Military Blasts Trump Over Endorsing Obama Acolyte


Friction between White Hat commanders and President Donald J. Trump resumed Thursday afternoon after Fox News’ host Laura Ingraham learned during an interview with Arizona gubernatorial candidate Karrin Taylor Robson that her competitor, Karri Lake, was once a stalwart Obama supporter.

Ingraham was shocked because Trump endorsed Lake’s bid to helm the Grand Canyon State, and so too was Marine Corps General David H. Berger, who saw Ingraham’s Thursday broadcast, said a source in the general’s office.

He told Real Raw News that General Berger literally facepalmed himself upon hearing that Lake had donated sizable chunks of cash to Obama’s presidential campaigns and spearheaded a grassroots campaign that helped fund the dark lord’s candidacy. Lake had even knocked on doors in Republican precincts for Obama, encouraging lifelong conservatives to switch sides.

“General Berger was more than a bit upset at Trump’s endorsement of Kari Lake. He’s been Trump’s best ally among the White Hats, and he’s cautioned Trump about appointing, hiring, and endorsing Deep State saboteurs posing as Republicans. Gen. Berger’s been as constant as the Northern Star, solidly in Trump’s camp. But other commanders who heard the broadcast, officers who have already questioned Trump’s competency, were outraged, and they let Gen. Berger know,” our source said.

The officers in question were Major Gen. Richard E. Angle and Col. J.D. Keirsey, both of whom have criticized Trump’s lack of foresight and accused Gen. Berger of blindly supporting a man who frequently embraced traitors as allies. On a conference call with Gen. Berger, they namedropped Jeff Sessions, William Barr, John Bolton, and Michael Pence as wolves in sheep’s clothing whom Trump had incorporated into his inner circle. Persons who betrayed Trump when he was most vulnerable. Gen. Angle said Trump’s feckless leadership was compromising the military’s ability to wage a successful war against the Deep State.

“With due respect, General Berger, this cannot continue. We’re crippled by our own,” Gen. Angle reportedly said.

“I’ll talk to him again,” Gen. Berger replied.

And on Saturday afternoon they spoke again by phone, with Gen. Berger asking Trump to stop supporting Kari Lake.

“We believe she’s Deep State, Mr. President, and frankly, she loves Obama,” Gen. Berger said.

The general, our source said, tried to impress upon Trump the military’s concerns, but Trump seemed more interested in boasting about renovations made to his personal Boeing 757. Trump bragged that his remodeled jumbo jet was now equipped with flares, chaff, and an extensive countermeasures suite—just like Air Force One—and could outperform any plane of its size in the sky. Trump was particularly impressed by his plane’s enhanced engines, saying his 757 could cruise at Mach .85 while other 757s could achieve only Mach .8.

When Trump paused for breath, our source added, the general steered the conversation back toward Trump’s questionable endorsements.

“I gave you authority to catch criminals, general, not get political. Yes, Pence is a very bad guy, and, no, I didn’t know then he was a pedophile in Indiana. I’ve learned a lot—more than you know. You do your job and keep your people in line, and let me do mine. I didn’t empower you to question me. I did it so you can get some very bad people out of office and off the street. Don’t question my moves; I know what I’m doing,” Trump told him.

According to our source, the conversation ended with Trump disconnecting the call.

“General Berger is still calling the White Hat shots, but the dissenting voices grow louder,” our source said.

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When Trump did the Rally in Wyoming, he endorsed a RINO. Everyone here has looked into Hageman, and she is a damn RINO. We have chosen our own to get rid or Cheney. THINK FOR YOURSELF! That is what we are being taught here. Don’t trust ANYONE and put your full faith in God.

Katie Jones

There is some on in that group steering General Berger in the wrong direction. Any information on the osprey and are they getting close to finding out who put a bomb on that plane?


people need to wake up to the hopium psyop.. trump and his zionist friends and the military and the msm and hollywood all colluded together to ensure america stays passive and their 450 million guns stay holstered.. they did it with a psyop where they say arrests are being made, gitmo is full, patriots are in charge, it ha to be this way, we are all in this together.. well iuts all total bullshit.. a scam slow tourtore on the people while they burn down all our cities and take away all our rights while promoting bs climate change, bs greeen new deal, while opening our boarders to murdering drug dealers and trying to get our guns.


