Navy SEALs Sink FEMA Barge Headed to South Carolina

2017, a FEMA Barge berthed in Port Arthur, Texas.

As a weakened Hurricane Ian moved toward South Carolina Friday afternoon, so too did something more ominous and lethal than any storm to have made landfall on the United States. A Federal Emergency Management Agency transport vessel, colloquially called a FEMA barge, followed Ian’s track at a safe distance, just beyond the storm’s outer bands. These mammoth, towering specters, several hundred feet long and several stories tall, have often trailed landfalling hurricanes up and down the Eastern Seaboard or along the Gulf of Mexico. FEMA calls them hospital ships or temporary relocation shelters, but those descriptions are deceptive. Hurricane exiles who have been aboard these ships, and lived to talk about it, have seen the horrors that lie within the bulkheads: guillotines and torture apparatus reminiscent of the Middle Ages.

In August 2017, after Hurricane Harvey laid waste to parts of South Texas, a teenage boy witnessed his estranged father, a homeless vet down on his luck, being dragged aboard a FEMA barge berthed at Port Arthur, Texas. He had somehow entered and exited the ship without drawing attention, and although he never found his father, he later said what transpired inside the ship reminded him of the movie Hostel, a satanic torture-porn film we’d rather not discuss.

Those events could’ve played out again this weekend, if the FEMA barge had anchored near Charleston or Georgetown, South Carolina.

But as Ian’s eye hit the coast and FEMA shadowed the storm, U.S. Navy SEALs aboard a Los Angeles-class submarine had eyes on FEMA. From a lockout tank atop the sub, the SEALs, armed with demolitions and aided by SEAL Delivery Vehicles (motorized underwater sleds), deployed into dangerous water and intercepted the laggard barge. They set explosives along the hull, then retreated to a safe distance and remotely detonated the charges. The FEMA barge was approximately 35 miles east of Georgetown, South Carolina, when it foundered and sank in rough seas.

All SEALs made it safely back to the submarine, a source in General David H. Berger’s office told Real Raw News.

According to him, Gen. Berger held several conversations with his U.S. Naval Special Warfare Command (USNSWC) counterparts in advance of the mission. The general, aware of FEMA’s ongoing misdeeds in Southwest Florida, took decisive action upon confirming the presence of a FEMA barge in Ian’s wake. He had asked USNSWC whether assets were in the vicinity and available for rapid deployment. Fortunately, they were, and the operation was greenlit.

“The destruction of the FEMA barge has probably saved a lot of lives,” our source said. “Unfortunately, FEMA has several of these, and they’re often docked in Venezuela when not in use. When FEMA knows a storm is coming, they mobilize these hellish ships.”

Asked why the Los Angeles-class submarine didn’t simply torpedo the barge, which would’ve been safer and not endangered the SEALS, our source said, “I understand it was considered. I don’t know why they went with SEALs instead of torpedoes. I wasn’t involved in operational planning.”

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Funny, there has been absolutely no mention of this FEMA vessel sinking at all by ABC, NBC, CBS. LOL!

Robert James

The torpedoes probably cost a lot more than hand delivered explosives.


pathetic democrat controlled Seattle.. nice try.. WON”T WORK.. NOBOBY feels safe in Seattle.. police gutted.. crime and drugs everywhere.. THIS IS SPITTIN’ in the wind..

Mayor commits $2 million to save Seattle storefronts

This aint’ gonna SAVE nothing! SEATTLE birthplace of DEFUND police BLM marchers burning down shit.. GOOD LUCK.. THIS city is TOAST.. let the criminals and equity shitheads muddle in their trash heap


I have to wonder how these barges seem to know what path the hurricanes will take.

Heather Duncan

itn’t the barge the same on in 2017 that comey had those homeless people decapicated? It was in comey’s tribunal


I dont know why SERCO was ever awarded a FEMA contract in the first place. For that matter why does Israel reside over homeland security. According to Barbara Lernor Spectre that is a gross conflict of interest.

