White Hats Feud Over Sluggishness of Deep State Arrests


The leisurely speed at which Deep State arrests have been taking place has begun to sow discord among the White Hat commanders responsible for bringing to justice the traitors and pedophiles who for decades have wrought havoc on the American people, according to multiple White Hat sources in the military community.

An adjunct in Gen. David H. Berger’s office told Real Raw News that at least two of the general’s colleagues have bemoaned the sluggish pace, calling upon Gen. Berger to formulate a new plan of action to hasten the demise of Deep State criminals.

“There was a meeting last week, and a couple of Gen. Berger’s key allies didn’t hide their frustration about the slowness of nabbing and grabbing Deep Staters who’ve been at-large far too long,” our source said.

The most vocal was U.S. Army Major Gen. Richard E. Angle, commander of the 1st Special Forces Group. A constitutionalist and supporter of President Donald J. Trump, Gen. Angle earned his commission in 1991, fought in Bosnia and Kosovo, and commanded troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the aftermath of the 2020 stolen election, he vowed to support Gen. Berger and the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps mission to restore order to America. His input, our source said, was instrumental in the arrests of Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton, and George W. Bush.

But the current velocity of Deep State apprehensions, or lack thereof, has obviously imbued in Gen. Angle feelings of ambivalence toward the overall success of the mission.

“While we’re sitting on our hands, the U.S. is rapidly becoming the United States of Venezuela. Every day, right now, thousands and thousands of Americans are pushed into poverty. No, we’re not the cause, but we have a responsibility to stop it. We vowed to. And what are we doing? Pursuing an arrest here, a capture there. We move like sloths, and it’s hindering instead of helping the cause,” Gen. Engle told Gen. Berger.

When Gen. Berger solicited suggestions, Gen. Angle had the answer at his fingertips.

“Mass arrests, without delay or hesitation,” Gen. Angle went on. “Cherry-picking doesn’t work. We single out a person and they cover it up with technology, cosmetics, and lookalikes. If 50 Senators and 200 Representatives disappear overnight, they won’t know what hit them, and they won’t have time to react. The time for inaction must be over, or this is all for naught.”

His impassioned soliloquy drew praise from Adm. Eric T. Olson, U.S. Navy, retired. Although no longer active-duty, Adm. Olson, whose distinguished military career spanned 38 years, has been an advisor to active-duty White Hat Commanders. Adm. Olson, 70, has seen the United States tumble from greatness into a country ruled by despots and illegal regimes.

“With respect, Gen. Berger, Americans, real Americans, have grown impatient. We’ve been listless, lethargic, and almost catatonic in solving this dilemma. At this moment in time, 725 patriots present at the Capitol on Jan 6 are unlawfully sitting in jail. This is unacceptable. You’re sitting on 234 closed cases of Deep Staters yet to be arrested, 400 active cases, and several thousand pending investigations,” Adm. Olson said.

A third proponent for mass arrests chimed in. Col. J.D. Keirsey of the 75th Ranger Regiment, Fort Benning, said he had 2,500 troops standing ready to arrest traitors. He went as far as to impugn JAG’s credibility, saying that Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall and his staff were prosecuting select “high value targets” but absolutely ignoring Deep State underlings who are equally complicit in the destruction of America’s society.

“We’ve taken an oath, sir, to protect America against all enemies, foreign and domestic. The Insurrection Act allows us to operate with impunity, and we haven’t availed ourselves of that privilege. There’s no time left for indecisiveness; that threshold is gone. We’re in tailspin, and our efforts, and God knows they are just, have had an insignificant impact on the Deep State’s takeover of society,” Col. Keirsey said.

General David H. Berger, however, had a counter argument. The military, he said, needed implicit and overt support from the true Commander-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump, before White Hats could even fathom simultaneously arresting a broad swath of Congress.

“These are nice thoughts, gentlemen, but unless President Trump, and his civilian loyalists, stops stalling and takes the podium to tell this nation what’s really going on—well, your ideas, though noble, would be catastrophic. I’ve spoken to him several times, recommended he stop pussyfooting. Yes, the Insurrection Act, which he signed, gives us authority, but can you imagine the ramifications of 200 or more Congressmen simply vanishing overnight? Half the country would be happy, sure, but the other half would be screaming. It could incite a second Civil War, and the last thing we want is blood on the streets,” Gen. Berger said.

Trump must tell Americans at his frequent rallies that he is still the lawful president. Trump’s ambiguous language, Gen. Berger insisted, damaged not only his reputation but also the reputations of those working on his behalf.

“On one hand, Trump says Biden stole the election; on the other hand, he’s referring to Biden as President Biden. Every time Trump calls Biden President Biden, it makes our job more difficult,” Gen. Berger said.

Our source said the meeting ended peacefully but without a solution, with the White Hat commanders agreeing to meet again after Memorial Day weekend.

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Couldn’t agree more with General Angle and Colonel Kiersey.

Just Do It.

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Lucky Star

Trump is the problem now… talk too much as usual and wanted a spotlight on him 😔 🙁


Many Americans are beginning to think Trump has been the problem. There’s a new video out, “Making America Great Again We Know What He Said But This Is What He Did – Rumble.mp4. I’m somewhat relieved to see the angst that so many of us feel is being felt at the top.

But when the crooked election wasn’t immediately contested and we slid into this nether reality of bad guys daily doing bad things to our country, we lost an opportunity to make it right–to make America again. One way or another, if force is the only answer, it’s going to happen. Right now the citizenry is slowly being bled to death, and it won’t have any energy for the fight when it does come.


Do not blame this on Trump! That’s bull . He is not one to wait . He would have had this over long ago . That’s crap . I’m a wife of a military guy . They are NEVER in a rush . As you can see they ended the meeting and will take it up again after the holiday . SERIOUSLY 😡


I certainly hope you’re correct. It is truthfully taken Trump way too long to bring this horror show to the American People. It’s show time.


CORRECT! The Founders authorized Military to control OCCUPIERS in the nation and EXECUTIONS, but “We The People” are solely responsible to:










For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. I think your list is including all of mankind. I think Hitler was saying the same thing.

Daryll Collins

Nice try, bot.

Stinky Perfume

What does that mean? This is a bot of a news article?


So says the snake who got us into this mess. .

Vicky bree

We’re not talking about sins, we’re talking about the law

Chuck Westlake

Now that’s action!!


The White-hats may be listening to feed back on this site, and I don’t mean the Pedo Trolls.
I think it’s getting across that the general population wants something done NOW. I’d say the breakdown would be over 40% wants something done now, but less than 25% are totally against it. It’s not a 50/50 split. Probably about 60+ % really voted for Trump, but many, of course are not hard core patriots. OTOH the percent willing to go whole-hog on the Globalist side is rather small, and if Antifa, BLM, the Chinese infiltrators, and the Cartel members get corralled, then it could be containable.
Even if I knew it would mean my death, I’d have them go for it.


I for one, would rather die, than keen living in this clown shit world of anxiety, untruth and perversion.


Me too. I came close recently.

Vicky bree

I know right


With depression, lawlessness, and satanic leaders…

Vicky bree

I’m questioning the white hat loyalty to Americans too- its so obvious the media needed to go first. Calling for riots would have been muted after the elections if they’d really wanted to get shit done. Putin got his shit done in 3 months. We’re a 1 1/2 in to this STILL pussy footing around. Not okay! Leadership in USA needs to grow a pair and get shit done!


Absolutely! The media is the main problem. It needs to be dealt with asap.

Stinky Perfume

They already know and publicly admit that Fauci and other’s avoided the jab which means, it’s ordered out from someplace higher in the chain of command. WHO and MSM is NOT about healthy people. Their claim is health, so they need to be erased. World Health my ass.

Does the USA have any reason to be so far behind the rest of the 3rd world in health? Haven’t 70% of USA citizens already gotten dentures by 55 so the dentists could stay wealthy? While they advertise for money smiling and sticking their hands out with a huge set of white teeth? They are considered poor over living in shacks? Plain healthier. The one’s that get sick tend to have created diseases they spread around making them look impoverished.

Fluoride is inexcusable and it’s still in the water with AI created snake venom out all over the place in whatever calling it hydrogel as it grows inside of people clogging their organs.

Wonder why not arrest the doctors who should have quit instead of roll out death triage protocols? WW2 is well known for the same triages of population burdens.

Show how many dozen+ levels are under all the hospitals. What’s really down there considering themselves surface dweller predators to be farmed? In LA, there’s a lot of basement level security hospital workers and building engineers that know what’s underground. There’s been a handful of people that saw it, worked down there, some keep the secret til almost dead, other’s don’t deny it if I say I already know.

What about Getty Museum in Brentwood and the Malibu Mountains and all it’s tunnels through the BelAir and Hollywood Hills areas? It goes down for miles I hear. What’s the plan there? They have closed Long Beach, CA port except for a trickle of container ships, so the place is vastly empty. No more trains, no cruise ships out of there since at least a month, mall sized fish food courts and restaurants closed there, empty, Maritime Museum shut down.

