US Submarine Was Near Nord Stream Explosion


A US Los Angeles-class attack submarine was in the vicinity of the Nord Stream explosion on September 26 and may have had a role in crippling the underwater conduit that carries natural gas from Russia to Germany, according to a crewmember of the Navy P-8 Poseidon that overflew the damaged pipeline shortly after the explosion took place.

As reported previously, the White Hat partition of the US military arrested the Poseidon’s crew after receiving credible evidence linking high-ranking officers loyal to the Biden regime to a False Flag operation aimed at making it appear as though Russian President Vladimir Putin destroyed his own revenue source—a most incredulous notion.

The Poseidon’s pilots have endured several interrogations, JAG sources told Real Raw News, and stuck to their original story—they’d been diverted to Nord Stream following the explosion and told to acoustically surveil the area for signs of Russian submarine activity. They said they’d dropped sonar buoys and loitered near the pipeline, then, finding no evidence of any submarine activity whatsoever, departed the area for the Kamchatka Peninsula, as per their orders.

One of the P-8’s sonar operators, however, gave JAG investigators an entirely different story. He wrote in a sworn deposition that the P-8 dropped the first buoy directly over where the explosion had taken place. The Poseidon then began flying racetrack patterns, six in all, in an expanding radius above the compromised pipeline, releasing a buoy on each circuit. The last buoy splashed down approximately 50 miles southeast of the epicenter.

“The final sonar buoy almost immediately revealed a fast-moving subsurface transient heading southeast toward Germany’s coastline. It was 2,500 yards from the drop point and booking it at 27 knots. But it was no Russian sub. I classified the contact both acoustically and with a digital display we call a Waterfall. It was absolutely a Los Angeles-class, the [omitted], according to the database,” part of his deposition read.

JAG sources required RRN to omit the name of the sub while the investigation is ongoing.

The Los Angeles-class attack submarine has been a mainstay of the US Navy since 1976. The 362 ft. nuclear-powered sub houses 129 men for deployments up to 90 days, and carries an impressive arsenal of torpedoes, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, and Tomahawk land-attack missiles. Twenty-seven remain in service.

The presence of the Los Angeles-class boat caught the sonarman by surprise.

“We weren’t told US subs were in the area, and when I reported it to my superior, he told me, and I’m paraphrasing here because I can’t remember his exact words, ‘Well, umm, I’m not really sure if we’re supposed to see that or not.’ When we landed back at Keflavik, we were debriefed individually by an Icelandic official, an American in a suit I assumed to be CIA, and, via video call, US Navy Admiral [name omitted.] I was told I didn’t see a US submarine,” his deposition went on.

His testimony leaves many incongruities unanswered. If he’s telling the truth, the pilots are lying. Real Raw News is still awaiting a summary of the interrogation of the relief pilots and other four crewmen.

“For every question answered, another pops up,” a JAG source told RRN. “There’s still the issue of missing flight data, six hours’ worth. The only way we can substantiate what happened in those missing hours is to examine the aircraft and sensor logs, which we don’t have. And we don’t have it because we can’t find the plane. It’s gone. It’s not in the air and it’s not at Keflavik. No one here is giving up, and JAG will follow this to a logical conclusion.”

Free Speech and Alternative Media are under attack by the Deep State. Last a Deep State Judge and Jury decreed that Alex Jones must pay almost $1bn. Real Raw News needs reader support to survive and thrive. Thank you to those who have helped.

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Hope that sonar man survives his truth telling.


It pisses me off that all of the paperclip nazis (zionists) stand on Americas soil to start picking the Haavara coin zionist NAZIs wars for them. If you have access to a way back time machine from 7 years ago, you will see that Zechariah 14:21 used to say “Never again will their be a Kenite on my Holy Mountain” (Kenites are Lucifers actual biodescendants through Cain. That is what these nasty white skinned fake pretend jews are)
Jeremiah 9:11 Jerusalem hhas become a den of “dragons”. The original hebrew word that dragon is translated from is Tanniyn that literally means fallen angel hybrid offspring. Created through jewish blood ritual sacrifices. By having sex with demons. The Talmud the most authoritive book in Judaism even more so than the Torah, it says so in the Talmud. The Talmud declares pedophilia, beastiality and sex with dybbuks to be kosher. They are all essential elements of black sex majick rituals. God told Gideon that he hated the star of Remphain (Kayin/Cain)
Acts 7:43. So why do these nephilim fly a flag on Gods Holy Mountain with a star of Remphan on it? If King David were alive today and he saw Jerusalem flying a flag with the star of Remphan on it, and he heard anyone calling it a star of David. King David himself would slay every one of those parasitical tanniyn fake jews on Gods Holy Mountain. Its crazy that a Christian nation would be supporting Gods enemies/Lucifers serpent seedline bio-descendants. Even God says the Tribe of Judah is Evil in Jeremiah 8.