Any general that O allowed to stay can not be trusted.

Stinky Perfume

Comments closed forever? I don’t see it on the the most recent news. 7/14/22

Leslie Parsons

Hey, Michael Baxter! Did you know that many people are happy to moderate a website or channel that they like? If you put the word out, you could find one or more such persons. Your comment section is disgraceful. Few are commenting on your articles and this environment makes the website seem sleasy.


Just because President Trump endorses someone doesn’t mean we have to vote for them… He is not perfect and we need to do our on research on candidates.

Katie Jones

Why have we not rounded up Antifa yet?


Michael-everyone loved Obama in 2008, we were all duped, remember? Another world back then.
You should research Karrin Robson, she is SO SO SO DEEP STATE, of course all she can do is throw tacks at Kari Lake. Robson’s family is deep state arizona and the same guys who bought the Dominion machines thru Board of Supervisors of Maricopa county.
Kari Lake was the FIRST, FIRST FIRST to tell the world Trump won. She’s the main push against the election fraud in Arizona, saying more than even the legislators-who are dragging their lazy ass feet.
Michael, I love your stuff, but research the parties next time, the worst thing that could happen now to Arizona is more of the same pathetic Republican insider Arizona families that got us in this mess in the first place. Say NO to Robson!!!

Tracy Reinert

These men are of one Spirit, heart & mind, despite any appearances otherwise.


Trump is part of the Kabal, this son of a biouch is putting on a show. People are being fooled, All these Presidents are related to each other. Voting is a big Sham to devide the people. Your Vote doesn’t count, these Bastards are hand picked by the Kabal. Trump is endorsing Karri Lake, a former Obama suck ass.

White Hats is just a name to decide the masses once again, history repeating itself, what a shame.


President Trump won two record busting elections in the USA, twice. That should be a message to any level of government officials to back off. The majority of the American People have spoken.


Maybe someday the military will be eligible to get a block feature here on RRN. It is badly plagued with trolls.


The white hats might want to consider the fact that Fox News was instrumental in Trump’s loss of the presidency and Laura Inghram was one of the first Fox talking heads to disavow Trump. Time will tell about Kari Lake. It is quite possible Lake came to realize Obama is the son of Satan.


Stuff like this and all the white hat infighting makes me not believe in this crap. Why air all this B.S. are they trying to sway public opinion a certain direction. Meet the new boss same as the old boss.


Fake news


Well. I always suspected this site was a deep state diversion, now its confirmed.


🇺🇸This doesn’t sound like Trump at all. I have a feeling it’s being set up for Trump to be the first (fake) arrest. Q says “The first arrest will shock the world.”💪🏻🇺🇸


Thanks Michael!
POTUS is protected by Father Jesus, Military, and 30 million deputized Veterans.
We the People, thank you for your service!

Chris Macy

I thought this shit was won already? If Trump and the white hats can’t figure it out, come clean with the patriots and we’ll take care of this shit. It’s getting down right ridiculous. Screw this movie there needs to be an end to this shit show of a movie. Like yesterday


I really have to question this: Is Trump for this country, or does he want to tear it apart secretly? This is not suppose to happen if all of them are after the same enemy. 🤔🤔


Has anyone by chance heard that the elite’s adrenachrome supply was spiked with the covid virus?

Julian Metter

I suspect that Michael is being used by the White Hats for the purpose of strategic disinformation. They want the bad guys to have a false sense of a potential rift that would signal indecision. However, I don’t believe there is any indecision at all. It’s going to be action time soon. The bad boys will initiate their next phase which will likely involve another “planned demic” coordinated with an attempted foreign military move on American soil. It won’t work. As far as Karri Lake is concerned, well she is totally focused on election integrity in Arizona and is getting hammered by the MSM. Her opponent is deeply a Deep State asset so the choice is very clear.