I don’t see tours of Battleship IOWA, there’s no work, truckers parking outside on the streets out of desperation. No loads given. It’s so empty I only see 2 cop cars parked and a handful of security, nothing at any of the gates, it’s nearly a ghost town. There must be a plan and reason for that. It started with the lockdown and the navy Mercy hospital ship. Boy did they lie pretending it was to be a covid emergency hospital, stayed for about 4 months and took off claiming the sailors got the covid. Bunch of liars.


I agree the corrupt media / Google / f/book all that crowd should be taken out and real media put in and start telling it how it is no ifs or buts , start getting the truth out there until the fake media is stopped these corrupt bastards are going to carry on as usual and this will never ever be sorted out . Who was the dude at the DAVOS GLOBALIST MEETING ON STAGE , They said it was B/ GATES I thought he had been taken out looked and sounded exactly like him so tell me is he gone or is he still on this earth


Gates and wife were hanged a long time ago in either Africa or India for killing the peoples children with vax… its out there and or scrubbed but its out there



voice of one

All of these discussions here seem to be based upon the notion that our individual national governments are actually in charge of anything. Trump can do nothing unless he is allowed to by the globalist entities above him. The real war is way above the national boundaries of any one country. It may even be above the boundaries of this planet.

Vicky bree

Well my goal isn’t to blame, but address why I’m doubting the loyalty & intentions of those calling the shots. Things don’t make sense. Trump tells us we’re going to be glad with how things turn out. Yet the year has been pure hell. So wtf?

voice of one

I just told you why things don’t make sense. You have to raise your perspective from a nationalistic point of view to (at least) a global one to understand who is calling the shots. The Illuminati, Kazarian Mafia, whatever you want to call them have been running this planet for (at least) hundreds of years. The stuff you see on the MSM is just a distraction/money maker. No more. No less. The same can be said when we think that we have a voice and have reasonably fair elections. It’s all a scam. A distraction from what they are really doing, which is raping and killing all of us.

Vicky bree

You are all over the place adding rhetoric that is not relevant to the article…suggesting- “it could be because of this or that.” Lets narrow down the conversation to the points actually made in the article and the facts of the situation.

we are almost 1 1/2 years after the stolen election. We’re heading into mid terms. Ballots are STILL being mailed out. TV is STILL pushing bs. Political Prisoners are STILL being held. The time our military is taking to respond is ineffective against so much criminal activity. Mean while in Russia, Putin got rid of corrupt banking, google, facebook, Mcdonalds,biolabs, CNN, traffickers and restored the money to gold standard- in 3 months?! That’s impressive. The whole point of the article is begging the question-“Are we going about the restoration process in the most effective way?” After watching Putin work i’d say hell no! Trump may have obstacles Putin doesn’t, but those have not been defined. So we’re left in the dark.
What bothers me the most about Trump is the deceptive rhetoric. Don’t tell us how glad we’re going to be, how good its going to get, how he’ll be coming back, only for our situation to get worse and worse and to see no significant change, day in day out, month in month out. I feel lied to, deceived, betrayed. Trump is acting more like a Patriot handler, than a patriot. Acting like its his job to keep us calm and in line more than anything else… it doesn’t look good for Trump, nor for military.
So many patriots are living in Red states where they have jobs and support in their political views. Patriot parades, 4th of July celebrations and what not. On the west coast, patriots stand alone. Are situation is dire, our home town isn’t even prosecuting rapist anymore. We’re not okay. Lastly, since when to top military go on vacation while their country is under siege? Just wondering…..


Trump had 410 electoral and 135,657,231 votes… Trump kicked butt!!
Biden got 128 electoral with a little over 20 mil votes…
This is from the military the night of the election before the MSM censored it!!

voice of one

Exactly! But, it was decided to take the election away from him. You only prove my point. Sad to say.


I’m on the az/mex border. Just in pima county, az, NIGHTLY 100-200 illegals enter, being facilitated by catholic charities. Cochise cty is getting hit too. Expect a SHIT TON of hispanics, MENA muslims, haitians in your town.



Linda Hutchison

From what I understand, the money has been REPURPOSED by the IRS and the Federal Reserve and it FUNDS a cabal of about 40 global elites who hang out in Cern, Switzerland, where they are working on trying to open a PORTAL to hell to release evil spirits.

Following the Civil War, we could NOT pay our war debt. The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers stepped forward (under Ulysses S. Grant) and offered to pay off the debt if Congress would let them create and control an IRS and Federal Reserve. They have ALSO forced people in countries to use the Central Bank, and they skimmed some of THAT, too. The Congress agreed, and that is how we GOT where we are. A great deal of money (gold, currency and actifacts) from this group was being held in the Vatican vaults in Rome. This amounted to about 20 cargo planes FULL. The sum was seized. The rest of what you say is pretty correct. Nesara/Gesara will not go into effect until countries who want to participate have destroyed their nuclear stockpiles and agreed to make no more nukes. Also some of the countries had OTHER conditions. (I think that Iraq had to pay some kind of war debt to Kuwait first as one of it’s conditions.) The amount supposedly is a value of around $37 QUADRILLION! (Enough to give EVERY man, woman and child on the planet $4.7 MILLION.) Thank God that Brandon and crew have NOT been able to get their grubby little hands on the loot, or it will all be in THEIR pockets only. THEN you run into deciding how to distribute it fairly, as only people who are adults worked jobs and paid income taxes and had loans affected by the Federal Reserve interest rate fluctuations.

Somehow, the Vatican is NOT a part of Italy, Washington D.C. is NOT a part of America, and London is NOT a part of England. Together this triad was together SOMEHOW doing some kind of SCHEME that was using Maritime Law to run things. Sometime during the Trump presidency, Trump filed legal documents in the bankruptcy court of England, which legally DISSOLVED the corporation known as the United States of America. Our only asset was the federal retirement accounts. Justice Clarence Thomas confirmed this and said the bankruptcy was discharged in London this past spring.


City of London (financial district of of London)- is not part of UK….

Last edited 6 months ago by sejmon

Nor is DC, or the Vatican, if you look at those 3 on a worldwide map it forms a triangle symbol.


Tried to upvote you but it would not work. Your above statemens are true.


“THEN you run into deciding how to distribute it fairly, as only people who are adults worked jobs and paid income taxes and had loans affected by the Federal Reserve interest rate fluctuations.”
I’ll upvote this statement all by itself!!

Janell Coker

As far as distribution the narcissistic cabal kept intricate records as to what treasures and gold was taken from each country, so from the Intel person source the white hats knew exactly what and hiw much was to be returned per country. The underground tunnel is said to be from the Vatican to Jerusalem 60 Meyers wide 40 meters high and 150 miles of gold bullion GREATER than in the Quadrillions.


I have researched about the same, but remember Nesara was suppose to go through years ago. I do see things in the Federal reserve loosing money. People don’t realize we are the United States of America Inc.


I think they’ll be thrown out if they don’t go voluntarily to collect their money in their countries. They also don’t know that all of the shithole countries will be made beautiful and somewhere they’d want to live and stay. They won’t be welcome here anymore, Traveling is one thing. Invading or assuming residency here is another and won’t be allowed.


Key word shithole where they came from. Go back to your shithole and make it great again

Vicky bree

The problem is that Nesara will never kick in because our leaders are too paranoid about blood in our streets (we’re at war) but they don’t want us to act like that or something..or they’d rather pretend we’re not at war or something. Great leadership aye. Let us stave to death, keep us enslaved, That way, everything will be just fine. Right? 🙄

Vicky bree

I’ve heard that too.


(Make that, gov’t. funded, privately run, non-) ” … catholic charities …”


Why would a true “church” organization agree to being involved in this program, when they must sign off on sharing the gospel? Because it’s not about truly helping the needy, it’s ALL about money and control.


Maybe get your “readers” on, and try again …

Why you askin’ me, anyway.

Seems like you lifted that copy straight outta C.M. and just wanna look smart. Huh.


It’s all about the children, some of these Catholic charities, not all, are involved with trafficking, which works out great for them.


Its for child trafficking, pedophilia, pedovores… that is exactly why. Do your research, It will be mainstream one way or the other soon


GEE, aren’t you just a ray of sunshine! Why don’t you make a start & a stand at the border, and appease your blood thirst on non-citizen invaders, first, before you unilaterally rip rights from peaceful & law-abiding citizens. You also assume you’re the only fella with a gun & an agenda – a very ‘open-ended’ agenda at that. Includes anybody who dares disagree with you. So long, first amendment. Glad there’s a second. Laws are in place
control the uncontrolled, such as your anointed self. Thanks for sharing.

Last edited 6 months ago by Paladin45

@Paladin45 — Well, well, well. My words drew you out as one of the NAZI schitters whose kinfolk were/are ALIENS from day one of infiltrating the United States of America. YOUR NAZI psychological opinions are meant to smoke-screen and divide the reading audience! Well, everyone is hip to NAZI schitt … you’re 200 years slow!

