Gunfight at the Federal Reserve

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While most Americans sat glued to televisions and electronic devices on the evening of November 8, a blistering firefight between U.S. Marines devoted to restoring order to the Republic and federal agents loyal to the criminal Biden regime took place at the Federal Reserve headquarters in Washington D.C., with the Marines suffering a crushing defeat, Real Raw News can now report.

Although RRN takes no pleasure in highlighting White Hat losses, we have an obligation to report them, just as we do their triumphs.

On the morning of November 8, General David H. Berger greenlit an operation to seize control of the Federal Reserve after learning that the criminal Biden regime was in the process of buttressing the building’s security with a 10’ tall perimeter wall to prevent the outside world from discovering that the criminals within were minting billions and billions of dollars—fiat currency unbacked by gold—meant to reach the hands of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Sources in Gen. Berger’s office told RRN that the general spoke to both President Trump and Trump’s advisors before committing to the raid. The consensus, he added, was that the Fed would be dark and mostly empty due to it being Election Day, with only a small contingent of treasury agents guarding the 6-story, steel beam structure.

General Berger, sources added, handpicked two Marine Scout-Sniper platoons comprised of 24 men to fulfill the mission, the objectives of which included surveilling the building, eliminating or subduing opposition, and destroying the engraving & printing machines. The Marines arrived at the Fed at about 1:00 am an exploited a gap in the wall that was still under construction. While snipers provided overwatch, the other Marines stealthily approached the front doors—then all hell broke loose.

The doors flung open, and treasury agents equipped with NVGs and armed with automatic rifles unleashed a phalanx of bullets at the Marines, striking and killing four Marines as they tried to rush the doors. The Marine snipers returned fire and downed three treasury agents, while the Marines in the courtyard dove for cover and fired into the doorway with their own M27 rifles. Three more Marines were struck down as they moved to flank the doors, and then IRS snipers appeared in the windows of the upper level, taking potshots in the general direction of the Marine sniper squads. One IRS sniper took a headshot and was felled, but the Marines quickly realized they were outmanned and outgunned as floodlamps illuminated the exterior and a voice echoed, “You’ve walked into a trap and are covered from an elevated position. Drop your weapons and surrender. We have you outnumbered 20 to 1.”

The Marines began a tactical retreat, laying down suppressive fire as they withdrew two-by-two through the gap in the wall from whence they came. The Marine snipers plunked at the windows and doorway while the men on the ground evaded a hailstorm of gunfire. Another Marine was wounded during the egress, and the remaining Marines escaped unharmed.

“This was a loss,” a source in Gen. Berger’s office later told Real Raw News. “They obviously knew we were coming; we don’t know how. That place is printing money hand over fist and sending it overseas. We meant to stop it. Matters are worse now, but we’ll find a way.”

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I want a NEW article.
This one SUCKS
I don’t expect every story to be positive
But something doesn’t seem complete…


There seem to be a lot of details but I find it hard to believe that the Marines were not better prepared for this excursion. Since when do Marines enter an enemy stronghold and “rush” a door? Sounds somewhat primitive as far as ops are concerned. Really? Hmmm…

James Hickman

Could this be true? The United States Marines defeated by foreign hostile military on their own turf? If I were in command and responsible for such a failure I would resign in disgrace. The place is a fortress, hostile to the Constitution and under the control of enemy forces and printing money to send to a Nazi regime, how the hell did you think they wouldn’t know you were coming. Why not blow up the building and drive out the enemy, or would that be a little too harsh?




Maybe blow the building up?!!!
Or is that not possible?
I guess it would be better to surround that building and wait for them to give up.