”… departed the area for the Kamchatka Peninsula, as per their orders.”

Once again: the Kamchatka Peninsula is on the OTHER side of the continent. Was this aircraft supposed to fly across all of Russia from west to east? Or maybe a great circle route over the North Pole? WTF?!?


GD, dung-loving SOB who invented predictive spelling needs to be hung in public – slow hoist, not drop.

That’s NOT “Please” – it’s me.


Monkey werx can’t track subs.


Monkey Werx knew US was there Looking Glass app. He’s excellent in plane and sub description. Love him too


How typical….Plausible deniability.


EXECUTE COMMUNISTS without bias, prejudice, and discrimination … just line-up COMMUNISTS in a row, and then, shoot them into primal screaming deaths! Good riddance of schitt.


If true, heads should roll. Literally.


Wow keep going guys find out the truth.

Nick NavyBlueSmoke Nicholson

Destruction of the underwater pipeline is a tragedy against humanity in general. It made a great deal of pollution in the sea & every true sailor , like me , is tremendously repulsed & insulted by such heavy actions to pollute & destroy the planet that Creator God Made ! …….. If anyone claims to be a sailor yet participates in destroying the planet & its resources , they show They’re No Believer in Creator God ! If President Putin wanted to starve Eurozone & keep their people freezing this winter , he would have simply turned off the pipeline at its source. Now many Innocent People in Europe will die from freezing temperatures this winter & maybe die also in food shortages due to supply lines unable to get enough fuel. DS & Pyramid have released the bioweapon & enough people will already die of that. I ask for Swift Justice , Appropriate Justice , for anyone whom has increased the tremendous loss of life by their irresponsible , immoral actions ! My sea must be kept clean as possible . Innocents worldwide must be protected by Moral Men In Navy Uniforms ! ( NOT Mr. Green Or Mr. White , etc ) Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195


Oh Lord please reveal the truth and the proof! In Jesus MIGHTY name, Amen!!


therealanthonyfaucimovie dot com forward slash viewing #

terry jacks

The Sonar man better protect himself by having JAG document everything so if he suddenly disappears, the evidence still stands. I would be seeking protection from the Deep State if I were him.


All lies will be revealed. God wins. Source protection to everyone of the light. 🙏👑💜💙


The CIA was correct … he Didn’t see a U.S. submarine. He heard it.

buck fiden

I’m still waiting to find out who killed JFK.


Buck, here’s a hint; recall at Papa Bush’s funeral, high level politicians in attendance received a note enclosed in the program written by the deceased on official White House stationery saying, “ I’m sorry, they know everything”. My money is on him admitting what you have been wanting to know. Hope this helps. Blessings,

buck fiden

The notes were taped under certain chairs, if I recall.
Too much waiting for prophecies. I fall asleep now listening to X22Dave.
Jesus hasn’t returned yet, either.

Tracy Reinert

Buck, try with Sammy in Hawaii.


Be prepared as that day will come when we least expect it like a tape I mean thief in the night. 😂 Blessings Buck.


Have you watched “JFK to 911, everything is a rich man’s trick”? 3.5 hour version?

buck fiden


buck fiden

Those responsible for this deserve an execution befitting a naval traitor:


george friend

Flight recorders going dark? Ok… That doesn’t sound guilty.


the worst kind of guilty!


Hmm, just like the Epstein cameras 🤔

Jerry Miller

Grab central bankers (execute them all) : Make all (cash) dollars void by creating a new currency. If an entity comes in with big$ cash, make them show accountability to exchange-. In months, all Elicit dollars (all black market $) can be ‘NULLIFIED”. Why ISN’T IT DONE? BECAUSE IT WOULD WORK AND THE SCUM THAT RUN the world, don’t want it- You have billions in cash? Okay, exchange it and then tell us how you got it- Ignore? after 6 months? SOL!

