowing someone else had been hanged that day. Under armed guard, he emerged from the Hummer with a nasty disposition, clamoring about Donald J. Trump and Senator Rand Paul, and whining of constitutional illegalities of military tribunals. It was Obama this and Obama that, as if expecting his dark overlord to miraculously appear.

He was hurling obscenities at Vice Adm. Crandall when he felt the barrel of an M18 pistol pressed firmly against his back. The Marine holding the pistol ordered Fauci up the steps to the platform. There, Chaplain d’Auguste offered Last Rites, which Fauci refused.

“F*** you and your Rites,” Fauci said.

“Anthony Stephen Fauci, having been found guilty of treason, murder, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and, you sick bastard, sex crimes against children, you’ve been sentenced to hang by the neck until dead. Have you any final words?” Vice Admiral Crandall called out.

The hangman was putting the noose around Fauci’s scrawny neck.

“You’re killing me because I believe in science,” Fauci croaked. “None of you understand science, and if you did, you’d release me right now. Science is immutable—”

“Let us help you understand science, Fauci,” Vice Adm. Crandall interrupted. “In science there’s this thing called gravity—it’s inescapable. Let us show you.”

The door beneath Fauci’s feet swung open and he dropped to his death, emitting a gurgling cry a split-second before his neck snapped.

He was pronounced dead and zipped into a polyurethane bag.

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Haleluhia! We still have a lot more to go.


bitchute.DOT /video/2LnALAfBxnNo/
Fauci was a Serial Killer & Genocidal Maniac with over 50 years exterminating Human Beings all over our Planet working in conjunction of the UN & WHO.

Robert James

Hanging Fauci is long overdue and great fun but I long for Rockefellers, and all the other Satanists to get in the line

John David Beale

Praise God for whom all blessing flow. The child murderer is dead.

Poco Gozo

The Hollywood makeup/costume departments must be working in overtime to replicate facsimiles to fill the rolls of those traitors just executed.


I remember Lynch declaring her allegiance to Islam, so it’s fiction that “Lynch” converted to another “faith.”

Does anyone else remember?


“I forgive you,” these were the last words of a person whose actions damaged the lives of millions of innocent Americans? You evil woman, to have the audacity to “forgive” the rightful judgement of your peers as if they are doing you a disservice! Hey Loretta, shouldn’t that statement be: JESUS< HAVE MERCY ON ME FOR THE EVIL I HAVE WROUGHT AGAINST YOUR CHILDREN”? or how about you follow that with some REMORSE: “I, Loretta, AM TRULY SORRY for my actions.”


I came across this site today for the first time, and specifically this article. One word, WOW!!
So the fauci appearing on tv now is a clone/actor/ or whatever?
Just got red pilled big time.


I believe that she bargained with the Lord. She thought her last minute change of heart would save her soul. That is not how it works. She feared death..that is why she turned her attention to the scripture…to comfort her own sick mind. She cares nothing of those that she victimized. No mention of them in her last words. It was ALL about her. Pray for me….buh! I would …even as a pastor have a hard time with that. But, we are not to judge. The Lord is to judge what was in her heart.

Fauci…. good riddance! Evil to the core. The world is a little lighter today. Next up… Obama and Holder! That is a double header that will end so much of the evil in this world.


Amen…Jesus…Thank you Vice Adm. Crandall…for your work & bravery. What happens when their doubles appear in public? I heard they were as bad as the orignals.

Sojourner Truth

I hope they tested Fauci to determine whether he’d had the jab.


News announced that Maxine Waters now has COVID. In the photo they showed she appeared like a wax figure from Madam Tussaud’s. She also had half her face covered with a mask. My guess is the White Hats have snatched her up and that’s a phony Maxine.

Mont Schroeder

Dr. Doom Fauci was also the father of HIV/AIDS and Ebola viruses and may he not rest in piece. He was drunk with power and money and thought of himself as the king of the NIH…………………oh how he loved to hear himself talk and thiught one day he will rule the world with an iron fist………….


