Military Arrests US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink


US Special Forces on Saturday arrested US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Ann Brink on charges of treason, after White Hats at Cyber Command discovered she had been clandestinely hand-delivering enormous amounts of cash to Ukrainian officials in the war-torn country known for harboring pedophiles and bioweapon scientists.

Brink’s brief tenure ended abruptly when an unknown number of Special Forces surrounded her family’s 20-acre vacation home in Ferndale, California, a remote coastal community near the mouth of the Eel River. After disabling an intricate security system and using a circular glass cutter to make entry through a dining room window, Special Forces found Brink asleep in bed. Brink, startled awake, shouted, “I have powerful friends,” as Special Forces sealed her mouth with tape, cuffed her, and egressed to a civilian van waiting at the property’s edge.

Bridget Ann Brink was in April 2022 nominated by globalist Joseph R. Biden to be the US Ambassador to Ukraine, and had previously served as the US Ambassador to Slovakia from August 2019 until May 2022. On May 18, 2022, the committee reported her favorably to the Senate floor. Her nomination process was fast-tracked, and she was unanimously confirmed by the entire Senate via voice vote later that day. She presented her credentials on May 30, 2022, and took office during the 2022 Russian conflict with Ukraine.

The White Hat partition of the US military became interested in Brink in July, shortly after she said, “I’ll do anything and everything to protect Ukrainian sovereignty, for as long as it takes,” and the regime announced it had just sent Volodymyr Zelenskyy $250 million in military aid. Around that time, the military received what it considered to be credible intelligence alleging that Biden’s care package for Ukraine was a distraction, an obfuscation aimed at concealing the fact that the criminal regime had already illicitly, and without congressional approval, sent Ukraine a far greater sum of cash, nearly $2.2bn. Brink, JAG sources said, was the frontwoman of the operation.

The military now says it has evidence proving that, on July 12, 2022, a Lockheed C-5 Galaxy transport plane departed Andrews Air Force Base for Warsaw Chopin Airport. Moreover, White Hats say the C-5, which can hold 380,000 lbs. of cargo, carried $100 bills bundled in cellophane and discretely hidden inside MRE—meals ready to eat—cases, as well as medical supplies. Fifteen minutes after the C-5 took to the skies, a State Department Boeing 757 lifted off from runway O1R and followed the C-5’s flight path. Brink was on that flight, sources said. The C-5 landed in Warsaw at 1530 UTC, and the 757 at 1700 UTC.  The military believes the 757, which has a shorter range than a C-5, made a refueling pitstop in London before continuing to Warsaw, which would account for time discrepancies.

When the C-5 touched down, though, it was met by a trucking fleet—Ukrainian and Polish—that stood ready to unload the cargo; the crew, however, did not open the rear cargo ramp until Brink’s plane touched down 90 minutes afterward.

JAG says it has video of Brink using tinsnips to cut the bands on an MRE carton, then showing a Ukrainian officer, identified as Lieutenant General Serhiy Shaptala of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the bundled cash. The entire cargo was then transferred to military trucks and 18-wheelers and driven to Kyiv, a 10-hour drive.

“We have irrefutable proof of this, and it was more than enough to indict and issue a warrant for Brink,” our source said. “But believe it or not, it gets worse.”

The “worse” is how the Biden regime appropriated the $2.2bn gift to Zelenskyy.

This year Biden’s strengthened Internal Revenue Service has bragged about collecting more federal tax revenue than in any point in history–$4.05 trillion. JAG asserts the $2.2bn was taken from federal coffers, laundered through offshore shell corporations run by the Central Intelligence Agency, and given to Brink to take to Ukraine.

“I can’t yet discuss how we know this, but many players are involved, and we’re pursuing them all. We don’t know why Ukraine wanted American cash instead of, say, shipments of guns, bombs, and Stinger missiles, but we know that plane wasn’t carrying MREs. A lot’s going on here. We doubt Brink will talk, but that won’t impede our investigations.”

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“I have powerful friends.”
So did those on the Titanic.

Robert James

Sounds like she’s had a life of wealth and privilege, but that’s over.


