Former White Hat Officer Becomes GITMO Detainee


The former White Hat officer who encouraged airmen and dependents to embrace Covid-19 booster shots is now detained in a cramped cell at Guantanamo Bay’s Camp Delta detention block, according to military sources.

As reported on Tuesday, USMC General David H. Berger removed Air Force Colonel Blaine L. Baker from the White Hat council after confirming the latter had authored a missive beseeching airmen at Altus AFB to get vaccinated and boosted in accordance with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s mandate an CDC Director Rochelle Walensky’s Covid-19 guidelines. That document, Real Raw News has learned, threatened airmen with punitive action, including potential separation from the Air Force, unless they strictly adhered to vaccine protocol.

After reviewing the document and canning Baker, Gen. Berger asked his associates at U.S. Army Cyber Command to penetrate The National Personnel Records Center, Military Personnel Records (NPRC-MPR) and pull Baker’s file. NPRC-MPR is a repository containing the health records of millions of active-duty, retired, and deceased servicemembers, and their dependents. Officially, this database does not store active-duty records; unofficially, it holds everything—active duty, retired, discharged, dishonorably discharged, deceased, etc.

What Cyber Command discovered, our source said, was shocking. Baker had never gotten a Covid-19 vaccination. In March 2021, when the clot shots became widely available, Baker submitted a “religious exemption” form to the Department of Defense, and Lloyd Austin personally approved the request.

So, Baker, on one hand, is threatening unvaccinated airmen with disciplinary action; on the other hand, the hypocrite has refused the clot shot.

“When Gen. Berger saw it, he pulled Baker’s entire service jacket,” our source said. “And everything he saw just added more fuel to the fire.”

Baker, it turns out, had been aligned with the enemy all along, and the scope of his crimes went far beyond endorsing vaccinations.

Gen. Berger uncovered documents proving Baker had conspired with Secretary of the U.S. Navy Carlos Del Toro, a Biden sympathizer who is not even American by birth, to disrupt two Baltic Sea gas pipelines that linked Russia and Germany until they both sprang major leaks last week. The paperwork, though vague, mentioned using a P8 Poseidon anti-submarine aircraft to “inhibit” the flow of fuel between Europe and Russia.

Although the Boeing P8 is not a land-attack plane, it can be retrofitted with torpedoes and ground attack weapons. Moreover, a P8 was the only military aircraft detected above where Nord Stream detonations took place.

“General Berger now believes Baker had a hand in this, and it was his intention to blame Russia. Typical false flag. Russia rightfully denied involvement, but the MSM and the Biden regime have convinced America it’s Russian sabotage,” our source said. “Based on his findings, Gen. Berger coordinated with JAG to have Baker arrested on charges of treason.”

On Wednesday, October 5, a USMC Scout-Sniper squad infiltrated Altus AFB and formally arrested Baker, charging him with sedition, treason, and conspiring with the enemy. He was handcuffed, taken into custody, and flown to GITMO, our source said.

“This is the end for Baker. He will now face military tribunal,” our source said. “And soon we’ll have Del Toro, too.”

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I pray that some info can be gained on whom or what contacted the Traitor & asked him to destroy the pipeline or have some involvement in that action. He’s Guilty of endangering The Nation by his insistence that our patriots in the Air Force take a dangerous unapproved clot shot . Murdering men under your Command is Treason & he knew all along that the clot shot was dangerous ; as shown by his refusal to take it himself ! Two Faced Snake that tried hiding his scales underneath a U.S. Officers Uniform ………. The Snake Is Shown . Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


 therealanthonyfaucimovie dot com forward slash viewing #

Robert James

Many more to follow. Plus Doctors, nurses, etc. Sad situation but necessary.


It’s about time we see one of these hypocrites get justice for these type crimes. It’s bad enough that he’s doing the CDC deepstate bidding. It’s another thing when he finds a loophole that absolves himself from the same sentence he is forcing on his subjects.
I think I read something about this somewhere. Something like, “Woe unto you, Hypocrites!” “How can you escape the judgement of hell?” Something like that.
This is serious folks. There is a hell. Obviously these guys don’t believe it or don’t think it’s for them.