I cited AMERICAN LAW, not BRITISH LAW, not ITALIAN LAW, not SPANISH LAW, not FRENCH law, not GERMAN LAW, not AUSTRALIAN LAW, not CANADIAN LAW, not NEW ZEALAND LAW, not RUSSIAN LAW … none of the tribes (ethnicities) of WHITE family! And, no, there were no Founding Fathers having CAUCASIAN, YELLOW, RED, BROWN, BLACK skin … got that NAZI? You also would not have found one Founding Father a HOMOSEXUAL and TRANSGENDER and RACIST … do you comprehend NAZI?

I cited the words of my ancestors who PROCREATED the Founding Fathers and were among the Founding Fathers and Generals, therefore, I KNOW LAW. YOU, NAZI, know nothing but schitt shoveled into your mouth and ears since birth.

YOU NAZIS removed the only LAWFUL IMMIGRATION ACT from the U.S. House of Representatives’ repository of legislation since 1776!

YOU NAZIS thought you could HIDE the authority of LAW, but thought wrongly…. the punishers for TREASON IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS DEATH!

PROVE YOU ARE NOT A NAZI to non-NAZI judges and military! YOU CANNOT, so enjoy your EXODUS from the United States of America along with 604 MILLION NAZI ALIENS!


You obviously are on adavan!


You sound like one of the infiltrator, treasonous enemy domestic.

Rose Mary Abbott

So, according to your post, anyone who doesn’t look exactly like you is not an American and deserves to die? I think not. Dinesh DSouza looks as different as he could be, but he is pure 100% American! Jews are hated world wide for just being alive. They gave us our Savior! God chose them and that’s good enough for me to love and appreciate their presence in this world. People don’t risk their own lives and families to live in the home of BIGOTRY. They come here for freedom from BIGOTRY! The communists use BIGOTRY to destroy nations they wish to conquer. BIGOTRY does not create strength, it only causes weakness and confusion. I’m not going for the Jews aren’t Jews argument either. Too many were murdered for being alive on the face of the earth in the 40s. Genocide is evil by the way. Peddle your putrid hatefulness some place else.

Last edited 6 months ago by Rose Mary Abbott
Sandy Thomas

I’m really disappointed in firedog. All the upvotes on this comment and downvotes on Paladin disappoint me even more. Talk about feeding the trolls wait til They see this shit.


Most of the time I just ignore the trolls and skip past their posts. We certainly cannot cater to the trolls. and I think he was just quoting law from something. Maybe he’s drinking, who knows? Alcohol does increase violent behavior and I think I even read it raises testosterone levels which may be why it does that. We can’t be brainwashed into thinking that words are the same as behaviors. Now I’m thinking I might go have a glass of wine.


Thank you for not trying to convert us.


No, the Jews rejected, killed, and still reject OUR SAVIOR! Wrong again honey, wrong again!

Linda Hutchison

If you read much of your Bible, you would KNOW that it was God’s plan from the very beginning that the world would need a Savior because every human is inherently evil. Back in Genesis, animal blood sacrifices were required to hold covenants in place! Jesus, a JEW by birthright from a specific pedigree (the tribe of Judah) was part God who came to earth as a baby in the form of a human. He was 100% without SIN, and Jesus became that blood sacrifice to fulfill God’s half of the covenant. The shedding of Christ’s blood was the FINAL and ONLY blood sacrifice needed after Christ’s crucifixion to erase and pay our sin debt in full. The offer of salvation through Christ has been made to EVERYONE, Jewish or Gentile. If you have accepted Christ as your personal Savior, His blood covers your SIN! If you DON’T accept Christ as your Savior, you will stand on judgment day to answer for all your sin. God has created each of us with FREE WILL to choose what we will do about this. Choose wisely. There is an excellent VIDEO on a site called: ROOD AWAKENING
Christ’s Blood Found on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant, which explains this in more detail.

Thank you for the pointer!

Here’s that fascinating video if anyone’s interested.

I’ve read that someone moved the Ark of the Covenant to under where Jesus would be crucified, prior to the crucifixion. Christ’s blood went through the soil and touched the Ark.

This video (only 10 minutes in so far) appears to confirm what I had read! They tested a dark substance on the Ark, and determined it to be blood unlike any they’ve ever seen (which also makes sense).

Thank you again, and to make searches easier for others:

https :// www . youtube . com/watch?v=B8TRoQk6WUE


I know this isn’t gonna go over well but the animal sacrifices and the human sacrifices was satanic stuff. Alas, it seems that Satan (an extradimensional or ET) had a lot of our ancient civilizations making human sacrifices to their “Gods” because of their advanced powers they thought they were Gods when they were ETs, and that applies to Jehovah, the old testament God, it’s Satanic, human sacrifice was a pagan thing, it was a Satanic act, and of course, the one infinite creator does not advocate human sacrifice or killing. Apparently, Jesus did come here to save us from the cabal, but not through human sacrifice. that was our lovely Vatican which is actually what became of the unholy Roman empire, they co opted Jesuses message and made it Satanic. He was a good guy though, an advanced being from a higher dimension. There’s tons of books about this stuff. Also watch Gaia channel.


I thought that Jesus was Hebrew??? there is a difference


The real problem is that nearly all Jewish people hate Christianity and Western Civilization, and they are “supremists,” but that’s obvious.
Rose is merely a virtue-signaler, and probably thinks it scores brownie points with God. She’s also whole hog on that Judeo-Christian BS.
Let’s start with facts:
* Myth, Jewish people are smart that’s why the over-representation of Jews in high positions, and Ivy League University
* Facts, The average Israeli IQ is 98 or two points lower than the USA’s 100 (also not too great). One standard deviation below 98 is barely functional, and one standard deviation above or about 112-116 is mid-wit, or still not too bright. The myth is that Jews have an average IQ of 115, but it’s nonsense. Even the Chinese have an average IQ of about 106 and they are heads and tails brighter than the average Jew. They also are supremist, and even believe they are the “chosen ones of God.” A couple of decades ago the plan by the diaspora elite was to destroy America, and relocate to China, but the Chinese were playing them, and have stabbed that plan in the back. The diaspora Jews were a major help/backing to Mao in the 1940’s and 50’s, but most of the pro-globalists in China were just “Jewing the Jews,” and some few families that actually wanted the Jews in China have been purged. So, if the Chinese have pre-banned the intended exodus of Jewish elite diaspora to China, are the Jews also victims of China?
* Myth, The idea that 112 separate countries have kicked Jews out and banned them from being in their country makes Jews history’s “victims.”
* Fact, If 112 Countries and over 2000 separate states have kicked out Jews, perhaps there were/are tons of solid reasons why all those states had enough and threw them out? It simply is not remotely logical that the Jews were victims, in fact the opposite was true.
* Myth, Because “Old Testament” Jews are a part of Western Civilization
* Fact, Jews are an Eastern Religion and despise and would like to destroy the West. The diaspora elite is not just Fake Jews and they are major players in this Globalist swamp.


No one needs to ask your IQ, 70 or lower. I laughed out loud at your Israeli IQ claim. If that were true, then why do so many patents and inventions come out of Israel? What a clod.


It’s just true, 98 IQ average… mere Fact… Jewish supremist.

Well, I made it to Professional Level as a tournament Chess in just 4 years after starting late in life as a player, and even amateur tourney players are very smart . My mentor in chess had a 172 IQ. I had four Master Level performances in my last 2 years, but never made Master Level.
But I was blue-collar growing up with a bunch of Southern Guys, and they rubbed off on me while playing baseball and football, and later doing MMA and Power Lifting in weights.
That 172 IQ friend/mentor wouldn’t be what someone like you would expect either, as he was a Marine with a master level pistol shooting ability and he lifted weights and boxed too. A real knuckle-dragger huh?! He did make Master Level in chess though, but my last 2 serious games against him were draws.

“LOL” really, who says nonsense like that?

Let justice rule

Clearly your are intelligent. I will not state my IQ or my accomplishments. What you seem to have missed in your life that there is vast difference between intelligence and wisdom.


