Putin to Trump: “Save Your Country Now, Before It’s Too late”


White Hats aren’t alone in urging President Donald J. Trump to take broad and immediate action against the American Deep State, according to a Mar-a-Lago source who said Trump and Russian Vladimir Putin had another telephone conversation Monday morning.

Putin, he said, had originally called to deliver gloomy news: Russian forces had killed 163 American mercenaries in Ukraine since the start of his “special military operation.”

“They had no business there in the first place,” Trump reportedly replied.

But the conversation quickly segued into political discourse, with Putin proffering a soulful lamentation of “America’s sad, sorry state.” He told Trump he couldn’t believe Americans stood idle while a criminal regime tanked a once great economy.

“They blame your economy woes on me. They say I am the reason your energy prices so high, the reason you have no food. This is laughable,” Putin said.

Additionally, he expressed dismay over how easily myopic Americans were blindsided by blatant, obvious false flag attacks. He cited the Uvalde and Buffalo massacres as quintessential examples, saying he was not oblivious to American fake news, and that his enemies, primarily parliamentary opposition parties in the State Duma, had plotted many false flag strikes on Russian soil. “Now they all dead,” he said, adding that Russia’s Federal Service Bureau was exceedingly efficient at ferreting out traitors.

Trump agreed with Putin’s assessment of Uvalde, highlighting the improbability of a mentally disturbed, unemployed trans kid magically manifesting $5000 worth of firearms.

“Drastic action I took to dispel the Deep State from Eastern Europe,” Putin said. “No, it was not easy. Yes, some innocents died. People like you and me, we must make hard choices. Your country, you and your allies must save it, before it’s too late. This is the realization I had to take, my friend. No mercy.”

Moreover, Putin refuted Western media stories about his ailing health. He mentioned specifically a tabloid smear piece claiming he had gone blind and had only three years to live. That article, which appeared in the UK Metro, said Putin was convalescing at home while body doubles and deep fake tech was used to mimic his appearance on television and at public appearances. The CIA and the MI6, Putin said, were laughably accusing him employing tactics they had invented.

Trump, our source said, didn’t discuss his plans with Vladimir Putin, but thanked the Russian leader for his concern and sentiment.

“President Trump doesn’t telegraph plans, but I can say this: he has asked military allies for patience because he thinks the Democrats will suffer a major defeat in the midterms, you know, that will send them running for cover in disgrace. He sees the American people suffering. It’s causing him to lose sleep,” our source said.

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Debate Judge

Trump has asked military allies for patience because he thinks the Democrats will suffer a major defeat in the midterms.

The 2020 elections records need to be held 22 months, not 24 months. The window of opportunity to do something, then, closes before the mid-term elections.

Stinky Perfume

Deep State getting too many hits like Uvalde, and it proves they aren’t scared off.

Mid Term Elections I doubt would scare them any more into hiding because this is also the Black Hats in the military at the Pentagon, CIA…WHO, wherever they are is way underground already in hiding. Only space forces or angels can wipe them out. Maybe if their adrenochrome stopped? k

I don’t have a clue what space forces would do but it’s kind of obvious they aren’t doing it.

The other plans are a Biblical Jesus come back to sorting out souls in an Ascension process to other planets or up to 5th density heaven.

So 50/50 just means it’s getting close to the next big decision. They think it’s sweeping mass arrests made to the public or just win the election and people stop having issues and putz on along thinking it’s going to rebuild but in the end they will send space forces to end the earth with a lot of lasers to melt out cities.

Jesus coming back won’t change that as he’s only alleged to come to pick up his people not fix the earth. It’s the christians being taken up off the earth via ascension, and there’s groups that plan to remain and aim to end all religions and work on ego going away vs religious confusion.