Jerry Miller

It’s all one big lie- ALL OF IT. THEY know the solution but it won’t come to pass because their goal is 100% enslavement and control over the GOY (YOU)!


His testimony leaves many incongruities unanswered. If he’s telling the truth, the pilots are lying. Real Raw News is still awaiting a summary of the interrogation of the relief pilots and other four crewmen.”

This proves Biden is behind the sabotage and not Putin. He wants to provoke WW3 to please Luciferian and his Chinese and Rothschilian bosses.

Great work, Michael, Keep it coming, please.

Bust A Nut

Show them 2 horses rope and a bullwhip and ask them if they know what these training devices are used for and see what happens.


…”via video call, US Navy Admiral XX, I was told I didn’t see a US submarine.” Gee, it sounds like the US Navy has a rogue actor working for the DS. Something doesn’t feel right here folks. The Navy, working on orders from some Admiral told to cut the line and make it appear that the Soviets did it? I doubt the Soviets had anything to do with that pipeline being severed!

Dave Kelly

Well the Soviets haven’t been around since 1991, so yeah they can be ruled out, that’s for sure.



Elisa Orozco

Hopefully, that P-8 Sonar Operator is being kept in safety somewhere as he is a marked man…………. God Protect Him.




So very true. We must all keep this top of mind. The good old days where we had no active threats or ones that seemed to go away are long gone.


I wish the military would round up all the zionists in America and expatriate them somewhere else. They are a threat to our national security. Im sick of jews playing our country men like they are expendable bitches. When America is filled with real Israelites and Israel is full of fallen angel hybrid offspring (the serpent seedline) pretending to be real jews. (Look up Haavara coin NAZI’s they all went to the country of Israel and started to pretend to be real jews in order to trick dumb christians into supporting them. God cut them all off and cursed them in 2 Esdra 1:24. They have not been spiritually relevant to anyone but them selves and their star god Remphan (lucifer) for 2000 years. The next stop for all of them will be the lake of fire.

robin earl redwine

drump had 6 years and all he did was tell the world how great the chews were.

David T

Didn’t have 6 years and he did no such thing, sheesh DF troll turd.

Tracy Reinert

Great is a word Trump uses in an interesting way.
When he says somebody is great, usually no, not really.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tracy Reinert

WELL,WEELL…….he did not call them…beauties….. you know nadler,schummer,schiff…..

Bev Kungl

I am truly not surprised the corrupt American government and their military were behind it.

Debra Rudolph

Biden Administration is blatantly trying to start WWIII. I for one am tired of playing the obedient Patriot. If this is proven true, it is an act of war by the United States of America! A Revolution will insue but will be too late to undo act of war. I guess that means it’s too late. The Biden Regime already did it. We will be at fault. Trump has played his game too long. Yes a Revolution will still be required but we will still be the cause of WWIII. NOW WHAT …

Dave Kelly

Russia and Mr. Putin are more aware of what has been going on then you folks might realize. I will leave it at that.


Dave…if is this a true it prove…white hats …IN THE MILITARY DO NOT HAVE A CONTROL AT ALL……freaks are able start WW3 ???????


Thanks for pointing out what all of us are fearing even if we are still trying to soothe ourselves on various side shows.

John .S

Come down to this:
Whose the *Head of the Commission*, could say, the Meyer Lansky, aka Capo Tutti Capo, [1] General Berger or [2] Lloyd Austin?

There can only be one Commissioner, someone needs to get taken out, there can only be one person calling the shots.

Obviously Austin is calling the shots controlling military, deploying aircraft and submarine upon pipeline.

Have doubts on Berger who needs to pull the move on Austin, setting record streigh, could say, hostile take over, reverberating throughout all branches of military.

The White Hat – Black Hat cat & mouse antics would never fly in the world of organize crime.

Myself watched the God Father one-to-many times [leave the gun, take the cannolis].