I’ve had a blessed life in most ways. I grew up poor in a “housing project” between ages 3-12, and 2 kids there were murdered by other kids in those neighborhoods. My dad was weak in many ways, and blew half his money drinking at taverns about 4 nights a week. Yet my friends during those days were good kids (think “Stand By Me” but even nicer).
My sister was my first mentor, and she taught me reading comics at age 3. She saw me as a buddy and not as a threat when I was born, and she was a “tomboy” who liked baseball and adventuring before puberty. So we shared the advanced reading, and I let her into the boys realm of adventures and baseball. By age 7+ I started reading Classical Lit, as there was Classic Comics and I’d read the comics, then I’d go to the actual books and read them with a dictionary handy.
At age 11 I discovered an interesting book at our small city’s new library. It was the written down record of the oral traditions of a small tribe that lived in the region where I grew up. I added that to learning to breath deep instead of the typical shallow breathing. I took to playing with my breath, or experimenting like a Yogi, even though I didn’t know any of that by reading then. It was just fun, literally play.
Later, after getting into MMA, I added extreme body flexibility, and took the breathing exercises even further. I was trying to connect with my unconscious levels better. I got some extra control over pulse, blood pressure, and even body temperature at a conscious level. I could slow my breathing level down to nearly one breath per minute, and breath so quietly that it couldn’t be picked up by a stethoscope.
I was irritated by Freud’s Id theory and wanted to check directly for myself. His theory suggests (vaguely) that our unconscious is animalistic and in a predatory way. My thoughts were that it is a bit animalistic, but that for every predatory animal in nature there are 200 that are not predators of other animals.
Long story a little shorter, I did experiments with small animals in my area at one point. I’d send out feelings or vibes of kindness to the various ducks and squirrels while walking around a small pond. I never fed them or tried to “tame” them, just wanted them to get use to me with some acceptance. It worked best with the ducks, as some of the colorful males would go right up almost touching my feet and look at me. The squirrels stood back a few feet, but did not run around the back of a tree and hide or “scold” me. Pets that didn’t usually like or take well to new people, usually were friendly to me right away.
There’s a scientific name for such connections on the animal/subconscious level it’s called Morphic Resonance.

I want you to note that to start, I didn’t attack LevinGolda personally, but she did attack me personally. Nor did I downvote you. In my personal life, I spend a lot of time sending out kindness to the vast majority of people also.

The facts I listed before LevinGolda’s attack were not something I wanted to believe most of my life, but with sadness I believe them now. You can disagree without assuming that I’m unwise.


Um, i’d look in history if I were you. That was the Romans using their typical torture technique. Duh. If we were violent then, then we’d be violent now, and we’re not.

Jimmy W

Rose M.A.,
You mean to include this guy with initials “BF” (rather not spell it out). This “BF” guy constantly uses the N, CK, and other racist name calling words on this site. And Michael Baxter (if that is his real name) encourages this behavior. Perhaps BF is Michael’s friend.
I don’t understand MB’s decision to keep this Bigots here in the chats.

I’m a Patriot, no I’m not white. But I love this Great Nation called United States of America. My children were born here. And no, we extremely dislike Communism/Socialism.
I’ll do what it takes to protect this wonderful nation, restoring it to the Beacon of Light it once was and forever shall be.

Glad to see many are waking up.

As Clif High said once: it doesn’t do this country any good if the “tribunals and arrests” are made in secret. It must be shown to the public to awaken people.

I also understand what one of the Generals was stating, about a possible civil war. So we are in very difficult position.
But I got Faith we’ll all see this beautiful nation restored, with all the children saved.

God Bless America!

thomas j cahill

Buck is humorous counterpoint to all of this apochalypsia.


Michael Baxter appears to be supporting his readers’ First Amendment right to post whatever content they want (as long as it’s not illegal, and I question whether words can actually be “against the law” outside of a courtroom but that’s a separate, larger, topic).

Voltaire comes to mind as well: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

You don’t have to like Buck. You don’t have to respond to him, either.

George Carlin cursed but provided excellent humor as well as analysis of our current situation. That reflection can help us find a way out of whatever mess we’re faced with; RIP, George! (Different “Hello George” though, I think… 🙂 )

Months back I had a great conversation with him (Buck), about an ex-girlfriend of his who had mentioned something which aligned, to me, with something I had been reading/studying in Scripture. Forget the exact exchange, likely had to do with titans/giants, or perhaps creatures or inventions? (I’m recovering from multiple concussions and don’t always recall details properly…)

Agree with your ending, absolutely! God bless America, and save the innocent.

God bless, in Jesus name.


Nice post. really. I do agree with MB though. We tolerate trolls, and that includes people with unpopular opinions like BF. There is a certain troll on here, it’s not BF, that I do find vile and since I discovered his posts were often vile, I just do not read his posts. We do know for instance, that Jewish people, many do think they are God’s chosen people. which is racist, and many Jews and Asians too, really, all races, do look out for each other and favor each other, I’ve noticed in the workplace. Except for white, maybe since we’re so many, usually. So I disagree with you, on this, I think we need to let BF be BF. He’s being honest. and he’s not firing you for your race, that would be illegal. Don’t read his posts or thumb them down. The talmud says it’s okay to kill us goyim, or do lesser awful things to us, doesn’t it? We all have our blind spots. Live and let live is how I see it.

Jimmy W

Tipping my hat to Thomas, Audit, and Cee.



I don’t know any black man or woman who didn’t vote for America’s first, and last, black, gay muslim pres-i-dent. That makes them the constituency of the enemy domestic, does it not?


I met some, and no it does not. Next!


Ignorance and/or stupidity is not synonymous with enemy. I despise both and blame them for much of our countries woes; and I would/do not call any of them friends and wish they would simply leave this nation. However, I would not define them as enemies.


These high profile political elites posing, whether posing as Christian, Muslim or whatever, are in fact members of satanic orders…including Obama.


It has been my observation in last 30 years that the Jewish population are in control of Democrat party. The democrat party were not so left back to the 1990’s, even Bill Clinton was somehow stayed in the middle during his second term. Democrat party changed to far left after Obama was elected by mastermind, David Axelrod and Rahm Emanual, and Rahm Emaual’s brother was the inventor of ObamaCare. Our health insurance went to up 10 times higher than the 1990’s, because we have to pay for all the coverage for treating the genetic diseases which are inherited from Jewish interracial marriages. They promote abortion to all women but give many many birth to their children with all different genetic diseases and have to be treated with all kind of proteins genetically manufactured with cost of $200,000/year at least for their live cycle, and we all have to pay for trillions and trillions to support their lives. This was the key secret of Obama Care.


Seriously? Could you BE more bigoted?

Genetic diseases from interracial marriages? Are you nuts?

Stop blaming the Jews for YOUR inadequacies!!


Your rabbi knows this more than I do.


Jewish people think that they are the people chosen by the God, and they have to keep their race perfect pure, that is why they have all the genetic diseases, and have to be treated for life. This has been the major fact why our health insurance have been so high, because we have to pay for those who had genetic diseases and have to be treated for their entire life. All the drug companies whose product are used to treat genetic diseases, they make billions billions $$$ from insurance company, and the patient population for each genetic disease is anywhere from few hundreds to 10 thousands, and they are all JEWS.


I’m sorry but I’d believe it. They do get Tay Sachs disease if I’m not mistaken. maybe others I can’t remember. but they also wanted to distribute the cost of gender change; for all the trannies they incited I’m sure there were many ways they worked out to screw us coming and going with that.


Why dont u go look up Rabbi Abe Finklestein and listen to the radio show he did before u start spewing stupidity. He admits the evil they do, and what they do with the bodies of the children they kidnap and blood harvest. He also says they say it right to our faces and we are too stupid (brainwashed) to believe it.


Jews are not the chosen people. God is not a bigot.


But they must be…. they’ve told us so themselves.


They are fake jews. The real israelite tribes are found mixed in among all races world wide and tend to live in poverty or lower middle class positions at present. The American black population has a huge percentage of the tribe of judah. Other tribes found mixed in among latinos, native americans, some africans, some asians, some europeans etc.

Johnny Lunchbucket

David gets it.


You’re really sick. Have a nice life and shalom!

Ruth Ann Maloney

You care to add spies from other countries? Cheena comes to mind.

james godsey

dude, you need a cup of coffee

Vicky bree

Our leaders aren’t following the law. So I guess they’re truly for the country. What a mess😔




After all the shit Trump took for us, how can anyone blame the guy? Let’s take a couple steps back and evaluate the whole picture. This is a massive international undertaking and if anyone thinks they could do better, they would be where Trump is right now doing it. But they are not so give the guy a fucking break. And yeah I’m with all patriots who cannot stand the sight of these traitorous assholes running a muck and the total apathetic attitudes of the sheeple who refuse to wake up and see it. But there will come a day and when the time is right, I believe they will crash this deep state economy and then people will have to wake up. I wish it could be different but until peoples credit cards stop working, they lose their jobs, their friends and family die from these shots, food and gas is hard to come by, deep staters steal their retirements, and worst of all the Masked Singer gets cancelled, it will take a lot of pain to go through to make sure this shit never happens again.




I respect your views.


All Trump really accomplished was to extend our suffrage. He does not have the knack to FINISH a job. So, in the end, he was an ineffective politician, like all the rest. The ONLY entity I trust is GOD’s HOLY SPIRIT, and I don’t hear Trump EVER talking about THAT. I do NOT trust in TRUMP.


We certainly saw the bible thumping with Pence and as usual, the closer to church, the further from God. I don’t care how much sucking up they do to God, it’s not legit. Actions, their works, and so far, Trump has done so much good. I do hope he gets moving on this very very soon.