Deb Dulude

I remember reading about these barges on youtube — some guy was putting information up about them when man made hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana years ago – in 2005. Wow. Thanks for this info and posting the truth This is horrible. I will be glad when all this evil is over with. Take care all. I got taken down off of twitter and boobtube a couple of years ago for posting the truth about the deep state and how they wanted to kill Americans like me because we know too

Michael R Davis

Regarding the companion article with FEMA threatening to drown a child;
““Come any closer and we’ll drop her,” one FEMA agent shouted.
A round sizzled through his forehead, killing him instantly. He tumbled off the raft into the water.” A very quick reaction to freeze the FEMA terrorists in place to save the child. What we would expect from highly trained, experienced Special Forces troops, perhaps the Sergeant commanding the squad, with orders to protect civilians, weapons free.

“The remaining FEMA agents stood down and returned the child to her mother.”
Obviously one of these 3 remaining FEMA killers was holding the child, had snatched her from her mother, had dangled her by one arm over the water, which must have been painful, threatening to drown her. I would imagine poor Hannah was screaming in terror. Feed those FEMA scum to the sharks.

I think ‘Tamiami Trail Lane’ was a typo. I did find ‘Tamiami Lane’ in East Naples on Google maps, a block from Tamiami Trail, right where I expected, about 5 miles from Inner Doctor’s Bay where her husband was sandbagging, and about 5 miles from Wyndemere Country Club where the FEMA weapon thieves were located. I also found Tamiami Ct in East Naples.

Trail and Lane are similar descriptive terms and should not both be included in a road name in my opinion.


Wonder if the White Hats considered commandeering the barge and diverting it to Guantanamo Bay for both evidence and detention space. Notice there was no mention of the fate of the crew?

Michael R Davis

The FEMA prison barge which has no motive power on board, just a generator for electricity, is very unseaworthy, is quite dangerous when encountering large waves, is moved from place to place by a tugboat slowly at probably less than 10 knots. No doubt the crew was on the tugboat and quite safe. Moving into a hurricane area to load up homeless and dispose of them at sea, it is unlikely there were any prisoners on board yet since the barge was still 35 miles at sea, avoiding the dangerous storm waves.




I Remember “Dexter”…. Justice !
That was entertainment…
Very Popular Show…

Stinky Perfume

Well they violated the rules of agreement on what is considered help. If they have to die for that, it’s a military decision I’m more curious about. It’s a barely disclosed warlike event. They would have hard evidence not mentioned here to get to this point of war. It’s like Captain Hooks gangplank.

This article makes me want to see a FEMA barge in person somehow but that power is not mine for some reason. Military has remote viewers. It seems like they are going by massive complaints and the one that they cite here is a teenage boy got on and off one of these barges in person. This one could not recover his dad.

Whoever that is I would like to see at least on a movie. Talent is evident. He tricks pirates, and see all that and escape? Will I or anyone else be allowed to know?

Why I’m asking is because I read another similar story with miracle kids around a president, then had a dream of a boy about 9 yrs old. He got into and out of a mental hospital when his dad was too scared to go near the places.

Getting in is much easier than getting out for the mentally ill. The boy had no such issues, he walked in looked it over, while doctors stared powerless, he walked out.

These are called “miracle children”, and a new generation on earth. Nobody can stop them when they want to be there to help or leave. They can stare at them, some beg them to stay and help, but security, not even the presidents men can, touch them.

Angel Askew

Buck Fiden is in “Dexter” mode binging on “Hostel”. Lol

Partridge family. Come on get happy!

I’m humming a song from the Partridge family. Come on get happy!

Sparky Sr

If you go back to Comey’s trial, you would know the KID who saw what went on. I’m glad our Military is doing what they can.

Sparky Sr

I wonder what was towing the barge and if they sank that too…

John .S

Buzz, hospital ship Comfort when in NYC had a few repurposed cabins. Alleged Rita Wilson had a cabin whereas, all’s quiet on Rita, not a peep.

Angel Askew

Anyone see Elon Musks unveiling of his human AI robot?? That’ the outfit the vaxxed transhuman people will where and never die.
That Congo jewel smuggler needs to die too.