Dave Kelly

The US Military has been ” partitioned ” there is a war going on within the entire US Government. This has been going on for some years now, although the American public in the aggregate has been unaware of this heinous reality. This is EXTREMELY SERIOUS, the American public has no comprehension of just how serious this has been, but they will be coming more aware as the days go by. I have known about this situation for well over a decade now. I am a TARGETED INDIVIDUAL or TI , I get information, that is all I will say. Take Care


Research Dr Eric T Karlstrom. He is an expert on Tavistock and Mind Control. Also “gangstalking” /Cointelpro. It is worldwide, esp in Australia and New Zealand where they have lost their freedoms long ago. These intimidation/harassment tactics are also alive and well in the US.

Dave Kelly

Yes , I am very aware of the information you have provided and thank you for that. It has been estimated that there are over 100,000 THOUSAND TARGETED INDIVIDUALS in the United States and somewhere over 1 MILLION TI’s World wide.1 MILLION Dollars per TI is budgeted annually for the targeting operations, this money coming from Black funds. There can be over two hundred people involved in the targeting of one TI at any given time.

Hal Brown

Years ago my cousin, who has since passed on through the veil, was involved in submarine tracking. He said the sound signatures they picked up from the sonar buoys were different enough that they could identify the actual submarine. They would refer to the Russian subs by the name of its Captain.


Wow definitely sounds like another government cover up!! The truth will come out because JAG will keep digging!!! Our so called Biden regime is full of traitors and demons!!


This entire situation hangs on ONE thing: the balance of white hat, constitutionalist military men versus black hat, CRT pushing, America hating, treasonous, cowardly military men.

In 1979, the Afghanistan Air Force and Army underwent the same thing – shooting each other in the head when the communist Soviet Union rolled in to town. In 1861, the United States military also underwent the same exact thing – divided loyalties toward one side or another.

It also happened in the revolutionary war, when loyalist ‘Tories’ kept on licking King George’s boots, while the 13% ponied up and bought us our freedom.

I personally don’t see how this is going to work out for good if Trump/Berger can’t win the loyalty and support of the general officers.

And if they don’t have that support/loyalty, they have to concentrate TOP PRIORITY on arresting deep state traitor black hat military *generals.* I spell: HANG THEM ALL.

Until our military’s general officer ranks are 100% locked down tight, with all the black hats arrested, we are treading dangerous water.

Last edited 1 year ago by EdBob
Jan D Hunsinger

My take: He’s telling the truth; the pilots are lying.

Tracy Reinert

Two witnesses req’d for treason i think.


Something is OFF ! I smell a Democrat Coverup !
The CORRUPT BIDEN Administration is at fault.

Last edited 1 year ago by Wildcat

Wonder what Biden and the commiecrats will do to the Saudis?


My money tells me that JB will do nothing as the Saudis are on our side and besides JB’s comments are scripted by Q+ JB being a clone or double whose handler is Q+. Blessings,


Q/Q+, are you listening or are you there? Need help here locating the sub. You say and I quote, “we know the Dems/left’s play book”. JAG waits with patient endurance. Blessings,


Q is always listening 🙂


Eavesdropping for sure and not listening to elevator music. 😂. Blessings,

Country Girl

There wouldn’t be a reason for the plane, logs and info to be missing if there wasn’t some kind of a cover up. You only hide what you don’t want to be seen or made known.


ya think?

question everything

Did you know that according to the FBI crime report for 2012 there were no homicides in Newtown, CT? I know it was in December so I checked 2013 too in case they were going by conviction time or something, but there were none in 2013, either. Here are the links for both years:

Michael R Davis

It seems that FEMA false flag simulated ‘child deaths’ at an abandoned school called Sandy Hook are not supposed to be counted, no matter how many times the lines of ‘scared’ children go around in circles in front of the cameras.