They shouldn’t have been Fox. And stay out of politics




Obviously someone is feeding Trump inaccurate information. The white hats need to isolate, insulate and find out who the traitor is at Mar-a-Lago.




Magnificent transforMason of those Georgia Shit-stones. Total embarrassment for those mason buggers!


If you are trusting ANYONE right now other than GOD you are foolish. TRUST NO MAN!

Last edited 1 year ago by Maranatha
Jokus Interruptus

Seeing Red AZ reported this story on July 26, 2021 so is it fair to ask whether General Berger has been asleep at the wheel too the past year about Lake?

Boss Lady

I trust Trump 100%. There’s no way you’ll gather the great minds like the Alliance and Trump and expect everyone to agree on everything. They each have solid reason for the decisions they make, they’ll work it out.


Trump knows what he’s doing… is Biblical…..He Just Knows!….👍❤️

Sondra Saenz

That has worried me the way Trump has been duped by these traitors, it is concerning and disappointing to me. Ivanka and Jared and many others should not be allowed to part of the close group of advisors. Paula White is another one who should not be anywhere near him, who know who she’s praying to? (satan) He needs to have Prophets like Mark Taylor giving him spiritual advice. Trumps ego still bothers me and I’m sure it won’t be going away any time soon but I do trust God.


Yea, Jack Hibbs is worried he is sounding like Nebuchadnezzar and may be chastised for boasting!


Magnificent transforMason of those Georgia Shit-Stones!

Turd polished.

Canada calling

Remember Trumps book….”Art of the Deal”…… when they thing they have you …YOU STRIKE.

Canada calling

Remember Trumps book….”Art of the Deal”…… wheN they thing they have you …YOU STRIKE.

Last edited 1 year ago by Canada calling

Kari Lake is a Republican. So what if she posed and was friendly with Obama at some point in her career? Granted that Obama was the consummate treasonous A-hole, but the White hats need to lighten up over Trump’s endorsement of her. It is a free country and the President can endorse anyone he darn pleases. So she posted a friendly one time pic, with a Dem prez. Big deal, Admiral! Ditch the conspiracy theories.


ALL of these stories could be conspiracy theories!


ALL the stories on this site is a conspiracy and false ones at that.


Idiot poser.


I now know for sure that this is 100% fucking bullshit. Michael Baxter is either dead or has been captured. Someone else is now running this site. The person who wrote this article hates Trump and America. Time to abandon ship everyone…

Frances Rose

There has been dissention in the ranks with the wh/alliance. I hope they can sort out the squabbling and concentrate with what needs to be done. T included.

Dr. G

Remember before you reach ignorantville…things will happen from now until “transition” to the Republic…many will try and discredit Trump or anyone one of God’s chosen ones, because they are black hats, and they know they are going down. This is all a part of the game of chess.

Bill Goode

Stories like this make me a bit nervous, as it shows division among White Hats. I’m sure there is division among Black Hats as well, such as Senators Manchin and Sinema.

We must realize that no one reading the news has all the information to know what’s REALLY happening between White Hats & Black Hats. Quite possibly even Trump and Berger don’t know everything.

Per this story, it seems Trump doesn’t let Berger know everything that’s happening, as Trump doesn’t want Berger to be involved in politics. But from Berger’s viewpoint, it’s more difficult for him to make arrests not knowing the bigger picture, such as WHY Trump brings Deep Staters such as Bolton, Sessions, Tillerson, and now Kari Lake into his fold.

On the other hand, we must keep in mind the long standing separation between the military and the governance of America. From an overall viewpoint, that makes Trump correct, that Berger should not be involved in politics. We must realize that Berger is in charge of the military and Trump in charge of governance of the country, ie politics.

As concerned as Berger is about the allies Trump makes, we must keep in mind that Trump is the individual chosen to lead the country. Therefore we must put our trust in him. We have no other choice.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bill Goode
Sandy Thomas

Kari Lake is NOT deep-state. You stepping on tipns and opposition hearsay.


This is correct. She is not deep state.


Pedo Peter & The entitled C*nt.
All that coming from a crack addict.
Yup,….its a dawg eat dawg world.