Who could be next? MSM CEOs and reporters..? or the dark lord himself..?

Chris G

April 27, 2022 headline: ‘Fauci Backs Out of White House Correspondents Dinner Over Covid Fears Right After Declaring Pandemic Over’ – Hmmm…


yeah I posted that link yesterday and they censored it. Worse than mainstream news. SMH. You can find it on Stillness in the Storm or Breitbart yesterday.

Chris G

I tried posting a link this morning; same result. I’d like to know why links aren’t allowed to be posted??

Afshin Nejat

Riots, food industry sabotage, mass poisoning rubber stamped by the FDA, falsified and fraudulent plandemic orchestrated through the CDC/WHO/WEF hierarchy, mass genocide plotted against and enacted against people or European descent, mass menticide against basic sanity as people submit their children to this crap, endless provocations to nuclear war with Russia, and I’m just keeping it short here. Just read the headlines aggregated at Rense to get a larger bite, as this is just a taste. Meanwhile the unconfirmed, unsubstantiated stories here. Mr. DARPA has just “bought twitter” which consoles no intelligent person looking at all of his official statements about Covid, mRNA injections (“vaccines”), Climate Strange, Ukraine, and other dross (he’s clearly another “billionaire” cutout). But at least I can always come here to be entertained.


Fauci got off light. He should have been hog-tied, his vocal cords cut, and thrown into the Tunisian desert to be eaten to death by sand flies, unable to cry out in his misery, just like he did to those beagles and all the other animals he tortured to death in his long life. Roast in hell, you bastard.


And more importantly, the children he tortured.


Um… Fauci was interviews on NPR yesterday. I think you’re been hoodwinked.


I’m wondering…will his death be list as due to “covid”?

Anthony C

If this is indeed true, and I hope it is, than that piece of garbage Fauci at this very moment is burning in hell where he belongs. He’s going to remember what he told the Chaplin also for eternity. One day at the Great White Throne judgement the Lord is going to give him another trial like it says in the book of Revelation(s) Then he’ll be cast into the Lake of Fire.


Science…an eternity to think about the science of heat.


I am waiting for the news about Michael, sotoro, Pelusa, shummer, Cheney, Kamala, Biden, the Pope, zelenski, england royals, etc


An open question for skeptics: If these news articles are figments of Michael Baxter’s imagination and not factual news stories, why is there not an army of lawyers crawling up his butt with lawsuits and cease-and-desist orders? MB would be shut down in a New York minute and probably locked up somewhere. It is impossible that these articles are works of fiction! If you would rather believe the Deep State version of the news, that is your right, but I would ask you to please not vote.


Meanwhile, in the front pew at Madeline Albright’s funeral, just a few days ago, appeared the same past presidents and first ladies, in parallel line-up, as those at the G.H.W. Bush funeral, Dec. 5, 2018 …


Congressional candidate demands Fauci’s execution:

Deneze C Lujanen

Yeah..ding dong the bastard is there is a few thousand to go..Rothchilds,rockefellers,kissinger,soros[and all his sons] and of course Trudeau,Freeland,and the wef liberal cabinet, the fake biden and fake kamelheadboard Harris[Pelosi,Schumer,all bad Demonrats,and their kids,,Klaus schwab and all his wef evil his side kick i cant remember his name.all Davos group,Warren Buffet,Oprah winfrey.all illuminati 13 families must be executed.. so we all can be free and the children can be saved from these sick pedophiles,, i hope all their assets are seized so the money can go back to all of us,we the people of Earth…


Hey Mike, Wow! I got a 2 for one on my birthday!

LuAnn Suschank

May they rest in peace (wherever they find themselves). Really bad eggs! The planet is a better place now—-Loni S.


Anyone know what happens to the bodies ?


Cut heads off and place them in plastic sacks for 20 minutes so demons die off. Well, Kent Dunn said that, anyway…


Her repentance does not save her from facing judgment of ger crimes especially when it involves numerous murder, and I am very sure her repentance is fake, you can’t mock nor deceive God, gonmeet your master satan.

