Deep Staters Fleeing U.S. for Fear of Military Arrest


Several Deep State politicians and members of the criminal regime’s administration are so fearful of being arrested by the U.S. military that they are exerting control over the Sheeple from afar, and in some cases from outside the United States, White Hats told Real Raw News.

For example: The White Hat partition of the U.S. military had drawn plans to arrest the regime’s corrupt attorney general, Merrick Garland, at once after the FBI launched a brazen, unlawful raid on President Donald J. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, occupying it for several hours while rifling through his youngest son’s bedroom and his wife’s wardrobe. But Garland could not be found, despite a massive undercover operation to discover his whereabouts. He was not in Washington, nor at his Chevy Chase, Maryland, address. The military had covertly surveilled his two vacation homes, one in Delaware and one in Rhode Island, but found them empty. Lights in the homes remotely turned on in the evening to give the appearance the houses were occupied, and neighbors collected mail from Garland’s mailboxes. About a week later, as US Marines staked out lavish hotels in known Deep State strongholds, White Hats at U.S. Army Cyber Command received word that Garland had fled the United States for Canada hours ahead of the raid.

Garland was strangely silent following the raid. His first public statement, a two-minute summary, came five days later. The brief presser took place at a sound stage in Ottawa, complete with a CGI press pool. White Hats believe Garland is under Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau’s protection, and he is likely shuffled between residences just in case they cross the border to grab him.

“We know he’s there, just not exactly where,” a source in General David H. Berger’s office told RRN. “Obviously, we don’t want an international incident, and we have reason to believe he has made short, very brief, trips back and forth. It’s only a matter of time.”

When asked what evidence White Hats have on Garland, he added, “Mountains. He is guilty of treason.”

And Garland is not the only official to have sought sanctuary on foreign soil.

The same source said the military had futilely searched for Biden handler and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who, despite appearances to the contrary, controls the Deep State Department from a safe haven somewhere in Eastern Europe. The military had nearly arrested him in June, but Blinken had the resources to elude capture and flee the country.

“We are almost positive he [Blinken] hasn’t set foot in the U.S. since June. We know as fact he’s stayed in Serbia and Croatia and is probably still in that vicinity. He could be living in Ukraine. These people are evil, nefarious types, but not stupid. They have unlimited resources, meaning cash, to bribe or blackmail their way to safety. During the Bush years, the military had a deck of cards with face cards being terrorists they wanted to kill or catch. Well, we have our own deck, and Blinken is our Queen of Spades, meaning he’s among the top three Biden handlers.”

He declined to name the King and Ace of Spades because, he said, they might be unaware the military is actively hunting them.

“If we think we have an edge, we have to treat it as an absolute certainty,” he said in closing.

Free Speech and Alternative Media are under attack by the Deep State. Last a Deep State Judge and Jury decreed that Alex Jones must pay almost $1bn. Real Raw News needs reader support to survive and thrive. Thank you to those who have helped.

Please do not give your hard-earned money to sites or channels that copy/paste our intellectual property. We spend countless hours vetting, researching, and writing. Thank you. Every dollar helps.

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Thank you Michael for the good news you bring to us, I know it is true because DS deplatforms Truth,

rene labre

Nice head of hair eh? Hair club for men. Expensive chia pet on top of your head,You have to keep it watered..It is only good for about 30 days.It rags out and becomes unglued.


Since we have boots on the ground in Ukraine, I would think that a bounty on Blinken might be fruitful. Garland, it’s just a matter of time before Trudeau will be turning his back on him and will sell him to the highest bidder.


Let’s leave it to the good Lord. He knows what is best for us. Hope and pray and not to worry. Worry is useless what we need is unwavering trust in him and him alone. Blessings,

Ron Burgundy

Oh my god this shit is so transparently retarded

David T

So much for your view in the mirror . . .

Just Me

Good answer, I love it and funny too.


Can you disprove it?? 🙂


The “only” retard here is Ron Burgundy and his BS posts.


sooooo…do not watch mirror..

Mary Parry

The Secretary of the Navy needs to be arrested soon. He is forcing vaccine mandates on our beloved US Navy and the ones refusing the clot shots are living in deplorable conditions with backed-up plumbing. etc. Pray for our beloved military who have to serve under woke superiors!


Fuck canada and the so-called international incident…go get Garland and Trudeau and do to them what they do to children…eviscerate and extract information and organs! No sympathy…in Enoch it says we get to witness their punishment.


There’s a lot of blame to go around, they know their guilty and we should NEVER let any of them off the hook, in fact – They should pay with their very lives, and we will indeed witness their demise.