Why can’t special forces simply arrest the globalist referenced in this article?


will waterboard help herwith strabismus ????????????? owd


She reminds me of Adam Schiff

george friend

The Khazarian Jews want Ukraine for themselves. That’s what this is all about. Can’t coexist with Khazar-Jews


If SHTF…. and old Henry KISSINGER… forecast ISRAEL cease to exit 2022?….this is all reason ….fight to last ukranian and who care if US/EU WILL GO TO BANKCRUPTCY….NEW MILK & HONEY COUNTRY -UKRAINE/ NEW KHAZARIA……….RUSSIA never ever let it….


We don’t know why Ukraine wanted American cash instead of, say, shipments of guns, bombs, and Stinger missiles”. Are they serious? They don’t know about MI6, The Seated 7, The Freemasons or The Bankers? All wars are bankers wars and the bankers are apparently hurting for money these days because…well.. if you know then you know. More reason for me to believe this site is telling the truth with each passing day. The rabbit holes are dark and deep and many missing pieces to the puzzle can be found right here if you know what to look for.

mary pascucci



I have followed this for a few days and it seems to hold weight – anyone who is ready to take the next step should do their own research but if anyone has followed David Straight’s approach, you might want to fact-check this to find out what remedial action you can take. I saw a highly animated lady jumping up and down about this on a Charlie Ward video which I never normally watch. I’ve seen a trend of people saying David Straight’s approach will lock you out. I think this is such an important topic and it deserves discussion, research, and intelligent reasoning. This lady was saying they almost have enough to reform an independent republic and this is what Trump is waiting on. Does anyone have in-depth knowledge/experience in this topic?

This is from the website national(dash)assembly(dot)net

Donald Trump told the American people we will have a new government controlled by the people. You just found it!
How many have figured it out yet that Trump was the last President of the 1871 contracted UNITED STATES corporation? The UNITED STATES is dissolved and being dismantled before your eyes! DC is empty. We have control over the military. We have a new government interregnum! Donald Trump told all Americans we will have a new government controlled by the people! We are it! We need you involved! The sooner we have the states assembled, the sooner this show will end and we can return to a better life than we ever had. Visit our forums to get involved with your state and local community assembly.

J Bill

do your own research

J Bill



patriots understand community service

Michael R Davis

That Deep-State troll would not understand community service nor patriot.

American Living in Canada

It’s happening here in Canada, starting with Alberta.

The Alberta Prosperity Project is an inspiring initiative to educate and unite all Albertans, businesses, and organizations to protect their prosperity, individual freedoms, rights, and self-determination by enabling Alberta to chart a new path forward.

The path to prosperity and freedom is through independence, within or without Canada.


I heard!! That is so exciting. Congratulations!! It truly IS an inspiring project.

In the US, there is growing concern that patriots who follow David Straight’s model of becoming an American State National will struggle when the republic forms because they are still linked to British Royalty and there are obligations with that link. Americans are free to stand under the Public Law. U.S. Citizens are forever obligated to the Queen’s Territorial Government and its laws.

According to Anna Von Reitz, “..the State Assemblies can extend the protections of the Constitutions to Americans on our soil, we can’t protect them from the consequences of their voluntary foreign servitude.”

I wonder if this won’t matter when the old monarchies are dismantled.


I’m scratching my head as to why Brink goes ahead of Victoria Nuland as Nuland had responsibility for fomenting the 2014 overthrow of the democratically elected Ukie government.


Chances are MB doesn’t even know who that is and just googled “current US ambassador to Ukraine” before he made up this article


YES… you are right about it…vicky ..cookie monster of Kyiv plaza Feb.2014..

Sandy Koufax

Brink’s clone will hit the ground running without missing a beat.

J Bill

wipe your chin gay bill


So weird how that happens every single time huh man 🙃


Today, Microsoft removed the possibility of Google Chrome being my default browser. I was very happy with the set-up I had, and the list of 6 choices preset in my search page. I now have to get here a bit more laborously, but I’ll manage. Removal of satisfactory service and free choices has become the hallmark of most internet services recently, and I expect it’ll get much worse before BETTER replaces a good many of them. I’ll become a subscriber of what i find “BETTER”. Hi, Mike. Keep up the good work! Oh, yeah, they don’t fill in my “Handle” & email anymore, either. MAGA!