In the meanwhile there’s still one guy Steven D Kelley on YT, still saying if they get under Getty Museum in Brentwood, Los Angeles Malibu Mountains, it will fix the whole earth. That’s the elites main bunker and all this is going on not just in 3rd density but in 4th. I saw that when the MILABS came over in a spaceship and interacted with me about 2008. They just were busy monitoring everyone’s thoughts, and running things that way. They also have to battle at space ship levels if certain one’s come to take over. The military at that level appear more scared of than we are at having a missile attack. If they come in they beam people up. I guess get their loosh that way.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stinky Perfume
Stinky Perfume

Edits aren’t allowed here, I meant get their blood that way.

True Patriot

I wish America had Vlad. He tells it like it is. Trump is a Sephardic Asakenazi Jew and Im sick of seeing people who are not awake to the truth support him. Biden was executed back in 2019 so this has been a media circus to distract the sheep, while whoever is really pulling the strings is destroying us. Trump worked for IsraHell not America. Until America gets rid of the JEW infiltration in all levels of govt nothing will change and only get worse. Things are going as planned by the evil Asakenazi Jew Mafia. Kushner JEW Jewvanka converted JEW Munichin former Sec of Treasury under Trump is Jew Trump’s biggest Donors JEWS including now deceased POS Demon Sheldon Adelson all of Trump’s admin was Asakenazi JEW & Dual Citizens of Israel. Israel even made a Flag Trump President of Israel right in our faces. The Biden Clones are a distraction for the Goyim peasants who arent awake. Our Jan 6 Patriots are still Illegally in prison gulag who came to DC per POS Traitor Trump’s request, then Trump tucked his tail and ran like a coward leaving our Patriots illegally arrested & jailed unconsitutionally. But hey Trump had time to pardon over 290+ hardened JEW Criminals just before he left the White House including the demonic Spy for Mossad Johnathan Pollard. People have short memories Trump was Pro Red Flag, Pro Bump Stock, shoved thru illegal Anti Semite BS which attacks 1st & 2nd Amendment, & he is Pro Vaccine and LIED. Neither he nor any of his JEW Family got the Vaccines. Isnt winning fun. Even our military is now admitting Trump as a huge mistake & are turning to DeSantis for help. Problem is DeSantis is also loyal to the Jews. We have no choices. There is no 2 party system. Only one part of demons destroying America. The Left vs Right paradigm is a myth created & controlled by the Jews. Trump knew they would steal this election.

Vicky Hyle

I don’t think we can wait until elections in November.


I am with Putin to save America now, people are suffering and dying, this shit show fake administration uncertainty, high inflation, constitutional right abuse, fake news and economic collapse cannot go on till after midterm, that is crazy, how many people will survive this? Please DJT and White Hat should save America now.

Last edited 1 year ago by Success
robin earl redwine

putin =non coward. vaccine don = vaccine pusher and coward of epic proportions.


Someone opined that the Vlad we are seeing and has been in contact with Q+ these days, is a clone. The question then is, what happened to the real Vlad? All comments are valued. Blessings,

Frances Rose

I am getting tired of waiting for these crooked bastards, still in the corridors of power, in some cases, LAUGHING at the American people, to be brought to justice. I am getting tired of waiting for the the Gold backed currency that is supposedly in the wings to come out in the open. Many Americans suffering because everything we need, basics like fuel and food and Electricity, water and gas, is sky high and going higher, not to mention our children appear to be dispensable, used for political fodder. I would have been in that school, pulling kids out, so would many others on here I can bet that to be true!


I take it that the corridors of power you’re referring is in Congress. If so, relax. NP and CS that continue to walk the corridors, are either clones or doubles or as MB calls them, Deep Fakes. Some source suggests that the real NP and CS, both have been exposed to Covid and are self quarantining. These is code for being under house arrest under federal agents or, ankle bracelet. Let us pray, Jesus, in everything we do, help us. 🙏


We the People do not give a flying kunt’s ass about any federal gun restrictions. Fuck ATF/DHS ‘directives’. We the People will run whatever gun we want as hard as we want it!!!!