Trump talks about God plenty! He also knows, like a normal person, that God helps those that help themselves. God isnt riding in on a white horse and saving us. He has given us the tools needed to do it ourselves. We just have to use them.


I’m a pretty skeptical guy, so when DJT came down that escalator I became intrigued but didn’t expect much from a casino billionaire and TV star, but I gave him an honest search for a couple of weeks and decided I liked him. He has consistently said the same pro-American facts and opinions from 35 years before, and he was for “main street USA” not the elites.
I had some quibbles, and i still do, but there’s no way he’s a DS plant or any such nonsense, as he Is a good man. He was also an excellent “main street USA President” for his obvious 4 years in office.
His two drawbacks are part of my quibbles, as he is a Civic Nationalist rather than a full on Nationalist, and he believes in Judeo-Christianity, and I obviously don’t. Still he’s a good man, and over-all one of the best Presidents we have ever had.


Am I the only one who’s realized we’ll need a SECOND federal holiday declaring our independence? We HAVE to remember how important our freedoms are, which is why we’ll need to celebrate that at LEAST twice every year!


Its always easy to be an arm-chair critic, but never before in the history of the world has something like this been done. One thing I have come to realize is just how extensive this cancer is. Its massive. Beyond anything I could have imagined just a few years ago. Its found its way not only into the media, but large corporations, and even higher education, the legal system, and so on. And its not in just the USA. Its everywhere perhaps except possibly Russia. To do the needed mass arrests the Marines could use a force of 5 to 10 million (or more?) trained men. Otherwise, tons of rats could easily escape… plus most people are still clueless as to this cancer… not sure what its going to take to get them to wake up.

Linda Hutchison

It is God Almighty Himself who will bring this “horror show” to America! He has told one of the prophets (Bullock) that He has been working to put things right in America for SIX YEARS! I would imagine that is because won’t just destroy us as He did with the flood (same kind of wickedness as now), when He leveled Jericho using the sound of the Shofar and marches around the impregnable walls of the fortress to collapse it (same kinds of wickedness as is going on now), when He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah and everyone in that City (same kind of wickedness that is going on now). You seem to be forgetting that the cabal of global elites who would like to depopulate our country by a third, invade us with illegal aliens and give us one world order that they are the heads of have been working on a 16-year-plan to accomplish this. God, as usual, will give EVERY ONE of the evildoers a brief window of opportunity for repentance before He brings judgment. Let’s just hope that there are enough of us who are obedient and praying to preserve the rest of us! I believe you will see the GLORY!


Sandra Bullock is a prophet?!


His name i believe is Robin


Hi Linda. I live in a mobile home park where most residents are on Social Security. They are scared by pandemic, masks, social distancing, out of control food prices and gas prices thru the roof. They watch mainstream media with constant lies. Food is a real problem, forget stockpiling. Some are x-military and believe government will always help. The message I bring is government is the problem. It’s a hard sell. Please reveal to us this insanity that we are experiencing thru EBS ASAP and stop saying I can’t tell you anything because of my NDA. Not helpful. If we do not address these issues, we may never have another chance. I am a believer in Christ since 1973 and understand what may be coming. Let’s do our part to pray and bring peace to our part of the world and to fight against evil wherever it exists. Eph. 6.


We have only seen half the horrow show.


I’m thinking it’s an ego thing at this point. DJT wants to show all those who supported the Nazi 2.0 regime that they should’ve went with him instead. So much so it’s at the cost of the American patriots who did vote for him as well. The shelves at the grocery store look pathetic right now; how much more of this waiting are we to endure? Point proven, let’s get on with it.


Trump told everyone the basically the election was fraudulent. He’s been doing what the military tells him to do, he has to have the military on his side to do anything.

Chris G

Can the White Hat commanders invite POTUS Trump to their next meeting?


Reality check, if the guy in charge isn’t at the meeting, why have it.
Why release this information in the first place. A meeting with the only conclusion being “lets go on our Holiday”.
Almost like they are rubbing it in our faces.

J6rs are illegally being held in prison “lets go on our Holiday.

Cities are burning and innocent peoples lives are being ruined “lets go on our holiday”.

Deep state actors seem to be walking around the things we are trying to do to them “lets go on our Holiday”.

Sounding like a familiar theme here.


that certainly sheds a different light on the subject! A very valid point! Curiously this was supposed to have been a military sting operation with the military having sought out DJT. “WHO” is it that’s in charge? I forgot already.

Rose Mary Abbott

You are right! The most important part of the meeting was not even there.


Hell I’ll drive him myself!

Maria Regina

President Trump and the USA had been threatened with a horrific event or multiple series of events if he did not leave the White House immediately on January 20, 2021.

Thus there is a reason why Biden has not lived in that White House. Instead, Biden has his meetings in a make-shift studio across the street from the WH.

The Deep State Swamp is so much deeper and wider than originally thought. To me it is very obvious that Biden has been replaced with doubles, but the majority of Americans do not have eyes to see, nor ears to hear.

Although most of the ruling elites and royalty have been killed or captured worldwide, more need to be eliminated or incapacitated. For example, the Queen of England has been dead for more than two years, but her death has not been officially pronounced.

Antifa and BLM could be activated with our local police not equipped to handle them as the FBI goons and CIA assassins will intervene and wipe out a huge number of patriots. Mass shooters with CIA’s MK Ultra program are lined up to cause more civil arrests. This is why mass arrests are not possible yet. Yes, Antifa, BLM, FBI, CIA, DHS, ATF leaders, etc. need to be arrested as soon as possible, and the head of this hydra needs to be killed before Congressmen and Senators can be apprehended.

Last edited 6 months ago by Maria Regina
Philo Beddoe

Wasn’t there a “rumor” that the Dems/Deep State had planted bombs all over D.C. on Jan 6th and that therefore Trump was told to avoid certain subject matters?


That was on usurpation day, otherwise Biden, Harris and the all of those traitors would have been arrested that very day. Biden capitulated to the Chinese and it was the sickest day I ever saw.





It may be worse than that. The below is a repost of an earlier post I made on another RRN story:


This is probably why they are taking the clandestine ‘kid gloves’ approach to take down the DS:



Skip to 8:42 if you want to see the actual proof mirrored by the clip uploader/channel owner. No strong language in the mirrored proof clip.

Explains why the military didn’t make arrests 1-20-2021 at Brandon’s Installation as Resident Of The United States and DJT as CIC and the military had to wage a kind of delicate ‘shadow war’ against the DS while hopefully dealing with the threat explained in the mirrored proof clip at the URL above. Once that is dealt with, we should see faster ‘swamp draining’. Perhaps the EBS won’t go out until this grave, nationwide threat is properly dealt with.


Hopefully, this is why JAG and the whitehats haven’t ‘nabbed everyone simultaneously’ yet. If they do that without stopping the DS from sending out the ‘go code’ beforehand, they ‘win’ with either a suicidal Pyrrhic victory if they are inside the USA like Sampson in the KJV Bible or the USA gets ‘scrubbed’ by them from another country and they (safely) move on to the next nation to subvert and take over and repeat the process (if the environment on Earth has not been rendered uninhabitable). I’m referring to the TRUE DS behind the bad apples who are still at large or have been dealt with by JAG per RRN. The TRUE DS consider them ‘acceptable losses’ as they have fulfilled their purpose to them before they paid for their crimes through their execution or life imprisonment.

Thankfully, perhaps that option may be off the table as I’ve heard underground DS hideouts were destroyed years ago to prevent them from hiding there and sending out their ‘go code’ anyway to scrub the USA and everyone in it at ground level.

A recently re-posted clip about the above:


Related clips to the first clip at the top of this post that prove what will happen if that clip ‘becomes reality’.


These guys solved the mechanics of 911–everything else is misdirection and ‘windowdressing’ — solved by other truthers in their work but not as grave/important.

Buried by YouTube. Must go to the uploader’s video page to search for/find it there. Refers to the author of the clip below.


This guy solved how 911 was done case closed–having done related work in the military of another country. Explains all the phenomenon seen/related to 911 and its aftermath. This clip is pretty much scrubbed from YouTube and the author has to use a ‘dead man switch’ approach to avoid being ‘disappeared’.


Incomplete ‘remastered, expanded’ version of the above clip is here:


Maybe one day the author will finish it.


I’m sure as frustrated and impatient as many of us are, there’s a good reason there haven’t been more arrests (yet). I’ve heard something similar to what’s spoken about in your first link, and there’s certainly the possibility that it’s true. If so, measures have to be taken to prevent such destruction from taking place, and to balance that with the urgent need to abate the relentless DS damage that continues to devastate people’s lives. A very delicate balancing act indeed.


Ii thought our USA didn’t give in to threats from terrorist?
Sounds like were doing exactly that.
Another round of fake viruses are coming to scare people from leaving homes again and the zombies will listen. Vote from home again and here comes election fraud mid terms.
Maybe it’s time our military Men and women on stand by take over with us Patriots backing them up. I know Trump don’t want people dying but war has casualties.