Jerry Chandler

When another election occurs in a month, you will know this entire white hat dialogue is an operation to limit protests and to seal the steal of the 2020 election.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jerry Chandler

Legally, once 2 years pass, you can not complain about a lost election.


I disagree, anyone can complain for as long as they like,
However the ballots must not be destroyed until after 22 months..

John .S

Sunday pool, on scale of 1 through 5. What the chances of GITMO pulling off a hanging on October 1st kicking off October Surprise? Choice of #5 most possible.

Gallows is weather resistant, magnetic trapdoor wiring and push button switches insulated.

Bill Gates was last year’s kick-off, any takers of whose next?

Place your choice, it’s a friendly pool, no money at risk.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S
John .S

PS: winner of ‘next to hang’ choice will receive RRN Coffee Mug, as seen in online merchandise store, LoL.

Angel Askew

We’re due for a big fish.
George Soros.

John .S

Believe, David Axelrod next big fish, October Surprise.

Gomer Pile: Surprise-Surprise, Bill Gates would agree.

Suspect Soros already gone, false buzz he’s still alive. Do the math of his age, his heart couldn’t handle stress of being incarcerated at Camp Delta lacking VIP suite, also factoring potential adrenochrome withdrawals.

Anticapating winning coffee mug, prefer mini espresso cup and sorcerer [dish]. Guy’s at Cafe will be jealous.

Place your bets, place your bets, it’s almost post time.


#1. Nancy pelosi
#2. Kamel toe Harris
#3. Soros
#4. Warren Buffet
#5. Any rino. !

Last edited 1 year ago by Wildcat

I think the surprise execution might be up-chuck Shumer ! Not his clone..

Angel Askew

Or that turkey, Mitch McConnell. 🦃


If the head of the snake was taken down and the white hats are in control and this is all a movie …. Why are the bad guys still doing bad stuff and hurting people ?

Michael R Davis

Because the bad guys have been building their forces for thousands of years, they are more like a Medusa or Hydra with many heads, this is a long, deadly war, and they are being taken down carefully, trying to prevent any major attacks on cities or nations. Putin’s attacks on, incinerations of the biowarfare labs in Ukraine was a major blow to the Globalist Deep-State enemy of all mankind.

Angel Askew


John .S

Myself referenced Hydra prior, it’s not farfetch.

DJT: “we’re dealing with a enemy that nobody seen the likes of which”.

Hello…. lights are on, and nobody is home.

Angel Askew

Lookup: Hydra Vulgaris
Its a product of the vaxxed.

patrick lux

le rêve américain…..


One more for the good guys. Sink them all.

Terminally deplorable

That thing looks already like a prison out of the Obama design book of
hell. Had they designed it like the Carnival Magic, it would have made a difference in the acceptance.


How due we expect to win if the cabol is winning the war in Ukraine. There sex trafficking and money laundering as well as biological labs. The military that’s is telling us they are white hats keep helping the cabol and the Patriots are getting arrested are killed.

Angel Askew

You call Putin formally taking back 4 regions with the blessing of the people losing?
He has shown all the proof of labs, trafficking and gas pipelines.
Ukraine/Nato/EU pedophiles are scared to death of hanging by the neck if they betray Deep State Bankers and Byedone’s money printer.


The cabal is nothing more than a waste of our energy, which I think they are nothing more than energy vampires, they are not from God, for God is all love energy and to love is to evolve. God bless our military and president Trump, we are battling evil ,but we will win, God wins.

Angel Askew

Amen! Though they’ve been growing strong for a thousand years, the world is rejecting them.
They wont leave without a fight to the death. Its them or us.

Tracy Reinert

Did a search on FEMA BARGES & they are in fact prison barges. Further, it appears FEMA agents are hugely overpaid, & generally deny funding following any disaster. They go door to door, following an emergency, something DeSantis just said would happen. And here’s the real kicker. Their goal appears to be to provide “FEMA HOUSING” for displaced people. This is a man-made event, with a pre-planned goal. Getting those who lost their homes into FEMA CAMPS. And DeSantis is going along with this door-knocking welfare checks, without acknowledging nor addressing the danger from FEMA AGENTS. There were a couple other tidbits i found, of a FEMA AGENT having shot someone, & people wanting to sink ‘a prison barge’ off of NY Harbor.