Scott V. Smith

Maybe Trump and the Patriots need to stop watching the MSM too. Who cares what they would say? Most real Americans already know that they lie so ignore them and take our country back by fulfilling your oaths military and Trump, Defend America. If Soros and the NWO can still pay them to go riot then military, shut them down. Americans watched as even Trump was unwilling to stop the lawlessness in the summer of 2020. Optics may be important but not being ruled over and dictated to by and illegitimate communist government is more so. Military & Trump, if you don’t understand that then you are oblivious to reality and need to stop consulting that Quantum Computer you all are so fascinated with. It does not know how people will truly react. People need unselfish leaders, Are there any out there who are willing to do what it takes to free America? It does not appear so right now. Now is the time to act. The midterms are another Sussman verdict waiting to happen b/c they will cheat and win again in a way you haven’t anticipated. They have been way ahead of you this whole time and all the “it’s a sting” excuses have grown thin and empty. Its now time to admit that this will not be solved peacefully because the enemy already initiated violence. Do what’s obvious, take America back at ANY COST.

Last edited 1 year ago by Scott V. Smith
Scott V. Smith

If Trump is really saying wait till the mid-terms we are doomed. They will cheat again and win and the result will be the same, communist rule with years of trying to prove how they did it this time. Did any communist leader ever lose an election? NO. Everyone in a position to actually save America is passing the buck at this point in time. With the Sussman verdict we see that evidence and proof and the law and the system are GONE! They were when the 2020 election was stolen in the way it was, blatantly. What has to happen for Trump and the Military to wake up? They want us to wake up? We have no authority or organization. They do. They took the oath to defend America so defend it. Elections & court cases are a feeble response at best and will not restore our nation. This is a sad day when there is no leadership with the bravery, wisdom and selflessness of our nations forefathers and that is what is needed RIGHT NOW, not months from now.


We can’t wait till the midterms. By then the left will work to plan a monkey pox scare, push us back to mail in ballots or try to claim an emergency and we have to shut down voting for now. Enough of the waiting. If there truly is a good side then we need action now.


Why are body doubles still free??? It seems they are guilty of treason as well.


While Trump is hiding in Maralago, looking pretty.Putin is great becoming the white hats hero, blowing up bio labs, and executing traitors on the spot, saving trafficked children, no wonder the left feels they have to portray him as a monster, he is their worst nightmare. I like Trump but I have a chip on my shoulder over his endorsement of liberal, pro trans Oz.😡🤬😤

Ruby Kennard

Most of us realize the DS will push Putin until he has to respond to the USA’s aggression with lethal results to our own country’s survival. The Leftists aren’t waiting for the midterms. They know it’s all over for them once the election is over. Unless Pres Trump intervenes to halt the supply of long-range missiles to Zelensky, Putin will be forced to act in the security of his own country. It’s going to be too late if he wants to wait for the Nov. election. A nuclear attack on this nation will assuredly stop our electoral process, which is their entire strategy. Just saying….


Waiting until November to do something is unacceptable. We are tired of waiting. If they are removed for treason now, they won’t be here in November. The elections are for a corporation that no longer exists. They are already gone. Why the dog and pony show continuance?


I hope there is still a country left by then.


Maybe Trump wants the civilians to start our own military …. a military of civilians. We have the right to do that. We could start arresting these traitors our selves. Sheriffs have the right to organize a civil military. Why dont we do that?

Elke Mitchell

It‘s been a long ride…..a very long ride. Those of us that voted for President Trump in 2016, even for the reason of NOT voting for Hillary, we became apostles of the 45th president because of his actions. Now it‘s been a long agonizing 4 plus 1 1/2 years and it‘s just been wayyyyyy too long. We have gotten involved in local politics and did all the things that we were capable of doing and having an impact in. I’m 81 years old, immigrated to this country over 60 years ago, and am at the end of my energy and hope. My family thinks I am a Cooke (?) and my belief in the cause is being muffled. Please, this country is suffering so much!!! Let‘s move forward!!! I don‘t think this country can take much more! May God bless everyone who is reading this. :))))

Ron Burgundy

I think the word you’re looking for is “kook.” And yes, if you believe this website is real, you’re a kook. I’m sure you mean well, but this is all totally made up.