Jewelie Dee

Sorry, guys, I am ecstatic that Loretta Lynch turned to God and that, if she was completely sincere, she will not be suffering the fate of others after her last breath. I am glad justice is being done, but I am also glad that we have a merciful God who can forgive any shortcoming or crime because, in effect, we are all guilty before Him. Some are too far gone, unfortunately, and trust Obama, not the Creator.


bless loretta lynch. i pray she is forgiven and residing in Heaven.


As a true Christian, we all should speak as you do. Blessings,


It’s interesting how even faced with death, they go down fighting. No apologies for the evil thing they have done to people and their country.🇺🇸💪🏻


They are demon possessed or are reptilians.


“Well done, thou good & faithful servant.” Dedicated to the lawful members of military & the reporter of these necessary events.


Fauci is being interviewed tomorrow on NPRs show called 1A. Go to


Another one bites the dust into a waiting polyurethane bag. Taking out thrash. Admiral Crandall will forever be my favorite.


Fauci is being interviewed tomorrow on NPRs show called 1A.

Johnny Czerwinski

I kinda wish this stuff was on pay per view!

Lucky Star

I am willing to pay for it to watch over and over again especially the part of Comey ‘s beheading, and Killary, podesta with the shot of the grace.


I hope this is true and that we have so many more to completed.
Pray for the men and woman for their time in this mess. Hold your head high
so that judges can be swift and right Guess. Amen…


Fauci is being interviewed tomorrow on NPRs show called 1A. Go to

Robert James

Now Obummer’s buddy. Mike was hung months ago, right? Why is Obummer so hard to catch?? Not to complain, Fauci was a nasty, snarling little dog and I’m very glad he’s gone.

Lucky Star

It’s not too hard actually. It just a matter when The white mil would like to do it and how to do it. Probably just Send in 4 squad teams. Take out all the guards during dawn time. Grab oreo and take over his compound
or just shot on the spot. End of the story


2 dark beings less to deal with on this plane.
Next in line please.


Gravity…Science. Love him!
Obama might call, LOL


Oh, yeah, any minute now!

Stinky Perfume

There’s individuals someplace out there who are mixing up these ingredients in the clot shots, making numbers for vials, who get’s what etc. Is it too much to ask how they can’t expose or arrest these unknown scientists and lab locations, ingredients mfg, etc from start to finish of this clotshot, etc?

It’s long been obvious the direct shot injectors and related employees were seedy evil people that work as programmed or indoctrinated mercenaries.

Hanging people that are high profile hated is much easier than maybe getting at unknowns or underground entities that should be under fire?

What if they they could no longer OFFER the clot shots?

Rob William

They can’t catch such people because they don’t exist! As you rightly said, for the military, it’s a lot better to simply stop vaccinations at the final inoculation point. They won’t do it because they are just not involved in it – because there is no secret “conspiracy” ingredient in Covid vaccines.

nelson barragan

jajajajaja…there is no conspiracy in the vaccines? where do you live? In Antartica?

David T

Bob Billy is simply a troll turd on here trying to spew discord, discontent, doubt and anything else that will help his DS masters. That’s it.

David T

You posted this nearly verbatim in a previous article. You’re a troll “ruth” and a not-so-creative one at that.

Michael R Davis

Trolls, Deep-State cheerleaders, are bringing in reinforcements, still convincing NOBODY, panic setting in. Wouldn’t you clowns be more useful assisting Dipshit Joe, covering up for the cackling pole dancer, instead of wasting your time here?


Fauci is being interviewed tomorrow on NPRs show called 1A. Go to


Everybody loves a surprise, but no surprise here.

Now they must do the math and calculate – whose next.


Nobody, you goober.

Rob William

Suggest the name in the donation note!


All these people are little dogs….where and when are the big dogs getting the rope?


Nobody died, Silly.

Freddy Benson

where’s the watermarked ballots?

Rob William

What do you suggest?


Fauci had a press conference today. I think this might be fake news.

Rob William

Oh no another clone! How many trials will it take?