Jerry Miller

Why hasn’t Chris Cuomo been picked up? He has a new show airing soon- What about Cher’s son?


Its not easy to catch a lot of them, they’re as illusive as possible.


When they pick up Garland in Canada, hope they grab baby Castro on there way south as well. Heard yesterday that Canadian jerk is for assisted suicide for depressed minors…without telling the parents.


When is Trump coming back?

2024, 5? Unacceptable.


Stupid question…WHY are we letting them flee???


Blinken has Ukrainian / Russian roots.


Every single one of them do, they’re ALL Khazarians – fake Jews!!!
In modern times, they’re calling themselves as Catholics & Zionists, but moreso Catholics because its easier to hide there now.
After they do their destruction of the Christian faiths as well as the Muslim faiths, then they’ll try to intermingle among these groups next. Its what they do, but they cannot hide their true identity forever.
The more we find out who they are, the more info comes out about them. Exposure will explain it in more detail, even though we have enough right now to hang every one of them theres even more of them hiding underground (literally) and, in plain site – we just can’t see them all yet. All will be revealed in due time, never mind the Clowns that want & demand proof – the proof is already here and out there.
Here’s a little known secret – once the Patents are released, theres a certain type of glass’s we can get that can see demonic entities. Theres fakes selling on ebay right now, but then again there are some that are not – I personally have a pair. They’re a certain sort of IR lens, like the old night vision glass’s & scopes they used in the military during Vietnam which drove hundreds of solders totally insane. The only way to kill these demons that are in a 2nd dimention is with laser light – they go up in a puff of dust!!!


Did anyone bother to Check trudeau’s Tofino hide-away.??

J Bill



Hot stuff!!


Yeah, we have a paedophilic, incestmongering bribe-talking, Chinese-copulating. Rothschild posterior-kissing, Iran-buddying traitor over here, and the poor guys and gays in Ukraine have a drag-queen,, abortion-loving, NWO-loving, Azov/Banderite/NN Commander in Chief LGBTQ poster-boy over there.
And nobody who is so busy hating on Putin and Russia is taking the time to research and wonder why has Ukraine been under such violence and wartime attacks on its own people — not the Russians, their own freaking people — before Putin’s special operation came in to denazify the place, take out the deep-state/NATO/FBI/CIA/EU/MI5/globalist biolabs making deadly plagues — which Hillary’s assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland knew about and communicated with Georffrey Pyatt about and plotted Ukrainian regime change with, and who also admitted the existence of — and taking out paedophilia networks getting pad for trafficking children for sex with deep state traitors and also where Joe and Hunter’s properties are located.
Now we know that both father and son Bidens are sexual offenders in the worst way, not excluding incestuous behaviour on their own family members.
If President Trump and President Putin continue to take strong action to stop the paedophiles and child sex traffickers and save even one kid, I have no beef with either of them. I will argue other points on them, but not on this regarding saving the kids. WE ARE ALL FIGHTING THIS WAR, PHYSICALLY, MILITARILY AND SPIRITUALLY, FOR OUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS AND LOCKING UP THE BAD GUYS AND THEIR CO-CONSPIRATORS.
But they say, “hate Trump,” “f*ck Putin” “hate Russia” and “hate the mean tweets”, right? No gas, no food, no jobs w/o jabs,, no baby formula, no medical/dental care w/o jabs, no oil, no money for people here who desperately need it because Kiev Joe keeps sending over $60,000,000,000.00+ plus OUR TAXPAYER FUNDED weapons are being sent to Z-boy and his thugs on standing order while bypassing Congress, but he tweets nice, right? MAKES ME ANGRY SICK!!


Sorry, meant to say guys and gals, not guys and gays.

J Bill

just dudes being dudes


Michael, why have you let your comment page become a sounding board for every racist and Jew hater in America to post stuff? It’s hard enough to believe the stuff you write with no evidence but these posts makes your site look like a hang out for every right wing racist extremist out there. All this is doing is giving the Left evidence that everyone on the right is some racist extremist. You run the site, control it already. Unless of course you are one of them also?

THEY will slip up ! They are an evil lot but their Evil is a trap unto itself ! Roaches will bring a light upon themselves to show us where they are ! Keep shaking the cage . Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

J Bill

no they won’t! i’m in charge!

ligma 420-69


The rats are leaving the sinking ship. This is a good sign. I wonder if they have doubles ready to fill the gap. Our federal government may soon consist of an army of clones.


Let’s all visualize these traitors in handcuffs and being taken to GITMO!!



