CDC Begs Networks for More Monkeypox Coverage


Centers for Disease Control Director Rochelle Walensky is a bit miffed at network executives who abruptly scrubbed Monkeypox coverage following the Uvalde massacre, a CDC whistleblower told Real Raw News.

For two weeks Monkeypox dominated evening news broadcasts, and online dailies showcased images of alleged Monkeypox victims, even though, according to Walensky, the U.S. currently has only 10 active cases. The whistleblower, however, says there are none.

Regardless, coverage of Monkeypox came to a sudden stop the minute an 18-year-old, broke, unemployed, mentally unhinged trans kid strolled into a grade school and hosed down 21 people with $5000 in semi-automatic rifles, ammunition, and tactical gear, an obvious false flag attack. RRN had largely avoided the topic, because other alternative outlets have covered it aplenty, and we had nothing verifiably unique to add.

In the hours leading up to the attack, though, Walensky was at CDC headquarters in Atlanta feverishly writing interdepartmental memos encouraging ‘some’ of the agency’s 11,000 employees to get vaccinated against Monkeypox as soon as the FDA issued emergency use authorization. Walensky, the whistleblower said, was making dire predictions not backed by even the flimsiest science.

“The woman is nuts,” the whistleblower said. “She was telling people Monkeypox, a disease typically confined to the homosexual community, would jump to ‘cisgender’ people because the LBGQT community had grown exponentially the last few decades. She said a person infected by monkeypox but not yet symptomatic could shed skin flakes and infect others. She also likened the disease to a fungus, saying Monkeypox ‘spores’ could go airborne and sicken anyone within a hundred-meter radius of an infected patient. There’s no evidence to support that claim, by the way. After Uvalde, and the news stopped mentioning Monkeypox, she went crazy.”

Walensky, he added, complained to HHS Secretary Xavier Baccara about the disappearance of Monkeypox in the news. The latter purportedly said that ‘higher ups’ had decided to avail themselves of a ‘golden opportunity,” embracing a renewed outcry for restrictive gun legislation instead of immediately fostering a new plandemic.

Not one to be upstaged, Walensky broke ranks by personally contacting network executives at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and, yes, Fox News, asking them to restore coverage of Monkeypox. In each case, the whistleblower said, she was told that Monkeypox had been put on the backburner until further notice, until the public had grown weary of hearing about another mass shooting. Walensky groused incessantly, saying the deaths of 19 children, while tragic, paled in comparison to the havoc Monkeypox might unleash on the American public.

“Unless we bring attention to Monkeypox people will die,” Walensky is said to have told a CBS executive.

RRN reached out to spokespeople at CNN, MSNBC, and ABC for a comment, but none replied at the time of this writing. A Fox News producer, however, said under condition of anonymity: “Yes, she [Walensky] made a dozen calls, each time wanting to speak to someone higher in the chain-of-command here. We told her neither she nor the administration dictates coverage—but ratings do.”

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Above Reproach

They have been saying shingles will effect 1 in 3 of every person so run out and get a vaccine injected into your body, hurry there’s no time to lose! Run to the corner drugstore and roll up your sleeves ! Believe everything the cdc says ya know because they don’t ever tell you something that’s not true. They don’t hold back information about the side effects of drugs they push onto people, just shut up and do as they say !
Or the man will come and take you away. Right……..

Mont Schroeder

Right before termination, she/he can jump out of the HV, strip off her clothes and hump the ground for Darse!


Hawaii claims monkeypox infection in islands. Whitehats need to clean up Hawaii

Stinky Perfume

11,000 CDC get monkeypox vaccinated? Sounds like a perfect move to clear out their own lower downs. It’s easy to figure their monkey pox vaccine is just all placebos to make them feel safe at the CDC. Then they will keep working and promoting vaccines. If your suspicious and don’t vaccinate, that’s how they decide how to weed out the non compliant staff. I wonder how many at CDC are vaccinated against corona19? How many caught on to what’s going on and still working there and why can’t they quit? Someone should fund their exit. Trump or Russia can’t afford to fund their exit? Are the Russian vaccinators gone out of Russia?