General Berger underestimated the enemy. He should have sent more troops to do this job. Money is their life supply, and they would do whatever takes to hold on this last life supply. I thought that the FTX went down was a huge surprise. We don’t know how deep this will go, but many democrat’s bankers and pension funds were in and they loss all their shares. The new Congress will have to investigate this scam, and held those congressmen accountable on sending billions and billions our taxpayer’s money to Ukraine, and in fact, they were using this so called “military assistant” as a way of massive money laundry, and some of them were paid to democrat’s midterm election. All those congressmen who voted yes must be arrested and sent to GITMO for treason, and hang them all. Trump was smart on this than the general and colonel who suggested to arrest them earlier of this year. Trump wants to cut their money supply then hang them ALL.


So, Nov 8…big gun fight…..since this attack….what??. The military just walked away with tails between legs and said..go at er to the thieves????? Really, Gen Berger….you just give up?? Holy shit…this is unbelieveable!!!

Ron Burgundy

It’s unbelievable because it’s not true. It’s made up. This obviously didn’t happen.


Obviously, a bldg like the treasure would have all kinds of censors around it to tell when uninvited guests are approaching. Hell, they probably have a no fly zone above that pig shit bldg. The white hats should have done their homework better, but that said, mistakes will happen. Live and learn. Condolences to those who lost their lives, and to their loved ones who will feel that loss for the rest of their lives.




Check out Nancy Drew,she showed that building last week,the fence is a construction fence because the building is being remodeled.Both buildings had fence but it was removed from one when the remodeling was finished.


No one reported that amount of gunfire in downtown D.C.?

Peter Lewis

One gunfight does not constitute a war. Our brave men have shown that there are moles in the White Hat organizations that are keeping the Deep State apprised of every plan that is being drawn up by the White Hats. Trump’s lame excuse for not grabbing the Deep State players at the inauguration no longer is viable. He said he wanted to avoid bloodshed. That time is passed. If one little covert operation fails, it’s time to up the ante. Bomb the IRS building into rubble. Stop the presses the only way that is left. This is still war. You cannot wage a bloodless war against an enemy that only plays by its own rules.


So Joan of Arc had a mole in her midst. Her men came riding up to tell her about it. She said that she already knew and that this traitor would not make it to the end of the day. Sure enough, the traitor mole drowned on his horse during a river crossing. He was the only one to die that day in the crossing…She really had the undying loyalty of her men after that moment. Anyway, history has branded her as a heretic schizophrenic but in fact she listened to the angels. And the angels listened to her. Just a little story from history. She felt that war was wrong but if it must be war, then IT MUST BE WAR. Period.

Tom Henry

I am so sick of this, regardless now it’s the time to take actions and brings out the truths!!


IF THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED…WHY DIDN’T THE US MARINES LAUNCH AN AIR STRIKE ON THEM,all the IRS agents should be rounded up and hanged for TREASON,then everyone at the federal reserve next..including everyone at the treasurey THEIR ALL GUILTY OF TREASON..where is the ARMY AND US AIR FORCE????.has every branch of the us military involved in treason now????


MB, wondering what your sources are saying about what Trump has to say tonight, even though no RRN stories to date have turned out to be true.

Ron Burgundy




Robert James

As a Monday morning quarterback (or general), I’d have had AHs or A10s or both backing those heroes up in reserve.


Part of the show…..there is no way that our military would just walk into that building without having it under surveillance first…..They have the capability of seeing every single person in that building, on the roof, on the grounds…..Enjoy the show!! This is to wake up the sleepers!!!!


Exactly! 👍 🎬


FIX IT NOW!!!! Marines loyal to the constitution should not be dying on US soil by enemies parading as federal agents!!!

Seriously, recon should have been done!! I am sorry for the loss of marines this is unacceptable and we expect more from seasoned operators!!! Come on. Remember the EAS building?

Rob William

EBS/EAS is in reptilian control now, it was wrestled back within a couple of days after the White Hats captured it.

Lady Hermann

One has to “KNOW” the plan to trust the plan.
“Thr Military Is The Only Way”

Brian Tseng

Stop F’ing around, send MORE than 24 (!!!) next time! Also, give them some air support. STOP PUSSY FOOTING AROUND!!!