“2000 Mules” election-fraud discovery to prepare AGAINST henceforth: blanket ballot mailings, ballot harvesting, unlawful votes, ballot drop boxes.

Additional common-sense measures: Each tally machine pre-CERTIFIED non-Internet accessible; each tally machine programed to shut down by midnight election night, if not earlier; each tally machine and ballot-count area under continuous CAMERA/GUARD surveillance, as certified ballots counted, bundled, secured, signed off on by Secretaries of State and removed by same to secure pre-determined site.


It’s DO OR DIE. The longer and drawn out it gets the more children die, or get jabbed, which is a slow death or sometimes it’s not. This is humanitys hour against inhumanity. PRAY REPENT


CORRECT. Now is the time to:

HARVEST doctors, nurses, and aids who JAB/MURDER Americans.






Continue HARVESTING until only THE 1/3 population of LAWFUL Americans remain alive.



Last edited 6 months ago by FireDog

Like the Nazis after they were caught, I’m sure they’re going to say, “It wasn’t me” or “I was only following orders.”


Everyone of them should be shackled in public display with baskets of rotting produce which bystanders can throw at these pigs. we do not want to kill them outright, that is too kind. Then the Christians can pray for their rotten souls.


without leaders, much is not going to happen that they are afraid of happening. Why is BLM still free? The media is also key. Get rid of the media and the leaders of these agitprop groups and the followers will be useless. Really none of that stuff would be happening without the money and promoters. I thought it was clear that the fake news needed to be stopped. DO IT. I’m wondering about Trump now myself, I didn’t watch this recent rally but I saw a headline of him saying bad things about Putin invading Ukraine. WTF. Tell the truth. We’ve got our food stash etc. Half the country voted for Trump! Half of us are awake. Half of the other half are sadly jabbed and dead men walking. Grow some pairs and take action. You are not supposed to be girly men. This is an opportunity to make history. It’s what you were born for. Get to it already!! Be on the right side of history!


They must be threatening Trump and his family so much that one wrong word will be deadly. That’s okay. Over 100,000,000 armed men and women will not fear these bastards. We have the 2A at our fingertips.

Gunny HiWay

Pfffff…. When and where did you serve?


When: America 2022+
Where: America
Why: Fuck you. That is why.

When did YOU stop serving and start being credulous and disempowered?

Gunny HiWay

Whatever you are spouting about…I have no idea.
But GFY anyway.
I served more in one year than you have your entire, worthless life.
When it goes hot, I will consider you, and everyone like you the enemy.


You are expecting too much of American men who were intentionally:












Now “Obvious” is the “HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE” You have toward anyone who isn’t just like you. I don’t hear or see the slightest sign of love from you toward males, females or airedales. I now believe you’re a raving lunatic, who may not like himself much, either. Good luck with that.


Airedale.. wtf


YOU are still the psychological opinionated projecting NAZI despite the hour of day!

Just as all NAZIS, you demand “CITATIONS” to include FEELINGS for divisional intents. Many here were not born today, NAZI, and know well my meaning.

“I” do not entertain the emotion of HATE, but I do “CITE” words and behaviors of HATE directed against Americans by NAZIS. The NAZI FEMINISTS are solely responsible for ABORTIONS … CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING … MERCHANDISING CHILDREN’S BODIES. So, yes, the word HATE flows from the mouths of FEMINISTS who swung to TRANSGENDERISM … ‘penis envy’ being among the host of sins imitated from SATAN’s evil behaviors (Proverbs 6:16-19).

YOU have declared me a “raving lunatic.” That is punishable by “defamation of character” law, and “a lying false witness” evil behavior #6 (Proverbs 6:16-19) that binds you to the Lake of Sulfuric Fire.

Yes, I have lived among SEVEN (7) generations whose lives were shattered from childhood to the graves by NAZIS’ “ECONOMIC OPPRESSION” systems … NAZIS are the purveyors of evil on Earth!

ONCE a human allows the act of NAZI BRAIN-BUGGERING to occur, there is no longer a slim chance of living GOD’s promised 120 years of life … NAZIS ALWAYS DIE PREMATURELY … there’s your future, NAZI, by free-choice.


All of you, stop the constant drama.


I’ve sure never seen this side of men. All the men I know eat meat, I do eat soy myself, but they eat meat, are fine with their skin color, love their kids, don’t hate women, don’t hate military, and don’t hate their genitals.


Trump and his family have been thru hell and back and you question him.
Your going to let a article turn your opinion of him.
Honestly the more of these articles that I read I question RRN authenticity over President Trump any day.
If there Is any truth to these articles.


Former Pres. Trump has or had some plan I do believe to save our nation BUTTT his family have probably been threatened but at the same time innocent patriotic American lives are lost every single day., not to mention the torture of our children.These jabs are killing people by the hundreds of thousands. America, with all these people dying where are we going to get doctors, nurses, all health care workers, auto mechanics, iron workers, scientists, factory workers, we are sterilizing our young people. I am sorry Mr. Trump, I think that you meant well but you and your military are taking too much time. Food, water, energy, are being destroyed while you are safe in your bunkers Hope you enjoyed MEMORIAL DAY, maybe a holiday for you elites, but the beginning of hell for us citizens.
Civil War is starting, so lets get it over with and let the remaining living people rebuild. What s shit situation!


Well MORE than half voted for Trump.


Well said, Ceecee! Couldn’t have said it better myself!


well said Maria, I forgot about the MK Ultra program. But I still think people would rather die fighting on their feet than be slowly murdered. The hydra inside everyone will take over soon and even the unvaxxed will be taken over because they discovered they shed their eggs and jump to others in close proximity. TAKE IVERMECTIN! Have you seen the funeral parlors discussing this? It’s literally a horror film! The hyrda doesn’t die, it cannot be killed, they even put them in jars and they grow. They don’t bother doing blood tests anymore because there is no blood it’s all one massive clot. You cannot bury vaccinated people, the hyrda will come bursting out of the ground. I do not even know if cremation kills them?? Does anyone know? My vote is mass and individual assassination of the deep state by any means necessary by the white hats/military. Forget tribunals. People need med beds NOW.


I don’t get why they just did not announce the Queen death when it happened. WTF?


They are never going to announce it. Never. They will have her clone/double/robotoid waving to the crowds long after her sons and grandchildren have died.

Maria Regina

Just like the tale of the Emperor who walked naked down the street thinking that he had invisible clothing on, the Queen’s double cannot fool the people for long. Too many doubles here: Hillary, Bill Clinton, Queen Elizabeth, and the list of the long dead continues. Hillary’s clones keep getting younger, not older, while Biden and Jill continue to be ageless.

Soon the veil will be lifted as more people die from the covid bioweapon jab. Those who did not get the jab will then be in the majority and then nothing can stop what is coming: election integrity and freedom at last from the Deep State-controlled House and Senate.

People will no longer trust in the Military-Industrial Complex — the War Machines, Big-Pharma, Big-Agriculture, Big-Corporations, etc. Freedom at last — nothing can stop what is coming.


100% agree


QUEENY ISN’T QUEEN ELIZABETH. The English declared Queen Elizabeth dead at age 62, a very long time ago.

Queen Elizabeth was replaced by a more cooperative, playful ped-o-boy….


I still dont understand why the military doesn’t show proof of real Biden’s death and it would end this whole mess.
It shows dems hid fact Biden is dead and pushed thru a imposter and created fraud to place imposter into Presidentcy. That alone is Treason just like they did with Obama, dems knew Obama wasn’t real American and didn’t have criteria to become president and allowed it. So did Republicans.
Where are the little aliens from Movie Mars Attacks to blow up our whole entire government.


And we have a squatter in the White House who, together with his gun molly, incited rioting by BLM and Antifa during the campaign and calling for the police to be defunded.


Theatrical facsimiles, anyway.


CORRECTION. Pelosi used Justice Amy Comey Barrett as the LEADER OF INSURRECTION on January 6, 2021. The NAZI PIG was arrested and detained at GITMO for TREASON.

Barrett thought more of destroying America by helping with the importation of 604 MILLION SAVAGES than the lives of her seven (7) little children. I hope hubby is in GITMO, too, and I hope their 7 children experience the same “child sex trafficking experiences” that JUSTICE AMY and other FAKE Judges forced upon 850,000 American children and their parents every single year for DECADES / GENERATIONS!

Father Jesus said, EVERYTHING YOU SAY, AND DO, SHALL COME BACK TO YOU! Yup, the 360 degree circle rule is peachy-keen … works like a charm every time!

Jerry Miller

Read THE BAD WAR by Mike King. History, as we have been told, is all a lie.


“I hope their 7 children experience the same “child sex trafficking experiences”…

So, how are you better? How does the horror stop?

How did you get Internet in your ward?



The “horror” of children being buggered stops when “eradication of evil on Earth” occurs. Ask yourself: “Am I one of Father God’s created “evil humans” or “evil angels”? READ Proverbs 6:16-19 … count the seven evil behaviors that you commit each day.