Last edited 1 year ago by Paladin45

That’s “laboriously”, in line 3. Key stroke didn’t take & the EDIT function DOESN’T, and almost never has. But there we are.

Sue Grantham

It’s the old Obama tactic sending pallets of cash to a country that’s evil driven.
The sooner the top demons are arrested, the better for America.
Thank you Military!

David T

It’s not only about sending pallets of cash to evil countries; it’s all about the kickbacks from that untraceable cash that finds its way back into the corrupt politicians’ pockets and their offshore accounts. The level of greed and corruption at the highest echelons of our federal government is absolutely breathtaking.

J Bill


John .S

Overall, this is way beyond Shake Down Rackets, and unnoticeable skimming by book keepers.

The complexity, large sums of cash, also the players that are involved is mind blowing, beyond street level organized crime.

This actually makes the Lufthansa Heist look like a child’s birthday party. Could say in satire, this is the Brinks Job of the 21st Century.

FYI: The Great Brink’s Robbery was an armed robbery of the Brink’s Building at the east corner of Prince St. and Commercial St. in the North End of Boston, Massachusetts, on January 17, 1950.

Lorenz Manner

The gallow is already prepared. She will have a wonderful swing very soon. Good riddance you stupid woman.


Seeing that the Deep State has this amazing ability to predict all these future events such as this happening. I’m sure they already made a clone of her or at least have an exact body double actor, ready to take her place when we see her in public domain, in the coming days and months. 😉


Project Pelican appears to be real. See

1:56:02 – 1:56:58 of


Related (downvoted in the past) content from (edited) repost of



This is great but the DS may still have control of this:


The ‘secret sauce’ is detailed in this

[centerforsecuritypolicy dawt 0rg]/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/9-Nov-17-The-Perfect-Storm.pdf

in the description section of the above Bitchute video.

I skimmed through this document and the ‘money shots’ appear to be pages 19-26, the image on page 38, and pages 42-47. Watching the above Bitchute clip and reading those pages may be ‘just enough’ to save time.

The [N2 mine] ‘beach ball’ mentioned in the above pdf is about 20% of the weight and size of the first 3 tested/used in war back in 1945, nearly 77 years ago from now (6-5-2022).

[h t t p s : / / w w w dawt census dawt g0v]/history/pdf/fatman-littleboy-losalamosnatllab.pdf

If the threat detailed in the above Bitchute video and companion PDF file is credible and on the up and up may explain why ‘draining the swamp’ is taking so long. Mass arrests are great but doing that before this threat is properly dealt with may mean this for the USA:


This threat may explain why the whitehats haven’t sent out the EBS yet after they captured the main/lead EBS transmitter site per RRN.


There are other clips on Bitchute about this threat but the first link in this post and the (‘money shot’ pages in the) companion PDF may be all you need to be informed about this grave threat without your time being wasted.


‘Bridget on the Brink’. Sounds like a title for a song or movie. They’re going to have to make a lot of movies in the future to reveal to the world exactly what’s been going on the last two years.


Dark Outpost


co-hostess Penny L. A. Shepard calls that ‘the military industrial entertainment complex’.

Proof of that is all the movies Hollywood made that showcase military hardware and personnel with the Department Of Defense’s blessings. such as TOP GUN (1986) and its sequel MAVERICK (2022).

Then there are such movies that don’t have DoD’s blessing/involvement and the producers must ‘wing it’. The best known film I know of of that is DR. STRANGELOVE (1964). There, the producers guessed at the insides of a B-52 based on a single unclassified photograph printed in a magazine. However, the FBI(?) came calling to insure this wasn’t the result of some security leak.

Nowadays, there are all sorts of clips of the insides of B-52 cockpits available on YouTube.

Example clip found via ‘GooTube’


Methinks the MIEC is a combination PR device, military (recruitment) advertising, limited hangout/approved ‘security leak’ at times, and source of pro-USA military propaganda to the world at large.


A snowflake liberal from Ferndale? 20 minutes of waterboarding ought to get a lot of answers?