Brian Tseng

You know… like a HELICOPTER or TWO… Rooftop snipers… send in a mole…

Rob William

Helicopter, robots, fighter jets, aircraft carriers, …


SCJ Sotomayor has recently made a ruling. Does anybody have any ideas? How she did this from the other side as I thought she was executed at Gitmo. Or is it a message from God maybe? If this is the case does anybody know what this message means? I suppose it could be a message from Satan (on the move from Israel). If this is the case why has Jesus not intervened? There must be extracts from the Bible to explain this

Just Me

That may have been a clone, the DS will do what they have to do to stay in power.

Rob William

Clones have power without accountability. Someone needs to create laws for clones as well. Can clones seek medical attention?


Laws for clones??? You are kidding us aren’t you… Cloning needs to be out-lawed completely. They are soulless vessels ripe for possession. We don’t want that. We definitely don’t want that and it is much the cause of all of our problems I am thinking.


So are we saying that cloning technology is that advanced they can clone anybody within a few days or weeks to the point where the clone can take over the job and life of the original. That’s interesting. I wonder if I can exchange my wife for a clone. Do you think I might get a nice person in exchange. If so, can somebody sign me up.

Robert James

She’s an impersonator, like Biden, Gates, etc.

Cappy McCappy

Airstrike the Federal Reserve Building.


Level it ..until only DUST remains..
Like the twin towers operation
that bush and Cheney planned..!

John .S

Interesting video titled:
Cash is about to vanish


now bomb it, only pick a time when it is full


Will Trump come back? Or will DeSantis take over?

Rob William

Trump will lose the 2024 primary to DeSantis.

Rob William

Trump to declare 2024 presidential run in a few hrs! Why would he declare a run if he is already the president and in charge?


To keep from getting arrested


you are an idot/bot


Boom the building!

Rose Mary Abbott

All of our military is turning into traitors.

Sandy Koufax

Most of them took Trump’s COVID Shot. What did you expect?


ICYMI, Covid is not the virus, Paedophelia is and the vaccine is the military, the white hat portion of it. Oh btw, Operation Warp Speed is not how fast the so vaccine was rolled out but in reality it is the greatest military sting operation here and abroad to eradicate child trafficking aka crime against humanity. Lord help us we pray.

Sandy Koufax

Trump’s COVID Shot is a bioweapon used to commit genocide.

Just Me

President Trump was lie to about these shots by these treasonous sobs, and he never said to be mandated. He no longer supports these shots, he was surrounded by traitors.

Sandy Koufax

Alex Jones warned Trump about the pharmaceutical industry. Trump appeared on Alex Jones’ show. Trump still endorses his beautiful COVID Shot to this very day and refers to himself as the father of the “vaccine”.

Rob William

Who is a traitor? Someone who is not loyal to Trump and conspiracy theories?

Just Me

You are a traitor to your country, you support evil and corruption.

J Bill

your mom supports b0fa theeeese nuts lmaooooooooo


They are quite literally government property. They absolutely would bear arms against/turn on us. Don’t doubt it.

Rose Mary Abbott

Why would ANYBODY join the military TO BE A TRAITOR TO OUR COUNTRY?!

Sandy Koufax

Most of them took Trump’s COVID Shot and became a dreg of humanity.

Rob William

Your assessment is based on RRN stories? Some of the vet oath keepers (who will be prosecuted for seditious conspiracy) have gone over the wrong side. 99%+ soldiers put their lives on line for us only to be labeled as traitors by Trump if they are not loyal to them. Loyalty to Trump != Loyalty to America.

Just Me

Hey moron, These soldiers took an oath to protect the Constitution and country from enemies, foreign or traitors from within. Yet many of these soldiers fail to honor their oath and instead cowardly stood by criminals in office. So yes they are traitors! Take your head out of your Ass and get real!


Invite the valiant warriors from the Russian private military company Wagner, they will quickly solve this problem.

Hang traitors by the nalls

How come no reports in this populated area ? Not even a passerby on Twitter?