John .S

At one time, seen with own eyes, then two prison barges via NYC Dept of Corrections [alleged leased], moored on East River, in eye shot from Williamsburg Bridge kept on Manhattan side.

The Brooklyn Navy Yard brig was overhauled and Dept of Corrections temporarily utilized. In other words, the Brig is a Federal Jail unbeknownst to many.

Currently Rikers Island has newer and larger state of the art prison vessel in full operation docked at northside of island.

BTW, Rikers is actually part of the Bronx, not Queens. Vechile bridge comes from Queens, Hazen St. Google, Rikers Island Prison Barge/ Ship.

Last edited 1 year ago by John .S

Wow, is it that bad? I believe scalar weapons were used to create the hurricane.

J Bill

” A Federal Emergency Management Agency transport vessel, colloquially called a FEMA barge,”


J Bill



So Fema is operated and staff with satanic agents.

J Bill

hell yes

Rob William

No, Lucifer himself. After being driven away from the underground by the mole people, he has made an alliance with DS and coordinating the FEMA efforts overground. Surprisingly he has now got white wings and a halo.

Kelly Brown

I am in horror of what is going on. We had FEMA come into our street during October surprise in 2006.

J Bill


Kelly Brown

I love the SEALS.

J Bill


William R Nicholson

I know why torpedoes were not used ! # 1 Senator No Name may need to drink more torpedo juice to improve his ability to think ! # 2 I want my Seals in Top form & they needed the exercise ; They had audacity to ask me if they could have Cream & Sugar in their Coffee ! They’re getting soft on Me ! Next time my Master of Masters trains them , it’ll be a real challenge ……….. Cream & Sugar ! ? Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

J Bill


Rob William

You are too serious about the LARP.


“The destruction of the FEMA barge has probably saved a lot of lives,” our source said. “Unfortunately, FEMA has several of these, and they’re often docked in Venezuela when not in use. When FEMA knows a storm is coming, they mobilize these hellish ships.””

FEMA is getting sneakier so they don’t get detected coming for innocent people in the states, this is why they dock in foreign waters. god knows if they are on the west coast, too.

Excellent work, Michael, please continue.

Rob William

“ Excellent work, Michael”: Is MB secretly a white hat operative? May be a very high rank officer?


,,, not one stone upon another.

tic,,, tic,,, tic,,,




Perhaps those barges have SONAR that could detect subs.
Frogmen could sneak in more easily.


This is what the Left is all about using fake Police and Corrupt agencies to do their Dirty Work and that includes the Fake MSM that is Part of their EVIL agenda CBS ABC NBC MSNBC CNN and EVEV Fox at times? The Rabbit Hole is very Deep DOJ CIA FBI NSA IRS FEMA and other’s Home land Security Almost every Gov agencies are Corrupt as the Left Control them Pay them and send them to Destroy this Great Nation


Does anyone know why they would capture and torture storm victims? What would they gain from it?


Evidently gold jewelry guns and anything valuable…
they don’t care about you ,your children, or your lives..!
As soon as you surrender your valuables, they dump you.
Read the previous articles..

Michael R Davis

Depopulation, same reason they forced the deadly JAB experimental non-vaccines on millions of clueless Americans. Depopulation. It is well known that FEMA murdered many hundreds of homeless in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and dumped them at sea for the sharks. Perhaps that is why there have been so many shark attacks along the Atlantic coast, sharks developing a taste for human flesh. Depopulation.

Joseph Swanton

I suppose it was presumed no innocents we’re being held aboard the barge?!

Debra Rudolph

Good but I feel there is more to it.


There must be more to the story.
Was the crew of the barge given a warning, or a chance to surrender?
Is there an attempt to salvage anything from the wreckage?

Rob William

I think MB needs to add more chapters to the story.

Michael R Davis

The crew would have been safe aboard the tugboat towing the FEMA prison barge. Unlikely any homeless prisoners were aboard yet, the barge 35 miles out to sea avoiding the dangerous hurricane waves. Look at the photo of the barge and imagine how uncomfortable, how unseaworthy it would be in large waves. What is to salvage from a crummy barge? It had no engine, no propeller, probably a generator for electricity or the tugboat supplied some electricity while towing.