What happen to Sotomeyer.. I thought she was scheduled also.. this is why this sight creates questions as to it true authenticity


Duh. Its fan fiction.

Rob William

Put all of them into your calendar and don’t forget to remind MB 2-3 days before the event so that he has time to write something interesting.

J Bill

So good of ze heir doktor Frauci to “drop in” at Gitmo. Yes, ze gavity can be a biest.

J Bill

nice to see you changed your tune. a month ago you’d call me sarcastic.

is it the new drugs?

John .S

Just made 200 copies of this article, will be in Manhattan utilizing public transportation in handing to straphangers, free press.

Contemplating standing outside Fox News on 6th Ave handing to pedestrians, or maybe in future making my way to CNN vicinity via Chris Cuomo Alluding Article.

Have bail bondsman on speed dial, Manhattan DA most likely will fabricate something.

Have case law: Ex Parte Young, 209 U.S. 123, also USC Chapter 21, Title 42, 1983 and USC Title 18, 242 laminated, at ready, to hand police in telling them their qualified immunity in jeopardy if arrested.

Fact, police despise when you ask them: “if they own real estate”?


Don’t be a dummy


Good plan. What could go wrong?

John .S

Vehicle getting towed, dam multi meters, public transportation is key. First Amendment not abolished as of yet, whereas Ex Parte Young not overturned.

John .S

PS: Esq’s nolonger chasing ambulance, and slip & falls, 1983 undertakings the latest trend.


Indeed …

Rob William

That’s a hell of a plan!

John .S

Thanks for encouragement.

Can simply make article copies and leave in-between magazines at doctor’s office, or leave in booth of diner e.g., I-Hop, better yet Starbucks, even on seat of public transportation.

Many glance literature in hand, which often intrigues, perk curiosity to venture forward.

The psyche of curiosity better triggered by something tangible, hence hard copy literature, then yelping a web site.

It’s a ‘Information War’, many utilize keyboard, others pound the pavement [old school], whereas myself laugh when hearing terminology: “digital soldier”.

Old school methodologies still work i.e. posting yard sale, or lost pets signage on telephone poles.

All is fair in love and war, patriotism takes many shapes and forms.



What a great idea! Handing out paper copies.

Lorenz Manner

Fauci was a bastard until the end. Apparently he was a piece of garbage all his life.

Loretta Lynch caught my attention. I was really impressed at her change of mind and her behaviour. I’m sure that in the end she found the TRUTH. In her death she had to pay for the consequences of her sins and past life.

John .S

No doubt Fauci’s lifetime demeanor arises from having his ass-kicked and lunch money stolen in grade school.

Almost certain he always was last pick to participate in basketball & street touch football. Highly suspect he played hopscotch, and jump rope, and had to be home when the street lights went on.

Fauci’s Napoleon Complex ended his career, in actually the Gallows Pole [Robert Plant].


Nah. Its just fan fiction. Everyone is safe and sound.

Rob William

Capital cities – 2013

Fire boy

Glad they are dead ☠️
I’d piss on their graves if they had one


There’s no grave. They are all safe and sound. This is fan fiction after all.


When is Obama’s turn?

Doktor Zaius

Here’s something I learned during a 40 year career in science: If you took all of the scientists in the world and laid them end-to-end, they wouldn’t reach a conclusion. Real scientists argue about everything. To Fraudski, science is the only true religion. Pfffffffft on you Fraudski.

Last edited 2 years ago by Doktor Zaius

You are right, I have always known about men of science. From the evidence, I believe his wisdom must walk hand and hand with his idiocy. His emotions must rule his brain. He must be a warlike creature who gives battle to everything around him, even himself.

David T

Fauci is simply totally corrupt and coin-operated. Not much else.

David T

Fraudski’s “science” was always whatever put coin in his account. He had far too much demonstrated conflict of interest by owning patents on virus mutations, testing equipment and procedures, and cozy relationships with CEO’s of big Pharma companies. Lots of that info out there, well at least there used to be, that was available with a minimal amount of search effort.