Sarah Murray

Just hangin’ out patiently waiting for the those pesky violent ET races to get the heck off of our planet and cosmos, never to return. This has NOTHING to do with “God and satan” It has to do with an artificial life simulation LEAVING followed by a replacing of an AUTHENTIC simulation of INFINITE INTENT. It’s ARTIFICIAL vs. GOD. REAL vs. ARIFICIAL life!.


Never underestimate your enemy. Such a valuable target would be over protected. Take nothing for granted especially the element of surprise. This plan failed because of a minimalist mindset approach. Such an operation makes a plan B and C mandatory. Winning on a regular basis easily creates overconfidence. If this occurred in Russia their military would have approached it differently and possibly still lost but the battle would have lasted much longer. Lesson learned, traitors, leaks and eyes are everywhere.

American Living in Canada

J len o ?


Are the White Hats arresting the cheaters in the Midterm Election? Obviously, Kari Lake won, as well as many other GOPers.

J Bill

no arrests. shame about kari though. she was sooooooo close lmaoooooooooooo

Rob William

Kari Lake lost fair and square. Of course she will never accept the results.

Just Me

This Hobbs woman campaign from the basement and she was too cowardly to debate Kari Lake. This witch Hobbs was counting the votes, what do you expect from this witch? Why do you support criminals? Democrats can not win a honest and fair election. This was another stolen election, sad to say America has become a banana republic. The Military needs to investigate, get the proof and start arresting these criminals.

Michael R Davis

An update to the plywood wall going around the DC Fed and military buses at the WH.

https ://www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=vVYIU8kFVf8


unleashed hell on that building. regroup and storm those fucks. bring zip bags and end this shit.


“You’ve walked into a trap and are covered from an elevated position. Drop your weapons and surrender. We have you outnumbered 20 to 1.”
This is a quote from a 1988 text adventure game similar to Zork.

Rob William



Half of that money 💰 is now going overseas with into his account after he launders it. Now we know why yellen was taught to launder money. He is stealing from the treasury. And the American people.


Good for you white hats I think you won in the sense you knew about the operation and now we know what the Biden Amin administration is doing what he aways does is cheat. Arrest him he is causing the inflation and telling us he is not. He basically stole from the Treasury and the American people arrest him!

Michael R Davis

There is an 8-foot tall, white painted plywood fence (filmed yesterday) currently being erected around the DC Federal Reserve, many large healthy trees being cut down, construction workers onsite during the day, obviously blocking the view, not to keep anybody out.

https ://www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=8_AiNCTTl40

Are we Americans going to be held responsible for the huge 31 trillion + debts being run up by the communist Biden Regime?
No, those are globalist bankster debts, not US citizenry debts. The DC Corporation banksters are totally bankrupt, printing worthless cash for their Ukraine scams, incapable of doing anything about. Soon the Fed banksters still alive will be doing swan dives off skyscrapers to entertain angry citizens; better than nooses for them with millions cheering. Actual Fed debt is 93 trillion +. Totally bankrupt and in a panic.

https ://

John .S

Tks for posting that YT vid.

Video recorded by cycleist at lunch time during sunny autumn day.

See all the folks lined up at hot dog cart, and park benches lacking seating room, sidewalks crowded with office workers, also abundance of vehicle traffic causing grid lock.

Seems like a typical day in DC with the normal hustle and bustle, indicating it’s business as usual in DC, nothing out of the ordinary there.

Rob William

Biggest debt was created because of Trump’s tax cuts on the super rich and not in last 2 years. If you are super rich, you should be very happy.


military said they will interfere if there is election fraud ,so there was fraud ,,what is military doing then?sleeping?how long this caroussel will last?it took too long for trump to drag on while deep state actors were preparing properly and the same trick with elections…

Rob William

Wait for 2024, 2026, 2028, 2030,… whenever it’s possible.


This is a real war, not a TV show, but a real war,in war there are lives lost. Pray for the military and pray to God, who in the end will win. We are one nation under God, we do not kneel to the government.