I would think that a torpedo would leave obvious damage,so sinking the barge with explosives could be written down to natural causes.

Mr Bill

I’m thinking that they used the Seals so she sub would retain it’s full compliment of weaponry.


They can return to the scene later for pics and extraction of evidence.


I hope so. It may depend on the ocean depth and currents.

Michael R Davis

35 miles out, very deep.


All that metal fencing looks like prison.


Plausible deniability

Pierre Cloutier

How close are we to dismantling the climate geo-engineering toys in use that are devastating countries one by one, not to mention the world’s food supply? Perhaps these generals have some idea as to when…..I understand that the technology is coupled to the grid so its takedown requires superhuman skills….(or off-planet assistance?)

Rob William

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this is very hard LARP.

Diana Paris

I have heard about that kid in Texas, not on this sight. Many guiatines, taking the homeless and killing them.

Tracy Reinert

I have also heard of the homeless being ‘disappeared.’ Though there do seem to be plenty here.


SADLY FEMA IS A TERROR AGENCY LIKE MOST GOVERNMENT AGENCIES ARE,..WHERE are the men of america??WHY AREN”T YOU COWARDS OUT SEARCHING FOR THESE DEVILS??they want to kill you and your family ,but your either with them or JUST TO FAT AND STUPID TO PROTECT YOUR FAMILTY AND CHILDREN…REMEMBER THE POLICE ARE THEIR ONLY MUSSEL,so take them down to when you can..ITS pass time to rescue those in J-6 prison..OR ARE YOU JUST YELLOW COWARDS …

Rob William

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You are brave! What is your plan?

Tracy Reinert

We are to stay out of the way & be ready to be called into service to the military if needed. We are to try to avoid civil war, & perhaps even, allow the shots to do their work of destroying themselves themselves. Meanwhile, we are to locally involve ourselves in taking back school boards, & local elected positions of every variety. We are to be speaking with our neighbors. We are to be online spreading the word, & starting our own podcasts to tell the truth & go up against their mainstream false narrative. We are to prepare, as best we comprehend, for any contingency.

Stinky Perfume

It’s an amazing story, and I can see they can get just one barge at sea easier. Any other barges planned for attack out there? I guess they can’t bomb Venezuela docks for docking corrupt barges for profit. They have to wait til they are away from innocents. The many yachts sunk in Europe since Ukraine war is easily found online. The reason is always “personal disaster”. They would know which boats are whose by now so I wonder if they can ban them from all USA water. FEMA got in pretty close only 35 miles to shore. Figure they had to wait until they were 50 miles or less, to the shoreline to be considered USA territory.

Every FEMA fund diasaster applicant they can erase is less they would pay for or have to complain online about no payouts. Disasters before the 90’s didn’t have internet to spread to the public. A 90 yr old lady that went through a disaster told me, insurance don’t pay everyone with a policy, it’s first come first serve to a certain amount of money then they legally send the rest begging to FEMA, even though they paid in.

They need a lot of death depending on funds or people would stop trusting insurance for large disasters. There’s so many people to pillage or rob that formerly rat raced their selves around to get money never helped anyone but their own addicted offspring, so they might have aggression or selfish karma. I wouldn’t know but to guess. All I know is I see people that keep taking and taking, wind up near and at death with millions and never share, they hope to leave their children or grandchildren well off, or nobody loves them in old age til the end. I saw a multi millionaire family all run out and get vaccinated. I remember FEMA article on RRN where FEMA was blocking the roads back to the gulf cities with jab coolers.


Never saw this many RRN posts in rapid succession…something must be going on finally.

Rob William

The storm has given too much writing inspiration to MB in a short time.


I always thought these things looked more like prisons than a safe haven for people. The truth will out. I hope they have another one ready to be destroyed.


Trace the paper, make the investigation, vet the people, make the arrests.
There are 1 million operatives at work through out the WHOLE of this country. Take them out, “their” mafia World falls right around the W H O L E ~ W O R L D .