In this forum, you’ve committed 4 of 7 evil behaviors. WE know of the evil cohorts to which you belong … NAZIS worship Lucifer (alias Satan)!

Donna Susan Gegeny

How could you hope her children experience child sex trafficking. That is a terrible thing to wish upon any child. The children are innocent. We have to protect them from this evil. You should never wish evil on no one.


I saw on here that she was on house arrest. Was there an update? Why don’t I know this?


AFAIK no one is in the white house

certainly not byedan (sorry Arthur Roberts)

Rose Mary Abbott

The squatter can’t get in the White House. Where does he sleep during the middle of the week? He goes to Delaware every weekend. No wonder he is falling apart. He looks just like the Uncle Walter dummy of Jeff Dunham. Of all the people on earth I’m most glad that my name is not Joe Biden.

Dave P.

Please read what they discussed ok, they have been CHERRY PICKING, therefore the ruling elites and royalty have yet to be eliminated and are very much still around.

regardless of the situation you have to understand there is going to be CASUALTIES among the general public, MOST LIKELY THE FAR LEFT which is a no brainer that will go insane and do the civil war act. I say let it happen, so we the people can finally make the moves to ELIMINATE ANTIFA, BLM, and the Cabal leaders in USA. That is the purpose of a take back revolution by the people to save their country, and we have to expect unknown casualties in this fight. Berger is by no means a General Patton leader, but I can see he is very hesitant and trying to use words to find a way out of the situation and wants someone else to take the stand etc. This is why I have said many times a lot of Generals and Admirals and others are PAPERBOYS. They may have great backgrounds, having exploits galore, but when it comes time for to lead the troops inside USA and its population, they cower and chicken out.

We have Three that spoke up, Gen Angle, Adm Olson, and Col Keirsey!!!!!

As you can see TRUMP is THE PROBLEM. He has lost his marbles back since 2018, and has changed for the worse. He endorsed the vaccines, KNOWING FULL WELL IT WAS DEADLY, he also knew about the BIO-VIRUS LABS IN UKRAINE, he backs Oz a satanist from New Jersey to be a senator for Pennsylvania, and the list goes on.

Trump is not going to save anybody, he is interested in only three things. You all know what they are people.

That is why I am choosing DeSantis in 2024. or JFK Jr. if he decides to run for POTUS.


Late 2018 was right about the time when the intelligent posters on the Qanon forums lost momentum and disappeared from the scene (including “Q”), to be replaced by sponsored trolls and hacks which continues to this day. I’m not exactly sure what happened but the DS clearly claimed a victory of sorts.

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What are the three things Trump is interested in — Trump, Trump and Trump?


Guess you didn’t get the memo that sucking out rectums is unhealthy NAZI business. Well, got to go, the air STINKS.


Anyone who can think up a post like that has obviously been fantasizing “sucking out rectums”. You say a lot more about yourself than you do about me, Trump or anyone else.

Steve East

Here in Uk last year tyhe female head of BLM and the most vociferous activist …was shot in the head at a party and since then …silence! She is alive but never going to again stir up the rest of them ! Thats what you have in these little terrorist groups a very few vocal stirrers who wind up the rest !!!


You forgot Americans shall “eradicate” 604 MILLION INVADING ALIENS inside the United States of America.







Former Pres. Trump did a lot for freedom in our country but he is a man like all of us and I think that his family have been threatened and he caved. BUT, now we Americans are being sacrificed. Wait 1-2 years when the effects of the poison jabs have wreaked havoc on most of human life. Where are we going to find nurses, x-ray and lab techs,health care personnel, auto mechanics, pilots, factory workers after these jabs kill off most of the population.
You people who are now experiencing shortness of breath I would like to show you the x-rays of all, if not most people, who think they are safe and brag that they got all five of the shots. .. ask to see your x=ray & see the infiltrate in your lungs. But do not expect If you believe all this shit from pharma, corrupted scientists, and f—–g Fauci & the CDC, then you deserve what you get.


I work in the lab. I didn’t get the experimental injection. There were 170 in my county hospital who got exemptions. I’ve seen about 15 doctors quit, the second half only announced last week. But I do see that we are treating mostly vax injuries these days but it is gaslighted, it is not acknowledged. I’m sure it’s why the physicians quit, that and the jabs. but they could get a religious exemption. The gaslighting is tough. and they must be forced to lie to the patients I don’t know, I would assume so, since the hospital is gaslighting everyone, including themselves, so they quit.


3 things?

S. A.

Absolutely right!

Chuck Westlake

Great response and very true. Congress is the real culprit especially the FAKE Senate. CIA will mow people down just the Pysop of Jan 6 and the Ukrainian color revolution. This has to be methodical to a point then the hammer shoukd fall. We are all sick of this bullshit but a Civil War would bring in the UN and we’d really have issues. Don’t have all the answers and neither does Trump or the Generals. It’s complicated


So General Berger, why are you not on this as we speak?

Mr. Bill

Then they probably aut to get busy, don’t you think?


Who is the head? Do I know already?

Vicky bree

Maria regina-I respectfully disagree. There 84 million gun owning patriots (ex military, police, hunters in USA) no agency – especially CIA, FBI, NSA, UN, Even our military could ever match those numbers, not even throwing in the Chinese military could make a dent. 84 million heavily armed people! Most FBI, NSA, CIA are desk jockey’s not combat warriors like the patriots. And our military would be useless if it turned on patriots, (so many soldiers would leave their post to fight on behalf of the citizens) That would leave unites compromised, because they function as units/teams. The biggest problem I see going on is that Trump & military leaders haven’t followed the law to protect the borders or citizens or been totally honest. Something just isn’t right. Hopefully, we’ll get to the bottom. Soon. Such unbearable times for America.:(


Trump was told about kids being under the White House and actually left about 2 weeks or so before he was supposed to be out. This was to allow for the kids to be rescued. And there is video proof of kids being taken right out the front door, in the middle of the night. This has always been about the kids first. D.U.M.B.s are still being cleaned out.


Valerie, I am retired military. My last position was in an 18th Airborne Corps General Staff. We had contiguency operation plans for probably every scenario imagineable on file. I had to review the oplan sets that covered the combat systems I was an expert on for over 5 different Divisions on a regular basis. If something changed that affected the oplan, such as new weapons, loss of combat systems, personnel gains or losses, etc, we had to update those oplans ASAP. I am 100% sure the military already has their plans updated, reviewed and disseminated to lower commands already. All it appears they are waiting on is a go signal from Trump. But it looks like he’s enjoying the adoration of his fans more than fulfilling his responsibility.

And yes, we do rush things quite often that outsiders never hear about. I was in the 4th Infantry Division that had a normal planned 60 day buildup for combat deployment. The night Iraq launched missiles at Israel in the first Gulf War I was called to the commander’s office and given an order to be ready to deploy in five days. I would call that a little rushed. I was given 24 hours to deploy during the Grenada invasion with another Sergeant’s section. We do not sit around discussing options when the green light is given.

Rob William

It is a bit confusing. Who is telling the truth, you or Valerie? Why wouldn’t Trump give a go ahead when that would lead to him becoming the public POTUS again?


I don’t know. Maybe the fact that his wealth has reportedly increased by 3 billion since he left office, who knows?


What about the 9 Billion he lost while in the public eye as President. The hell Trump and his family have gone thru I wouldn’t care if his wealth increased 3 Trillion I doubt very much he cares about money after seeing the images of children after the Satanist were done torturing and raping them! What price would you put on a job similar to that if you had the stomach and balls to endure, which I bet you do NOT!!


Lisa19, professional service members learn quickly to not let emotion over ride the mission. That is why these non-conventional forces bring back prisoners and not bodies. I’ve never met a fellow soldier who if confronting a child molester wouldn’t be tempted to cap them on the spot. But we are trained to follow the mission order despite personal emotions. Step back, take a breath, and don’t categorize people you don’t know.

Steve East

Trump is NOT in charge …yes he is commander in chief BUT he signed the insurrection act putting the military in charge !If they don’t go soon then it will be too late and civil war will begin anyway …its already close in some countries !


If the military is in charge, why is our country being invaded by thousands daily?


I am on the az/mex border. INVASION IN FULL PROGRESS. I believe the military knows the demographics in the US are shite. The ‘powers that are’ in the west are attempting to counter this with illegal immigration. The military are allowing it for the time being.


Thank you and bless you for your military service oath to We the People and our sovereign nation!

William Turner

Thank you for your service Rodnryl. Your background and experience give me hope that Patriots such as yourself are working hard to protect Americans. I believe that Trump has given the green light to the military. The delay is that the military is divided – half with Biden and half with Trump. Impossible to unite the entire USA military.


Thanks Rodnryl for this. Pres Trump, we are watching you, we know all of this posturing you are doing, you have LITTLE time left to get it in gear, we’ve had it with you.