Daryll Collins

We CANNOT wait for the midterms! Another voting scandel that will drag on with nothing resolved. MOVE NOW, PRESIDENT TRUMP! Even if a handful of major players are perpwalked out of their positions in DC, it would serve as a positive catalyst for the mindset of the entire country moving forward. This is no longer a 50/50 split among the populace. I would say 70 to 80% of us want justice served to these traitors TODAY!

Proud Patriot

EXACTLY!!! Most of the citizens are aware of how corrupt the democrats are. They can FEEL the effects of their administration both financially and morally. How much more beating can we take? My daughter and her husband couldn’t afford rent this month.. she can’t feed my two grandsons. We are helping them as much as we can. How much more proof does Durham need to go after these crooks? Bring in the Military. Only they can overthrow the government!!


Putin is right. The president of Ukraine is now asking for longer range missiles then the US is sending. By the way, According to Glen Beck and his research $1.9 Billion was sent to Ukraine just before their War started with Russia and it appears to be laundered Biden money. That money likely went into arms for Ukraine making it harder for negotiations with Russia. If this actor President of Ukraine get longer range missiles and fires them into Russia proper, this could lead to a serious situation between the US and Russia and the world! Thank the Biden’s for going around Congress on the $1.9 billion with US funds to push his own agenda at the risk of World War 3. See “Ukraine–the final piece” Glen Beck on Youtube


Yeah we warned him last year & he didn’t listen. Same thing this year.


Another thing…if mass arrests occurred, is a LIE that half of the country would be against the other half,…. a LIE. Trump won supposedly by over 80%, so it would be 20% ranting and moaning against 80 % being happy. Trump isn’t going to do Shiz!…Look at Sussman verdict yesterday…..so much for Durham this and Durham that ….all theater….. we are all being screwed and they are pushing us to ta k e a rms.

Last edited 1 year ago by Summerain

Trump gave the Military powers to go and arrests these demons why in the hell the Military is passing the buck to Trump saying decision is on him? This is bullshit! Anyone not defending the constitution when they have the power to do so is a traitor, sorry.


-“he thinks the Democrats will suffer a major defeat”-

What happened? He missed the 2020 elections? They will cheat again! Trump is WRONG this time! His mistake may cost USA dearly.


if we take the all these conversations at face value, what conclusions are most obvious?
1) Putin is concerned for our country and is worried about the world wide ramifications of the USA being destroyed and taken over by the “one world government” that will assume complete power over the USA.

2) time is running out and our destruction is at hand.

Both seem a consistent message from Putin and what truthers have been saying since the election results in 2020.

My opinion… enough is ENOUGH President Trump! Drop the hammer on the Deep State and let the chips fall where they may. We have no more reason to wait. The awake patriots vs. the un-awake is as good as it will get. Drop the hammer. lets go and do this. “Damn the torpedeos! Full speed ahead!”.

Texas Falcon

Vlad is correct… we can’t afford to wait.. we’re circling the drain..do it quick.. DJT

Donna Miller

I do not think the midterms should even happen… There was cheating in the primaries already… Look at Pennsylvania… Military is the only way… Do we have to have America in ruins, because that’s where it is going along with the American People along with it… President Trump needs to be back now so he can salvage things before it is to late.


So the Promise of “Purging America” is riding on the Mid Terms and Presidential Election Cycle of 2024? Russia is taking the High Ground and Purging the Syndicate of Human Trafficker’s, Pedofile Elites and Oligarchs along with BioLab’s with Crazy Scientist Satanist’s! Na, A HUGE NUMBER OF TRUMPIAN’s are jumping the Train due to Inaction and Indecisiveness by Trump and a handful of Honest Republican’s! It’s a Hair Trigger Out There for All of Us that had Hopes, not for much longer, Because Conservative Christian’s feel that they are being Played for a Disastrous Outcome!! Bring Back the FEDERALIST PARTY OF THE LATE 1700’s because Our Congress and Judiciary aren’t Running Anything with American’s Armed to the Teeth!!