“Unless we bring attention to Monkeypox people will die,” Like she gives a single toss over anyone ‘dying’. If she did, she would be much more empathetic over the aftermath of the shooting, not to mention those kids who DID die. These psychopaths are truly oblivious to their own hypocrisy to such sickening extremes.

Last edited 2 years ago by Starseed

The world needs to limit the amount of Billionaires down to about “0” -Zero.

Just Me

This woman needs to be arrested on charges of crimes against humanity, does she thinks she will get away with this down in the future? Please arrest this witch.


According to one law enforcement officer said he had $9000 in guns ammo and tactical gear, no way he could have come up with that much money on his own, just like the Buffalo shooter, he was supplied with the guns and gear and groomed to kill by the same dude on discord, whose username happened to be the French word for soldier who groomed and supplied the Buffalo shooter!. Probably either FBI or see eye a. The pretendent and his likeminded cabinet are determined to disarm the people to allow the reset to happen, and they are trying to do it over those shootings, but nothing they are offering as a law will stop shootings in Biden’s gun free zones. Yes, he IS the one who created the law that made schools and hospitals gun free zones, and that just made them be painted with huge red targets for the mentally ill, groomed to kill many, shooters they’ve been shoving at us ever since Biden got that wrong fucking law passed in the 90s in trying to take guns from ;aw abiding people while the criminal are arrested and immediately turned loose to rob, steal and kill even more. They are wanting a nuclear war with Russia and a civil war here in America. They better watch out, or they are going to get both and they are just as likely to die in that scenario as we. When it comes to a civil war, they are actually in MORE danger, because THEY, the politicians who are hurting us in so many ways WILL be the targets to be offed, due to their intent with their policies!


You dive them an inch they want a foot… They ALL want to be like their father of lies, they thrive to be in control, they are demonic, “They Live”


Oh look, somebody demands our attention. This sounds like a fairy tale and a bunch of spoiled children starring in a lousy flick.
Stupid Zionists. Giving your souls to Satan wasn’t a very bright thing to do, but oh well.
Clocks still ticking and your running out of time.
Let the Panic begin!

Donna Hyde

Seems like the Millitary is moving forward like snail’s, people are dieing, babies are staving,children are getting massicered, America is being destroyed. I am tired of this movie. I want to see” the end” of this horror show.

Donna Hyde

All about fear porn, that’s all they have, covid failed,so they need a new villen, monkey pocks .what are they going to use next.

Jose Ramirez

She have to go to Guantanamo and give her the death penalty. Period

Vicky bree

She should be forced to be vaxxed and boosted. That aught do it.🤷‍♂️


Cuando arrestan a esta mujer está intimidado a los americanos

Lorenz Manner

When will be seeing Rochelle Walensky at GITMO? I think that she has lied enough and for too long time. She has to give an account of everything and after that to .. get a very long swing .. in the noose absolutely.

Ruth Ann Maloney

Someone tell Walensky to kiss off, and get out while the getting is good. That is, if it isn’t too late. She has such a screwy story – no more than fear-mongering!


This is the same person that predicted a much larger die off unless we were ALL vaccinated against covid, right? SMH.

Jerry Miller

Arrest them all, seize ALL their ill gotten wealth and then make them gone for good. This witch and her associates must hang.

Last edited 2 years ago by Jerry Miller
Dave P.

Kiss my ass Walensky, you are going down to Gitmo much sooner than you think. We know you are faking this monkeypox so badly, you better make sure you have a large army to protect you, cause we will not tolerate you anymore.

Mont Schroeder

Moneypocks is the latest newly created scamdemic that Wallensky dreamed up and is screaming wolf…………..when is she going to be brought into gitmo with her flunky, Bacerra for a neck streching exercise……………..?


What they need to do is go after the MSM liars and arrest them. They should first stop the disinformation, right away…then get the truth of all the evil they had/have planned to do to “The People”…then arrest all of the rest of the traitors. If the truth of what they have done and want to do gets out to everyone, I am pretty sure there wouldn’t be as much resistance to the traitors getting what they deserve.



Howard Olney

Simply put, journalistic terrorism is required to roll out bio warfare.