Dave Kelly

YES you are correct, the Sandy Hook mass shooter ” event ” is a HOAX and FRAUD


And Alex Jones has to pay a billion dollars just for speaking his mind? Insane. What a horrible price to pay for exercising one’s Constitutionally protected liberties. We might as well all be forever silent, keep our heads down, and never speak up on anything ever again in our lives, to get these snakes off our backs. Never speak on anything and never resist anything, never even confide in our own family members and friends and spouses and kids. People in totalitarian countries under Hitler, Stalin, Trujillo, Mao and the Kims had to remain silent to avoid getting arrested, tortured and killed. Brutal dictators do not want free speeches or human rights or dignity or liberties for the masses. They had no choice, and still have no choice today if they want to live.
But the Illuminati/deep state/WEF/Jesuits/NWO/Luciferians still want us dead even if we do comply, no matter how much we comply (i.e. the masks and the shots and the COVID passports), because we are hated and useless eaters to them, even if we want to be left alone and don’t bother anybody. They don’t want us alive anymore. The devil himself, whom they serve, wants us dead.
So we cannot comply, just because they nailed a loudmouth.
WE DO NOT CONSENT TO SURRENDERING OUR FREEDOMS (Arnold Schwarzenegger, the cheating babymaker, can surrender his freedoms for all I care).

Tracy Reinert

Alex Jones was from a CIA family.

question everything

Mass shootings, even if hoax and fraud, do have a tendency to sway public opinion about gun laws, though. But it is such a psy-op compared to the facts and truth. For instance, the worst U.S. mass shooting, whether it was a hoax or not, was Las Vegas and 59 were allegedly killed. Here is the psy-op part. That equates to a month of killings in Chicago, or a single day of killing in America’s abortion industry. But neither one of those things are hyped by the media like mass shootings or gun control are.
I hope we never forget that the reason they want to disarm law abiding citizens is because they have plans to do something that we will either want to kill them for or at least defend ourselves against.


that last line needs to go on billboards!

send it to the NRA if they still have a backbone


I used to live in Fairfield County, CT in another town near Newtown (site of the former state mental institution, BTW). There ain’t no such thing as public transportation in these rural towns. If there were supposedly almost 500 children in that school then it would have required a fleet of about a dozen ye olde yellow school busses to get them all to their classes on time. That means a dozen or so full-time bus drivers and some maintenance people. If the busses were operated by a contractor then there would have to be publicly available information about the contract. Also, there would have to be published information about the various bus routes: pick-up and drop-off places and times.
I’ve never heard of anyone ever investigating this … and it’s so obvious.

Dr. Dick

I do not know a Biden supporter who does NOT LIE?

Rose Mary Abbott

I don’t know a real Biden supporter. Nobody has anything good to say about Biden. Frankly they support the Democratic Party but keep their mouths shut when it comes to Biden. They only want to insult President Trump.

buck fiden

I do. The first five months of this year and one of last, I lived in Tucson. There are Biden people everywhere there! Shittiest town I’ve ever been in!


Oops, one of the P-8 crew slipped up and deviated from the narrative. The simplest explanation, anyway

Hal Brown

The sonar guy, probably at the bottom of the pecking order.l


🐒Werx mentioned the same thing after it happened


One thing for sure – Michael Baxter is the first to put out anything the White Hats want us to know. RNN is one of my favorite sources of intel. There are quite a few Telegram channel picking up his stories now.

Jan D Hunsinger

Restored Republic does too.


It’s all part of the plan. Research 0804313584 on the Texas Secretary Of State Business Registration and the dots will soon connect themselves.

robin earl redwine

no different than x22 or juan o savin. just keep trusting the plan while the world burns.

Laura Kantorzyk

Must be with that Malaysian plane that disappeared!

Dave Kelly

Diego Garcia island and military base

buck fiden

I think you’re right!

Dave Kelly

A cell phone that belonged to a passenger that was on the Malaysia Airlines FLT 370 was recorded having pinged at the site of Diego Garcia, quite some time after the aircraft was reported missing. The passenger was an IBM employee. His alleged girl friend was getting lots of msm press coverage, going on about her partner/boyfriend. Then it turns out, some folks checking on the girlfriend, ID, employment, etc. Then she was identified as a crisis actor having played a victim at the Boston Marathon Bombing false – flag , psy – op, where she was sitting in a pool of blood looking in great distress. She , at the time of the ML-370 disappearance she was employed as an executive with one or two different Israeli defense contractors. All this info was from some years ago so things may have developed or have been censored sine then.


wow, treasonous no matter which way you look at it! Lying to JAG during an official investigation. These people have no shame or honor!


