Military Brass Excoriates DeSantis for Shaking Hands with Biden


A few White Hat officers on Wednesday chastised Ron DeSantis’ decision to meet with illegitimate President Joseph R. Biden, sources in Gen. David H. Berger’s office told Real Raw News.

The two met in Florida Wednesday afternoon and toured the now dilapidated city of Fort Meyers, where raging floodwaters had swamped streets and homes and created a festering swill of putrid pestilence. Residents in the hardest hit areas are still clamoring for food, potable water, and electricity.

DeSantis and Biden—who have sparred over illegal immigration and Covid protocols—seemed to set politics aside as they surveyed the debris and muck, but when DeSantis offered a handshake as a sign of unity and solidarity, alarm bells sounded at military installations helmed by White Hat officers. At Fort Gordon, Georgia, home to U.S. Army Cyber Command, Maj. Gen. Neil S. Hersey quipped, “What the hell does he [DeSantis] think he’s doing?” and at MCB Camp Pendleton, Brigadier General Jason Woodworth said a gesture of friendship, even if farcical, was sending the wrong message to constitutionalists working feverishly to restore order to the Republic.

DeSantis’ most vociferous critics were two officers who until recently had staunchly endorsed him. Even last week U.S. Army Major Gen. Richard E. Angle and Col. J.D. Keirsey were praising DeSantis’ leadership and saying that he, not President Trump, should be the Republican nominee in the 2024 presidential election. But their shining opinion of DeSantis soured after the governor refused to publicly acknowledge and condemn the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s misdeeds in the Sunshine State.

By the time Biden and DeSantis finished shaking hands, Angle and Keirsey were on the phone with Gen. Berger and using words like “traitor,” “turncoat,” “enemy,” “Deep State,” “sell out,” and “sonofabitch” to express their newfound displeasure. They ranted in the general’s ear for seven minutes, a source in is office told RRN, before Gen. Berger with measured calm tried to deescalate the heated rhetoric.

“I don’t like this any more than you do, but DeSantis had to fall on his sword,” Gen. Berger said. “His back was against the wall; he needs federal money. What would you do in his shoes? It’s not Biden’s money, it’s the American taxpayers. I have issues with DeSantis, but on this he gets a pass.”

Still, Gen. Angle and Col. Keirsey engaged in a bit of reckless speculation: What if DeSantis promised to soften his stance on illegal immigration in exchange for cash? What if he pledged to stop shipping illegals to sanctuary cities? What if he switches sides? There were a lot of what ifs.

General Berger, our source said, finally shut down the conversation, saying he would not entertain baseless, hypothetical arguments.

“I’ll contact DeSantis and find out,” the general told Angle and Keirsey.

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Desantis can shake hands with the President in a situation like this. Why wouldn’t he? He’s not in the military. They can’t tell him what to do. no, he’s not a deep state plant. He was chosen by God. Listen to the PROPHETS. As long as he stays on the path God has laid out for him God has promised him protection. I pray he doesn’t go off. Yes, a handshake like that makes us cringe, but did y’all forget we’re still watching a movie??


NH has not only a RINO for Governor he is is also from a Dynasty. He gets his buddy the CEO of Segway to fly to China during a pandemic lock-in to bring back PPE for the “frontline foghters of covid”. Now let’s not forget where this bat flu originated and thenour shmart gov brings back the protection from said country and the covid test. Follow the money and you will find many profiting from the pandemic. Greed will be the death of us all

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terry Jacks

DeSantis is Hispanic. Pretty soon , it will be his panic that is in real raw news.

Kelly Brown

I’ve seen Desantis hold his hand position the same upside down pyramid as Trump. I believe they are the same frequency.

True Patriot

DeSantis is owned & controlled by the JEW Cartels who have infested all parts of U.S. Govt and who owns all Politicians. Many refuse to address the JEW problem both America & Europe presently have but it is centuries past time for the JEWS to be brought to justice for all of their crimes against humanity. Trumpenstein, DeSantis and all of them Senate, Congress JEW owned and run through Blackmail. Im trying to save our Republic for my Grandchildren and great Grandchildren. America is intentionally being invaded by the JEW Agendas and Agencies running DC which is a Foreign Corporation. Trumpenstein betrayed USA in bed with Netanyahu the War Criminal & other high level evil JEWS. I keep hearing our Military is saving Israel for last. I pray to Christ our Lord this is true because America is being ravaged, and destroyed because of the JEW infestation. Both Trumpenstein and DeSantis have pushed and shoved Illegal, Unconstitutional Anti Semite BS laws attacking our 1st Amendment and also our 2nd Amendment with Illegal Red Flag BS and Bump Stock. I voted for Trump sadly in 2016 to keep that wicked witch Hillary out of our WH. But Trump ran with Epstein and Ghislane Maxwell Pedo Demons. When a reporter ask Trump what he thought of the capture and arrest of Ghislane Maxwell he said “She is a nice lady, I wish her well”!!!! Nice lady he said who murdered hundreds of innocent little children and Was Jeffrey Epstein’s Pimp finding him underage girls in So. Florida. Now I find out the evil child murderer JEW Ghislane Maxwell has been moved to Tallahassee, Florida Prison and is teaching Yoga. You cant make this stuff up. Maxwell should be executed along with Epstein who did not die in his jail cell. They should all be executed LIVE TV