This is perhaps the only time since he said he was “thinking of running” in May of 2015 that I flatly & completely disagree with Trumps logic – assuming he’s actually trying to take us that direction – I seriously think it’s the stupidest, dumbest, move that ever passed through Trumps lips.

I can’t believe he’d be that shallow & misinformed. I think he doesn’t have the stomach to do the hard part & I think he’s being extremely careless for doing so. If he’s ever impeached for anything it should be for waiting till mid-terms because waiting that long will destroy the nation so that there’s nothing left worth rebuilding.

Doing this makes his job 1000 times easier while making our lives 10,000 times tougher. Looks like Trump is blind as a bat because he’s hoping to avoid the ugly part that ABSOLUTELY HAS TO BE DONE. There is no way people will want to change their ways if the truth isn’t known.

Trump is making fools of us all for believing in him by subjecting us to the ridicule he claimed he was “suffering on our behalf”. But he’s actually now talking about extending that ridicule & hatred toward us for another year or more for having believed he’d fulfill his promises.

“Trust the plan” is bullshit if he takes that route because that part of the plan was never revealed to us – because it never existed as part of the plan. He’s a master builder & he’s thrown the plans away & building from his emotions. We must pray for this guy to find his balls again. Stupid voices seem to have gotten his ears listing to bullshit. Does he really think changing plans & losing the support of the military who know what must be done?

Plus the elections are still rigged & he’s done nothing to fix that — but not for lack of failing at ALL his attempts. If Trump thinks the sheer numbers of people turning out will overwhelm the cabal’s capacity for election & voter fraud he deserves to be impeached if he’s going down that crazy insane path. Someone he trusts that hates him has put this evil temptation in his head.

This is not how Trump normally thinks. In a sense he seems to have temporary insanity. Prayer may break that & awaken the warrior that we need in this moment. He’s scared & wants to delay the inevitable. We need to pray he receives a huge dose of courage because he surely can’t be this stupid for legitimate reasons.

Lorie Mena

I think it is laughable to think the midterm elections will result in Democrat defeat!?? We have rampant election fraud, RINOs sitting on their hands, an extremely corrupt judicial system… we will never win against this evil waiting for our side to become a majority.
Putin is right and he is very courageous and compassionate for his fellow human beings. We need a lot more of this type of leadership right now.


Appear weak when you are strong and vice versa. This what Sun Tzu, the art of war is about and I am sure you’ve heard of it a lot on this site. Let us pray, Jesus we trust in you alone, amen.

question everything

Here is a link to a pic to share with your friends and family that still think the vaccines are really vaccines:

question everything

China is now using specialized “emotion recognition” technology to monitor the feelings of people. This technology allows the Chinese regime to criminalize certain emotions and arrest citizens based on these.
Here’s a link to the article:

J Bill



Only problem is it thinks everyone in China are squinting and all Americans look surprised.

question everything

do you really think that’s the only problem? I don’t!


Guess what I’m think mother fuckers. I’m sure you’d be right if you guessed boom?!


I think Trump is bluffing with talk of the midterms. They (DS) have no choice but to rig the midterms, more so because they are well aware of the malfeasance they’ve brought upon us.


They have to and they will,…and then nothing will be done about it – again.
Same old shit, just another selection of zionist candy ass’s and clowns that wish to sell us out.


I disagree

question everything

If anyone still questions the use of masks, here is a link to a 7 minute video that just might help you realize the truth:

J Bill

if it’s on gab, it must be true!

question everything

there is a reason I said ‘just might help you realize the truth’. I am fully aware that some people have their heads so buried in the sand, or so far up their ass that they will never comprehend reality.

John .S

Fact, mask wearing cov-idiots are America’s enemy from within.

Patriotic Duty is to voice ridicule [vitriol] upon them when opportunity knocks. Choose words wisely, recording devices everywhere.

Myself never engage women via street code of conduct, and never argue over lost parking spot with them.

question everything

LOL….I’m guessing you didn’t watch the video. The video is about the use of masks by the cia, etc. for disguising or imitating someone, not covid masks.

buck fiden

Midterms? Too late!