Thank you Michael for keeping us abreast of what’s going on with that incident. I was wondering what happened with those captured pilots; if it was swept under the rug in light of everything else going on. Six hours of footage is a lot of hidden time that must be accounted for! The REAL truth will come out…bank on it. They (pilots) have to be given a visual of their families lives in jeopardy if they don’t start singing like canaries. You know…Putin style of doing things.


Wow … no comments as I type … rare for me. Anyway it is clear the US and NATO are responsible. The question is when is something going to be done?

One thing for sure by the end of the month … especially if the fraudulent elections goes forward there will be no doubt we have been played.

Many are reporting that the SCOTUS overturned the 2020 election and it will be revealed the last week of October … the elections are suppose to be cancelled … people arrested like bidan. We all know dates have come and gone in the past which makes the information suspect.

If this date goes by with nothing happening … no more carrot on a stick … no more trust the plan … no more “enjoy the show” … enjoy the show … yeah right … how the hell can we?

enjoy the show … yeah right … how the hell can we?

We are characters in a book that Jesus Christ the Father wrote.

This book may include our violent death; John the Baptist had his head cut off, for instance. He was the first person to recognize Jesus in the flesh, when both were in the womb.

Not every story has a tragic ending. Most of our stories end in death, though. I know from Scripture that Elijah and Enoch did not die (yet? — perhaps they will be the two witnesses, who do die and then come back to life, in Revelation?).

Anyway I am sharing these words to say: “be of good cheer”; this has a happy ending, even if we are going through rough times.

And if you’re feeling like taking yourself out, there’s a suicide hotline three digits away: 988 (in the US). Stay with us! The best is yet to come; you’ll love how this movie ends.

God bless in Jesus name.


I WON’T like how the movie end … I will like that the movie (and a very bad one) has finally ended!

If the movie doesn’t end and the fake elections go through then it will be quite clear we have been had.

Thanks for reading my post.


I cant agree more. If the election goes forward and nothing significant happens by then we’ve been duped.

Michael himself said here that nothing is likely to happen as far as correcting 2020 until 2024. Which is no correction at all. Its politics as usual.

To hell with that, bring Trump back now!

ET Phone Home

Satan has lost, God has won. Yes, be of good cheer and enjoy the show.


See you in November.

robin earl redwine

allowing millions to die from a jab endorsed by trump showed we are being played and they are all deep state. and no… nothing is going to happen in real life. this is nancy drew fiction at best.

buck fiden

I share your concern about Trump. That really gave way to Biden.

Tracy Reinert

Natto-Kinease, fermented soybeans, removes spike proteins from those given shots, or near them.

Martin Boyd

I’m so with ALL you said, this shit is over for so many us who have been awake for over a decade!!!

Tracy Reinert

Events & not dates.


For ‘incredulous’ read ‘incredible’. These two adjectives are often confused.


The “logical conclusion” at the end of this investigation probably includes some rope.

Dr John

A missing USAF airplane is a huge Red flag and the missing hours of recorded flight are certainly problematic. Sounds like they are dirty with the exception of a crew member or two. Give them a tour of GITMO including the hanging platform demonstrating how it works when traitors are hung!

Then show them the most recently distributed video of a traitor being hung. Might change their attitude and free their tongue. Are you sure your orders came from a valid United States source?

Dave Kelly

This information has most likely be captured by satellite


I believe VVP got satellite picture include those about 9/11…..

Martin Boyd

I agree!


These are more than intrigues to be sure but bottom line we remain nationally strangulated and in subjection to a criminal coup d’eta regime having members of both political parties systematically destroying us on multiple fronts by the hour by the hour,day,month and year.What kind of a “plan” leaves the enemy in control of so many levers of power from which we continue to be mauled and harmed? If the “cavalry” comes in after all the ‘neutron bombs’ have been successfully deployed what kind of nitwits would allow that?

Martin Boyd

I agree!


Hmm! Lots of lyin’ going on here. Data and plane missing to allow just enough deniability. Plausible Deniability Every.Damn.Time.

David T

I watch videos of retired military pilots giving presentations at the Western Museum of Aviation in Torrance, CA and some of the pilots were P-51 pilots from WWII. The Vietnam pilots spoke of the CIA using the term “plausible deniability” in the 60’s as how the US would deny violating other nations’ sovereign air space, etc. Now the CIA has been corrupted for quite some time, and their tactics are now being deployed on the conservatives in this country.