Ron Burgundy

So when he inevitably is seen alive and well, is it gonna be the standard “that’s a clone!” excuse? What are we going with this time, patriots?

Ron Burgundy

test one two come in tokyo

robin earl redwine

if encouraging folks to get the death jab can you sent to gitmo is trumps arrival eminent?

Ron Burgundy

Of course not. None of this is true.

Above Reproach

Industrial size wood chipper on full throttle. Chum .. good buddy Old friend.


And in our next episode of AS THE TREASONOUS NECK STRETCHES…


Thank you God and the good mitary. They are falling one by one.

Jean Guillaumat

Torpedoes do not suffice to blow these pipelines out:
Their sabotage needed to put heavy explosive charges (100kg) in direct contact to the tubes’ external surface. Only with Remotely Operated Robots or divers can the CIA goons have pulled this out. Gal.Berger having denied it his “Special Forces” ever since 2021, it had to hire perpetrators of its own, everybody should have the names of very soon: Only a handfull can manage such a specialized task.
Who should seek Putin’s protection before being “silenced” by their puppeteers…
Brandon himself had vowed to take the pipes out on february 7, 2022:
No secret will stand about this crime against Humanity.
It is what will eventually lead to the dismanteling of the CIA
says @AmandineRoy.


There was no spike in natural gas prices after the supposed pipeline sabotage. There has been no independent confirmation of an explosion in that area. Are we seeing a narrative that will be used as a pretext for something else coming? Who’s narrative this time? The Deep State? The White Hats? I’m not sure who is controlling the media, but it’s hard to believe anything you can’t see with your own eyes, folks.

Angel Askew

We see the wide spread cheating in the US election to get rid of DJT.
Everything else since is just the elitist circus to destroy humanity.


I hope not OWD,did you see on KTLA FAKE NEWS that they are finally reporting about Hunter because Washington Post said its true?
I hope they reassign them all to Gitmo for lying to us for so long,also my computer was hacked,I have a friend coming to fix it😊


What a f*c/in scumbag! Make Baker’s trial and execution as expedient as possible.


@Michael Baxter – It’s great to see how your articles are getting picked up by other news channels. You’re all over the place now. Rightfully, you’re getting the credit for the articles. Keep ’em coming. You’re still my first source!!

Bust A Nut

Use 2 horses, rope and a bullwhip to interrogate the sunofabitch. Problem solved in one meeting and the traitor will be eliminated from fucking up the gene pool.

John .S

Highly suspect if Gen. Barrett was still in place, Baker’s P8 Poseidon Adventure email would be scrubbed.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S

I am gettin Real Tired of the Russia Russia Russia Crap.

“You can fool all of the people some of time; you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.”

J Bill

imagine pleading guilty to seditious conspiracy.


J Bill

it’s cool. i don’t have compassion for fascists and nazis


do you have a compassion for ukrainian -azov????


what dirty bastards these people are, forcing people to get that kill shot and they didn’t even get it, EVIL. they are going to get you know what for that.

Tom henry

There’s always an enemy from within the circles


Also Buck Fiden. You are a racist pig. Tone it down or stop posting. This has nothing to do with race. Biden is white Irish. So save your racist rants for your back garden.


I don’t like him either, but let me ask you how many patriots you wish to cut loose before we’ve restored our republic? And further in an effort to be fair, there do exist several groups from which I’d like to receive explanations about their conduct on behalf of the slave masters. Apart from the occasional misbegotten creep (like the original Biden who disappeared in late 2011), I’d have to say that my fellow “white irish” have disported themselves favorably.


did you just grad from- kindergarden ?????


Mr. Baxter, Today on the Veniamen show, a reprint from Christian Patriot cast a gratuitous and unnecessary slur on your website comparing it to the National Enquirer. If anything, RRN has MORE checkable facts THAN ANY other of the primary patriot sources. I would appreciate it, if you would stand up for yourself. And BTW, the Enquirer was a printed resource for truthers during an era when none other was available, despite their obvious shortcomings. And CP is an odd duck who drops many hints of personal cranky ill-temper. Yet on the other hand, it may be that RRN criticism is part of a dampening effect that the ultimate puppet-master must employ since all our coms are made “in the clear,” heard by friends and foes alike. Nonetheless: wwg1wga.