Ok… Serious…. Full Chemical and energy based scans… Then Full Blank Slating and off world containment planets where the real problems are sent for true rehab… Killing them only releases souls back to the Draco and NEG. A.I. Infestation… They just get a new body then… I doubt the executions are simply what they say… They are likely Soul Trapped and shackled to the executed body… Even that is now Old Obsolete Tech…

WB Alexander! Interesting post! I heard the soul recycling center was shut down recently by the Alliance working with light bodies from the creation lightship. So that means no karma, dharma, and other alien fables to manipulate us with. I heard this directly from someone involved and he said the dark side’s tech was super impressive, it was 99.9999% accurate, it was so good it fooled souls! That white light tunnel people experience? Alien tech! Apparently, our light gets so incredibly excited when it sees what it perceives as God creator/source for just long enough for it to get trapped in a lightbox that is sent to this recycling karma/reincarnation center. Except the light box was the alien tech with 99.9999% copy of source energy. Brings a new meaning to the term false God!! It’s crazy, those aliens can turn to the light and boom instant full power to create whatever universe they want but they go to all this trouble to create false light so they can enslave us and create their own environment through us by manipulating us.

PS. Did you hear that time will be obsolete by 2030? We will no longer have need of time by then, that’s how fast we are growing! It is also a sign that the cleanup is close to completion because people will need to be re-educated to the truth of who and what they are and how this all works, it might take a few years.

The NSA can scan the telemetry on every bill and follow it as well as deactivate each bill… Frankly the money trail will make a nice neck tie party list and may i recommend Guam…



Everyone is allowed to post here except those that were 86’d out…but they always come back under a different name😄
If you don’t see your posts come back and and they will be there


J Bill

i was storing the adrenochrome. you should try it


The female Deep State are even worse than their male, evil bastard.


The good the bad and the ugly
never stops.Zelenski has sold half of the country to Monsanto and others and been paid now he collects seemingly all over town. But Monsanto has a problem
for the Russians will have the land and the original landowners can grow things again
the Poles; whatever race they are is not a question but a statement of fact: dumbasses. Now Russia is set to display their real firepower. I wonder if their troops will use the very nasty flamethrowers which throw flames over one km at extremely high temperature.
that will cause a bit of overheating to nato troops gathered on the Ukraine/Russian border.
i kniw that this does not apply to madam x but is relative in a way: it’s all shit!

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

State Dept has always been a strange mix & this situation again shows that our nation is placed in a distant 2nd position when political appointees are put in positions that directly affect United States aims . Revamping of State Dept operations & procedures is long past due. Present situation of having U.S. Interests subverted by political types cannot be endured any longer. Far too many needless wars have been started as the M.I.C. type puppets are placed in State Dept duties especially Ambassador roles. I pray that innocents worldwide can reap benefits of a newly revamped State Dept. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

J Bill


ligma 420-69


The good the bad and the ugly
never stops.Zelenski has sold half of the country to Monsanto and others and been paid now he collects seemingly all over town. But Monsanto has a problem
for the Russians will have the land and the original landowners can grow things again
the Poles; whatever race they are is not a question but a statement of fact: dumbasses. Now Russia is set to display their real firepower. I wonder if their troops will use the very nasty flamethrowers which throw flames over one km at extremely high temperature.
that will cause a bit of overheating to nato troops gathered on the Ukraine/Russian border.


Lmao why would Monsanto buy half the land of a country that is in the middle of a big ass war? What are they gonna plant crops while tanks are just rolling over over them?

rene labre

If she does not talk,she will a traitor.Her powerful friends of no help to her now.Hanged in total disgrace.Not so big and important now.Very expendable actually.if you were so smart,how did you end up here?

Nukkin Futz

Her neck looks like it would be a perfect fit for a noose…


Congress gives them billions each month, they don’t need a few million……


Yeah it’s almost like this article makes no sense and it’s just some bullshit some guy made up to make you mad


Wow our money! Biden is just giving it away do they buy guns? So what is the money for?


She will be dismissed from this time line veryh soon.
Something tells me that she will speak before the executioner push the button or pull the trigger.