No, this is made-up nonsense. No article on this site is remotely true.
We are an ultra corrupt dictatorship and there are no “white hats.”
Stop being a child.

Rob William

This is a completely fake story… MB is testing what’s the maximum outrageous thing people are willing to accept and what will motivate them to donate.

Jerry Miller

Why didn’t they send a missile into the place and call it a hijacked jet?


because it’s a fake story?

Rob William

Marines have missile command too?

Mark Heisler

I don’t know about you but wasn’t the Federal reserve taken away from them a while ago and it’s in Arizona or something like that’ I mean that’s what I was hearing for 1 yr now? 🤔
On quite a few of these shows on Rumble, MAYBE THIS HAPPENED A YEAR AGO,


So the black hats have all the fire power? Let’s just send down the rod of god and call it a gas leak. All the buildings need to be blown up. Starting with the White House. I read that they set off detonation on the 2nd floor of the White House 6month ago to bring the building down.

Doktor Zaius

I see the trolls are out in battle dress as well. Stand the line Patriots. Give us liberty or death. The FR is the greatest scam to steal in modern history. God bless these Marines.

Michael R Davis

The war is almost over.
Yes, victory is ours after we exterminate the remainder of the enemy, clean up the mess. This was a deliberate disinformation story, to serve some purpose. The Federal Reserve Headquarters building fills a whole block, fronts on 4 streets. Military automatic weapons fire would have been very loud, echoing for many blocks, impossible to ignore, locals would have been talking about it. Broken glass would have been on the sidewalks.

We need to figure out why this happened. Perhaps the building was actually taken without a fight. Perhaps this is a signal that the Fed is dead. It is bankrupt, many trillions in debt, printing worthless DC Corporation cash to send to Zelenskyy so he can send it back to fill greedy political, lobbyist pockets waiting, the banksters facing poverty, pennilessness, facing diving off of skyscrapers onto the streets below. Good riddance. We win, the commie trolls on Real Raw News lose.


The problem with the worthless cash theory is that the fiat dollar still is widely accepted and spends well in the US! When you bribe people to pull off the election, you are smart to use cash that will soon be worthless if it costs you nothing to print. The fiat dollar is only worthless with regards to large international purchases/trade when it concerns, for example, oil or grain purchases! Until the dollar is dumped here, the cabal will print it to death! I would too if I ran the cabal! Politicians still steal the same dollar to live the same plush life in the US, so they gladly accept it as well! Kill the politicians; problem solved!

Michael R Davis

Actual Fed debt is 93 trillion +. Totally bankrupt and in a panic, propped up temporarily by the white hats until the Fed totally collapses and the new prosperous money system takes over, invigorated by the seized quadrillions in criminal assets taken from the Vatican, royal families, globalist trillionaires, 13 bloodline families, crooked politicians, others, to be settled later after the complexities of war is ended, riches to be shared with all the world from which the plunder was stolen.

https ://

Executive Order 13818 Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption
  (Trump declared a National Emergency)

Executive Order 13848 Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election

Executive Order 13959 Addressing the Threat From Securities Investments That Finance Communist Chinese Military Companies
  (Trump declared a National Emergency)

Executive Order 13919 Ordering the Selected Reserve of the Armed Forces to Active Duty
Executive Order 13939 Lowering Prices for Patients by Eliminating Kickbacks to Middlemen

Michael R Davis

Bob, Hussein was sending cash to Iran on pallets, because he wanted back cash. The Biden Regime is sending cash to Ukraine so the politicians, lobbyists, money laundering traitors can get back cash. However, the hundreds of billions in quickly printed illegal cash is just sitting somewhere, not being invested, not being spent back into the economy. Technically, it does not exist since it was not approved in bills by Congress. So, all that extra plunder is not watering down the cash lawfully in circulation, decreasing its value. These idiot greedy traitors in DC are not as superrich as they think.

Rob William

Your win over RRN trolls is useless… All RRN stories are fake.