I SO agree with Gen Berger, DeSantis was posturing to get aid to HELP the people in Pine Island and the rest of the storm battered areas. Anyone see the bridge rebuilt in 3 days to help the STRANDED citizens on Pine Island? DeSantis was thinking of us which many of you in your safe little teepees can’t relate to.


I do not agree he is doing for the hurting people of Florida what he needs to do FOR them.


On a side note, why do Americans insist on the dog and pony show of the POTUS having to visit a disaster site? How much does a POTUS know about it?

So the POTUS saw it, so what? Can’t the same thing be accomplished with a phone call and video or pictures?

After all, we have climate change to worry about (just kidding). How much carbon did Biden put in the air with that waste of time flight?


I get it, they have to hold everyone’s feet to the fire. Turn coats cannot be tolerated, if R.D. is a turncoat. The days of keeping our enemies closer, I think is over.

Country Girl

Even God uses evil for His own purposes sometimes. Before I judge DeSantis for this, I’m going to give it more time. Time proves everything.

Big Ed



Meanwhile back at headquarters, Biden says to De’Santis – You’re going to be my little goy boy and do exactly as I say and when I say it, understand? If Not, your Not getting the money! Now, where’s your wife!!!


Doesn’t sound good on Berger…Lets hope he gets to the bottom of this and lets hope he himself is not just gonna let this go for political reasons.


DeSantis was supposed to be Steve Pieczenik’s guy, but after that John McAfee thing he sure started getting a little too cosy with the black hat Jews for comfort.

CONservative DEMocrat

I can feel it in my bones, with clear certainty; There’s a Biden Cabal mandate that the entourage be uniformly clad in aviator sunglasses. It seems so insignificant, that I hesitate bringing it up. But there’s something there. Something creepy and shallow, simultaneously. There’s the two most enhancing adjectives, when assessing a POTUS’ M.O.- creepy and shallow.
Pure, unadulterated bullshit.


During Michael, all the crooks and crazies came out at night. It was scary and surreal. Checkpoints and armed National Guard enforced curfews while Non-stop ambulances and Wailing spinning lights announced Sheriffs on patrol which was difficult on the pitch blackout on 23rd Street. The owner of Winn Dixie was protecting his store with a rifle. I think the cops gently told him to let them handle it. The cops were having a shootout in an 2 story building apartment with the would be looter and then this renter set the place on fire!


DeSantis just basically put fema on notice that Floridians have stand your ground laws. NO LOOTING OR ELSE. 2A is our best deterrent. I hope all legally registered stolen guns are traced back to their owners and returned. They may need them!

Dr. Dick

We are seeing reports that DeSantis is a FREE MASON which tells you everything there.


What report or is it internet rumors by click baiters?

Lucky Star

Now DeSantis have dropped his mask pretending as A Republican… after visited Gitmo to collect info who are detained inside GITMO and passed it to his cabal bosses.

He got an order to show his true colors otherwise they would let the white hat military to bring him to gitmo as well. I think the order is to bring Trump to prison before Trumps announces to run again in 2024.

Yeehaaa… let’s the glove off now.. catch him if the White Hat military even have a little peanut evidence against DeSantis.. I want see an action… not a whinning generals


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Think about it. Biden goes to Florida for a photo op in an election year. Anyone who has been in Florida post huricane knows when the sun starts shining again how muggy and hot it gets very quickly. Desantis offers Biden a bottle or glass of water to quench his thirst and cool him down a bit. Then Desantis has the bottle given to his DOJ who runs the fingerprints on said bottle or glass. They then have hard evidence that the Biden is not the real Biden, all senators get finger printed for their security clearances, giving the white hats more information of the fake presidency. Meanwhile the patriots exscoriate Desantis for welcoming Biden who will approve the federal recovery funds. What we see may not be what we think is going on.


I never trusted desantis and the entire government apparatus is corrupted by satanic pedophilia.


I don’t, either.

Carol Sims

Feel free to delete. It will NOT upset me.


DeSantis knows that a fake JB! So what does he expect to get from him? The Fake JB have NO power. Is this just Photo ops?


Desantis would not but only if that is what he has to for the people of Florida. He changed the medication for Covid remember?