John .S

America’s epitaph being written, it’s obituary published for midterm. America currently doing the swirly in toilet, log jam preventing final swoosh.


Christ, even President Putin is saying to help Americans. We can NOT wait for any damn elections, these CRIMINALS are already cheating. They will cheat in November because nothing got resolved. WHAT IS WRONG WITH TRUMP AND HIS TEAM?? HOW MANY MORE CHILDREN MUST THE DEMOCRATS MURDER BEFORE WE GET ANY HELP?? Im sorry this is madness and no excuse for letting this go on. We are all being played for fools.

J Bill

“We are all being played for fools”

you’re sooooooooooooooooooooooo close




I agree with it is about timing. General Berger didn’t become a general with out thinking about timing of doing a plan. Leave him alone because he will do it on Trump’s time like he should. I agree it is not time yet but it is getting closer patience is a verue in war. Paton was great at that.


All this talk about the White Hats, Gen. Berger and Trump waiting until people wake up to what’s going on in America before acting is pure BS. It’s like knowing someone having of all the symptoms of a heart attack; chest pains, sore arm, shortness of breath but you refuse to do anything until they collapse on the floor almost dead. That’s insanity. If Trump believes this he doesn’t deserve to be elected dog catcher. We better come to the realization that no one especially Trump or Berger is coming to save us. There is a terrible conflict coming around the corner. You had better prepare and many of us may die in this war to save democracy just like our grandparents did when they heard of the attack on Pearl Harbor. That generation knew what was needed to do regardless the cost. You better get that attitude into your head before it’s to late.


Exactly. There are no white hats coming. At the least it’s a narrative to keep us watching podcasts & reading articles, at most a narrative devised by the black hats as a stall tactic to delay the inevitable conflict until it’s too late.


Although I have always been a Trump supporter and am a huge supporter of the military, sometimes bad decisions are hard for someone to recover from making! I’m trying to imagine how Trump can recover from saying “it’s part of the plan that had to happen”! People who have lost family, friends ( to su
suicide, illness/jab), homes, businesses, jobs, etc will NOT ACCEPT THE CASUALTY OF WAR CONCEPT! They are not fighting a war to the best of their knowledge! You can read from almost every post the frustration to the point of ALL truly ready to go to arms….NOW! I for one am… lost family to the bio-weapon! It’s insulting to think “IT HAD TO HAPPEN THIS WAY”!! All the crimes are known! Yes innocent people will be caught in the fray if they are called to fight…. BUT ISN’T THAT A CASUALTY OF WAR AS WELL?!?! If you are undermanned, you have the largest most well-armed army of patriots the world has ever known granted to us and you by the 2nd amendment! Yes, many will die, but they/we are willing for our kids and their kids! Call us up before there is nothing left for which to fight. I for one never go down in a fight without making sure they know I was there and they never want to F with me again… win or lose! When people don’t fear, they will stop at no crime…!!

Crazy cat lady

I wish that I was young so that I could be battle ready. As a boomer, I will fight in any way that I can. Casualties are coming, that’s a result of warfare. I care deeply about the future of our Nation and the following generations of American. Time to cross the Rubicon.


How would we activate your militia? Do you have a pager or is there something like a bat signal?

Crazy cat lady

First by getting rid of traitorous trolls.


Ted… you gotta’ get laid dude… in dire need! Maybe you can join up with a buddy and spread “Monkeypox” the good ole’ LGBLT way! Bottoms up… pun intended!

David T

Ted could lay on the tracks and wait for a train . . . .


Just remember, Trump brought out the bioweapon shot and invested in Pfizer. HE started this. He purposely lost so “Biden” does his dirty work. The intention was for Trump to “save America” and actually be the Antichrist. He is a member of the Order of the Black Sun. Freemasonry, Skulls & Bones, etc. came out from the Order. Trump convinced my parents to take the shots. They’re in horrible shape. Trump needs to be arrested for treason.