This is a situation somewhat similar to the old West in the US. Wanted criminals hiding out in remote spots. Time to put out a bounty publicized in a flood of wanted posters in key countries. Would be great if also Russia would help out by frequently putting their pictures out on the nightly news.


The rats are disbursing. Looking for rocks and holes now. Money cannot buy a better rock or dirt in holes. He could be in a DUM. Who knows. But the ticking of the clock is getting so loud now, all they can think about is saving themselves. This is good news.


I don’t care if they go to the North Pole, go get em…..
If they RUN they’re guilty…TERMINATE!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by trofty

Good guys time to go to work! Look what happened in the Brazil election…


Amen. The new Brazilian President is in bed with the chia-coms just like the majority of politicians here.


Yes they are. And a shit pile of newbies trying to get into position are WEF members.

American Living in Canada

Don’t forget about the payout up here..

“Mr. Trudeau made Omar Khadr a millionaire, and he didn’t have to,”

John .S

Off topic seeking Canadian info.

Q: is anyone in Canada experiencing difficulty acquiring ammunition?

Can people randomly buy ammo, lets say, for barter or trade without owning a firearm?

Are there restrictions that people can only acquire ammo for firearms that are registered to themselves, meaning: “no registration – no ammo”? Could say in Dry Cleaner adage: no ticket – no shirt.

Do Inuits aka, indigenous people, could say, Eskimos have more latitude acquiring ammo?

Myself done much big game hunting in Canada, haven’t driven across the boarder in years.

American Living in Canada

Have to be registered, but there is a helluva lot of duck, big game hunters and sport sh00ters up here though.

American Living in Canada

Word has it.. you guys are hoarding it all.



J Bill

oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


John .S

Chaos imminent, writing on the wall, there’s much uncertainty looming. Space X been launching whatever.

Alarms been activated, can’t help those that can’t help themselves.

Window of opportunity closing fast, prepare, stockpile provisions.

Establish multiple plans, designate muster locations if separated, secure hunker down locations, know your liabilities.

Biggest threat is local police enforcing mandates, alcoholics and junkies, and those in sheer desperation.

Who knows what’s in-store for us, mass population culling not farfetch, weaponized covid already proved that.

Fact, funeral directors were notified to upgrade their facilities if possible.

During height of Covid 35 day wait at crematoriums. Funeral home basements were stacked, seen it with my own eyes.

Where would you dispose hundreds-of thousands+ bodies, where will it take place? In my neck of the woods at the Hempstead Recycling Plant having heavy rail link, probably as the biggest incinerator on the East Coast.

They’re moth balled sanitation incinerators across the country, case in point, NYC Dept of Sanitation’s ‘bohemos’ Incinerator on Laura Hill Blvd Queens, rail link in close proximity.

Soylent Green: “the scoops are coming”, that’s not farfetched.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S
J Bill


Debra Rudolph

How about grabbing the Ace of Spades and the House of Cards will crumble. I’m tired of waiting.


How about grabbing the whole pack and destroying them all at once instead of this snails’ pace one at a time nonsense.

J Bill

you’ll have to keep waiting. the dark lord demands it

John .S

Suspect the so called, Ace of Spades attended Vanderbilt Law School, and King of Spades attended Harvard Business School and Johns Hopkins University.


via Jim Stone [jimstoneindia dawt komm] and Twitter


alias: “They are “vaccinating” people against their will while they are under anesthesia for surgery in Canadian hospitals. (These are two separate conversations. Friends who work in the hospitals in Canada are sharing this information with me.) This is completely medically unethical.”

Related image posted with the tweet is here

[pbs dawt twimg dawt komm]/media/FgPbgx-VUAIwBGG?format=jpg&name=small

Please save a copy of the image and what alias said above in case it ‘disappears’ off Twitter even after Elon Musk bought it. If he is on the up and up, there could still be bad apples at Twitter who would scrub this tweet if they found it.

Please shun the CV19 jabs/flu shots/etc. and PCR tests and anesthesia-grade surgery. Those are ways for the paymasters to get the mRNA stuff in you through their owned pharma/medical industries which has been proven to injure and kill.


Jim Stone: “If you want to watch an hour long technical breakdown of how the COVID vax destroys people, this is it.

Time has passed and experts have now been able to thoughtfully analyze exactly what the MRNA vaxxes are doing to people and why so many are now dying. This is the one to watch, an hour of solid data, not a tease to hook people into waiting forever for a minute of something useful.
I avoid long videos, if one gets posted here there is a reason.”