Jose Ramirez

And we still waiting for November?! Mass arrest now!

Jewelie Dee

Well, if their love of symbolism will be their downfall, Trump’s love of braggadocio will be his. He must be very, very insecure at his core to always be bragging and losing sight of what is really important. I have supported Trump but I can rarely get through one of his speeches because of the self-aggrandizement. I pray he will wake up. His faults play right into the hands of our enemies at home and abroad.


Once upon a time he warned the Pope & Vatican,……today its laying in ruins.

I think at this point, times running out for them. Theres no more thinking about whats to come, its already here. Its time to face the music they created. Remember, they asked for this, did they think we were just going to let them kill us? They’re running with nowhere to go and their exposed and will be wherever they go. They cannot run away from us anymore, were going to catch them and the pain will be inflicted upon them like they have never ever seen.


Wake up everyone. We need to get rid of the entire political, monetary and fake judiciary systems once and for all and replace them with real direct democracy with common law and local service centers that provide us with what we need in our local area. We don’t even need money, just need to contribute say 6 hours a day, max. 4 days a week. End of story. Stop wor-shipping (it’s all admiralty law) our slave drivers. Get rid of them. They never ever have worked for us, they are only interested in money and hiding form us the truth of their illuminati family routes and their fake monetary systems. Guys in America, stop worshipping “heroes”, expecting one old man here or one old man there to be able to fix your world. Everyone needs to take back their sovereignty and ditch the entire political system. It was created by the illuminati families way back in time to control us, whom they only consider sex and work slaves on their plantations, no matter what they say. All this “talk” about JFK Junior or whatever. So what? It’s still the control in the same families. He’s still being paid (Trump). Hasn’t everyone noticed all this time wasting “presidential campaigns” are only for super rich people – no decent man or woman can ever get involved – you have to bend to the golden bulls to get support – who of course will always take you from behind.

The only way forward to get real change is to reject all their systems. Use their systems and they’ve got you by the balls. Stop whore – shipping them like Roman Emperors.

Rene Goguen

My question is why are the white hats still watching Faux News? A bunch of deep staters work there. Why trust them? She was an independent for 4 years, as long as she was a democrat. Maybe she bought the Obama kool aid and realized what a lying piece of trash he was.


So I thought about this overnight. Who’s to say this isn’t a distraction? If we are to trust the plan, we are to trust the plan. Michael Baxter has a myriad of subjects to write about and he picks this one? I smell something fishy. It doesn’t add up quite right. Me thinks there is some other reason why this article was written. Thoughts to the same anyone?


Yes, Michael Baxter is no longer running the site. Days and weeks without posts, things like Joe Biden being alive and well after being told that he was in a coma at Walter Reed Hospital, sloppy typos and generally poor writing style, and now an attack on Keri Lake and Trump. How many people who were democrats for years and didn’t know what was going on have become conservatives. So Kari Lake had something to do with a drag queen show years ago…Rocky Horror Picture Show was a cult classic movie about drag queens…Not my cup of tea but they weren’t actively trying to convert kids back then, it was just people having fun. Doesn’t make it right, but the intentions were different. This site is now under the control of the Deep State if you ask me.

Jerry Chandler

Consider that Trump could be a double agent for the NWO.


You mean for Izreal?


I called this karri lake skank out soon after POTUS Trump endorsed her but, everyone I told this to thought I was nuts. I’ll stick to my guts instincts, haven’t let me down yet.


*gut instincts
damn typos


lol, I wouldn’t worry about any typo, your point has been made & understood irregardless.
We can never “Not” expect another Manchurian candidate. We already know this has been their plan to infiltrate the Conservative Party.
At any rate, the people will be very quick to get pissed and won’t be anything less than radical, and if this is the case she will get her ass ran out of Office so fast her head will spin around in circles. Flip floppers have been around for awhile, and we should all be aware of that by now and not stand for it whatsoever – Impeachments will run wild, especially if they’re affiliated with the WEF in any respect.


People can wake up. I’m a 28 year former Dem who woke up. Who is to say that Lake has NOT simply seen the writing on the wall?

Last edited 1 year ago by HeathNob