She’ll still be here after MB writes his little execution porn story for you, bro

Lucky Star

Bet for $5.00? She prefer the Noose rather than talking..If she talks, her family will die.. so no other choice than get hangs


They’ll zap her with a memory blocker.

Freedom Rings


Dave Kelly



GatewayPundit has a story today on
Teacher’s Union Boss Randi Weingarten in Ukraine to “assess the situation”. I assess she brought many empty bookbags with her.




Is that the best you can do, Lloyd? Does it makes sense that Teacher Weingarten would go to Ukraine with all of the shelling going on. What do you feel her duties will be over there? You seem to be so knowledgeable. Is she there to dumb down the survivors?


She said that the head of a Ukrainian teachers union invited her, and she accepted the invite because she wanted to show solidarity with Ukrainian teachers and students whose lives have been upended by the war. So what? Why are all the alt right blogs so fuckin’ mad about this? There are no ‘duties’ involved. It’s her life, she can go if she wants 🤷‍♂️

Last edited 1 year ago by Lloyd

Well good Lloyd, can you join her?

David T

And maybe Lloyd, B Jill, Smalls, and all the other fake ass troll turd names used by the same person, can go personally search on its hands and knees for land mines.


Maybe David T can go suck a butt

J Bill



No I have a job and a family and stuff, I can’t just go off to Ukraine on a whim


Did she take those porn books with her?


Only after J Bill and Lloyd were done with them.


Where was Randi when the Ukrainians were shelling the children in the Donbas. One Olympian young girl pleaded to Arnold Schwarzenegger to help them and help never arrived-for ten years.

Last edited 1 year ago by Christine
J Bill

ten years eh?


RT(03/21/2022)-Schwarzenegger accused of breaking promise on Ukraine by ‘world’s strongest girl’. Maryann Naumova met Arnold as a 15 yr old at a bodybuilding event in 2015. He assured her that he would work on what she describes as attacks on citizens by the Ukrainian army and Neo-Nazis. Thanks J Bill for allowing me to correct the record and expose her story. I glad that you know how to subtract 15 from 22. Congratulations.


In fact, the war started in 2014. Maryann speaks of the Alley of Angels Memorial where she recounts that you can read the names of children who were killed by bullets and bombs of the Ukrainian army. So it has been 8 years and 10 months of torture for these babies. What’s a few months between friends.


Another storyline to ponder if the money was intercepted prior to arriving at Kyiv?


Yeah the Anunnaki got their big scaly claws on it


THIS IS A BIG CATCH..wander what blinken will do..

Last edited 1 year ago by sejmon

funny it happend in the when VLAD start real war…today no more SMO….


Lol so today is the day Putin starts the REAL war? Was he just goofin’ around for the past 8 months? 🙃


One can hardly call executing biolab deep staters and child sex trafffickers and demanding Zelensky release the American, British and Canadian collaborators helping Yukazis assault innocent Ukrainians goofing around. War is a very serious business.


very much restrain…go to- The vineyard of of the Saker…for war update


Chump change with divine dividend, 30 pieces of Silver paid forward.

tic,,, tic,,, tic,,,


“JAG says it has video of Brink using tinsnips to cut the bands on an MRE carton, then showing a Ukrainian officer, identified as Lieutenant General Serhiy Shaptala of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the bundled cash. The entire cargo was then transferred to military trucks and 18-wheelers and driven to Kyiv, a 10-hour drive.”

Fantastico, Michael! Keept it coming!



Oh cool another video that MB writes about in his story that never materializes and doesn’t exist. Remember when he wrote that Trump had video of the FBI planting docs during the Mar-a-lago raid? Whatever happened with that? Sure seems like it would be a big help in his court case right now but it’s just nowhere to be found huh 😂


He didn’t mail you a copy?

David T

Waaaah, waaaaah, waaaaah! I’m Lloyd, smalls, B Jill, B00Fa, et all and because the world revolves entirely around my narcissistic ass, I get to see everything! Wow, what a DF. I’d like to meet you in person. You’d remember me forever after that.


You wanna give me a night to remember, Dave? 😘


You know It’s heart braking to realize that biden is giving these large amounts of cash non tracible money to all his buddies, and American citizens are limping along over here in America .