THIS is not the “experiment” to stand on the sidelines and watch it happen…..F’in do something !


nooooooo that will take too long!!!!!!


the time is NOW

we can all feel that the time is right now!!

There is a fine line between being patient and biding time to do things properly but if the country loses faith in DJT because he waited too long then we will have lost too much. People will not be able to forgive if it takes too long. The time to act is NOW – this is WAR.

I have the greatest respect for DJT and hope he can come to this conclusion. I also hope the military does also. We don’t get to see all but hopefully there is a middle ground that makes sense factoring in all the necessary missions!

mass arrests – control the media
military, sheriffs, deputized sheriffs, and civilians too if necessary

I would sure round up a few!!


IS HE SERIOUS!!!! Didn’t we, as a nation, tell President Trump in the 2020 election who we want as our President? Aren’t we turning out in droves at the Trump rallies? Now we have to friggin wait for the mid-terms? I agree with the Military in this one. Go in and get the DS. Take ’em down. If people are not awake yet, it’s unlikely they will be. The American People Have Spoken! Why isn’t he listening to US?


Yaas queen! We The People thought that Trump did so much for us that he only needed one term! We voted and let Trump take time off.

Chris Macy

Bullshit Trump I backed you before escalators. It’s way past time screw the mid terms. Tried if this shit I will never vote again after mid terms. If something hasn’t changed


We need to not vote in the next election so they see that 80 million votes are missing. Only then will they overturn the 2020 election!


Act Now !

Lorenz Manner

I fully agree with Putin. It’s time to act, It’s time to make a hard choice, it’s time to eliminate the criminals and to restore the dignity of America. Act now.


Make the S P A R K , Brandon.


Trump is waiting until he dies of old age. This is one big crock of shit.


Unless he’s already dead


Vlad’s more concerned than any Republican- military need to end this shit show! get rid of the selected fake president AKA Hussein666 3rd term! As long they’re breathing they will steal every election!

Michael R Davis

J Bill (green) another communist troll, J Bill (red) a patriot.
K ai, J ason, W edge, T ed, R uth, B urgundy, G unny Hiway, S andy Koufax, s tacy, many others are communist trolls, enemy agents here to divide, discourage, confuse us. Ignore the SOBs. T ed has absolutely nothing to do with RRN or Michael Baxter, T ed is a compulsive liar.

Notice that this ‘deliberate disinformation’ from Putin, the Generals, and Trump has the trolls here on RRN all in a frenzy. Hilarious. Wake up all you clueless ‘fair weather’ Trump supporters. This Sun Tzu Art of War ‘disinformation’ aimed at the Deep-State should not be turning you people into a bunch of ‘cry babies’. Grow a pair and open your eyes and really take a serious look around.

NOTHING stated publicly is written in stone, intended to be policy. Trump does NOT telegraph his moves. So end the whining wimping out.


Mike and I laugh about you all the time. Keep up the good work!

Crazy cat lady

Pack up and move to your favorite commie country. You’re not wanted or needed here. You’re as useful as a bull with tits.


So a quadriplegic amputee went…
Absolutely nowhere!

Crazy cat lady

Life is tough but it’s tougher when you’re stupid.

David T

Whatever, DF.

J Bill


David T

Commie troll turd DF.

American Living in Canada


American Living in Canada

The very least thing Trump Supporters can do is not bail out and doubt the Military White Hats..



Lord grant us patience, we need it yesterday. There that sums it up for the most. God has not left us orphans, he promised not to leave nor forsake us. Patient endurance attains all things including vanquishing the evil forces. Jesus, we trust in you alone. Blessings,

Crazy cat lady

Add Rob William to the troll list. He fits your description of a commie.


most of us know who the trolls are.

David T

Excellent post, thank you for putting that info out here. The green J Bill name was confusing me as it is obviously a communist troll turd, but the prior J Bill is a major patriot. It figures that the despicable commie bastard troll turds would try to hijack a patriot’s post name. Lie, cheat, steal, deceive, you name it and the commie bastard troll turds are doing it.