I saw this clip not long ago and it is exactly that. The interviewer hardly ever interrupts the guest as he makes his presentation. There are no flashy video/CGI graphics–just colored printouts of the information held up to the webcamera by the guest as he is talking about what you are seeing on the screen.




— [Rumble]/v17xrn9-juan-o-savin-all-signs-point-to-a-n.w.o.-take-over.html @ 9m56s

I am SO HAPPY I found this ‘title card’ in the above clip. It is basically the Plandemic in a nutshell.

I also thank God and His Only Begotten Son for the foresight He gave me to avoid getting jabbed against my will in such an underhanded way–it is probably buried in the ‘fine print’ of forms you sign before you have a surgical procedure where they ‘put you under’ with anesthesia. I’ve heard in an online clip somewhere you can cross out and initial such language on forms to decline getting the jab that way but ask yourself–will they honor your written initialed/signed refusal for being jabbed while you are unconscious ‘under the knife’?

Be careful, it looks like you have to use the full URL with the h t t p s : / / r u m b l e (dawt) c o m in front to get to this clip. I left off the first eight characters of the full URL and got redirected to a Sean Hannity clip for some reason a couple of times. Looks like DS fvckery to ‘gaslight’ people and make truthers look bad. I didn’t expect that to happen — thankfully, I was able to get to this clip via Rumble’s search page. I gave up trying to get back to the clip on the uploader’s Rumble page–too many videos to scroll through to get to it.

PS: There is ‘certificate error’ warning showing on my end so this post may or may not get posted as I have typed it before I clicked the ‘Post Comment’ button in my web browser.


Why is Trump begging the Supreme Court to keep his tax returns hidden? What is he trying to hide from We the People?


It’s not what he’s trying to hide, it’s about what the D ‘s will try to do with the info. Remember his phone call to Zalenski. Remember Russiagate. Remember Jan 6th. Give them an inch and there goes the proverbial mile. In this minute in time to much to lose. They are desperate to arrest him for anything.


Try as they might, they’ll never succeed as DJT is protected by God’s divine armor. Blessings,

Michael R Davis

‘Orange Man Bad’ is teasing them, dangling the hook before their noses, driving them mad. When he found out his tweeting drove them berserk, he went to rapid fire tweeting, like a machine gun. These commies never figure it out, are totally stupid, much like RRN trolls. Eventually Trump will let them have the tax returns, a surprise victory for the halfwits, and presto, no dirt, as usual. The military already went through the tax returns a decade ago with a fine-tooth comb, before they asked him to run for President. Trump is clean.

Just Me

Its no one business of President Trump tax returns, why is Joe’s crack-head son laptop being protected? You are not We The People, you are the scum who sides with evil corrupted politicians who have sold us out to China.


Yesterday conservative Jesse Kelly show was talking about Paul Pelosi. Meanwhile his sponsors included MSNBC and the latest Pfizer vaccine. True story. Today St Louis Defense contractor Emerson is selling the St Louis campus to Blackstone and said to be likely leaving Cori Bush’s district. Trump told you Pharma middlemen were the enemy in the Whirlpool speech. All roads lead to BlackRock and Vanguard and the lowlife puppet pols.

J Bill

thank god for trump creating ows!!!!!


” RUN “

John .S

Source: Sky News
“Israeli elections seen as referendum on Netanyahu who is standing trial on corruption charges.”


GMA had a big story about the Real Raw News reader who was inspired to attack Pelosi.

John .S

Alleged, Pelosi bathroom matter appears similar though not necessarily identical to a previous satire post herein.

Hyperbole [satire] could be misinterpreted/construed as subliminally planting seed as stretch, inspiring emotionally disturbed whereas, Hollywood could be entered into synopsis.

Pelosi’s alleged assailant assumed as reader herein, metaphorically seeking DIY info.

Do-it Yourselfers known to jam themselves up involving home repairs, also as pro-se litigants.

Social media DYI sites, also satire news sites are everywhere. Caution lies upon viewer/reader to rationally examine and decipher content accordingly, especially when disclaimer made known before implementing any task i.e., physical or literary.

Hmm, Pelosi alleged assailant again, assumed as reader herein, in awareness that Pelosi is unreachable, which negates hyperbole of being inspired from within.

Sue Grantham

They are “marked” dead men walking 👏👏👏👏👏👏♥️🙏🇺🇸


Too many ankle grabbers comments

John .S

Wouldn’t surprise me if Ace or King of Spades is female.

Wound surprise me if Garland has subterranean accommodations at vacation homes.

Suspect other things discovered besides lights were remotely turned on.

Hmm, Mountains of evidence, treason, and or, something else?