Lucky Star

Ask Obama..Brandon just following Oreo’s steps with the blessing three letter agencies. Some millions will be re-routed back to Brandon and the gank-ho

Last edited 1 year ago by Lucky Star
joe blow

Take Brink to the sink with a towel, she’ll talk.


Waterboard her until she talks!


I really hope we get to see miss BRINK with a ROPE AROUND HER NECK,and that INCLUDES THOSE RUNNING THE “CIA” WHO WERE IN ON THE LOOTING OF AMERICAS MONEY..these DEVILS all need to be HANGED FOR TREASON..a LOT of good people worked dammed hard for that money that was stolen by the thief in command “BIDEN ,and all who helped him…


You won’t


All aboard!!!! GITMO Bound!

Carol A Fowler

What happened to the mass arrests?


Lol they’re not real


They are happening at night … big time. Be patient and the truth will be revealed. You don’t reveal to those about to be arrested what is going on.


Yeah man, and the Emperor is wearing the most beautiful new clothes I have ever seen, really extravagant, lavish stuff, truly a sight to behold 🙃

Last edited 1 year ago by Lloyd

Bless Your Heart

David T

A new fake troll name, just in time for Boyd to reply to.


I heard a rumor that every username on here is the same person except for yours, David 🤖


Says the person with ten aliases at any given time.


Ask Tim Walz and Amy Klobuchar if this hijacking of the MRE’s were related to the 250M Feeding Our Future Minnesota Covid fraud-the largest Covid fraud scheme in the nation(DOJ Justice News 09/20/2022). Divert the meals and everybody wins!

Dr. John

Only about 10% goes to the Ukraine and the rest circles back to Deep State players to run their operation on US; standard operation for overseas donations from the US corporate government. That is why they did not send bombs and weapons.

You need money to buy people off and run propaganda in the media. Then there is Antifa and of of course lining their own greedy little pockets!

The good news is when they are arrested and they will be all the money; or 90% comes back to the US (our government).

The story is a little strange in that they got Congressional approval. Congress has been without pay and their offices shut down for MONTHS. The simple reported Congress approved the funding. Or are Deep State Congress calling in with votes.

Its corrupt why count votes just say you did counted Congressional votes!

I know its a lie, but don’t they lie? All the time?

as to Ms. Brink I do believe she is on the BRINK of disaster! Sorry, didn’t want anyone left HANGING on the subject of her up coming hanging.

When you think of it I am a prognosticator. I can predict her future with minimal chance of error.

To the Deep State Traitors. Send me $19.95, plus shipping and handling and I will send you a look into your future. Think Gifts, Islands, Tans, Meals and Opportunities to hand around.

Don’t delay free flights are scheduled daily with open seating and extra restraints for your safety. “We believe you future is in our hands.” “Life is short, we help you make the most of those dwindling days.” “If you feel left out and never really got to hang out; we won’t leave you hanging, for long. After arrival you are only a few steps away from experiencing free fall… that has to be exciting!

gregg pierce

Don’t you people relies, you don’t have a USA any longer it’s a communist fascist Nazi criminal cartel, period!

The Military has all the Authority to arrest all enemies of the state and do nothing!

This onesie twosy thing is not cutting it, no one cares about any of this.

The criminal Obiden regime rampages unchecked and no one stops them!!!



So start the revolution yourself, bro

Dave Kelly

You are in DENIAL , Lloyd


They need to let the NCO’S TO BE IN CHARGE the generals don’t know how to pull the Triger.


Obama fired the generals that didn’t kowtow to him; he may have skipped the NCOs.

Dave Kelly

Kowtow ? You mean to blow and peg him


Many of our brave patriots, who have spoken out and stepped up, have been targeted by various means.

Dave Kelly

You and Lloyd been shacking up together? Yes ,… you are, com’on. You are pretty much out of the closet , boi’s. You are with Log cabin strain , aren’t you’s, do tell? It’s OK, woke folk are near for you’s


….. when she showed the parcel, they all started rubbing their hands together

Dave Kelly

They thought they were getting something to eat , then cash , wtf? you can’t eat cash when you are hungry.


Brinks Delivery just got shutdown.