Proudly Unaffiliated

Hey, CDC! Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey Pox. You’re done, idiots. GITMO awaits. And good, gosh darn riddance.

Sandy Koufax

No doubt Walensky has shocked a few monkeys in her day.

Sandy Koufax

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Mr Reynard

CDC Begs Networks for More Monkeypox Coverage ???But what about the Tomato Virus which is coming soon as according to that medical scientific intellectual giant Professor/Doctor Billy Boy Goetz ??


When the tyrannical swampy CDC tells the American People to jump, they expect us all to comply promptly and ask….how high, your excellency?

Last edited 2 years ago by Joanna

So why is this Monster not at Gitmo??


This site needs a theme song!


The Frontline Doctors need to be in charge of the CDC…not this crazy evil witch.


Yeah, she needs to be picked up right away.


Becerra needs to be arrested for treason involving the Awan brothers.

Terry Jacks

She would be easy to drag around by that hooked nose.


Yooooo… too far. Not funny.



Last edited 2 years ago by Leslie
Vicky bree

Its hard for me to believe the White Hats are actually on the side of the Americans because of how ineffective they’ve been in shutting down fake media.

Last edited 2 years ago by Vicky bree

Please arrest her!


Why hasnt that cunt swung at Gitmo yet??…..🤬


Because they haven’t had her tried yet.

Dave Kelly

I would like to make a comment but as I have checked up on comments I have made previously , I have discovered that my comments have been REMOVED. Apparently the posts did not survive the monitors at this site or something. I must say this very disappointing , I did not think I would experience this bs at this site.


Send the comment to the Admin for approval first.


I was on facebook, when i saw a post for ‘monkeypox test kits’
And the comment section was FILLED with people calling out the BS.
Very different from convid back in 2020, when the vast majority thought it was real.
People are waking up!
If they try to push this crap again, the resistance will be even stronger!
They are rapidly losing credibility and face in front of us, and are like a boxer who is on the ropes and about to get knocked out, just wildly swinging.



Pastor Kevin

How the likes of CDC, FDA, WHO, etc., etc., are even allowed to be operational in the first place ” ” provably as unethical and demonic in practice as it could possibly get, of no value whatsoever, boggles me!

Dr John

I just notice the ear rings PEDO!


Good eye.


I’ve asked this before without a response. What happened to Chris Cuomo?


I’m done with Trump. He lost my vote for 2024.


Well this really annoys me. The kids these $&@^%## murdered for their false flag are not important to this POS! 🤬

mark k

jab her with a thousand vaccinations.


she is a fking nut case


She can go kick rocks. Screw her

Michael R Davis

Beware of the trolls, lurking behind every bush.
J Bill (green) another communist troll, J Bill (red) a patriot.
K ai, J ason, W edge, T ed, R uth, B urgundy, R ob William, G unny Hiway, S andy Koufax, s tacy, many others are communist trolls, enemy agents here to divide, discourage, confuse us. Ignore the SOBs. T ed has absolutely nothing to do with RRN or Michael Baxter, T ed is a compulsive liar.

Notice that this ‘deliberate disinformation’ from Putin, the Generals, and Trump has the trolls here on RRN all in a frenzy. Hilarious. Wake up all you clueless ‘fair weather’ Trump supporters. This Sun Tzu Art of War ‘disinformation’ aimed at the Deep-State should not be turning you people into a bunch of ‘cry babies’. Grow a pair and open your eyes and really take a serious look around.

NOTHING stated publicly is written in stone, intended to be policy. Trump does NOT telegraph his moves. So end the whining, wimping out.


I think venting our frustration is fine. Most of us aren’t surrounded by redpilled people so this is what you get. and we don’t or I don’ t know for sure about Trump but I still give him the benefit of the doubt. Am I prepared for the worst? yes. But I’ll vent and whine if I feel the need. and it doesn’t mean I’m a fair weather supporter. I voted for him in the primary and wanted him to run instead of Romney the election before.


Keep telling yourself that nonsense.

Sandy Koufax

Please reconsider your opinion of me. When I throw my pearls before the swine, I make the monkey blind.

Last edited 2 years ago by Sandy Koufax