Biden is warning that nuclear war is on the brink. I assume he will use false flags to push it. So what is being done about it?

Michael R Davis

Trump has the US nuclear codes. Biden has nothing except for crappie diapers.
Putin is allied with Trump. It appears Xi is also. NATO and Europe are frightened to death of being wiped off the face of the Earth.

Barry Williamz

He torpedoed his own career. Good.
Let him drop from a rope.


A disgrace to the Air Force!


I was right……a one way and permanent trip to Gitmo!👏


Good on Gen,Berger. He knows what has to done with traitors who are the worst possible venom

Tracy Reinert

Baker’s threat toward these airmen & their families… give him a load of vaxx.


oh boy this is getting tense, in a good way! Thank you for the update Michael! We all knew there had to be more to the baker story and now we know how dirty he truly is! What a scum bag. He deserves everything the white hats do to him. Look forward to the updates on Del Toro! Another traitor bites the dust! I cannot imagine him surviving this!

Lorenz Manner

Another traitor, a man without character, an enemy of America and American people. Soon he will have a swing in the noose.


You gotta be one simple-minded, special kind of stupid to force my fellow comrades in a clot shot when your bald-headed Mr. Clean scary a** wouldn’t take the shot! You so smart, you failed to realized that JAG is going to check those service records on all soliders who got vaccines including your stupid a**!

buck fiden

That wasn’t very Christian, Ollie.


This is HUGE!

J Bill
  • earl’s wife to my dick
David T

BS. He’s going to be doing a rope test soon.


IT IS NATURAL GAS PIPELINE…OWD…. and it was not Russians…..

Nukkin Futz

Judgjing by the photo, his neck is a natural fit for a noose; a perfecto fit…

Dr John

Just so you know that chest full of medals are at least 90% not combat medals. Officers get medals for all sorts of soft work, like attending events or soft training. Don’t let this fool’s medals fool you. He is no hero!

This is not true of ALL officers, but in this case I expect he was not anywhere near the front lines.

To think any person in his position would murder military personal by ordering them to accept poison. You can’t go much lower. His orders included family including children!

A simple execution is to good enough for him. Make an example of him and bring out the spike.

David T

One clot shot per hour until he expires.


“He is no hero”, that is what Q+ said about no name and we know what happened to no name. Lord help,us. Blessings,


An Obama Era type.

John .S

Family and Children vaxxed, suspect as prerequisite for on base housing and commissary privileges etc.

Saga of Air Force ‘Senior Master Sergeant’ Israel Del Toro Jr. was denied commissary privileges who enabled to wear covid mask.

Natasha Vidan

Destroying both NordStream Pipelines is putting Germany back to finding enough wood for warmth and cooking. This is trying to kill an entire Nation. I still find it so hard to wrap my head around such evil. This is also trying to get the U.S. into a nuc war with Russia. I pray that our God intervene and soon and Americans are full of fear and in fact, the entire world is…
I’m so grateful that Baker is locked up and I think that the backgrounds of all the White Hats should be checked out. I do believe in Privacy but this is serious and dangerous work.

Lucky Star

And US is the mastemind and main actors of the destruction of NS1 and NS2 in order to destroy Germany as US main competitor, to destroy the whole EU, and to increase the US oil companies profit through the roof and in return these bastard will get their rewards from CEOs of the oil ompanies

Julio Antonio Laguna

Cuban American Del Toro, Sec of the Navy; of course, Joe was going to nominate a fellow commie!

buck fiden

Niggers, fags, trannies, kikes … Hey. Need a spic!!


you greatly disturb -Hopeful –

Debra Rudolph



It sure would be nice right about now if Trump reached out to Putin to confirm that it was our unlawful out of control deep state that blew up the pipeline, and to make it known that we are systematically hunting these criminals down and bringing them to justice before we end up in a war over some deep state bullshit that non of us agree with!