You might, maybe might, get us to forgive you, if you act NOW. We are sick of you constantly asking for MORE money from us fools, we now see through it all, you’ll get no more from us, do your job NOW.

Elisa Orozco

Thank you for your years of service.


Thank you for your service.

Gunny HiWay

Well Ma’am, I AM retired US Military and I can tell you that I deployed on a moments notice MANY TIMES.
Wives don’t know shit.
E-7 Ret.

William Turner

Again, I believe that Trump has given the green light to the military. The delay is that the military is divided – half with Biden and half with Trump. Impossible to unite the entire USA military.

Elisa Orozco

Thank you for your service, Gunny!!! You’ve ‘been there and done that’ and I can only hope that the vast majority of current military are cut from the same brave, patriotic cloth as you are.

Gunny HiWay

Thank you ma’am.
That I have.
Korea DMZ, Afghanistan X4, Iraq X3, Bosnia, Libya, Lebanon, Somalia.. 78-03


He yes HE told people HE took the jab !!!! I said WHAT!!!!
sometimes I thought he got switched. Is it just me???


Valerie, get a grip on yourself… Ur falling apart..
The General is right…

Donald Thornton

I think the generals are right. Trompe needs to quit pussyfooting around. He needs to quit doing all these useless interviews with the leftist Democrat so-called journalists just trying to make himself look good. He knows these Democrat journalists are not going to get to him, he tears them apart every time.
But like others are saying the talking stages over, people want to see action
I for one, don’t believe it would lead to the Civil War. The American people are finally more joined together than they ever have been.
Rest assured, the military does not step in and do something, the American people will.


MILITARY is controlling the nation, not POTUS Trump, as it is the law when the nation is under seize and overthrown as CHINA NOW OCCUPIES AMERICA.


That’s because their lives haven’t changed one iota they can take a weekend off and enjoy for the last year and a half while we all suffer every day.
Let’s stop paying the military for not doing their jobs. I bet they say and do something when their lives get a major change like no pay. Americans are going through that everyday, but sine they don’t feel the pain they have no worries.
I’m ex-military, and this “just trust the plan” $hit is making my stomach turn. I think if they keep waiting much longer they will have a civil war when the people take up arms and say enough is enough and then it will be to late for the military to say “wait we’re here to help”.
When the people find out that the Military had the goods all along and did nothing, the people will want the heads of the military for waiting while our loved ones are dieing ever day.
At this point the military is complisent in the take over and destruction of America.


‘Wife of a military guy,’ shut your mouth and get back into the kitchen.


Just like our government traitors schedule a meeting to schedule another meeting..


And this is what the criminals want! We the people to doubt everything!, I continue to trust the plan ,however frustrating!
I believe God is in control. I personally could never fault a man who gave up his lifestyle and sacrificed so much to literally save our country! Everyone is frustrated but we must trust those in charge and be prepared. We cannot be part of the problem. We must find ways to be part of the solution.


The military was responsible for not announcing the foreign invasion into our voting computers the very next morning. They should have done the EBS, The problem is, our military is foreign owned and controlled, aren’t they Mr. Berger? How did you allow this?


I just hope they enjoyed their holiday weekend! God forbid they protect a coubtry they were sworn to protect!

james godsey

yep, I just explained to lucky star that the man DJ Trump is an absolute genius, it is all of our steady patience thats waivering and its showing, but we gotta Trust the Plan, yall


Right! Thank you! Everything has to be done with precision.There can be NO MISTAKES! I love RRN and Michael does a great job but this article pisses me off and is either intentional misinformation or just plain old BS!


Military Mom, and daughter..their Hurry up and Wait goes back decades

Robert James

Meanwhile his traitorous, Satanic son in law is closing big real estate deals!! Trump is putting his daughter’s husband before us!


It says Trump wants to wait. Plain a day.

Stinky Perfume

Maybe get the mercenaries to kill the other mercenaries?


No Trump is not the problem. Read above, the Military have the Authority under the Insurrection act. They do not need DJT’s “GO.” I believe they are holding back and they must go forward and take the authority given to them and uphold their Oath.


Yes I get the feeling he thinks it’s ok to wait around till the next election. Isn’t he embarrassed yet? arent’ they? I mean seriously, the army has no problem going in and destroying defenseless foreign countries and they’re afraid of little old nazi men and old witch ladies and the WEF pampered princes and BLM fake activists with their fake nails and embezzlement for luxury cars and Mcmansions. We are pathetic.The USA with it’s constitution and we are on par with the likes ofJustin Castro. Trump does seem to be dragging this out. Well he was ok with the jab in the beginning to my dismay but they’ve killed enough people. Make it stop. How embarrassing in our face these WEF clowns talking about taking over our country and it stands?! They continually spit in our face. Send these Covidians to another country. Expel them if they do not want to live in freedom. How embarrassing. African nations and South American nations have more gonads than we do. They are more the land of the free and the home of the brave it appears. Look at all of those who went down and protested that day. They were braver than our military appears. and they are left to rot. I blame our president, Trump. I’m disappointed they’re still not out of jail. I am hopeful that there is a legitimate reason why this is taking so long.


Yeap. Trump started this whole Plandemic and shots. Evil.


No, actually Fauci started this whole pandemic. Fauci is the evil one, not Trump.


The “shots” were made in 2018, before the scamdemic. Fauci told us there would be a “virus” when Trump was in office! How did he know that?? Hmmm He can see into the future??


You may ‘get the feeling’ but you do not know. Come on people, turning against Trump will not lead us to taking back our country. He and the Military ARE OUR ONLY HOPE. If they quit today, yes the people would rise up, but the enemy would nuke us in a blink. We need to support Trump and allow he and the military to complete the plan that was made right after President Kennedy was assassinated. There are people that you believe are dead that are not dead. Important people to the salvation of America. Pray for Trump & Military. Please do not sow dissention as that will help not one of us.


Trump is not our only hope. The military is. Trump is either dead and replaced by an actor or he is a fraud. The military needs to act as if Trump isn’t in charge because he is not. All he talks about at his stupid rallies is himself.


How do we know that gitmo is for real? If Biden can board a hollywood half plane on a green screen, then gitmo might be a hollywood production also, I am afraid that America is being duped big time. TIME TO RESPOND AMERICA, get your pitchforks, bats, and heavy artillery


JULIE…you sound as you are fully loaded and ready go….

Susan Sloate

THANK YOU! We CANNOT afford dissension right now; we MUST be united in our resolve! Trump is doing all that he can and he has NEVER STOPPED WORKING FOR US–not for a single day. We need to be behind him. He knows better than anyone that he CANNOT AFFORD to care about the spotlight MORE than he cares about us and about the plan. Things are moving–much faster now, if you think about it–the Uvalde shooting is an obvious hoax (I do believe people died, but it SCREAMS false flag anyway), and PEOPLE ARE CATCHING ON FAST NOW. They didn’t during the Obama Administration, but now it’s happening. Not sure what ‘go’ signal Trump and his people are waiting for, but I believe there will be one. He knows we have ONE chance to save this republic, and we have to have as many pieces in place as possible at that time.

I trust Trump.


I’m trying to understand what a country benefits from nuking the US!? The land would be useless! What ha e you conquered as it is run as an asset of the globalists


They know they are going down and they will take us with them is the idea.


Our only true hope is God. However, he uses people to accomplish his purposes and he never saved his people until they were at the edge of the cliff ready to tumble off. We pray daily for Trump to follow God’s guidance over and above men’s. Only God’s timing is perfect and I believe we will see that happen now. May God get all the glory and the US go forward as a country realizing and acting on it’s covenant with him. We also pray for him to spread his wings of protection over everyone fighting for righteousness and holiness throughout the earth and to continue to expose those working with the evil ones. I think Trump and the Generals etc… need a face to face to clear the air.


There is no legitimate reason.


That’s what I thought, unless someone is threatening a top leader in their ranks. but that cannot be. If so, that person would be shot.


Military have their plans in-place and it adjusts as needed. Military have said they do not move forward until MONEY transfers from bank to bank … that’s when TRAITORS are arrested and executed.

We’ve also learned from the Military arrests of BILL GATES and other VERMIN that NAZIS built homes deep inside Earth to hide for YEARS.

So, captures and executions are not on our schedule.

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Gee, that is nice to hear. I feel so consoled about the fate of America. MORE EXCUSES AND MEANINGLESS WORDS!


I agree. I think we need to push hard for Trump to get his ass in gear. He’s got to take action. He hired to many deep state assholes & he’s still surrounded by assholes & wimps. I agree that we need to make him unmistakably aware that he’s the problem & we’re out of patience. Either he takes action or we become his worst nightmare.


As per the comment above,Trump is not in charge;the military is.Maybe we got a deep state operative infiltrating the higher ups slowing things down.

Wayne Hatton

I was and continue to worry about masonic infiltration within the military. No one ever talks about this fact!


That’s what I suspect in my post above. Berger, take that traitor out! We have a country to rescued!