Tracy Reinert

Listening to other podcasters, & the general theme seems to be, that there has been a huge hotbed of child-trafficking taking place via Child Protective Services in Bremer County, Florida, with DeSantis aware of it. The country’s patriots moving to Florida may have been a bit of a trap, to bring in a weaponized fake weather system & attempt to destroy the patriot base. At any rate, though many love him, there seem to be some very real concerns about DeSantis being a deep state plant.

Tracy Reinert

He may be an actor, or replacement, as with Newsom…. Hard to say right yet whether or not he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


Oh God. DeSantis is creating quite a mess for everyone. He wants to be President? He’s nothing compared to Trump, not a flicker. Deep staters will not prosper. Lol, Facebook won’t let me comment on certain posts! HAHAHA OVER THE TARGET!

Tracy Reinert

FEMA, in general, following a state disaster, denies relief to the entire state. As with many governmental agencies, even issues such as disability get told first that you do not qualify for relief. You have to fight for it. Biting the hand that feeds you might be satisfying, yet DeSantis did play political ball on this one for the sake of his state. I agree, he gets a pass this time. Witness Kamala trying to provide aid to people of color over anyone else, to realize how corrupt these monster people really are. Everything is unfair, unequal, & dirty politics with them. It is their ‘go to’ behavior.

Debra Rudolph

I was surprised aa few years ago that DeSantis was so conservative. Still not convinced he is not but I’m watching him even closer.

Anthony Gregory

Always thought DeSantis is a wrongun.
He has never convinced me.


Many times in govermental positions you have to swallow your pride and work with people you hate.


The US government is so messed up. 98% are in it for the money, including DeSantis. They hate Trump because he does not need the money.

Last edited 1 year ago by Joanna
Kelly Brown

I’m with General Berger on this: Florida needs money. It’s bad, people.


Everyone is suspect 🔍

Just Me

For once Olly is right, keep up the good work Wendy, perhaps there is still hope for you.

Rob William

MB is the god of MBVerse, he can shut down the whole charade whenever he wants to. The real question is – are you ready to take on the shock of it shutting down? It may be the only hope many of us here are hanging on to… sometimes delusions are more useful than the unacceptable reality.

rene labre

I would think you would have to give it to General Berger on this one.allow the good Governer a pass on this one.He is geniunely concerned about the needs of the citizens in this state.I am a damn Floridian and we love him very dearly.Not slow to say loot here,die here.we are a heavily armed civil population.You keep your handstheir stuff bro,it aint worth dying for.

Rob William

As RRN is public blog, everyone already has an access to the MBVerse truth.

Montreal Marc

A lot of insiders say this storm was man made by the DS, if so you can bet there will be strings attached to any federal help, this looks like a set up.


DeSantis has deep,inner visions of the US Presidency, floating in his head, make no mistake.

Paula Whiting

The handshake… it’s a southern “Bless Your Heart”… if you know, you know!

John .S

Prepare folks, predict tyrannical reckoning.

Acquire as much firepower and ammunition as you possibly can. Idiom: It’s always better to give, than receive.

Lock and Load, writing is on the wall, uncertainty is knocking.

Gut feeling UN Troops will roll on us, prepare to be assimilated.

God Speed.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S
Martin Kohler

If Trump would ever DO something, then this would be a moot issue.


DeSantis’ face expressions alone while the fake biden spoke at the podium was priceless… Seemed convincing that he could be in fact playin both sides.

I dunno.. at one point DeSantis almost looked like something straight out of The Exorcist.


Behind closed doors, they laugh at us.


He might be a traitor

Gary W Troftgruben

From what I have seen, Jill is Pres….


Michael, explain one thing if Gen. Berger is this super patriot as you claim and conspires against the Deep State in Washington why hasn’t Biden and his tool Sec. Def. Lloyd Austin sacked him and tried to arrest him for treason against their regime? Same goes for all those military officers you claim working with Berger. The Deep State is ruthless and would never allow traitors to their cause to operate freely under their noses. Unless of course these stories are completely false and Berger is no different than the rest of the criminals in DC? That is probably the case since Berger refused to halt the death and destruction caused by his forced injection of the bioweapon Covid jabs did to his Marines. Now that is treason.

Rob William

90% of your logic is correct.


Perhaps Michael Baxter’s vivid description of the mess left by the aftermath of the storm as a “festering swill of putrid pestilence” could be used by President Trump in lieu of “the swamp” when talking about what needs to be drained and cleaned-up.

Above Reproach

Has anyone noticed how much Shit is being dumped in the sky ? Chemical trails like every single day for weeks on end. Just sayin

J Bill


just sayin


Here in Texas, yes…just saying


This has been going on unabated for decades upon decades.