David T

Trump & Putin had good dialogue previously. I’d be surprised if they aren’t in close contact now, if they are able to find a secure means for communication that isn’t being tapped by the criminal Biden regime.

Michael R Davis

President Trump and his white hats already knew this would happen, let it happen with Putin’s permission and some assurances. We are allied with almost 100 nations including Russia to take down the insane Globalist NWO Deep-State. We are right on schedule, nearing the end.

Very doubtful there will be a 2024 election. Think about it. We all know the 2020 election was stolen; Trump won by a substantial landslide. Does it make sense to REWARD election thieves with another chance to steal another election? Of course not. Many of us would apply this to the 2022 midterms also.

American Living in Canada

It really is quite obvious what has happened and happening.


do -white hats – have a control ?? MB- THIS IS A ACT OF WAR ACCORDING OF RUSSIA ………


Get these F’In Traitors and hangem by da balls

Ann Ononomous

For each and every military man or woman that he forced the jab on should shoot him up with the same. An eye for an eye!

Big Ed



Fall is here, leaves are changing color and winters coming right behind it like clockwork. Soon to come will be rain, then snow, freezing temperatures and bitter cold along with blizzards.
And to think, they (the Cabal/Mafia) tell us we have to be taxed for Global Warming now. Its ironic how they, the Cabal can modify the weather, but not the seasons?

Is Hell freezing over, or is it just another illusion?

Maybe next Spring, we’ll come out of the pending deep freeze back into another Global Warming phase with the usual fake weather modifications darkening the skies so we have a limited amount of crop growth with heavy overcast skies. And the coming rain modification clouds put right smack down on top of the “troubling spots” (like conservative & christian states) diverting natural weather away from locations where its supposed to be for centuries.


Let not your hearts be troubled says the Lord for I have overcome the world. Pray, hope and don’t worry the good Lord is still in control. Blessings,


Now we know why back in the sixties we had HUGE snowstorms blanketing major cities in the Northeast, but today we get nothing but a dusting. Old photographs from the 19th and early 20th centuries show massive snowfalls — all the better to make massive snowmen and snow families. one of the biggest snowstorms was in 1965 when all of NYC was covered — literally covered — in snow; so much so that traffic could not move. During Fiorello LaGuardia’ mayoralty, he had the snowplows cleaning up 10 inches of the fluffy stuff.
These globalist fools think they can control the weather better than God Himself, who designed the seasons and the elements in Genesis. SHAME ON THEM!
And some of my neighbors who still hate the cold despite some very warm winters in recent years still think a couple of flakes is an emergency. They all have smartphones and tablets and laptops and phablets with cheap family plans to go online anytime they want, but they don’t do the research to realize that HAARP has been manipulating the weather (snowstorms and floods and tsunamis) with the blessing of LJB, since 1965 and onward, who worked with the deep state after colluding with JFK’s assassins to manipulate the weather for the New World Order, who also think they know better than God. This is why they worship Lucifer and not the Most High God, who happily blessed us with the fluffy white stuff.
Yes, give thanks to God for all things, even snow.
And JFK knew about weather satellites back in ’63, but he was trying to stop the bad guys from doing what LJB began; and it is continuing today under successive globalist presidents — count back with me: Obama, Bush 43, Clinton, Bush 41. Carter, Johnson.
“Who controls the weather controls the world.”
No thanks, LJB. We want our normally scheduled snowstorms, the kids will be very happy on their sleds.

Donna Miller

A WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING… How many more of them are there??? General Berger needs to find out. He should pull all those that sit on his Council records and find out if there is anything else that could come up. We are at a crucial time and can’t trust anyone probably at this point. Thank you RRN, greatly appreciate the truthful reporting that you do…


How do these guys look themselves in the mirror every morning?

Samantha Whitson

Patriotism and loyalty do not have a race. They are the quality of the American with integrity regardless of skin color. The descent into racist comments on this site is unbecoming.


Thanks, Samantha.

Carol Sims


buck fiden

Great song by Leonard Cohen the kike


he became-Buddhist….