NOW everything is getting VERY interesting,
Before long,…actually it will be EPIC !

Michael R Davis

Yes, this time around, there will be massive lawful Constitutional intervention by the military in reaction to stolen elections. We tried to lawfully go through the worthless, defunct, bankrupt DC Corporation civilian bribe-taking Judiciary to address our grievances. Those treasonous bastards asked for it, and what you seek for you will find.

Bolsonaro had his election stolen and Brazilian troops are deploying to every city in reaction. The same will happen here. Over 100 nations are allied with President Trump to rid the Earth of the Globalist Masonic NWO menace, including Putin, Modi, Xi. Isn’t Xi Jinping CCP? When the CCP tried to get rid of Xi in 2018, who did he turn to? Our President. Xi is carefully ridding China of the CCP, which is less than 5% of the enslaved Chinese population. Of course, it is GOD who is really behind this good vs evil revolution, and He never fails what He sets forth to do, regardless the lies and falsehoods of the Judaized-Christian false prophets in the pulpits of America.


God promised not to leave nor forsake us and, he is faithful to all his promises. We the people/Christians just have to keep our faith and unwavering trust in him. He never disappoints us. Lord Jesus help us. Blessings,


I remember when you said the same thing 2 years ago.

David T

How could you remember that from 2 years ago? The postgame W0zz has only been around for about 2 months.


Listen UP TROLL, I wasn’t here TWO years ago.
You can’t “remember ” what didn’t happen !


And her flying Monkeys TOO !


tic,,, tic,,, tic,,,

To Canada eh ? That would make it a double bagger to the TOP SHELF too get them both !

J Bill



They can run,
but they can’t hide.




When all these DS’s are captured, (and they will be captured, there’s no place they can hide), I hope the military makes a deck of cards with ‘The Most Wanted Terroists in The U.S.’, with all their faces!



David T

Just your opinion, dude. Not fact.

Joseph Swanton

Do you mean to suggest that our elite warfare teams cannot track down and capture these cowardly traitors?! Not even remotely credible.

J Bill

hrc and trump stans are down bad lmaoooooooo


Blinkens family is very close to Klaus Schwab of the WEF . They lived in Germany He can run but he is now the hunted

J Bill

everyone rrn hates is related to klaus lmao


You know that WE on this RRN site,
Recognize you as a worth less lying TROLL who hates
The TRUTH and who is related to Klaus and works for the cabal

David T

Yep, well written!

J Bill

stop being poor mike!

J Bill

hell yeah. klaus and soros pay well. stay jelly

Just Me

You just admitted you are Klaus and Soros personal Ass licker. Now we know you work for these demons.


So; we get DePape and they (Canada) get Garland. Seems fair.

Last edited 1 year ago by Roadrunner
joe blow

No where to hide. White Hats are every where, here and abroad.




One way, or another, I’m gonna find ya,
I’m gonna get ya’, get ya’, get ya’
One way or another, I’m gonna pin ya,
I’m gonna get ya’, get ya’, get ya’, get ya.

Look out, blackhats . . . your freedom days are numbered.

J Bill



Put a bounty on the arse’s head and sick Dog on them

Bust A Nut

They all know ther all dead fucks walking and wondering from a place they can’t see will come a sound they won’t hear as there craniums mysteriously explode into pink fucking mist guaranteed!

Jokus Interruptus

Wouldn’t it have much easier to book these guys not to have surrendered the executive branch to begin with?


EAS first ! The main Stream Media must be SHUT DOWN !
All these political adds on TV telling you who to vote for, , indoctrination over the decades……they have to be silenced, punished, and then EXECUTED

Nukkin Futz

It’s a most horrible feeling to be the hunted, I’ve been there being hunted by NVA and VC….for a year and the PTSD from it will haunt a person for the remainder of life, but these Biden Kentucky fried fuckheads get to enjoy the thrill of being a “huntee” and there’s no room to run, no where to hide….an awful feeling and the paranoia they get to endure…


Apparently Garland goes to Canada and then all you lot (sorry to lump everyone together but there appear to be a lot of them) start ranting on about whether God created Israel and then Satan lives there or something (sorry I lost track of the conversation). Take a good look at yourselves and a good listen.It’s pointless drivel and then you start ranting on like far right holy crusaders. A lot of it is racist. Please do this somewhere else. If this site or the information or discussion within it is to be taken seriously then please stick to the actual subject of what might be going on.


I understand that paying
your taxes is voluntary….!
Or did I hear that wrong ?
Is it TRUE that we are
😕. ⛄. 👽. 💸